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1986 Flag of Superior 1990
House Elections
85 Seats
November 8, 1988
First party Second party
Blank person Blank person
Leader Jeffrey S. Crochet Robert P. Griffin
Party Liberal Democrat Conservative
Leader's seat Mackinac Schoolcraft
Last election 54 30
Seats won 56 28
Seat change +2 -2
Third party
Blank person
Leader Steven Bolden
Party Socialist

Leader's seat Chippewa
Last election 1
Seats won 1
Seat change None
Speaker before election
Bruce Casey
Liberal Democrats
Elected Speaker
Jeffrey S. Crochet
Liberal Democrats
1986 Flag of Superior 1990
Senate Elections
30 Seats
November 8, 1988
First party Second party
Blank person Blank person
Leader John Kerin Jordan K. Gibson
Party Liberal Democrat Conservative
Leader's seat Alger Marquette
Last election 16 12
Seats won 17 11
Seat change +1 -1
Third party Fourth party
Blank person Blank person
Leader Cyril Symes N/A
Party Socialist Independents
Leader's seat Chippewa N/A
Last election 1 1
Seats won 1 1
Seat change None None
Maj. Leader before election
John Kerin
Liberal Democrats
Elected Maj. Leader
John Kerin
Liberal Democrats

The 1988 Congressional elections saw all seats in the house, and the "Class 1" seats in the Senate up for grabs. House Speaker Bruce Casey did not run for reelection, and the Liberal Democrats replaced him with former presidential contender Jeffrey S. Crochet of Mackinac.

Riding President Stowe's proverbial coattails, the Liberal Democrats managed to slightly increase their majority in the House, and to capture a Senate seat in Menominee recently held by Conservative Robert Haase, until his resignation earlier in the year.

Steven Bolden, the only member of another party - the Socialists - up for election this time around narrowly won reelection over the Conservative candidate in his Chippewa riding.

The largely peaceful situation that had existed since the establishment of the republic remained in force, though the seeds of later issues, namely the Mackinaw problem, came into being at this time.