The 2006 Alaskan general elections were held on May 14, 2006 to elect peers to the Duma of Alaska. The ruling Conservative Coalition saw their majority decrease due to broad gains by the Moderate and Alaskan Expansion Parties' Center Coalition, but stayed in power due to many of those gains coming at the expense of the Liberal Coalition. The Conservative victory gave coalition leader and sitting Premier of Alaska Vladimir Putin a second term and was seen as a public validation of his policies, in particular his effort to diversify the energy sector. The Conservative Coalition ended up with 197 seats, three short of an absolute majority, to the Center's 140 seats and the Liberals' 63 seats. The largest gain was for the Moderate Party (Cen), which gained 27 net seats, and the greatest loss was for the Reform Party (L) which hemorrhaged 10 seats, more than 2/3rds of their total. The election resulted in the first minority (in Alaska referred to as a "plurality") government in the nation's history.

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