The 1990 March Riots, also known as simply the March Riots, began as minor civil unrest in Perth, West Australia in the early morning of March 11, 1990, and spread to every major city in the nation, denouncing the Communist government of Prime Minister Peter Symon, calling for major restructuring of the nation's political system and an end to the destructive path of militarism. When Symon attempted to use military force to crush the rioters in Perth after city police were overwhelmed, the troops he sent in joined the protests, refusing to fire on helpless civilians. After much debate among Senate members and his aides, Symon finally relented after revelation of his nuclear deals with the Soviet Union in the late '70s and stepped down as Prime Minister of West Australia, along with his entire cabinet and the Senate at 9:07 p.m. AWST on March 12. The Militarism Era had finally ended.

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