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The "Brave New World"

Al Gore, Vice President of the United States, official portrait 1994

President Al Gore (1997-2005)

With the collapse of Unitarianist Russia, the decades-long Cold War finally came to an end. The United States, under the presidency of Al Gore, was the undisputed master of the world, having the strongest economy, industry, and military. Its presence reached worldwide due to its efforts to stop the presence of Russia, but with that country's collapse, the question had to be asked: What do we do now in this "Brave New World". With the threat to the world gone, was it necessary to maintain a huge military and a military presence around the world? Should the United States return to isolationism as in the past? President Gore, with the support of the majority of the American population, said no. With modern technologies linking the world and bringing it close together, the world was on the path of globalization. 

However, there was the other question of what will happen to the eastern side of the Iron Curtain with Russia's collapse. The majority of the nations held open elections and booted their Unitarianist governments out of office. It was usually a peaceful change, however, the worst war since World War II was opening in the hotspot of the Balkans.

Balkans War

Middle Eastern Crisis

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