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United States Presidential Election, 1988
November 8, 1988
GaryHart Jack-Kemp
Nominee Gary Hart Jack Kemp
Party Democratic Republican
Home state Colorado New York
Running mate John Glenn William A. Armstrong
Electoral vote 296 242
States carried 24+DC 26
Popular vote 49,806,675 41,868,033
Percentage 52.7% 46.5%
1988 Electoral Map (Ford Momentum)
Presidential results map. Blue denotes states won by Gary/Glenn, Red denotes states won by Kemp/Armstrong.
The United States Presidential Election of 1988 was the 51st quadrennial American Presidential election. Contested between Democratic Colorado Senator Gary Hart and Republican New York Representative Jack Kemp.

After Vice President Walter Huddleston refused to run in the Democratic primary, Gary Hart managed to take the lead against most opposition. After their respective national conventions, the candidates both ran attacking campaigns, however, Hart managed to capitalize on the growing economy, and stable national, and international stages. 

Hart managed to win decisively in both the electoral and popular votes, as well as becoming one of the only modern Democratic presidents to be elected without winning the state of New York.