North America

  • Mexican Nationalists are now coming very close to defeating the Confederation of Mesoamerica, with intense fighting in Mexico City, formerly Aztlan, as the old government begins to lose ground.
  • Mexico agrees with the Western States to cede New Mexico and Arizona to them, as both states are more trouble then they are worth.


  • Madrid begins centralising the Union of Spain, with the Espana Nacion calling for the unification of the Spanish people. Regions such as Basque and Catalonia have reservations about joining, but declining economies in both nations mean that doing so is very lucrative.
  • Tensions in Yugoslavia reach breaking point.


  • Fighting between the Caliphate and Egypt only gets worse.


  • Chinese influence in Tibet grows to the point where the two nations can be seen as one and the same.
  • Indian troops begin an offensive to drive Pakistan out of their nation, and it quickly reaches the border. Indian troops begin crossing into Pakistan territory, and are met with rejoicing by many Hindus.


North America

  • The Mexican Revolution begins with Mexico declaring independence from Confederation of Mesoamerica, a union between Aztec and Maya empires.


  • Romania and Bulgaria joins the EU.


  • Caliphate troops cross over the Egyptian border, starting the Caliphate terror invasion of Egypt.


  • Both Nepal and Bhutan declares independence from India after series of peaceful Buddhist protests.
  • Caliphate took over Israel and the occupied zones of Palestine, causing all of Israel's Jewish population, including the president, completely escaped to large refugee camps in Russia.





  • Tensions continues to rise between the different ethnic groups of Mexico.
  • Nothing much happens.
  • Brazil suffers an economic crisis with the Soviet Union collapsing last year.


  • 9/11, on the 9th November 2001, happens with the Caliphate terrorist bombs Buckingham Palace, killing the King of England, and Parliament, killing the pri minister and most of the politicians in England. One unsuccessful hit was aimed at the Kings Tower (A tower which is the tallest in the world and stands where the shard does now). England acts, as so the rest of the EU to these terrorist and begins to destroy the Caliphate. Most of the world, who is allies with England and Europe also declare war on the Caliphate.
  • People say that England's involvement with the Caliphate caused 9/11 to happen. Indeed, they are correct.
  • Russia and Eastern European nations continue to recover from the Soviet Union collapse last year.
  • The EU celebrates 20 years of existence.
  • Many nations in Europe improve there stands on terrorism after the 9/11 bombings in London. Most people in Europe fear terrorism in all their countries.

Asia and Oceana:

  • The Caliphate controls most of Israel, North East Saudi Arabia and most of Jordan. Their main objective is to get to Mecca and gain control of the Suez Canal. They've also had success with the 9/11 bombings on London.
  • People in the Middle East get more scared of the Caliphate.
  • Nationalism begins to rise in Nepal and Bhutan.


  • Fearing Caliphate invasion, Egypt and their African allies declare war on the Caliphate.
  • Mozambique is given independence from Scotland and Zimbabwe from England.



  • Republic of Erie joins the Canadian province of Ontario. 
  • Maine's remnants in Aroostook join the U.S.A. following the short Maine-American War. 
  • South Baja sells itself wholesale to the Mexican Rebels of Mesoamerica. 
  • Patagonia is annexed by Chile and Argentina following the Patagonian War. 
  • Incan-Peruvite War ends with Peru conquering Cuzco. 
  • Alaska-Sitka, the last of the three Alaskas, joins the American state of Alaska. 

America doesn't exist in this ATL. Awesome history 28 (talk) 17:26, December 22, 2015 (UTC)

Asia and Oceania 

  • The Yapa Kingdom finally falls to Australia in the 4th Australian-Yapa War. 
  • Siberia joins the Russian Federation whilst Belarus finally wins the Belarusian War of Independence. 
  • Livonia, itself a breakaway state of Baltica, breaks up into Estonia and Latvia. 
  • Punjab is annexed by Iran.

You've forgot to mention about the Caliphate this turn. Never mind, I'm going to do it.

  • The Caliphate continues its terror invasion of Jordan and Israel. This year they are able to conquer North West Saudi Arabia and continue to march towards Mecca. England continues to fight against the Caliphate and is the only nation Western world to stop the caliphate.


  • Syracuse is finally annexed to Italy following the third Sicilian-Italian War. 
  • Malta, meanwhile, sells their Sicilian territories to Italy. 
  • The Algarves are formally integrated into Portugal after occupying it for three years. 
  • The Empire of Zurich and the Republic of Bern unite into the Swiss Confederation with its capital at Bern. 
  • Wales is conquered by England following the Welsh-English War.
  • The Soviet Union collapses due to ethnic tensions.


  • Lesotho gains independence from South Africa following in the steps of Swaziland a year before. 
  • The Orange Republic and the Transvaal Kingdom join the Republic of South Africa. 
  • The Kingdom of Greco-Egypt (Egypt-Alexandria) is fully integrated into Egypt after a two year occupation. 
  • Tunis and Carthage formally reunite into Tunisia although this path was set by the Tunisian Victory in the Tunisian-Carthaginian Wars.

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