Weird blue light in sky02:19

Weird blue light in sky


In this alternate timeline that greatly diverges from our own timeline, a mysterious space object begins to terrorize the inhabitants of the El Paso area of Texas in the year 1996.

A point-of-divergence

At about 18:55 PST (19:55 MST), a man reported seeing a mysterious space object above Las Cruces, New Mexico. He said it was in the shape of a flying saucer, sounded completely silent, and was shinning blue lights everywhere.

An unidentified former police officer from Albuquerque, New Mexico was claimed to have been the next person to report a sighting after leaving his house at about 20:15 MST. As he was driving north, he allegedly saw a cluster of only blue lights in the night sky. He returned home and through binoculars watched the blue lights until they disappeared south over the horizon, heading towards El Paso, Texas at incredible speed.

Blue lights were now reportedly seen in the areas of Downtown El Paso and Central El Paso. At approximately 20:17 MST, callers began reporting the mysterious space object that was definitely solid, because it blocked out much of the starry sky as it passed over.

Justino Bocanegra was standing outside with his wife and sons in Northwest El Paso when they noticed a cluster of only blue lights to the west-northwest of their position.

At West central El Paso located north of Interstate 10 and west of the Franklin Mountains, twelve people saw a large cluster of only blue lights while driving northbound on Interstate 10.

A report came from a young man in the Mission Valley (El Paso) area who stopped his car at a public phone to report the incident. "[The] young man, en route to Dallas, called from a phone booth to report having seen a large and bizarre cluster of blue stars moving slowly in the northern sky".

After that, there were no more reports.

Two weeks later

On the evening of August 21, 1996, Mitchell James of Nevada was visiting Primeiro Escalona's family in Texas. His family home was in Northwest El Paso. There were a total of sixteen people in the house that night, including the children of the two families. Mitchell James of Nevada went outside for a drink at about 7:00 p.m. Mitchell James said he observed strange blue lights in the sky to the west, which he believed to be an unusual craft. He described it as disc-shaped in appearance, and featured only blue lights on its side that had "only the blue color of the rainbow". He ran back to the house, excitedly telling the others about his "flying saucer" sighting, but no one believed him; instead they thought that he had become overly excited after seeing a vivid "shooting star".

At about 8.00 p.m., the families began hearing strange and unexplained noises outside. The family dog which was in the yard outside began barking loudly and then hid under the house, where it remained until the next day. Going outside a few minutes later with their guns, Mitchell James and Primeiro Escalona then asserted that they saw a strange tall creature emerge from the nearby darkness.

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