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1988.50 to 1990.75
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1991 to 1993.25.
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This page is an archive for the Night of the Living Alternate History map game, from 1991 to 1993.25.

The Game


With large portions of southern Brazil advocating for independence, many in the Brazilian government begin considering the option of releasing the South Region as a satellite. The name O Sul é o Meu País  becomes popular.

The nation of Kashmir is established around the city of Sringar in northern India. To the south the nation of the Sikh Empire is established around the city of Amritsar.

Despite large portions of its land being overrun by Zombies, the government of Bangladesh makes an effort to relocate civilians and take back the southern regions.

After more than a decade of skirmishes and disputes between New England and the states of Maine, New England asks for the United States’ assistance against the communities in Maine.

Controversy arises over Las Vegas politician, Paul Simic. Ties are found between him and the Mafia, and it is believed that the Emancipators may have been hired to collect money for his crime organization. One of Simic’s homes is raided, discovering further proof, and thousands of dollars of cocaine and other illicit substances. 

The Heptarchists continue their campaign across central England. Several thousand soldiers and civilians are left dead in the streets from actions from both sides. Many in London begin to advocate for the Heptarchist reforms.

William Dowe, Heptarchist officer and political radical, begins to advocate for the creation of a new fully democratic government, and gains a small following.

The Salton military meets the rebel forces at the battle of Slab City. What was anticipated to be a quick victory soon turns into a long battle after it is discovered that hundreds of guns and supplies had secretly been stashed inside the town by Abelino Gutierrez’s followers.

The Treaty of Syracuse is signed, officially ending the Italian War. The Italian republic is declared in the former territory of the Italian Kingdom. The King’s family and officers are arrested, while the King attempts to go into hiding. While attempting to escape the Italian monarch is killed. Slovenia is annexed by Austria.

White Sands: The city of Las Cruces is rebuilding at an alarming pace. Farms begin spreading out. Hordes of Zombies are scorched in order to 1) kill them, and 2) destroy the virus coming with it. People reach a military base by the old missile testing area, gaining weaponry. Trade is improving.

Japan: Japan continues to build up the Self Defence Forces and infrastructure is improved. Some of the Maritime Self Defence Force still continues to patrol around Japan. Synthpop, Electro, Techno, and Trance continue to rise in popularity. Tatsunori Katsumata continues working on the third Touhou Project game, 東方夢時空 ~ Phantasmagoria of Dim.Dream. The Republic of Kyushu continues to rebuild the island.

Russia: Forces from Operation: Nero are pulled out of the newly formed Republic of Italy after the surrender and conversion of the formerly known Kingdom of Italy. A ceremony will be held in Moscow to award and remember the dead of our (allies) soldiers. Any nation that attended Operation: Nero is welcome to attend. The body of the old king is sent to the government of the Republic of Italy. To improve relations in the region and help develop the new nation, the Republic of Italy is invited into the CSTO. Naval vessels continue to be built in shipyards across the nation. About twelve Udaloy-Class Destroyers and eight Sovremenny-Class Destroyers have been constructed. Two keels for the new Ulyanovsk-Class aircraft carrier which has been designed during the 80s has been laid down. In approximately a year they will both be completed. Approximately 600 T-90 tanks have been built along with 300 9K49 Teslas. Over the past three months, about 60,000 troops have been recruited into the Russian Armed Forces. More oil refineries and pipelines are built in the Caucasus Region, greatly increasing production of oil.

  • R. of Italy: We accept.
  • Texas: George Bush will be attending and he would also like to speak to Boris Yeltsin while there about the future of the two nations.
  • Russian Diplomacy: OK.
  • RoS Diplomacy: We plead for aid from the Russians in the war. The RoS President, President Dade, would like to meet with both the Russian and American Leaders after the ceremony.  He will be attending the memorial.  An RoS monument company donates a memorial to the Russian Government.
  • Russian Diplomacy: We thank you for the donation.
  • United Republics: Will send someone on behalf of the UR, not sure who yet. 

South Korea: The Zombies in the major cities are isolated and killing of Zombies in the isolated areas begin. The official name for this is Operation:Isolate and Kill. O:IaK is continued in the cities of Chuncheon, Sowon, Incheon, Cheongju, Jonju, Gwanju, Ulsan, Mokip, Goehung, Yeosi, and Tanguyeon. We also ask permission from Japan and the Commonwealth to join the Pacific Cooperative Organization.

  • Japan Diplomacy: Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone agrees to allow South Korea to join the PCO.

Dinetah: After Simic had been discovered to be in league with the Mafia and the Emancipators, he is arrested by Las Vegas. We ask Aztlan to assist us in clearing out the Emancipators, who are rapidly spreading throughout the area. We warn Northern California about them, stating that they are highly hostile, and encroaching on their territory. After establishing contact with the US, three months earlier, we ask to exchange embassies with the US, NoCal, Texas, and Chan Santa Cruz. Modern technologies, such as computers and video games reach Dinetah, and we eventually plan to make our own, but we ask for a trade agreement with the US, which supplies them. We would like to flush out Vegas' crime movements, but we first ask the Las Vegas government. Contact is established with all nations in the Americas, via hearing about them through the US.

  • United States Diplomacy: We accept the offer to construct an embassy in our nation and accept the trade agreement. 
  • Texas accepts the offer.
Kiel: Successes comes that after years of fighting the German Länder of Schleswig-Holstein is liberated. (Mods, give me one since I started late.) We ask that Hamburg join us. We fund Wu in their quest for unification. We ask that nations of the CSTO help liberate northern Germany. The army is upgraded by 0.25 to 1.5. For my naval score can I have a boost since the pre-Apocalypse German navy was based in Kiel? The flag is made.
German Resistance Flag Proposal 1944

Flag of the Nordic Republic of Germany

We ask that Hamburg will host the football World Cup with us.
  • Russian Diplomacy: Northern Germany does not need to be liberated.
  • Kiel Diplomacy: According to the UR, Northern Germany fell to the horde in the 1970s

You don't get any bonuses for joining late. You don't have contact with Wu. You can't upgrade twice in a row. 

But can I get something since the pre-apocalypse German navy is based here?

There's no rule that says you can.

You also are misquoting me, I said that Northern Germany just consisted of city-states because of the Zombie infection. G greg e (talk)

Commonwealth: 25,000 troops remain in Italy to help with stabilization of the new nation. Attention is turned to the ever expanding nation of Wu in China. Commonwealth leaders attend the ceremony in Moscow. We continue to request ten sq km of coastal land in Northern California to stage de-Zombification of the midwest. Military activity along the west coast of Australia is seen increasing, with the 4th and 8th fleets stationed in Perth. Citizens report that a large amount of Phlaxicortin-X could be seen being unloaded from a massive train onto a tanker ship. The government remains silent to the public regarding this. 

  • Texas would like to purchase large amounts of Phlaxicortin-X.
  • North California grants the Santa Ana area to the Commonwealth as a base for misting.
    LA districts NotLAH

    Area ceded to the Commonwealth in light blue.

  • The Commonwealth thanks the Californians. We send a large amount of Phlaxicortin-X to the Texans at 200 dollars per litre, prices are expected to drop. Citizens within the area are evacuated and construction of the air base begins.
  • The North Californian colonial government in Los Angeles evacuates to Avalon, Channel Islands. Re-settlement is suspended, and a curfew is put down on the locals in the Los Angeles colony as preparation for the misting to be done by the Commonwealth.

New Romania: We are developing a larger military force and we are researching for greater technology in  our military and agriculture. We hope to achieve a large military and work force to help greater build this nation.

Bush Yeltsin

George Bush and Boris Yeltsin meeting.

Texas: A Texan amateur pilot makes a blind landing at the Arcata-Eureka Airport, establishing a route between Texas and Northern California. Northern California is warned of the backlash its Black Hoods will cause for it. Meanwhile, with the United States' approval, all of Oklahoma is claimed and annexed by Texas. While the area isn't even fully explored, outposts are established and survivors are taken to hospitals to heal. President Bush flies out to Russia for the ceremony and to discuss with the Russian president. Embassies are constructed in many nations of the Southwest League. Fans of Star Wars petition Universal heavily to create a sequel, even if only a TV movie.

United Republics: Continues to fund pro-UR parties in Brazil, specifically in the region of South Brazil and Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Creating ties between the people hoping to create the new nation and the UR. Many still wishing to give up all ties to Brazil and align more towards the UR, with even more than 75% still wishing for separatist movement from Brazil in the South and ~35% in Sao Paulo and ~45% in Rio de Janeiro. UR agents exert more propaganda and since the movements are growing in followers, much success is expected. League of Latin America continues investigation into Brazil providing arms to Guyana and its neighbors. UR finishes the two high speed rails connecting Cordoba to the Atlantic line, and the other connecting Asuncion. Wine and technology production rises in Northern Uruguay. UR health bill amendment passes that will create a large medical center in Santa Fe and Rosario, building a state-of-the-art medical facility to attract top doctors and physicans. This medical center will also contain a research wing. URSA continues to launch Artimus rockets to re-stock the Artimus Lunar Base, which has finally completed its C02 enriched farm growing area. URSA Space station expands adding a telescope with the charter of looking to the stars and other solar systems. URSA announces the Mars Observation Vehicle Expedition (MOVE) Program, with the goal of launching many drones, a satellite, robotic systems to search for signs of life or former life on the red planet- the final goal being to send a manned mission by the end of 2005. UR military updates their weapons, tanks and planes. UR Naval forces begin to research building the world's best aircraft carrier. In anticipation, a ship-building facility and dry docks begin construction in Mar de Plata. The Pacific Ultra High Speed Rail is estimated three months away from completion. 

  • Russian Diplomacy: We would like to help with this space program of yours.
  • United Republics Diplomacy: Which part? Artimus Lunar Base, MOVE or URSA Space Station?
  • Russian Diplomacy: The Artimus Lunar Base.
  • Kiel Diplomacy: We would recommend that the UR and Russia co-operate through the ULN. Also, would the UR be willing to join in the liberation of Northern Germany? We would also like to co-operate in space travel.
    • UR Dip: Currently this is a UR mission and the UR has invited other nations to assist in making the Artimus Lunar Base an international venture. Please state how you can/would like to contribute. Japan, US, and Chan Santa Cruz have already contributed with the first two being major secondary funders to the base. 
  • Russian Diplomacy: OK, I'll say this again, Northern Germany does not need to be liberated, Zombies aren't in Europe any more and most of Northern Germany belongs to the Holy Roman Empire or are small independent states.
  • Texas Dip: Still, Kiel has a point. This would be an excellent first mission for the ULNOOSA. We highly recommend it.
    • UR Dip: Which mission, I have three at the moment? Artimus is already an UR-Based international mission. The UR asked which nations would like to join, and Japan, US and Chan Santa Cruz all have contributed to the base and the US and Japan are secondary funders. While the base is under majority UR control, the UR hasn't claimed any sovereignty over it other than using the tech back here on earth and in the URSA Space Station. 
  • RoS Diplomacy: Our space center is still under our control. We are willing to allow ULNOOSA to utilize it as an international monitoring center and back-up launch/landing facility.
    • Where exactly did you build your space center? What successes have you had, and when did you build it? G greg e (talk)
    • West of Williamsport.  It launched two test rockets and one satellite successfully.  We built it five to seven years ago. Daeseunglim (talk) 14:37, June 17, 2013 (UTC)
Northern California: Alarmed by the situation in Salton, PM Manuel Perez withdraws the Black Hoods from Los Angeles and re-deploys them by plane in Slab City and other towns held by Guiterrez's followers. However, President Reagan arrives in Salton and is welcomed by the citizens there. Some even take up North California's green-white-red tricolor as a form of welcome.  
Iran1979 08 slide-ee954c2c278a3a6bde540b7ce82907c3f7e73813-s6-c30

Salton officers waving the North Californian tricolor

  • Texas Dip: We warn Northern California to stop its Black Hood program.
  • The North Californian Defense Minister Richard Brown makes a speech that he would stop the 'Black Hoods' program due to pressure form Texas and the international community. Later, he agrees to an TV interview.

​Can you please tell me any global TV station that exists in this timeline? IstocnoSarajevo (talk) 02:28, June 17, 2013 (UTC)

Republic of Susquehanna: To conquer Berwick, 15,000 troops are sent to fortify the controlled part of the nation.  Through Texas, the RoS comes in contact with Northern California.  We ask for diplomatic contact, and frown upon the Black Hoods.  The government arrests ten men, ranging from senators to generals for money laundering, possesion of WMD's, terror threats, and other various charges.  They stole uranium and plutonium from the USSR.  The RoS officially releases a global apology for the possession of the weapons.  A new anti-missile system is released, called the LOAMS (Laser Operated Anti-Missile System).  15 are built and stationed around the nation.  We offer to sell Russia three of them.

  • Russian Diplomacy: Why would we need this knock-off of the Turkish LAMS if we already have our own that is more powerful and reliable called the LaPS?
  • RoS Diplomacy: The system incorporates three different defense systems.  First, a GPS and radar determine if the missile is a threat.  If it is, a laser locks on, and a second more powerful one burns out the engine.  If it continues to be a threat, a missile will fire, using the first laser to guide it (laser guided missile).  Any debris that continues toward any civilian or military area will be shot down by an autocannon that uses the radar to determine what the threat is.
RoS map 1991

Situation as of 1991

  • Russian Diplomacy: We already have something like this and it's called the AK-760 Close in Weapons Systems and the Kashtan Close in Weapons System.
  • RoS Diplomacy: We could share data on how they operate, and flaws, then work to remove any flaws together, and incorporate the good parts.  The RoS will fund the program.
  • Russian Diplomacy: The design of the AK-760 is too valuable to be given away to other nations.
  • Wu Dip

United Med: Many militiamen go back to their day jobs following the Treaty of Syracuse. However, the UM Gov, feeling gyped that they received minimal support for re-acquiring Rome, elects to make a claim on the previously unclaimed region of Calabria and sends settlers their immediately given tax benefits and half military service exemption to those who move there. The remaining people of Calabria seem to greet UMers peacefully since they speak the same language and have similar culture. UM government also considers making a claim to Basilicata. 

United Islamic Caliphate: As'ad Nejem declares total war (He called it that for show) against Eritrea, beginning the Yemeni-Eritrean War. Operation Missionary begins as the first aircraft flies over Eritrea, targeting airports, naval docks, ammo dumps, major roads, and bridges. The navy is deployed to blockade the Eritrean ports. Yemeni artillery fires continuously across the border for a full week until the go ahead is given to send in the armor and soldiers, many of the tanks being the newly created Saladin-1D. As'ad Nejem goes on national television and radio to announce the beginning of the conquest of infidels, and that such nonbelievers must be converted or destroyed. (Remember how he was a young and ambitious man when the revolution began. He still is very ambitious, and it has been fuelled by the success of the revolution.)

  • RoS Diplomacy: The RoS Navy blockades Eritrea, and captures or sinks their naval forces.  All captured ships are donated to the UIC.

Wu: Army builds up and modernizes. Population reaches 620 million. 110,000 soldiers are deployed in defensive positions along the Wu-Manchuria and Wu-Mongolian border. Builds defensive structures on the borders. Opens 100 border emigrations along the Wu-Indian border to inhabit emigrants coming from India. Begins spreading Wu Propaganda in the nation of Kashmir and the Sikh Empire. Claims Aksai Chin as Wu territory and denies the legality of the McMahon Line. Tells Russia that Russia does not have to give military aid to Wu, but that Wu only wants civilian supplies from Russia. The plan is slightly altered such that the home electronics will be charged at a cheap price, but is enough to pay for the resources and human labour (human labour is dirt cheap in Wu). The National Anthem is set to the song "Bloodstained Glory", written by Xu Liang, a war hero in the Wu-Yue War and the Wu-Tibet War. Begins large-scale mining and sells the ores to foreign nations. Ask for an alliance with the United Med. Turns Hainan Island, a part of Chinese Himalayas, Inner Mongolia and HuangSang into National Parks. The first official TV channel begins named the Chinese Central Television (CCTV), with ten sub-channels. Continues expanding the navy. Wu Secret: The armies continues offensive training.

  • Russian Diplomacy: We will not send you supplies since this will most likely bring us into the war in the near future.

Over the last three turns you have continued to increase your population by 30 million each turn for a total of 90 million people. This is completely unrealistic, implausible, and needs to be addressed immediately. G greg e (talk)

Italy: Many Italian citizens begin to settle in Apulia, past the national borders. Therefore, 1000 soldiers are sent into the region to protect the citizens.

Chan Santa Cruz: Bombing continues. We thank the international community for their support. Unity propaganda is handed out. (Right - so I have a body advocating for a new Mexico status, and have been handing out unity prop for a while, along with having water to spare. Little more stability? Please?) We celebrate the fall of the Kingdom of Italy.


The nation of Kashmir expands from the city of Sringar to loosely control all of the Indian region of Jammu and Kashmir.

It is believed that the Salton rebels have withdrawn from Slab City into the heavily fortified city of Mexicali. Salton armed forces are amassed in the south awaiting orders from Northern California.

Thousands of rebels attempt to storm the streets of London. After police attempt to quell the crowd, shooting breaks out. By the end of the week approximately one thousand people are found dead in the streets. Rebel forces largely retreat from the city.

Several high ranking police officers from Las Vegas are found dead. It is believed that members of the mysterous Emancipators are attempting to cover up the investigation into Simic’s ties with their organization. The Mafia government of Vegas is by all indications intent on hunting down the Emancipators for their attempted influence on their nation.

In Sebokeng, South Africa, gunmen fire on mourners attending the funeral of a leader of the African National Congress, killing 13 people. Nelson Mandela of the African National Congress and Mangosuthu Buthelezi of the Inkatha Freedom Party agree to end the violence that had plagued relations between the two organizations.

Nations of the ULN are called to discuss the plan to liberate India (on talk page).  Nations of the ULN are also called to vote for the council seats to represent their region for the next term (1991-1995).

Japan: Japan continues to build up the Self Defence Forces and infrastructure is improved. Some of the Maritime Self Defence Force still continues to patrol around Japan. Synthpop, Electro, Techno, and Trance continue to rise in popularity. Tatsunori Katsumata finishes working on the third Touhou Project game, 東方夢時空 ~ Phantasmagoria of Dim.Dream and will release it later this year. The Republic of Kyushu continues to rebuild the island. The colony of Miyako is officially annexed into Japan as an Automonus Prefecture.

Falklands: We begin to construct a third Antarctic City, named New London. It is a smaller version of the real thing, and is the same size as New Falkland, also completely underground, with the skyscrapers going down - not up.

What is this, Bioshock?

How is that Implausible? Please explain, and why can't I make a new city?

Edboy, what does that have to do with Bioshock? I don't believe any Bioshock games take place in Antarctica. 

I don't mean to be rude, but if it isn't underground it is less efficient and more expensive, both the other two have been underground, simply because in Antarctica it is better to build underground

Okay, it's one thing to plan to build underground, but no upside down skyscrapers, especially not in three months. I'd imagine that for just starting out, at most, the settlement has a couple thousand people. 

It's under construction, ETA: 1992, and final population of 3000, and I know the skyscrapers were implausible, I JUST thought they would look epic if they were allowed.

Commonwealth: Troops numbering at least a hundred thousand are seen in Perth, causing panic among the
Joint Occupation of india NotLAH

Joint Occupation Proposal

people. The government finally addresses the nation, saying that the government is planning to quell the major epidemic in India. We ask all CSTO nations to attend a conference in Darwin regarding India. Development and expansion continue.
  • Russian Diplomacy: We will attend. However, we think that we don't really need to intervene in India.
  • United States Diplomacy: Asks to be invited to the conference to discuss the relief effort in India. 
  • The Commonwealth invites the United States to the CSTO conference, despite it not being a member.
  • United States Diplomacy: All nations from the ULN, a broader reaching organization that encompasses the CSTO, are welcome to observe the planning. 
  • United Republics Diplomacy: Will attend. 
  • The discussion is currently on the talk page.

Vietnam: On behalf of my nation I would like to ask if we could join the CSTO in hope that we could help keep the peace and improve the bond between our cultures. We deploy our military across the North and North West borders of our nation in case we get invaded by Wu or if the infection travels over from India. We would like to trade with the The Commonwealth of Australia and New Zealand, South Korea and Japan.

  • Japan Diplomacy: Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone accepts the trade offer from Vietnam.
  • Russian Diplomacy: We allow you to join the CSTO.
  • Commonwealth Diplomacy: You give stuff - we give stuff

Austria: Austria builds up its infrastructure and swiftly spreads the empire's control over newly annexed Slovenia. The Austrian emperor also orders the military be built up to recover from the war. Austrian politicians say these moves will help bring prosperity to the Austrian economy.

Russia: Construction of naval vessels continues building about twelve Udaloy-Class destroyers and eight Sovremenny-Class destroyers. Shipyards still continue building the two new aircraft carriers for the Russian navy. Factories have assembled about 500 T-90 tanks and about 100 9K49 Teslas. About 100,000 troops and 2000 Omon Spetsnaz Special Police forces are called out from the reserves for Operation: Indian Order. We upgrade our Navy Score to 2.25.

New Romania: We are building a greater amount of homes in suburban areas due to the increasing population. We are looking towards researching greater technology for industry and military. New Romania is beginning to make large docks to develop a greater naval force. Our army continues to grow slightly. Roughly 75% of our forces are being shipped to help rid India of Zombies and form a small colony. I request Russia for one of these invasion locations for New Romania ->

India New Romania

  • Russian Diplomacy: That area you picked was not part of the Indian infected zone. Your nation will aid us in cleansing the region we picked from the infection.
  • Yeah, just realized that as well. :/

Northern California: North Californian MiG-29's launch air strikes on Mexicali, and 500,000 North Californian and Salton soldiers begin surrounding the city. With no Black Hoods to aid them, there was no bait to easily distract the rebels. The coalition was victorious, but it wasn't that easy. On the domestic front, the National Assembly was divided over the issue of the Black Hoods. Some said the army can keep them because the country wasn't signatory to the ULN and Resolution 006, and even if the commandos are infected, they retain their human conscience, and they were also created from selection, NOT by injecting the virus. As a result, on March 15, 1991,  PM Manuel Perez was assassinated by radical extremists, because of his support to keep the Black Hoods, proposing the so-called 'Zombie labour', and allegedly sympathizing Californian Rezurrectionists. As a result President Reagan (who just returned from Salton) who feared that Perez's assassin could be one of Revere's followers, dissolved the National Assembly and called for elections. Asks mod for an algorithm about the election results.
Reagan assassination attempt 4 crop

PM Manuel Perez (lying down) following the assassination

The Commonwealth invites the Republic of California to the CSTO.

  • Russian Diplomacy: This invitation has been reviewed and is allowed by the Russian Federation.
  • Northern California Diplomacy: The elected Prime Minister of the Republic of California will decide. Elections are ongoing following the assassination of PM Manuel Perez.  We also warn Dinetah and Las Vegas about the said person's assassination could be the beginning of a string of events could be orchestrated by no other than Revere himself.
  • Russian Diplomacy: If you join, we can send you supplies to help defeat the Salton rebels.
  • Northern California Diplomacy: As of March 16, 1991, polling stations are closed. The newly elected members of the National Assembly already selected a new prime minister. You will know his name and his desicion to join the CSTO on my next turn.

United Republics: UR finalizes the building of the Pacific High Speed Rail, additions to the Atlantic High Speed Rail (to Cordoba and to Asuncion). Building of the medical complex continues. After seeing many concepts in Operation Nero, UR and UM scientists begin to jointly research, plan and develop a new aircraft carrier design (~1.5 years). UR continues to fund pro-UR parties in South Brazil, Sao Paulo, and RdJ. Civilian aid is sent by the UR to all of Brazilian coastal cities including Recife in the far north. This improves UR relations with the struggling. Rio de Janeiro, having seen the success separatists movements in Sul are having, continues to expand its own thanks to UR agents continued secret infiltration of the community, businesses, and local governments. Rio de Janeiro now finally eclipses 50% support of the people (25% - heavy Pro UR, 10% Pro-UR, 20% - Wishing for direct connection with UR). URSA continues development on its projects ALB, MOVE and URSA Space Station. UR continues to decrease the rate of poverty, which is estimated by Aylwin Administration experts to be below 15% by 1992.

  • Russian Diplomacy: We ask the United Republics if they want to convert to a full member in the CSTO.
  • UR Diplomacy: The constitution is sent to both the Lower and Upper Legislative Body for review. If accepted there, Prime Minister and President will sign it. 

Saudi Arabia: We support United Islamic Caliphate.

Sul: The Republic of Sul is announced as independent from Brazil.
Republica do Sul
Their flag attempts to match the their Brazilian heritage with their newfound Argentina and Inca influence and similar ideology. 

Poland: To improve the relations with Eastern Europe we would like to join the Collective Security Treaty Organization. Military infrastructure is improved. We would like a trade agreement with Scandinavia and the Russian Federation. Construction of new computer factories has started to revolutionize our nation into the upcoming digital age. If we are allowed to join the CSTO, we would like to assist in Operation Indian Order.

  • Russian Diplomacy: We accept you into the CSTO and also accepts the trade agreement. Furthermore, we will like to have some troops assist us in Operation: Indian Order.

Wu: Army builds up and modernizes. Population reaches 620 million. 110,000 soldiers are trained and are practicing and drilling on the Wu Northern border, a new name for the Wu-Manchurian and the Wu-Mongolian border. Surplus food from farms is stored and secretly sent to Northern provinces. Gun manufacturing begins swiftly as well as tank manufacturing. Tunnels are built on the Northern borders. Continue housing Indian immigrants as they are used as extra labour. Begins spreading Wu propaganda in the nation of Kashmir and the Sikh Empire to attract more refugees. Begins large-scale mining and sells the ore to foreign nations. Asks for an alliance with the United Med. Turns Jiu Zai Goa and Badaling into National Parks. 12 Chengdu fighter jets are built as well as ten Zhilong class submarines. Some Chengdu jets begin incurring into Manchurian and Mongolian territory as "exploration uses."

  • United Mediterr. Diplomacy: We will discuss terms of a possible alliance with you. 
Nordic Germany:' Nordic Germany would like to buy many liters of Phlaxicortin-X gas to connect the city-states. We will join the ULN.
Location of the Nordic republic of Germany

Map of Nordic Germany: Red is territory that we already have and we hope to diplomatically gain orange and free them from the Zombies

We would ask that all nations that fit into the orange join us. We ask that nations trade stuff with us for the resources of iron ore, coal, potash, timber, lignite, uranium, copper, natural gas, salt, and nickel. We begin to build up our tourism industry. How many times do I have to repeat myself? Northern Germany is CLEAR of Zombies and is part of the Holy Roman Empire.
  • Commonwealth Diplomacy: Using newly installed relay towers across Russia and other Pacific CSTO states, we receive the message and sell a large amount of the mist to Nordic Germany.
  • Russian Diplomacy: If you use propaganda to attract communities to join your state you'll be kicked out of the CSTO, but we will allow you to spread influence properly without getting into any conflict with the neighboring communities and governments.

Republic of Susquehanna: The army pushes back the rebel army, which is weakened after it lost support from the Italian government.  Troops capture all of Berwick after a fierce battle, and have pushed a pathway from Bloomsburg to Berwick.  Fighter jets and bombers pound the enemy re-inforcements relentlessly with cannon fire and bombs.  After the operation against Eritrea, the RoS naval forces and Marine Corps are transferred to India.  This is the RoS Navy and Marine Corps battle plan: 1. Fighter jets launch bombs containing Phlaxicortin-X and hit the Zombies.  2. The Marine Corps lands with the Russian military and helps secure the coast line. 3.  A company of the RoS armed forces will paratroop farther into the nation to secure drop points for supplies and re-inforcements.  During this Operation, the RoS military will fly Russian Colors along side the RoS colors to show that the RoS is not planning to take any territory for protection.

  • RoS Diplomacy: We ask to rejoin the US as an observer.  Our nation will retain its own military, seat in the ULN, diplomatic centers, alliances, and right to wage war on other nations, but will meet with the US House of Representatives, and the US Senate.  The government of the RoS will pay the US government 3% of taxes collected from the US, and the RoS will begin to use the US currency.
  • The US isn't a military organization. You can't just join as an observer. Canada2hy Hypothetical Alberta Blue Ensign Flag of Australasian team for Olympic games OreoToast555(Talk) 17:19, June 18, 2013 (UTC)
  • Plus that's basically how you already are right now. Mscoree (talk) 19:56, June 18, 2013 (UTC)

Russia has never supported you in all of this.

Dinetah: With the crisis in Las Vegas growing exponentially Dinetah decides, in a move that Eric Satie calls "necessary and for the greater good." Much of the Dinetan military occupies Las Vegas in an attempt to stifle the crime and other "shady organizations." As many precautions are taken as possible to prevent tensions between Las Vegas citizens and Dinetan troops. An exploration force is sent south to Chan Santa Cruz along the trade route to explore and establish contact with the Old World. They will take a ship east to Iberia, and trek east to Russia, then take a ship to Northern California, and finally return to Dinetah. Construction on the Haskie Tower continues.

United Mediterranean: Continues to improve the islands quality of life and that of the people of the newly acquired land. UM scientists begin work with UR scientists in developing an aircraft carrier. UM proposes the Apennine Agreement to Italy, which will result in free movement of people, strengthen their mutual defense pact and preferential trade between the nations.

  • Italy accepts the Agreement.

Portugal: Finishes space launching pad. Continues to improve infrastructure of the cities. Tourism from the World Cup is invested in improving lives of its people. 

Granda: Finishes the high speed rail connecting the coastal cities to Sevilla and other major cities. Begins to improve healthcare of the nation.

United Islamic Caliphate: The advance into Eritrea continues with ahead of schedule thanks to the help of our allies, The Republic of Susquehanna, and Saudi Arabia. Air raids and naval blockades continue, as a small group of bombers are given orders to target the Eritrean capital city and suspected military bunkers. Troop transports are given orders to land soldiers and tanks on the northern end of Eritrea so that they will be forced into a two-front war. (I will attempt to create an algorithm after 8:00 tonight which is when I get off work.)

Chan Santa Cruz: Several bombers are sent to Dinetah to aid with their war. Bombing continues. Football fever sweeps the nation, with several teams being set up.

United States: US ground forces enter Missouri and Arkansas. Our soldiers, who are well seasoned anti-Zombie personnel make quick headway into the sparsely infected regions past the Mississippi. Hundreds of people are liberated who have managed to survive since the withdrawal past the Mississippi. With soldiers pouring from Omaha and St. Louis, Kansas City is finally taken after several months of fighting across the state. Several armored divisions are also sent into Nebraska, traveling along Route 80 from Omaha. After allying with New England against the communities of the far northeast, some peacekeeping forces are sent into northern New York, which is stabilized rather quickly. After a short battle in which the ragtag militia of northern Maine meets its obligation to resist New England, resulting in several dozen dead, the nations of Baxter and northern Maine retreat. Seeing that this is no longer a struggle to secure supplies between communities, and that the actual US military has gotten involved, the nations of the northeast sign a peace treaty which ends a twenty-year dispute. All of Maine is consolidated into New England. The nation of Providence, seeing that it is also in their best interest to do so, joins the nation of New England. The Treaty of Nashua is signed, declaring that all of the New England region will be consolidated under one government in Boston, which will remain a satellite of the US. Maine locals begin to refer to the short hostilities that led to the end of the Maine dispute, as the Maine Border Crisis, while many radical and patriotic citizens of northern Maine insist it was a mighty civil war. With civil liberties established in Maine, and supplies trickling in from the US, all resistance is effectively dead, and many emerge from isolation. Soldiers are built up along the East Coast in anticipation for the liberation of India. A large transport fleet is stationed in Maryland awaiting further orders. The US ships plan to dock in Sri Lanka in preparation. More pictures from the Hubble Space Telescope are received. The Internet becomes increasingly popular among citizens of the United States, with the World Wide Web finally completed. The team of specialists in Chan Santa Cruz continue to instruct pilots and help in the fight for Mexico City.

South Africa: Stage Three of the Plan continues in full swing. In Gabon, the oil helps build boom towns, and reconstruction continues at a rapid pace. Most of the houses are being built in a suburban fashion, with enough land for everyone to live comfortably. Town halls are also being constructed at a good pace in the first occupied towns, to provide an administrative centre. Many roads have already been constructed, helping to provide a safe route for traders to trade. Settlers also occupy a few more areas even more inland, yet many continue on a long and hard trek to gain land for themselves. Many children are born to settler families, seeing the first generation of settler children in Gabon. The army division in Gabon continues to clear out Zombie threat areas and make the nation safe for the settlers. Soldiers continue to receive highly intensive training, helping them become better fighting units. As a result, Army is upgraded to 3. The Cheetah III is produced in very heavy numbers, and due to the units being sold in a high quantity heavy profits are made. Even more children are born to South Africans, and evidence of a boom in population finally begins to be seen as the population touches 45 Million. The exporting of crops continues, yet the Council has the forvision to store up grain in case of an emergency. Jungles grow in the areas freed up for it, with endangered wildlife flourishing. The nation reports that almost 75% of its population follows Protestantism as a religion. Rapid progress in former Zimbabwe continues. Remainders of the population are found, and are tested to see if they carry the Zombie virus. Those who do are given Phlaxicortin-X to stabilise them and make them useful for the nation. Two more of the country's former provinces are cleared out, and many survivors see the South Africans as savoiurs bringing order to a ravaged land. In occupied lands, anti-Zombie operations are begun to destroy them in their entirety. New models based on the Soviet Katushas are used to kill large Zombie Hordes, their rate of fire being a huge asset to the army. The army also prepares to engage in its first major clean-up operation planned to take place on the subcontinent. The abundance of land means that there are many areas available for housing residents. The Dutch also begin to build up to move into former German lands with South African military equipment. This will allow them to farm land not in constant danger of being flooded.


The Republic of Sul is released by the nation of Brazil. The remainder of Brazilian territory is secured by the military and much of Brazil is declared infection free. Soldiers are stationed in Rio de Janeiro and the southern border to help stabilize these regions against those who oppose the government. With the UR’s help the government of Brazil begins to take a far greater role in its people’s daily lives. Quality of life is greatly increased, and Brazil also considers aiding in the liberation of India.

Several nations from the ULN meet to discuss the future of the Indian subcontinent (on talk page). It is eventually decided that a joint military operation will be undertaken to liberate areas of India, and that participating nations will occupy the region until a stable government can be established. The ULN asks for other nations to send support or make plans for military action.

The members of the Southwest League, who joined as an organization months earlier, join the ULN as separate nations.

After much fighting between the Salton rebels and the forces of Northern California, Mexicali is largely reduced to rubble. Guerrilla fighters still roam the streets, trying to dislodge as many Northern Californian soldiers as possible, although the bulk of the once well equipped army of Abelino Gutierrez has fled to Yuma, or into the Republic of Baja.

After the assassination of Manuel Perez, prime minister of Northern California, elections begin across the nation. The California Freedom Party manages to secure the majority of the votes.

With aid from Saudi Arabia and other nations, Yemeni soldiers manage to rapidly push toward the Eritrean city of Asmara. In the southern section of the Red Sea Yemeni ships clash with Eritrean ships who desperately attempt to defend the coast.

With military aid from Dinetah, the Las Vegas government attempts to retake its city, and clear the city of the Emancipators. In the initial crackdown several are killed fighting the military. 

William Dowe becomes one of the main leaders of the Heptarchist movement. After the retreat from London, he rallies his faction in central London and continues the focus on attacking local outposts.

After receiving several claims from the government in Kiel, many northern German nations advocate for the HRE to intervene to ensure that all German states are united so that they can one day unite.

Japan: Japan continues to build up the Self Defence Forces and infrastructure is improved. Some of the Maritime Self Defence Force still continues to patrol around Japan. Synthpop, Electro, Techno, and Trance continue to rise in popularity. The Republic of Kyushu continues to rebuild the island. Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone begins sending a five ships each with fifty military personnel off to Kochi, Kerala, India and plans to liberate the state of Kerala begin. A few more ships will be sent later.

Vietnam  To fight back the infection in South East Asia, veterans of the Vietcong from the Vietnam war are deployed in the jungles to isolate and kill the infection. Our military is also redeployed in what used to be Laos and Cambodia to clear out the infection. With the goal of also unifying these two countries with our nation. Elections have begun to elect a new leader of our nation The two candidates are Le Duc Anh of the Communist Party and Phan Cao of the Democratic Party. Voting will start in six months. However, the polls have been in favor to Phan Cao - 60% for Phan Cao. Research of a new naval vessel has started, called theLạc Long Quân-Class destroyer. Ship builders say that the design should be finished in six months (two turns). We would like to buy a shipment of Phlaxicortin-X from the Commonwealth to mist the jungle and clear our nation and the region from infection. Furthermore, we would like to buy 30 more Mi-24 Hinds from the Russian Federation for $50,000,000.  Also, we upgrade our army to 1.25.

  • Russian Diplomacy: We will gladly sell you 30 Mi-24 Hinds for $50,000,000.
  • Commonwealth Diplomacy: We send you several thousand litres of Phlaxicortin-X and an aircraft to drop it.

    The situation in Las Vegas as of 1991.5. Red territory is Dinetah-held, while yellow is Vegas-held.

Dinetah: The fight against the Emancipators continues, with Chan Santa Cruz's bombers being put to good use, bombing Emancipator strongholds. Efforts are taken to prevent civilian casualties. A coup in Las Vegas is attempted by Dinetan spies, seeking to rid Las Vegas of the Mafia leaders. Re-inforcements are pulled from Fort Gallup, and the military is upgraded by 0.25. The eastern half of Las Vegas, already rid of the Emancipators, is controlled by Dinetah, while the west is controlled by the Mafia. Construction of the Haskie Tower continues. Dinetah, as a member of the Southwest League, joins the ULN. The exploration party, now in Chan Santa Cruz, takes a ship to Iberia to rediscover the Old World. We tell our troops that the motive is morale and to free the populace of Las Vegas from unjust and corrupt rule. The troops are led by Aaron Robertson, who is now an established general.

South Korea: With the last of the Zombies dead we prepare for an attack on North Korea and station 250,000 soldiers on the DMZ and deploy 25 ships from our ports towards the western North Korean coast. Army technology increases by 0.25.

What is the casus belli for the declaration of war so I can do an official declaration on the Talk Page?

The casus belli is unification.

That would fall under political blunder then.

Your declaration of war is finished and is on the Talk Page. All of the objectives are listed, including the casus belli.

Commonwealth: Work on the Californian air base continues. 150,000 soldiers, along with 450,000 litres of Phlaxicortin-X and two fleets of naval vessels are sent to Southern India and an invasion commences. 25,000 troops are sent to Korea. Development and expansion continues.

  • Vietnamese Diplomacy We ask the Commonwealth if we can spread our influence and create a union with Malaysia and the unclaimed parts of Indonesia. We are willing to negotiate if need be.
  • Commonwealth Diplomacy: You'd have to ask Malaysia. We don't own them.
  • Malaysian Diplomacy: We decline.

White Sands: Zombies are pushed back. Harvesting is good this year. The military base is searched more, and more men are recruited, increasing the military score. The city continues being rebuilt.

Russia: About 300,000 troops are taken from the reserves for Operation: Indian Order. Troops that are going to be conducting Operation: Indian Order is given special combat hazmat suits and gas masks for the infected environment. Ships continue being built in dry docks across the nation. About ten Udaloy-Class destroyers and eight Sovremenny-Class destroyers have been constructed. Tank factories have built approximately 500 more T-90 tanks for the Russian Armed Forces. Thirty Mi-24 Hinds have been sent to Vietnam. We apologize to Wu if we started any political schisms or any other conflicts. We would also like to buy shipments of Phlaxicortin-X from the Commonwealth. Supplies are distributed to the allies that are going to be conducting Operation: Indian Order. We invite Austria into the Collective Security Treaty Organization to improve relations with Western Europe and bring benefits to the region as well as helping the re-unification of Germany. About 100,000 troops are called from the reserves to assist South Korea in unifying the nation. Our navy will begin striking strategic military targets within North Korea once the war officially begins.

  • Sourth Korea Diplomacy: We thank Russia for the military support and aid the operation with 1000 troops. We will send more troops once the war of Korean Unification is over.
  • Russian Diplomacy: We ask Alaska if they want to join the CSTO.

Nordic Germany: Embassies are asked to be built all around the world. (No offer: North Korea.) We send 10,000 troops to Korea in their quest for unification. Bombing of gas begins in all of Zombie-occupied North Germany. We begin creating local militias in case of an invasion. The Navy is upgraded by 0.25. A ruralization effort begins since we have practically no farmers. A new fort is built near the Denmark border called Fort Brandt in honor of a Nordic Republic native who served as Chancellor of Germany.

Nordic Germany Secret: A pact is offered to Wu. We will help them in their quest for unification if they help us with ours. Offensive training begins in Fort Brandt.

New Romania: We are continuing to grow our navy with our newly-built docks. We are beginning to build some battleships which will take several turns. We have now finished our destroyers and are nearly finished building up an armoured corps. We strengthen our active military with the best weapons we have.

  • We are accepting trade agreements outside the CSTO.
  • We are requesting an alliance with Nordic Germany to help secure Europe's fate outside the CSTO.
    • Nordic German Diplomacy: We accept the alliance and we hope to begin joint military training excercises.
    • Nordic German Diplomacy Secret: We propose a liberation pact where you help me with my unification, and I will help you in making yourself extremely more powerful and enter wars with you.

You're already allied with Nordic Germany.

I meant a direct alliance, not just the one through the CSTO.

Ah, OK.

Northern California: Not long Perez's demise, a butler in the Carson Mansion discovered a bomb planted under one of the dining tables that doubles as the president's workdesk. Fortunately, Reagan was away at that time, delivering a speech on the late PM's funeral. However, the newly-elected National Assembly has already selected a new prime minister, Hendrick McDale. As PM, McDale renounced Zombie warfare, and plans to join the CSTO to help them defeat rebels. An investigative commision was created by McDale to investigate the death of his predecessor. What the government never knew is that after PM McDale renounced Zombie warfare, a group of private scientists working for the Communist militants were making their own version the Black Hoods, the "Red Hoods".  We also invite Dinetan delegates to discuss the security in the Southwest.

  • Russian Diplomacy: We respect the decision that you have made on joining the Collective Security Treaty Organization. When shall we expect you to join?
  • Dinetah Diplomacy: We shall discuss security. Where shall we do it. On the Talk page?
  • Northern California Diplomacy:  Yes. if you like. The section in the Talk page is open.
  • Texas Dip: As the largest power in the Southwest, we wish to attend.

Texas continues demobilizing. Oil refineries are constructed and drilling begins at an unprecedented rate to aid the economy. Oil prices drop and we are open for trade. Meanwhile, supplies are sent to Operation: Indian Order and to South Korea, but no military personnel are sent. Ties to Northern California are made closer, with Texas offering to open up an embassy and make trade agreements with Northern California. Former Unionists and Democrats are pursuing full integration into the CSTO and the Southwest League, which seems to be approved by Bush. However, there is no official statement yet.

Poland: We ask the United Republics if we can be a part of their URSA space program, we will commit two astronauts for your program and space station. Funding has increased for the Polish education system. Shipyards have constructed about two Modified Kashin-Class destroyers. We upgrade our navy to 1.25.

Spain: Due to the lack of NATO 's influence in world affairs we are leaving the organization and are willing to join a new one. We have conscripted 3000 Spanish army marines.

  • Russian Diplomacy: We will accept you into the CSTO and we also accept your trade agreement.
  • Spanish Diplomacy: We accept your offer to join the CSTO and accept your trade agreement preposition.
  • Why would you leave NATO, when the organization is still quite alive and active?
    • ​Spain joined NATO in 82, thus didn't join in this timeline. 
  • Portugal Diplomacy: Wishes to strengthen ties with Spain.
  • Granada Diplomacy: Wishes to strengthen ties with Spain as well. 

United Republics: UR politicians assist in redesigning and rebuilding the Brazilian government and its standing amongst the people of Brazil, specifically in Sao Paulo. UR special agents already integrated within the community, say this Brazilian government is a good thing if the people put their say into it. This alleviates many of the separatists movements, polls down to 8%. However, in Rio de Janeiro, separatists movements are relieved in the countryside, but not in the major city itself. This is due to many youth in the nation being ingrained with the separatist movement. In Brazil, UR promotes pro-UR policies style of national government and pro-UR politicians to be elected. URSA launches more solar panels and storage to Artimus Lunar Base. URSA Space Station expands by a few astronauts, include recent Polish astronauts. URSA begins to research MOVE operations. UM and UR continue their research of an highly developed aircraft carrier. UR continues to build closer ties to Colombia. United Republics sees many presidential candidates prepare for the election. UR launches 200,000 police and soldiers into its region of India, and quickly establishes control and employs many survivors in Mumbai. Since Mumbai has many survivors UR military begins to the process of creating a self-governing body with them. Creates the Republic of Mumbai.

*Falklands: We begin to work on nuclear fusion technology. We start to construct a new facility that we will research fusion in.

Portugal: Asks to join CSTO. Launches first satellite into space partnering with Granada. Restates control over the Azores and Madeira Island of Portugal. Looks to strengthen relationship with Spain.

  • Russian Diplomacy: We accept you as a nation to join the CSTO.

Granada: Asks to join CSTO. Assists Portugal in launching satellite into space. Asks the Canary Islands to join Granada. Looks to strengthen relationship with Spain.

  • Russian Diplomacy: We accept you as a nation to join the CSTO along with Portugal.

Wu: Army builds up and modernizes. 110,000 soldiers are trained and are practicing and drilling on the Wu Northern border. Surplus food from farms is stored and secretly send to Northern provinces. Gun manufacturing begins swiftly as well as tank manufacturing. Tunnels are built on the Northern borders. Continues housing Indian immigrants as they are used as extra labour. Spies are sent to Manchuria and Mongolia as submarines begin moving to Manchurian ports as scouts. Begins spreading Wu propaganda in the nation of Kashmir and the Sikh Empire to attract more refugees. Agrees with the alliance with Nordic Germany and ask the United Mediterraneans to talk about our alliance in Macau, one of the most European-influenced cities in China. Claims Hong Kong as Wu vassal after being under Wu protection for a period of time. 30 Chengdu fighter jets are built as well as one destroyer. 

United Mediterr.: Continues to research with the UR on the highly advanced aircraft carrier. The state of Calabria is officially completed. Continues development and completion of infrastructure on Sicily, Sardinia and Corsia. Volume of trade and quality of competition increases due to Appenine Agreement with Italy, as well as happier people since free movement is allowed between the UM and the R of Italy. Wishes to meet with France, Spain, Granada, Italy, government of Tunisa, and Portugal to discuss creating a similar agreement with free movement and preferential trade between all these nations. 

Sul: Continues celebration of independence. Begins to draft a military and improve on infrastructure, focus is on technology. Hopes to begin construction of a high speed rail connecting capitals of the three states and connect to Uruguay and maybe Brazil. Offers to host talks between Separatists in Rio de Janeiro (City), and the newly reformed government of Brazil. Exportation of wine begins, and is the main export along with technology. 

Chan Santa Cruz: Bombing continues though troops move into position to take Mexico City. it is expected to be free of infection and securely in human hands by New Years Day 1992. The government votes not to move there though.  We incorporate slightly more land to the North, surrounding Mexico City. We propose an amendment to the ULN Resolution regarding the Security Council. We send a diplomatic envoy to Belize asking them to unify with us as we are both Maya nations. Football fever continues to spread and the MFL (Mayan Football League) is set up. We send aid to Dinetah and thank the USA for their assistance. Industry is upgraded by 0.25

  • United Republics Diplomacy: Wishes to construct a joint-controlled territory (3 sq mi), to construct a space rocket launching center to be used by both CSC and the UR.
  • Chan Santa Cruz: Would you believe our government was going to offer Mexico City (renamed Tenochtitlán) to the ULN for that purpose? Would that do?
    • ​UR Dip: Mexico City may be a suitable location, other suitable locations would be near the coast. 


The newly released Republic of Sul consolidates its power and begins its first elections. A basic military is also created.

With quality of life beginning to increase, opposition in southern Brazil dramatically decreases. New reforms are put in place across the nation, and the far west is secured by the military. Brazil also chooses to participate in the liberation of India. Military personnel are mobilized and prepared to be deployed along the coast of Odisha.

The liberation of India begins with several nations deploying soldiers across the subcontinent.

After the Northern Californian victory at Mexicali the Salton rebellion collapses. The remnants of the rebel army are believed to have fled to Yuma or Baja, settling down as normal citizens. The Salton Civil War is declared over.

Separatist movements in southern Brazil largely begin to collapse, or are oppressed. Soldiers are stationed in Rio de Janeiro and other cities to further quell opposition.

In South Africa the African National Congress leads a general strike, demanding a role in governing and an end to a value added tax.

South Africa has a mixed council ruling the nation currently. Established around 15-20 years ago, it has whites and blacks ruling together. The blacks include Nelson Mandela. Plus, I have plans for my nation to evolve into a technocratic democracy.

The Republic of Macedonia is declared from the remnants of Yugoslavia.

After a catastrophic failure caused by an error in exchanging the guy wires on the highest mast, the Warsaw radio mast collapses.

English rebels in northern England gather secretly in the city of York. The delegates in the city sign a declaration of independence from the United Kingdom, creating the nation of Northumbria. The nation is the first nation to secede from the United Kingdom, and it is believed that other regions will follow. Rebel leaders claim that once the war ends a new union will be formed.

After receiving news of the declared nation in northern England, the British orders a massive crackdown. Thousands of loyal soldiers are ordered into York, resulting in hundreds of deaths and many more arrests. The government of Northumbria flees into central England, where a large army under William Dowe is established to retake York.

United Republics Diplomacy to all: The UR wishes to restart the Olympic Games. We wish to start a committee to help recreate the long lost event. 

Vietnam We recruit 1000 soldiers for our army. Engineers say that the construction of our new destroyer is on schedule. We stop outsourcing our jobs to help boost our economy. We start to liberate Laos and Cambodia from Zombie infection.

Japan: Japan continues to build up the Self Defence Forces and infrastructure is improved. Some of the Maritime Self Defence Force still continues to patrol around Japan. Synthpop, Electro, Techno, and Trance continue to rise in popularity. The Republic of Kyushu continues to rebuild the island. A few more ships are sent to Kochi and the liberation of Kerala begins. 東方夢時空 ~ Phantasmagoria of Dim.Dream is released and manages to get good sales and reviews. The Touhou Project series becomes popular.

Russia: Operation: Indian Order has begun for the Russian Forces, which starts with a giant amphibious deployment in Calcutta and the surrounding regions. BTR-60/70/80s are used immensely because of their amphibious and decisive ground armament. Within the first week the city of Calcutta is liberated from the infection. Troops begin to move through the northwest provinces of India, clearing the countryside and many of its towns and villages. Refugee camps are being constructed; humanitarian supplies such as medicine, food, beverages and face masks are being distributed to the native populace. Large amounts of Mi-26 Halos, Mi-8/17 Hips, and Mi-6 Hooks are being used to transport heavy amounts of supplies and troops. Omon Spetsnaz special military police forces are taking charge of enforcing law and distributing humanitarian aid in the provinces our forces are liberating. Any soldier breaking the Geneva Convention during Operation: Indian Order will be court martialed and serve a certain amount of years in prison depending on how serious the crime is. Shipyards have built about thirteen Udaloy-Class destroyers and nine Sovremenny-Class destroyers. Construction has finished for one of the new Ulyanovsk-Class aircraft carriers, called the RFS Ulyanovsk. Factories have assembled about 600 T-90 Tanks. We have called out 1,000,000 troops from our reserve to help South Korea, they attack.We upgrade our navy to 2.50.

Just a notice. As of June 20th I will be at Cancun and most likely unable to play as much or at all. I will be back June 25th. Edboy452 (talk) 21:38, June 19, 2013 (UTC)

I could play for you if you wish, I'd just need a list of things to get done. Canada2hy Hypothetical Alberta Blue Ensign Flag of Australasian team for Olympic games OreoToast555(Talk) 21:48, June 19, 2013 (UTC)

No thank you, it's OK. I will most likely be able to play occasionally while I'm at Cancun. Edboy452 (talk) 23:09, June 19, 2013 (UTC)

Commonwealth: Fighting continues in southern India. Development and expansion continue. The runways and main buildings at the Californian air base are fully constructed after six months of 24/7 work and just need to be furnished. The workers were paid well and given treatments to any disorders they may have contracted during long hours of work.

South Africa: Stage Three of the Plan continues in full swing. In Gabon, oil remains a crucial component to the construction of housing and such for the settlers. Housing continues to be built in a suburban fashion. Many town halls are completed in important towns. Roads bring in potential buyers and settlers alike, and more seem to arrive from South Africa. Settlers occupy all of former Gabon, and move into the former nation of Equatorial Guinea. As a result, more settlers take up residence in the area, in Gabon and Guinea. More children are born to settler families, and the first schools begin to be constructed for children to receive an education. The army division in Gabon continues to clear out Zombie threat areas and make the nation safe for the settlers. The Cheetah III is produced in very heavy numbers, will finally get a chance to be deployed to test its battle effectiveness. The Navy assembles in a large fleet, and new aircraft carriers are unveiled to the world. These can carry much of South Africa's Air force. As a result, the Navy is upgraded by 0.25. Even more children are born to South Africans, with the younger generation beginning to be married and having children. The exporting of crops continues, yet the storing of grain continues. Jungles grow in the areas freed up for it, with endangered wildlife flourishing. The nation reports that almost 80% of its population follows Protestantism as a religion. Rapid progress in former Zimbabwe continues. A central province of the former nation is cleared out and captured for South Africa. Phlaxicortin-X helps to stabilise many Zombies and Z-Virus infected patients. They are used for heavy manual labour and the expansion and clearing of territories. Many South Africans move into lands freed. Most of these people are poor families looking to earn a better living in a new land. In occupied lands, anti-Zombie operations are begun to destroy them in their entirety. New models based on the Soviet Katushas are used to kill large Zombie Hordes, their rate of fire being a huge asset to the army. The nation sends its finest divisions to assist the Russians in the major clean up operation. Using the base in Kolkata, they soon "piggyback" off Russian gains, and go on to bring order to more cities in the area. This includes Dhaka, Chittagong and smaller cities situated in the area. The Dutch move into former German lands, using their military to liberate and occupy lands, while their air force bombards opposition. Two former provinces are captured, and the Dutch quickly open up the land to Dutch settlers for them to farm more stable and safer lands. A census also takes place in the nation. Results will be disclosed around a year later.

South Korea: The invasion of North Korea has begun. 250,000 soldiers are storming past the DMZ and 25 ships are deployed to Nampho.  Navy tech is increased by 0.25 in anticipation of unification South Korea asks for the UR to assist in sharing and further developing High Speed Rail.

You can't upgrade twice in a row. 

Commonwealth Diplomacy: The 50,000 soldiers that were sent to Korea six months ago (two turns) also participate in the DMZ invasion. Naval forces are mobilized and begin the journey to the Korean Peninsula.

Falklands: We finish the top layer of the Research Facility, which will be called New Cambridge.  New London now has capacity for 1000 people, with an eventual aim of 3000 people. We begin to work on New Manchester, which will contain all the factories. We use underground pipes to heat soil enough to grow Veg and feed livestock. We condemn the UK for its heavy-handed method of dealing with rebellion.

New Romania: We are finishing the last of our new battleships which cost a lot of money but it may take a few more months for it to be completely finished. We are beginning to move a lot of our batteries to the west. We are focusing on making a really strong air force as the one we have currently is really small. An air base is being developed to the west. Due to the increased amount of military, a lot of our money is gone and so production has slowed but not decreased in quality. Our air force upgrades to 0.50.

There is no such thing as air force points, only Army, Navy and Industry.

Well, in that case, I upgrade my army to 0.50

It would be 1.50 instead, all nations start at 1.00.

Thought so, just did it to 0.50 in case I was wrong.

United Republics: Condemns Brazilian military oppression of the separatists, and says they need to focus on uniting the people. Continues to assist the Brazilian government reformation, helping improve the quality of life in the major cities. Secretly UR continues to fund pro-UR parties (now the majority is Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro States), and install and recommend pro-UR officials wherever possible, successfully installing many low-to-mid level officials. Separatists continue to strive for independence in Rio de Janeiro  (the city) and propose the creation of the Republic Rio de Janeiro under the former border of the State of Guanabara. UR and UM continues to develop what will be the world's greatest aircraft carrior so far, specs on the ship have yet to be revealed, but many speculate it will include anti-ship missile launchers, state of the art radar and sub detection, and will be built in a block section style format to increase strength and speed and should only take about a year to create in the dry docks around the UR. Research also begins on a new battleship class. Both projects will be finished in ~ nine months. Other ships in the navy are outfitted with updated, thus increased the Naval force of the UR 0.25 to 2.75.  In Operation: Indian Order, UR forces are beginning to be withdrawn, as they train the people of Mumbai to create a militia and a police force. These combined forces reach the cities of Pune and Nashick and Goa. A UR outpost is set up in Goa. UR forces have cleared out their infected area with the help of Mumbai. The Republic of Mumbai holds elections and beings its role as a functional government over Mumbai and the surrounding area. UR and Mumbai begin to assist bringing governments to Goa and the rest of the region under the names of the Republic of Goa and the Republic of Maharashta. A space technology tax is passed, meaning when any product or technology comes from URSA Space development technology and is sold to the general public or other nations it will incur a 1% additional tax on it to be redirected to URSA projects. This includes the developing cell phone, GPS and other technologies. The "cellular phone" decreases from the size of a large briefcase to the size of large book (like a dictionary or atlas). URSA continues support of the Artimus Lunar Base. URSA decides to send three satellites to orbit and collect pictures of the Red Planet. This is the first step in URSA's MOVE program. 

Nordic Germany: Fort Brandt continues to grow as Nordic Germany creates a space program called NGSA. We ask to collaborate with the UR in space flight. Mods, can I have a map for northern Germany? Ask to sign a defense pact called the UDO to increase the defensive power. We continue the ruralization effort. Tourism grows as more people begin to fall in love with Kiel. Can nations post if people go to Kiel? Nordic Germany creates their own terrorism company called Tour N. Germnay. An airline and cruise ship company are made.

  • United Republics Diplomacy: URSA asks how you can contribute and collaborate with our Space Program.
  • Nordic German Diplomacy: Money (We will pay for all the Capsules, Astronauts and Scientists.)
  • URSA Diplomacy: What are you interested in doing in Space, i e, what is your objective?  

You're a developing micronation. You couldn't launch ONE capsule without bankrupting yourself. Doctor Evulz (talk) 02:05, June 20, 2013 (UTC)

Nordic Germany Secret: A pact is offered to Wu. We will help them in their quest for unification if they help us with ours. Offensive training begins in Fort Brandt..

Northern California: Unification talks with the Bay Republic are restarted. However, all re-settlers and locals in Los Angeles are evacuated due to the misting operations done by the Commonwealth. However, screening stations are installed in Salton due to the influx of locals from Los Angeles. Meanwhile, the army mobilizes secretly for a second invasion of the Bay Republic.

  • Northern California Diplomacy secret: Asks for alliance with Deseret.

France The French begin an extensive campaign to wipe out any small amounts of Infected remaining within their borders and begin Military upgrades. It continues its previous rebuilding efforts. Upgrade army to 1.25??? Not sure. Someone give me France's scores unless they are stock scores.

  • French Diplomacy: We accept the trade between Portugal and Grenada to bolster both of our economies.

Portugal: Sends another satellite into space. Since trade increases with France, Portugal is able to further industrialize increasing their score by 0.25 (1.5 army, 1.75 navy, 1.25 industry).

Granada: Continues courting the Canary Islands, as well as the Balerics. People begin to discuss whether closer ties with Portugal or United Mediterr. should be formed. Upgrades navy by 0.25 (one army, 1.5 navy, one industry).

Poland: We begin to salvage the wreckage of the Warsaw radio mast after the tragic accident. We continue to advance in Education. Sketching for another monument similar to the ‘Warsaw Radio Mast’ begins hoping to keep the title for ‘Tallest Man-made Structure’ in Poland.

Wu: Army builds up and modernizes. 110,000 soldiers are trained and are practicing and drilling on the Wu Northern border. Surplus food from farms is stored and secretly sent to Northern provinces. More guns and tanks are built. Spies are sent to Manchuria and Mongolia as submarines begin moving to Manchurian ports as scouts. Begins secretly spreading Wu propaganda in the nation of Manchuria and Mongolia. Agrees with the alliance with Nordic Germany and ask the United Mediterraneans to talk about our alliance in Macau, one of the most European-influenced cities in China. A new class of fighters is built, the 黑鸢-4. Asks for an alliance with South Korea. Operation Liberation begins, as 500,000 Wu forces, 1200 Han Xin Tanks and 30 Chengdu Fighters crosses the Sino-Indian border and begin cleaning the territory of Zombies. With many nations beginning to have their own space programs and Wu stepping into prosperity, Wu begins their own space program and begins "scrapping" files from PRC about their space program. A timeline is set to launch the first Wu satellite in 1994, send the first permanent Wu space station in 2005 and send the first expedition to the Moon in 2010.

Dinetah: War with Las Vegas continues, and we thank Chan Santa Cruz for the help. The exploration party lands in Portugal and treks west until they reach France. There they hear about the CSTO and express interest in it. Dinetah applies for the CSTO and to their shock, they are accepted as a full member, the first one in the Americas. In the ruins of Area 51, north of Las Vegas territory, Dinetah rebuilds it as a CSTO air base. Due to the contact with the world, ideas are diffused very fast. Of all things, a Japanese video game console somehow reaches Durango, and Jim Bartholomew, an aspiring computer hobbyist wants to find out a way to make his own somehow. Construction of the Haskie Tower continues, and it is expected to be finished early next year.

Austria: Austria builds up its military in preparation for the beginning of Austria's campaign into Germany to help reunify the nation. Austria also joins the Collective Security Treaty Organization after being promised help to reunify Germany. Austria sends in the military to lead expansion into Germany and to kill any Zombies in the area. The Commonwealth admits Austria to the CSTO.

Chan Santa Cruz: US support is put into healthcare. More support is sent to Dinetah. Football fever continues to grow with several stadiums being constructed. Mexico City is nearly habitable. Unity propaganda is handed out.

United Mediterr.: Continues to build unity and improve quality of life thanks to trade agreements and freedom of movement with Italy. UM continues research on aircraft supercarrier with the UR. Construction of hull design begins.

United Islamic Caliphate: The armies slow their advance under the orders of As'ad Nejem. As'ad offers peace to Eritrea if they will join the UIC, and will be allowed to mostly keep their government, and have representatives in the Council. Then Yemen and Djibouti will aid in rebuilding. If they refuse, the armies will march from end to end in Eritrea, and no guarantee of safety to their people will be given.

United States: US ground forces land at Nagercoil, India after a long naval bombardment. A temporary military airfield is established on Sri Lanka to begin routine bombing runs and surveillance of zones that are discovered to be heavily infected beyond saving. Most importantly, the reconnaissance division will also seek out civilians so that they can be extracted, relocated or informed of the operation. After a few days Nagercoil is secured and the majority of the US ground forces are dropped to the east of the city. An armored convoy is sent north along Route 93, parallel to the navy along the coast, making some quick territorial gains. A separate force is also able to land at the city of Ramanathapuram, bombings from Sri Lanka had been highest. It is discovered that thousands of refugees fled to the island of Ramaswaram during the early months of the infection, and have since established a large society on the island, using the guarded bridge to the mainland to occasionally search for supplies. Plans are made to turn the island into a large refugee camp, and some construction vehicles are dropped at the island, plowing away a clearing near the northern end. The locals are friendly the Americans, and soldiers are stationed there to protect the future refugee camp. Portions of the fleet stationed at Sri Lanka also begin patrolling the coast farther to the north, where the joint American-German section is, targeting a few large populations of Zombies. In Arkansas US soldiers come into contact with the CSA, which opens fire on the Americans. The army of the CSA, composed mostly of militia, falls back to Little Rock, and are locked inside. Around the city US forces encounter small resistance from CSA members, while others surrender or are glad to rejoin the US.

Scandinavia offers all of northern Germany and their city-states a place as the Kingdom of Germany, part of Scandinavia. We have finished our stadiums, and we have successfully completed a nuclear missile test near Bouvet Island. We report that we have five warheads, and three missiles. We announce that we plan to continue to grow our nuclear arsenal as a part of our national prestige. We ask Canada to buy their part of Greenland.


Slovenia is firmly annexed by Austria and Croatia, and the Austrian settlement of Maribor begins to be rebuilt. Some Nationalists begin to advocate for the creation of an Austrian navy. However, after the conclusion of the war a surge in support for the Liberal Party is seen. Those opposed to jingoism are believed to account for at least 30% of the population. Another controversial issue is the removal of Karl von Habsburg from Austrian senatorial politics, with many believing that this is unfair to the voting system.

Hamburg becomes heavily influenced by the Nordic Germans to the north. This begins to anger many North Germans, who believe that by creating two opposing lead German states Germany will remain united like it has for years.

The forces of Dinetah, and the Las Vegas puppet government, continue its war against the former Mafia government.

After years of rebuilding the southern island of Japan, increasing quality of life and isolating the nation from the outside Zombie threat, Japan’s stability increases to 55.

Following the Northumbrians, the nation of Mercia is declared in central England. All other Haptarchist factions and states are expected to work together against the English and supply troops to the general cause.

William Dowe’s forces begin a campaign to retake York, marching from the city of Derby. The action, known by some afterward as the ‘Bloody Campaign’, becomes extremely devastating to the locals. Each day for two weeks Dowe’s forces pillage the countryside, attacking each unloyal town after another, and engaging in skirmishes with the British. Then in the night they slip away and regroup further to the north. By the time they reach York they have left a trail of ruin behind them, but expecting heavy resistance at York, they head west and attempt to liberate the area around the city.

Eritrea's government surrenders to the Yemeni invaders, but resistance still remains, resulting in the death of thousands of opposing civilians.

Canada asks to keep its small settlements on Greenland, but hands the island back over to Scandinavia. 

Universal Studios announces a sequel to Star Wars called Star Wars 2: Revenge of the Jedi, directed by Sam Raimi, to be released on the tenth anniversary of the original film. Samuel L. Jackson, Sylvester Stallone and Donald Sutherland will be reprising their roles as Han Solo, Luke Skywalker and Master Jedi Goda respectively. Captain Wedge, who was played by the late John Payne, will be played by someone else. Rumors spread that Ian McDiarmid has been chosen as the Emperor.

Italy is invited to join the alliance with Austria, Switzerland, Croatia, and the other Italian states.

Japan: Japan continues to build up the Self Defence Forces and infrastructure is improved. Some of the Maritime Self Defence Force still continues to patrol around Japan. Synthpop, Electro, Techno, and Trance continue to rise in popularity. The Republic of Kyushu continues to rebuild the island. The liberation of Kerala continues. Tatsunori Katsumata begins his plans for creating another Touhou game.

Vietnam The research into the Lạc Long Quân destroyer was a success. We start constructing two that will be ready in three months (one turn). Our efforts to liberate Laos and Cambodia from Zombie infection are working, but it will take some time to push them back completely. Our general says it should take another nine months to fully push them out. (three turns). We have fully stopped outsourcing our jobs and the voting is taking place today for our new president, should take three months to collect count and hold the inauguration. We also train 1000 new soldiers.

South Korea: The joint-CSTO forces are victorious at the city of Pyongyang, but at a great price. Many have died and the city is in ruins. As a result, South Korean forces stay in Pyongyang and rebuild it. Emergency aid is sent to the civilians and many temporary buildings are set up. Because the military is occupying the city, it is set as a base for new southern joint-CSTO soldiers to launch an attack on Anju and other cities along the way. At Anju the joint CSTO forces in the south and the Russian forces in the north will meet. Upgrades Navy by 0.25.

Falklands: We start research in the now complete New Cambridge, on nuclear fusion technology. We finish half of New Manchester.

Republic of Susquehanna: The Navy and Marine Corps withdraw from India and re-deploy to the Pacific, launching air raids against North Korean armored units and missile units. 200 marines land in the city of Congju and seize the coast.  In the RoS, the special operations units raid a Berwick stronghold, arresting the head leadership, and manage to cripple the rebels.  The war officially ends on February 12th with the remaining rebel units surrendering.  A deal is made: 1. Berwick will be a semi-autonomous city, 2. All high command: Libertad, Turkish and other extremists shall be arrested, 3. Prisoners on both sides shall be returned, 4. The official Berwick rebel military shall disband, and the Berwick Security Corps will be formed for counter-terror and security reasons, 5.  All terror attacks shall ceases, 6. Neither side will pay war reparations, 7. Citizens in Berwick will retain citizenship in the RoS and Berwick.  It is a modified version of the Treaty of Susquehanna.

Construction begins on the amphibious assault ship, the RSS Enterprise.

The war is done. If you were to fire on the coast you'd be firing on your own soldiers.

The War is still going on.

Also, rules say you can't send troops out of your region if you are in a civil war. G greg e (talk) Just for future reference

Since he sent them a while ago, and the civil war is basically over, I'll allow it in moderation. 

I wasn't saying for this instance, I was reminding everyone for future reference. G greg e (talk)

Part Two of the treaty breaks the Geneva Convention if you don't send them back to be tried in their home nations. G greg e (talk)

How? What part? I am not arguing, I am simply confused. I am not putting them on trial, simply arresting them.  I am deporting them back to their respective nations, unless they want me to try them.  The jury would be biased, and I want fair trials.Daeseunglim (talk) 22:28, June 20, 2013 (UTC)

Commonwealth: Relief forces numbering at 10,000 are sent to Pyongyang and the remaining forces in the Korean Peninsula are withdrawn and sent to India. Development and expansion continue. The Californian air base is completed. Massive amounts of Phlaxicortin-X begin to be shipped almost day and night to the base, where bombers begin to start dropping the mist on the midwest. Operation: Midwest has begun.

Ukraine: Peace keepers are sent to Korea. We ask North and South to sign a truce.

  • South Korea Diplomacy:,We refuse peace. Firstly, South Korean and CSTO forces have already captured North Korea's capital Pyongyang. Secondly, we are advancing on Anju which is the final major North Korean city. Lastly, this is a war of unification so there won't be any peace until one side unifies with the other. 

Texas launches Operation: Flyover Country concurrently with Operation Midwest. Phlaxicortin-X bombers take flight over Oklahoma, New Mexico, Colorado, and Kansas, telling the Commonwealth that they have the situation under control there. After the bombing run is complete, ground forces move in to take back the cured individuals. George Bush states in a speech that he expects the operation to be "the first step towards the end of the Zombie War". However, Rezurrectionists protest this, claiming they are destroying "God's greatest gift" by eradicating the Zombie virus. Rezurrectionism has seen a decent spread in large cities recently, mostly from Floridian immigrants who brought it along with them. It's growing among the poor, who see Zombies as carefree and unaffected by their poor conditions. The government states that the Phlaxicortin-X bombers "cure, not kill, the Zombies" and that Zombies are "diseased, not divine".

Chan Santa Cruz Diplomacy: We would like to send some specialist anti-cult Christian missionaries to your nation to help combat the Rezurrectionists. We are a Christian nation who has learned how to deal with problematic cults due to the Maya religion resugences. Whilst we respect the right to freedom of belief these sound like the kind of people whom must be dealt with using great patience, love, grace and continual, dogged, persistence.

Nordic Germany: We officially join Scandinavia as the Nordic Kingdom of Germany. Fort Brandt continues to grow as Scandinavian troops move in. We ask that all the North German states join and that Poland and the Netherlands pull out. We ask that people from Hamburg join us. We secede from Scandinavia as Neo-Nazism begins there. Local militias are created as every city is fortified.

  • Scandinavia Diplomacy: Declares war on Nordic Germany, claiming that the Nordic Germans are a faction of a rebel government. It is a civil war, called the Scandianvian Civil War for Nordic Germany.

New Romania: We are sending aid to the Korean Peninsula. We are increasing the amount of farmland to the east of our country and the amount of air forces in the Western region. Industry increases 0.25 to 1.25. We are continuing to produce air bases to the West. We advise Scandinavia to stop expanding South into Europe. We are beginning to find you a threat to our people if you continue to do so. I will not be active over the weekend and all weekends.

  • Scandinavia will do whatever we please. If you get mad at us, we will nuke Romania to the stone age. (No joke, I wanna see another apocalypse. :D )
  • Texas Dip: We are outraged at Scandinavia's arrogance and threatening to "nuke Romania to the stone age".
  • New Romania: Your threat to nuke us and the continuing expansion through Europe is unacceptable. We'll see what the CSTO will have to say about this. We also ask Russia if we could stage some anti-nuclear missile sites in our country.

Northern California: Reconstruction in Mexicali begins. Some parts in the north of open for business, and decontamination begins in the south. The army continues to build up and mobilize secretly. Plans are now made for the invasion. However, we begin to perform misting operations in the desert area using F-15 jets modified for misting. Meanwhile, on the investigation concerning the assassination of the late PM Manuel Perez, the official results come out. The assassin's identity was revealed, but not of the mastermind behind it. The assassin's name, according to official documents, was Nikola "Nick" Whiplash.

  • Texas Dip: We are shocked by this. We have no idea who Nick Whiplash is and we condemn his actions.
  • Northern California Dip: A Dinetan tourist told rumors that Nick Whiplash is Revere's right hand man.
Invasion plan NotLAH

Planned movements for the invasion of the Bay Republic. Red arrows represent land movement, yellow arrows represent sea invasion, blue crosses areas to be bombed.

Northern California Diplomacy secret: We still ask for alliance with Deseret.

France: Leaves NATO for CSTO as an observing member of the alliance. France recruits 100,000 troops and begins assimilation of Brittanny and Picardi into the French Republic. We expand our industry and economy in an attempt to push our nation forward. We also allow the area's semi-autonomy. They will be French but will be able to govern themselves much like before. We upgrade navy to 1.25.

I am the Commonwealth of Australia and New Zealand and I approve this message.

Scandinavia: During the nuclear war threat with Romania, Emperor Harold I dies of a heart attack. It is thought that he was severely stressed out in the night. His son, Haakon is coronated, and immediately attempts to annex the Teutonic Order. He begins plans for annexing Lithuania and the Livonian Confederation. Haakon is a Fascist, and calls for the immediate construction of many more nuclear weapons. SECRET: Outspoken blacks, Jews, Gypsys, and homosexuals begin to be put to death in small numbers. We stop reporting numbers of nuclear missiles to the ULN. (An estimate says 15 warheads and ten missiles). He tries to convince some small German states to join the Kingdom of Nordic Germany. The military grows. The King of Nordic Germany dies. Octivian is no longer Nordic Germany, as it is now played by the Scandinavia Player Reximus55 (talk) 02:32, June 21, 2013 (UTC)

  • Germany: The delegation in Berlin, on behalf of the Holy Roman Empire, declares war on Scandinavia for invading German territory. We urge Austria and the Allied Powers to do similarly.
  • Texas: We heavily condemn the new Neo-Nazi king and demand that the CSTO eject Scandinavia until the king either changes his ways or is deposed. We send supplies and ammunition to the independent government of Nordic Germany.
  • Scandinavia: The King isn't Neo-Nazi, he is simply Fascist. Also, no rights of the people have been taken away (yet). The King doesn't have full control over the nation, but he does have some say.
  • The next battle (thus Algo) will include allies as they will have had plausible time to react. G greg e (talk)
  • Russian Diplomacy: (Edboy told me to post this) We kick Scandinavia out of the CSTO due to their aggression against the organization. New Romania is brought back into the CSTO. We ask NATO to help pacify their rogue ally. Supplies to Scandinavia are halted.

Portugal: Continues to improve naval and military forces, launches another satellite. Ties become closer with Granada, Spain and France. Spanish-Portuguese languages become mixed. Portugal asks France for even closer ties. Monarch figurehead's daughter begins being seen dating the Grandese monarch's son. Considering possible ties between the two nations in the future. 

Granada: Begins to build up its military forces. Receives benefits of Portuguese Satellite. Spanish trade highly bolsters the economy increasing the quality of life and infrastructure there. Monarch's son is seen with a beautiful girl. 

United Mediterr. Improves infrastructure and quaility of life and begins to train many men as military reserves. United Mediterr. begins manufacturing mid-quality cars to sell to Europeans. UR and UM continue joint research on aircraft supercarrier. They continue construction of the hull. United Med seeks to strengthen relationship with Tunis and Malta. 

Sul: Begins being flooded with immigrants from Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro who do not wish to be part of Brazil, effectively ending the separatist movement in Sao Paulo. Roughly two million immigrants enter the nation causing huge stress on Sul's infrastructure. Sul asks UR for help in building housing for the immigrants. Sul's new immigrants do begin to build their own houses and contribute beginning to take on many previously unwanted jobs. The government of Sul puts the remaining immigrants to work improving infrastructure and the military...upgrading the army to 1.25. Closer ties are built with the UR. 

  • United Republics Diplomacy: will send monetary aid. 

Russia: Because of the Scandinavian civil war, supplies are sent to help Scandinavia deal with the Neo-Nazi movement. However, we condemn Scandinavia for threatening one of our allies and won't intervene militarily. Joint CSTO military policemen in the Polish region have stopped a mysterious convoy 100 miles from Warsaw, heading south west. The convoy that was stopped was from Nordic Germany and was delivering weapons secretly to New Romania, which is against Part IV of the CSTO charter. Because of this, New Romania is suspended from the CSTO for three months and all supplies secretly being sent to New Romania will be confiscated. Supplies from the Ukraine, Thrace, Greece, and Belarus are sent to Scandinavia to pacify the civil war as well. We welcome France as an observer to the CSTO. Troops are still being sent to the Korean Peninsula to assist our South Korean ally. Humanitarian aid and troops are still being sent to India for Operation: Indian Order. Most of the infection has been cleared in portions of the temporary occupied zone. 

Posting this for Russia, as he is in Cancun and asked me to post it for him. G greg e (talk)

Italy joins the alliance with Austria, Switzerland, Croatia and the other Italian states. 40.000 soldiers are sent into Gujarat to bring order and protect the zone from Zombies.

Austria: Austria builds up its military as a small naval force begins to be built after a new port/naval base is completed in the newly gained Slovenian coastline. Austria sends its army into Bavaria to kill Zombies and to annex German survivor states into Austria. With this, the Emperor declares the Habsburgs to be the Imperial rulers of all of Germany and he is now Emperor of all Germans.

United Republics: Continues to reform the Brazilian government. Installing a national government with the same structure as the UR first subdivision-level governments. Riots begin to calm in Rio de Janeiro with many immigrating to Sul or other nations such as Santa Cruz. Agents continue to work there way into low level governmental positions in Brazil (5-10%). UR and UM continue joint research on the highly advanced aircraft supercarrier. Construction of sections of the hull begins in Trinidade, Mar de Plata, and the remaining Atlantic Coast dry docks. Research is nearly complete (one turn remaining) and will revolutionize aircraft carriers forever. Rumors include that it was designed based on the current Russian supercarrier, the United Kingdom's and the US's. UR continues to develop and decrease poverty numbers. Literacy continues to rise to 92%. Naval forces continue to be outfitted with the most current technology. The cell phone becomes more reliable. USRA launches its MOVE satellites and they are on their way to Mars. Artimis Lunar Base begins construction to finish its buildings to improve its capacity to 40 people. MOVE begins to research and design its first Rover and will send a prototype to the moon as a "test" run. UR continues to improve relations with Bolivia, and attempts to with Peru, but no luck.  *Falklands: We continue to research nuclear fusion, and expect to have a rudimentary form of it by 1995.

Sorry, I already posted, so I struck my post through

Wu: Army builds up and modernizes. 110,000 soldiers are trained and are practicing and drilling on the Wu Northern border. Surplus food from farms is stored and secretly sent to Northern provinces. More guns and tanks are built. Spies are sent to Manchuria and Mongolia as submarines begin moving to Manchurian ports as scouts. Begins secretly spreading Wu propaganda in the nation of Manchuria and Mongolia. 12 黑鸢-4 are built. Asks for an alliance with South Korea. More Indian territory is taken and cleared of Zombies. Three new Zhilong submarines are built.

Chan Santa Cruz: After a serious and long lasting debate the governement narrowly votes to apply for observer status in CSTO. Massive celebrations are held as Mexico City is finally declared Zombie Free. We thank the US for their aid in clearing the city, which shall henceforth be called Tenochtitlan once more. We designate the city as a ULN Spaceport and Protectorate to be under the administration of ULNOOSA, for the usage of the peoples of Earth and the extention of the Human Race to the stars so that we might boldly go where no man has gone before. Our gift to mankind. We upgrade our armed forces by 0.25. We send aid to Dinetah. The football league is coming to an end this season with the Cancun Caimans and Villahermosa Falcons locked in a fierce title race. 

Sorry re-read and realised I had not C+P the entire turn from Word.

South Africa: Stage Three of the Plan continues in full swing. In Gabon, oil continues to create a boom in the area and families continue to grow. Town halls begin to become imporant centres in the new settlements. The buildings are thought to have been built in an European fashion, rather than just a boring old building. Roads bring in potential buyers and settlers alike, and more seem to arrive from South Africa. Settlers occupy all of former Equatorial Guinea as well. With the area safely in control of the South African settlers, heavy infrastructure construction begins in the colony. More children are born to settler families, and many schools are completed by workers working day and night. Most of those employed are the former Zombies who are being given Phlaxicortin-X. Their working speed is astonishing, and soon they can be seen all around the colony being employed. The army division in Gabon continues to clear out Zombie threat areas and make the nation safe for the settlers. The Cheetah III is produced in very heavy numbers, with deployment commencing in India. To ensure the Tanks get to the port safely, railway networks are extended and cleared up. Roads are also built all around the country as many white South Africans begin to move inland once more after the transformation of the land into fertile plains. Many begin to dub this the second Boer Migration. As a result, Infrastructure is upgraded by 0.25. The number of children being born continues to grow, and the population of South Africa increases by three million. The exporting of crops continues, yet the storing of grain continues. Jungles grow in the areas freed up for it, with endangered wildlife flourishing. The nation reports that almost 80% of its population follows Protestantism as a religion. Rapid progress in former Zimbabwe continues as another two Eastern provinces are captured by the nation and Zombies are given Phlaxicortin-X. They are used for heavy manual labour and the expansion and clearing of territories. The "Sud Afrikaan Katushas" are also transported to India, to be used to assist in the march inland. A whopping one million men are mobilised and sent to help in Operation Indian Order and clean up the area. The army is transported to the Indian sub-continent and joins up with the existing small force. The arrival of new men and weaponry serves as a huge moral boost, and as a result, and offensive into the inlands of India is launched. From the Bengali area of control, troops roll into Bihar and Jharkand - destroying Zombies in the thousands. Many soldiers do die in the Operation, but good planning and execution means that a very small number of casualties exist. As a result, the liberation becomes highly successful back home. Meanwhile, the Dutch consolidate their gains, and see a few army brigades arrive from South Africa to help them continue to expand. Gains are made into former provinces, yet the rate of the clearing out is slow as the nation takes its time. Survivors in the newly taken over German states are given Union Passports, and are encouraged to learn Dutch/Afrikaans and English. German is, however, still kept as a regional language.

One million might be a bit too much.

You have an ambitious generation, unsegregated and unisex armed forces, I think a Million might come pretty easy.

New Indian Hindu Republic: Even though India is infected with Zombies, a new nation rises up in the old capital New Delhi. the leader is a conservative Hindu leader, with the nickname 'Gandhi'. they established a self-sustaining nation that rapidly expands because news is spreading fast through scouts. New Delhi is still largely infected with Zombies but the new nation has plenty of supplies and guns because there are many guns in the slums and in the center there are many drugstores and groceries. The name of this nation is "नए भारतीय हिन्दू गणराज्य" or in English: "The New Indian Hindu Republic". The government type is a democracy and the population is nearly one thousand.

United States: Much of the coastline of Tamil Nadu is cleared and occupied by the United States. Ground forces begin moving into the western sections of the state. The refugee camp and base at Rameswaram is completed, and several thousand people are relocated there. Small refugee camps are also constructed along the coast of Tamil Nadu. With our trading partner Austria under attack, we end all trading with Scandinavia. We also remove Scandinavia from NATO.

  • RoS Diplomacy: We ask the US if we can purchase Union County, Snyder County, and Sullivan County to ease transportation and defense. We will pay any price.


The Holy Roman War, known to the Scandinavians as the Nordic War begins, with Scandinavia’s invasion of northern Germany. The states of Holy Roman Empire pass a resolution asking all states to mobilize forces to defend Germany. Austria is asked to send an army from Bavaria to meet the German locals. All Allied nations are asked to aid the Austrians (Italy, Switzerland, Croatia, Lombardy, and Venice).

The delegation in Berlin orders all states of the Holy Roman Empire to mobilize their forces. To prevent confusion and to consolidate the forces of the German people, the Bundeswehr is created, as a joint military led by the Holy Roman Empire. 150,000 soldiers are deployed to the border of Nordic Germany, preparing to liberate the north. More soldiers and militia begin to be trained. Some also view this as one of the first steps toward unification.

South African forces begin to clear much of southern Zambia, coming into contact with the nation of North Zambia. The nation of North Zambia asks South Africa for a non-aggression pact and trade agreement.

Outraged that the South Africans and Dutch are settling in Germany, many Germans and states of the Holy Roman Empire resist the occupation. Some even confuse the settlers for Scandinavians and fire shots at the settlers to drive them away. The German delegates in Berlin worn the South Africans and Dutch to leave, while many Scandinavian generals begin to consider an alliance with the South Africans.

All kingdoms of the Heptarchy are declared independent, although many are currently occupied by England. Delegates from each kingdom meet in secret to continue the war against England. The area around York and northern Wales is heavily pillaged by William Dowe.

The Battle of the Danevirke occurs (See Battle of Danevirke). The Separatists successfully hold the line against the Danish and Loyalist invaders.

Battle of Kiel algo is on talk page. Note: Battle is not over because of the extremely close score G greg e (talk) (algo maker for Scandinavian Civil War. 

Scandinavia continues to make progress in the mobilization of their armed forces, and soon has a large army ready to invade Kiel. The plan is to go by sea. Noticing evidence of sabotage, the Emperor creates the Hemstapolisen, the Secret State Police. A FSB officer is apprehended by the new organization (short for Hemligt staten Polisen) The Hemstatpolisen begins to suspect Russia.

  • Scandinavia asks for an alliance with the Netherlands, and asks Italy, Venice, Lombardy, and Croatia to not get involved in the war. We will send you aid both financially and militarily in your upcoming struggles, but we think that you need time to rebuild. Also, this was has little impact upon all of you. You are only allies of an ally of Kiel.
  • Russian Diplomacy: Italy is part of the CSTO and you have no influence on them after you've been kicked from the organization.
  • Scandinavia asks Russia why they are mad at us? We are simply in the middle of a civil war with a rebellious faction. We asks to be allowed back into the CSTO.
  • Russian Diplomacy: We are mad at you for starting a war with the HRE. Also, we're in the process of making a treaty, which may/may not bring you in the moment you sign it. A resolution will be made to see if you're eligible of joining back after the treaty is signed.
  • RoS Diplomacy: We place an embargo on your nation.  No foodstuff, military equipment, electronics, heavy industrial goods, clothing, etc. are allowed in.  We will send medical equipment and supplies for your civilian population, and if you let back a bit on the aggression, we will allow foodstuff back in.  If Scandinavia completely pulls out of the war, the embargo will be completely lifted.

Japan: Japan continues to build up the Self Defence Forces and infrastructure is improved. Some of the Maritime Self Defence Force still continues to patrol around Japan. Synthpop, Electro, Techno, and Trance continue to rise in popularity. The Republic of Kyushu continues to rebuild the island. The liberation of Kerala continues and a few more ships are sent to Kochi. Tatsunori Katsumata continues his plans for creating the next Touhou game.

Russia: Because of Scandinavia's corrupt state, an embargo is issued as of now against the nation. However, this is not a declaration of war. We send supplies to Holy Roman Empire. Ukraine, Greece, Bulgaria, and Belarus. We also send supplies to the Holy Roman Empire to aid them in their defense against Scandinavia. Troops and supplies are sent to neighboring nations of Scandinavia that are in the CSTO. In case Scandinavia has to be pacified, invasion plans are already mapped out. An operation known as Operation: Baltic Thunder will commence if need be. However, Operation: Baltic Thunder will only commence after six months or more after the war on the Korean Peninsula ends. Operation: Baltic Thunder will be our first strike after a declaration of war between Russia and Scandinavia, and will start with the destruction of the Scandinavian Navy, which is then followed by a massive amphibious assault on various important metropolitan areas and military installations, including their capital of Stockholm. After this has been accomplished, large amounts of ground forces will move in by land through the Finnish-Russian border. Thus, isolating the Scandinavian military, and throwing them into complete disarray. Our newest military satellites, equipped with radio jammers and guidance system disrupters is re-located over Scandinavia, effectively halting all wireless communications within the nation. We urge all of the CSTO to send supplies and troops in case this operation has to commence. NATO is also asked to send troops and supplies for this same reason and to help enforce the embargo on this rogue nation. About 2,000,000 troops from our reserve will be called if Operation: Baltic Thunder commences. Operation: Indian Order is still going really well in the northwestern provinces of India. Almost all of the infection has been cleared in our specified zone of temporary occupation. Politicians and government figureheads of the previous Indian government have been located within this region; many becoming Pro-Russian. The forming of a new government for the whole of India has started to develop. With Pyongyang under South Korean control, the war on the Korean Peninsula is beginning to slow down. Hundreds of North Korean troops begin abandoning their posts and surrendering to the Joint-CSTO forces quickly advancing and gaining ground. With no major metropolitan area or major military installation left to capture the war is virtually over. Most troops are being pulled out. However, about 500,000 Russian troops are still on the Korean Peninsula fighting the war. A message is said to the whole of the CSTO: Any nation supporting or sending aid to Scandinavia will be declared hostile and be kicked from the organization. Secret: FSB agents are sent into Scandinavia and have successfully infiltrated multiple oil refineries/rigs, power plants, factories, dry docks, and media outlets. A sabotaging campaign of the Scandinavian war machine and industry has started, know as Operation: Invisible War. This operation is only talked about and known by the Russian High Command/STAVKA and the FSB agents that have been sent to Scandinavia. Intelligence reports have stated so far that about one-fourth of all industry in the country has been infiltrated and have also given us the location of all naval vessels in the Baltic Sea. Agents have also reported that the sabotaging campaign has delayed the construction and assembly of military vehicles. So far the operation is going successfully well since Scandinavia was never an espionage state, making them an easy target to the FSB and other federal agencies of Russia due to the country's inexperience in dealing with espionage; thus giving us a decisive advantage. An offer is made to the CIA and the FBI of the United States of America to further enhance our relations by working together in Operation: Invisible War. Our army score is upgraded to 3.25. I was able to post this from my dad's laptop. Edboy452 (talk) 20:35, June 21, 2013 (UTC)

  • Russian Diplomacy: We ask South Africa to stop spreading their influence in the German provinces, since this will disrupt relations with our new ally Austria.
  • South African Diplomacy: We respect Russia's wishes, but we are negotiating this with Austria directly. We hope to gain a definitive border claim this way.
  • Russian Diplomacy: We're OK with this, then.
  • RoS Diplomacy: We are deploying 10,000 active troops, 3000 National Guardsmen, 12 F-12's, and 24 F-4's for Operation Baltic Thunder.

Vietnam: We put more forces on the front line. The push back against the Zombies is now moving at a decent speed. We train 1000 new soldiers, and two Lạc Long Quân destroyers have been finished and put in the water. The election has taken place and have been tallied, Phan Cao has won by a narrow margin. It was a tight race but Phan Cao came out on top. Vietnam is now a democracy. it will take time for everyone to accept it so Vietnam will fully become one in six months (two turns).

Commonwealth: Sanctions are placed on Scandinavia. Troops and supplies are sent to the Holy Roman Empire. A spy program on Scandinavia begins. Canberra experiences a large flood and a good portion of the city is evacuated. (Referencing the Calgary flood last night). Parliament is suspended until the flood is resolved. Misting of Los Angeles and the midwest begins. Development and expansion continues. A river in New Zealand has also burst its banks and restricts trade and causes a moderate fall in the economy. 
Slide 304185 2595879 free

Semi Trucks and Traffic are backed up for miles in the New Zealand Alps (Note the flow in the foreground)

The Almighty hyperempire of Las Cruces: The Military/Missile facility is explored more. The city continues to be built. Zombies continue to be slaughtered, with a few casualties. Trade continues. Roads begin to be built to the farms.

Northern California: The first stage of the invasion of the Bay Republic begins. Crusaders in the Desert Republic (a NoCal colony) are being armed with North Californian weapons, and deployed in the outskirts of the Bay Republic as guerrillas. Reconstruction in Salton continues. The army builds up secretly for the main step of the invasion. The navy in Salton continues to mobilize. Quality of life improves due to new healthcare laws and improved education system, and an economic boom. This would be my very last post... I will return soon, if I have enough free time, like holidays. IstocnoSarajevo (talk) 00:01, June 22, 2013 (UTC)

I could offer you an invitation to the commonwealth union as an associated state, full autonomy, under some control, while you are gone Canada2hy Hypothetical Alberta Blue Ensign Flag of Australasian team for Olympic games OreoToast555(Talk) 00:22, June 22, 2013 (UTC)

Nordic Germany: We think that all the North German states should join us. We ask that Scandinavia becomes less bad and if that happens we will rejoin. Local militias grow as Kiel is fortified. A daring naval assault is secretly planned on Copenhagen.

  • RoS Diplomacy: The RoS Atlantic Fleet (Task Force One and Task Force Four) are moved to Nordic Germany to transport troops for them, and provide cover fire. 
Dinetah: The war against Las Vegas continues (I need an algorithm!) The Haskie Tower is completed, and it becomes a major tourist attraction in Dinetah, with the Mile High hotel attracting tourists from as far off as Cascadia and Susquehanna. American homesteads begin to appear in Colorado, and it is safe to say that now Dinetah borders America. Ideas continue to be diffused, with Durango being a major center, especially of electronics. Jim Bartholomew figures out how the Japanese game console works and he and a few friends set up an electronics company named Warchief Electronics, Inc. Tourism is on the rise in Dinetah, with a major destination being the San Juan River Valley. Resorts are built. Revere/Bryce Simic is sent to the Northern Californians upon their request.
Shoshone (Civ5)

The logo of Warchief Electronics.

France: We beginning the Surprise Assault on Stuttgart and Frankfurt beginning French invasion of a disunited Germany. 500,000 troops of our 800,000 strong military are used. French integration of Britanny and Picardy ends (map update, please) and we begin consolidation of the economy. We also begin recruitment of another 150,000 by the next few months (turns) to allow for enough working room in France. Our battle plan consists of a blitzkrieg-style of Warfare, High speed, efficient in which precision artillery strikes and airstrikes level military positions. The tanks, however, proceed around the city entrapping many civilians in the city with the military attempting to force the military units into a surrender for the sake of the civilians. More forces deploy into the city in squads favoring localized conflict in hotspots rather than stand up heavy engagements. The ends up punching small holes for soldiers to slip through making the enemy lines porous and likely to collapse if given the right push. This is done on both cities. Algo coming

Just asking, what are your reasons for attacking two city-states of the HRE, you know this will get you destroyed right and most likely kicked from the CSTO?

I think it's wiser to keep Brittany and Picardy as vassals.

Texas experiences two great tragedies. The first, the deaths of multiple senators and partial destruction of the senate building. Before the disaster, the senate was discussing the situation in Scandinavia. A former KNP 'reformist' and senator, one of the last from the party, snuck an explosive underneath his suit. In the midst of a heated argument between several legislators, he activated it. No one noticed the counting down from all the yelling going on. Moments before the bomb went off, the senator stood up and declared, "This one's for Duke." The explosion killed five senators and injured more than a dozen. He proved to be no reformist, just a hardliner in hiding.

Concurrently, protests at the President's Mansion were occurring. They had been nearly constantly since Operation Flyover Country was announced. Rezurrectionists mostly, but lately the KNP had been appearing as well. Then, in the middle of the night, one protestor got an idea. This person remains unidentified, but what they did was unmistakable. Witnesses reported something being lit on fire and thrown at the president's mansion. It went up in flames as protestors cheered. The fire department came, but they were blocked by the crowds. When they arrived, they found the president, George Bush, badly burned and in critical condition. His wife was unconscious but not as badly injured. They were immediately rushed to a hospital, but it remains unclear whether Bush will survive.

After the news broke out, riots emerged across the nation. The police had trouble keeping control. In San Antonio, they turned violent. The military is ready to move in if it should get any worse. It seems as if the KNP is back, but much worse than before.

  • Dinetah Diplomacy: We immediately send 5000 troops to Texas to help enforce the law.
  • Chan Santa Cruz Diplomacy: We send a detachment of aid, such as we can give, along with a squad of 500 elite troops to protect the Governemtal head whilst Bush is in hospital. We also send anti-rezurectionist leaflets, dropped by bomber. If the government wishes to go into exile at any point we will host you.
  • Northern California Diplomacy:  'We ask permission to air anti-rezurectionist propaganda on Texan television. President Reagan appears on the propaganda shot, branding the Rezurrectionists as "insane criminals", whom which was also one of the factors that led to former PM Perez's assassination. I won't be posting anything frequently after June 24, 2013 (GMT +8 time zone), but I will if I have time. IstocnoSarajevo (talk) 12:24, June 22, 2013 (UTC)
  • United Republics Diplomacy: Aid is sent. Money is sent to back and support peaceful pro-hispanic equality political parties. 
  • RoS Diplomacy: 200 SWAT members are sent, a counter-terror unit (20 men) are sent from the Columbia Guard, and 400 National Guardsmen are sent. We offer to bring President Bush to Geisinger which has the best burn clinic in North America for free treatment, along with any others injured.
  • Texas accepts the RoS's and Northern California's offers.

Colombia: Military is built up. Navy expands, the conquest of Honduras and Nicaragua is finished. Colombia lays claims on previously Brazilian Amazonas.

  • Russian Diplomacy: We ask Colombia if they want to join the CSTO.
  • Nordic Germany Diplomacy: We ask Columbia for naval aid in this daring war because navy is one thing we lack. We ask for military intervention and aid.

The New Indian Hindu Republic has a new abbreviation: The Hindu Rep. Most of New Delhi and surrounding areas are now lightly infected. The population is now 3000 people. Businesses such as supermarkets and post offices are operative again. By this the industry went from 1.00 to 1.25.

  • Nordic Germany Diplomacy: We ask the New Indian Hindu Republic for naval aid in this daring war because navy is one thing we lack. We ask for military intervention and aid.

Chan Santa Cruz: The Cancun Caimans win the league on goal difference, with the last match occuring between the two top teams, coincidently (5-4 to the Caimans). With Colombia enchroching ever northward we ask belize if they wish to come under our protection. More aid is sent to Dinetah. Due to the continual aid giving and war economy industry upgrades by 0.25.

  • Nordic Germany Diplomacy: We ask Chan Stanta Cruz for naval aid in this daring war because navy is one thing we lack. We ask for military intervention and aid.

Wu: Army builds up and modernizes. 110,000 soldiers are trained and are practicing and drilling on the Wu Northern border. Surplus food from farms is stored and secretly sent to Northern provinces. More guns and tanks are built. Spies are sent to Manchuria and Mongolia as some submarines are seen in Daliang. Begins secretly spreading Wu propaganda in the nation of Manchuria and Mongolia. 12 黑鸢-4 are built. Asks for an alliance with South Korea. More Indian territory is taken and cleared of Zombies. Three new Zhilong submarines are built. The first private newspaper is out named the "The China Daily". Also, the first private TV channel, Phoenix News, is developed. Army score reaches 3.25. Population reaches 620 million. Patriotic Movie "Bloodstained Movie" is out in Wu theatres. The plot is about a war hero in the Wu-Yue war, who sacrificed himself by igniting a gunpowder room to save him comrades from a Yue attack, which has previously trapped his squadron in a small district of the city Ningde. 

South Korea: Joint-CSTO forces from the south and Russian forces in the north meet at Anju and surround it. Meanwhile in Pyongyang, permanent buildings such as stores, houses, office buildings, and hospitals are beginning to be reconstructed.

United Republics: UR continues to reform the Brazilian government. Pro UR politicians are installed and recommended wherever possible, including UR specil agents (6-11%). URSA continues maintaining Artimus Lunar Base, URSA Space Station, and research on MOVE vehicles. UR occupation of their Indian regions diminishes signicantly again, as the UR has helped create and train local governments and police and military forces. Out of the three republics created, the Republic of Goa remains significantly close and tied ideologically to the UR. UR and UM researchers finish research on the advanced supercarrier, and construction continues. UR continues to build and improve infrastructure and the train system, launching 12 new trains and improving highway and roads. Research on improving solar panels begins again. GPS is sold for the first time to citizens. UR calls for the LAL to host a meeting to discuss Brazilian and Colombian claims on the Amazon, in hopes to avoid violent conflict. Navy upgrades by 0.25 due to new aircraft carrier research and the weapons research that occured as well for outfitting the supercarrier. 

  • Nordic Germany Diplomacy: We ask the UR for naval aid in this daring war because navy is one thing we lack. We ask for military intervention and aid.

Republic of Susquehanna: The government declares an embargo on Scandinavia.  The first official airliner is started based out of Sunbury International Airport.  It is named Northumberland Air. The company manages 26 AHI 626's (OTL: Boeing 727), 14 AHI 121 (OTL: Boeing 737), and three AHI 929 (OTL: Boeing 747).  They fly flights to the nations of : Texas, Russia, Wu, the United Republics, Republic of Italy, UIC, Nordic Germany, the United States, Dinetah, North Californa, Chan Santa Cruz, Portugal, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, India, South Korea, and several other nations.

The amphibious assault ship is complete.  30 M-1 McDade battle tanks are complete.  24 F-12's are built, along with ten transport planes.  The army upgrades 0.25.

United Mediterr. Finishes development of the advanced supercarrier. Continues to improve infrastructure as the economy begins to boom due to the new trade agreements. However, government economic policy becomes contraction to stablize economic growth at 3-4%. Navy upgrades by 0.25 due to new aircraft carrier research and the weapons research that occured as well for outfitting the supercarrier. 

Portugal: Continues to see development of Spanish-Portuguese mixture. Military score increases by 0.25. Solar panels begin integration into the grid system. Another satellite is launched. 

Granada: Continues to see development of Spanish-Portuguese mixture. Begins using satellites. Military score increases by 0.25. Infrastructure continues to be developed. Solar panels begin to be integrated into the grid system. 

Sul: Continues to support and adverstise their joint World Cup Bid with Brazil. Sul's relations with Brazil begin improving due to the UR reformation of the the Brazilian gov. Military score increases 0.25. Immigrants begin to be put to work in the government department of transportation and construction works. This improves the economy and puts many new jobs into the community. 

South Africa: Stage Three of the Plan continues in full swing. In Gabon, oil continues to create a boom in the area and families continue to grow. Heavy infrastructure projects continue at full pace. A huge chain of railroads begins to be laid out by the South African settlers, who receive the steel from South Africa, as well as buying them from other nations around the world. More children are born to settler families, and family sizes begin to become slightly big. Phlaxicortin-X continues to prove a huge asset as friendly Zombies continue to be employed to build up the roads and railway lines. Many airstrips are also cleared out around the colony to make transportation in rural areas safer and easier. A large airport begins construction in the capital city of the colony. The work takes place at break-neck speed. The army numbers in the colony is reduced as Zombies found are just given Phlaxicortin-X. The Cheetah III is produced in very heavy numbers, proving its value to commanders in India as they fight rogue elements and Zombie Hordes. Railroad construction continues at a good speed all around the nation, opening up remote parts to migrants. Roads are also build all around the country, yet it is clear that the council are focusing on railroads, as it will prove better as transporting people. The second Boer Migration continues as large families head inward. They have with them small hordes of former Zombies, who help lay railroads to make the journey inland easier. As a result, Infrastructure is upgraded by 0.25. The number of children being born continues to grow, and the population of South Africa increases by three million. Food remains plentiful and jungles grow in the areas freed up for it, with endangered wildlife flourishing. The nation reports that almost 80% of its population follows Protestantism as a religion. Rapid progress in former Zimbabwe continues and it is finally confirmed that th whole of the former nation belongs to South Africa. The army quickly injects Phlaxicortin-X to the hordes they encounter, helping to keep worker numbers high. The area begins to be rebuilt by these workers. In Zambia, relations with the survivor state is opened, and a non-aggression pact is signed, along with a trade agreement. South Africa immediately begins to provide the nation with resources to be on favourable psition with the nation. The "Sud Afrikaan Katushas" are used to great effectiveness against hostile forces in India, as the army continues its march inward. The army spreads out to cover more area and this helps remove Zombies very quickly. Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh and Haryana are all liberated, and South African units helpmaintain order in the area. A rudimentary power  base is establsihed to keep whatever people alive represented. As a result, the liberation continues to be highly successful back home. The Council approve of a secret project codenamed Project Clean, which it hopes could solve its energy problems. The nation gathers its best nuclear scientists and begins to reseach Nuclear Power using thorium as a fuel source. An advantage of Thorium is that its waste cannot be used to create nuclear bombs, making it safer for nations to use. The nation secretly asks the United Republics if they would like to join the project.

Netherlands: The Dutch ferociously defend their new-found lands, and will not back down from land they claim as rightfully theirs. Even more gains are made into provinces, this time - yet the forces reach their maximum expansion areas. They promise other states such as Kiel they will not expand any further. To sort out the row with the HRE, they meet with Austria and decide what's best for both (Von, if you would be able to kindly state that we have an agreement on borders, that would be great). Survivors in the newly taken over German states are given Union Passports, and are encouraged to learn Dutch/Afrikaans and English. German is, however, still kept as a regional language. The Dutch, and South Africa with them, restart up the aircraft company Airbus, pouring large amounts of money into creating new factories for aircraft and such. Austria is invited to join this project to resurrect the company. As a result, the nation upgrades industry by 0.25.


The nation of France begins its invasion of Holy Roman land. Much of Baden-Württemberg is overrun by the French, forcing the Germans to retreat into Bavaria. At Munich the army of Austria, commanded under Franz Aehrenthal, heads west to meet the French at Ulm. The Austrian army of 300,000, grouped with 200,000 Italians and Swiss, and 50,000 German militia, engages the French (algorithm coming soon). 

Waiting on Italian and Austrian forces, however, but the forces and nations per side won't make a huge difference G greg e (talk)

The 150,000-strong Bundeswehr is ordered to cross the border into Nordic Germany and help the defense at Kiel. The city is fortified, and the defenders are prepared for a costly battle. The army at Kiel is estimated to be about 216,000-strong, plus thousands of lightly armed militia and townspeople who help to fortify the town.

The Heptarchists under William Dowe meet a small English force at Blackpool. The battle is a decisive English victory, and WIlliam Dowe is killed. The Heptarchists army of the north regroups at Wigan, and Dowe’s son, Kevin, is chosen as general. Rather than risk another campaign into northern England, Kevin Dowe orders the force into Wales. The Welsh people, who were largely uninterested by the war are surprised by the movement. Some Heptarchists also have doubts about going to close to Holyhead, where the English base is located.

Belize receives Chan Santa Cruz’s offer for greater protection and decides to join the nation. After a vote among the government, Belize becomes the next provincial state of Chan Santa Cruz.

Following the outbreak of war, there is a resurgence of nationalism across Austria. Deidrich Dopfer, who expresses that he does not want to be considered for reelection despite popular opinion, returns to his position as general to aid in the war. In the 1992 elections nationalist candidate, Arnold Schwarzenegger is elected speaker of the house.

The American Army is repulsed by the Confederates after they prove that their "militia" was in fact a highly trained army. The Arkansas War ends after the Confederate soldiers who caused the border incident are executed for treason.

There is no reason to believe that the Confederates could hide a highly trained army. No algorithm appears to have been made for the Arkansas War, so no action should be taken until one is. Doctor Evulz (talk) 01:01, June 23, 2013 (UTC)

Japan: Japan continues to build up the Self Defence Forces and infrastructure is improved. Some of the Maritime Self Defence Force still continues to patrol around Japan. Synthpop, Electro, Techno, and Trance continue to rise in popularity. The Republic of Kyushu continues to rebuild the island. The liberation of Kerala continues. Tatsunori Katsumata finishes his plans for creating the next Touhou game, 東方幻想郷 ~ Lotus Land Story and begins construction.

Vietnam we train 1000 new soldiers and continue building two more Lạc Long Quân destroyers. We upgrade our navy to 1.25. we almost fully liberated all of Laos from thee infected, once we finish up there we will start sending more troops to liberate Cambodia. Six more months then we can oafishly turn over to being a democracy.

Commonwealth: Continues whatever we were doing last turn. Development and expansion continue. The flood in canberra lasts for two weeks after it started and has been resolved. Cleanup begins. Heavy rain continues in New Zealand, with products within expected to be delayed 24 hours due to flooding and washing-away of roads through the southern Alps.

  • RoS Diplomacy: 1000 tons of steel are sent to aid in the reconstruction.  Heavy machinery is sent to aid in cleanups, and 200 tons of asphalt is sent to reconstruct roads.
  • Commonwealth Diplomacy: We thank the RoS and ask to exchange embassies and emissaries. 
  • RoS Diplomacy: We accept the Commonwealths offer, and ask if they can provide troops or aid eventually to help us fight off French aggression?  If not, it is okay.
  • Commonwealth Diplomacy: We are already fighting on the 'anti-France' front.

Russia: Due to France’s random aggression against the Holy Roman Empire, they are removed from the CSTO. More troops from the Korean Peninsula are being called back. However, about 20,000 Russian troops still maintain their posts. Supplies are being sent to Nordic Germany through Poland and by the Baltic Sea. Greece, Ukraine, Belarus, Bulgaria, and Thrace begin mobilizing supplies as well to aid our ally from the Scandinavian threat. SCUD cruise missile launchers and BM-30 Smerches, armed with the new Swarmer anti-ship missile are stationed along the Baltic and Barents Sea coastline in case of any naval threat. Intelligence reports from FSB agents in Scandinavia are reporting the roundup of African-Scandinavians, Jews, and homosexuals. Various agents in the region have confirmed the reports. Looking back at the Fourth Geneva Convention, this breaks Article 13, Part II, including Article 5, Part I, and partially breaks Article 33, Part III. To increase the protection of our tanks, a new series of ERA (Explosive Reactive Armor) is developed. Using Boron Nitride, reactive armor plates now have two sections called DERAPS (Dual Explosive Reactive Armor Protection System). The outer half of a DERAPS plate (one that faces away from the tank) is the regular charge that blasts off when a projectile hits the plate. The second part of a DERAPS armor plate is a regular slab of external armor on the tank which is approximately four inches thick and equivalent to 250mm (10 in) of steel plating. With the DERAPS a T-90 tank has an equivalent to 1,600mm (63 in) of steel plating as armor against HEAT rounds and approximately 900mm (35 in) of steel plating against conventional to advanced armor piercing rounds. All tanks of the Russian Ground Forces will be equipped with the new DERAPS system shortly. Factories have built about 400 T-90 tanks. Shipyards and dry-docks have constructed about nine Udaloy-Class destroyers, seven Sevromenny-Class destroyers, three Kara-Class cruisers, and two Slava-Class cruisers. Construction has begun on three new capital ships, two of which are Kirov-Class battlecruisers, and one of which is an Ulyanovsk-Class aircraft carrier. All three of these ships should be completed at the end of the year. Submarines continue to be put back on the production line as well, with the objective of building at least seven more Alfa-Class Attack/Hunter submarines. We still ask any nations within the CSTO and NATO if they want to send aid for Operation: Baltic Thunder. Ground transported CIWS are strategically placed within Nordic Germany to stop airstrikes, artillery barrages, and other munitions such as cruise missiles. Submarine designers at Admiralty Shipyards have come up with a new class of submarine for the Russia Navy, called the Red-October-Class, which is so far considered a milestone in Russian Naval history. This specific-class has a new type of nuclear powered engine called the CaPES (Caterpillar Propulsion Engine System). This type of caterpillar engine is made out of an alloy of fiberglass, rubber, aluminum, and steel, reducing its thermal signature and overall sound of the engine itself. Because of CaPES the Red-October-Class can nearly outperform the Alfa-Class (fastest submarine in the world), with a top speed of 36 knots submerged, and ten knots surfaced; making this the world’s second fastest submarine in existence. Another thing that makes this submarine so revolutionary is its deadly universal load out. Armed with 24 Swarmer anti-ship missiles (missile racks can be outfitted with nuclear ballistic missiles), 42 torpedoes with six forward tubes and two aft tubes, and 28 mines. The first five of the Red-October-Class should be built in nine months. Another 25 of these new submarines are ordered as well. Another offer is made for Colombia to join the CSTO.

Isn't Red October a film? 

The Red October was a unique Soviet built submarine from the novel written by Tom Clancy called The Hunt for Red October. This novel was made into a film.

I don't have a problem with the sub itself, but you need to announce that you're researching these things, take the proper time to develop a sub with such technology, and then the proper time to actually build one. You're just jumping over a few steps here and there. G greg e (talk) 23:46, June 22, 2013 (UTC)

  • RoS Diplomacy: We ask for Russian support in the war.

France: We pre-emptively attack the coalition force advancing on us with a full on frontal tanks assault distracting their forces while we outmaneuver them up around their northern side and hit them from the side. We recruit another 50,000 troops to bolster homeland defence. (algo coming)  Algo completedG greg e (talk) 02:47, June 23, 2013 (UTC)

We Upgrade industry to 1.5.

  • RoS Diplomacy: Because we are allied with Germany, we declare war on France.  7000 troops are deployed to Germany to aid the German military.  500 National Guardsmen are sent to Switzerland, and 200 National Guardsmen are sent to Austria.  Flight One provides air support, hitting artillery and convoys.  Three armored units are sent to provide heavy support. Anti-missile units are placed on RoS Navy ships, and are sent off the coast of Nordic Germany in preparation for Operation: Nordic Thunder, and defend our military from missile strikes.

Republic of Susquehanna: The RoS declares war on France for using civilians as a way to forceably conquer enemy territory, and for the unprovoked attack.  If France withdraws back to the pre-war borders, or even stops their invasion, we will pull out our troops.  At home, the population agrees with the war in France.  Reconstruction of Berwick and Bloomsburg is complete.  The government sponsors the Iron Heritage Festival in Danville, Montour County.  It has music, food vendors, games, a race, re-enactments from the civil war, a fly-in by civilian pilots, the Air Force and Northumberland Air.  There is a kayak and canoe race from Bloomsburg to Danville, and a historical iron forge makes trinkets for people.  The festival is free.

Industry upgrades 0.25.

Nordic Germany: Sends spies into Copenhagen to prepare for the secert invasion. Musscoree pot for me next week. Please. Octivian Marius (talk)

South Korea (1992.50): Joint-CSTO and Russian forces have captured Anju. With the victory at Anju the Korean War of Unification officially ends and the Koreas are finally once again united. There is much celebration is Seoul and in Northern Korea major clean up begins and aid is sent everywhere. In Pyongjang the construction of permanent buildings has finished and the expansion of housing and hospitals in Pyongyang begins. Upgrades industry by 0.25.

Just a question, does this mean now all of your turns should start with Korea: instead of South Korea: or no, your nation hasn't changed its name yet? Edboy452 (talk) 02:26, June 23, 2013 (UTC)

The turns Ugly sent me change the title from South Korea to Korea in his next turn. G greg e (talk)

Texas sees San Antonio under rebel control, just as in the Civil War. Tanks roll down the street, mostly for intimidation since firing them would cause too much collateral damage. Support for the rebels is high in West Texas and Paso del Norte, where a recent influx of immigrants brought Rezurrectionists to power. The police there have either become traitors or have fled in fear. A lucky few manage to escape. The rest are captured. It become clear that this was planned - for years maybe. With President Bush in an ICU in Susquehanna and Congress still shaken up, there is a lack of official calls to action. Many are unsure of what to do and police forces are disorganized. While the military has a numerical advantage, they are not the best trained for urban warfare. Thus, the rebels use an old enemy of Texas: guerrilla tactics. This isn't just another Duke's Revolt.

  • RoS Diplomacy: President Bush is responding well to the treatment.  We deploy 300 anti-riot police with five armored riot control vehicles.  50 active troops accompany them, that are heavly armed.  Plans to withdraw 2000 troops from Germany are made and re-deploy them in Texas, if the riots turn into another Civil War.  Two Coast Guard cutters are sent to patrol the Gulf Coast, and prevent smugglers from sneaking ammo and weapons in.
  • Chan Santa Cruz Diplomacy: We ask for permission to bomb rebel stronghold and continue dropping anti-rebel leaflets.
  • Texas Dip: We don't wishing for bombing just yet, but you may continue dropping leaflets.
  • The South Africans would like to better relations with an observing member of CSTO. We are willing to send an aircraft carrier and three destroyers to help the Texans if things get out of hand.
  • Texas Dip: We accept. To better relations, we propose constructing embassies in each of our nations.
  • Agreed. The South Africans offer the Texans space to construct their embassy in their nation.

Northern California: The invasion of the Bay Republic continues. Crusader guerrillas begin to ravage the outer rim of the country, as far as Sacramento. The main army begins to mass on the border of the Bay Republic. We are also interested in intervening in the situation in Scandinavia by sending a group of secret agents there together with Texan forces to foment a rebellion there to depose the Fascist King Haakon and if possible, establish a republic. On the domestic front however, the tide of protests staged by Rezurrectionists increase, which provoked the National Assembly to grant PM McDale unlimited dictatorial authority for six months. The leader of the feared Emancipators, Bryce Simic (popularly known as Revere), together with the assassin Nick Whiplash, and other conspirators involved in ex-PM Perez's assassination, is hanged in public in Eureka. The event was covered live on television. This is now my very last post for now. I have to go to school. but I'll return soon. IstocnoSarajevo (talk) 08:33, June 23, 2013 (UTC)

The New Hindu Rep.: Slowly progress in Zombie 'territory'.  Would Wu be interested in an alliance with us?

Wu Dip: The Chinese Republic of Wu honors the alliance between Wu and the New Hindu Rep and asks them to send supplies if they can due to Wu's great war to unify China.

Chan Santa Cruz: Celebrations are held throughout the land as Belize officialy joins out nation on the 25th June 1992, the 11th anniversary of contact with the outside world. Our naval powers are ugraded (+0.25) and several ships are sent to aid the Texans with shore bombardment if they so wish. English is taught as a second laguage because of dealings with Texas and Dinetah.

  • Texas Dip: We accept the ships.

Wu: Army builds up and modernizes. 1,100,000 soldiers are trained and are practicing and drilling on the Wu Northern border. The government renames itself the Chinese Republic of Wu. The plan is in effect and Wu declares war on Manchuria and Mongolia after a terrorist attack on Beijing, destroying a part of the Forbidden City. The Government accuses Manchuria of plotting this attack and also declared war on Mongolia for "incursions into Wu territory for a long period of time). Asks Japan, the United States, 1,100,000 soldiers attacks Manchuria first as in the plan. Surplus food from farms is stored and secretly sent to Northern provinces. More guns and tanks are built. Spies are sent to Manchuria and Mongolia as some submarines are seen in Daliang. Begins secretly spreading Wu propaganda in the nation of Manchuria and Mongolia. 12 黑鸢-4 are built. Asks for an alliance with South Korea. More Indian territory is taken and cleared of Zombies. Three new Zhilong submarines are built. (not finished yet)

United Republics: Continues reformation of Brazilian government. However, this is almost complete. UR continues to install mid-level politicians, a national government like the UR's state government is formed. Some "experts" think this is because the UR wishes to keep Brazil's options open if they ever wish to join the UR. UR finishes occcupation of India and its three newly fledged republics all maintained under the political and economic influence of the UR, efficently becoming satelitte states. The Republic of Goa is maintained under direct UR ideological, poltical and economic control, and culturally some UR and hispanic immigrants head to Vasco da Gama. URSA maintains the Space Station and adds another research wing to the area. Artimus Lunar Base is added onto, increase the facility to now be the home of 35 people. MOVE satelittes reach Mars and begin monitoring the planet. UR continues to increase and improve infrastructure of highways and adds additional rail lines in Buenos Aires and Montevideo to assist in commuters and travel as a whole. Uruguay remains a top tourist destination capping off another winter with a massive influx of European, Asian and American tourists. UR soccer leagues experiences a boom of talent from Brazil. An official UR baseball league is started with 16 teams forming four divisions. UR-UM's supercarrier's hull construction is complete and now weapons, armour, armaments begin to be installed including top of the line armour, anti-air, anti-ship/tank, chaff missile defense system, quiet engines, its own ship guns (details not released yet) and the capacity to hold, fuel and maintain 65 aircraft, ten large helicopters and hold 15 amphibious assault craft. This massive craft's design and sketch was seen for the first time by the public and outside technology experts claim to be undoubtedly the best ship technology in the world.  Because of this design the UR's naval score increases by 0.25. Ties are strengthend with Sul. 

Sul: Continues to develop infrastructure and high speed rail along the coast and the three capitals to Montevideo (Montevideo - Rio Grande - Porto Alegre - Florianpolis - Blumenau - Curibita). 

Portugal: Continues to build up and advance in technology. Raises military score by 0.25. This is due to the integration of satellite technology and better weapons. 

Granada: Continues mixed Spanish-Portuguese culture and language. Raises industrial score by 0.25.

United Mediterr.: UR-UM's supercarrier's hull construction is complete and now weapons, armour, armaments begin to be installed including top of the line armour, anti-air, anti-ship/tank, chaff missile defense system, quiet engines, its own ship guns (details not released yet) and the capacity to hold, fuel and maintain 65 aircraft, ten large helicopters and hold 15 amphibious assault craft. This massive craft's design and sketch was seen for the first time by the public and outside technology experts claim to be undoubtedly the best ship technology in the world.  Because of this design the UM's naval score increases by 0.25. Construction continues on this carrier. UM continues to improve infrastructure and quality of life. 

South Africa: Stage Three of the Plan continues in full swing. In Gabon, oil continues to create a boom with large amounts of money being earned by the collectives. Railroads all around the nation continued to be laid down by the settlers, helping to create a chain of transport routes for settlers. More children are born to settler families, and family sizes begin to become slightly big. Airstrips are cleared out and many begin operation as aircraft land and supply remote parts. The large airport at the capital of the colony continues construction at breakneck speed. Phlaxicortin-X continues to be used and helps make more friendly Zombies. The Cheetah III is produced in very heavy numbers, proving its value to commanders in India as they fight rogue elements and Zombie Hordes. Railroads and roads are also build all around the country, yet as thousands of miles of railroad is laid, the train services open up routes to inland towns and villages, which begin to boom. The second Boer Migration continues as large families head inward. Personal railroad construction joins up with the main construction routes, helping expand the areas covered. The number of children being born continues to grow, and the population of South Africa increases by three million. Food remains plentiful and jungles grow in the areas freed up for it, with endangered wildlife flourishing. The nation reports that almost 80% of its population follows Protestantism as a religion. Exploration and clearing out of former Zambia continues. The navy sees a bit of competition from the United Republics, and begins to develop in secret a few advanced submaries, which they hope will be powered by Project Clean. As a result, the Navy upgrades by 0.25. The army quickly injects Phlaxicortin-X to the hordes they encounter, helping to keep worker numbers high. The area begins to be rebuilt by these workers. The "Sud Afrikaan Katushas" are used to great effectiveness against hostile forces in India, as the army continues its march inward. The army spreads out to cover more area and this helps remove Zombies very quickly. The areas secured are consolidated while clearing out of territories begins to the east. As a result, the liberation continues to be highly successful back home. Project Thorium continues at a good pace, and research is useful. Papers from the reseach pre-apocalypse is also acquired. The nation secretly asks the United Republics if they would like to join the project again. The nation also begins to fund a Space Program which they hope can take them to the stars. Dutch and Afrikaans Space Organisation or DASO is established as a result, and they receive a large funding to start off with. They hope to have a test rocket launch in the next three months and its first artificial satellite in the next six.

Netherlands: The Dutch, and South Africa with them, continue to fund Airbus and begin hiring a large number of workers and technicians. Austria is invited to join this project to resurrect the company. As a result, the nation upgrades industry by 0.25. The nation also focuses on its aging flood defence systems, and begins to repair old systems.


After the investigation from Russia, people from all around the world demand the removal of Scandinavia’s government, who allegedly started the “Second Holocaust”. Citizens in major powers begin to petition their representatives to take action.

Korea is finally united as one nation after years of separation. People in the north begin to speak out about the cruelty of the North Korean government. There are plans to establish a tribune to bring surviving members of the North Korean government to justice. 

North Californian forces cross into the Bay Republic. With greater supplies and aid from the southern dependencies and Deseret, the forces of Northern California are able to push through the Bay Republic lines faster than before.

Brazil establishes a better grasp over the Amazons and works with the Colombian government to resolve any border disputes. Working conditions in factories are also improved.

The nation of France continues its campaign into Germany. The initial campaign is successful, and much of Baden-Württemberg is occupied by the French. The Austrian-Allied army, stationed in Bavaria has now firmly secured Ulm and is preparing for France’s next move.

After a long and extremely costly battle the city of Kiel is retaken by the Germans. The Scandinavians, who are surprised by the resistance the Germans have shown, are pushed back to the coastline.

Japan: Japan continues to build up the Self Defence Forces and infrastructure is improved. Some of the Maritime Self Defence Force still continues to patrol around Japan. Synthpop, Electro, Techno, and Trance continue to rise in popularity. The Republic of Kyushu continues to rebuild the island. The liberation of Kerala continues. Tatsunori Katsumata continues creating the next Touhou game, 東方幻想郷 ~ Lotus Land Story.

Vietnam: We begin unifying Laos and Cambodia. We begin to spread Vietnam influence into Malaysia. We train 1000 troops and start research on a new submarine giếng mỏ (Sinker) Engineers say it should take six months (two turns). We also finish building two Lạc Long Quân-destroyer. And we start building two more. We begin to make our own version of the MiG-23 calling it the Mig-23V which is our own variant which we can produce at a quick and easy rate.

Falklands: We axe the program on nuclear fusion, as we are getting nowhere. We redirect our attention to a form of Engine that is completely silent. It is made of the same materials as the Russian ones, and works using pumps that suck the water in from the sides, then shoots it out of the opposite side to where you want to go. We have finished the Engine design, but need a submarine chassis to change so we can fit the necessary three of these engines safely. (You need three so that the submarine constantly has one firing).

Russia: Now that the Koreas are unified, all Russian troops begin to leave the new nation. About 2,500,000 troops are called out from the reserves to conduct Operation: Baltic Thunder. Civilian protests on the streets of Moscow, and St. Petersburg skyrocket. However, they've been calmed down after a speech from Boris Yeltsin stated that we are going to bring down this Fascist regime and bring them to justice. Most of the Barents, Baltic, Kara, and North Sea fleet are called out to prepare for Operation: Baltic Thunder if need be. This battle group is a total of two Kirov-Class Battlecruisers, three Helicopter Carriers, two aircraft carriers, 100 destroyers from both the Udaloy and Sovremenny-Class, ten cruisers, and most of the Russian submarine fleet. Nations are still asked to send supplies in to aid in the possible operation. Greece, Thrace, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Belarus, the Livonian Confederation, and Lithuania are all prepared to send in their forces to attack Scandinavia. Spetsnaz teams begin to prepare for infiltrating the nation. Plans to destroy oil stockpiles and refineries are being arranged by using SCUD launchers, and artillery. About 100 Tu-95 bombers escorted by 250 Su-27s are ready to decimate Scandinavian military installations in the countryside and rural locations away from metropolitan areas. FSB agents in Scandinavia have started to infiltrate more of Scandinavia and have begun sabotaging power plants, oil refineries, and factories that build military vehicles such as tanks and naval vessels. All tanks of the Russian ground forces are now equipped with the DERAPS, including the PT-76 Amphibious Light Tank which have all been called out of storage to begin a possible amphibious assault on Scandinavia. Artillery and CIWS emplacements have been arranged on the Russian-Finnish border. Satellite scans of Scandinavia show that concentration camps are being built in the countryside. We ask all nations both in the CSTO and NATO to send troops and supplies for Operation: Baltic Thunder. (Edboy told me to post this.)

Commonwealth: 2500 troops are left in Korea for stability, all troops from Italy are sent directly to the anti-Scandinavia front and 650,000 soldiers are sent along with them. 200,000 troops are brought out of the reserve core for defense of the nation itself.

New Romania: We are begining to build up nuclear defence bases in our country with Russian technology. They are positioned near our main cities.We continue to grow our industry to 1.50. We thank NATO and the CSTO for their support during the situation with Scandinavia. Everything else in New Romania is stedilly growing to improve our nations stability. We are conducting military excercises near the Serbian border. We have almost completely mobilised our forces and are conducting lots of training and drills. We have increased the amount of bombers and shipped almost all our forces to the West.

France: Fast moving French forces constantly shell the Austrians at Ulm and maintain complete air dominance over the region utilizing heavy weapons against the Austrian forces. A mix of armored and mechanized divisions skirt Austrian battle lines at Ulm but wait for darkness to move forming a 75% encirclement creating a small window that is growing smaller every moment. Meanwhile at the edge of Ulm, French forces push against the Austrians hard, utilizing a massive bombardment on their positions with artillery and aircraft with the objective of crushing their morale. Forces from the vassal states of Brittany and Picardie arrive and secure the northern border of the state being invaded. These Vassal State forces play a Critical Objective of keeping any other military units from interfering with what is being known as the Ulm Encirclement. French Naval Forces deploy off the coast of Germany and sit off the Coast of Germany forming a blockade as well as Fire Support or as a deterrent for Northern forces that would wish to move south. French support for the War while initially believed to be pitiful goes into all out upward climb with the Obvious Successes encouraging many people to agree with the Unification Objective. French industrial capability now expanded keeps up with consumer and war demand actually causing a decent boom in business from the Military Contracts. A Naval Contracter is drafted up to come up with plans for a large carrier. Secret: French Special forces begin disrupting Communications and road infrastructure making it hard for any communication between the Austrians and their army, as well as making it very hard to retreat opening them up to more attacks due to the slow pace if there is a retreat.

(Algo Coming) Would a Mod also Mind assisting me by doing the algo, I don't quite understand it yet.

  • Russian Diplomacy: You have just agreed to ally to an enemy of the CSTO. Hopefully this alliance between you and this rogue state will end, or else there is a chance of you being suspended from the CSTO.
  • Yeah just got rid of that, didn't realize.

Texas scores multiple consecutive victories against the rebels, but it's to no avail. From every hit, the rebels come back strong. Paso del Norte is seized and proclaimed the "True Texan Republic". A leader emerges, Wieland Norris, the brother of local actor Chuck Norris. Wieland declares that he will not rest until "the tyrants are overthrown and restores the true Texan virtues upheld by Duke and neglected by Muñiz and Bush". Chuck has reportedly left to Dinetah so as not be associated with his brother. Wieland also reveals himself to be the infamous arsonist that burned down the President's Mansion. He does not regret it.

Colombia: The federal dollar is finally released to the market, and finishing the American campaigns, a Fleet convoy of ships heads to Germany to aid the Germans against the French, and a few to set outposts in Tangiers and OTL Tunisia, in order to form a First Republic of Iffriqiya or Carthage. As well, it will send some troops to Albania and northern Algeria to begin a full recovery of the Balkans and the Maghrib for humankind. The offer to join the CTSO is accepted if it's allowed to be full member and a negotiator between warring nations. As well, it offers Brazil equal division of the Amazon between Colombia and Brazil in which the puppet state of Manaus remains under Colombian sovereignty.

Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco are all still nations. Doctor Evulz (talk) 04:21, June 24, 2013 (UTC)

Chan Santa Cruz Diplomacy: We demand a cast-iron promise you will not invade our nation. We are sorry to be so bold but we hope you see why we must be so strict.

Northern California: The main army begins to pour into the Bay Republic as their forces are weakened by the guerrillas. Meanwhile PM McDale uses his emergency authority to stage a crackdown on the Rezurrectionists. Prior to hanging, the assassin Nick Whiplash confesses on air that he himself is a Rezurrectionist. Meanwhile, on the invasion, a coastal invasion is launched in Monterrey Bay, securing the coast after three days of intense combat. I'm posting this from a school computer. I may skip turns, but I'll post if I could. Today is my first day of school. IstocnoSarajevo (talk) 09:14, June 24, 2013 (UTC)

Wu: Army builds up and modernizes. 1,100,000 soldiers are trained and are practicing and drilling on the Wu Northern border. The government renames itself the Chinese Republic of Wu. Surplus food from farms is stored and secretly sent to Northern provinces. More guns and tanks are built. Spies are sent to Manchuria and Mongolia as some submarines are seen in Daliang. Begins secretly spreading Wu propaganda in the nation of Manchuria and Mongolia. 15 黑鸢-4 are built. Asks for an alliance with South Korea. More Indian territory is taken and cleared of Zombies. Seven new Zhilong submarines are built.

Dinetah: Dinetah, seeing the anarchy that Texas has fallen into, and the Rezurrectionists that are plaguing the Southwest offers free residence in Dinetah for any person displaced in Texas. Like Northern California, we are cracking down on Rezurrectionists, and the remnants of the Emancipators. All willing Texan refugees between the ages of 16 and 46 are given a gun and trained in the art of war. Eric Dele speaks on air about the "menace to the east," and that we need to "stand and fight. We've done this before" he says, "now it's time to overthrow false Texas and restore true Texas." The war continues in Las Vegas, however. Do I need to make my own algo? Warchief Electronics invents the VCR, and it is a major hit in Dinetah and surrounding nations. Dele asks the CTSO to help with the Texan Crisis, as it is now called. Industry is upgraded by 0.25. Some employees from Warchief are unhappy, and they leave and form their own electronics company: Sonoran Microsystems. The airport in Farmington is re-opened, and a new one is being built in Window Rock. Sonoran Microsystems begins work on their first video game console: the Starfire.A movie begins showing in Dinetan theaters, called Demonic Hillbilly Flamethrower Invasion! The movie becomes a major hit, and a tie-in video game is planned.


A scene from Demonic Hillbilly Flamethrower Invasion!

United Republics: Construction continues on the supercarrier Falklands-Class. Two UR-Falklands Class based Supercarriers will be completed within the year. Continuation of building up infrastructure and improving quality of life continues. At the end of Alywin's presidencey (1992) poverty is been decreased to 12%. Larranga of Argentina is elected to the new President and is expected to improve the infrastructure, education and quality of life. URSA continues its suppling of both URSA Space Station and Artimis Moon Base. MOVE research continues and hopes to have a design  and launch to Mars (ie a rover type vehicle) by 1995. UR continues to influence Brazil and Sul heavily. UR invests in Pro-UR parties in Peru and Boliva. UR wishes to purchase the islands of Saint Peter and Paul. UR begins to increase their military reserves and training to increase reserves and defense forces to 350,000. Research begins on a new speed attack boat for the UR (~ six months). UR offers to purchase Bouvet Island from Scandinavia and all of their sub-equatorial possessions and claims. The Three Republics formed in India form a mutual defence pact, with the UR as an observer. 

  • Falkland R and D department: Please send us a submarine chassis so we can create a stealth sub.

Italy: A reorganization of the provinces is in effect.

Chan Santa Cruz: Continues to aid the Texans. A Christian Mission Organisation is set up to help specifically with Rezzurectionists. Leaflet bombing continues. We again ask to join CSTO as an observer. The army is upgraded by 0.25 due to war experience.

  • Russian Diplomacy: We accept your application on joining the CSTO.

Portugal: Continues development of infrastructure, government buildings, public works, and transportation. Life quality is among the top in Europe due to Portugal's early liberation and assisted rehabilitation. Solar panels continue to be added to the grid.

Granada: Continues development of infrastructure, government buildings, public works, and transportation.  Solar pannels continue to be added to the grid. Mixture of Spanish and Portuguese cultures and languages continues. 

Korea (1992.75): With the recent unification of South Korea and North Korea the Senate makes and votes on land, agritcultural, industral, economic, and healthcare reform. Elections for a new president also begin.

Sul: Continues putting recent immigrants to work as population numbers explode. The High speed rail is almost complete. 

United Mediterr.: Continues to develop quality of life and construction on the Falklands Class Supercarrier. 


The initial Northern Californian invasion of the Bay Republic is successful, and Northern Californian soldiers surround the city of Sacramento (algorithm coming soon).

After the Battle of Kiel, the Nordic Germans begin to rebuild the city. Unable to retaliate, the Germans fortify the city and await for re-inforcements. The retreating Scandinavians are believed to have fallen back to the east of the city. There is also a fear among German officials that the Scandinavians might attempt to advance past Kiel and take the city of Hamburg.

Sensing that the English government is unable to protect them, the Kingdoms of Wales and the Kingdom of Scotland declare independence. The two nations are immediately attacked, and begin supporting and fighting alongside the Heptarchist kingdoms. Northwestern Wales is taken by the English at Anglesey.

Brazil states that it wishes to keep all of the Amazon region, and asks Colombia to meet with them (on LAL page) to discuss an official border.

Las Vegas is firmly secured by the forces of Dinetah, and the mafia is effectively eliminated from the city. The city asks to become an independent vassal of Dinetah.

After the announcement of Operation: Baltic Thunder, protests die down in Russia and other nations. Thousands of soldiers are prepared for a future invasion of Scandinavia.

Star Wars 2: Revenge of the Jedi is announced for a May 25 release.

Japan: Japan continues to build up the Self Defence Forces and infrastructure is improved. Some of the Maritime Self Defence Force still continues to patrol around Japan. Synthpop, Electro, Techno, and Trance continue to rise in popularity. The Republic of Kyushu continues to rebuild the island. The liberation of Kerala continues. Tatsunori Katsumata continues creating the next Touhou game, 東方幻想郷 ~ Lotus Land Story.

France: We finish our Encirclement at Ulm and attack working to Crush the Remaining forces there following up the Massive bombardments. We Continue our research into a Carrier laying down the Keel of the ship to begin building, the plans are based off of long standing plans for a large US sized carrier. With a reason now the French are able to begin investment into one. The assault on the Allied forces with 600 Soldiers is met with good results as we allow for the Surrender of the Austrian/Allies forces. However, those who don't will be crushed. We maintain Air Dominance over the City as our Encircling forces enclose in from all sides. French Forces in the final moments of the Battle Allow the Austrians free passage out of the area as we initiate peace talks. All Prisoners of War are Returned to the Austrian Allied forces. The Entire State however remains under French Control however the people are not occupied per say. 

We upgrade navy to 1.5.

  • French Dip: We ask for trade with the UR as well as a mutual alliance.
  • Russian Diplomacy: Any state that allies with France that's currently in the CSTO, both Full and Observer members will be suspended or kicked from the organization because of France's unnecessary aggression towards our allies.
  • RoS Diplomacy: We ask the French to end this pointless war, and join in the war against Scandinavia.
  • Commonwealth Diplomacy: We support you changing sides, this war is completely and utterly pointless.
  • RoS Diplomacy: It will be more profitable in the long run to aid us.
  • Russian Diplomacy: The whole of the European bloc of the CSTO will have to intervene militarily if you don't stop this useless and unnecessary, a peace treaty will be made under the CSTO terms if you pull out all of your troops from the HRE.
  • French Dip: The invaded states will remain under French Influence, Not control but influence, Germany is a very Disunited area and it cannot afford to be, Forsee their unification or somebody else will, not necessarily myself either. We will pull out.
  • RoS Diplomacy: We find this an agreeable solution.  Troops withdraw from France, and 3000 are sent back to fight the Scandinavians.  The rest are sent to Texas to show support and aid the Texans in the rebellion. Secret: Nukes are moved to a warship to use if the war on Scandinavia is a total loss.
  • Commonwealth Diplomacy: We support the French decision. Troops are withdrawn from the french front and moved to the Scandinavian front where they will continue to fight against the regime. Secret: Three ICBMs are put in ready position if the Scandinavians launch any form of surprise attack and retake key areas.

Russia: War is finally declared on Scandinavia (Declaration: Casus Belli: Attack Ally (-2), Objective: Containment (0). No Stability Loss). Operation: Baltic Thunder has begun. The attack starts out with a fireworks display of aerial munitions. Rocket artillery, bombs dropped from Tu-95s, and cruise missiles fired from the Russian Navy have devastated the inner military infrastructure of the Scandinavian military on their mainland, and in Iceland and Svalbard, avoiding metropolitan areas. This has created large unprotected gaps in the Scandinavia, Spetsnaz paratroopers have infiltrated through these gaps and are currently entrenching themselves in the wilderness or conducting guerrilla style operations against the Scandinavian Armed Forces. The Scandinavian Navy has easily been destroyed, after monstrous amounts of cruise missiles have wrecked the hulls of these ships onto the bottom of the North and Baltic Sea. 3.5 million troops from Russia, The Commonwealth, Republic of Susquehanna, Ukraine, Lithuania, Greece, Bulgaria, Thrace, Belarus, and the Livonian Confederation have started a massive surprise attack on the coastlines of all of Scandinavia (Algorithm coming soon). About 500,000 of these will divert to the capture the capital of Scandinavia known as Stockholm (Algorithm Coming Soon). If Operation: Baltic Thunder goes successful, Iceland and Svalbard will be captured instantly due to their low population and lack of Scandinavian military presence. Ground forces have begun mobilizing through the Finnish-Russian Border, deep into Scandinavian territory for Operation: Baltic Thunder. If the whole operation is a success, the Scandinavia Armed Forces will be in disarray and isolated. Construction of three capital ships has finished. Two Kirov-Class battlecruisers, named the RFS Ukrayna and the RFS Revolutsiya have been introduced into the Russian Navy. An Ulyanovsk-Class aircraft carrier has also been constructed, named the RFS Varyag. Armament conversions of all Russian naval vessels have begun with the objective of increasing the number of cruise missiles. Instead of exterior launch tubes, they will be replaced with interior launch cells. Both the Udaloy-Class and Sovremenny-Class will have 90-cells, the Slava-Class to have 140-Cells, the Kara-Class to have 110-Cells, and the Kirov-Class to have 260-Cells; this new armament conversion should complete in six months (two Turns). Supplies are sent to the HRE and Austria by Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Thrace, Greece, and the Livonian Confederation. In our temporary occupy zone of India, a new government has arose, called the Republic of Calcutta, mostly formed of Pro-Russian politicians, the state is a current vassal of the Russian Federation. Shipyards have constructed about six Alfa-Class submarines and in the next three months the Red-October-Class submarine will be completely designed. We upgrade our navy to 2.75.

  • RoS Diplomacy: 3000 Paratroopers land in Stockholm, and immediately seize three blocks, fortifying them with sand bags, barbed wire, machine guns, and artillery that are airdropped in.
  • RoS Secret Diplomacy: Will Russia support the RoS right to posses nuclear weapons for defensive purposes?
  • Russian Diplomacy: Only limited amounts should be in your nation's nuclear arsenal for defensive reasons if your nation is attacked, and should only be used if necessary.
  • RoS Secret Diplomacy: (OOC: Look at the RoS page) We agree to the Russian's terms, and we inform you we have two nuclear artillery shells on separate ships (They will remain anonymous), in case the Scandinavians use them first (first lines of defense are our AA and anti-missile guns, cannons)

Republic of Susquehanna: The government, seeing that the Russians have the Scandinavian front under control, move 5000 of the 7000 troops to defend Nordic Germany.  The government sends a peace offer to the French, with gains of territory in Scandinavia.  Troops are ordered to fall back to avoid being surrounded.  Supplies are airdropped to trapped Swiss, German, and Austrian Troops.  B-52's drop napalm on the enemy forest, to eliminate cover.

The other 2000 troops are called home, and 500 are re-deployed to Texas.

Secret: Two nuclear artillery shells are moved into Austria to use as a last resort against the French.  The government builds ten Short Range nuclear missiles, seven nuclear artillery shells, and two more nuclear bombs.

Five submarines are launched, along with 32 more tanks.  Two more B-52's are complete, along with four F-12's.  One destroyer is built, and the army upgrades by 0.25.

Foodstuff is acquired and sent to Europe to feed the RoS and Commonwealth troops, along with several other allies.

Two Nuclear power plants open, and PPL (Pennsylvania Power and Lights) begins to close the Montour Coal fire plant.

Commonwealth: Industry is upgraded by 0.25. 25,000 of the 650,000 troops in europe are sent to attempt to push back the French at Ulm. Recruitment begins and the government vows never to use conscription unless it's to defend the homeland. Planes begin bombing raids on Scandinavian cities and factories. Development and expansion continue.

  • RoS Diplomacy: We thank the Commonwealth for their aid.
  • RoS Diplomacy: We ask if the Commonwealth will support the RoS right to posses nuclear weapons for defensive purposes.
  • Commonwealth Diplomacy: Seeing the world tensions at this time, we will support the possession and use of nuclear weapons as a DEFENSIVE method only.

South Africa: Stage Three of the Plan continues in full swing. In Gabon, oil continues to create a boom and all the money gained and not used up is stored to act as a reserve in case a crash takes place or for such other eventuality. The settlers begin to fund dissent in the western side of the Congo - giving muney to separatists and those advocating for a Union with Gabon in the west of the river. Gabon begins to become criss-crossed with rialway lines and the number of trains running increase expodentially. As a result, small settlements boom. More children are born to settler families. Small airports are set up at many small airstrip "hubs". The large airport at the capital of the colony continues construction at break-neck speed. Phlaxicortin-X continues to be used and helps make more friendly Zombies. A new version of the Cheetah III is unveiled to the world. Armor has been cut down slightly, while offensive capabilites have been amped up - making it easier and cheaper to produce in larger numbers. Inland towns begin to grow, and as a result many construction companies are founded - while established ones grow. The second Boer Migration continues as large families head inward, yet it seems like the number going inland is beginning to die off. The number of children being born continues to grow, and the population of South Africa increases by three million. Food remains plentiful and jungles grow in the areas freed up for it, with endangered wildlife flourishing. The nation reports that almost 80% of its population follows Protestantism as a religion. Exploration and clearing out of former Zambia continues. The navy continues to develop in secret a few advanced submaries, which they hope will be powered by Project Clean. The army quickly injects Phlaxicortin-X to the hordes they encounter, helping to keep worker numbers high. The area begins to be rebuilt by these workers. The "Sud Afrikaan Katushas" are used to great effectiveness against hostile forces in India, as the army continues its march inward. The army begins to be involved in clearing up operations all around their areas of control, effectively becoming a policing force in India. Project Clean continues at a good pace, the first designs for reactors are acquired and created. As a result, industry is upgraded by 0.25. The nation secretly asks the United Republics if they would like to join the project again. Materials are saved up for the project and it is hoped construction will begin soon. DASO launch their first artificial satellite into space early in the year, much to the astonishment of other nations in Africa. Soon, a few more are launched, and they all work perfectly normal. It is a good sign, and the brilliant minds of the nation get to work planning a manned launch into Space and hopefully a landing on the moon. In urban South Africa, much land is cleared in the cities and the first skyscrapers begin to be built in every major city across South Africa. The design of these buildings is retro-futuristic, and the towers are hoped to be able to grow crops and plants through hydroponics. The nation pulls its troops out of Korea, keeping 2000 for peacekeeping purposes. Most of these troops are given rest time, before active deployment commences again. The Council promises the Austrians and Russians their military aid.

  • Russian Diplomacy: We thank South Africa for their help to fight this fascist regime and free the people that have had their lives destroyed.
  • UR Secret Diplomacy: We will commit resources to Project Clean. Scientists and engineers immediately sent to this project. 
  • RoS Secret Diplomacy: Informants tell our government of Project Clean.  We ask to provide funding and supplies, in return, we get a small portion of the technology that will remain with us, and our allies.

It's implausible for your informants to know of this. Not once have you discussed your intelligence agencies, and your nation is already spread too thin.

Netherlands: The Dutch, and South Africa with them, continue to fund Airbus and begin hiring a large number of workers and technicians. Austria is invited to join this project to resurrect the company. The nation constructs a few frigates and a couple of destroyers, upgrading navy by 0.25. The nation also focuses on its aging flood defence systems, and begins to repair old systems. They also mobilise their forces and declare their support for the Germans and Austrians. Troops immediately are sent off to help the Germans fight on in the north, while an attack into the rear of the French forces begins with full surprise. Their aim is to open up trapped troops to ammunition and food and to help as many fight on as possible. They hope Austria declares support for this operation.

Dinetah: We accept Las Vegas' proposal, and they become our vassal. A democratic government is quickly set up, and many troops are withdrawn. We begin expanding westward toward Las Vegas' lands. Many troops withdrawn from Las Vegas are sent eastward as a peacekeeping force in Texas. Talks of a sequel to Demonic Hillbilly Flamethrower Invasion! are many, but the studio that produced it is not revealing anything. The tie in video game to DHFI is a major success, and it is bundled with every Starfire console made. Several other games are released, including Barbarian Bob, Star Wars: The Video Game, and Starfire Racers, to name a few of the most successful. Meanwhile, Warchief, Sonara's rival in the electronics industry begins talk on their own video game console. They come out with the first Dinetan personal computer, although few see a use for it. Desert Airlines is formed, flying to Texas, Northern California, Las Vegas, Deseret, Cascadia, Canada, the US, Florida, Halifax, New England, the UR, the Commonwealth, Japan, Russia, and France. The airline was origonally planned to go to the UK, but the plans were scrapped due to the chaos in the region.

Texas responds to rumors that Susquehanna is constructing nuclear weapons, saying that "Susquehanna wouldn't dare construct more weapons of mass destruction. They said themselves in 1990, 'We agree to abide by the Nuclear disarmament, and are currently destroying our arsenal.'" Rezurrectionists and KNP members team up form the United Front for a New Texas, an organized group to represent the rebels. Wieland Norris establishes El Paso as the provisional capital of 'True Texas'. We ask Dinetah to extradite Chuck Norris, a suspected KNP-Rezurrectionist spy. The movie Demonic Hillbilly Flamethrower Invasion! is a hit in Texas movie theaters. Some take up the actions by said demonic hillbilly in the civil war.

  • RoS Secret Diplomacy: We increased our arsenal due to the threat that France posed with their nuclear stockpile.  Most of our nuclear research went to building reactors.  We request Texan expertise in the goal to dismantle half of the artillery by 2000.
  • RoS Diplomacy: 500 troops are deployed to aid your nation.
  • Dinetah Diplomacy: We ask Texas to give us three months to spy on him to see his intentions. If Dinetah believes he is a spy at the end of the three months, we will extradite him.

New Romania: We continue to increase our military and drills to the Serbian border. Our army increases to 1.25. We are growing our military size and it is eating into our budget but trade with France is paying off. We ask Serbia to join New Romania to join us to unite the two nations. New Romania forms the GUE (see nations for page) and is now recognised under the GUE. We are requesting others to join. Please see the page for more info on this.

  • We are selling our fleet for the highest bidder.
  • Russian Diplomacy: This is against Article !, Part IV of the CSTO Charter. I suggest you thoroughly read the Charter on the CSTO page.
  • New Romania Diplomacy: We ignore this rule and continue to enforce Serbia and aid France.
  • Russian Diplomacy: This is your last chance to reconsider or else you will be suspended from the CSTO.
  • RoS Diplomacy: We ask the New Romanians not to take rash actions that will cost them their freedom.
  • Russian Diplomacy: Because France has exited the war, the suspension for New Romania is called off.
  • New Romania Diplomacy: I am no longer selling my fleet randomly and only to Columbia in return of aid for Serbia. We still have benefited with the trade with France. The pressure we are putting on Serbia to join New Romania is still largely active and we are nowing asking people for the chance to come into New Romania from Serbia for free.
Colombia: The Federation mourns the death of General Santander, Galan and Gaviria are forced to choose a new Triumvir, and they choose General Hernandez, who is given Primacy of the territories of the southern and umpopulated regions but military most needed ones
Colombian 1993-Triumvirate Division

Triumvirate division

. The Triumvirs meet in Cucuta the Federal city court between the nations, and after much deliberation they agree to send liberation armies to Mexico's Pacific Coast in order to pacify and form a stable government and plausible ally in the North American continent. The expansion of the released areas of Tunisia and Morocco expand and Ceuta is occupied. While this, Albania continues to be released, the HRE is offered an alliance in order to stop the French advance. The walls on the borders with Peru are updated and a wall is started to be made in the northern border to avoid Zombies entering the federation's territory. Litigation over the Amazonian regions with Brazil continues.

Chan Santa Cruz Diplomacy: We are intensely worried by your actions. Please desist or provide a non-aggression pact. We fear this is a ploy to allow encirclement.

You don't have any 'released areas' and you don't have the permission of their governments. Doctor Evulz (talk) 01:16, June 25, 2013 (UTC)

Vietnam: We have liberated Cambodia from the infection and we start working on clearing the infected out of Thailand. We continue to spread our influence in to Malaysia. We build ten MiG-23v’s. We also finish building two Lạc Long Quân destroyers. We train another 1000 soldiers. The research on the submarine is on schedule and we are now officially a democracy. We are voting on a new flag for our country. Once we unify Laos and Cambodia we are going to change our name to New Vietnam. We also would like to set up a trade rout with Africa, to try to boost our relationship. Vietnam’s people our now able to settle down and start working on modernizing the country. With food demands rising we set aside 10,000 acres of land for farmers that need some land to get started.

The Republic of Germany has been finally signed and cleared. We start on new computer tech and warfare tech along with huge industrialization and modernizing along with huge Catholic beliefs and values. We wish to be a peaceful Republic and want to cause no harm to anyone or anything if we can't avoid it. We will strive to become wealthy and have no need for weapons in the far future.-John3y 8:01 PM Canadian Time.

Started a Treaty of peace with Australia and New Zealand and support for nuclear energy and weapons.

  • Commonwealth Diplomacy: Noting the instability of the region of Germany, arms and materials are sent to the newly founded RoG. We ask if we may position a nuclear weapon in the RoG for your defense during the Nordic/Holy Roman War.

Please choose a different nation. All of Germany is already claimed. 

Oh, OK. I'd also like to ask that you read the talk page in regards to the user. Canada2hy Hypothetical Alberta Blue Ensign Flag of Australasian team for Olympic games OreoToast555(Talk) 02:31, June 25, 2013 (UTC)

Wu: Army builds up and modernizes. 1,600,000 soldiers are trained and are practicing and drilling on the Wu Northern border. Surplus food from farms is stored and secretly sent to Northern provinces. More guns and tanks are built. Spies are sent to Manchuria and Mongolia as some submarines are seen in Daliang. Begins secretly spreading Wu propaganda in the nation of Manchuria and Mongolia. 15 黑鸢-4 are built. Asks for an alliance with South Korea. More Indian territory is taken and cleared of Zombies. Three new Zhilong submarines are built. Continues lowering the price of life necessities as well as home electronics. Government builds houses in Xuzhou and "deports" homeless people in Beijing, Shanghai and other metropolis to Xuzhou for a chance of work, house and family. Asks Vietnam for an alliance.

Northern California (soon to be Republic of California): The invasion was a success. A provisional puppet government is installed in the Bay Republic based on Sacramento. Unlike the original Bay Republic, it is a true presidential republic. NOTE: Northern California is a semi-presidential republic because of the existence of a prime minister, but the general structure is not parliamentary. However, tensions die down after PM McDale was given emergency powers by the National Assembly. Three days after protests broke out Reagan declared martial law, fearing a Zombie outbreak in the metropolitan areas. In the field of literature, the novel "Great Deceit" was released. The novel was a figurative interpretation of biblical prophecies (something like the novel Left Behind in OTL.)  Details about the novel will be mentioned on my next turn. I still have a few days before I'm vacant for weekends. IstocnoSarajevo (talk) 14:50, June 25, 2013 (UTC)

Chan Santa Cruz: More aid is given to Texas. The football league is attracting much coverage, and with an upgraded Radio network (Maya Radio Corporation or CRM) planned to be operational by 1995 (Think BBC - Including World Service) with aid given by the US, hopes are up that soon coverage could be nationwide. We are intensely worried by Colombia's actions we manuver our military into defensive positions in the south and launch a naval presence, recently upgraded by 0.25.

United Republics: Continues to build up infrastructure and improve the quality of life. A plan to invest in the public education system is passed with the goal of making it competitive with the Catholic System in the UR rease the literacy rate even higher (UR is already over 90%), also to inc. UR repeats offers to Scandinavia and to Brazil to but the land states in the previous turn. The Falklands-Class supercarrier is nearly complete, with the loadout of guns yet to be completely decided. Larranga passes further legislation to decrease poverty from 12 to 10%. Soldiers are sent to the Scandinavian sub-equater territories to check for signs up life. Upon arriving at Bouvet Island they discover a Scandinavian research team and bring them back home to the UR. (Similar to OTL Operation Paperclip). Here they focus on improving the UR navy's armour and armaments. Aid is sent to Falklands to work on a deep silent sub, of which the UR will reap the benefits. UR reservers numbers increase, with a total of 500,000 in training or completed. URSA continues to supply Artmis Moon Base and URSA Space Station, sending both and updated and improved solar pannels. Work continues on MOVE, with a prototype rover designed. Plans are to launch the prototype to the moon to test its capabilities. This rover will be called Prima. Anyhow, aid is continued to be sent to the quickly improving Republic of Goa, Republic of Mumbai, and Republic of Maharashta. These nations all fall under the UR sphere of Influence, especially Goa. UR officers train these nations militaries in the art of defense. Upgrades navy by 0.25.

Korea (1993): The reforms pass with an overwhelming majority and Kim Yang-sam is elected president of the unified Korea. The Senate has agreed to not to integrate all the reforms in North Korea at once and Kim Yang-sam will be given the task to lead the transition of North Korea from a dictatorship to a democracy. Upgrades Industry by 0.25.

Sul: Continues to develop infrastructure and army. High speed rail is in full operation and is connected to the UR. A freedom of movement of people's agreement is passed with the UR, allowing for both nations to continue to develop ties together. The national soccer team defeats Uruguay, Chile and Santa Cruz in qualifing and is expected to make the 94 WC. More immigrants arrive from Rio de Janeiro, and begin to build up the towns south of Curitiba, calling the new popular city Sul Rio de Janeiro. Increases army score by 0.25 to 1.25.

Falklands: With the aid from the rest of the UR, we will finish the submarine by 1993.5. It is going to be heavily armoured, and will have a fully up-to-date load out (OOC: I can't be bothered to look up what weapons are available, it has the best ones possible to be carried by a light sub.)

Portugal: Upgrades the navy by 0.25 to 2.0. increases military numbers and continues construction of many ships. Continues satellite program and completes many infrastructure projects.

Granada: upgrades industry by 0.25. Increases military reserves and training and continues to build up infrastructure. 

Austria: The Emperor of Austria agrees to his Dutch allies plans and hopes the new airbus will help bring pre-Zombie level of air traffic back to Austria. The Emperor also recognises the Dutch claims to parts of western Germany close to the Dutch border. Austria also sees little legitamacy in South Africa's claims to Germany, as they are African and Dutch, the Emperor asks them to involve themselves in African affairs rather than European affairs. Elsewhere industry is built up to help expand Austria's military forces, which is needed to continue the war to unite Germany under Habsburg rule.

It turns out that I am not allowed to expand into Germany, so you get to have the whole of the nation. :P ~Imp


The Austrian forces at Ulm successfully repulse the French invaders, taking Ulm and much of Württemberg-Baden is taken back. The French retreat back to the border to regroup.

I won the battle of Ulm but had to fall back cause of possible Russian interference. This isn't accurate. Feudalplague (talk) 20:21, June 25, 2013 (UTC)

Check the Algorithm, you lost. Local (talk)

Russian and CSTO forces land all over Scandinavia. In the Baltic Sea the Russian navy destroys almost all of the Scandinavian navy, and the coast of Scandinavia is heavily bombed. Russian soldiers are also dropped on Iceland and Svalbard, taking the two islands relatively easily.

The Bay Republic is declared part of Northern California. Despite this, large portions of the area and the city of San Francisco, remain in a state of war. The government of the Bay Republic goes into hiding and the nation’s generals take over the war effort.

The Brazilian government positions some soldiers near the Colombian border to enforce their claims in the Amazon. Brazil warns the Colombians that they are the rightful owners of the region.

After a recent civil war and continued overseas operations, the Republic of Susquehanna’s stability decreases to 40.

RoS stablity was already at 43 G greg e (talk) 20:14, June 25, 2013 (UTC)

Most of my troops are home, and I am involved in one war and one rebellion in Texas, yet Texas has not lost stability. Daeseunglim (talk) 20:59, June 25, 2013 (UTC)

I think we can all agree that stability has not been well kept. While the casus belli has helped, it still does not have a system for improving stability. G greg e (talk) 21:04, June 25, 2013 (UTC)

With the current crisis in Texas, stability drops to 35.

Stars Wars 2 is released into theaters. Surprisingly, the film receives fairly good reviews and becomes quite successful in Dinetah, where it's in the top ten, and Texas.

Japan: Japan continues to build up the Self Defence Forces and infrastructure is improved. Some of the Maritime Self Defence Force still continues to patrol around Japan. Synthpop, Electro, Techno, and Trance continue to rise in popularity. The Republic of Kyushu continues to rebuild the island. The liberation of Kerala continues. Tatsunori Katsumata continues creating the next Touhou game, 東方幻想郷 ~ Lotus Land Story.

Falklands: We continue to work on the silent submarine and New Manchester is finished. A civil engineer invents a new, faster method of constructing cities, and we use it to construct the port city of New Liverpool.

Canada: (is now ruled by jjsoholt as the previous owner was not playing.) We are accepting CSTO's support and will join them in their needs thus leaving NATO. Also, The Canadian military is sending 10,000 troops to take Greenland by force. We are not willing to negotiate terms. We are closing all borders to the U.S.A. The immigrants from that country are growing each month and we are not willing to lose money. Another reason for this is that the immigrants are spreading rumors of rebellion and thus leading to mass immigration across our borders which is somthing we do not need.3:30 Pm

(OOC: You can still be in NATO)

  • RoS Diplomacy: We will not recognize the government of Canada if they are ridicuously imperialistic.
  • Commonwealth Diplomacy: We assume that the invasion of Greenland is to be part of the anti-Scandinavian war/Nordic war and we will support with 5000 troops.
  • Canada: We are a part of the anti-Scandinavian war and wish for the extra troops to help sweep the land and claim it for CSTO. 4:30 PM
  • RoS Diplomacy: We are opposing you because it could lead to high civilian casualties. If you keep them down, we will recognize your nation, and provide you with steel and natural gas.
  • Canada: We have discussed the terms and have realized that our fears of rebellion were stupid and childish and wish to keep civilian casualties to a low number. 4:45 PM
  • RoS Diplomacy: The RoS offically recognizes the Canadian Government and rescinds our provision to the CSTO and will support Canadian membership.
  • Russian Diplomacy: We accept you into the CSTO as a full member. (Sorry I wasn't able to post this, I just returned from Cancun).
  • Canada: (Need mod to do the algorithm I have 10,000 from me and Commonwealth is brought 5000 to aid us. Greenland has about 5000 spread across the country. Want to merge with Alaska. 6:01 PM)

Republic of Susquehanna: The government plans to hold elections in spring of 1994. Steel industry grows and two more submarines are built, along with two river/coastal patrol frigates. The RoS opens a subway system in Williamsport, and Bloomsburg. Another census is taken and there are plans to build a rail system to connect the entire nation. Northumberland Air increases the flights leaving the airport.

Commonwealth: Canada is invited to the CSTO. Fighting in Europe continues. Development and expansion continues. I CONTINUE TO DECLARE THAT I AM NOT, I REPEAT, NOT SOCKPUPPETING CANADA, only helping keep his posts realistic.

The expansion of the released areas of Tunisia and Morocco expand and Ceuta is occupied. While this, Albania continues to be released.

You don't have any 'released areas' and you don't have the permission of their governments. Doctor Evulz (talk) 01:16, June 25, 2013 (UTC)

Which governments? They have been Zombie-occupied and any effective government is down and my presence in the region is to put up a government centered in Carthage.Sine dei gloriem (talk) 23:26, June 25, 2013 (UTC)

Russia: CSTO ground forces have started advancing again through Scandinavia. Another operation, known as the Operation: Jack Hammer has started. This operation will connect the forces on the north and south side of Scandinavia together; which will encircle the Scandinavian Armed Forces in two separate armies, and also capture the rest of Denmark. Two million troops from Operation: Baltic Thunder will conduct this operation to link the two fronts. (Algorithm coming soon). Kilo- and Alfa-Class submarines begin hunting the rest of the Scandinavian Navy. Within three weeks the whole of the Scandinavian Navy has been sunk, or surrendered. After the capture of Stockholm and the Scandinavian monarch Haakon I is currently being tried for war crimes in a Swedish court. As the APC is leaving Stockholm to go enter a military prison in the Swedish countryside, Scandinavians are praising the Russian troops for their freedom from the monarchy and start throwing objects at the prisoner transports (Insulting Haakon I, not the CSTO troops). Supplies from the CSTO are sent to Canada for their operations in Greenland. Concentration camps are being freed from the Scandinavian Armed Forces by well-trained Spetsnaz teams. Learning from the Holocaust, soldiers are told to only feed the inmates of these camps broth and/or soup. Humanitarian supplies such as water, blankets and medicine are also being distributed. Citizens all across the globe as news reports are being reported in on international television. Protests in Moscow have increased to liberate these people that have been wrongfully stripped of their civil rights. Designated areas in Moscow are opened for up for these protests, such as the Red Square. Most of the riot police have been called down to allow these peaceful protests in these designated areas. Naval shipyards have fully designed the Red-October-Class submarine, and have started building ten which should be completed in about six months. About twelve Udaloy-Class destroyers have been completed along with four Slava-Class cruisers, and two Kara-Class cruisers. Factories have assembled about 900 T-90 tanks in the past nine months. Due to the protests in Moscow and the situation in Scandinavia, large amounts of people have signed up and were recruited into the Russian Armed Forces. About 150,000 troops have been recruited because of this “Second Holocaust”.

Commonwealth Diplomacy: We send humanitarian supplies such as freeze dried foods and a large sum of water to Russia to be distributed by soldiers.

Colombia: The federation continues developing while the settlements on Mexico begin to expand proclaiming a Mexican Republic to be established, the military is built up and several carriers are made as well as the projects held in Colombian Amazon's finally finished, Gauss Weaponry, and the new weaponry are begun to be used by the several branches of the army. While this, the Brazilian statement is answered with a similar statement. When we came to the Brazilian Amazonia, the territories were at crisis and by 1980 the most of the Amazons was depopulated by the diaspora towards the Brazilian-held coast, ever since and even prior there has been Colombian populating processes to start, what you claim is now mainly populated by either Colombian military forces or Colombian settlers, any claim now would be laying in the Uti possedetis juris which has no relevant application, and ours would be as much valid as yours, and we will fight for what's ours. (The majority of the Brazilian coast is cleared, and the remaining Brazilian population clings to the shore. Much of the Brazilian Amazon is abandoned.) . Further expansion continues in the released areas of Africa where provisional governments are made to organize the military and political order of the newly created Republic of Carthage, in which the governments of Morocco, Tunisia and Region governments of Algeria are merged upon. While in Albania, a provisional government is made to set order in the released regions

I still say: Which governments? They have been Zombie-occupied and any effective government is down and my presence in the region is to put up a government centered in Carthage.

That Brazilian moderator event was from ten years ago at least. 

I know, but still, I had begun the repopulation of the Amazons even before that, and ever since that. That's why I'm claiming half of the Amazonian region.

You have NO regions in Africa. End of story. We proved that Tunisia still existed when Italy tried to establish a colony there. THEY ARE IN THE LIST OF PLAYABLE COUNTRIES FOR GOD'S SAKE! Sine, this is your final warning. Knock it off. Doctor Evulz (talk) 03:17, June 26, 2013 (UTC)

Hang on, Columbia has Gauss Weaponry? Even the USA only considers using them now, how is this plausible?

Chan Santa Cruz Diplomacy: Explain yourself or face war. We have asked twice. Consider this our final attempt before we take it to the ULN. From there ... The gauntlet will be thrown down if we deem fit. But it is our hope that we may yet live in peace. We can avoid war. But only if you provide an explanation.

Canada: We are looking into space travel and ion powered propulsion and weapons. This new company will be called th CSA - Canadian Space Agency. We are willing to aid others in this section and are hoping to send some ion cannons in the near future. Also, we are willing to send our research to other facilities such as Russia, Germany, New Zealand, Australia, Alaska and other CSTO members for some aid on space travel.

You already posted, wait until next turn. Edboy452 (talk) 03:03, June 26, 2013 (UTC)

Texas: is thoroughly divided. The west is dominated by the rebels, who use extensive guerrilla tactics picked up from the locals. The east remains solidly loyalist. The airwaves are engaged in a fierce propaganda battle, though major news stations are all pro-government. A plan for a massive push into rebel territory begins in response to some 'True Texans' forming a blockade of military aid. Citizens' Defense is active again, controlled by the rebels, and is launching raids of nearby states such as Albuquerque and Las Cruces.

Austria: With the French beaten back, Austrian forces seize back control of southern Germany and start building new defences to protect against any future attack. The military is built up and control consolidated over the empire by way of building new defenses.

Vietnam: We continue to spread our influence to Malaysia and continue to fight back the infected in Thailand. Our research on the new submarine is complete. Its main purpose is to hunt and destroy aircraft carriers. We start to construct three immediately, we train 1000 soldiers and build ten MiG-23v’s. We put some newly constructed MiG-23v’s to sweep Thailand and see how effective they are.

Northern California: The Presidential Republic of Central California, established by North, begins reconstucting the area of the former Bay Republic. Back home, President Reagan lifted martial law, as a Zombie outbreak was negative. Meanwhile, in the field of literature, the novel Great Deceit continues to rise in popularity. It talks about a man named Herbert Bauckenmener, who became the secretary-general of the ULN, which later became the World Brotherhood, a true global government with himself as chairman. He was assassinated in the middle of his seven-year reign, only to be re-animated. More details will come on a future post. Still busy for school, so if I have plenty of time, I would add more details. IstocnoSarajevo (talk) 13:35, June 26, 2013 (UTC)

Chan Santa Cruz: We mobilise troops in preparation due to an expected war with Colombia, who refuse to justify their actions and supply a reason other than militaristic for their attempt to colonise Mexico. We are on the point of war and demand an explanation from the Colombian government. Aid is given to Texas. The army is given a last minute overhaul in preparation, upgrading by 0.25. The Great Deceit is banned in the nation. Football continues to grow in popularity. Work on the CBM continues.

*Russian Diplomacy: Colombia is in the CSTO as a full member, attacking them will result in you getting kicked from the organization.

Sorry, I thought you were planning to attack Colombia. Edboy452 (talk) 17:33, June 26, 2013 (UTC)

Las Cruces: Troops push the Zombie Horde south, and Las Cruces territory is expanded south and west too, and people begin to establish farms, and other conveniences. A plan is set to take Juarez from the Zombie Horde. Our military grows, and from the military bases and hangars dotting the region, the troops become fairly well armed, improving our military point. The population boom continues, and the population nears 70,000.

Dinetah: I will not be posting for five or so days, for I'll be on a vacation. Can a mod please take control of Dinetah? I want Dinetah to concentrate on the war on the Texan Rebels and further technological advances, and horror movies. I want the rivalry between Warchief Electronics and Sonoran Microsystems to be like an Apple and Microsoft, AMD and Intel, Sony and Microsoft-esque rivalry.

United Islamic Caliphate: High government officials from Eritrea are taken into custody, as well as high ranking military commanders from all branches. A new rebuilding project begins for the new nation of the UIC, Eritrea. Elections are planned to be held within three months for new councilmen, five from every region in Eritrea, which is 30 councilmen. As'ad approves funding to his favorite Eritrean politicians who are pro-UIC.

United Republics: Construction is complete on the one of the two Falklands class carriers. Immediately modifications occur changing the underwater armament to replicate the Stealth Bombers titanium armour and shape affects underwater, making it undetectable even by the best radar. The downside being coast increases, but the supercarrier, becomes nondetachable by all types of radar. The second ship is completed within the next month giving both the Pacific and Atlantic fleets a supercarrier. Research continues on the fast attacking ships and after a short delay, will be completed in design within the next three months. Furthermore, UR begins anti-Scandinavian participation, sending 50,000 troops to Scandinavian Antarctica, Bouvet Island, and all the rest of Scandinavia's sub-equatorial islands. Any scientists and researchers are removed immediately and sent back to the UR in style of OTL Operation Paperclip. Ties are continued to be built with the Three Indian Republics. Do I need an Algo for taking Scandinavian islands and territory, because no one is there anymore? Because we both know I would win.

Sul: Completes upgrading of Sul Atlantic Highspeed line. South of Curtibita the community of Sul Rio de Janeiro continues to sprawl. Army and defenses continue to be upgraded.

United Mediterr: UM unable to outfit the supercarrier with the same tech as the UR. Completes construction of the ship, known as the Syracuse. Continues to improve quality of life.

Portugal: Continues space program and improves infrastructure. A universal health-care act is passed, similar to that of the UR.

Granada: Continues space program and improves infrastructure. A universal healthcare act is passed, similar to that of the UR. Portuguese and Spanish continue to mix in culture and language. Proposes an Iberian Union, making Spain, Portugal and Granada one nation.

United States: Much of the coastline of Tamil Nadu is cleared and occupied by the United States. Ground forces begin moving into the western sections of the state. The entire region is declared infection free. Thanks to the efforts of the United States Navy and the coalition forces, the coastline of Odisha is secured, and ground forces begin moving toward heavily populated areas. More refugee camps are constructed in the south, but poverty and homelessness still remains high. We continue aiding the Austrian and Germans against the Scandinavians.