The 1995 Rose Bowl was the final game of the 1994-95 Division I college football season, played on January 4 - three days later than the traditional Rose Bowl date. The game pitted the No. 1 Sequoyah Braves, the champions of the Central Conference, against the No. 2 Huron Highlanders, the champions of the Lakes Conference. Both teams being undefeated and having dominated regular season play, the game was much-hyped prior to its broadcast on ABC. It was also the first game to be broadcast simultaneously on ABC and ESPN, following ESPN's merger with ABC/Disney.

In a thrilling second half, the Braves came back from a 14-0 halftime deficit to lead 30-28 halfway through the fourth quarter. With one second on the clock, Huron kicker Jack Seaborn kicked a 53-yard field goal straight down the uprights to win the game 31-30 and hand the Highlanders their second national title in four years and ninth all-time.

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