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1994 Republic of Superior Congressional Elections (1983: Doomsday)

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1992 Flag of Superior 1996
House Elections
85 Seats
November 8, 1994
First party Second party
Blank person Blank person
Leader Jeffrey S. Crochet Robert P. Griffin
Party Liberal Democrat Conservative
Leader's seat Mackinac Schoolcraft
Last election N/A N/A
Seats won 54 30
Seat change +3 -1
Third party
Blank person
Leader Steven Bolden
Party Socialist

Leader's seat Chippewa
Last election N/A
Seats won 1
Seat change +1
Speaker before election
Robert P. Griffin
Elected Speaker
Jeffrey S. Crochet
Liberal Democrats
1992 Flag of Superior 1996
Senate Elections
30 Seats
November 8, 1994
First party Second party
Blank person Blank person
Leader John Kerin Jordan K. Gibson
Party Liberal Democrat Conservative
Leader's seat Alger Marquette
Last election N/A N/A
Seats won 18 12
Seat change -1 +1
Third party Fourth party
Blank person Blank person
Leader Cyril Symes N/A
Party Socialist Independents
Leader's seat Chippewa N/A
Last election N/A N/A
Seats won 1 1
Seat change None None
Maj. Leader before election
John Kerin
Liberal Democrats
Elected Maj. Leader
John Kerin
Liberal Democrats

The November 8, 1994 Congressional Elections were probably the most contested in the young republic's history. The most prominent issue of the elections was whether or not the city of Mackinaw should be allowed to become the 16th state of the Republic. The Conservatives mostly ran on a platform of Mackinaw maintaining the status quo, while the Liberal Democrats ran with a platform based on the idea that Mackinaw should be given the opportunity to become a state. While there was a large amount of opposition of statehood coming from those who still remembered the Mackinaw City Riots in 1985, the Liberal Democrats prevailed, winning a majority in the House, and Senate, allowing bills for the referendum to pass with support from more pro-expansion Conservatives. The resulting referendum in Mackinaw - in favor of statehood - would lead to it becoming Superior's 16th state on August 6th, 1995.

Other issues at play involved other possibilities of expansion. Like with Mackinaw and statehood, this pitted the more pro-expansion Liberal Democrats against the Conservatives, whose leadership advocated that it was too soon, and that they needed to get their "own house in order" first. The Liberal Democrats primarily countered with the notion that considering the Mackinaw territory, plus several of the states nibbling at the land around them, it was already too late, especially when combined with citizens already moving into new areas and discovered settlements clamoring to join the Republic.

The Socialist Party, with its goals more or less the same as the Liberal Democrats with regards to the expansion question - indeed, they went further in advocating for it, holding that it should have happened years ago, and people were suffering grievously from it in the overcrowded Mackinaw urban area - also saw an increase in votes.

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