The 1998 Alaskan general election was held on May 10, 1998 to elect a government, with seats in the Duma and on oblast legislative councils as well as several mayoral elections all occurring for the first time simultaneously. The elections were the first elections held under the new electoral laws established under the 1994 Constitutional reforms and were held over six years after the previous elections in January of 1992, marking the first time since the introduction of democratic elections in Alaska in 1926 that elections had been held over five years apart.

The alliance of leftist parties comprising the governing Liberal Coalition was returned to government under Premier Boris Molotov, albeit with a reduced majority, with the election being seen as a referendum on the previous six years of legal and economic reforms. The election was the last time the Moderate Party did not run as part of the Center Coalition. With the mandate to form a government secured, Molotov's second government was inaugurated on June 6, 1998 by Tsar Nicholas II in front of the Duma.

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