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Alaskan general election, 2010
May 12, 2010
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Svetlana Karalova
Party Moderate Conservative Progress

Alaskan general election of 2010 was held on May 12th, 2010. Control of the Duma shifted from control of the Conservatives, led by Vyacheslav Gorokin as the chosen successor for Premier Vladimir Putin, to the Center Coalition's Svetlana Karalova. With the Center Coalition winning total control of the Duma for the first time since its 2002 formation, this was viewed as an aligning election by many in Alaska. With the 62-seat net gain for the Center Coalition, driven almost entirely by gains by the Moderate Party, the election was the biggest landslide since the 1994 Constitutional reforms. The 56-seat loss by the Conservative Coalition was the second-biggest loss in the coalition's history, and the loss of 17 seats by the Industrial Party and 14 seats by the Christian Party marked the two largest election losses by those parties in their history.

Coalitions Prior to May 2010

Conservative Coalition - 197 Seats Total


  • Conservative Party: Leader Vyacheslav Gorokin, 76 seats.
  • Christian Party: Leader Kirill Deleyev, 44 seats
  • Industrial Party: Leader Boris Subarlov, 37 seats
  • Imperial Party: Georgi Rossanov, 20 seats

Center Coalition - 140 Seats Total


  • Moderate Party: Leader Svetlana Karalova, 101 Seats
  • Alaskan Expansion Party: Leader Mikhail Kirunov, 39 Seats

Liberal Coalition - 63 Seats Total


  • Liberal Party: Leader Andrey Andropov, 21 seats
  • Progress Party: Leader Dmitri Bogonov, 24 seats
  • Reform Party: Leader Andrey Zhukov, 6 seats
  • Socialist Party of Alaska: Leader Bogdan Kirilenko, 12 seats


Electoral Results

New Coalition Seat Allotment

When the new Duma is seated on June 6th, the Centrist Coalition will hold 202 seats, a gain of 62 seats from the previous body - a gain of almost as many seats as were held by the entire Liberal Coalition. The Conservative Coalition will have 141 seats, a loss of 56. The Liberal Coalition held on to a surprising number of seats, only losing a net of six seats to a new total of 57 seats.

The Center Coalition was invited to form a government on June 6th, 2010 by Tsar Nicholas II, with Svetlana Karalova being sworn in as Premier and Sergey Selkeyevsky being appointed President of the Duma.

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