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2005 Commonwealth of Susquehanna Flag 2015
Commonwealth of Susquehanna National Elections, 2010
June 1, 2010
Lou Barletta
Robert Belfanti
Party Republican Democratic
Popular vote 14125 10050
Percentage 52% 37%
David Argall
David Millard
Party Libertarian Unionist
Popular vote 2445 543
Percentage 9% 1%
Election Results 2010
Red: Republican Majority; Blue: Democratic Majority; Grey: Ineligible for Elections
Governor before election
John Gordner
Elected Governor
Lou Barletta

Susquehanna held the second national election on June 1, 2010. It was a year for the governor and lieutenant governor's election, Senate and House elections in as well as local elections in Columbia County.

Announcing Candidacy

This was the first election that all the candidates had time to campaign around the nation. There was also a new political party, the Commonwealth Party. It had been formed in 2007 by a group of individuals who had been in the Socialist Party and the Communist Party.

  • Republican Party: After the successful governorship of John Gordner, who was no longer eligible to run due to term limitations, it was decided that the Republican Party needed to find a new leader who was just as strong as Gordner had been. After some debate, they agreed to select the President Pro-Tempore of the Senate, Lou Barletta as the candidate. Several other politicians ran as well, but Barletta selected James J. Rhoades, a teacher and football coach who was living in Mahanoy City on Doomsday.
  • Democratic Party: The Democratic Party renewed their faith in Robert Belfanti, who had lost his seat in the General Assembly, but had gone back into practicing law. He was a well known public figure, and would occasionally aid the Supreme Court in decisions on law. They selected Tim Holden, an insurance agent in Bloomsburg, who had served on the town council for five years since 2005 as his running mate.
  • Libertarian Party:
  • Unionist Party:
  • Commonwealth Party:




With a voting age population of 39,328 people, a higher turnout than the 2005 election was expected. Estimations were made that approximately 68% of the population would make it to the polls. Upon tallying the final results, it was discovered that 27,163 people made it to vote, 69% of the population.

As expected, the Republican Party carried the

Counties Carried


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