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1997: Warp Drive Discovered

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In this reality that greatly diverges from our own reality, the warp drive has been discovered and invented by Haala Suleiman, an intelligent attractive female Muslim of this reality.

The point-of-divergence

It began with an intelligent attractive female Muslim by the name of Haala Suleiman who working on a way to make the Alcubierre drive practical and possible at the same time for about three years. When, she was about to quit, she had suddenly did it. She had discovered the limited existence of a Alcubierre drive. After that, the young woman of twenty-five years of age, suddenly, became a household name overnight. When, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration of America got whim of this, they tried to disprove it as a sick hoax at first. But soon after, when, they recreated the exact same experiment as she did, the found out she wasn't wrong at all. Then, they asked to come and join them into building an Alcubierre drive-type spaceship, which she'd agreed to.

The building of the Hermes Mk I

About ten years after her great discovery of the possibility of the existence of the Alcubierre drive, Haala Suleiman, with the help of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, successfully finish developing the spaceship known as the Hermes Mk I into a real-life Alcubierre drive-type spaceship. It was a spaceship that was only capable of producing enough energy that allows it to go fifteen times faster than the speed of light itself. Its primary mission was to go to Gliese 667 C as part of an experiment about long-term effects of interstellar travel upon the human physiology and psychology. It was published in an article of TIME Magazine, which was this:

Dear Readers,

Today is the beginning of human exploration to the stars. After ten years of long hours of both day and night, we, here at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, have successfully developed the Hermes Mk I spacecraft. Its capable of only producing enough energy to go fifteen times that of the speed of light itself. Its primary mission has been assigned to the Gliese 667 star system as part of an long-term experiment upon the effects of interstellar travel has on both the human physiology and psychology. It will mark the beginning of opening the doors to the stars.

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