Forbes list of "Most Powerful" people of 2009

Where were they on DD?

2009 - Selected from Forbe's Most powerful people (67 people out of 6.7 billion):

Rank Name Significance Place on Doomsday Survival
1 Barack Obama President of the US New York City No
2 Hu Jintao Premier of China Beijing No
3 Vladimir Putin Prime Minister of Russia Moscow No
5 Sergey Brin Co-founder of Google College Park, MD No
5 Larry Page Co-founder of Google Lansing, MI Possible
7 Rupert Murdoch Media Mogul Probably NYC Probably Not
10 Bill Gates Co-founder and CEO of Microsoft Bellevue, WA No
11 J.A. Ratzinger
Pope Benedict XVI Vatican City No
14 Warren Buffet Billionaire Investor Omaha, NE No
17 Hillary Clinton US Secretary of State Little Rock, AR Possible
29 Gordon Brown Prime Minister of UK London No
31 Bill Clinton Former President of US Little Rock, AR Possible
37 Osama bin Laden Leader of Al-Qaeda Peshawar, Pakistan Yes
43 Dmitry Medvedev President of Russia Leningrad No
45 Oprah Winfrey Media star Chicago No
46 Benjamin Netanyahu Prime Minister of Israel Washington, DC Probably Not
49 John G. Roberts Chief Justice of US Supreme Court Washington, DC Probably Not
57 Steve Jobs Co-founder and CEO of Apple Palo Alto, CA Possible
67 Hugo Chavez President of Venezuela Caracas Venezuela Yes

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