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2008 Invasion of Libya

July 23, 2008


December 5, 2008


Tripolitania Region


Fezzan, Cyrenaica Regions annexed by the USNA. Tripolitania Region under strong control by Libya. Libya-USNA Cold War erupts.

Major battles:

Battle of Sirte, Battle of Bani Walid, Siege of Misrata

  • Arab Islamic RepublicUnited States of North Africa
  • Flag of LibyaLibya
  • Arab Islamic RepublicZine Al Abidine Ben Ali
  • Arab Islamic RepublicMustafa Ali
  • Arab Islamic RepublicMifta Shah
  • Flag of LibyaMuhammad az-Zanati
  • Flag of LibyaHamid Abdullah
  • United States of North Africa
    • North African Army: 128,000 Infantry, 575 Tanks, 13,000 Mechanised Infantry
    • 'North African Air Force: 1,200 Aircraft
  • Libya
    • Libyan Army: 11,000 Infantry, 1,000 Tanks, 2,000 Mechanised Infantry
    • Libyan Air Force: 2,750 Aircraft
Casualties and Losses

79,000 (estimated)


The Invasion of Libya,

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