Emergency Alert System Contagious Disease (Zombies)01:56

Emergency Alert System Contagious Disease (Zombies)

The Emergency Broadcast System


In this reality that greatly diverges from our own, a mysterious virus of extraterrestrial origins causes a zombie-like outbreak that causes a near-global destruction upon civilization itself.

A greater point-of-divergence

It began on September 2nd of 1997 when a report was printed on the local newspaper of the town of Lead Hill, Arkansas about a man who brought to a medical clinic after contracting a mysterious virus from a meteorite that crashed landed a few days ago. The man was identified by police as an escape convict by the name of Alvin Clements of Little Rock, Arkansas. Alvin Clements was known in Little Rock, Arkansas for stealing cars and selling scape parts for profile until he'd left the city a week prior to the meteorite crashing down to Earth itself. After a few hours in the medical ward of the medical clinic, Alvin Clements began to show strange symptoms never before seen in the medical history of mankind itself. He'd began to have such strange symptoms that a local newspaper began writing an article about it. This is what the article of the local newspaper said:

Alvin Clements a.k.a. the Car Thief of Little Rock, Arkansas was brought into the medical clinic of Lead Hill, Arkansas by the police after reports of children witnessing a bearded man lying behind the strange meteorite that crashed landed about three days ago completely comatose. It was in the wee hours of September 3rd that the criminal known as Alvin Clements began to show strange symptom like 'yellowing of both his eyes and skin' followed by his blood turning from a healthy red color to a putrid, sickly green color with no explanation given how or why this happened. Then, around 7:29 a.m., a nurse began to scream. According to her, it was around this time to check up on Alvin Clements, when she saw Alvin Clements standing up from his bed and attacked her. Orderlies were called in to subdue Mister Clements, only for Mister Clements to bite one of the orderlies on the right side of his arm. Mister Clements was finally subdue, but at the cost of five orderlies getting bitten on their arms and hands. But that wasn't the worst yet. Soon after, the first of the orderlies that got bitten began to have the inability to experience pleasure in normally enjoyable activities followed by the other four. Then, the five orderlies began to have abnormal fears of loud sounds and bright lights, which puzzles the doctors of the clinic. Then, all of the five orderlies began to have a low-grade fever of 101.6 as well as passing out to the point that they were put in beds and given plenty of water and juice to help their immune systems. Then, all of them began to have epileptic seizures to the point that they went into a coma, and never woke up. But that's not all of the story goes. Soon, the five orderlies began to show that exact same 'yellowing of both their eyes and skin' and having putrid, sickly green blood like that of Mister Clements, who was locked up in a room somewhere in the clinic. Then, the clinic goes into lockdown with no explanation given at this time.

The Outbreak Begins

The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had began to quarantined the town of Lead Hill, Arkansas after ninety-seven people were infected by the mysterious virus that came from the meteorite itself. Suddenly, the quarantined soon became breached when one of the bitten, secretly, snaked his way on to Little Rock, Arkansas before the quarantined was placed upon the town of Lead Hill, Arkansas. Because, of this, the bitee whose name was Augustine Clay, suddenly, became a biter. An infected person who began to bite twelve to seventeen people before being subdued by the Little Rock Police Department. Soon after, twelve to seventeen people began to become the infected and started to either bite or cannibalized their 'prey' for 'dinner'. This caused the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to make a horrible discovery, which was published in the local newspapers of each state, which was this:

September 9th, 1997

Upon our discovery of this mysterious virus, we had made a horrible discovery of it. The mysterious virus, it seems, is made of organic form of boranes that, somehow, have became stable in our environment, and it is the shape of a hexagon, which proves that this mysterious virus is absolutely an extraterrestrial biological agent that had absolutely came from the meteorite that had crashed landed in the town of Lead Hill, Arkansas. Also, upon more studying of this mysterious virus, we had found out that this mysterious virus is an organoboron extraterrestrial pathogen in the shape of a hexagon that has, somehow, reanimates the recently deceased by sending out its both bio-electric and bio-chemical signals to each other inside its host. Another horrible discovery of this mysterious virus is that the virus is eating its host inside-out as well as ordering its host to get more heated food sources such as us, human beings. Also, it can spread like a wildfire. More test will be done about this mysterious virus of extraterrestrial nature, and how to stop it before it's too late.

Upon the published of this article, reports of the infected began to appear in four states of Missouri, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and finally, Mississippi. An local newspaper article in the town of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma had this to say, which was this:

Paige Nichols, a native of Broken Arrow, was visiting her sister in Little Rock, Arkansas during the spread of the infection, when she was bitten on her way home, while, trying to help, what she'd thought, was a person in distress until it was too late for her. She got bitten. When she'd escaped with her life and came home without telling a soul about her ordeal, she died and reanimated in her home, in which she'd attacked a neighbor of hers. After twenty-seven to thirty-seven people were infected by the mysterious virus, local police department of Broken Arrow were called to deal with the situation. But little did they know, that forty-seven to fifty-two, or, fifty-four to fifty-five partially cannibalized corpses also began to reanimate by the same mysterious virus, leading the local police department of Broken Arrow to become stricken with both panic and mass hysteria. The local police department of Broken Arrow didn't stand a chance against the infected, some were cannibalized, others became infected with the disease from outer space, leading to protestors to begin rioting in the streets of Downtown Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Locale police have been informed to stop the spread of the infection as well as the rioting in the streets of Downtown Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. That's all for now at this moment in time. Thank you and good night. I've always wanted to do that, you know.

Shortly after the publishing of this newspaper article, the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had made another horrible discovery about this mysterious disease that came from outer space, which they published in this article, which was this:

September 19th, 1997

After doing many more test on this mysterious pathogen from outer space. We had made a another horrible discovery, which is that we think that this mysterious disease from the cosmos may have been engineered by an extraterrestrial intelligence far greater than that of mankind itself. However, this is only a theory, that's not yet proven, so there's no need for panic except this pandemic that's spreading across our great nation. Also, however, we had found no way to stop this mysterious disease that's spreading across our land, but we well not give up in our search to find a solution to the pandemic problem. Keep hope alive. Thank you for your time.

After the article was published, reports of the infected began to appear in the three states of Illinois, Alabama, and Tennessee. The locale newspaper of Florence, Alabama had an article about this, which was this:

Reports of mass suicides are taken place in the town of Glenwood. These reports came from the locale police department of our town, here, in Florence, Alabama. Glenwood, Alabama will be missed by us. Meanwhile, the military has set up a military safe-zone in the Florence Mall. It will be known as 'Safe-Zone Beta' after 'Safe-Zone Alpha' a.k.a. Mars Hill Bible School became 'used up'. The military led by Master Sergeant Noah Lowe has this to say. "We are setting up 'Safe-Zone Beta' at the mall, here, in Florence, Alabama in order to keep the infection from spreading. However, for the town of Glenwood, Alabama, a massive military clean-up crew will get rid of all the dead bodies from those massive suicides that took place. I'm confident that we'll stop this mysterious disease from the stars as soon as possible. In the meanwhile, you people will be ordered to the 'Safe-Zones' as soon as possible. For the sick and elderly, however, they will be put into places known as 'the Camp-Zones'. That's all for now".

Shortly after this published article, the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention began to communicate with the Israel Sanitary Surveillance Institute via an e-mail, which was this:

Dear Lily Morgenthau,

I'm sending this e-mail because the Israel Sanitary Surveillance Institute is more technologically equipped than the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for this kind of disease. Which is why the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is sending an sample of the putrid, sickly green blood that contains the alien pathogen to your facility in the hopes you'll will succeed where we had failed to do. Your facility also has a very powerful computering system, which is why it's necessary to stop this virus from outer space. Also, all of the information and data will also be sent to your computers as well as some samples of the alien pathogen in that putrid, sickly green blood.

Signed Fisher Horn.

Shortly after this e-mail was sent, reports came in Druid Hills, Georgia that the body of a recently shot in the head victim had traces of the extraterrestrial pathogen in her systems as well as in her bodily fluids as well. Also, the corners have made another gruesome discovery upon examining the deceased's body, which was reported in the city of Atlanta, Georgia's newspaper, which was this:

At 5:39 a.m. Easter Standard Time. The medical corners at Willie A. Watkins Funeral Home have made a starling, yet horrible discovery. Upon examining the recently deceased body of Melissa Powell, the young woman who was reported missing last week only to turn up being shot in the head by the police, have found traces of a strange hexagonal virus that's somehow has turned this young woman's blood from healthy red to a putrid-smelling, sickly green blood. Also, upon more examining of the body has also reveled that this young woman had been DEAD FOR A WEEK OR SO, which is not possible. This is because earlier reports saw this young woman heading, very slowly, towards a police officer who was arresting some punks at liquor store. The police officer at the scene of the time, had this to report, which was this: "As I arrested some punks trying to rob a liquor store, I turned around towards my police car, and noticed a strange young woman walking very slowly towards me and the punks. At first, I called out to her by yelling 'Ma'am'! 'Ma'am! 'Are you okay?!' The young woman did NOT responded to my distress at her. Instead, she kept walking very slowly towards me and the young punks I arrested. As she got close enough to be seen in the street lamp's light, I noticed she didn't look right. First, her eyes upon my close examining of her had reveled that her eyes seemed to be completely sunken backwards in her skull. Second, she had this horrible, putrid smell coming from her as if she had been sleeping in a graveyard. Third, her skin was as gray as cement with sickly green veins appearing on her. She also was both moaning and wheezing at the same time, which sent chills both up and down my spin. So I pulled out my gun from my pocket and fired three bullets at her chest where her heart was. They had NO effectiveness against her, which baffled me at the time because she wasn't wearing a bulletproof vest on her body. So I pointed towards her head and fired. She went down, and never got back up again, which was relief to me and the young punks that were watching it all from the back of my police car." Thank you, meanwhile, the medical corners have yet at this time to figure how she got infected by this strange virus that the government is trying to stop at this time.

Five days later after that, the medical corners have made their report after completely examining the body of Melissa Powell. This is the report that was allowed to be published in the newspaper:

After many days of examining the body of Melissa Powell. We, the medical corners, at the Willie A. Watkins Funeral Home have made a terrible discovery. It seems that Melissa Powell, the young woman of twenty-five years of age was a prostitute who was having a passionate sexual affair with Zachary Young, a high schooler of seventeen years of age. We know this because we had found traces of his semen in her vagina. Also, upon examining his semen, we had found that it had a much higher concentration of the strange, mysterious virus. This might explain why we had found no bite marks nor scratch marks on her skin. Also, we had found out that both Zachary Young and Melissa Powell were planning on going to Canada to start a new life as well as a new family, but sadly, it won't happen. But now, we must focus are attention towards Zachary Young at this time. That's all for now.

At the same time, the newspaper also published an important article, which was this:

The Atlanta Medical Center has just announced that they have brought in a 72nd victim that's been tested double positive for the strange, mysterious virus that's plaguing the United States of America. Because there's no treatment nor vaccine nor even a cure, these victim must be put down for their own good. Meanwhile, the police department has issued a strict curfew, which is now causing a massive riot to appear outside the Atlanta Medical Center. The police department will deal with the situation at this time. So please, don't panic.

Operation: Kevorkian

This important article come from the local newspaper of Ciudad Juárez, Mexico. Its publisher is none other than Roderiga Rabago. This is the important article:

Diciembre Doceavo, Mil Novecientos Noventa y Siete

Viridiana Marcos fue traído al hospital complaning de náuseas. Ella dijo que ella fue mordido por un hombre de edad avanzada rabioso. Ella dijo que el anciano tenía la piel de color amarillo rabioso que apestaba tan mal , ella. También dijo que la sangre del anciano era verde enfermizo en color. De repente, el anciano se acercó a ella y comenzó a atacarla. Después de principio a luchar contra el hombre de edad avanzada con todas sus fuerzas , el anciano le mordió en el estómago. Afortunadamente , su vecina vino a salvar a ella en el último momento por golpear la cabeza del hombre de edad avanzada con su poderosa llave de su cuarto de herramientas . El anciano aún no se ha identificado en este momento. Mientras tanto , se presentan informes de ataques similares en los Estados Unidos de América , y que todavía se está extendiendo mucho más peor que antes. Hay rumores de que este virus es de origen extraterrestre , pero esto es sólo rumores en este momento en el tiempo. Así que por favor , no se preocupe en este momento en el tiempo , por favor.

Meanwhile, in the United States of America, the Surgeon General of the United States, Antonia Coello Novello, has issued a military order to humanely terminate any one that's double positive for the virus. This announcement was one the radio. This is what she said on the radio:

"My fellow Americans. Today is the twelfth of December. And I have terrible news that must be brought to attention to you all. At 6:39 a.m. Eastern Standard Time, I have ordered the entire military of the United States of America to 'humanely terminate' anyone that's double positive for this strange, mysterious virus that came from outer space. The strange, mysterious virus that came from that meteorite that crash landed in some town in Arkansas. The strange, mysterious virus that's capable of reanimating the recently deceased. This is why I'm also announcing that the year of Our Lord, 1997, be also known as '1997: UNDEAD OUTBREAK!' So at this moment in time, I'm announcing Operation: Kevorkian as well as put the doctor, Jack Kevorkian, in charge of the military operation at this time. People of America, I'm so sorry that this has come to this. But we must put our emotions behind us in order to secure the survival of our human race against this extraterrestrial pathogen. This otherworldly micro-invader must be stop at all cost, including sacrificing our own loved ones who sick of this strange, mysterious disease from outer space. That is all. Thank you all and good-bye. May God have mercy on us all."

Five days after the announcement made by the Surgeon General of the United States, Antonia Coello Novello, the military had announced that Operation: Kevorkian had become much more difficult than it was thought of because now the infection had now spread towards the states of Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and Florida. An important article from the local newspaper of Laurel Hill, Florida had this to say:

December 17th, 1997

Harrison Martin was walking his dog, which was a French poodle by the way. Anyway, he was walking his dog, when he noticed a little girl eating something on the road. As he'd got closer to the little girl, he'd noticed that the little girl's skin was as yellows as it could possible be with putrid, sickly green ooze coming out of her ears. As he'd got even closer to the little girl, he'd was shock to find out that the little girl was eating fresh roadkill off the road. Then, suddenly, Harrison Martin's dog began to growl and bark at the little girl, who according to the report, turned around at Harrison Martin and his dog, and began to walk incredibly slow towards him and his French poodle name 'Fluffy'. According to the report, Harrison Martin then began to run towards his boyfriend's house. When he got to his boyfriend's, Augustine Strong, house, he saw the worst. According to the police report, he saw his boyfriend, Augustine Strong, eating his dog, which was also a French poodle name 'Muffy'. According to a few witnesses who saw the whole thing, they all claimed that Augustine Strong saw Harrison Martin and attacked him. When the police arrived, they all found the partially cannibalized body of Harrison Martin with Augustine Strong eating his boyfriend's dog, Fluffy. A few minutes later, according to both the report and witnesses, they all claim that Harrison Martin eyes opened up and began attacking the meds and the feds. What happened next is completely unknown at this time.

Meanwhile, another important article in from the local newspaper of Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, had this to say:

Diciembre , Decimoséptimo , Diecinueve-noventa y siete

Miguel Rogel está liderando un grupo de alborotadores para atacar a varias personas infectadas , aquí en la ciudad de Ciudad Juárez. La ciudad está en caos total , debido a la rápida propagación de la infección en la propia ciudad. Los informes de las personas que comen unos a otros han sido confirmados por el departamento de policía de la ciudad sí mismos. Además, los informes de las personas se infecten por el virus también han confirmado por el departamento de policía de la ciudad sí mismos. Además, esta es la última vez vamos a seguir escribiendo las noticias porque ahora los infectados están en el área donde trabajamos .

And it was the last time.

A New Year from Hell

"My fellow countrymen. This is the President of the United States of America, Ross Perot. I must announce to you all that Operation: Kevorkian has sadly failed to do its job in getting rid of the infection. The United States' Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Georgia has been completely destroyed by the rapid spread of the infestation that plagues all of us. I've been told that the Israel Sanitary Surveillance Institute in Jerusalem, Israel is continuing to stop the mysterious virus for our sake, and the world's as well. But for now, I'm issuing a civil danger warning alert broadcast for twenty-four/seven until the outbreak is finally over, until then, there will be no more television shows for a while. This proves that this is a new year from Hell itself. We have been defeated by an otherworldy micro-invader that shows no remorse nor guilt for its actions. Instead, it spreads like an uncontrollable wildfire. Also, we've lost our Surgeon General of the United States, Antonia Coello Novello, to the infestation as well. May she rest in peace, now. That's all for now. Good luck to you all and may God bless our country to its salvation or its punishment for its sin. Good-bye."

-The President of the United States of America, Ross Perot February 12th, 1998

The Outbreak Civil Danger Warning02:04

The Outbreak Civil Danger Warning

Fall of Baltimore

It was five days after the announcement that reports of the infection had been reported in the state of Maryland. An important article from the local newspaper of Baltimore, Maryland had this to say:

February 17th, 1998

"Reports of the infection in Maryland has been confirmed. The first case began in Annapolis when a twenty-five woman by the name of Angelina Cortés was found in an alleyway with early signs and symptoms of the strange extraterrestrial virus. Shortly there after, she was soon admitted to the Anne Arundel Medical Center for observation studies and intensive care. After her admittance to the hospital, the doctors and nurses hastily began taking out pints of the putrid, sickly green ooze out of her body as much as possible. Once that was done a military officer came in and was give the order by both the doctors and nurses to shoot her in the head. This event took place on January 23rd. Around 4:00 a.m. on the eighth of February a group of drug-induced religious fanatics broke into the hospital to steal the

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