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1988 Flag of Superior 1992
House Elections
85 Seats
November 6, 1990
First party Second party
Blank person Blank person
Leader Jeffrey S. Crochet Robert P. Griffin
Party Liberal Democrat Conservative
Leader's seat Mackinac Schoolcraft
Last election N/A N/A
Seats won 54 30
Seat change +3 -1
Third party
Blank person
Leader Steven Bolden
Party Socialist

Leader's seat Chippewa
Last election N/A
Seats won 1
Seat change +1
Speaker before election
Jeffrey S. Crochet
Liberal Democrats
Elected Speaker
Jeffrey S. Crochet
Liberal Democrats
1988 Flag of Superior 1992
Senate Elections
30 Seats
November 6, 1990
First party Second party
Blank person Blank person
Leader John Kerin (defeated) Jordan K. Gibson
Party Liberal Democrat Conservative
Leader's seat Alger Marquette
Last election 17 11
Seats won 15 13
Seat change -2 +2
Third party Fourth party
Blank person Blank person
Leader Cyril Symes N/A
Party Socialist Independents
Leader's seat Chippewa N/A
Last election 1 1
Seats won 1 1
Seat change None None
Maj. Leader before election
John Kerin
Liberal Democrats
Elected Maj. Leader
Robert Kulisheck
Liberal Democrats

The 1990 elections to Congress were bad for the Liberal Democrats. With the president in the tail end of his final term, and voters somewhat uncomfortable with the Vice-President, they saw losses in both chambers. The Mackinaw problem, and the disagreement of voters with the Liberal Democratic leadership - along with the President and Vice-President - on what to do about it, did not help.

Such an environment saw small losses in the Senate, leading to the Conservatives gaining two seats, and the Liberal Democrats narrowly avoiding losing control of that chamber, relying on aid from Senators Symes and Wells on some issues, and the vote from the Vice President on others in order to stay in control following the election. The Majority Leader, Senator Kerin of Alger, lost his seat as well, being replaced by Robert Kulisheck.

Losses in the House were deeper, but the Liberal Democrats saw their majority remain in place here as well, though not quite by so narrow a margin as the Senate.

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