1990 World Cup

The 1990 World Cup was awarded to Portugal. This followed many investments in hotels, renovating stadiums, and improving the infrastructure of the nation. Portugal is the first European nation to host the WC since Z-Day and the first nation that fully fell to infection to host a major world sporting event. The WC marks the point of full return to prominence for this proud nation.

Teams to be invited include and their groups

Group A Group B Group C Group D Group E Group F Group G Group H
Portugal* UnitedMediterr. Scotland Italy England Spain Scandinavia Austria
New Romania Belgium Croatia Wales Yugoslavia Ireland Netherlands Russia 
Santa Cruz Bolivia Argentina Colombia Brazil Uruguay Cameroon Egypt
Chan Santa Cruz Japan Commonwealth Wu Belieze Texas Bay Republics United States

Round of 16

Portugal 2 (A 1st)  v  1 Austria (H 2nd)

Belgium 2 (B 2nd) a.e.t  v  1 Scandinavia (G 1st)

Argentina 3 (C 1st)  v  1 Uruguay (F 2nd)

Colombia 2 (D 2nd)  v 1 England (E 1st)

- - - - - - - - - - - - 

Egypt 5 (H 1st)  v  0 Chan Santa Cruz (A 2nd)

Netherlands 0 (G 2nd)  v 0 (4-3)  United Mediterr. (B 1st)

Spain (F 1st) 2  v  1 Scotland (C 2nd)

Brazil (E 2nd) 0 v  1 Italy (D 1st)


Portugal 0  v 4 Colombia

Belgium 0 v 2 Argentina

- - - - - - - -

Egypt 1 v 3 Italy

Spain 2 v 0 United Mediter.


Colombia 1 v 3 Argentina

Spain 1 v 1 (7-6 Pen) Italy

Third Place Game: Colombia 1 v 2 Spain


Argentina 2 v 0 Italy

Argentina repeats as world champions due to an impressive performance from Marradona again with two goals. Italy struggles having lost even more players to Venice and Lombardy. Despite their depleted team and massive youth, their team chemistry and cohesion propelled them into the finals and helped them achieve success throughout the tournament. 

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