1990 World Cup

The 1990 World Cup was awarded originally to the Bay Republic . Following the California Unification, damage to the Bay Region made a few of the stadiums unable to be outfitted for the World Cup. Luckily the Republic of California was able to utilize stadiums and sites near the LA Metro Area. California is the second CONCAF nation to host the WC since Z-Day. This WC was highly disputed on whether to play in California or move to a safer site such as Florida. FIFA elected to have Florida as a back up in case of an uprising of attacks. However, the 1994 WC went something, although large amounts of tourism income was lost due to the previous war, and actually created an economic downturn for the Bay Area and California.

Teams to be invited include and their groups

Group A Group B Group C Group D Group E Group F Group G Group H
California* Argentina  Brazil Italy Sul Spain Belgium Chile
Romania Greece Switzerland Korea Ireland Russia Bulgaria Netherlands
Saudi Arabia Morocco Wales Bolivia Ghana Santa Cruz Colombia Cameroon
Taiwan United Mediterr. Commonwealth Santa Cruz Uruguay Nigeria France Poland

Round of 16

California 0 (A 1st)  v  1 Chile (H 2nd)

United Mediterr. 3 (B 2nd)  v  5 Belgium (G 1st)

Brazil 1 (C 1st) a.e.t  v  1 Spain (F 2nd)

Bolivia 1 (D 2nd)  v 3 Sul (E 1st)

- - - - - - - - - - - - 

Netherlands 4 (H 1st)  v  3 Romania (A 2nd)

Bulgaria 0 (G 2nd)  v 2 Argentina (B 1st)

Nigeria (F 1st) 3  v  1 Wales (C 2nd)

Uruguay (E 2nd) 0 v  1 Italy (D 1st)


Chile 0  v 2 Sul

Belgium 1 v 2 Brazil

- - - - - - - -

Netherlands 1 v 1 a.e.t Italy

Argentina 1 a.e.t v 1 Nigeria


Sul 1 v 3 Brazil

Argentina 1 a.e.t v 1 Italy

Third Place Game: Sul 2 v 1 Italy


Argentina 3 v 3 Brazil (3Arg-2Brazil in PKs)

Rivals Argentina and Brazil went at it again.  All four teams in the semi-finals  would have let the game with at least two starts suspended for the final. Sul was down to Brazil 1-2 in the 85th min. when Brazilian striker Bebeto scored to secure a place in the final. Argentina's Maradona continued his impressive display in World Cups, scoring a late goal to tie the semi-final game. Baggio missed a PK to seal Argentina's spot in the final. Argentina and Brazil came out slugging. In a back and forth game that was tied 3-3 at the end of regulation. Argentina's Maradona announced his pending retirement from international soccer at the conclusion of the 94 WC before the game. Maradona plays his final game scoring two goals. Brazil and Argentina entered PKs. [RNG'd result made pks 1-5] Brazil  scored two PKs, while Argentina scored 3, Maradona's being the winner. Brazil clearly had the talent when they began their 1994 WC Qualifcation - similar to Italy's situation having talent drained by Lomdary, Venice, and the United Mediterr. -, however, with defections to Sul from many important players from Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro including Romario and Jorginho. This marked Argentina's third championship, however, 9 starters announced their retirement from International Soccer after receiving the gold. 

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