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United States Presidential Election, 1992
November 3, 1992
JackFKemp GaryHart
Nominee Jack Kemp Gary Hart
Party Republican Democratic
Home state New York Colorado
Running mate Jerry Lewis Bob Kerry
Electoral vote 391 147
States carried 39 11+DC
Popular vote 49,873,004 39,346,753
Percentage 55.6% 43.2%
1992 Electoral Map (Ford Momentum)
Presidential results map. Red denotes states won by Kemp/Lewis, Blue denotes states won by Hart/Kerry.
The 1992 United States Presidential Election was the 52nd quadrennial Presidential election to decide the president of the United States. Contested between incumbent President Gary Hart and New York representative Jack Kemp, the same candidates as in 1988.

Kemp had won his position of nominee for the second election in a row, and capitalized on attacking Hart's string of political crisis' coming into the campaign season, and the flagging economy. Kemp reinvigorated the conservative movement in America, and took advantage of every one of Hart's weaknesses.

Kemp won in a landslide, defeating Hart 391-147, and since then, no Republican candidate has been able to match his performance in the American north-east.