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1st Arab Israeli War (The Desert Light)

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1st Arab Israeli war

Timeline: Timeline (The Desert Light)
date: 1946 -1947
location: Egypt,Syria,Israel, and Jordan
result: Israeli Victory
Nejid,Hajiz,Jordan,Egypt,Syria,Iraq, and Israel


Ahmed Ali al-Mwawi Kingdom of Egypt Muhammad Naguib Jordan John Bagot Glubb Jordan Habis al-Majali

Hasan Salam †

Yisrael Galili Israel Yaakov Dori Israel Yigael Yadin Israel Mickey Marcus † Israel Yigal Allon Israel Yitzhak Rabin Israel David Shaltiel Israel Moshe Dayan

Israel Shimon Avidan

Egypt: 10,000 initially, rising to 20,000

Iraq: 3,000 initially, rising to 15,000–18,000]

Syria: 2,500–5,000

Jordan: 8,000–12,000


The 1st Arab Israeli war.

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