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1st Algerian Revolution (Land of Empires)

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First Algerian Revolution
Part of the Cold War
59 Korean War
French troops outside Algiers, May 1948
Date 3 February - 19 December 1948
Location French Algeria
Result French victory; revolution failure
Flag of France France
  • Flag of France French Algeria
Flag of Algeria Free Algeria Front
  • Flag of Algeria (PMIII) Free Algeria
  • Algerian rebels
Commanders and leaders
Phillippe Leclerc
Henri Lorillot
Raoul Salan
Saadi Yacef
Ferhat Abbas
Ali La Ponti
~270,000 ~40,000
Casualties and losses

The First Algerian Revolution was an armed conflict fought between the Free Algeria Front and France from 3 February to 19 December 1948. 

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