Archive Twelve:
1998.25 to 2000.50
Archive Thirteen:
2000.75 to 2003
Archive Fourteen:
2003.25 to 2005.50

This page is an archive for the Night of the Living Alternate History map game, from 2000.75 to 2003.

The Game


The Balkan Alliance withdraws all soldiers from Hungary and Romania. The nation of Hungary, which is culturally different from the alliance and stirs for independence, declares sovereignty, believing that any state should have the power to leave the union. Hoping that hostilities will not arise, Hungary asks for an alliance with the Balkan Alliance. Romania’s government is reformed after the end of Balkan occupation. (I’d like to remind everyone that you can not annex nations without a treaty or agreement, therefore Romania is still independent.)

Romania was added, by peace treaty, to the Alliance. Sure, I didn't make a page for it, but I felt that would be overkill to annex one nation. Please also note, this was my first time EVER annexing another nation by war. The CM and Scandinavia both never forcefully annexed another nation. See: this post in the archives.

You need a treaty or agreement to annex a nation in the way you did. 

Focusing large portions of its resources toward fixing security issues, Microsoft manages to survive the negative press and begin solving virus problems. Its stock also manages to recover.

Rebuilding begins across Europe after an uneasy peace. Many believe that the governments of Europe hastily signed a treaty, without thinking for the people of the region. Finally giving in to hysteria, the nations of the Livonian Confederation, Lithuania, Belarus, Poland, Slovakia, and Romania sign an alliance, and agree to defend their border if necessary. Fearful that Russia is over jingoistic and may strike again, these nations commission a joint defensive force. A defensive line similar to the Maginot Line in France is planned, using modern defenses.

Some people of Russia, noticing that Russia has devoted so much money to military spending and almost none to the people, begin to protest in the streets. Taking the example of the Arab Spring decades earlier, thousands rise up. They also begin using the Internet to co-ordinate plans. The protests also trigger even larger protests and revolts in Ukraine and Finland. Many believe that in this modern age the days of jingoistic conquest are over, and many call for the reform of the Russian regime, and independence for several states.

Why would Finland revolt? Also Russia has been spending mostly on welfare, if anything further recession would be attributed to lack of jobs and essientially lazy people just taking the welfare and pocketing it while they don't look for another job. 


Several states across the Southwest United States approach the American Federation in hopes of peacefully unifying with the nation. Refugees also begin to arrive from central New Mexico, which has been in ruin since the use of nuclear weapons.

What states are they?

The police operation in Pennsylvania is successful and the American-Susquehannan force manages to oust those revolting against the Appalachian Federal Republic.

Guyana agrees to meet with Venezuelan representatives to discuss border disputes. 

Venezuelan Diplomacy: We wish to have Esquiba returned to us. We are willing to pay Guyana a lump sum to give up their claim despite the fact that we fully believe this territory belongs to us. We are trying to solve this peacefully as in accord with the Treaty of Geneva extended through the UK to Guyana as per 1966. Here is the region we wish to administer over

Cascadia, California and Florida are invited into the NAL. California and Florida accept.

Japan: Japan continues to build up the Self Defence Forces and infrastructure is improved. Some of the Maritime Self Defence Force still continues to patrol around Japan. Synthpop, Electro, Techno, and Trance continue to rise in popularity. The Republic of Kyushu continues to rebuild the island. ZUN releases his first game, Shuusou Gyoku, and is the first of the Seihou Project, and it gets decent sales. Soon, Tatsunori Katsumata meets with ZUN, and allows him to join Team Shanghai Alice. ZUN, after much thought, accepts. Chihei Hatakeyama's radio show/station, "A State of Trance" rises in popularity. Anti-virus programs continue to be developed.

Oceania: We demand the resignation of Al Gore due to his unlawful actions. We sanction the United States and all oil shipments are cut off. A new fleet is launched from new ships being constructed. Petrol reserves continue to be made. We again ask Indonesia that they join the Union, preferably as an autonomous vassal. First successful anti-virus program, named Norton Anti-Virus is released on the market. Modern Dubstep and EDM makes its debut at a music festival. Construction of fortifications along the Pacific coastline and the Indian Ocean coastline begin. We lay claim to Hong Kong on behalf of the Commonwealth of Nations and request the United Republics to hand it over to CoN ownership.

  • Iberian Diplomacy: Hong Kong will not be turned over to any nation. I suggest you drop this immediately. 
  • Oceanian Diplomacy: Note that we are not claiming it for ourselves, however, on behalf of the CoN. We lay off claims to avoid a conflict.
  • UK/New Commonwealth Dip: We apologize for Oceania and reassure Iberia the New Commonwealth has no claims of Hong Kong on its mind. 

Appalachian Federal Republic: The government returns Luzerne County to the USA. More fortifications are constructed. A shipping company opens operating out of Erie. People are in the streets protesting that the ousted president still isn't on trial. A hearing is planned for early 2001. The coast guard seizes a Cascadian ship loaded with marijuana and arrests the crew for drug smuggling after, when asked to announce what cargo they had on board, they said wheat and corn. A group of technicians start a site called Alternate History Universia. Several timelines start, including a Map Game called Global Survival, where the Zombie virus never happened, leading to the USSR collapse in 1979 and the war against North Korea in 2001.

UK/New Commonwealth: The UK continues using cheap materials being purchased from the New Ivory Coast companies and being mined from Oceania to facilitate an influx of resources into the economy, we also decrease spending as much military hardware under construction has been completed, the new ships are not sent on deployments and only upkeep and tests are done with the new ships, we do this purely to decrease our deficit and prevent economic overheat. We continue influencing Canada managing to get a few more politicians on our side. More to come ...

Neo-Mughal Empire: The empire continues its period of slow economic decline, which scares several Mughal economists and politicians. The government begins saving up some of its surplus funds to pay back any and all loans it may have taken. A second nuclear reactor begins construction in Pashtunistan. Mining efforts continue, with most of the gold being put in the central bank of Lahore. Influence and supplies are still being sent to the Sikh Empire, Comoros, Maldives, and Sri Lanka. In these areas politicians and civilians start to see the Empire as a positive force.

Greater Vietnamese Republic' :10,000 troops are fully trained and build six giếng mo, six Lạc Long Quân destroyers, 15 MiG-23b, 15 MiG-23v, and five tàu khu trục. We upgrade our industry to 1.75.

Korea: Modernization and the starndard of living improve in the WAF territory and mining for computer parts begins. Computer hardware and is made in factories of Shanghai and software is developed in Seoul. Anti-Virus software continues to be developed and a program to make Internet browsing easier named Clay Lightning (OTL Adobe Flash) is starts to be developed in Seoul. Construction of the Seoul-Vladivostok Railroad continues and K-Pop continues to increase in popularity among High School and College students. K-pop brings attention to the Korean government and the Korean government begins to talk about education reforms, especially in WAF. One issue is hogging the splotlight however, the issue of Wu. After much debate it was agreed that since four unified Chinese governments (Qing Dynasty, ROC, PRC, Wu) have failed, Wu, PRC and Korea should  negotiate in Beijing to decide how to divide China. The negotiation will be the Conference of Beijing. In the meantime, Korea running housing, hospitals, businesses, transportation, and schools. If the negotiations fail, Korea will take matters into its own hands and will ask for further GUITO intervention should the need arise.

Russia: The military industry continues to build military aircraft for the United Republics completing about 25% more of the order. Due to the large storage size of our tank storage we are willing to sell any certain number of tanks to other nations (one T-80 = $2.2 Mil; one T-72 = $1.5 Mil; one T-64 = $750,000 (Does not include T-90 or PT-76 Tank)). Various fighters are also allowed to be purchased (one MiG-23 = $5 Mil; one MiG-27 $9 Mil). Bargains are allowed. The Russia-Regrowth campaign has donated about $7,000,000,000, which has spent towards building jobs, welfare and distributed to charities in Russia and around Europe. Protesting situations start to improve after several large donations to charities and the distribution of welfare checks. Expecting to be hacked, all military servers have been disconnected to the Internet, and are put reconnected through closed military networks which are heavily encrypted. Protests are still permitted but under strict supervision to ensure no violence occurs. Taxes begin to lower as the Russian economy is starting to rise back up. We ask all GUITO nations if they want to participate in naval and ground operation exercises. We propose Resolution 006 to GUITO (This one is not relevant to the one about the US). Our Pacific Naval Fleet has started the embargo on the Philippines, mostly patrol boats, corvettes and frigates are sent to ensure the embargo. A Slava-Class cruiser is set up as a temporary command ship in case this problem escalates. About 100,000 troops are ready to invade the Philippines if necessary.

  • FTAP Diplomacy: We request to buy 100 T-64 tanks for 75,000,000.
  • Russian Diplomacy: Agreed.

Philippines: We are now focusing on trying to build a very economically strong nation. We are also focusing on building a naval force. Four destroyers are put into construction. We continue to build farm and mining areas and continue to research technology to make it faster for these points to make the most out of the resources. We are increasing our focus on riding of Spanish inheritance and now no public figures remain. Most have been replaced with figures that represent the power and unity of our nation. Some protest are beginning to form against the Muslims in the South of our nation. Some of our military open fire and the riots are easily suppressed. We move in our military to make sure that any situation like that again will be easily crushed.

  • Russian Diplomacy: We place an embargo on the nation of the Philippines due to your acts breaking the Fourth Geneva Convention (Broke: Article 2, Part I, and Article 13, Part II) and ask GUITO to sign Resolution 006 and aid us in the embargo.
  • United Republics Diplomacy: We send a delegate to the protesters and to the Philippine government. While hoping they won't reject us for our Spanish heritage, we look to aid in creating peace in the nation without military action. 
  • Korea: We send five subs and five destroyers to the Philippine coast.
  • Oceania: Seeing the more truth, The four naval fleets that were in position off the Philippine coast are sent back. Sanctions are also placed on the Philippines.

If you mean Article Two, Paragraph One ... it literally says you can't break it because a nation can argue otherwise, also so many nations break/bend Article 13 its not even funny. G greg e (talk) 01:23, July 26, 2013 (UTC)

  • FTAP Diplomacy: We are outraged at the death of Muslim protesters and refuse any trade to be conducted with the Philippines. The Federation is considering sending ships to aid the Russian blockade.
  • AFR Diplomacy: We condemn the massacre and refuse to trade with the Philippines.

I mean firing on protesters is bad enough.

You might want to research your armed forces, because you do not have any long range artillery in your nation's inventory.

Federation of the Arabian Peninsula: Protests grow for Womens Voting rights in the Federation, and many demand that the Federal government made a decision on the issue for all nations. However, the Federal government declines, stating that the while they will not force a single decision on each nation, they will ask that they make a decision as to whether or not allow women voting rather than ignoring the protestors. The decision for each nation is set to be made by 2001, and from there, the elections of Federal offices will commence. This serves to quiet the protests for now, but the decisions per nation will decide what will happen later on. Gold continues to be put into use backing the Arabic Driyal, growing bank accounts, currency value, and many investments. Maktoob is successfully developed in Oman by Samih Toukan and Hassam Khoury, two Jordanian refugees from the Human-Zombie War. Maktoob is the first Arabic free webmail service and will provide Maktoob for the Federation but plans to expand into other Middle-Eastern nations as well. Some companies that bought desalination plants from the various Federation governments plan to build new ones that are more efficient and to upgrade current ones, and it is planned to take much less time than it would have if the respective governments had constructed more. Aid is sent to the new Turkish government in the form of food, bottled water, and various building supplies. Two Federation charities have been set up by private owners and are non-profit. They begin to send volunteers to Turkey to volunteer in rebuilding a war ravaged Turkey. Subsidies from the government are sent to fund these two charities. Influence continues on Iraq, Jordan and Syria.

Sweden: upgrades army to 1.25. Begins to research nuclear weapons

Warman, you were warned on multiple occasions not to switch nations like this. Now you will be removed as Sweden and moved back to Cuba, and also temp banned for a determined amount of time.

Cascadia: Marijuana laws continue to become less strict. Starbucks begins carrying 'special brownies' in Cascadia. The legal stoning age becomes 18, as does the drinking age. There is much rejoicing. This allows the Frito-Lays stock to expand exponentially this year and the Starbucks stock to rise. stocks also rise as Cascadia ships packages around the world. Cascadia joins the NAL.

Burma: We are still collecting our natural resources, and the CEP is still in development. We are using the Peak Hkakabo Razi, 5881 m, to develop long range missiles in low atmospheric conditions. We are still offering trade routes and alliances to any who have peaceful intentions.

United Republics: The men and much of their present supplies land on Mars. Celebration commences throughout the UR and Texas. URSA celebrates the beginning of a promising mission, which will last for a year and a half. The men complete their home for the mission, easily assembled from the prebuilt and sent modular components. URSA Deep Sea mission continues as well, as it gets closer and closer to the Marianas Trench. Baseball in the UR makes another milestone in popularity. Musicians Pitbull and Enrique Iglesias become extremely popular. UR continues to build its naval force and air guard. Solar Panels continue installation in the north. Educational reforms are completed in all UR territories. UR Completing more ships, Upgrades its navy by 0.25 to 5.0. Research continues on solar panels and thermal tech in Antartida. Naranja begins its emergence as the people of the UR look to home industries to provide their computers and tech industry. Naranja is similar to Apple, Inc's software, being on the mid-higher cost range, but with maximum security. However, another company, Limon, formed in 1995, rises to prominence by creating cheaper, but less secure, using a less secure OS and hardware. Limon and Naranja begin to make international buzz as they rise in popularity due to the recent events in the tech world. UR begins support of these companies, adding them to universities and libraries along with pre-exisiting Warchief, Microsoft and Apple machines. UR continues vassalization of Nicaragua, influence of Honduras, Guyana, Surinme, Bolivia, and El Salvador. Cuba continues occupation and rebuilding begins. Florida Sur completes rebuilding. Research on Chemosynthesis continues, potentially to be used on a mars mission along with algea similar to those set up on Artimis Lunar Base, to create a Marte Base. Cordoba Catholic submits a secret idea to URSA to develop a Mars Orbital Station, and UR quickly begins development and research on the idea. The Vatican sends missionaries to Cuba. UR continues the policy of economic contraction, stalling growth at 2.9%. Laraenga announces he will run for a third term, and has much of the populace's support. The Three Indian Republics continue expansion southward, and Goa, with great relations with the UR, begins to process of becoming a UR dependency within the Three Indian Republics, who upgrade their industry by 0.25. Mexifornya continues modernization as a small population boom occurs in the region. Sonora experiences the same. Colombia continues its process of being admitted into the UR as a nation. 

  • Korean Diplomacy: We ask for an alliance with the UR.
    • United Republics Diplomacy: We will accept this offer after many years of good relations with Korea. 

Chan Santa Cruz: Upon hearing of the Texan/United Republics mission's success vast celebrations are held. Chan Santa Cruz has been aiding the effort for many years now, despite having no actual astronauts and several technicians are from our country. The economy picks up with the first wave of students eductated in bussines and entrepreneurship graduating. SoulScroll expands into what is being termed 'social messaging' after recovering from Microsoft's virus problems, opening up to the outside world and other hardware such as Mac. A new site, named Universepedia is set up (OTL wikipedia - For those of you who haven't guessed SoulScroll is facebook) Research on solar tiling continues. We see a lot of Russian users join SoulScroll.

  • Texas would like to invite Chan Santa Cruz to apply for the North American League.

American (Con)Federation: The government is reformed, so the American Federation becomes the American Confederation. Steam OS continues to become popular, and Sonoran releases a "map pack" for Call of Duty including the maps "Brandenburg," "Iwo Jima," and the Zombie maps "Siberia," and "Pompeii". With many nations asking to unify with us, we accept their proposals. Cheap housing for the New Mexican refugees is set up in the frontier territories. A former Universepedia employee founds UniversaWiki in the Confederation (OTL wikia).

Germany: Our nation experiences a mild economic boom from the post war industries. Soldiers are returned home. We continue focusing large portions of our GDP toward defense, and ask to buy some HIMARS from the United States. We use the practices of wartime mass production to improve industry. Factories begin producing consumer goods and cars. Highways continue to be repaired, and transportation by car and train becomes common. We also turn our attention toward renewable sources of energy to become less dependant on American and Arab petroleum imports to power our electrical grid. The domestic companies Enercon and Vestas (located in German vassalized Confederation of the Baltics) begin to be funded by the government through grants. Research begins to improve already existing designs, and windmills begin to be installed across the nation. This increase causes our industrial score to increase by 0.25. (What are my scores?) Shipyards are expanded along the north coast in hopes of creating a formidable navy within the next few decades. Companies such as SSW Faehr- und Spezialschiffbau GmbH, Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft, Nordseewerke Emden GmbH, Blohm + Voss, and Meyer Werft GmbH receive government building rights to begin producing ships. The navy of the Confederation of the Baltics becomes restructured and we begin joint naval exercises. Work begins on a new submarine known as the Type 214 submarine. We also begin updating the Lütjens-class destroyer. Plans are drawn up for a new class of destroyers known as the Tirpitz-class that is 155 m in length, with a displacement of 9200 tons, and powered by three 2500 kW each, 440V generators. The new destroyers will be armed with 96 cell Mk 41 vertical launching systems, utilizing BGM-109 Tomahawks, RIM-66M standard medium range SAM’s, COIL anti-air lasers, .50 Cal mounted machine guns, 20x20mm anti-air guns, 18x533mm anti-submarine torpedo tubes, and other weapons purchased from our allies the United States. We also begin looking into the possibility of constructing or purchasing an aircraft carrier. More Leopard II tanks are constructed, reaching a total of 3500. The Bundeswehr is reduced to 1,000,000 soldiers, with 2,000,000 reserves in case of war. About 300,000 soldiers of the 1,000,000 active soldiers are stationed in East Prussia where new air force bases are being constructed. We begin funding the Eastern Alliance’s attempts to construct defenses across Eastern Europe. We open diplomatic relations with the Balkans and hope to repair our relationship with the new nation. 200,000 soldiers are ordered into Switzerland as part of a joint operation to increase stability in the region. The force mainly focuses on peacekeeping and humanitarian aid, and we hope to establish a successful democracy in the region.

  • United States Diplomacy: We agree to sell you some HIMARS, and will also sell you the equipment necessary to upgrade your navy and industry.
  • German Diplomacy: We thank the United States for accepting our offer.

Texas rejoices over the successful Mars mission. Celebrations are held in the street. In a speech, President Bush thanks the UR and all nations involved. The first broadcast from Mars to Texas public is sent. In it, Bernard Harris, Jr. says things are going fine and that there should be no immediate trouble. Texas announces its intention to merge TASA and other space agencies into NAASA (North American Aeronautics and Space Agency). An alternate history novel, written by a Texan with a penchant for the genre, begins to be written after years of research. It focuses on a world where David Duke won the 1985 election in Texas. What follows is a world of Texan expansionism. With their support, Colombia wins the War for Amazonia, and Chan Santa Cruz never expands beyond less than half its proper size. Texas eventually joins the Axis in World War III, teaming up with the AFR, Cascadia and Russia to defeat the United States. In the modern day, Texas is the dominant power in the Western Hemisphere, stretching from Cuba to California, while Russia has annexed the former Soviet Union as well as Poland. Germany has been broken up into six separate nations and France has soundly defeated the Iberian Community. In South America, Colombia and Brazil Texas's puppet and the UR is restricted to Uruguay, Argentina, and Chile.

Iberia: Continues unification. Iberia continues to focus on education and universities. The PGUM network will keep its name despite Iberia's name change. Iberia focuses on developing goods at home and continues trade with the United Republics, increasing it even. Upgrades Industry by 0.25. 

United Mediterr: Continues focus on the automobile industry, tech industry and tourism industry. Solar panels are now installed all across the UM and its territories. Industry by 0.25.

Sul: Continues to build up defenses and focus on green tech. Continues free broder and receiving supplies from UR industries. Sul experiences a small population boom as an unusual amount of babies are born. Upgrades Industry by 0.25. Sul begins. 

Senegal: Continues to raise a military force to protect themselves from the WAF. Upgrades military by 0.25. Begins to import military supplies from Iberia. 

Aquitaine: Continues to build up defenses. Focus on industry continues. Upgrades industry by 0.25.

Toulouse:  Continues to build up defenses. Focus on industry continues. Upgrades industry by 0.25.

Arles: Continues to build up defenses. Focus on industry continues. Upgrades industry by 0.25.

Switzerland: Continues to build up defenses and rebuilt. Focus on industry continues. Upgrades industry by 0.25.

United States: We accept the offer from Germany and send several HIMARS to aid in Germany’s defensive capabilities. We also begin exporting Tomahawk Missiles and other weapons to be used in the creation of German ships. All ships seized or damaged by the Russians have been repaired and upgraded. Work continues on Nimitz-class aircraft carriers, producing the USS Harry S. Truman, USS Oscar C. Badger, USS Frank Jack Fletcher, the only aircraft carriers to be constructed since before the war. Realizing that some of our ships may be outdated, we begin the process of upgrading the armor and weapons capabilities of dozens of ships. Other ships are scheduled to be decommissioned or sold to those interested. Our naval score increases by 0.25. The rebels in central Pennsylvania are officially crushed, and peace talks begin to establish a new regime in the region.

Balkan Alliance: The Alliance sadly allows Hungary to leave, but we renew our long lasting alliance, and all states continue to think of Hungary as a brother nation. We send one-eighth of our treasury to Hungary so they may begin rebuilding their nation. As for Romanian rebels, they are squashed without mercy. We show them the treaty and enforce martial law in the region.


The recession in South Africa increases as more people are put out of work. Some people blame the lack of work on the former practice of Zombie labor, or recent immigrants from liberated areas. Strain also arises between the Netherlands and South Africa. Many Dutch citizens no longer feel united with those from South Africa, especially after the recent war. Violence breaks out in the Netherlands against South Africans, many of whom went against the Dutch in World War Three. The opposing political views makes many fear of a Dutch and Belgian revolt. Some radicals even point to the removal of the Dutch Royal Family and other practices as a South African attempt to destroy Dutch culture, especially considering that the royal family granted the union in the first place.

The Royal Family rules over the Union.

Russia’s economy improves slightly, although in the far west the situation still remains unsure. Rioting and violence breaks out in Finland and Ukraine with many Russians actually supporting their claims. Local representatives across the nation begin discussing independence, with possible bills gaining attention in Kazakhstan and other areas.

The former nation of Wu splinters into several different factions. In the north the large army bases sign allegiance to General Bao, a powerful military dictator. Sections of the east coast remain loyal to a transitional council appointed by the government of Wu. In central China and in the south the majority of the southern army declares itself the new People’s Republic of China, while a few divisions sign allegiance to the Republic of China.

The southern regions of Nevada diplomatically joins the American Federation. Refugees from across the southwest United States continue to flock into the nation, especially from central New Mexico, which has fallen into chaos and ruin after the nuclear exchange.

The town of Reserve becomes a popular haven for New Mexican refugees. Leaders of the town declare themselves the Remnant Republic of Southwest Cities, claiming most of southern New Mexico and Arizona. Trade is opened between Tucson and other nearby states.

Guyana declines the offer from Venezuela to cede Guayana Esequiba. Guyana also sends an application to join GUITO.

Oceania: Economy drops a bit from a 15 billion dollar purchase of a co-production license from Russia for the T-90 tank. Industry upgraded by 0.25. Petrol Reserves continue to be filled. Canberra goes under more modernization. Begins to switch traffic from left to right.

Japan: Japan continues to build up the Self Defence Forces and infrastructure is improved. Some of the Maritime Self Defence Force still continues to patrol around Japan. Synthpop, Electro, Techno, and Trance continue to rise in popularity. The Republic of Kyushu continues to rebuild the island. ZUN releases his first game, Shuusou Gyoku, and is the first of the Seihou Project, and it gets decent sales. Tatsunori Katsumata and ZUN begin create a Touhou Project game together, called Perfect Cherry Blossom. Chihei Hatakeyama's radio show/station, "A State of Trance" rises in popularity.

  • Chinese Diplomacy Secret: We will let you have part of Taiwan if you help us.

Neo-Mughal Empire: The economy improves slightly, but economists predict that it will fall again soon. The nuclear power plant in Pashtunistan is nearly complete. Mining, agriculture and textile production all continue. With the situation in China worsening, the Empire sends 10,000 soldiers along with supplies and weapons to the nation of Uyghuristan, seeking to protect it should violence break out. They also are there to provide combat and equipment training. The aircraft carrier is completed and christened as the MES Sindh, after the region in which it was produced in. Influence and humanitarian supplies continue to be sent to the Sikh Empire, Comoros, the Maldives, and Sri Lanka, where they begin to have even more of an effect. Industry is improved by 0.25.

Republic of China: We send spies to the mainland who begin to convince the people to join us.  We ask to join the PCO and GUITO. 

Korea: The standard of living continues to improve in the former WAF Korean territory as modernization continues. Mining operations for computer hardware is made and factories in Shanghai produce new Samsung (Seoul based company) computers which are affordable and have anti-virus software and Clay Lighting already installed, making it a hit with consumers. Korean education reforms begin, mainly focusing on the Korean WAF territory. K-pop continues increasing in popularity among teens and young adults. In Wu, the conference has failed and Wu has been split up into even more factions. The ROC, PRC, and Wu have all failed to govern a unified China and thus we suggest them to be separate nations. During the civil war, however, we are obligated to help Wu and send them supplies for the time being. A dictatorship, however, will not be permitted by Korea and we launch an attack in Beijing against General Bao's faction (Casus Belli: Attacked Ally:-2, Objective: Add to sphere) . Because of this attack, our army score is increased by 0.25.  

UPRC D: We hope Korea will return WAF Korean territory after the unification of China by UPRC.

  • AFR Diplomacy: We send supplies, food, 2000 rifles, cloth and timber to the Koreans for the war effort.

Burma: Our CEP has had its first successful test by powering a small town for an entire month. We are now trying to see if we can power a larger settlement for the same amount of time. The high altitude testing has not been as successful, resulting in an accident which injured six of our Head Researchers and killed one of the guards posted just outside of the testing area. Further tests have been put to a halt until the situation is fully investigated. Borders are still secure and strong. A gang known as the White Star has appeared in the Capital City, Police are trying to suppress the situation but have so far been unsuccessful.

Federation of the Arabian Peninsula: The nations of Oman, UIC, the UAE, and Qatar decide to allow women to vote in both national and Federal elections. The nation of Bahrain has decided to allow women to vote only in national elections. The nations of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait have not allowed women to vote at all yet, but much protest is ended nonetheless due to the decisions of many FTAP nations. The T-64's have arrived from Russia and all nations tank operators are being given training in their use. Maktoob continues to be a huge success in the FTAP nations, and its user base seems to double almost everyday with its use of the Arabic language and simple interface being a great selling factor to its use. The elections result in Federally, everyone keeping their respective position as most are confident in their leadership and no really alternatives have been found in the course of the elections. The Prime Minister of the Federation sends a request to Iraq, Jordan and Syria, asking that their nations be integrated into the Federation. They will be able to keep their national government, economy and other things. The only change is that they will be economically and politically tied with all the other FTAP nations. The electronics industry begins to grow in the Federation as companies begin to move stores and factories to its nation, increasing our industry by 0.25. Influence continues in Iraq, Jordan and Syria.

Republic of California: After realizing that Baja California Sur and Sonora are UR territories, the plan was scrapped, to mediate relations with the UR. Prime Minister Wilson asks an apology related to the planned invasion of  the two territories. However we sign a trade agreement with the American Confederation (q. v. Dinetah) concerning video games, foodstuffs, coal and steel. also wants to discuss partition of the Salton exclave. Also like the AF, The electronics industry begins to grow in the country as companies begin to move stores and factories to its nation, and with Hollywood back in full operation, increasing our industry by 0.25. Like in Cascadia, Starbucks begins carrying 'special brownies' in California. The legal stoning age becomes 18, as does the drinking age. There is much rejoicing. This allows the Frito-Lays stock to expand exponentially this year and the Starbucks stock to rise. stocks also rise as California ships packages around the world. California joins the NAL.

Salton was annexed by California already.

Salton: President Guillermo Batista dies at a ripe old age of 84. As a result elections are held across the country. José Guadalupe Osuna Millán, the former mayor of Tijuana, was elected to replace Batista as president. General Commissioner to Salton William Creighton resigns the post, appointing Bill Lockyer to replace him. 

Philippines: Our military is being pulled out of urban areas in southern regions of our nation to try to calm the protesters instead of violently suppressing them. Many police are still patrolling urban areas but riots have been nearly non-existent since. We begin researching some military technology such as small and medium artillery and even naval artillery. Two of our destroyers have been built but other ships still remain in construction. We upgrade our army. We ask other nations entering our waters to leave considering the situation's current condition. The Philippines is beginning to become a very powerful mining and farming nation with a very high output rate. We have received a lot of money from the food we produce and the mining resources we export. We continue to grow our agriculture. 

UPRC: After a brief meeting between the Wu transitional government and Xi Jin Ping, they decided to combine and establish the United People's Republic of China. I controlled the PRC in 2000.5 so I should still control it. It will continue the vassal status of Wu and Korea and asks the international community to recognize it as the successor of Wu. Declares war on General Bao's faction and begins influencing the ROC-aligned warlords to join the UPRC. Wu's vassal Uighurstan is quickly contacted and the UPRC sends one million soldiers into Uighurstan via Qinghai. The UPRC divides its nation into several states and nations, modeled on the UR. These nations are Yue (Fuzhou, Jianxi and Guangdong), Shu (Sizhuang, Qinghai, Guizhou, Chongqin), Chu (Hunan, Hubei, Henan and half of Shangxi) and Wu (Jiangshu, Zhejiang and Anhui). Fearing that General Bao may gain nuclear weapons, one million UPRC soldiers attack Lanzhou.

American Confederation: Following the reforms to make this nation a confederation, it is split up into "states." The states are modeled on the US' state system. Each state elects a Council, and each state elects a delegate to go to the National Council in Window Rock. New Mexican refugees continue to be welcomed, and they continue to settle "frontier" regions of the Confederation (e.g. Nevada and Arizona.) The RRSC is met, and aid is sent to them, and they are invited into the NAL. Stadiums for football/soccer are built in Las Vegas and Farmington, for the sport is rising in popularity. Texan books of alternative history become popular, and alternative history spawns several related genres such as future history predictions. Many discuss this on UniversaWiki, which has since become a hub on the Internet. Steam OS continues to rise in popularity.

UK/New Commonwealth: We take full control of Alberta oil sands and begins large scale drilling operations. Technology with PC's is continually improved. We continue to influence Canada.  We upgrade navy to 3.0


A crudely-drawn map of the states of Dinetah. Note that Las Vegas is not a full member of the Confederation, but is still considered part of it.

Russia: After months of discussion at the Kremlin, we are allowing the ceding of Ukraine and Finland. We are also allowing the ceding of Kazakhstan if the bill passes. (Note: I intend to allow these states to split off peacefully and I will be gone until late Sunday since I'm going to New York. In the mod events for the next couple turns can the mod please just say: Talks about letting Ukraine and Finland become independent are underway). Industry is upgraded by 0.25.

United States: Ships continue to be outfitted and upgraded. Ten Seawolf-class submarines and three Arleigh Burke-class destroyers are completed, while work begins on another Nimitz-class aircraft carrier, expected to be the last one built for a while. A new puppet government is established in central Pennsylvania, however we allow them to work independently in global affairs. In the southwest trade the city of Denver is repaired and trade begins to move south to Futura and the Remnant Republic, and west to Deseret. The nation of San Luis, moderately dependent on American trade and influenced for the last decade, becomes our vassal. We ask to join the North American League to better understand the politics of the region. We again ask for Brighton to be returned to us, since we have no quarrel with the British people. We believe it should be returned since all it currently holds is a (now closed) US military base that was defending southern England, and a headquarters to an organization that the UK isn’t even in. (This seriously shouldn’t have been in the treaty in the first place; I never would have signed it.) The planned Zumwalt-class destroyer is greenlighted, and work begins on three destroyers. The new ships are designed as multi-mission ships with a focus on land attack. The class will have a low radar profile, an integrated power system, which can send electricity to the electric drive motors or weapons, total ship computing environment infrastructure, serving as the ship's primary LAN and as the hardware-independent platform for all of the ship's software ensembles, automated fire-fighting systems, and automated piping rupture isolation. We begin secretly supporting the Republic of China, hoping to establish a stable democracy in Asia, as opposed to a dictatorship or a Communist regime. A carrier strike group from Hawaii is sent to monitor the situation in the Philippines and Asia. Supplies are sent to the Republic of China, helping to upgrade their military. We also secretly begin supporting the Dutch, believing that the South Africans betrayed us during the third world war. We begin a resolution among GUITO members stating that, “In the recent Treaty of Frankfurt a four sq mi area was ceded to the United Kingdom. We believe that this should be revised. This is invalid and should be undone since the area in question was a small, now abandoned, area comprised of joint military bases and private American property (namely the Bechtel family, among others), that which the United Kingdom does not own. The area in question has been operated by the United States for decades, and is important in the United Kingdom's own security, as well as the surrounding area, the Channel League, and northern Europe. The facility is now gone to waste, leaving these areas vulnerable. Furthermore the area is home to the Channel League headquarters, an organization that the United Kingdom is not even in.” We ask all GUITO members to vote on this resolution. The Channel League army grows to 150,000 active personnel, supported by an additional 500,000 American soldiers stationed in the region.

Germany: With supplies from the United States we construct the first destroyer of the Tirpitz-class; the D188 Tirpitz. Work begins on five more destroyers; the D189 Küstrin, the D189 Schäftlarn, the D189 Wilhelmshaven, the D189 Heligoland, and the D189 Biebrich, which are expected to be completed within the next few months. We ask to buy the USS Saratoga, or similar aircraft carrier, from the United States for 250 million dollars. Our peacekeeping operations in Switzerland are successful, and humanitarian aid is distributed.

Sino-german cooperation

Logo for our cooperation

  • United States Diplomacy: We will sell you the USS Saratoga for 300 million dollars.
  • German Diplomacy: Agreed.
  • Chinesee Diplomacy: We propose that co-operation is increased with our nations. Also support in the Chinese Civil War. 

Appalachian Federal Republic: Thanks the USA for the aid to oust the terrorists and rebels.  We ask the NAL to station troops in our nation. Using money from the of the aircraft carrier, the government begins to improve infrastructure, and lowers taxes by 1%. The government declares that they will not vote on the situation in the United Kingdom, and will remain neutral in the discussion. A surplus crop allows the AFR to store food for trade, and lower prices.

One refueling ship is deployed from Soctra to aid the USA operations in the Pacific Ocean.

Venice: After almost eight years  of heavy influence in the face of a wrecked world, with wars and wars, Lombardy has a vote to join Venice. The economy score is improved by 0.25.

Economy's not a score....

United Republics: Continues to vassalize Nicaragua, influence Suriname, Honduras, El Salvador, and others. The Marte Landing Base is completed for the mission, and more supplies arrive. The UR continues deep sea research, the craft punned Atlantis, continues along the deep sea floor. In an election surprise Laraenga withdraws at the last minute, and his former VP and right hand man wins over the people, with the same promises as Laraenga, Castillo. The UR continues assist the Three Indian Republics, especially Goa. Naranja and Limon continue development and to further sway consumers Naranja releases a package of software that has a document writing software, a database software, and a website design software. Research continues into having a Mars Orbital Station. Colombia is nearing admission into the UR. Venezuela asks GUITO to recognize Guyana is only joining GUTIO to try to use GUITO as a bargaining chip in the negotiations for Esquiba. Florida Sur completes rebuilding. Cuba also completes rebuilding. UR officials take Laraenga's advice and begin polling the people to find leaders, but few in Cuba are willing to take up a leadership position. The Vatican sends missionaries to Cuba to convert people from Desperatism to Catholocism. Limon begins research on music playing device. Spanish music continues to rise. 

Iberia: Continues to develop education and unification. Solar panels bought from Verde are implemented. Economic extension is promoted, as years of contraction have essentially saved growth for a rainy day. Pitpul and Enrique catch on in Iberia. Begins to influence the Balearics heavily. 

Senegal: Continues to build up a defensive military in order to protect themselves from rogue WAF troops that remain. Industry begins to be built up and many shops and markets begin to sprout up. 

Aquitaine: Continues building defenses and industry. 

Toulouse: Continues to build defenses, aid is sent to Switzerland. 

Arles: Continues to build up industry and naval shipping. 

Switzerland: Tells Germany that their troops need to leave the border as the invasion is over and stability has been regained in the Confederacy. Switzerland joins the Celtiberian Community and continues reconstruction, providing jobs for many. 

South Africa: Funding to many armed forces projects is cut as the nation continues in recession. This money is diverted into jobs and paying away the national debt. Gold is also offered to be sold and the large amounts of oil are offered to be sold to other nations in the world. A huge propaganda campaign begins to erase any fears the Dutch may have, and the stupid folk of the Union are reminded that the Royal Family is still the (symbolic) head of state. This includes increased co-operation in the Union and better co-ordinisation around the nation. Tank production is also cut and the only thing not receiving setbacks is the Space Program.


Korean forces successfully land in Beijing and oust the military dictatorship from the city. The assault is a close victory, with the Koreans taking heavy casualties to enter the city. General Bao and large portions of his army flee into the north, beginning a guerrilla campaign around Beijing and the Korean border. General Bao becomes a commanding officer (Wins: 2 / 3, Exp: 5).

Southern Wu declares its allegiance to the Republic of China, which lands soldiers on the mainland and begins recruiting soldiers from the local warlords, reaching about 2,000,000 soldiers. The Republic of China asks for help from neighboring countries, and finds support from Tibet, a common enemy of Wu.

The Communist Faction, which manages to secure the western, impoverished areas, numbers about 1,500,000 and quickly marches into Wu. The army loyal to the old government, numbering about 1,000,000 stands its ground on the east coast.

Minor protests occur in the Mughal Empire from the Sikh and Hindu minorities. In the southern provinces the situation turns violent as Muslims fight back against those from India, killing dozens across the nation.

Locals in Kashmir and neighboring areas refuse to follow the orders from the Mughal Empire, despite the demands for annexation. Many in the area feel as if they are being invaded, and some locals rise up to fight a possible attack. Kashmir breaks into war between Muslim and Hindu militias, the latter growing greatly since many fled from central India farther north. The Sikh Empire also declines the offer from the Mughals and secretly begins building up an army to defend its nation.

I'm confused. Jammu and Kashmir was annexed years ago by referendum, and we never tried annexing the Sikh Empire. Monster Pumpkin (talk) 20:20, July 27, 2013 (UTC)

Protests break out in the Netherlands, as hundreds of thousands of people march through the streets demanding independence from South Africa. It is discovered that the Netherlands’ army is mostly aligned with the separatists, as are the Belgians. Representatives from across the Lowlands meet to discuss possible separation, and ask South Africa for a peaceful solution before the situation turns violent. Similar protests also occur in the areas of northern France controlled by the South Africans.

Did you even read my post?

The Remnant Republic grows exponentially, setting up outposts and roads in Albuquerque, Las Cruces, and other destroyed areas. They also ask for a trade agreement with Futura, Texas, and the American Federation, to which Futura accepts. They also ask to join the North American League.

Albuquerque joined Futura. The Doctor is in... 18:25, July 28, 2013 (UTC)

Protests in Finland begin to decline as the Russian police break up riots. In Ukraine the situation was believed to have remained the same, causing about 500,000 civilians and veterans of the third world war to pledge allegiance secretly to the nationalist movement. Some locals also begin secretly training in remote camps, believed to be supplied by Eastern European nations. However, with the announcement that Russia will peacefully cede these regions, all protests and resistance ends. Ukraine and Finland are peacefully ceded.

The region of Kazakhstan and the surrounding area agrees to form a new nation known as the Kazakhstan Khanate. Despite the name, the region will be ruled democratically, and will include Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, and Kyrgyzstan. The bill is believed to be ratified in three months, and the new nation will be released with scores of 1.5,1,1.25, 50.

Crown Prince Dipendra of Nepal kills his father, the king, his mother and other members of the royal family with an assault rifle and then shoots himself in the Nepalese royal massacre. Dipendra dies June 4, as King of Nepal. His uncle Gyanendra accedes to the throne.

Tropical Storm Allison produces 36 inches (900 mm) of rain in Houston, Texas, killing 22, damaging the Texas Medical Center, and causing more than five billion American dollars of damage overall.

An earthquake (7.9 on the Richter scale) hits the south of Peru.

Locals in southern Sonora fire upon soldiers and settlers from the American Federation. The city of Yuma and the surrounding area are rumored to be controlled by Abelino Gutierrez, leader of the Salton Civil War several years ago. His band of raiders begins a brutal campaign to resist the Federation.

Following the American Federation’s annexation of Las Vegas and southern Nevada, the nation of California asks to meet with the nation to discuss a permanent border. California proposes that the border be the former state border between California and Nevada/Arizona.

Jordan accepts the offer to join the Federation of the Arabian Peninsula, while Iraq and Syria decline.

Can I have a mod event for the request I made to Iraq, Jordan and Syria? Please and thank you! EiplecOco (talk) 22:29, July 27, 2013 (UTC)

Japan: Japan continues to build up the Self Defence Forces and infrastructure is improved. Some of the Maritime Self Defence Force still continues to patrol around Japan. Synthpop, Electro, Techno, and Trance continue to rise in popularity. The Republic of Kyushu continues to rebuild the island. ZUN releases his first game, Shuusou Gyoku, and is the first of the Seihou Project, and it gets decent sales. Tatsunori Katsumata and ZUN continue creating Perfect Cherry Blossom. Chihei Hatakeyama's radio show/station, "A State of Trance" rises in popularity. Prime Minister Takako Doi would like to speak with Russia about the Kuril Islands dispute.

  • Chinese Diplomacy Secret: You can gain part of Tiwan if you support us.

Republic of China An invasion of the PRC commences (make me an algo). We ask that the US support us. We begin to influence Singapore.

How about you try to make one, and give troop numbers, a location of the attack, and all that sort of stuff required to make the algo, then ask someone to review it. G greg e (talk)

Neo-Mughal Empire: Riot police are deployed in the southern provinces of the nation to quell the violence as peacefully as possible. Muslim and Hindu protests are forcibly separated by riot police to further prevent altercations. The Emperor declares a day of mourning for those lost in the protests and reminds all that the Empire has freedom for all religions.. The second nuclear reactor is completed in Pashtunistan. The economy increases slightly as more members in the international scene sees more sales of Mughal textiles and minerals. The government announces the start of a national education program to increase literacy and basic education for all in the nation. The program sees rapid results in Sindh and Punjab, and much slower results elsewhere. Influence in the Sikh Empire, the Maldives, Comoros, and Sri Lanka continue along with ever more humanitarian supplies. More soldiers are sent to Uyghuristan to protect our friend should serious war break out in China. The total number of troops there is now about 400,000. Army score is raised by 0.25. My post might change depending on the Sikh situation.

Oceania: Declares global neutrality. Development continues.

  • Chinese Diplomacy: Asks to join the PCO.
  • Oceanian Diplomacy: Accepts.

Korea:The standard of living continues to improve in Korean West African territory as it continues to modernize. Construction of the Seoul-Vladivostok railroad, education reforms, and the increasing popularity of K-pop also continues. In Beijing we have outsted General Bao and have taken full control over Beijing. We set up temporary housing for the displaced and begin to repair damaged buildings. We also run hospitals, offices, schools, and transportation. 200,000 soldiers of General Bao's faction still remain outside of Beijing. We attack the them with 500,000 soldiers and leave 500,000 soldiers in the city of Beijing, making this the Second Battle of Beijing (Algo to be made. Algo successful!) We send 1,000,000 soldiers to the Korean Manchurian-Bao Faction Manchurian border and confront the main force of 700,000 there. (Algo to be made. Algo successful!)  We send the remaining one million troops of our active military to Wu to help them in their conflict with the PRC. We propose to the ROC that we will aid them in war against the PRC if the ROC agrees that they won't make any more land gains in mainland China other than what they already have. We send aid to Texas and UR.

Republic of California: Discusses about the entries of the flag contest. The National Assembly selected already selected a new entry. The new flag has a tricolor of green, white and black, with three red stars on the white stripe. The internal borders of the provinces are also redrawn to eradicate the last of the remaining arbitrarily drawn pre-unification borders.
California divisions NotLAH

Provinces of California following the readjustment.

Syria-flag 1932-58 1961-63

The new flag of California, as selected by the National Assembly.

UK/New Commonwealth: The UK continues technological development in PC's selling them on the global market. We continue influencing Canada using our previous relationship with them to capitalize on public support and also using Australian Admission into the New Commonwealth as a springboard into convincing Canada would be a perfect new addition to the New Commonwealth. The Occupation Zone under UK control declares independence into many of its former nations, with the Coastal natons forming a strong trading coalition with support from the New Commonwealth. The Alberta oil sands field is exploited for oil bringing gas prices, among other things, as their cheapest in the UK as well as Australia in years. The military conducts drills off the coast of the UK using its new fleets which are still being built on, to be the basis for much of the UK's military strategy. Wealth coming in from many areas and the economy regaining after the large buyout of Alberta oil sands allows for the UK to continue its large amounts of Economic growth however the government begins regulating it to prevent a Russian or South African Styled economic collapse. The UK pays for the oil miners families to be sent to Alberta establishing a small local British Community on the Surrounding British owned land of about 3000. Business in Canada especially Quebec picks up as many of the companies local buildings are allowed to be owned and operated by locals providing a large amount of jobs. The British mainly invest in these companies trying to get them from local to national. The UK proposes the Creation of a Common Currency between the UK, Oceania and Canada. Both new carriers are deployed for major drills following the completion of the UK's now full strength fleet of ships. The English Channel is heavily patrolled by the Royal Navy.

  • Oceanian Diplomacy: Wishes to unify British, Canadian and Oceanian economies, as well as abolishing internal borders, creating a common currency and a free trade zone.
  • Canada (NPC): Declines the offer from Great Britain.

Federation of the Arabian Peninsula: Celebrations arise throughout the Federation as Jordan accepts to be in FTAP. A parade is arranged by the King of Jordan and the Prime Minister of FTAP. Many industries exclusive to FTAP, such as Maktoob, expand into the nation. As Maktoob becomes increasingly popular, the features it has grows to create two new websites that are connected to Maktoob. These websites are Souq (similar to OTL eBay) and Cashu (similar to Paypal) which are both in Arabic format and allow for online shopping and payments. Most protests for women's voting ends in the Federation, save small ones in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, but they are not covered by the news and are outright denied by the state news. Arabic Driyals flood Jordan as many payments come from FTAP nations and its citizens, but Jordan still retains its current currency. The statue nears completion as the base and statue legs are finished, with only the torso and heads left. Training nears its end with the Russian T-64 tanks and 60 percent of the Jordanian military is integrated with the Federation, increasing our army score by 0.25. New maps are completed and begin selling that have Jordan as an FTAP nation, and many believed Iraq and Syria would join as well, so those maps are left in storage or destroyed. Influence continues on Iraq and Syria.

Chan Santa Cruz: Universepedia and SoulScroll expand. Industry is upgraded by 0.25. Solar tilling research continues. The government hotly debates joining the NAL. Influence continues over Honduras and Guatemala. Aid is sent to Texas and military support is given to the American federation. Bombers begin flights over Yuma. An exploration party is set up to explore the Caribbean coast northwards.

Germany: We propose the Republic of China that Germany, China and the United States should form an alliance. We believe that the United States can help China develop its navy, and will assure control over the Pacific. We receive the USS Saratoga from the United States and rename it the A002 Prince Albert. The D189 Küstrin, D189 Schäftlarn, and D189 Wilhelmshaven destroyers are completed and ready for service. We create our first carrier battle group and station it in Danzig. All peacekeepers are withdrawn from Switzerland and returned to their respective bases in Germany. We continue to influence Switzerland, although now at a lesser degree, Venice, Italy and Croatia, who are our vassals and/or strong allies. We support the United States’ claims to Brighton and sign Resolution 007. More windmills are constructed. We upgrade our army by 0.25.

  • Chinesse Diplomacy: We agree with the proposal of co-operation. We think it should be called the Taipei Pact.

Greater Vietnamese Republic :10,000 troops are fully trained and build six giếng mo, six Lạc Long Quân destroyers, 15 MiG-23b, 15 Mig-23v, and five tàu khu trục. We would like to extend our military pact to Tibet and reopen the alliance with Thailand and Burma.

United States: We continue secretly outfitting the Republic of China, hoping to create a democratic nation in China. We agree to Germany’s idea of an alliance between China, Germany and the United States. Ships continue to be outfitted and upgraded. Three Seawolf-class submarines and two Arleigh Burke-class destroyers are completed while work begins on another Nimitz-class aircraft carrier, expected to be the last one built for a while. Additional reserves are trained in case of war. Our army score is upgraded to 4. We move 1,000,000 soldiers to Vancouver to protect the neutral country. 

  • Vancouver Diplomacy: We advise you remove your troops at once, as they will only be accepted into the nation without weapons, and will be treated exactly like normal tourists, and not even admitted into the nation without a travel visa, NAL citizenship, LAL citizenship, or UR/Iberian citizenship. What are you even trying to protect us from?
  • You don't own Vancouver.
  • UK Dip: We demand the US leave the AFR and Vancouver. The US is violating the personal rights and freedoms of the AFR and Vancouver under the guise of "security" and will not be tolerated.

Appalachian Federal Republic In Exile: The government removes the peacekeepers from Wu and moves them to Socotra. A provisional government on Socotra is set up as a vassal to the AFR. The navy upgrades by 0.25. The military has a strength of 47,000 active troops, 1500 marines, and the navy. 38 jets and all the refueling and transport craft survived. The government mobilizes 32,000 troops, a destroyer and partially mobilizes the air force.

Texas demands the United States move out of Vancouver and the AFR. Both are members of the NAL and we can protect them. But they are independent and this WILL be considered a coup if you do not leave immediately. The government sets up a Disaster Recovery Center near Houston. The national guard is sent to rescue survivors. Refugee camps are set up for the most affected. Others are evacuated to save lives. Efforts are made to preserve the Medical Center, to prevent the loss of 25 years of research, mostly to fight Zombiism. Meanwhile, a novel is released, an alternate history that sees an expansionist Texas that joins the Axis in World War III. It's called What Might Have Been. We offer to host the government-in-exile of the AFR, for the time they did the same for us.

  • AFR Diplomacy: We thank the Texans for their offer, and accept, but request to move 30,000 troops with us to Texas.
  • Oceania sends economic support to Texas.
  • UK sends economic support.

United Republics: Aid is sent to Peru where the earthquake took place. Similar to Chile in the late 70s, all buildings begin re-inforcement and key buildings get rebuilt. UR continues Mars mission and deep sea research. Further naval and air guard construction continues. Influence continues over Honduras, El Salvador, Suriname, and Bolivia. Vassalization of Nicaragua is nearly complete. Cuba continues building and the Vatican continues to send missionaries there to convert people back to Catholicism. Upgrades army score by 0.25.  Further educational improvements are made, especially in the North. Sonora continues to interact with Hermasillo and tensions build. UR continues economical steady growth. Ships are sent to Singapore to discuss the establishing of an East Asian stock market, thus projecting influence there. Goa begins to become more attached to the UR and Maharashta expands southward. Aid is sent to Texas. Three republics continue modernization of industry, upgrading 

  • Texas thanks the UR and sends aid of its own.

Iberia: Assists in rebuilding of Switzerland and begins to develop more coastal defenses and continues education reforms. Industry and home goods continue to be made in Iberia. Upgrades Industry by 0.25. Aid is sent to Peru.

Aquitaine: Continues buildup of defenses and educational reforms . Upgrades industry by 0.25.

Toulouse: Continues buildup of defenses and educational reforms, naval forces begin construction. Upgrades industry by 0.25.

Senegal: Begins housing many factories and primary goods. Upgrades industry by 0.25.

Arles: Continues rebulding of Switzerland and education begins to take precedent. Upgrades industry by 0.25.

Switzerland: Continues rebuilding and begins raising border defenses and sentry posts. Upgrades industry by 0.25.

United Mediterr: Aid is sent to Peru and foucs on automobile, green tech and tourism industry continues. Small population bubble continues as expected. Upgrades industry by 0.25.

American Confederation: California's proposal to put the border between our nations at the pre-war borders between Nevada and Arizona is accepted. Northern Nevada will be jointly controlled by both of us for now. The lion's share of the Confederation's 50,000 troops are sent down to Yuma to deal with the rebels. We only attack the rebels if we are attacked, and we treat defeated rebels very kindly, allowing them to return to whatever they were doing as long as they swear to never take up arms against the Confederation again unless for a good reason. Trade begins with the Remnant Republic, and we send volunteers to help scrub fallout from affected communities in New Mexico. Bethesda reveals their first major video game, the Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. The game will come with a creation kit to help with modding. Colorado City in southern Sonora is cut off from the rest of the Confederation by the rebels. Government officials and police try desperately to keep order in the sea trade hub, but rebels are in the majority. Upgrades military by 0.25. We thank Chan Santa Cruz for their support.

South Africa: The Council offers the separatists a treaty which, although being harsh, will allow for the Netherlands to break away from South Africa. In the treaty, it states that Airbus will relocate to South Africa, funded completely by the Netherlands. All of the scientists will also move to South Africa and so will all South African origin people - if not by consent, then they will have to be moved by Dutch forces. Plus, the nation will have to pay for all the tanks it has received by South Africa due to the fact they were in union. Yet a campaign called Better Together begins. It shows that slightly more than half the people living in the Netherlands still believe that staying with South Africa is good, and they receive much attention in media sources trying to help their cause. It does do some effect as numbers slightly rise. In South Africa, increased flow of money helps boom job creation, and oil is continously offered to be sold. Gold is also sold around the world, giving the economy a much needed and robust boost. DASO continues its research on its Mars Rovers, and the launched rover finally lands on Mars, much to the delight of the nation. It is a good highlight in all the bad things going on. Upgrade industry as increase in jobs gives production a boost too.

  • Texas asks for aid after the earthquake.
  • Due to good relations and the humanitarian nature, Texas will be given aid by South Africa.


The United States angers multiple nations with its attempt to move military personnel into the AFR and Vancouver. The people of Vancouver reject the troops, while a government-in-exile for the AFR is set up in Austin, Texas. The NAL condemns the US and threatens sanctions and military action if the troops are not removed. Texas proposes a meeting between the NAL and the United States to discuss recent events.

Bao's Faction is defeated by Korea at the Manchurian border and in Beijing. Korea begins to occupy northern China. Bao regroups and tries to retake the area.

The PRC and Wu continue to fight in the west, neither gaining a clear advantage.

The Taipei Pact is formed between the United States, Germany, and the Republic of China.

The band 'Nickleback' dies in a tragic plane crash.

Texas receives aid from wealthy nations worldwide, allowing easier recovery from the storm. The UR also receives aid for its devastating earthquake.

The 'Better Together' campaign leads to the steady decline of Dutch separatist forces. Surveys show that  around 60% of Dutch citizens wish to remain with South Africa.

A growing independence movement begins in the Antarctic Cities. It seeks a full split from the UR.

This is implausible as the cities are 100% reliant on the UR for protection and for many goods, technologies and origininal purpose, the people who live there emigrated from the UR and were given tax breaks for heading to the region and most of all the land they sit on is owned by the UR. 

Greg, Scotland is in a similar situation. Independence movements don't have to be rational.

Completely disagree, the Scotland (I presume OTL) movement is rational considering they were independent before, have their own resources, a different culture than English albeit similar, and have the capacity and ability to provide for their own defense. G greg e (talk)

More Mod Events will come later.

All GUITO Members: please look at and vote on Resolution 008 and 009. They are important and require your vote.

Feudalplague (talk) 05:19, July 29, 2013 (UTC)

Oceania: A large portion of the navy is mobilized throughout the entire Pacific to protect our large amount of influence. Tighter sanctions are placed on the United States. More navy is constructed for protection of the homeland. We secretly sell 30 T-90 Tanks from our co-production license with Russia to the AFR in exile. Petrol reserves continue to expand. A diesel reserve is also constructed. Internet is now a norm. A bill is passed that prohibits the government from spying on its citizens' phone calls and internet usage. Coast Guard vessels are refitted with forward guns to defend cities. Economy stabilizes from the large purchase of the license for T-90 tank. Several helicopters, gunships and weaponry are sold to the AFR on Socotra. Indonesia and Malaysia are asked to assist Oceania in defending freedom in the pacific ocean. We remain neutral in crisis' across the world. Seeing as the Non-Aggression pact from several years ago was never signed by Indonesia, plans to annex the area are revised. Development continues. Economic support is sent to Texas to help clean up. Canberra continues to be modernized. Roads continue to be switched from Left traffic to Right traffic. Army is upgraded by 0.25. We send three battleships, five destroyers, an aircraft carrier, six submarines and 30,000 men to the UK. Creates a unified economy with the UK under the "commonwealth dollar?". Citizens are now able to travel between Oceania and the UK without the need for a passport. However, possession of one is still encouraged.(?)

UK/New Commonwealth: The UK and its populous outraged at the US's occupation of the AFR and Vancouver mobilize for a conflict devoting much industry and resources for a large scale draft in an attempt to bring our military force up to five million from the existing 2.3 million. This is done fast as the UK's military reserves are mobilized adding another 1.3 million bringing existing forces to 3.6 million. Weaponry is sold to the AFR such as 50 Mk2 Chieftain main battle tanks and anti-tank and anti-aircraft weaponry. The UK continues mobilization of its Industry and begins construction of more tanks, aircraft, helicopter gunships, and LAV's of all types. The UK continues to influence Canada and uses the leverage it has on its business sector to convince many politicians that loining the New Commonwealth would be a great idea to be done in eventually. The UK's coast is fortified with hidden anti-ship sites as well as anti-aircraft emplacements. The construction of three new supercarriers is commenced ahead of schedule. The UK implements an openess policy with Oceania allowing for their forces to to be stationed in the UK and vice versa. The policy also extends to civilians' movement and a far as allowing open and free trade between the two nations of the New Commonwealth, the UK facilitates the creation of the Commonwealth dollar with Oceania. The newly independent Ivory Coast nation begins using its newfound wealth to fund PMC's in the area to take the load off the UK as they are going to be involved in possible conflict in the future. 

  • Texas asks that the UK avoid any actions that could negatively affect the situation with the US. The NAL is on the situation and we don't want it to be any harder than it already is.

Korea:The standard of living continues to improve in Korean West African territory as it continues to modernize. education reforms, and the increasing popularity of K-pop also continues. Construction of the Seoul-Vladivostock railroad is stopped as the resources are pulled for the Second Chinese Civil War. Bao's faction in Beijing has been ousted and we continue to run the city's housing, transportation, hospitals, schools, and economy. We confront Bao's faction a second time (Algo to be made. Algo successful!) We are outraged of the US's occupation of the AFR and Vancover and place sanctions against them. As such, we cancel the offer to ROC as they are allied with the US and no longer need our support and invade the city of Taipai with one million troops.(Algo to be made, Algo successful!) (Casus Belli: Attacked Ally, Objective: Add to Sphere) ' 'Because of this we upgrade our army by 0.25.

  • Texas D: Again, we don't want this to be any harder for the NAL than it already is.

Japan: Japan continues to build up the Self Defence Forces and infrastructure is improved. Some of the Maritime Self Defence Force still continues to patrol around Japan. Synthpop, Electro, Techno, and Trance continue to rise in popularity. The Republic of Kyushu continues to rebuild the island. Tatsunori Katsumata and ZUN continue creating Perfect Cherry Blossom. Chihei Hatakeyama's radio show/station, "A State of Trance" rises in popularity. Sega begins creating the next console.

Philippines: We have finished researching for some of our artillery units. We develop a new artillery piece called the Marecel type I capable of firing much farther than some of our already artillery pieces. It also has a much faster rate of fire being able to fire eight rounds in ten seconds and has an average reload time of 30 seconds. We develop 25 of these pieces and continue to research more into our artillery. A longer range missile system is developed and is installed but it is currently not active due to the recent missile crisis. We finish off developing a lot more farmland and mining areas and it dramatically boosts our economy. We put a lot of money into schooling and university funds and making homeless people become a better part of the society. We upgrade army by 0.25.

Cascadia: The Canadian video game company 'Bioware' is purchased by Cascadia. The licenses to create three Star Wars games are purchased. Speculation over the title arises. Meanwhile, Amazon stock continues to rise.

Federation of the Araban Peninsula: The Federation flag is edited to add Jordan as a star on the flag, and to allow it to fly alongside the Jordanian flag. Souq and CashU become very popular as means of online shopping in the Federation as there is no Internet sales tax. The statue is finished as all figures are finished and all flags are placed, including Jordan's. The ribbon to it, and the surrounding small park, is cut by King Abdullah II of Jordan in

The new FTAP flag with a new star at the bottom

honor of his nation's entry into FTAP. Training ends on the T-64 tanks, and development of a new select fire Bullpup assault rifle to be used by FTAP military begins. The design for it is to be small, with the bolt carrier group behind the pistol grip, but not to sacrifice barrel width. It will also have ejection ports on both sides to allow for left and right handed firing, but they can not be
Federation of The Arabian Peninsula Map

The new map of the FTAP map with Jordan added

configured quickly as it will require partial disassembly. It will have a built in laser and red dot sight and will allow for effective corner turning in urban warfare and will be reliable in both desert heat and the heaviest rain storms. It has not yet been named but its prototype name is Unbreakable. Influence continues on Iraq and Syria, hoping the recent economic and military growth in Jordan will change the previous Iraqi and Syrian decision on joining the Federation.
  • AFR In-Exile Diplomacy: We ask the FTAP to aid us.
  • FTAP Diplomacy: We can offer a portion of our navy consisting of five Al-Mandinah Class Frigates, three Al-Mubrukah Patrol Craft, three Al-Sadiq Patrol Boats, two Osa Class Missile Boats, six Mecca-Class Destroyers and ten Medinian-Class Destroyers to escort parts of the AFR navy and its convoys. We also offer to fund the Government-In-Exile with 150 Million Arabic Driyals a year which has no current payback date.
  • AFR In-Exile Diplomacy: We graciously accept the FTAP aid.

Neo-Mughal Empire: Riot police continue to prevent any major instances of religious violence in the nation. More efforts in education continue, and its success starts to spread throughout the nation. A third nuclear reactor is slated to begin construction later this year. Relations with Uyghuristan reach such a point that the two nations could be considered allies and a Mughal air force base is built outside Urumqi. The Empire asks Korea to respect the sovereignty of Manchuria as soon as General Bao's forces are defeated. Influence and humanitarian aid is still sent to the Sikh Empire, Sri Lanka and the Maldives. The Maldives has been so influenced that it is largely a vassal at this point. Influence and aid is also sent to the Kazakh Khanate to promote a "Pan-Turkic" co-operation between the two nations. Mineral and textile production continue.

Burma: We resume to recruit a Defence Force to protect our borders and we create more defence outpost in high traffic areas. The research for high altitude long range missiles has been scrapped after the accident that happened several months ago, instead we have begun to manufacture short range missiles to protect our borders from any Invaading Forces. The CEP has had an unfortunate setback with the larger settlement suffering burnouts and power failures, we will look into this problem and try to resolve the issue but for the mean time the settlement will be put back onto regular power. Military upgraded by 0.25.

  • FTAP Diplomacy: We request a trade agreement and an alliance with your nation to allow for prosperity and co-operation that will mutually benefit us.

Republic of China: With the supplies from the USA and Germany an Invasion of Seoul commences. I don't know how to make an algo so make me an algo. We propose the Federative Republic of China, it would be a nation with a centralized Government. The member nations would be in charge of inforcing the laws and keeping a small government. Each member nation can keep its own military and have its own wars, but they have to be approved by the central Government in Peking (Beijing). We invite any nation in the OTL PRC and Mongolia to join us. Mod Response. Navy upgraded by 0.25. We fortify every town in anticipation.

How about you give making an algo a shot, read the rules, follow others examples etc. then ask for someone to review it. G greg e (talk)

I did the algo for you Oct and it was a massive failure on your part.

  • Chinese Diplomacy: We invite Wu to join the FROC. Look up for explanation.
  • Wu D: We join the FROC and we propose to change the name to URC.

Pending Korea's apporval,  Korea is at war with the ROC ATM. 

Yeah, all Wu diplomacy is handled by Korea because Wu is Korea's vassal.

  • Korean Diplomacy: We strongly decline the union between the ROC and Wu. The ROC just invaded our capital, the City of Seoul. If the ROC had not invaded us we would be open to negoation.

AFR Government in Exile: A convoy with 3000 troops and 14,000 civilians refugees is sunk off the coast of Maine. There are 2300 soldiers surviving and 8400 civilians saved. After an investigation is done, there is evidence that either a mine or a torpedo hit the convoy. The AFR demands an explanation. Survivors are taken to Socotra. All of the weapons purchased are sent to garrison Socotra from a potential USA invasion.

United Republics: The UR begins training more and more reserves and sends their own troops to Vancouver to protect the region. In addition, further ships are sent to Florida Sur, Cuba and the Caribbean region to protect from any hostile nations, whatsoever. Colombia completes transitional phase and fully joins the UR on July 1st, 2001. UR's Marte Mission (MOVE), continues with no hiccups other than a supply ship landings 25 km off course due to a Martian Dust Storm. UR's deep sea research continues and research on Chemosynthesis and sulfer continues. Supplies continue to be sent to Goa, who continues to discuss become a UR dependency. Vassalization of Nicuragua is nearly complete (25+ years of Colombian Influence, six of UR influence + Treaty of Cordoba), in addition Nicuragua and the UR begin plans for the Nicuraguan-Costa Rican Canal. UR begins to send supplies to the rest of the Three Indian Republics and Iberian cities Hong Kong and Goa and following RoC"s attempted influence of Sinapore sends massive amounts of economists, including Florez himself to discuss setting up an East Asian Stock Market HQ in Singapore. Diplomats are also sent to Singapore. Vancouver continues to reject the troops. Education reforms begin in Florida. Sonora continues to expand and tensions continue to rise with Hermasillo, thus the UR stationing and training Sonorans. Small sentry towers are constructed in Sonora, to be on the lookout for raiders. UR continues development regarding the air guard. Training of reserves for the air guard continues. Cordoba Catholic and URSA secretly continue research on a MarteOrbitalStation. URSA Space Station undergoes more construction adding more rooms, labs, and another kitchen and living quarters. Solar panels are also updated, flown out on Artmis Rockets. Venezuela asks to meet with Guyana to begin a detente. Solar Panel research is said have reached a climax, and now focus appears to be on the deliverly system. Maharashta contineus to expand southward. Naval reserves are called to man the stations at home and in UR territories. Fearing a possible war and economic collapse in many other nations. The UR begins its first period of expansionist economic policy in order to prepare a possible bailout of other nations. 

Chan Santa Cruz: IN LIGHT OF THE CONTINUING PROBLEMS IN NORTH AMERICA, WE OFFER TO HOST TALKS BETWEEN AFFLICTED NATIONS. Both SoulScroll and Universepedia expand. Solar panel research continues. We ask to join FIFA in time for the next World Cup. The exploration party moves north reaching the border with Texas. We continue to bomb Yuma and aid is sent to the American Federation. Influence of Guatemala and Honduras continues.

Russia: We continue to work on the order for the United Republics, about 80% (includes past turns) of it is complete, and is sent to the UR. Our government respects the independence of Finland, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and the other states that have split off from the Russia Federation due to different cultures. Jets for the air force are continued to be produced. Government hosted charity programs continue. We upgrade our industry by 0.25. Can everybody tell me on the live chat what happened while I was gone?

  • FTAP Diplomacy: We request that the Russian Federation aid us in becoming a nuclear power by aiding in the construction of our first Nuclear Power Plant to be constructed in the desert in Saudi Arabia.
  • Russian Diplomacy: Do you mean a nuclear power such as one who contains nuclear weapons or just to help construct a nuclear power plant?
  • FTAP Diplomacy: A nuclear power that has a nuclear power plant and nothing else. We seek a method of power that can power our largest cities and free up petroleum and natural gas for exportation. We request advisors in its construction, computer systems, and safety systems. We will also continually allow monitoring of the site to ensure we are not mistaken for having wrongful intentions with the nuclear material.


A whistleblower reveals that Al Gore personally ordered the attack on the AFR convoy. This leads to an investigation by Congress, which quickly confirms it to be true. Congress is outraged. They see the incident as a gross violation of executive power. The deaths of Susquehannan citizens is the last straw. The impeachment trial for Al Gore begins.

Imperial Korea (NotLAH)

"Imperial Korean Flag" used by anti-Korea protestors.

Leaders in Wu, wanting to reunite China, try to join with the Republic of China. With Korea at war with the RoC after the RoC's attack, many in Wu wish to cease being Korea's vassal. Many protest, calling Korea "新日本帝国", meaning "New Imperial Japan".

The Independent Antarctica movement continues as a small but present force in politics. The UR's attempt to discourage doesn't have much effect, re-inforcing the stereotype of Antarcticans as dumb and unreasonable.

The United States cuts off support for the RoC after war with Korea is declared, not wanting to get involved in a potential war with Russia.

Mod Events will come later.

Can I have a mod response on the invation of Tebit and Mongolia into The Federative Republic of China. Also Marchria because the player is inactive.

  • I personally believe that those nations would enjoy being independent.

Oceania: Canberra experiences a large flood, several thousand people evacuated. Plans for flood protection are made. Plans to annex Indonesia are in final drafts and ready to be enacted. Forces begin to set up along the Oceania/Indonesia border. Petroleum and Diesel reserves continue to be filled with fuel. Sanctions on the United States are tightened. Plans to intervene in the Chinese civil war are made. Roads continue to be switched from left to right. Drivers are given free training to help adjust to the new driving system. Despite being British influenced culturally, the nation begins to become more Americanized, aside from damn Al Gore screwing things up. Some dude and his friends code a social networking site for their college. Retail parks are starting to pop up around cities. Great Barrier Rief is declared a no-go zone for oil tankers, unless escorted by proper authorities. Color schemes on police cars is changed. A project that its developers hope will store all the world's knowledge, an online encyclopedia, begins, and many federal staff applaud the project. As it becomes available, old equipment that still works well is sent to the AFR in exile. With private support, the nation debt begins to be paid off. The age-old space program is re-activated and several communication and weather satellites are launched. As well with private support, an 83 km area west of the highway 71 at Enngonia has successfully been terraformed. Spending is cut in several sectors to help with these beneficial projects. The navy remains in the Pacific to continue to re-affirm our influence over it. A fleet is dispatched to the Sonne Seamount south of Hawaii to ensure that the United States government, if invaded, does not move to Hawaii. Public outcry for the re-establishment of France is quite large. The government openly supports the re-creation of france. Development continues.

  • The Union of Netherland and Afrikaans states that to regain lost relations, they would like to send scientists to help take part in the terraforming of the Great Outback. They also offer the Oceanians the chance to merge their space program with DASO to increase the scientist pool and greaten the speed of projects.
  • Oceania accepts the deal.

Japan: Japan continues to build up the Self Defence Forces and infrastructure is improved. Some of the Maritime Self Defence Force still continues to patrol around Japan. Synthpop, Electro, Techno, and Trance continue to rise in popularity. The Republic of Kyushu continues to rebuild the island. Tatsunori Katsumata and ZUN finishes creating Perfect Cherry Blossom, and will release it next year. Chihei Hatakeyama's radio show/station, "A State of Trance" rises in popularity. Sega begins creating the next console.

  • Japan Diplomacy: Prime Minister Takako Doi asks Russia about sorting a deal with the Kuril Islands dispute, and also would like to purchase the Southern portion of Sakhalin Island if that's okay.
  • Russian Diplomacy: We are willing to give back the Kuril Islands aand the whole of Sakhalin if we are still able to maintain co-operative military control and still have any naval bases located.
  • Japan Diplomacy: Prime Minister Takako Doi agrees and allows Russia to maintain co-operative military control and the navy bases located.
  • Russian Diplomacy: We will cede back Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands back to Japan.

Korea:The standard of living in the Korean West African Territory continues to improve as it continues to modernize. Education reforms and the increasing popularity of K-pop continues. In Beijing we continue to run the city's housing, transportation, schools, and economy. With General Bao gone, we establish a Police force in order to retain order in Beijing. The Beijing Police Force is 50 thousand strong. The GUITO Police Peacekeeping Force (given to Korea in order to stablize the situation in Wu during its economic collapse) is sent to the rest of the Former Bao Faction's territory. With Bao gone, many civilians are displaced and the GUITO PPF sets up temporary buildings in the region to assit in the transitional period. Financial aid is given to the displaced in Northern China. With the Beijing Police Force established Korean soldiers are no longer needed in Beijing. Instead the one million soldiers attack the PRC on the Former Bao Faction-PRC border. (Casus Belli: Attacked Ally Objective: Add to Sphere. Algo to be made.) The ROC's attack on Seoul generates many feelings. The Government is displeased, that the ROC attacked the capital, the public is happy for the overwhelming victory over the ROC, and the soldiers are outraged at the attack and only adds fuel to the fire in the Second Battle of Taipei. (Algo to be made.)  

  • Celtiberian Community: We've voted to send supplies to Korea to aid in its battle against the RoC. We have no dispute with Germany or the US, and will not let our supplies be used on them, but we must protect Hong Kong and Macau from an aggressive RoC. Battle line: (Iberia (S), Aquitaine (SV), Cayenne (SV), Toulouse (SV), Arles (SV), Remaining CC states (S). 
  • Korean Diplomacy: We thank the Celtiberian Community for all of the supplies.

Philippines: We have successfully built two more destroyers and two more battleships equiped with strong artillery capable of firing up to ten km. We have finally finished the research and production of the Marecel type II. It is the strongest artillery piece we have and can fire 25 rounds in ten seconds using a Gatling-like technique. It has a slower reload time of 45 seconds. We begin to make 60 Maracel type II's and to complete them by the start of next year. We also continue to build more Marecel type I's. We have dramatically reduced the amount of homelessness in our country and it remains now a little less than 2% of the population. We hope to achieve that every person of the Philippines has a home and everyone over the age of 18 will be paid to do so. We are beginning to design an even bigger artillery piece called Marecel stationary which will be one of the worlds largest stationary artillery. We hope to finish designing it and to complete it by the end of 2002. Our farming and mining output makes a lot more money for our nation.

You can not just complete two battleships like that, with your industrial capacity. Give it about two years before one is even finished.

It was only two, and we have been making them for about a year. :/

Ah OK, then. I was gone for a couple of days so I'm still catching up.

  • Philippine Diplomacy: We are asking any nation for trade with our food and mining (iron, coal) output. We do not want to take sides, just to simply have trade.
  • Korean Diplomacy: We accept your trade offer.
  • Philippine Diplomacy: We thank Korea for their decision. We send trade ships straight away to their major docks. We send a lot of our marsh-based foods and iron and coal.

Russia: Following for the past couple months, products from the Goliath branches have started pouring out new products that have been really popular. One of the first new products is the iPod, which is a portable MP3 player that can also display movies and other files that are in a video format. Intel has released their latest processor, the Pentium 4 processor. With a 32 KB L1 Cache, a 256 KB L2 Cache, and an average core clock of 1.3 GHz it is considered the fastest “universal” (as in most commonly used) processor on the market with a cheap price of only $200. Nvidia has also released their latest model GPU, the GeForce3 Series. Each graphic card in the series supports DirectX 8.0, Open G.L 1.3, 3D Texturing, Lightspeed Memory Architecture, nFiniteFX Engine, and Shadow Buffers. This GPU has a core clock of 200 MHz, memory clock of 460 MHz, 128 MB of Video Ram, and has a 128-bit memory interface and is up on the market for $250. Google has upgraded their servers, increasing search speeds over threefold. The Wall of Moscow, which was built in the 70s during the Great Human-Zombie War, has been prioritized to be taken down. However, instead of taking down this monumental structure, it is kept as a museum for the public to tour around in. It is still battle-capable in case of any attacks on the nation. A monument has started construction at the Red Square to represent the Third Great War, and the Human Zombie War. Its main structure is an obelisk similar to the Washington Monument in the United States, with a family of bears surrounding the bottom, a double-headed eagle on the top overlooking Moscow, and a brass stand containing four soldiers raising a Russian flag. Names of those who have passed away in the Third Great War and the Human-Zombie War are being engraved on the bottom portions of the monument. Architects have planned it to be 60 stories high and will have a price of five billion United States dollars. The project should be completed in about a year. Gold is continued to be extracted in Siberia where it has raised our currency significantly. The bailout order for the United Republics is completed and has been successfully delivered, also paying for the interest fee. President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin has called out upon the immediate impeachment of President Al Gore who is deemed to be the worst president of the United States of America. President Putin and the rest of the whole United Russia party have started the “Revolutionizing Russia” campaign to change the Russian Federation from a military state due to its consequences of being frowned upon by the international community and a large upkeep. Spare money is used to create new jobs and/or donated to charities. Ever since the Revolutionizing Russia campaign was started, the Communist Party has seen a large drop in popularity, making it third place as the most popular political party in the Russian Federation. Within months the United Russia party has more than 82% of all seats in the State Duma and 86% in the Federal Assembly. Part of the Revolutionizing Russia campaign includes the donations from Russian citizens for charities and the lowering of the federal tax. Export of oil has significantly raised the standing of the Russian economy. Other exportations include coal and other sources of natural gas. New jobs are created as computer stores are being built all across the nation, as well as malls and other media outlets across Russia. We propose the creation of the European Union to ensure peace within the continent.

  • FTAP Diplomacy: We request that the Russian Federation aid us in becoming nuclear power that has a nuclear power plant and nothing else. We seek a method of power that can power our largest cities and free up petroleum and natural gas for export. We request advisors in its construction, computer systems, and safety systems. We will also continually allow monitoring of the site to ensure we are not mistaken for having wrongful intentions with the nuclear material.
  • Russian Diplomacy: We accept the offer.

Ed, the European Union is the PU is the EU succesor state.

The PU got proposed. Therefore, it never existed since nobody joined other than the state which proposed it. Furthermore, the European Union never existed in this timeline.

Federative Republic of China: We upgrade the navy by 0.25 to 1.5. We ask that we are supported in this war against the Imperial Korean Republic. We recognize the independence of Hong Kong and Macau. We begin asking the international community for aid. We ask that more nations to aid us. The Taipei Pact asks more members to sign it. We ask the US to stop supporting us after their treasonous acts in North America.

Federation of the Arabian Peninsula: Souq and CashU grow in popularity, and a need for an Arabic search engine leads to the beginning of the development of Araby, which will become the first Arabic search engine. Development of the new Bullpup Assault Rifle continues as the basic frame is designed and work begins on the barrel and sights. More industry expands into Jordan, strengthening its economy and providing many jobs. More gold is mined in the Cradle of Gold, and is put to use backing the Arabic Driyal to increase its value, bank accounts, and reduce the price of some luxury goods. Due to its abundance, oil becomes almost free in the Federation, going for 1.5 Arabic Driyals a gallon, or one US Dollar a gallon. The construction of several skyscrapers begin in Federal nations. One is the Emirates Office Tower in Dubai, the Emirates Office Tower Two in Dubai, and the Burj Al Arab in Jordan (the architect Tom Wright chose a different place than in OTL). The Federation Nation leaders meets once again as per the last meetings rules. They discuss economic expansion and sovereignty. Their decision is to allow for trade agreements between singular Federal nations with approval from the Federation government which would allow for more economic mobility in these nations. Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and UIC are the only nations to actually act on this though. Qatar and Oman now allow Women to vote in all elections, while Saudi Arabia and Kuwait have not changed their decision.The company NatruG begins to look for international expansion as it requests to buy property in Turkey, Russia, and the UR's Venezuela. Influence continues on Iraq and Syria, hoping that the recent economic success in Jordan will change their previous decision.

You didn't say what NatruG is or does. G greg e (talk)

UK/New Commonwealth: The UK continues drafting and construction of its new force of supercarriers intent on being able to project power when and if it needs too. The drafting continues and the UK uses its oil money to fund much of this. (taxed, of course). The UK continues improving the Quality of Life for many of the people its in West African occupation zone helping establish local companies in an attempt to prevent it from falling into a huge economic issue like it used to be years ago. The UK continues to influence Canada heavily using its political connections as well as its previous status as a commonwealth member to convince many politicians that joining the New Commonwealth would be a good idea. Nearly 45% of the members of the Canadian government agree. The UK begins large scale aircraft drills over many of its fields and even cities prompting many to gather and watch the drills almost like an air show. Three guided missile destroyers are sent to West Africa.

Army is upgraded to 3.5.

Neo-Mughal Empire: Textile and mineral extraction efforts continue. Computer and electronics companies form major investments in the nation as the Lithium industry takes off. A second nuclear power plant is slated for construction in Sindh province later this year. Influence and humanitarian supplies are sent to the Sikh Empire, Sri Lanka and the Kazakh Khanate. The government asks that Korea respects Manchuria's sovereignty once the war in Northern China is concluded. The federal education program is becoming increasingly successful. The Empire establishes embassies in Tibet and the Khanate. Industry is upgraded by 0.25.

Chan Santa Cruz: Aid is sent to the AF and bombing of Yuma continues. Solar tiling research continues. Nay is upgraded by 0.25. Influence of Guatemala and Honduras continues. SoulScroll and Universepidia continue to grow.

Wu: We attack PRC with two million soldiers and we ask ROC occupied areas to surrender. We begin starting the URC.

AFR In-Exile: The government is outraged at the death of civilians. The army mobilizes and prepares for a possible war. The government demands an apology from the USA government.

United Republics: The Marte Mission (MOVE) continues as further obervervational equipment is set up at the main site.  Cordoba Catholic continues to research to Marte Orbital Station. UR's deep sea research continues as the Atlantea continues to scoure the ocean floor for interesting things,  and in Santiago, research on Chemosynthesis and sulfer continues and the possibility of using such creatures to assist in terraforming a region. UR continues to speak to AC leaders, in hopes to assist them and understand the needs and wishes of their people further. Naranja reseases a compatiable with the Mandarian and Pomelo, the Clementine - is a portable musical storage device and player. For a limited time the Clementine was included in all sales of Naranja computers, sparking a massive consumer victory over rival Limon, sparking Limon to begin research its own special project, rumored to futuristic and already in use in URSA. UR continues research on energy system delivery efficiency. UR continues to train reserves and sends them to Vancouver, Florida Sur, Cuba, Sonora and sends assistance to the Iberian cities of Hong Kong and Macau, fearing the worste from the RoC, in addition new upgraded weapons and completion of the bailout for Russia, Upgrade the Industry Score by 0.25. Florez continues his journey in Singapore, and with Singapore's assistance establishes the Asian Tiger Market (East Asian Central Stock Market), flooding the region with brokers and banks. UR diplomats assists with massive project and put Singapore in excellent favor with the UR. This stock market alone creates a new massive job industry for Singapore, and sparks an economic boom in the area. Research continues on the Nicaraguan-Costa Rican Canal in Panama and other Universities. Sonora and Hermasillo continue their tense relations. Influence continues over Suriname, Bolivia, Honduras, and El Salvador. Three Indian republics continue modernization, increasing industry by 0.25. Goa continues to strengthen its relationship with the UR.

Sul: Continues to focus on building up industrial capacity and agricultural effciiency is increased. Upgrades Industry by 0.25.

Iberia: Sends aid with the Celtiberian Community to Korea, as RoC's aggressive actions and recent alliances leave Iberia no choice but to take action. Trade with the UR increases and Naranja's recent products make a stir in Iberia as do many websites. Galicia's university rises in stature after many years of focus by the local government. Celtiberian Community' sends one million forces to Hong Kong and Macau and invades the RoC cities of Shenzen and Zhuhai (algo to be made). 'Upgrades army by 0.25. 

United Mediterr: Ships are sent with Celtiberian Forces to HK and Macau, and will provide the naval force for the battles. Thus having completed many more ships over the past 20 years, and upgraded the past ships. UM increases its naval score by 0.25. UM continues its advanced automobile industry, green tech, and tourism. Soccer attendences make a small rise as the quality of the league continues improvement.

Aquitaine: Continues to build up defenses, aid is sent ot all Celtiberian operations. Industry is upgraded by 0.25.

Toulouse: Continues to build up defenses, aid is sent ot all Celtiberian operations. Industry is upgraded by 0.25.

Arles (Lyon): Continues to build up defenses, aid is sent ot all Celtiberian operations, assistance in Switzerland continues. Industry is upgraded by 0.25.

Switzerland: Continues rebuilding. Army is retooled and trains with Arles. Geneva's referendum takes place. Upgrades industry by 0.25 as many factories and banks are rebuilt and now utilized again.

Senegal: Continues to build up a military force in case of any WAF attacks. However, large spur in industrial companies and factories takes place, as well as an increase in farm investment from Iberia. Upgrades Industry by 0.25.

South Africa: The Plan is currently suspended as the nation recovers from unseen circumstances like the recession. In Gabon, Behemoth continues to make huge profits as its factories produce equipments for farms and oil rigs at a good pace. Oil continues from the North Sea and Gabon in large quantity. Behemoth continues to build hybrid cars, although selling prices rise up significantly as the sibsidy is uplifted due to the current economic condition. The number of children being born continues to grow, and the population of South Africa increases. Rain forests continue to attract tourists and the money helps to pay for upkeep. The Mandela Class is produced on a large scale, but many are moved to the African continent. With Phlaxicortin-Y now ready to be distributed, the stores of Exes are given the new medicine. Their intake is harshly regulated, to make sure what happened before, does not happen again. The scientists continue research the genes and the virus, unlocking many secrets of the genes in the process. The Human Genome Project picks up pace with huge computers computing faster than anything before them. Behemoth Automobiles and Aerospace Industry continue designing and testing some of the most advanced fighter prototypes. The F-22 and the F-23 are produced in small numbers as contracts are significantly lower than what they were due to the current economic situation. The X-27 and X-35 complete the prototype stage, and begin to be tested. Behemoth sees a small number of tanks being produced as contracts here too have dried up. In Hindustan, Behemoth continue to invest in construction projects all over Hindustan. Behemoth train engines are valued as they are very powerful and work well all around Hindustan. All over the nation, an ideological change can be seen developing. Women begin to be valued as contributors to society, and children and young adults are fitter than ever. Many middle-aged citizens are also encouraged to go for walks and exercise. A situation such as the early 60s begins to develop. Women begin to feel free to choose their choices as the Zombie plague has changed many cultural values. Behemoth continues building huge factories in Odisha to make use of its plentiful natural resources. Thorium Reactors become a major power generator in Hindustan. An economic boom begins to take place as the nation begins to become modernised and an economic powerhouse. The Hindustani Army buys more than 1000 tanks from the Union to arm their ground forces to help in their operations. Army is upgraded by 0.25. The Neo-Mughal Empire is demonised and as a result, the government actively supports increasing its agenda in the Sikh Empire. The Sikhs are told that it was Muslims who have thwarted them at every step, with Hindus being their allies in their growth and development. Second Generation Thorium reactors are completed and begin to be put into use all across South Africa. The NHS continues to treat citizens to healthcare. Through fitness programs in South Africa, men and women both join up to serve their country over all three branches. Infrastructure projects are also started by the government, putting money into the public sector to help the economy grow once more. All across the nation, rundown factories are restored to a good and efficient condition and posters to try to take care for the environment is set up. The poor continue to migrate to the puppet of Zambia and the vassal of Mozambique. Both vassals see a hugh number of schools constructed. Universities are finally constructed all over the nation. Higer education is viable for many citizens in the nation now. DASO gains more manpower with Oceania working with their Space Program. The much anticipated Star Trek continues to be shown in TV stations all across South Africa. It is also transmitted to Russia and the United Republics. Many fans are glued to their screens and across the nation, the word Trekkies comes into the everyday person's vocabulary. The economy also starts to recover to pre-recession levels and growth begins to return as very little people now leave the nation. Navy is upgraded by 0.25.

Netherlands: Airbus booms as Behemoth continues to invest in the ever growing company. Airbus continues to develop on its largest aircraft in the world. The aircraft is officially labelled the Airbus A-380. Construction of the first four aircraft begins in earnest. All over the nation, old cities continue to be built back into their prime. The Better Together rallies huge supporters and many feel that they are truly better with the Afrikaans. The Royal Family helps to drum this point in. In the Netherlands too, Star Trek begins to gain a large following with many beginning to tune in.


Hoping to avoid war, Indonesia asks to peacefully join Oceania. They wish to retain some autonomy if they were to join, though.

Al Gore is found guilty in his impeachment trial. He is removed from office and his Vice President, John Edwards, takes over. Edwards immediately cancels any planned military action against the AFR or Vancouver and offers a formal apology for his predecessor.

The Pearl River Delta is taken by Iberian and Celtiberian Community Forces

The Dutch continue to feel closer to South Africa due to the Better Together campaign. 

Wallonia (French Speaking Belgium) still continues to have independence movements rise up as they reject the Union's speaking campaign.

The Treaty of Taipei is signed by Korea and the Republic of China. The PRC still continues its fight.

All CSTO members are requested to make their presence felt on the page. These members are the Union of Afrikaans and Netherland, Commonwealth of Oceania, Republic of Korea, United Heptachy, Texas and observing members United Republics and Chan Santa Cruz.

Mod Events to come later.

Oceania: More money is input into the terraforming project. Canberra recovers from the flood. A military parade is held. The Prime Minister signs into action the invasion plans for Indonesia in three months (next turn). Enngonia is a major worksite for those working in the terraformation project. The Strzelecki Desert, the Simpson Desert, the Macdonnel ranges, the Great Victoria Desert and the Gibson desert are declared desert preservation sites for those who wish to use them. Terraformation is declared up to the A-87 Highway. Traffic systems in major cities are now completely switched from Left to Right. Navy is withdrawn from the Pacific to help with the annexation. Petrol and diesel reserves continue to be filled. Several distilleries are opened along the pacific coastline, heated by electricity. Sanctions on the United States are tightened. Canberra continues to be modernized. Development continues. Navy is upgraded by 0.25. The online encyclopedia project is declared "Wikipedia" by its owners.

  • Indonesia is admitted and welcomed into the Commonwealth of Oceania, given many autonomous features, including but not limited to... Full Internal government, loosely regulated foreign affairs, unified currency, economic assistance, hoping to erradicate slums and poverty, loosely regulated armed forces, trained by some of the best Oceanian army, as well as extensive modernization.'''' However, Indonesia has to send delegates to the capital city. We declare that the motive to possibly invade was purely economic, hoping to eliminate poverty/slums. The Prime minister declares that the islamic majority of Indonesia will receive full religious recognition at the federal level. Religion begins to be removed from federal government to avoid religious prejudice.
  • Indonesia accepts to the terms.
  • Seeing as Al Gore has been impeached, sanctions are lifted.
  • The Union of Netherland and Afrikaans would like to invite the Oceanic government to CSTO to help create a strong power bloc.
  • UK D: As Oceania and the UK share much commonality as well as a Shared currently we would like to join as well.
  • Oceania joins.
  • Chan Santa Cruz demands to know what software you are using. Universepedia will not tolerate software infringment and reserves the right to sue for copyright issues.
  • The Oceanian government is unable to tell due to the fact that it would infringe on many laws. Wikipedia is coded from original code from our assumptions.

There is nothing to stop taking patents as there is no international law, organization or anything in this TL ATM. 

Neo-Mughal Empire: The Emperor condemns the escalation of conflict on the Indian subcontinent, and reiterates his offer for bilateral talks with Hindustan. Despite Hindustani actions, no new military actions are undertaken other than increased readiness and the construction of three destroyers. The third nuclear reactor is starting construction in Gujarat province. The government literacy program is reaching newer heights in terms of success, with more than 27% being literate. Although better than before the program, it still needs more work. The mineral wealth of Afghanistan and Pashtunistan is really starting to aid the nation. Almost all roads in the Empire are paved, and the computer manufacturing industry is still bringing a lot of jobs and foreign investment. With this new-found revenue, the government invests in its next natural resource, natural gas. Several refineries are constructed for such a purpose. Influence and humanitarian supplies are still sent to Sri Lanka, the Sikh Empire and the Kazakh Khanate. A new direction is taken in the form of such aid, with roads and power plants being built in the Sikh Empire at the request of the government. The government would like to establish contacts with Korea and the FTAP.

You started your Literacy program in 2001.5. Jumping up to 78% for a region that in OTL is only 25% in 2010, is insane, especially for only six months. Let alone the whole Islamic/women's rights issues G greg e (talk)

I guess I lost track of the time. I changed it to a more likely value.

  • Republic of Goa Diplomacy: We offer to host the talks between Neo-Mughal Empire and Hindustani Republic in Goa. We hopes these talks will halt all tension in the region. Also invited are the Sikh Empire, Maharashta, Mumbai, and Nepal to observe. 

Maldives: The fishing industry is expanded due to the construction of a larger fishing port. The government establishes a small coast guard to patrol the waters and provide disaster relief.

Japan: Japan continues to build up the Self Defence Forces and infrastructure is improved. Some of the Maritime Self Defence Force still continues to patrol around Japan. Synthpop, Electro, Techno, and Trance continue to rise in popularity. The Republic of Kyushu continues to rebuild the island. The sixth game of the Touhou Project, Perfect Cherry Blossom, is released. The game gets excellent sales and reviews, and soon the Touhou Project becomes popular throughout Japan. Chihei Hatakeyama's radio show/station, "A State of Trance" rises in popularity. Sega continues creating the next console.

UK: The UK continues its military buildup ceasing the draft and pushing almost 1.3 million men back into reserves allowing them to resume their day jobs among other things. The Economic decline that was seen for the prelude to war fully releases showing large upturn as War was avoided and troops and other things are being relaxed. The Supercarriers as they were planned are continued to be built. The UK continues to influence Canada heavily convincing 49% of the Government joining the New Commonwealth in eventuality is a good idea as the UK and Oceania who are two world powers with much to offer a stagnated Canada: UK businesses become highly competitive world wide for computers as their personal computer, and the Business Suite which offers Email, A Text Editing, and Spreadsheet table all in one program is sold to corporations looking for Computers. Troops are moved to the Miyako specially administrated zone for security purposes as to replace their Japanese counterparts.

  • Japan Diplomacy: Prime Minister Takako Doi offers to sell the Miyako colony to the UK.
  • UK D: We agree to buy.
  • Japan Diplomacy: Prime Minister Takako Doi sells and gives the Miyako colony to the United Kingdom.

Philippines: We continue to develop our battle ships and they are over half complete. We continue to develop the Marecel stationary but production is slow due to us mass producing Marecel type II. Due to our focus on homelessness, the amount of population living on the street is now an amazing 0.6%. We hope to make it lower than 0.5% but our money is beginning to wear thin. Trade with Korea boosts our mining resources. We upgrade our production by 0.25.

  • Philippine Diplomacy: We ask Vietnam for a trade agreement and alliance to better tie our nation in South East Asia. Wehope you accept so we can defend each others nations against a possible attack.

Republic of China: We make plans to flee to Germany. 

  • Korean Diplomacy: We invite the ROC to the Treaty of Taipei to discuss peace terms..

Korea: The standard of living continues to improve in the Korean WAF territory continues to modernize. New companies are formed there. Education reforms and the increasing popularity of K-Pop continues. We continue to run the housing, transportation, health care, education, and economy of the city of Beijing. Those displaced in Northern China after Bao was disposed start to live and use the temporary buildings. Construction of permanent buildings begin in the region. A slight advance on the PRC-Bao border has been made, but the advance isn't enough. Thus, we engage the PRC once again in the Second Battle of the PRC-Former Bao faction border. (Algo to be made.) Because of this we upgrade army score by 0.25.

Russia: As the world advances into the new digital age, multiple approaches are made to step up the technological level up our armed forces in this new genre of technological warfare. In Novaya Zemlya, a new breed of weapon is being assembled on the island in the Kara Sea. Within the Arctic Circle stands the new military project known as HAARP, or High Frequency Active Aurora Research Program, a large phased array electromagnetic wave generator. It beams 3.6 Megawatt pulses of radio frequency energy into the ionosphere, thus releasing 5.1 Gigawatts of radio frequency energy which can be used for global communication purposes. So far the base only consists of about 150 researchers, 3500 Spetsnaz from the GRU, and a small airfield which contains about 20 fighters. However, communication is not its main goal. This secret weapon which only few know about can be used to disrupt radio communication on large portions of the Earth. But this is not its only key military role. Based on its designs it can be used to manipulate weather patterns and modify weather capability. By focusing electromagnetic into the ionosphere, it can create a large discharge of energy, which can be outputted in ways such as hurricanes, storms, tornadoes, etc. Another feature is the ability of temporarily shutting off roaming satellites in the area by discharging enough energy. HAARP’s main purpose is considered a secret in which only the President of Russia, Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, Prime Minister, Director of the FSB, Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation, Director of the GRU, and scientists and researchers stationed at the base. Its other commercial uses such as long distance radio communication are stated to the public as research on future radio development and research. Despite its secrecy, international patents are made on its unique design, and our government is threatening to sue any person(s)/organization(s)/nation(s) who will/do attempt replicate its design. Within some months, its true purpose was released to the public which see it as any other powerful weapon. Statements are made by fact that it can cause much less harm to the populace of its target, and severely damage all structures within its target vicinity. Plans were later created to test it out at the uninhabited islands of Franz Josef Land which proved somewhat successful after small storms were formed in its arctic climate. Meteorologists working with the Russian Air Force and Navy have said that HAARP’s use would be most devastating in tropical climates before dew points are reached. Commercial usage is also being planned to create small drizzles on farmland when it is needed. The memorial being built in the Red Square, Moscow is about 45% complete after six months of work; construction workers have been constructing the monument 24/7. Fighters for the Air Force continue to be produced. Apple’s newest product, the iPod has skyrocketed in popularity, significantly rising stocks. Our proposition for creating the European Union still stands. Industry rises by 0.25.

There is no proof OTL HAARP to be able to control weather at all, thus the crossed out part is implausible especially at this point in your development of your HAARP. Also, you can't just claim you have this tech. It took the US three full years to research and build the first portion of HAARP's site in Alaska and you must do something similar, thus the italized part is not plausible at this point either. This will be considered your first three months of research. 

KK Then. But in OTL, based on HAARP's patent design, scientists that used to work for HAARP have claimed this.

Federation of the Arabian Peninsula: Araby continues development as the first tests are conducted, and it is quickly discovered it needs more work due to many programming bugs. Development of the Bullup Assault Rifle continues, with the frame, barrel and sights designed and built, and now work begins on the intricate mechanical work that will go inside the gun. Construction of the skyscrapers continue, as they all began around the same time, they also are on the same progress, and it is believed that they shall all open at once in a year and a half to provide a sudden influx of jobs and businesses. Construction of the Nucelear Power Plant in the ad-Dahna region of the Arabian Desert begins. Russian Scientists and engineers are used in designing its structure, computer systems, Nuclear efficiency, and safty features. Pressure is exerted on Saudi Arabia and Kuwait from all FTAP nations to allow Women voting due to resurrected protests in both these nations. Kuwait finally allows women to vote in both national and federal elections, while Saudi Arabia remains steadfast in its position, letting protests grow again. The Oil and Natural Gas company NatruG, Requests to buy property in the United States, Turkey, Russia, and the UR's Venezeula to provide both jobs, and to expand their market in drilling, refining and selling oil and natural gas. We expand our army by an additional 30,000 recruited soldiers, most from Jordan, and increase our military score by 0.25. Gold continues to be mined from the Cradle of Gold and is used to back the Arabic Driyal, and allows for Saudi Arabia to be the first FTAP nation to sell government-made gold coins to be sold to the public. They intend for them to be used like Savings Bonds, in which people will pay the government for more money later on. The difference is that they may be cashed in at anytime, allowing for the accumulation of money as good rises in value. It can be traded in for its weight in Arabic Driyals, and the Saudi government counts on the people waiting and waiting for accumulation to make a profit from this currency program. Influence continues on Iraq and Syria, with renewed requests that they join the Federation (MOD Response, please) Influence begins in Egypt through some arms sales and trade agreements.

  • UK/New Commonwealth Dip: Due to the stability and status as well as growing economic power we formally extend the invitation to FTAP to join the New Commonwealth alongside the UK and Oceania. The document can be found here. New Commonwealth Treaty
  • FTAP Diplomacy: We agree to join the New Commonwealth and have signed the document. We look forward to the wealth, stability and strength the New Commonwealth shall bring to all of our nations.
  • United Republics Diplomacy: We refuse to sell any property to any energy company as our energy companies are state owned and energy state subsidised and distributed. It is not personal, but a full policy towards all foreign nations. We hope you understand. 
  • Chan Santa Cruz Diplomacy: We have just developed solar pannels that are the size of roof tiles and can be used as such. We are willing to sell you the blueprints and production rights very cheaply, under the understanding that you do not pass them on to anyone else without our consent.
  • Do you folks have ANY indication how implausible it is for the Arabian Peninsula to join the New Commonwealth? All over you will have huge rioting. If not, then beware about Christian Extremist Groups and such. Please think before you make such moves.

Burma: We have started to build mechanised units to defend our borders. Began manufacturing short range artillery to assist in border defence. Plans have also been put forward to build an operational military navy. Hopefully, construction will begin soon. CEP has finally succeeded in powering a large settlement for a period of three months and is now being tested on an industrial site for a period of one month, the public now has access to Solar Panels that can be fitted onto their rooves, although it is still early in development we are confident that it will power a household for decades. Productivity increased by 0.25.

Productivity isn't a score.

Chan Santa Cruz: Solar tiling is released and all new buildings are legally required to have it. SoulScroll continues to grow in popularity. Universepedia threatens to bring legal proceedings against 'wikipedia' for copyright infringement. They also point out that the term 'wiki' is a registered trademark of a website in the American Federation. Influence of Guatemala and Honduras continues. Chan Santa Cruz expands northwards by 200 km along the Caribbean coast.

  • AFR Diplomacy: We ask to be allowed to purchase a license to make these tiles.
  • Chan Santa Cruz Diplomacy: In exchange for up to date Tank blueprints, as our armed forces have no armoured divisions. Also under the understanding that you do not pass them on to anyone else without our consent.
  • AFR Diplomacy: According to the GUITO, we are not allowed to give military technology without their approval. But we offer to loan four tanks so your nation may analyze them, get the blueprints and build your own. We agree to your terms.
  • United Republics Diplomacy: We wish to find a dividing line on Honduras, as we both have made heavy investment into the nation. Thus so we can continue our peace and friendship without any tensions. 

Appalachian Federal Republic: The government returns to the nation and begins to repair the damage done by the USA forces. Many citizens call for the AFR to cut all ties with the United States completely. The AFR congress begins to vote on this issue. A national day of mourning is held for the victims of the torpedo attacks. The government sends out repair crews to rebuild gas wells, oil wells, and the coal and iron mines.

  • AFR Diplomacy: Survivors and victims families of the attack sue the United States government for $300,000,000.

Wu: We attack PRC with two million soldiers and we ask ROC occupied areas to surrender. We ask the Iberian Commnwealth to leave the Pearl River Delta except for Hong Kong and Macau at the end of the conflict. The Chinese Confederacy begins.

  • Iberia and Celtiberian Community Diplomacy: We ask that you get our name right, as of now the RoC has not surrendered, such terms will be discussed closer to the end of the conflict and will include Korea and the CC nations. We wish you the best against the PRC.

I will be controlling all subdivisions of CC until someone wants them.12:20, July 31, 2013 (UTC)Ninjasvswarriors (talk)

AC: The amount of people who desire independence reaches 45%. We ask the UR for governance of the former Falkland Dependencies. We become a banking nation, like Switzerland was before recent years. It takes more than three months to change your nations primary usage ie...survival to banking, you have to start the process, which takes time. 

  • UR Diplomacy: We refuse to grant any state wishing to leave the UR any more control over any land, people, or ships. We still have no idea why the Cities wish for their independence. 

American Confederation: Battles continue against the Sonoran rebels, and we thank Chan Santa Cruz for their aid. After the Al Gore fiasco, the AC demands a change in government for the US, for both Bill Clinton and Al Gore were not very good at their job to say the least. A Zombie in Northern Nevada is shot by a Nevadan pioneer. Upon inspection, this Zombie was confirmed to be the last Zombie in the region. The government of the Confederation declares the time of the "Second Wild West" is over. A memorial celebration is to be held in May at Las Vegas. People from all over the world are invited to join. The Area 51 military base, abandoned since the Confederation's leaving of CSTO, is redone as a military base. Unlike Fort Gallup, which houses mainly foot soldiers, Area 51 houses the Confederation's advanced armor and air. An expansion pack for the Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind is released by Bethesda. Known as Ebonhart, it takes you to Old Ebonhart and the Central Plain of Morrowind. It is a major hit. Warchief begins development of Grand Strategy IV.

  • United Republics Diplomacy: The UR territory Sonora and its trade will send supplies to Colorado City and provide for their raw needs until you are able to do so again. 
  • American Confederation Diplomacy: We thank you for the aid and we will be sure to pay you when the rebellion is over.

United Republics: Marte Mission continues to go well, and as the mission nears its end the astronauts assemble to return craft. Cordoba Catholic and URSA continue to research the idea of the MarteOrbital Station. Singapore official rises to a world power as Florez his team of economics students, and the UR engineering crp. but Singapore back on the world stage with their East Asain Market. Florez and his team move to Brunei, in hopes of a similar rehabilitation effort. Verde continues research on energy delivery and improving its efficiency. Naranja releases info of another musical player to be in the making, and releases pictures from their research facility. Limon sees these pictures and announces its own project, that will revolutionize the laptop industry. UR intelligence agency sends over a 100 units into the Antarctic Cities, to better understand their wishes for independence. Nicaragua and Costa Rica continue their research on their canal project. Cuba completes the reformed government installing the first democracy, currently Cuba a UR-Dependent state. Some in Cuba begin to call to become a UR member, while others wish for association, and some the current dependent fluctuation they are in. The Vatican continues to send missionaries to rebaptise Cubans into Catholicism. Some troops are recalled from Vancouver seeing the recent change in US administration, but guard is still high . The UR continues its deep sea research, forming the Terra Scentia Administration. Pitbull and EI and Spanglish pop continue to rise throughout the UR and Iberia. Aid is sent to the Pear River Delta. Influence continues over Honduras, Bolivia, El Salvador, and Suriname. Guyana is asked to meet for a detente and meeting over Esquiba with actual litigation. Influence now begins to spread to Granada and the Southern Caribbean. The Three Indian republics continue modernization and ties with the UR, especially Goa.

Sul: Continues to work on defense and focus on internal development. A baseball team seeks entrance into the UR league in the upcoming years. Small air force begins construction. 

Iberia: Continues to increase trade with the UR. Troops in the Pearl River Delta commit to a ceasefire as the Treaty of Taipei is discussed. Iberain assistance continues to go to Senegal and Switzerland. At home, education continues to be the priority and Galicia's Univerisities continue to grow in prestige. Iberia and the Celtiberian League. Green energy tech is purchased from the UM as are ships.

United Mediterr: Continues to build naval ships and repair damaged ones. Industries of the automobile, green tech, and tourism continue. The UM automobile manufatures propose a hybrid and thus what is known as the Hybrid war starts between the UM's two car manufactures. UM continues to supply the PRV. 

West African Federation: We begin to build up our industry and military to replace the one we lost during the occupation and request that the former GUITO leaders leading the occupation withdrawal from the country now that they are no longer needed. Industry and military upgrade by 0.75.

  • Russian Diplomacy: We will not accept this withdrawal, since it seems that your government is still unable to ensure the peace that this world needs.

Republic of California: Presidential elections now begin. The incumbent, Margarita Perez, tries to hold to power against former prime minister Hendrick McDale. Again, Mrs. Perez won the election, but protests begin to spark as a consequence, saying that the Perez family is treated more like monarchs. 


After the passing of Resolution 10, GUITO has disbanded. However, occupying forces in the West African Federation are still holding firm.

The New Commonwealth’s influence on Canada is steadily growing, making many Canadian politicians want to join the union as an autonomous state.

West Africa’s attempt of reorganizing its military has completely failed as civilians refuse to even join armed forces of which its regime can not ensure stability. Drafting and conscription soon begins by taking unwilling citizens off the streets. Protests have begun all across the nation, many wanting another new regime change. All of which are supporting the occupying troops in the international community.

Following the dissolution of GUITO, the nations of Belarus, Ukraine, the Livonian Confederation, and Lithuania prepare defenses in case of an attack from the Russian Federation. Military officials from these nations assure that it’s only an act of deterrence.

After multiple requests the nation of Iraq accepts the invitation to join the FTAP as long as they are considered an autonomous state. Syria has declined once again.

Oceania: Continues to integrate Indonesia. Economic support groups begin to set up in Jakarta. Plans to build affordable housing for poverty-stricken indonesians are laid down. Old plans to invade Indonesia are archived. Wikipedia states to the government that their source-code is original and that they did not even know Universepedia existed. Wikipedia does and has not received any government funding at this time. Petrol and diesel reserves continue to be built. Canberra continues to be modernized. On April first, a group of pranksters infiltrated the capital building, and de-hoisted the national flag and flew a parody of the old Californian flag. No charges were filed. Terraforming continues in the outback. Rare species that reside in the desert are being moved across the desert and makeshift oases for wildlife are constructed to preserve life. Government is reformed to a semi-presidential republic. State system is reformed, all areas defined as a state in the commonwealth, that were formerly nations, are given more autonomy, and their former capital cities are defined as the capital of the state. Economy takes off from the large population of Indonesia making up a vast majority of the population. The United States is asked for a co-production license for the F-16 Falcon jet. Tourism within the nation is made less expensive from a surplus of money in that sector. The UK is asked if we can open a mint in Canberra for the Commonwealth Dollar. Religion is essentially purged from lawmaking and discussions. However, there have been talks to allow for two official religions to co-incide with the two official languages. Many people in the government support it. Development continues.

Chan Santa Cruz: Universepidia proposes that the two sites merge to better index, though under the name Universepedia to avoid copyright infringment with the American Federation based 'Wiki' network.
Taqud 813118

The Flag that was hoisted over the capital building.

Russia: Research at Project HAARP continues. With the dissolution of GUITO, we propose the Moscow Pact, a private military alliance. The nations of the United Republics (Also includes vassals), the New Commonwealth, the Commonwealth of Oceania, the Federation of the Arabian Peninsula, the Union of South Africa and the Netherlands, and Korea. Production of fighters continues. The memorial at the Red Square is finally named as The Great Remembrance Memorial; it’s about 80% complete and will be finished in the next few months. We offer the Federation of the Arabian Peninsula, the joint production and exportation of oil within our nations, which can significantly increase the standings of both of our economies. Gold in the Ural Mountains is continued to be excavated and inserted into the treasury, increasing the value of the Ruble.

  • Oceania accepts Moscow pact. However, we ask Russia if CSTO may be re-formed between the world's major powers.
  • Russian Diplomacy: We are no longer part of the CSTO, South Africa is the head state of the organization.
  • Due to this, South Africa invites Russia back into the organisation as a full member. The organisation is closed, on an invite only acceptation. If Russia wishes, the FAP can also be invited into CSTO.
  • Russian Federation: We accept, but revisions have to be made to the Charter, such as the removal of Article I, Part III, Article I, Part I, and Article II, Part I, due to many members usually breaking it, which results in chaos within the organization. Furthermore, we wish that the FAP also joins the CSTO. (I'll make the new map as well(Moscow Pact is now considered null)).
  • Agreed by the South Africans. Great to have an old ally back.
  • Russian Diplomacy: Same here (Will edit charter now).
  • AFR Diplomacy: We ask, if, even though we are part of the FAP, if we must rejoin the CSTO. The government wants to stay out of international organizations.
  • Korean Diplomacy:We accept joining the Moscow Pact and strenthen our ties with the CSTO.
  • FAP Diplomacy (Fine, it's gonna be FAP now haha): We accept the offer to join CSTO. We also accept the offer for joint production and exportation of oil. We request that private companies from both of our nations be allowed to drill as well, if they meet certain requirements. (So, Moscow Pact is considered null and void now?)
  • Russian Diplomacy: We will allow the drilling of your private and public companies to drill within our land if we get to do the same.
  • FAP Diplomacy: We agree to the terms happily.

Yes. The Moscow Pact is null and void now.

You are not part of the FAP. If you are then, that is considered implausible, and will be retconned.

Japan: Japan continues to build up the Self Defence Forces and infrastructure is improved. Some of the Maritime Self Defence Force still continues to patrol around Japan. Synthpop, Electro, Techno, and Trance continue to rise in popularity. The Republic of Kyushu continues to rebuild the island. Tatsunori Katsumata and ZUN meet with Twilight Frontier, and make plans to create a Touhou fighting game, called Immaterial and Missing Power. Chihei Hatakeyama's radio show/station, "A State of Trance" rises in popularity. Sega continues creating the next console.

Canada: After a poll shows that the majority of Canadians want to join the New Commonwealth, a request is made to join the New Commonwealth. Current president Marshall Herman stays mainly silent even with the many political happenings lately. Industry is upgraded by 0.25.

  • UK D: We will accept Canada joining the New Commonwealth. Please sign the New Commonwealth Treaty New Commonwealth Treaty

West African Federation: We continue to upgrade our military and industry, the government, again requests to withdrawal from the region now that they are no longer needed. We decide to ignore the protests as this West African Federation values free speech. Military is upgraded by 0.25.

Uncross this, and pick only tech to upgrade, only one tech can be upgraded once every other turn.

Again, you can only upgrade one tech.

Korea:The standard of living improves in Korean Occupied WAF Territory as it continues to modernize and new companies are formed there. Education reforms and the increasing popularity of Kpop continues. The occupation of Taipei continues as The Treaty of Taipei continues to be discussed. With the PRC refusing peace, we engage them for a second time and the Second Battle of the PRC-Bao Faction border happens. (Algo to be made) (Algo successful!) Joint-Korean forces have decisively crushed the north western PRC army on the PRC-Bao border. We re-inforce the 750,000 troops with more troops in order to help with their rapid advance through the PRC country side. With such a rapid advancement our forces should arrive in the PRC capital city, Chongqing, in three months.

  • Iberia and Celtiberian Community: We are willing to assist Korea again, under the same supplies as last time. 
  • Korean Diplomacy: We thank Iberia and the CC for the aid.

UK/New Commonwealth: The UK continues buildup of high tech industry in Canada and continues construction of its new supercarriers. With Canada joining, the New Commonwealth begin integrating their economy into the New Commonwealth. We allow Oceania to construct  the Commonwealth Mint. We step up our influence in FTAP using our high tech industry to try to kick off their economic diversification. We begin utilization of the base in Brighton with a combination of UK and Oceanian naval forces that have been deployed to the UK, this is done as some of the other ports were highly congested from trade traffic and the royal navy. The UK begins committing large scale resources to improving the Alberta oil indstry using the Oil money to build up infrastructure in Canada. We offer membership in the New Commonweath to Ireland (Mod response please). The UK continues massive naval drills bringing our carrier troops up to speed. The Research into Prototype Unmanned Aerial Vehicles commences.

We upgrade army to 3.75.

  • Oceania begins construction of the Commonwealth Mint in Canberra.

Philippines: We have almost half complete the Marecel stationary artillery gun. We have complete many Marecel type II guns and are positioned near our major military bases and cities. We continue to fund homelessness and to turn Philippine slums into proper homes. We enforce our navy's weapons with some of the new Marecel type II qualities. They can now shoot much farther than most other destroyers and battleships making them almost superior in a naval battle. They also have a short range missile system on them but do not have any missile defence systems. After a couple of years of development, we finnish another Philippine destroyer and we continue to develop more battleships. We want to make a strong connection with Vietnam and once again ask them for a trade agreement and alliance.

Federation of the Arabian Peninsula: We celebrate the inclusion of Iraq into the Federation, and add their flag to the Statue of Arabic Fellowship in Dubai. The construction of the skyscrapers in Dubai and Jordan continue on schedule, with many of the floors up for sale. Sales are conducted and finished in only a week as many businesses, some national, some foreign, buy up all the current floors for sale in the skyscrapers. Construction of the Nuclear Power Plant in the ad-Dahna desert continues, and a new design idea is brought up to have the storage for the nuclear waste be put one-hundred feet below ground in a concrete room lined with lead. The inclusion of this has led estimates of its finish dates to drag on for an extra three to six months. Araby continues development and many bugs are solved, and virus protection software is created just for it to ensure its success later on. Gold continues to be mined in the Cradle of Gold, creating more "Currency Bonds" for the Saudi government, which extends the offer to join the program to other FAP nations. All the nations agree to join, leading to increased production of the mines. Work begins on integrating 60% of the Iraqi military with the FAP military. The expanding High Tech Industry, most of it from the United Kingdom, causes our industrial score to increase by 0.25. The inclusion of Iraq into FAP leads to a new State of the Federation meeting, this time with Iraqs President, Ahmed Hassan al-Bakr joining in. He quickly becomes very involved, suggesting many agricultural reforms with co-operatives being establish in the Federation, and cultivators who join it are given government subsidies and investments. This becomes very popular in Iraq and the UIC but less so in other nations, due to their mainly desert environments. The inclusion of Iraq also leads to the exponential increase in oil production from Iraqs nationalized oil companies. Development of the Bullup Assault Rifle nearly is finished, as it is fully completed it will go through three months of testing, from there on it, will issued to most every soldier in the Federation, including the new ones from Iraq.  A new flag is to be designed for the Federation, and Influence continues on Syria and Egypt.

  • Ausoil (A major Oceanian company) has asked the FAP government if they may construct a refinery and oil extraction sites within the FAP.
  • FAP Diplomacy: The nations of Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, and UIC accept, but Iraq, Kuwait and Jordan do not, and Qatar and Bahrain do not have any major sites.

Neo-Mughal Empire: The government is split over the dissolution of GUITO, with some advocating an alliance with the UK and Russia, while others argue for closer ties with the United Republics. Regardless of such actions, the government is neutral for the time being. The third nuclear reactor is undergoing construction. Five gunboats are constructed. The government will attend the peace talks in Goa if the Hindustani government also attends. Influence and direct humanitarian aid is given to the Sikh Empire, the Kazakh Khanate and Sri Lanka.

  • MOD: A large portion of your territory was at one point part of the British Empire, I don't see any plausible way you would be aligned with the UR.
  • They have a large colony to our south and we have been trading with them for years.
    • United Republics Diplomacy: We wonder what you have in mind for closer ties with us. We are wondering what you have in mind and are intrigued and flattered by your offer. 

Korean Diplomacy: We offer you to ally with Korea and send financial aid to the Mughal Empire.

Mughal Diplomacy: We happily accept and thank Korea for its aid. We are still pending on all other alliances. Since it got deleted, we are also willing to accept the offer of the New Commonwealth, but we must look closer at it to ensure that our independence and customs would be permitted. We will give you our answer next season.

UK/New Commonwealth Dip: We wish to renegotiate the offer for a process of eventual integration, We wish to establish trade with you for the time being.

Mughal Diplomacy: Fair enough, when did you have in mind for the integration?

UK/New Commonwealth: Slowly integrate certain systems into the Commonwealth with full integration by 2005-2006. That way your populace has enough time for adjust for the change, Also, trade with the New Commonwealth is also meant to help you bring your economy up to speed so as to prevent a massive drain when and if you decide to fully join.

Maldives: The fishing industry continues to develop. The coast guard increases the number of patrols in Maldives' ocean territory.

Burma: The first of the short range artillery is starting to move into position around our borders. Our CEP has successfully powered an industrial site with no hiccups. We are beginning to mass produce this model and we are calling it the "IS-238 Solar Farm". It is available for purchase within Burma's borders. Purchase of the "IS-238 Solar Farm" is up for negotiation. Mechanised Units are still in research stage.

Chan Santa Cruz: Small protests break out across the nation due to Oceanian citizens actions. Some do not believe Wikipedia's claims, others are shocked at the defemation of our ally's flag, others protest their "imperialistic actions" in annexing Indonesia when aid might have achieved the same result and still others protest the removal of religion from policy, mainly theology students, using passages from both the Bible and Qur'an to show this as false to any true practicioner. The Halac Uinic appeals for calm, to somewhat limited effect. The military is upgraded by 0.25 in order to be ready should the protests continue. Influence of Guatemala and Honduras continues. Our ambassador in the UR personally gives this message to their assembly:

  • SECRET CHAN SANTA CRUZ DIPLOMACY: "Given the history of the west portion of the country we want all of the former nation of El Salvador and east until Macuelizo, which is to be your border town and to flow the border down through Santa Barbara (ours) Talanga (yours) and Danli (ours). You may think we ask for a lot but dear brothers, compare it to the vastness of your hegemony, which extends throughout South America, Antarctica and India, with significant influence in South-west Europe also. Given the cultural history of the area we define it as more suited to Maya rule than Latina. This is the farthest south we will claim, but it is within our rights. Copan lies within this area - a jewel of the Maya peoples - as do numerous other settlements. So that will be all. Ka’ka’te ucben in laak."
  • United Republics Response: We called you here to discuss the future of Central America. We completely agree with the fact that the Mayans should rule the Mayan area. Based on our research we find the Copan and Tanzuma lie on the outlying areas of the Mayan's farthest extent. Thus, we are perfectly willing to and will even promote Chan Santa Cruz having this area to the international community. From this, we see the future border being at the northern portion of Honduras from La Cieba - El Progresso - Santa Barbara to Sonsonate. We also remind you that you have not influenced El Salvador, nor ever was all of El Salvador or Honduras under Mayan control. Hopefully, we can work with this, as we have established a good starting point for talks.  We also have a specific interest in El Salvador another majority Catholic nation. 

Wu: We continue battling against PRC as we upgrade our army by 0.25. Economy stability is restored in Wu.

You just went through a whole economic collapse, I don't think about a year and a half will fix it.

Republic of California: Presidential elections now begin. The incumbent, Margarita Perez, tries to hold to power against former prime minister Hendrick McDale. Again, Mrs. Perez won the election, but protests begin to spark as a consequence, saying that the Perez family is treated more like monarchs.

North Italy: Economic score increases by 0.25. A vote is held whether to move the capitol to Milan or leave it in Venice.

United Republics: The Marte Mission comes to an end as the astronauts board the landing craft, leaving their landing and home base craft behind, along with some supplies. Cordoba Catholic and URSA continue research on the MarteOrbital Station. Rocket designs are completed. UR continues to train their forces and sends more intellengence agents to the Antarctic Cities. Upgrades army by 0.25. Cuba continues to develop their government. Sonora's tensions with Hermosillio continue to become more tense. Goa is officially admited as a direct dependency of the UR following 22 years of close integration and work together for the state. The Three Indian Republics continue to modernize, updraging their industries by 0.25. Further research continues in the deep sea field. Influence continues to expand on Honduras, El Salvador, Suriname, and Bolivia, and the South Caribbean. Vancouver's defenses undergo another major overhaul, fortifying the city. Florez and his continues his work in Brunei. Solar energy research on delivery continues, in hopes to get more out of the same energy. Naranja and Limon continue research on their respective projects.

Sul: Continues to build up defenses. Solar panels are upgraded. Increases army by 0.25.

Ibera: Continues to focus on education and rebuilding Senegal and Switzerland. Supplies and defenses are constructed in the PRD. Upgrades army 0.25 as training for the Chinese Second Civil War continues.

Aquitaine, Toulouse, and Arles: All continue to build up defenses and continue to build up their industrial output. Upgrades industry by 0.25.

Senegal: Continues to train military in case of rogue WAF troops and continues to be invested in by the Celtiberian Community to produce raw goods. Upgrades army by 0.25.

Switzerland: Continues rebuilding process, many industries such as banking are restored. Upgraded by industry by 0.25.

United Mediterr: Continues to develop the hybrid car in the automobile industry. Ships are repaired in Hong Kong that were damaged in the PRD battles. Focus on Green tech and tourism remains. Small population bump continues. Upgrades army by 0.25.

Texas has TASA monitor the Marte return mission. Plans to merge TASA into an NAL space agency are made. We state that we will not join CSTO, saying it "didn't work out the first time" and noting that every attempt at an international organization has been a "remarkable series of failures".

Apparently to the page, you're still in it. However, it is not a public organization anymore, and invites are the only way to get into it.


Because of unnecessary assertiveness to the occupying forces in West Africa, protests have started in each state to secede from nation. Politicians have started making bills in each state to secede from the West African Federation due to its inability to properly take care of its own people and warmongering government.

Due to the Russian Federation rejoining the CSTO, many nations in Eastern Europe begin to fortify their borders in case of any Russian aggression.

Border disputes between Egypt and the nation of Israel have begun, with the priority to return the Sinai Peninsula back to Egypt. Because of a possible future invasion of Israel, the United States has sent about 50,000 troops.

A Meeting between the Neo-Mughal Empire, Republic of Goa, and other Indian subcontinent nations. Hindustan is asked to attend, but has yet to send a delegate. 

Italy will host the 2002 World Cup.

Japan: Japan continues to build up the Self Defence Forces and infrastructure is improved. Some of the Maritime Self Defence Force still continues to patrol around Japan. Synthpop, Electro, Techno, and Trance continue to rise in popularity. The Republic Bold of Kyushu continues to rebuild the island. Tatsunori Katsumata, ZUN, and Twilight Frontier, begins to create Immaterial and Missing Power. Chihei Hatakeyama's radio show/station, "A State of Trance" rises in popularity. Sega continues creating the next console. Gran Turismo 2 is released, and gets good sales.

Oceania: Despite not being anywhere near Eastern Europe, we state that the CSTO has no interest in invading Eastern Europe. Navy is upgraded by 0.25. Ausoil sets up refineries and drill sites in Saudi Arabia and other states that accepted the deal from three months ago. Canberra continues to be modernized. Terraforming of the outback continues. Asks Russia for a co-production license for the AN-94 assault rifle. Development continues. Christianity and Islam become official federal religions. Jakarta sees large amounts of temporary housing on the outskirts of town, as well as shipping containers. People living in slums are being evacuated. The plan is to evacuate all poverty-stricken citizens living in slums, tear down the slums, and build actual housing on top of where it used to be.

  • AFR Diplomacy: We ask Oceania to continue the sanctions against the USA to prevent further aggression.
  • ACD: We request to buy some islands from Oceania.

Korea: The standard of living continues to improve in the Korean occupied WAF territory as the area modernizes. A local force of 5000 is raised to protect against the WAF in case it goes rogue. Education reforms and the increasing popularity of K-pop continues. The occupation of Taipei ends as the ROC has signed the Treaty of Taipei. One million Joint-Korean forces have arrived in the PRC capital of Chongqing and engage one million PRC forces there (Algo to be made) (Algo successful!). Because of the battle army score is increased by 0.25. The Korean Coalition have decisively crushed the PRC's forces and captured Chongqing. We demand that the PRC sign the Treaty of Taipei in order to end the Second Chinese Civil War once and for all. We begin to integrate the PRC into the Chinese Confederacy to ease the transition.

Canada: With the joining of the New Commonwealth, a Governor General must be appointed. William Harrison is appointed as the Governor General of Canada. Marshall Herman strengthens ties with the Commonwealth.

AC: Those in favour of independence rises to 55%. As it is now a majority, we ask for independence from the UR. Food imports are greatly increased, and vast stores are begun. We open a set of bank vaults, trumpeted as the most secure in the world. Thousands of the richest people in the world begin to deposit here, as many banks are moving their most expensive accounts here.

  • United Republics Diplomacy: We still do not understand why or any reason for independence. The AC's have more autonomy than other territories. At least 70% of the population is from the UR directly and receives tax credits from moving to the region. Futhermore, we will not export more food to you, only enough to get by. 

No one would trust a new bank right off the bat especially in nation asking for its independence. It takes time for people to trust a place to put their money.

Philippines: We enforce our borders with our new Marecel type II artillery guns on many beachheads to the West and South of our nation. We begin to develop a naval artillery gun which can fire at naval boats far off our shores. This project is now working along side the Marecel stationary. The new anti-naval weapon will be called the Lio I. We continue to imporove our country's economy and continue to decrease the amount of slum regions in our nation.

  • Philippine Diplomacy: We ask for a trade agreement with any nation in South East Asia to improve relationships in the surrounding region.
  • Singapore Diplomacy: Invites you to participate in the East Asian Tiger Stock Market. If you do, we will make a trade deal with you as well for some raw goods. 
  • Philippine Diplomacy: We accept Singapore's offer and thank them for offering this to the Philippines.

Bruma: Plans for a Military Navy have finally been accepted. In a few months we will begin construction of one Battle Cruiser scheduled to be completed in 12 months. The CEP has been a public success and is now powering at least 32% of the household population in Burma. Mechanised units are still being manufactured and deployed to borders, as well as the short range artillery. Our short range missiles have hit a dead end and further research into this technology has been postponed indefinitely.

Imperial Korea (NotLAH)

Flag rased over the Korean Embassy

Republic of China: Rioting begins Taipei as we join the Chinese confederacy. The Guerrilla group No New Imperial Japan is founded. In a protest in front of the Korean embassy 23 innocent souls are killed by the Korean army. After that the flag of "New Imperial Japan" is raised on the embassy.

  • Republic of China Diplomacy: We ask Germany for secret anti-Korean propaganda. 
  • Korean Diplomacy: The diplomatic offer is unacceptable and is therefore overuled by Korea. (As per the Treaty of Taipei, Korea has the ultimate say in diplomacy)
  • (Korea's troops have already left Taipei, therefore the Korean Army could not have shot and killed 23 people.)

You can't control what other nations do, Octivian. Even if they are a part of the same union as you are, you can't control them.

Neo-Mughal Empire: The empire continues economic and literary improvement. The government states that an alliance with the Mughal Empire would entail military co-operation, tariff free trade, and increased relations. This is for all nations that are interested. Influence and humanitarian aid is sent to the Sikh Empire, Kazakh Khanate and Sri Lanka. Military is raised by 0.25.

  • United Republics Diplomacy: We ask what increased relations the NME would like. We are interested in increasing our reations with you after a good 15 years of trade. 
  • Mughal Diplomacy: We would like a full alliance. We have few allies since the fall of GUITO.
  • United Republics Diplomacy: We would like to know the status of your human rights and as well as the relation of you and the New Commonwealth. Regarding this response, we will have a decision. 
  • Mughal Diplomacy: To be fair, our human rights are modest, but need a lot of work. In law, people have the right of Freedom of Speech, Religion, and other normal rights. These rights are recognized by the government and its institutions, but the people sometimes take things into their own hands, especially in rural areas. Law enforcement tries to stop this when it can. Our relation with the New Commonwealth is still new. We have been trading with you for much longer. If you would object with our intent to join the New Commonwealth, then we will negotiate a different relationship with them.
  • United Republics Diplomacy: If you are willing to work with us to help you develop your human rights, we will ally with you. We are willing to assist you in helping the rural areas. Obviously, we have no objections to you allying or trading with the new commonwealth to a point, but you can understand we would want to know what your relationship is with them and if you joined we wouldn't want to become second fiddle if we start investing in this relationship. 

Appalachian Federal Republic: The government continues reconstruction, and leaves 2000 troops at the ready. Border patrol is common and vehicles entering or leaving the AFR for the USA or vice versa are searched for weapons and other equipment.

Many citizens call for a more aggressive response to the USA actions, and the government places sanctions by refusing to trade steel, coal, oil, or natural gas with any USA business.

Appalachian Heavy Industries begins to mass produce a new defense rifle named SA-22. The rifle has two 15 round magazines, fires semi-automatic or three-round burst, and fires .22 ammunition. 25,000 of these rifles are sent to local town arsenals, along with older Colt .45's, and some M1919's.

Federation of the Arabian Peninsula: Construction of the skyscrapers in Dubai and Jordan continue, and most of the floors are sold and the first reservations of the Dubai Tower Hotels are sold. Construction of the nuclear power plant in the ad-Dahna desert continues, and the new design is incorporated, extending its construction time. Araby nears the end of development as beta testing begins and the reports of it are succesful.

Iwi tavor tar21

The ARA-21

Gold is mined much more quickly in the Cradle of Gold as "Currency Bonds" continue to be sold in great numbers. Iraq's military continues to be integrated into FAP and work on a completely new flag is finished, doing away with the old style so that more nations may be added without having to radically redesign the star placements. The agricultural reforms in the Federation continue to be successful, stabilizing crop prices in FAP and leading to a decreased importation of Foreign agricultural products. Development of the Bullpup Assault Rifle, now called ARA-21 (Stands for Arabia - 21st Century). Is finished, and produced at a huge rate to distribute it to most all FAP soldiers. A poll is conducted across the Federation that entails citizens opinions on becoming part of the New Commonwealth and it shows that 30% are in favor of it, 55% are against it, and 15% have no opinion. As the border dispute between Egypt and Israel begins, we conduct war game exercises in the Saudi Arabian-Jordinian border near Israel. Influence continues on Syria and Egypt.  

  • AFR Diplomacy: The AFR would like to purchase 400 of the ARA-21's for our special operations.
  • FAP Diplomacy: We agree to the purchase.

Russia: Research at HAARP continues. The memorial at the Red Square is finally completed, with many gazing at the 60-story obelisk in awe as it looks over the capital of Moscow. Tourists from around the world begin to flood into Russia to gaze upon the newly completed monument for the remembrance of those who have passed away. Stocks for multiple branches of Goliath Industries rise after the releasing of new products. With joint-oil production with the Federation of the Arabian Peninsula, we are able to make a large profit in the exportation of crude oil. Many private oil companies propose the reopening of OPEC, with the Russian Federation and the Federation of the Arabian Peninsula as the prime members. We would like to give co-production rights for the AN-94 assault rifle to Oceania for a price of $50,000,000. Excavation continues in the Ural Mountains for gold, vastly increasing the value of the Ruble. Estimates show that the Ruble will be the equivalent of the United States Dollar by 2010. Our government still proposes the founding of the European Union to prevent anymore armed conflicts within the continent. Education begins to be funded at a greater extent to ensure better education for Russian children. Fighter jets continue to be produced. We ask the New Commonwealth, the Federation of the Arabian Peninsula, the United Republics, Korea (doesn’t include Chinese Confederacy), Japan, and the Union of the Netherlands and Afrikaans if they would like to aid in the research and the design of a supersonic stealth multirole fighter that the aerospace industry Sukhoi has proposed years ago called the PAK FA. Research and development of the fighter will most likely take about three to eight years depending on conditions until it can be completed. Development of a new assault rifle begins for the Russian Armed Forces by Kalashnikov, and is expected to be completely designed in 2005, where it will take its name as the AK-05, but will change depending if it gets released in a later or earlier year. We are willing to send supplies to the Federation of the Arabian Peninsula if need be. Industry score upgrades to 4.25.

  • Korean Diplomacy:We accept the offer of aiding in the research and design of the PAK FA.
  • United Republics Diplomacy: We are interested in aiding. 
  • FAP Diplomacy: We accept the offer of aiding the research and design of the PAK FA
  • AFR Diplomacy: We ask Russia to put sanctions on the USA for their aggression to other nations.
  • Japan Diplomacy: Prime Minister Takako Doi would like to help out with the project.
  • Oceania Diplomacy: Enjoy your money. We accept the deal.

Republic of California: Unrest continues against the re-election of Margarita Perez as the president. Taking advantage, the Communists again planned a coup to overthrow the republic. On June 2, the coup happened, and was successful. However, the legal government went to exile in either to Cascadia or Salton, led by Prime Minister Wilson and his cabinet. The Free Californian Army (formerly the Californian Freedom Front, who fought in the 1984 war against the Fascist regime), flees the country, and regroups to two camps; the northern one on the Cascadian border, the southern one in Salton. Meanwhile, the RCS Modoc, whose crew is still loyal to Wilson's government, is sent to rescue the members of the National Assembly. The Communist army prepares to acquire territories in South-East Asia, with the Philippines first in line (algo coming soon).

American Confederation Diplomacy: We will help the democratic government in whatever way possible to regain rightful control over California.
Can I ask how is there any plausible way a civil war, let alone two, could happen in a place like California?

West African Federation:The military forces are ordered to silence the secessionists and regain Senegal, We request again that the occupation forces withdrawal before our military engages the occupation. We attempt to buy a nuke from the black market. The West African government prepares to flee to Iran. We give the occupation forces two hours to leave or face annihilation. After their refusal to comply with them our forces head into the jungles and begin a guerrilla campaign on the occupation.Industry is upgraded by 0.25.

You already upgraded last turn.

  • West African Diplomacy: The people of West Africa request to join the Moscow Pact and want to apologize for any earlier misunderstandings.
  • Communist California D: We seek for an alliance with you, in case we get into conflict with the UR.
  • West African Diplomacy: We accept the offer as well as any nuclear weapons you have available at your disposal.
  • I am not a mod, but please. You can't just 'buy nukes' on the Black Market, and you have no contact with Iran, and frankly, nobody is going to sell you nukes

Wu: We rebegin our industries as the nation begins pumping out industrial goods. The price of life necessities are stbilized but will not decrease any more. The Wu army begins to be rebuilt with people chosen from every village, town and city, paricularly those with physical and mental abilities , and given a choice to join the army. The army begins to receive a much more vigorous. With Gangshu cleared by Korean forces, settlers, scientists and soldiers colonize the area and recovers the nuclear weapons and satellites. The nuclear weapons are given to Korea as the space programme begins immediately. Settlers are sent to Qinghai via Gangshu, as well as Yunnan, although 10% of those settlers going to Yunnan dies while walking in PRC-Korea war zones. Hence, the government allowed every man to have at least 100 sq km of land if they settle in Yunnan.

Chan Santa Cruz:  Due to solar tiling being installed carbon emissions continue to drop. The government debates placing sanctions on the USA. With things hotting up in Israel we declare support for a free Jewish state. We receive the loadned tanks and copies begin to be made. Army upgrades by 0.25. Chan Santa Cruz expands northwards marginaly. Aid to the AF continues. The football team once again asks for membership of FIFA. Universepida expands, as does SoulScroll.

You've been a member of FIFA as you've competed in two World Cups. 

UK: Using the new member in the New Commonwealth as well as their integration into our currency we begin supplementing Canada's infrastrucutral buildup as well as investing in heavy amounts of resource companies. We begin to influence the UAE, and Kuwait once again through high tech diversifying business to alllow the modernization of the area's economy

American Confederation: With the Communist coup in California, much of the military moves west to California, to engage in guerrilla warfare against the Communist regime. Battles still continue against the Sonaran rebels, however, the war is now in the Confederation's favor. We are mad at Oceania for creating Wikipedia as "Wiki" is a copyright of UniversaWiki, a Confederation website.  Anti-American sentiment rises, due to the string of bad presidents, and some extremists across the nation demand a Republican government or else the NAL will invade, although they are highly outnumbered.

United Republics: The return of the Marte Astronauts is successful although one UR astronaut has suffered from an odd form of sickness, similar to motion sickness, most likely from being in Space for such an extended period of time, and one Texan astronaut experienced something similar earlier in flight. URSA continues its deep sea research along the ocean floor and studying chemosynthesis and sulfer related life. Cordoba Catholic and URSA continue to design the Marte Orbital Station. The first stage processing to be upgrading the URSA Space Station. UR commences an invasion using troops stationed in Vancouver, Mexifornia, and Sonora to invade the Bay Area with 500,000 troops (Algo complete: success) (Casus Belli on algo page). Reserves are sent to replace those forces, and naval forces come down from Vancouver and up from La Paz.  UR try to come in contact with the former government of California. Food supplies to the Antarctic Cities become limited, with only enough to get buy and not any more. UR continues to influence the Three Indian Republics and assist in their modernization. Tensions between Sonora and Hermasillo continue to build. Sonora expands further inland as well. The UR sends aid to HK, Macau and other East Asian cities following RoC's rogueness and apparent violation to comply with the Treaty of Taipei. Iberia, the UR, and these cities will discuss with Korea and the Korean Chinese Confederacy (Kochinco), a separate treaty in case the Treaty of Taipei falls to nod from RoC and other nation's lack of validity in it. UR continues to research efficient energy delivery and uses. UR closes its period of economic expansion, as the world markets have restabilized enough. Naranja releases Naranjito, a smaller music player than the Clemintine, and with more internal space. More troops are trained in a reserve role. More intellegence agents are sent to the Antarctic Cities under the cover of potential fighters for AC independents and their sympathisers.  Influence continues over Bolvia, and expands in Suriname, Honduras, El Salvador, and the South Caribbean. Cuba begins to ponder its future fate, with many wanting to be associated with the UR and maintian some independence, with a government similar to those of territorial status of the UR. 

  • United Republics Diplomacy: At this time we can not join the CSTO as one of the member states encourages and allows Zombie labor. We have no beefs with the organization and will be looking to join once steps are taken to resolve this matter.
  • Kochino Diplomacy: We offer to aid the UR against Communist China with Korea sending 25 thousand soldiers and the rest of the Kochino states sending supplies. Korea (MS), Wu (S), RoC (S), Northern China (S), Manchuria (S). We wish to join EATSM and Korea attends the meeting in Hong Kong. The rest of the KCC is invited to attend the meeting.
  • United Republics Diplomacy:  The UR is attacking Communist California. We thank you for attending the meeting in Hong Kong. 

Sul: Continues to build up defenses and increases and constructs high speed rail offshoots to increase smoothness in the daily commute as well as longer travel. Celebrates the Marte Mission return and prepares team for the 2002 World Cup. 

Nicaragua: Construction begins on the massive canal project. Begins UR-style and backed education and energy reforms. Imports solar panels for raw goods from the UR. 

Iberia: Continues to build up defenses in the PRV, and increases education at home. Troops are still trained as a result of the PRC still existing and RoC's rogue actions and claims. Iberia begins to repair ships. high speed rail in the south is upgraded and renovated from the old settings. Plans to expand it are created. 

Aquitaine: Continues to build up defenses and train soldiers. Defenses are nearly complete as advanced fortifications have risen. Begins influence of Brittany. 

Toulouse: Completes build up of defenses and continues building of the fleet (albeit small). Designs are purchased from the United Mediterr.

Arles (Lyon): Continues to aid Switzerland in rebuilding and restarting its industry. Continues building a small fleet. Wishes to meet with the officals of Venice and Lombardy to discuss free trade and border agreements. 

Switzerland: Continues to rebuild Switzerland and regain portions of the banking industry as trust is regained under the new stable government. Wishes to meet with the officals of Venice and Lombardy to discuss free trade and border agreements. A sympathic party begins to pay for the Lichstenstein independence movement from Germany.

United Mediterr: Continues to have the Hybrid Car War, as the two autombile makers are in a race to put out the best and first car on the market for Southern Europe at an economical price (NB: hybrid cars do exist in South Africa). Focus contineus on the green technology industry and tourism. Massive spikes in short tourism occur as people come to Italy and to the UM (free border agreement -Appenine Agreement) and their tourist hotspots. 

North Italy: The government secretly oorders to blow up a subway in milan. this happens, killing 27 and injuring 300 more. This is blamed on Italy, believing that they were supportive of the alpine confederation and/or believed Lombardy should be theirs. The government and public is outraged and demand an explanation.

  • Russian Diplomacy: Before any rash decisions are made, we ask that you at least attempt to at least have peace talks.
  • North Italian D: we will do what we can


West Africa’s warmongering state has caused the bills of many states including Nigeria, Benin, Burkina Faso, the Ivory Coast, Ghana, Guinea, Liberia, Niger, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, and Togo to pass. They have all declared independence, and new federal governments have been setup. Defense forces have been established to co-operate with the peacekeeping occupation force. Many begin sanctions on the remaining states of West Africa due to their desire of nuclear weapons.

Many guerrilla fighters that have been sent into the African jungles have went MIA or have been reported killed by disease or natural causes, while some have just surrendered to the occupying forces. Protests have started all across Mali and Mauritania which is now the only remnant states of the West African Federation to halt the further conscription of becoming guerrilla fighters. (There was never a declaration of war when you waged this guerrilla campaign so now I have to make one. (Declaration: Unjustly Attack: -5; Objective: Restore Order and Acquire Core; No Stability Loss).

The United States has agreed to pay $300,000,000 to the AFR as an apology for the unjust occupation.

Do we have an international court? Since we don't have the UN, I'd say we don't. G greg e (talk)

We, in fact, do not. The Doctor is in... 21:22, August 2, 2013 (UTC)

With a Communist coup in the Republic of California who has started attacking South-East Asia has drawn the attention of the CSTO in the region, including Oceania, and the Greater Vietnamese Republic.

Rebels near Yuma begin to retreat after operations by the American Federation and its allies. Colorado City is almost safely connected to the American Federation once again.

Sonora and Hermosillo's raiding tribe have tensions begin to rise, as residents of Sonora feel threatened by Hermosillo's raiding past. 

Due to multiple defeats the PRC has surrendered and signed the Treaty of Taipei.

Many in South Africa begin to protest against the use of Zombie labor due to the risk of spreading the infection and depriving others of having jobs.

There is no Zombies being used for labour. They are all being cured using Phlaxicortin-Y.

Your posts are vastly unclear then. They say "so the same thing won't happen again", which could have been presumed to reference the escape of exes from their work. 

Ok, I'll clarify this turn then.


Border conflicts continue with Egypt and Israel. Syria and the Federation of the Arabian Peninsula supports Egypt’s claim to the Sinai.

Many in the Antarctic Cities are refusing to declare independence from the United Republics due to the possibility of quarantine which will lead to critical supply shortages.

After a terrorist attack in North Italy, the North Italian government begins to point fingers towards Italy who have claimed that no such attack has ever been done or planned. Italy asks for support from the CSTO and the United Mediterranean if need be and asks North Italy to have this discussed in case any military action is applied. (Fake Terrorist Attack has been incognito; RNG 32; Further RNGs will be made in the following moderator events).

The return home of the first astronauts to Mars is met with celebration worldwide.

Japan: Japan continues to build up the Self Defence Forces and infrastructure is improved. Some of the Maritime Self Defence Force still continues to patrol around Japan. Synthpop, Electro, Techno, and Trance continue to rise in popularity. The Republic Bold of Kyushu continues to rebuild the island. Tatsunori Katsumata, ZUN, and Twilight Frontier, continues creating Immaterial and Missing Power. Chihei Hatakeyama's radio show/station, "A State of Trance" rises in popularity. Sega continues creating the next console.

  • Japan Diplomacy: Prime Minister Takako Doi asks Korea and the Korean Chinese Confederacy about the Takeshima Island and Senkaku Islands dispute, and is willing to work out a deal.
  • Korean Diplomacy: Takeshima Island is rightfully Japan's.
  • Kochino Diplomacy: The Senaku Islands are rightfully Japan's.

Oceania: We invite Malaysia to Oceania, or to become a NC member. Continues to modernize Canberra. Outback terraforming continues. Development continues.

Malaysia wishes to retain its sovereignty.

West African Federation:We try to recruit even more guerrilla troops to force the occupiers out of West Africa. and try to get help from Communist California.

  • Communist California D: We sent veteran instructors to help train recruits and to build a secret police system there.
  • AFR Diplomacy: We declare a no-fly zone and move the AFS Erie and six F-12 jets into the region.

Communist California denies.

Texas declares war on Communist California. A force of 150,000 men is sent to capture Sacramento. They are supplemented with 50,000 from the New Mexican city-states. The plan is a quick strike against the Communist Army for a quick and simple end to the war. We oppose Hermosillo and offer 50,000 troops to aid Sonora. The return of the astronauts is met with a parade. They become national heroes, honored nationwide. We support Israel and offer an alliance.

  • United Republics Diplomacy: Supplies are sent to aid you in taking Sacramento (remember to make an algo)
  • Sul: Supplies are sent to aid you in taking Sacramento
  • Oceania DIplomacy: Sends 15,000 troops and their equipment to aid the Texans against the Communist californians. It will be the first combat engagements of the Oceanian T-90 tanks.
  • Kochino Diplomacy: All of the Korean Chinese Confederacy gives Texas supplies to aid against Communist California. Korea (S) Wu (S) ROC (S) PRC (S) Northern China (S) Manchuria (S).
  • AFR Diplomacy: We declare war on Communist California and deploy 500 troops and several tanks, along with supplies.

AC: After hearing of Diplomatic talks and a treaty treaty between the UR and AC secessionists, fears of starvation begin to fade in many AC citizens, and they return to supporting the independence movement, which is looking more and more like it will be peaceful, and that the citizens of the AC will not starve. a leak from the conference tells of the AC becoming just the FAC. In response to this, the thousands who support the AC emigrate outwards, and the few pro-UR citizens that live in the outer cities migrate inwards.

Federation of the Arabian Peninsula: Construction of the skyscrapers in Dubai and Jordan near their end, with three months being the estimated time left by construction foremen. Construction of the Nuclear Power Plant in the ad-Dahna desert continues, and it is estimated to be finished within half a year. Araby successfully completes Beta testing and is released to public use, becoming very popular as the first and only Arabic Search Engine. Gold continues to be mined in the Cradle of Gold for use as "Currency Bonds", their use still popular among the population of the Federation. The agricultural reforms for the Federation continue to be successful, further stablizing crop prices and leading to more decreased importation of foreign agriculture. Oman, from desalination plants and irrigation, has begun to produce crops in large yields. A poll is conducted across the Federation that entails citizens' opinions on becoming part of the New Commonwealth and shows that 35% are in favor of it, 55% are against it, and 10% have no opinion. 60% of the Iraqi army is fully integrated into the Federation military, increasing our military score by 0.25. As border disputes between Egypt and Israel deepen, we, along with Syria, pledge our support to Egypt and the return of the Sinai. (Secret) We request to meet with Egyptian and Syrian leaders and military generals to discuss possible courses of action. 

  • FAP Diplomacy Secret: We request to buy 200 T-90 tanks from Russia, as well as 100 MiG-23's.
  • Russian Diplomacy: We will sell you the 200 T-90s and 100 MiG-23s for $975,000,000.
  • FAP Diplomacy: We agree to the price.

Neo-Mughal Empire: The mineral extraction efforts in Afghanistan and Pashtunistan continue. As a result, the Lithium battery industry takes off and the value of the Mughal Rupee rises due to increased gold revenue. The government agrees with the United Republics about improving Human rights in the nation and also formally proposes an alliance. Improving Human rights should be achievable, since over 47% 38% are literate. Trust me on this one, I looked it up. Influence and Humanitarian supplies are again supplied to the Sikh Empire, the Kazakh Khanate and Sri Lanka. We ask for increased trade relations with the Federation of the Arabian Peninsula. The third nuclear reactor is completed. The military begins manufacturing a new APC called the Talha. Twenty have been produced so far.

Can you site your source? Because jumping from 27% to 65% in nine months is still amazing 

This involves some figuring. First of all, I misread it, so I have changed it. Second, Pakistan's OTL literacy rate is about 50%. Pakistan started a national education program similar to mine in 1998 as well. Afghanistan, as part of the same nation in this timeline, would be subject to the same reforms. Obviously this is not perfect, but is better than stated in earlier terms. This information comes from Wikipedia, and it has its sources.

I thought you started off as Afghanistan, and didn't absorb Pakistan until later. Even so. In 2010 OTL Afghanistan is still in the 20%s and Pakistan in the high 50%s and that's after ten years of this education reform you implement. If we average the two, you're still in the high 30%s. So you're on your way there...but that big of a jump is still implausible.  If you continue the reforms you'll be there over the next ten years just like Pakistan was. Especially if you increase human rights. 38% is a good compromise, continue the reforms and you'll be there in no time.

Korea:' We support the newly found governments and send finicial aid to them and invest in the new countries. Education reforms and the increasing popularity of K-pop continues. With the PRC signing the Treaty of Taipei the two year and three month long Second Chinese Civil War is finally over and the Korean Chinese Confederacy is formed. A massive victory parade takes place in Seoul to celebrate the end of the Second Chinese Civil War and the begging of the Korean Chinese Confederacy continues. Plans to restart the construction of the Seoul-Vladivostock railroad are being drafted and the blueprints should come soon. We congralutate the successful UR-Texan mission to mars.

California-in-Exile: Prime Minister Pete Wilson, who currently operates a government-in-exile in Seattle, asks the United Republics and Texas to aid the Free Californian Army and Salton's armed forces against the Communist regime in California.

  • AFR Diplomacy: We give the California in Exile government 900 M-19 rifles.
  • Korean Diplomacy: We give the California in Exile government 100,000 dollars.

Communist California: Closes and fortifies the border from Casadia, then the OTL border with Nevada, down to the mouth of the Colorado River, to drive off a possible invading Texan-led coalition. Meanwhile in Southeast Asia, the town of Alabel in Mindanao, Philippines falls to the invaders. The island of Samal also capitulated four days later. We begin to drop leaflets on the major cities, especially on Davao, Zamboanga and Cagayan de Oro, urging the peasant farmers and the urban poor to revolt against the Philippine government, describing it as a "dictatorship of landlords and greedy businessmen". SECRET:  We sent veteran instructors to train WAF guerrilla recruits and to help build a secret police system there. We also sent a genetically augmented supersoldier to aid guerrilla forces of the WAF.

  • You lost the algorithm.
  • Genetic augmentation would be impossible for your nation.

Philippines: We continue to develop stronger anti-naval guns and place them along our coast lines. The development of the Marecel Stationary is going well but slower than expected. We continue to develop our navy's long ranged weapons and missile systems. We continue to help out our slum regions. 

  • You might want to consider the fact that you are being invaded.

Appalachian Federal Republic: We upgrade our army by 0.25. Six more anti-aircraft batteries are installed around the nation. Construction of the wall continues in certain areas. In many spots a heavy re-inforced barbed wire fence and occasional guard towers are installed. We declare war on Communist California.

'North Italy: The public, mainly in Lombardy, is in a furor. Milan, the new capital, is filled with men on the streets wanting Italy to get what they deserve. People mourn their loved ones deaths. They call for an invasion. Meanwhile, diplomatic relations continue to fail. It is looking like it's ever closer to war. We declare war on Italy, and ask for full GUITO support. 

United Socialist Republics of West Africa: In months of this guerrilla war, we decide to change to a Communist regime as a favor for Communist California. However, we decide to keep the democratic systems imposed rather than turn into a dictatorship in order to please the populace and thank Communist California for their support.

  • Communist California Diplomacy: We sent a force of 10,000 plus a horde of 30,000 Zombies to shield them from occupation forces.

There is no possible way for you to even supply West Africa as they are across two oceans from you, and are under the watch of multiple fleets of various navies and under an occupation force who would most likely inspect any type auxiliary vessel. Furthermore, it would be difficult to capture 30,000 Zombies in an area where they have been mostly hunted at. Also everything about "Rambo" is retconned as of now.

For your information pal, they aren't under the Californian Flag. They are under the UR flag.

Ratc, just no.

And then the UR report certain ships or planes missing, and these become rogue vessels, and are destroyed. Not to mention you never posted stealing any. Also, it they aren't actually UR vessels, they won't be listed, and will be treated as Communist Californian vessels.

Screw you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you do this one more time, I will personally ban you from NotLAH, do you understand!

  • USRWA Diplomacy:We accept the offer, but we also request given at least 30 nuclear weapons.
  • Communist California Diplomacy SECRET: We are secretly processing nuclear weapons from a reactor, and uranium stolen from UR storage.
  • USRWA SECRET Diplomacy:Thank you for your generous offer of Rambo and the 30 nuclear weapons. We just need to know how long before they arrive.
  • You can't steal from the UR and it's a whole lot harder to make nuclear weapons from a reactor than you think. As in, it's impossible. The Doctor is in... 15:41, August 3, 2013 (UTC)

UK: The UK continues technological development in PC's and begins massive troop training programs. We continue to influence the UAE and Kuwait through business and helping them diversify their economy. Army is upgraded to 4.0.

Russia: Because of West Africa attacking our allied occupational forces we have declared war on West Africa (Declaration: Casus Belli: Attacked Ally -2; Objective: Containment +1; No Stability Loss). We have decided to take swift action in the capturing of West Africa with naval support from the Mediterranean Fleet. Our first plan of action is to retake control of Mauritania where our forces are already partially stationed. (Algorithm to be made; Control of Mauritania). As the state is being captured by our forces from guerrilla fighters we have also decided to mobilize about 50,000 extra troops from Russia through Nigeria and enter Mali where they will capture the southern provinces of Kayes, Bamako, Koulikoro, Seqou, and Mopti with naval support. (Algorithm to be made: Battle of Southern Mali). While the southern provinces are being captured by ground forces, paratroopers will drop into the north provinces of Gao, Kidal, and Tombouctou where they will seize West Africa which will ensure the permanent disarmament of their military and the stripping of any future nuclear program. Naval support is also available from the Mediterranean (Algorithm to be made; Battle of Northern Mali). The West African Federation is also now considered a threat to international community, so we have taken the choice of quarantining West Africa which will halt all trade as well as creating a no fly zone. This will prevent any type of support entering West Africa permanently until further notice. Our Atlantic Fleet has also started to blockade all coast line preventing any trade from passing through. This is invasion plan will be co-operated with local occupation forces from the United Kingdom to get rid of these guerrilla fighters. As well as the war in Africa, we have also decided to make sanctions on the Communist government of California due to their nuclear weapons program. Even though a declaration of war is not made, we are offering state of Texas to use ten our Typhoon-Class ballistic missile submarines which are equipped with guided missiles. Even though the crew will still be Russian, they will be under your command for the time being. Sanctions are also made on Communist California to prevent any type of support moving through the Pacific to aid West Africa. In the Russian Federation, aero designers from all around the world have started to design the Sukhoi PAK FA, in which multiple designs have already been introduced to replace the broken one from the 90s. Weapon designers have proposed a new anti-aircraft gun for the Russian Armed Forces called the Panstir-1. Scientists at HAARP are still continuing research at the antenna array. Kalashnikov continues to work on the AK-05.

American Confederation: Bethesda releases the second expansion for Morrowind, known as Blacklight. It is a major hit. The Confederation's reserves are raised, and a full scale invasion of California begins. Many soldiers enter California via central Nevada, near Lake Tahoe, due to there being less security there compared to the Confederate Sonara and Las Vegas border.

United Republics: We continue to hold San Francisco. 200,000 more troops are sent to free San Diego, and 100,000 to secure the country above it (Algos coming). Corboda Catholic and URSA continue to research the possibility of the Mars Orbital Station. URSA Space Station undergoes various upgrades as well. Upgrades army by 0.25. The Three Indian Republics continue to modernize, upgrading their industry by 0.25. UR continues to develop its deep sea research, and research on chemosynthesis continues.  Energy efficienct delivery continues to be improved, and a leap is made in design. High speed rail undergoes some minor expansion around major cities in the south. And plans drawn up to expand the Pacific line and Atlantic line northward. Influence continues over Boliva, expands over Honduras, El Salvador, and Suriname, and the Southern Caribbean. 

Sul: Defenses continue to be built up and high speed rail begins construction toward Sao Paulo. Upgrades army by 0.25.

Iberia: Continues to develop educaiton. Forces are trained fearing African aggression. Investment continues to upgrade military technology. Upgrades army by 0.25. 

United Mediterr: Forces are trained in defense of the island following terror attacks in Northern Italy. Upgrades army by 0.25.  Continues to build naval forces. Focus continues on green technology, the Hybrid cars and tourism. 

Senegal: Continues to develop forces in fear of West African aggression. Supermarkets and other European and American ideals begin to be found in Darkur. Upgrades army by 0.25.

Aquitaine: Continues to develop defenses. Tourism takes off. Influence expands over Brittany. Upgrades navy by 0.25. as naval construction and purchases from the UM continue.

Toulouse: Contineus to develop naval forces. Upgrades naval forces by 0.25. 

Arles: Continues to develop naval forces. Upgrades naval forces by 0.25.

Switzerland: Continues rebuilding and adds defenses at key points.. Upgrades industry by 0.25.


West Africa’s reluctance for not signing the Treaty of Bamako has dropped their stability to 35 after rioters have started to work in co-operation with the occupying forces due to their government’s inability to draw peace. All non-uniform fighters that fought for West Africa have surrendered.

Bills have passed in Mauritania to split off from West Africa. They have successfully declared independence with the aid from occupying forces.

Detectives in North Italy have found out that the terrorist plot killing 27 people in a subway explosion was directed by the North Italian government itself (RNG 56; Fake terrorist attack has been discovered). Nations in Europe such as Germany, Lombardy, Ukraine, the Balkan Alliance, and Belarus have started to sanction North Italy due to their actions. Protests have started in Venice.

California collapses after Texas secures the capital. The Californian armed forces are soundly defeated in the Philippines and the military is stretched out too far to defend the Communists in power. There are unanimous calls for California's surrender to the NAL to spare the country.

2003 Phnom Penh riots: In Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Greater Vietnam the Thai embassy is burned and commercial properties of Thai businesses are vandalized. Relations are damaged between the two nations.

Riots break out in southern and central China among those who refuse to recognize the Treaty of Taipei. General Bao, who is revealed to have fled to southern China, rallies a small force to storm the Republican stronghold at Guangzhou. The attack is a success and the city is taken. In Taipei a military coup occurs and the Republic of China is declared independent. The former government flees to Korea.

The area of Brighton is returned to the United States to be used for joint American-British operations as according to the GUITO resolution (before its disbandment).

Oceania: Seeing the rogue Communist Californian state, we refuse to recognize them as a nation and declare war. 30,000 more troops are sent to Los Angeles, where the government hopes to set up a Hong Kong-like protectorate there as a spoil of war. Oceania finally gets to test its new T-90 tanks in battle on the Texan front. Slums in Jakarta are completely torn down and usable resources from the slums are extracted and sent for recycling. Rows of tower cranes stand where future apartment complexes will stand. Many people in Indonesia praise the help of the Australians and thank their governments for merging. Begins to economically influence Malaysia, as they were a former british colony. They will retain independence, however be quite influenced by the NC organization. Navy upgraded by 0.25. Petrol and diesel reserves continue to be filled. The outback continues to be terraformed. Development continues.

Japan: Japan continues to build up the Self Defence Forces and infrastructure is improved. Some of the Maritime Self Defence Force still continues to patrol around Japan. Synthpop, Electro, Techno, and Trance continue to rise in popularity. The Republic Bold of Kyushu continues to rebuild the island. Tatsunori Katsumata, ZUN, and Twilight Frontier, continues creating Immaterial and Missing Power. Chihei Hatakeyama's radio show/station, "A State of Trance" rises in popularity. Sega finishes creating the next console, and releases the Sega Dreamcast.

Northern Italy The government makes no statements. The citizens are angry.

Uhhh - how about no.

How is this?

California-in-Exile: We welcome the defeat of the Communists. PM Wilson is expected to return by 12 February, and establish a provisional government in no time. A victory parade occurs in Sacramento after the Communists were toppled. Research about genetic augmentation will begin soon. 

Communist California:  During the time foreign and FCA forces were near the capital of Sacramento, the Communist government was moved to Crescent City. General Secretary Felix Abrams and Provisional President Cruz Miguel Bustamante then fled in a submarine painted in US colors, while many high-ranking Communist officials were arrested. The People's Republic of California was de facto disbanded, but a government-in-exile headed by Bustamante was established in the West African Federation, a loyal ally. A high-ranking Communist general would represent the PRC on signing a treaty.
Cruz Bustamante .10.06

Provisional President Cruz Miguel Bustamante​ of Communist California

There is no possible way to get to West Africa due to the fact that they have no coast, and are completely occupied.

The Commie gov-in-exile entered the USRWA using the Niger River, on a small cargo ship flying the Nigerian flag.

Even if it did, it would most definitely get inspected by government officials in Nigeria and Niger. This is a time of war.

They would disguise as civilians, using a different identity.

Still, in a war time scenario, do you think that they would be allowed in Mali anyway? Mali is also completely captured by Russia, so it would be extremely illogical to even send your government in exile over there.

Congo: The military is upgraded to crack down against extremists and pockets of Zombies across the nation. Our total number of active personnel reaches 165,000, upgrading our army score to 1.25. Large government investments begin toward untapped natural resources. Large diamond and precious gems mines are planned across the nation. Various armed groups are arrested or killed to increase stability (easier than OTL since Uganda and other nations are not against us). An alliance is signed with Joseph Kony’s theocratic Ugandan state.

Cascadia: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is announced. Meanwhile, Amazon stock continues to rise.

Russia: The Pantsir-S1 that was proposed three months ago is implemented into the Russian Armed Forces. About 250 were easily produced due to its cheap efficient design. Researching at HAARP still continues. Designers from all around the world helping Sukhoi develop the PAK FA have finally reached a design that has seemed most successful. A prototype of this design will be made in the next year. Kalashnikov continues to design AK-05. Industry score reaches 4.5.

Burma: After a long year our first Battle Cruiser slips into the ocean to help defend our borders against any hostile forces, the Burmese Navy has dubbed this new ship HOPE. Our Mechanised units have finished production and have all been deployed in discreet locations able to defend our borders along with short range artillery. Military morale has improved a lot since we had a change in military power, and General Clark Harrington has given our military a sorely needed boost in spirit, he was discharged from his homeland's military after he disobeyed direct orders from his commanding officer to save three men that had been injured in an explosion in the middle of a firefight, he was successful in saving the three men and was discharged despite the pleas of his fellow soldiers whom he had just saved. The economy has started going up with all the natural resources we are producing and with the CEP in full swing we are proud of what we have accomplished.

  • Please register an account or log in.

Federation of the Arabian Peninsula: Construction of the skyscrapers in Dubai and Jordan end, and the business from them greatly enhances our economy, increasing our industry by 0.25. Construction of the Nuclear Power plant in the ad-Dahna desert continues, and it nears its end, the estimation of its completion to by in three more months. Araby continues to be popular in the Federation, but its abilities are limited as compared to Google and Wahoo. Gold continues to be mined in the Cradle of Gold for use as "Currency Bonds" to keep up with their increasing popularity. The agricultural reforms for the Federation continue to be successful, further stabilizing crop prices and reducing importation and reliance on foreign agriculture. Oman's agriculture yield continues to grow, slowly but strongly. A poll is conducted across the Federation that entails citizens' opinions on becoming part of the New Commonwealth and it shows that 40% are in favor of it, 60% are against it, and everyone now has an opinion. As border disputes between Egypt and Israel deepen, we begin to plan a course of action to ensure Egypt gains the Sinai, and place 1,000,000 soldiers near the FAP-Israeli border, in increments to reduce chances of supicion, as well as the recently bought T-90 tanks, T-64 tanks, and Saladin tanks (Both types). Naval forces are mobilized.

  • FAP Diplomacy (Needs a mod response, please): We propose to Egypt and Syria a joint invasion of Israel, with FAP from the East, Egypt from the South and Syria from the North. We will discuss in detail the invasion on (Talk page?). 
  • AFR Diplomacy: The AFR navy blockaded Israel and promises support in exchange for certain requests by the AFR government.
  • Federal Republic of Socotra: We ask to join the FAP.

Mali (USRWA): We begin to make a massive industrial and military buildup to use whatever resources we have to bolster our economies. We also begin to build up our military. Military upgrades by 0.25.

  • West African Diplomacy: We request that the Commie California government in exile make more soldiers like "Rambo" in research facilities and stations all over the remains of the USRWA.
  • 'Communist California D: We have successfully entered the safety of your territory, 'And Research about genetic augmentation will begin soon. 

​Related to the genetic augmentation thing.... California has already researched about it and started a top secret project and utlizing pre-apocalypse Cold War secret facilites to do that long before the Commie coup, by scientists who once served the Bay Republic, and brought with them what they can bring to West Africa (although I never stated one in my past posts). IstocnoSarajevo (talk) 03:45, August 4, 2013 (UTC)


The Commie gov-in-exile entered the USRWA using the Niger River.

Seriously, there is no way that you can possibly get across the world without being found. This is completely implausible, even if you have used the Niger River, CSTO occupying forces would've seen you go through.

They used a small, closed cargo ship flying the Nigerian flag.

Philippines: We drive the rest of the Californian forces back into smaller towns and forests and we capture a lot of them before they can flee on boats. A lot of their destroyers and invading ships have been destroyed by our newly installed anti-naval weapons. We mobilise some of our mechanised and armoured divisions along the Eastern seaboard. Many Philippine civilians die in the fighting against the Californian army but some of our civilians were able to defend themselves against many of the invading force. Our Marecel I and Marecel II guns were completely active in the fighting and had proven to be very affective being able to annihilate entire Californian division just after their invasion once our guns were mobilised. Many rounds were fired from the Marecel guns of which has eaten into our budget but they were worth it in defending our nation. 

  • Philippine Diplomacy: We ask Californian generals to surrender their remaining surrounded forces considering your country has been completely destroyed by invading forces and can't effectively retake the Philippines.
  • You already won the war.

​FYI, the denonym for someone living in the Philippines is Filipino, NOT Philippinian ...

My apologies :/

Neo-Mughal Empire: The Empire continues its mineral extraction and education programs. I still believe the literacy value I provided is plausible, we can debate it another time, when I am not so busy (Next turn?). The military government produces a destroyer and several more APCs, raising the military score by 0.25. Influence and humanitarian aid is still being sent to the Sikh Empire, the Kazakh Khanate, and Sri Lanka. These programs are starting to see some effect on the people of these countries after years of aid. The government begins a human rights campaign, starting off with the value of religious tolerance and equal social rights for women. The United Republics and the three Indian Republics are invited to aid in such a program as well as take part in joint military excersises. I am assuming that we are allied at this point. If not, simply disregard. Military ships are stationed off the Philippines if they request aid against the Communist insurgents.

Republic of China: Propaganda is smuggled into Wu as we hope to convince them to join us. We attack Baos faction.

Republic of China in Exile: A bomb is set off in the middle of Taipei.

Korea: We are shocked that after only three months of peace, the Second Chinese Civil War resumes.War is declared on the new ROC governent (Casus Belli: Attacked Ally -2 Objective: Install Democratic Government +2) and war is also declared on the new Bao faction (Casus Belli:Attacked Ally:-2 Objective: Install Democratic Government +2 ) We invade the city of Taipei with one million soldiers for the second time (Algo to be made) and we invade the city of Guangzhou with one million for the first time. (Algo to be made). Construction of the Seoul-Vladivostock railroad continues to be halted as resources are developed to build five battleships and five subs in the Shanghai Naval Base. Because of this the naval score increases by 0.25.

  • Kochino Diplomacy: We all send supplies to Korea. Wu (SV) PRC (SV) NC (SV) Man (SV) Beij (SV) Shang (SV)

Balkan Alliance: After the government-sponsored terrorist attack in Northern Italy, leaders call for the immediate removal of the regime. We point out the earlier Kingdom of Italy, and their allies, Fascist Scandinavia, and call for an international GUITO (oops, I guess Edboy ruined this alliance, also!) strike upon Venezia and Lombardia. Meanwhile, we offer Romania to join the Balkan Alliance under the terms which had previously been acceptable, and we point out how it was our rebuilding of your nation that brought you into the New Age.

LOL. Everybody voted to disband the alliance.

Chan Santa Cruz: SoulScroll and Universepida grow in size. Industry is upgraded. Chan Santa Cruz expands northwards. Influence of Guatemala and Honduaras continues.

Greater Vietnamese Republic :10,000 troops are fully trained and build six giếng mo, six Lạc Long Quân destroyers, 15 MiG-23b, 15 Mig-23v, and five tàu khu trục. We would like to extend our military pact to Tibet and reopen the alliance with Thailand and Burma.

United States: One last Nimitz-class aircraft carrier, christened the USS George Dewey, is completed. Over the last two years (since I last posted) eighty Arleigh Burke-class destroyers and 122 Seawolf-class submarines are constructed. The naval bases of the Channel League are repaired and put back into operation. The area of Brighton is returned to the United States to be used for joint American-British operations as according to the GUITO resolution (before its disbandment). Brighton is repaired and upgraded. We hope to renew the Taipei Pact between Germany, the Chinese Confederacy, and ourselves. Our army score is upgraded to 4.25. We are overjoyed by the success of the Mars landing, which we worked on with the United Republics and other nations. Seeing the project’s success, we ask to be greater involved with future landings and possibly land an American on Mars. STS-107: Space Shuttle Columbia is launched on its last flight, while The last signal is received from NASA's Pioneer 10 spacecraft, some 7.5 billion miles from Earth. All forces are withdrawn from Israel. We ask to join the CSTO. Since Vancouver turned away our Pacific peacekeeping force, we instead station 1,000,000 soldiers in Hawaii.

  • AFR Diplomacy: We would like to resume diplomatic contact with the USA and improve our relationship despite past conflict. We lift our embargo.
  • Oceania will consider allowing the United States into the CSTO under several conditions.
  • Russian Diplomacy: We also allow the United States to join. However, it is completely up to South Africa if you join or not.
  • United States Diplomacy: We thank the international community for replying to us, and ask what conditions the nation of Oceania refers to.
  • Oceanian Diplomacy: We ask that the Americans work to prevent corrupt government officials from taking power. 
  • United States Diplomacy: I believe we already do. 
  • Oceanian Diplomacy: Well, I guess we're just waiting on South Africa now.

Germany: Work continues on the Tirpitz-class destroyers, producing thirty in total. It is eventually decided that Germany will produce its own line of aircraft carriers to protect its shores. Blueprints and plans from the last few years are reviewed. The final design will have a length of 332 meters, and will be powered by two nuclear reactors, most likely purchased from the United States. The new ships will have an armament of twenty-four RIM-7 Sea Sparrow or NATO Sea Sparrow missiles and four Phalanx CIWSs. The final design becomes known as the Habsburg-class, and the first ship will be known as the A003 Karl von Habsburg. Our army score increases by 0.25. We continue placing sanctions on Northern Italy, and continue to influence Croatia and Switzerland. We ask to join the CSTO. We agree to renew the Taipei Pact.

Appalachian Federal Republic: The government upgrades the navy by 0.25 with the commissioning of three destroyers and multiple coastal patrol ships. There is a debate in congress over whether or not to completely go neutral and withdrawal from the NAL. They plan to hold a vote in the coming months. Socotra is set up as the Federation of Socotra. The population if the nation is 36,452 civilians plus the AFR military personnel. The nation is under the AFR military protection, but can make their own alliances with AFR congressional approval, and can raise a defense force. All military compounds are property of the AFR.

Federation of Socotra: We ask to join the FAP and upgrade the army

UK: Continued economic and and technological improvement, All of the previously under construction Supercarriers are finished and added to the navy. The military is continually upgraded and worked on. We continue to influence UAE and Kuwait with diversifying and Investment into the business in the area. The UK Continues operating a Carrier Group out of the Brighton base. Materials out of all the New Commonwealth Nations have allowed for a large upgrade to military building capacity as well as civilian infrastructure.

United Republics: The UR continues to research Marte Orbital Station. Plans begin to be implemented. Influence over Bolivia, Suriname continues and expands over Honduras, El Salvador, and the southern Caribbean. Research continues in deep sea research and chemosynthesis and sulfer. UR continues to work on efficient energy delivery. Proposed Compact of Association with the Antarctic Cities as it goes through the legislative branch of the UR. UR accepts the alliance with the Neo-Mughal Empire. Goa and the Three Indian Republics continue to industrialize.  UR re-inforces holdings in California. Cuba continues to receive Catholic missionaries

Sul: Continues to build up high speed rail to Sao Paulo. Defenses and education is funded.

Nicaragua: Continues development on the canal. Construction begins.

Iberia: Continues to develop education. Re-inforces influence over Switzerland, following German attempts. Aid is sent to Senegal for their defense. Forces are sent to the Lyon/Swiss border with N. Italy. Troops that remain in Hong Kong and the PRD region assist in dismantling the Chinese region!

Senegal: Continues to develop defenses and industry in case of Mali's aggression.

United Mediterr: Continues hybrid wars. First hybrids are released on the island. Focus continue to be released for an attack on Northern Italy if necessary. 

Aquitaine: Continues to build up navy, border defenses are completed.

Toulouse: Continues to build up navy, border defenses are complete. Troops are sent to Arles. 

Arles: Continues to build up navy, forces are mobilized to the N. Italy border. 

Switzerland: Rejects German influence. Continues to become more French. Troops are trained in case of any aggression.


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