The 1992 US Presidential election occurred on November 3, 1992. There were three major candidates: Incumbent Democrat Ted Kennedy, Republican senator from Kansas Bob Dole, who came second in the 1988 Republican primaries, and businessman Ron Paul who almost won Maine.

Ted Kennedy had seen the best economic policies in recorded financial history and a high percentage of the American public wanted Kennedy to be re-elected. Bob Dole was not really known yet to have good economic policies, in conclusion, the election was decided by the economy. Perot, for a few months led in the polls. However, he only won 8 percent of the popular vote in the end.

Results of the election:

Democrat Ted Kennedy: 52.9%

Republican Bob Dole 36.3%

Independent Ross Perot 8.2%

US Taxpayer's Party Pat Buchanan 1.3%

Libertarian Ron Paul 1.1%

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