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A detailed timeline chronicling the 19th century in Carpe Diem.



  • August 21: Nat Turner, a slave, begins a rebellion against slavery in Virginia.
  • August 22: Nat Turner's slave rebellion ends with the defeat of the slaves. However, 55 to 65 whites are killed in the rebellion and Nat Turner escapes capture.
  • October 30: Nat Turner is discovered Southampton County and apprehended.
  • November 5: Nat Turner is found guilty for "conspiring to rebel and making insurrection" and is sentenced to death.
  • November 11: Nat Turner is hung in Jerusalem, Virginia.


  • Spring: The Virginia General Assembly meets to debate the future of slavery in Virginia. By the narrow margin of one vote, Virginia abolishes slavery.
  • June 20: The western counties of Virginia vote to succeed and form a new state. This causes controversy in Richmond and Washington.
  • August: Following enough support among western Virginia's population as well as southern politicians in Washington, the western counties of Virginia are admitted to the Union as the State of West Virginia as a slave state.


  • May 31: The San Salvador Compromise is signed, turning the San Salvador in its own federal district (much like Washington in the United States).


  • March 2: President Lincoln vetoes the Reconstruction Acts, preventing military governments from being established in the southern states.


  • January 19: President Ulysses S. Grant nominates former President Abraham Lincoln as Chief Justice.
  • March 4: Former President Abraham Lincoln takes the oath of office as Chief Justice of the United States.


  • November 7: Samuel J. Tilden defeats Rutherford B. Hayes to become the next President of the United States.


  • November 2: James A. Garfield defeats incumbent Samuel J. Tilden to become the next President of the United States.
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