The 1992 General Election in the Empire of Alaska was held on Tuesday, January 28, 1992, pitting the fragmenting conservative coalition against a suddenly united liberal front. The election revolved largely around the governmental instability of the past five years driven by corruption scandals, a poor economy, and systemic political gridlock between the Conservatives, whose leader Iosef Antonov refused to stage an election, and the liberals. Against the backdrop of the upheavals of 1991, which included a royal abdication, street riots, police brutality and a national state of emergency on three separate occasions, the election was viewed as an opportunity to bring stability back to the country.

The Liberals won in a sweeping landslide, winning the largest political turnover in Alaskan history, winning the largest allotment of Duma seats ever held by the party, and ousting the highest number of incumbents in Duma history. While the leaders of the leftist coalition, such as Boris Molotov (Liberal), Yuri Pushkin (Progress) or Feodor Grishunov (Socialist), were all establishment figures, much of the enthusiasm for the campaign was driven by a left-wing, populist streak and generally anti-establishment fervor in the country that would take years to subside.

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