In this reality that greatly diverges from our own reality, a mysterious pathogen of equally mysterious origins has caused a global zombie outbreak in this reality.

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The sign put up by F.E.M.I..



October 2: A strange man in black brings in to the Jade Forest Community Hospital, a young woman with long blonde hair and green emerald eyes. The young woman has a strange bite mark on her left shoulder, which puzzles both the doctors and nurses at the hospital. Suddenly, the strange man in black faints and becomes out cold. Meanwhile, a police officer in the parking lot of the hospital, suddenly sees a strange black sedan parked in the front of the hospital. The police officer has a look inside, and what he'd finds is disturbing. Inside the strange black sedan is another young woman who's both bound and gaged. She has sickly, mottled gray skin as well as sickly, smelly green blood coming out of her. He enters the strange black sedan and tries to help the young woman. It begins.

October 3: In the early morning, a frantic call goes to the police department. A female police officer picks up the phone and answers it. It's from a female nurse at the Jade Forest Community Hospital. She tells the female police officer that there are several people infected with a mysterious virus that's causing people to cannibalize others for no reasons. The female police officer thinks it's a joke and hangs up. She leaves to go to the Rising Sun Library with her friends. Meanwhile, the mysterious virus spreads at the hospital.

October 4: A SWAT team police unit is called in to deal with the Jade Forest Community Hospital outbreak of "mass hysteria". About five hours later, another SWAT team police unit is called in to deal with a new outbreak of "mass hysteria" at the Rising Sun Library. "Mass hysteria" is the code word for the infection.

October 5: A police bus crashes into Maple Hills High School. All aboard the police bus are infected. Suddenly, all aboard the police bus reanimates and begins attacking everyone at the high school. Another SWAT team police unit is called in to deal with the situation. Meanwhile, the Governor calls in the state police to also help deal with the situation. About five hours later, a another police bus crashes off onto the bottom of the freeway underpass. All aboard the police bus reanimated and began attacking people on the freeway underpass.

October 6: The Governor gives the okay go to burn the bodies of the infected in the infected areas in the state. At the same time, the Governor also orders that prison guards in every prison in the area to help with the state police deal with the outbreak.

October 7: The Governor calls in F.E.M.I. (Federal Emergency Management Institute) to help deal with the rising outbreak in Arizona. Meanwhile, prisoners inside abandoned prison began to chose to either stay or go out into the world. Some chosed to stay in prison, while others decided to break out of prison.

October 8: F.E.M.I. installs a "safe haven" at the Blue Hammer Guns 'n Ammo store. Meanwhile, the infection begins to overwhelm both the state police and the remaining police units as well as F.E.M.I. itself.

October 9: F.E.M.I. begins to order stricter curfews for the "lucky ones". They also order limited contact with the outside world. Meanwhile, an infected has snuck on board an airplane to Baltimore, Maryland. This is the beginning of the outbreak in Baltimore, Maryland.

October 10: People who got bitten aboard the airplane where the infected snuck on are brought to the Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center in Baltimore, Maryland. Meanwhile, F.E.M.I., begins to go paranoid over the "lucky ones".

October 11: The Governor finally agrees to call in the military. Meanwhile, the infection breaks out and spreads across the Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center in Baltimore, Maryland.

October 12: The military arrives in Arizona to deal with the outbreak. They began planning "Operation: Put Down" with F.E.M.I. itself.

October 13: The Baltimore Police Department is called to deal with the outbreak of the infection at the Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center in Baltimore, Maryland. Meanwhile, the military puts "Operation: Put Down" into place.

October 14: The Governor is ordered to leave Arizona to a safe haven by the military. She agrees to leave the military in charge now.

October 15: F.E.M.I. begins to grow even more paranoid by the day towards the "lucky ones".

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