Archive Seven:
1986 to 1988.25
Archive Eight:
1988.50 to 1990.75
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1991 to 1993.25

This page is an archive for the Night of the Living Alternate History map game, from 1988.50 to 1990.75.

The Game


The Italian invasion of Venice and Lombardy begins. The Italians manage to push as far north as the city of Ferrara, where the alliance forces have barricaded themselves. The Italian War has begun.

The Italian forces are pinned down along the advance toward Ferrari. The Allies successfully defend the city (see algorithm).

Switzerland, Croatia and Venice mobilize their forces and deploy them for war in northern Italy. They ask that Austria do the same. Militia from Germany and the Holy Roman Empire are gathered to await further orders.

Rafael Gallegos’ followers, armed with weapons from Brazil, continue their campaign in the Guineas. Desmond Hoyte deploys armed forces to help quell violence. He once again asks the UR to remove their claims to the coastline.

The government of Salton fears that they may fall into civil war. The eastern section of the nation, the Imperial Valley, and Slab City all have fallen under the sway of Abelino Gutierrez. Armed forces are deployed near the Mexican border, accounting for dozens of deaths. Perceived rebels are executed, although many believe that the military actions are racist.

The prize of Los Angeles still remains to be taken. Salton, hoping to improve its forces in case of a civil war, enters San Diego. The city is divided between those from Tijuana, and the northern inhabitants. The border of Salton is expanded so that the southern border is the same as the Mexican-Californian border, while the west border is pushed to Route 15.

Japan: Japan continues to build up the Self Defence Forces and infrastructure is improved. Some of the Maritime Self Defence Force still continues to patrol around Japan. Synthpop, Electro and Techno continue to rise in popularity. Tatsunori Katsumata continues working on the game. Sega continues creating their next console. The Republic of Kyushu continues to rebuild the island.

Kingdom of Italy: The king goes on tour asking many other nations to help. The Navy is upgraded by 0.25 as troops land in the city of Venice. The official plan for this invasion is that the navy will keep pushing in from the south while the army will push from the north. An elite detachment of the Peatrion guard invades Venice and kidnaps the head Marshall.

Scandinavia: In the light of our ally Italy being invaded we upgrade the military by 0.25. We send mobilizer troops to Croatia and begin an occupation. We have officially honored the Pact of Diamond. Venice also did not meet our demands. Note: Rex asked me to post for him in the next three or four days, and he said if Venice invaded or did not make my demands I should invade. Octivian Marius (talk) 20:07, June 6, 2013 (UTC)

Republic of Susquehanna: War still rages on as the military attempts to quell the enemy through bombings. Fighters hit a group of pickup trucks, and destroy them as infantry push in. A missile strike in Berwick damages rail lines. The Texan unit is moved back to Danville as a re-inforcement, and the evacuation of Bloomsburg begins. The army upgrades by 0.25 due to increased recruits. The army strengthens by 3000 troops.

Rebels in Berwick are discovered to be armed with M72 Laws, M-16's, K-22 Bullpups, and have Sikorsky UH-60 Blackhawks, F-100 jets, B-17 bombers, and several Point-class cutters refitted as gunboats.

The spy network for the RoS discovers a gun smuggling group that has provided the rebels with arms. Traces back lead them to Venice. After arresting an RoS citizen, it is revealed that the hardware came from Turkey, hoping to overthrow the government, install a pro-Turkish government, then attack the US.

A IED damages the US embassy.

Texas: The exploration group has made it as far as San Diego by now. However, they had to escape from forces of a man named Gutierrez. Some of them perished, and the group is now led by Jeb Bush. He tries to phone home, but the call doesn't go through. Instead, they decide to carry on their mission. They ask the local governments about the situation in California. Personally, Jeb had hoped it wasn't fractured as New Mexico is, but those hopes have been defeated.

Meanwhile, the Presidential primaries have ended. George Bush is the Republican nominee, Carlos Truan the Unionist nominee, and the KNP also has put up a more moderate candidate. George leads the polls, but Carlos also has widespread support. In Italy, troops begin being withdrawn as it becomes increasingly clear that Italy is more interested in invading than it is rebuilding. Some of them are sent to Susquehanna.

United Islamic Caliphate: A new subsector in the United Islamic Military Science and Development Department is created, and is the United Islamic Military Naval Science and Development Department. The reason for their creation is the military wanting to create a new, and large military ship style, hoping to build up a naval presence in the Arabian Peninsula. The industry sector continues to grow, hitting 1.50 from a small economic boom created from a new natural gas mining company. The new company is called NatruG and was supposedly inspired by the Caliph to create their own business, rely on their own profits, and compete against the government in the national markets since the nation has recovered from the civil war and needs much less government help. However, time will tell whether this business venture was a good idea or not.

  • UIC Diplomacy: The Council of the UIC offers to buy one hundred tons of steel from Scandinavia for $175,000.
  • RoS Diplomacy: We offer to sell the UIC 100 tons of steel for $125,000.
  • Kingdom Diplomacy: We would love if the UIC supports us.

Commonwealth: The gas is to be sold at $80/litre. All those who requested gas are shipped 2000 litres at $160,000 dollars. The president declares that the war against Zombies will climax within the next ten years. Development and expansion continues. We gas the remainder of infected Malaysia.

Austria: After many months of political campaigning and debating, the Austrian election happens. However, the election is a controversial one and a new re-election is done after the two re-counts were viewed by an independent inquiry to be rigged and full of problems. The new election sets out the future style of Austrian elections and the election process is the pinnacle of modern technology to allow almost no bias and rigging. Anyway, after those months of scandal (a good reason for me not posting the past few turns, no?), the election is won by Deidrich Dopfer. His more liberal style of nationalism appealed to the majority of voters, though this majority was rather minimum. One of his first actions as president is to honour Austria's alliance and troops are mobilized, following the suit of Switzerland, Croatia and Venice.

Northern California: Californian monarchists file a not-guilty plea for Anita Klaubarg, which they think had Habsburg blood. However, the Desert Republic continues to expand. The failure of the federation with the Bay Republic extinguishes almost every hope of unification, which caused President Ronald Reagan to announce his resignation. But the National Assembly and Prime Minister Manuel Perez encourages him to stay in power.

East Africa: East African forces amass outside of the ruins of Dodoma for their planned assault on the city. The industry is developed by 0.25 to 0.75, and the construction of light armored vehicles begins in the capital city of Zanzibar. The government program to expand the population continues with strict criteria set out by the government, with increased rations provided to women who agree to join the program, and the military service for men willing to start a family lowered from ten to five years. Men who father ten children are granted a two-year tour of duty instead of five, and those who father twenty children are exempt from military service.

Wu: Army builds up and modernizes. Tractors are used in farming and massive water projects begin in the Yangtze river. Settlers arrive in the freed provinces. Exports resources. Quiet Year.

Chan Santa Cruz: We push north slightly from Mexico City, reaching Tuxpan on the east coast. We also reach the west coast at Zihuatanejo. Fortification takes place.


Deidrich Dopfer is elected Austrian speaker of the house, with Arnold Schwarzenegger as his vice speaker of the house. Dopfer’s ideology, known as Progressive-Nationalism, becomes popular among the people of Austria. While heavily nationalist, the new regime incorporates elements of progressive ideology. Dopfer is extremely popular, opposed only by hard-line nationalists and radical liberals.

100,000 Croatian veterans of the Yugoslavian conflict are deployed to Venice. Reserves are mobilized to defend the coastline from attack.

Yugoslavia, which was severely weakened by Zombies and the Croatian revolution, officially falls apart. Bosnia erupts in civil war, with Communists and Democrats meeting across the nation. Serbia remains mainly intact, aiding the Bosnian resistance. Montenegro declares its independence, although is claimed by Serbia. No clear government in Slovenia rises to power, leaving the nation governed by a transitional Communist government, under fire from several factions. The nations of Bosnia and Croatia both place claims to Slovenia, with Croatia even stationing some troops inside the nation.

The nation of Malaysia thanks the Commonwealth for their assistance in clearing their nation. Soldiers are recruited to scout on the ground for large concentrations of Zombies. Some Malaysian soldiers begin to report strange side effects from the gas attacks. Soldiers report severe dehydration and fatigue. A few causes are also found resulting in cancerous tumors.

The Northern Californian government asks Ronald Reagan, their most charismatic leader to continue ruling the nation. He reluctantly accepts after Prime Minister Brown states, “California isn’t yet unified, but you’ve unified our people.”

With the Jeffersonian rebellion long gone, supporters of the Jeffersonian state preach across the nation through the Californian Freedom party, which becomes a popular alternative to the jingoistic dictatorships of old. The party’s ideology reaches to include non-interventionism and protectionism.

Rafael Gallegos leads a force of about 10,000 armed militia into the overturned city of Bartica. He enters with much fanfare, growing his small force. His propaganda grows to Georgetown, comparing the government of Guyana to a “dog locked in a cage”, citing the UR’s occupation.

Forces from Salton take the coastal city of Oceanside, aiding the survivors in San Diego to the south.

Japan: Japan continues to build up the Self Defence Forces and infrastructure is improved. Some of the Maritime Self Defence Force still continues to patrol around Japan. Synthpop, Electro and Techno continue to rise in popularity. Tatsunori Katsumata continues working on 東方封魔録 ~ The Story of Eastern Wonderland. Sega continues creating their next console. The Republic of Kyushu continues to rebuild the island

Commonwealth: We ask Malaysia to send us five of their soldiers, our leading medical researchers will study them and determine the cause of the dehydration and tumors. The Cureplex complex is locked down, as it goes through a massive decontamination from the Zombie research. Research, development and expansion continues.

Dinetah: A gunsmith has been created in Durango, now becoming Dinetah's center of industry, and new weapons are issued to armed forces. (Military is upgraded.) The Council unveils its new plan to form a land trade route with Chan Santa Cruz. Much of the new military reaches Mexican Durango, and it pushes south, hoping to make it to Mexico City before the year ends. The Zombie-killing gas has been used in action, mostly with positive results. Workers move south after the soldiers, with a fort being built in Gallup. We ask all nations to help assist us in the trade route, especially Southwest League members and Texas. A conference is held in Teec Nos Pos to solve the border and unification dispute with Painted Desert. Can someone do an algorithm?

Falklands: We decide to distance ourselves from politics, but we request a gallon of the Commonwealth gas.

Kingdom of Italy: The liberation of Albania is complete turning it into a colony of the Kingdom, we work on the Bosnians declaring war on the terrible nation of Croatia. We ask for more allies in this treacherous war as two soldiers are bombed inside Rome. As the war continues with a successful blockade of Venice the navy is upgraded by 0.25. Secret Diplomacy: We ask Wu what is up with the island deal.

Scandinavia: In the heat of war the army is upgraded 0.25.

United Islamic Caliphate: The development of a new and large military ship continues under the funding from the  UIMNSDD, as the steel purchased from the UIC's ally, the Republic of Susquehanna. A basic design has been submitted by three different research groups, and each group will prepare and present a presentation on their design, from which the UIMNSDD suggests an option to the United Islamic Military Science and Development Department, where the decision will ultimately lie. Talks begin between NatruG and two homeowners on buying their homes, and bulldozing them to make way for a new small natural gas mining facility. A bomb explodes in the capital of Ta'izz, but its origin is unknown at the moment. Investigations have begun, under the Islamic Caliph Department of Interior Defense. (The head of the I.C.D.I.D holds a bias against both Oman because of his families deportation from there at a young age, and against Eritrea for declining to join the UIC, as he is slightly radical. Can a Mod Event decide whether he: A. Places blame on Oman; B. Places blame on Eritrea; or C. Finds evidence of what group really caused the bombing.)

  • UIC Diplomacy: The Council accepts the Republic of Susquehanna's offer, and also offers 20 Saladin-1D tanks for the RoS base in Socotra for free as a show of good faith. The Council declines to militarily aid the Kingdom of Italy, but offer to increase the amount of natural gas and crude oil shipped to the Kingdom for a lower price to aid them.

Northern California: Meanwhile, the first wave of settlers arrive in the Desert Republic. They are to resettle a sector of South Lake Tahoe, opposite the administrative sector. However, survivors disliked the move, so they took up arms, not against Zombies, but against the military administration. On the domestic front, Reagan decides to stay in power. Alarmed about the insurgency in the Desert Republic, he sends more troops to protect the re-settlers. However, he attempts to befriend the surrounding nations. The aircraft carrier R.C.S. Eureka arrives in Seattle as a show of good will.

Chan Santa Cruz: Massive efforts are put into national unity, with a vast propaganda campaign taking place. The Government of Mexico is found within Mexico City and given a choice. "Join our nation or face overwhelmingly superior forces and die. We would rather you joined us peacefully. Given that you are running low on supplies and that your nation is in tatters we offer you your best chance. If you prove loyal we may even give you positions such as governor of the city, etc." Otherwise, we will unfortunately have to declare war upon you and destroy this threat. Have a nice day."

Wu: Army builds up and modernizes. Tractors are used in farming and massive water projects begin in the Yangtze river. Settlers arrive in the freed provinces. Cities are built and the population reaches 300 million. A third aircraft carrier, as well as ten new destroyers are built. The New Aircraft Carrier is named the W.S.S Shilang, while the other destroyers were named the ZhiLong classes. Increases its army score to 2.75. The Flag of Wu is given and replaces the old flag, consisting of a large Chinese Character Wu over a Blue background. The red Background symbolizes the blood of the martyrs who died to build Wu, the four Blue lines symbolises the four great rivers of China: the Amur River, Yellow River, Yangtze River and Pearl River. The green diamond in the middle symbolises the land of Wu and the Yellow Star symbolises the spirit and essence of Wu. The first democratic elections are held in the capital: Nanking. A total of 20 parties ran for the election and the winner was the Wu National Party with 47% and the runner's up to be the Wu Communist Party with 35%. A calculated total of 205 million men and women voted. The new president is Hu Jin Tao, a previous Communist who left the party to escape from the Zombies. He would be the President for five years. 500,000 people are enlisted into the army and trained efficiently and harshly. The Phlaxicortin-X gas received from the Commonwealth is researched and the scientists are trying to replicate it. Some Zombiologists are trying to use Zombie labour for basic physical activities with little progress, except for a Zombie that is able to push crates around.


Red: Government Controlled; Blue: Rebel Controlled

Republic of Susquehanna: We thank our ally for the tanks. Progress is made in the war, with the army pushing the Berwick rebels out of Bloomsburg. A SWAT team raids a warehouse and finds empty crates marked for anti-aircraft guns, anti-tank rocket launchers, heavy machine guns, assault rifles, handguns, grenades, and shotguns. Areas between Berwick and Bloomsburg look like a WWI battlefield with tanks and trenches on both sides. The Air Force attacks the enemy positions, hoping to knock them off guard. Estimates are the war will last another three to five years. The government is evacuated to Socotra.


A trade route is blazed from the Yucatan to Veracruz. Chan Santa Cruz scouts find that central Mexico is heavily infected, and several attempts to enter Mexico City end in complete slaughter. Survivors near the city join the forces from the south.

Representatives from Painted Desert meet with the leaders of the nation of Dinetah. Painted Desert proposes that the border be established at 37° 11′ 1.62″ N, 108° 20′ 19.27″ W, running vertically from the southwest corner of Mesa Verde, with Painted Desert controlling everything west, and Dinetah controlling everything east.

After much investigation it is revealed that the bomb which was detonated in Yemen earlier in the year was placed by an Eritrean officer and former Djibouti native. The government believes that the individual orchestrated the event to protest Djibouti’s annexation.

Villages across the Yucatan peninsula are united by Chan Santa Cruz. Although some are opposed to the annexation, most are in favor of the action.

After heavy naval bombardment from the coast, about 150,000 Croatian and Venetian soldiers take back the area around Ferrara and take the city of Ravenna. Allied strategists begin to make plans for an offensive to follow the coast.

After a decisive battle over the Adriatic Sea the Italian navy is heavily damaged. The majority of the pre-apocalypse Italian navy has been captured or sunk, with the remainder damaged and withdrawn to Taranto. Some of the Italian sailors enter the city hoping to find supplies, but encounter heavy Zombie resistance. Italy’s naval score drops to 1.50.

The Malaysian government forcefully sends several Malaysian soldiers in secret to the Commonwealth. About a hundred cases of rare cancers appear in the Malaysian jungle, killing several soldiers. The government attempts to cover up the cases, controlling the news to make it sound like they are making excellent progress against the Zombies.

Protests appear across the Guinea coast, especially in Georgetown where several thousand people have risen into the streets against the UR settlers. Rafael Gallegos marches north, executing dozens of UR supporters. Linden is looted by the rebels who then march to New Amsterdam.

After a stroke, Pieter Willem Botha resigns his party's leadership and the presidency of South Africa.

Japan: Japan continues to build up the Self Defence Forces and infrastructure is improved. Some of the Maritime Self Defence Force still continues to patrol around Japan. Synthpop, Electro and Techno continue to rise in popularity. Tatsunori Katsumata finishes working on 東方封魔録 ~ The Story of Eastern Wonderland and will release it later this year. Sega continues creating their next console. The Republic of Kyushu continues to rebuild the island.

Texas continues withdrawing its troops from Italy. George Bush easily wins the election, with 60% to Truan's 37%. He promises "continued co-operation with New Mexico" and "growing our network of alliances". He makes a trip across many New Mexican cities. He meets with many of their leaders, wanting to foster closer relations with them. He spends time in Dinetah with the hope of easing tensions between the countries. Meanwhile in California, Jeb Bush and his group begin to head to San Francisco and Sacramento, hearing rumors of a UR-style union there.

Commonwealth: The Malaysian soldiers are sent to the Cureplex, and are told that even though the gas was tested safe on our people, it may not be the safest. Genes and DNA samples are taken from the soldiers. All buyers of Phlaxicortin-X are advised to not have soldiers around the misted areas until the mist has settled. (The Phlaxicortin-X is liquid, dropped as a mist from low altitudes from specially fitted bombers and fire planes.) It is also advised that before dropping on urban areas, people seal off their houses, and should be issued masks to prevent inhalation of the mist from the air, until it is settled that is. Development, research and expansion all continue.

Kingdom of Italy: The Kingdom's strategy changes because of the recent defects. Now the Kingdom is trying to act on defense until a new fleet is complete. Secretly the Kingdom makes a small fleet of ships that is specifically made for conquering Venice. The Navy is upgaded 0.25. The ULN is a VERY ineffective organization. A detachment of the Praetorian Guard sneaks into a camp of the Venetians and leaves ten Zombies to destroy the camp.

  • How is the ULN ineffective? It's not helping you invade because we voted the proposal down.

Scandinavia: A troop of spies sneaks into Bosnia making 25% of the Bosnians believe that Croatia is bad. The army is upgraded by 0.25.

United Islamic Caliphate: A design for a ship, which is basically a four-fifths size copy of the United States Spruance-class Destroyer, is selected by the UIMSDD instead of the one recommended by the UIMNSDD, their recommendation being of an almost entirely new class of naval ship, and was deemed too expensive to go to prototype stage and to mass produce. The ship class chosen is named a Medinian-class 'Light Destroyer, and the first ship is currently under construction. Small groups of soldiers patrol the major cities of Yemen and Djibouti to guard against any near-future bombings. The talks between NatruG and the homeowners are over, and they have decided to sell, allowing NatruG to have more access to natural gas and crude oil.

UIC Diplomacy: The Council and Caliph demands that the Eritrean government expel the officer to Yemen so that he may stand trial (very biased one) for his crimes.
Wu Dip: We wish to buy the plans of the new class of naval ships and for a co-operation in oil production and skills.

Russia: After years of absence, the Mil Moscow Helicopter Corporation is moved back to Russia. Troops in Turkey have moved a captured LAMS unit during the Middle Eastern War to the Uralvagonzadov plant to dismantle and research the anti-air laser. Construction of another Kirov-Class Battlecruiser, three more Kara-Class Cruisers, two more Slava-Class Cruisers, and eight more Udaloy-Class Destroyers have started. Another 800 T-80 tanks, 1500 T-72 tanks have been constructed. To reduce the upkeep of the military all T-55 tanks are sent to factories to be scrapped. 350 Mi-24D Hinds, ten Mi-26 Halos, and 100 Mi-28 Havocs have been assembled. We ask the United States and the Channel League for a trade agreement. More oil refineries have been constructed in the Caucasus Region, enhancing oil production. We upgrade our industry to 1.75.

  • Wu Dip: We ask Russia for a defense pact and trade agreement.
  • Russian Diplomacy: We decline on both terms.
  • United States Diplomacy: We accept.

Wu: Army builds up and modernizes. Tractors are used in farming and massive water projects begin in the Yangtze river. Food production grows by 10%. Cities are built and the population reaches 310 million. Increases its army score to 3. The first democratic elections are held in the capital: Nanking. The Phlaxicortin-X gas received from the Commonwealth is researched and the scientists are still trying to replicate it with some success. Zombie labour is given up due to the tendency of Zombies eating the scientists. Asks Kalsang, the leader of the Federal Republic of Tibet and Dalai Lama, leader of the Buddhist Kingdom of Tibet for a meeting in Yunnan. Tanks begins to be constructed quickly in three main factories: Guanzhou, Wuhan and Xuzhou. 500 Qubin Tanks and 1200 Hanxin tanks are constructed. Outdated ships and tanks are sent to the scrapyard. The first Wu jet is built named J-11.

Falklands: We send a FSF task force to arrest Rafael Gallegos, and after he resists arrest, they shoot him dead, before being overwhelmed and massacred. The morale of our armed forces takes a hit due to this.

Chan Santa Cruz: On hearing of the scout's destruction army score is upgraded by 0.25. The annexation of the Yucatan Peninsula leaves a number of problems such as sanitation ond social security. To this aid we ask the ULN for a grant to improve the living conditions. Scouts are sent across the Gulf of Mexico to see if we could bypass the 'hotspot' and trade across the sea. We beam a radio transmission to the south US Gulf region detailing the fact that it is a scout trading mission and that we are coming to investigate a potential market, not invade.

United States: We sign a trade agreement with the Russian Federation, and on behalf of the Channel League. The Channel League headquarters in Brighton is completed, serving as an impressive skyscraper and icon over all of southern England. The new Brighton docks are revered as perhaps the largest and grandest in the world, housing hundreds of ships. The docks also boast an expansive fort system, turrets, artillery, shipyards, and dry docks. Smaller versions of this model are completed in the regional bases of Amsterdam and Brest, as well as the US base on Cyprus. The message is received from Chan Santa Cruz. We ask for a trade agreement with the nation, pledging to send humanitarian aid to improve the situation in southern Mexico.


The government of Eritrea hands over the officer who orchestrated the terrorist attack to the Yemeni government. The nation makes an apology to the nation of Yemen.

About 150,000 allied soldiers are prepared to invade Italy. The invasion commences with allied forces surrounding Rimini. In the west soldiers have also entered Tuscany, where they have encountered heavy resistance.

In Bosnia the democratic faction manages to obtain the upper hand after a long battle in the streets of Sarajevo. Fighting continues across the nation, especially in the south, where the Communists are entrenched.

After the death of the main general of the Bosnian Democrats, the forces of the Bosnian revolution are split politically. In Sarajevo rival political parties emerge, most notably the Civic Democratic Party, which advocates for isolation and limited military, and the National Democratic Party, which advocates for the creation of a pro-military society, stretching across Bosnia, Slovenia, and even Croatia.

Rafael Gallegos’ forces enter Georgetown. After a night of violent looting and racial killing, the government steps in and attempts to end the violence. Rafael Gallegos’ supporters protest outside the capital, as many continue the violence.

Dinetah: Dinetah reluctantly accepts Painted Desert's border proposal, hoping to control Teec Nos Pos and the Dinetah Monument. Residents of Teec Nos Pos however are not happy about the law. Many stay in Teec Nos Pos and take control of the town in the name of Dinetah. One resident says: "My parents have lived here, and my grandparents, and they all salute the flag of Dinetah. I want to stay, yet I want to remain Dinetan. I want my children to learn about Haskie rather than Painted Desert founders. I feel torn between my land and my country." Dinetah assures Painted Desert that we ordered all Dinetan civilians to either gain Painted Desert citizenship or leave. Military is upgraded by 0.25. All Dinetan soldiers are ordered to leave Teec Nos Pos, yet most remain in defiance. They are mostly equipped with Dinetah's new weapons. A wall is constructed around the center of Teec Nos Pos by the rogue Dinetans, and all residents move inside transforming the sprawling community into a small, dense town. Meanwhile, the trailblazers reach Chihuahua and dig in, hoping to reach Durango soon.

Japan: Japan continues to build up the Self Defence Forces and infrastructure is improved. Some of the Maritime Self Defence Force still continues to patrol around Japan. Synthpop, Electro and Techno continue to rise in popularity. 東方封魔録 ~ The Story of Eastern Wonderland is released and gets excellent sales. Sega continues creating their next console. The Republic of Kyushu continues to rebuild the island.

Russia: After months of construction the fourth Kirov-Class battlecruiser is complete and went down the slipway, the RFS Yuri Andropov. The fifth Kirov-Class battlecruiser is still under construction and isn’t named as of now. Two more Kara-Class cruisers, two Slava-Class cruisers and seven Udaloy-Class destroyers have been built, along with three Sovremenny-Class Destroyers. To increase ship production, dry-docks have started using building block methods. The keel of another Admiral Kuznetsov-Class Aircraft Carrier is laid down. A program is created for the Russian Navy to keep it simplified and more universal. The program is called Project: Kraken. By the end of 1995 the Russian navy is expected to have at least five Kirov-Class battlecruisers, six Admiral Kuznetsov-Class Aircraft Carriers, seventy Sovremenny-Class destroyers, twenty Slava-Class destroyers, and ten Kara-Class Cruisers. Other ship classes not listed are still to remain in the Russian Navy until decommission. A new torpedo is being developed by Rubin Design Bureau called the Hawkfish Torpedo. However, the Hawkfish is not a conventional torpedo, instead of being propelled by a gas or electric engine, the Hawkfish uses rocket propulsion and is able of achieving Mach 1.5 underwater. Since the torpedo is 1.5 times faster than the speed of sound, it can strike its target without even knowing the torpedo is heading towards them. Mass production of these new torpedoes has started. Scientists at the KPB Instrument Design Bureau have finally found out how the Turkish LAMS and made blueprints of the Turkish model. Prototypes are being assembled for the Russian Navy and Army. Research of the new T-90 tank has started, and the construction of 700 more T-80s has finished. Most T-55 tanks have been scrapped as of now. About 80,000 troops have been recruited. Multiple oil rigs are being constructed in Mediterranean to harvest oil that the nation of Turkey has found years ago. Two new military satellites have been launched with the ability to jam radio signals and the ability to disrupt the launches of ICBMs and other nuclear missiles. The platform works by jamming the missile’s guidance system as soon as it leaves the ionosphere, when the guidance system is jammed the nuclear missile then continues moving through the Thermo and Exosphere and then continue to head out into deep space. With a trade agreement with the United States and the rest of the Channel League, the beginning of a new era with west and eastern co-operation has begun. Oil tankers soon leave the ports of the Caucasus, guarded by naval vessels to avoid being attacked by the rogue nation of the Kingdom of Italy arrive at the United States and the Channel League. Multiple ballistic missile submarines have been ordered to patrol the Mediterranean in case Italy starts attacking our oil tankers. We message Italy saying that if a single shot is fired at any of our civilian/military personnel or property, the might of our military will rain down upon you. Supplies are sent to Austria, Germany, Northern Italy, and Croatia to help pacify Italy. President of Russia, Boris Yeltsin begins planning the Victory Day Parade in Moscow. We upgrade our Industry to 2.0.

  • Russian Diplomacy: We ask to join the ISAF or make an application.

Commonwealth: Industry is upgraded by 0.25 points. Development, research and expansion all continue. No breakthroughs on the Malaysian soldiers yet.

South Africa: The Nation wakes up from its deep slumber. Developing internal policies and keeping the nation in isolationism to help it develop a national economy, the nation is ready to step back out into World Politics. The Navy is upgraded to 2.0, with new shipyards being constructed to help boost shipbuilding. A new generation of educated South Africans help to design new infrastructure projects and help develop new military designs. The World's Largest Reservior is opened to the nation with huge celebrations, and the irrigation networks in the north are completed. An unprecidented amount of water now flows through the nation to help crops grow and let jungles expand. With such a large number of children in the nation now, many childcare centres are opened to help struggling parents. The nation, after years of helping the Dutch, offer the Royal Family the chance to open a winter palace in South Africa. The nation also requests some diplomatic visits of the UR to catch up with their old ally (OOC, tell me what's happened so far Greg, LOL). A new campaign to encourage "Unity through Diversity" is started in schools to help encourage the sense of a united South Africa in children. The nation reports that almost 75% of its population follow Protestantism as a religion. With such a large population, the Council decides it is finally time to expand northward and clear out the Zombies. The Dutch gain more control in former Belgian areas and in their territories Dutch is implemented for everyday usage.

Texas: Texas sends humanitarian aid to Chan Santa Cruz. Meanwhile, President Bush finishes his tour of New Mexico. In California, Jeb's crew reach the southern borders of the Bay Republic. They ask to meet with the leaders of the Bay Republic.

Kingdom of Italy: Two new military programs go into effect. The first is called ZXM. ZXM is where the military takes a car with ten men and ten Zombies inside it. They take it to a camp. They deploy all the Zombies onto the men, and watch them all get contaminated. They kill all the Zombies and take ten for the next camp. The second one is Operation Hurricane. Operation Hurricane is where under the cover of man-made fog specially designed ships attack coastal cities. These two plans have made considerable gains. Will any nation please support us? We will give you a vassal in one of the aggressors (Secret). The ZXM program is suspended until further notice. For further understanding:

  • Russian Diplomacy: Due to crimes against humanity an embargo will be placed on your nation. (Next Turn)
  • Kingdom Diplomacy: What are the crimes?
  • Russian Diplomacy: Forcefully feeding people to the infection. Keep in mind the embargo is not an act of war but deterrence.
  • Kingdom Diplomacy: That is NOT bad. They would die either way, and this is WAR. There is nothing that says that. Can you meet on chat to discuss this?
  • Russian Diplomacy: Have you ever heard of something called the Geneva Convention? Read Part I General Provisions.
  • Texas Dip: We join Russia in condemning Italy. You have overstepped your boundaries. You are bound to treat your POW's fairly, not leave them to die as Zombies. This is a crime, all right. All Texan troops are ordered to stop fighting for the Italians at all. They will be retrieved as soon as possible. Furthermore, a trade embargo will be placed on Italy.
  • RoS Diplomacy: We agree with Texas and Russia, and plead for the Italians to stop the cruel and inhumane executions. All military aid is halted, and fuel shipments are ended. Foodstuff, wool and medication will be allowed, but distributed under RoS supervision to the citizens of Italy.
  • Wu Dip: Due to international pressure, Wu asks the Kingdom to halt their ZXM plan. However, Wu gives some shipments of artillery to KI.
  • Kingdom Diplomacy: The main misunderstanding is this does NOT happen to prisoners of war AND civilians. In fact it fits into the Geneva convention. It is suspended until further notice.
  • Russian Diplomacy: What your nation is doing is probably worse than what the Nazi's did to the Jews in the Holocaust. What your nation is, is a spec of growing fascism on the Earth, and our government intends to end in a peaceful manner. Furthermore, suspending your harsh treatment of people won't lift the embargo. Remember, you did this to yourself. If you would like to negotiate on the list of the embargo please put another diplomacy post below and we'll discuss on the talk page.
  • Russian Diplomacy: Any nation in the United League of Nations should agree or disagree for kicking the Kingdom of Italy out of the ULN. Voting is over here:

Also, I read your thing on how ZXM works. That is considered mutilation and in a way, biological warfare.

  • Chan Santa Cruz: How could you? This is not a good first impression. Humans. We are human. We will not forget. We will not forgive. You have been Judged. Akhushtal has birthed Bolon Yookte' K'uh. Venus is rising. Your fate is sealed.

Scandinavia: We continue our efforts to grow our military, and our industry grows by 0.25. We continue to incite war with Croatia in Bosnia, hoping to convince them that Croatia is their enemy. Meanwhile, a second look at the terror incident, this time by an Imperial Commission, has shown that Italy was behind the attacks. Citing Article II of the Pact of Diamond Charter, Scandinavia declares the Pact null and void. Our troops withdraw from Italy, and instead focus on other things, like liberating Greenland.

  • Kingdom of Italy: How could you do this?

Republic of Susquehanna: The republic offers the rebels a ceasefire. It is denied. More troops are readied, and airstrikes are launched in preparation. Some progress is made as the troops capture the rest of Lycoming County. It is discovered that a battalion of Turkish troops are aiding the rebels. This infuriates the government, who declare the Second Pennsylvania Civil War.

RoS map

Red: Government Controlled; Blue: Rebel Controlled

  • Texas Dip: We will send as many troops and supplies as the republic needs.

Northern California: Prime Minister Manuel Perez met with a childhood friend, the ex-Communist turned Zombiologist Alfred Brown. An idea came to him about the so-called Zombie labour for basic physical activities with little progress, in an effort to increase manpower. The National Labour Congress was founded to support it. Meanwhile, a novel entitled El Noche del Triste (A Night of Misery) was written by Antonio Perez, a vicitm of human rights violations during the two dictatorships. The novel talks about the hardships of the author during the despotic regimes in Northern California. It was later made into a movie, scheduled to be released in May 1989.

Cascadia: The military is expanded as New Spokane takes off officially. Entrances are constructed around the city. The entrances, formerly ramshackle guard towers against the undead, begin renovation. Cascadia accepts Northern California's show of good will and reopens the interstates for trade.

Wu: Army builds up and modernizes. Tractors are used in farming and massive water projects begin in the Yangtze river. Cities are built and the population reaches 320 million. Increases its navy score to 1.25. The capital is changed to Beijing to stabilize the Northern border, particularly against the Mongolians. The Phlaxicortin-X gas received from the Commonwealth is researched and the scientists are still trying to replicate it with some success. The Dalai Lama and Kalsang is kidnapped in the meeting and both nations in Tibet is asked to surrender. 20 Planes fly over Qamdo, Shannan, Lhasa and Ali, dropping flyers saying "Join the Great Republic of Wu!" "Celebrate for your freedom and democracy of Wu!" "You will be liberated quickly!" and "Be liberated or be crushed by the Great Republic of Wu!". The 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th and 15th infantry regiments are deployed along the Chinese-Tibet border. The 1st Armoured division and the 4th and 5th Artillery are also deployed. Can the mods choose if the Tibetans surrender or not?  Tanks continues to be constructed quickly in three main factories: Guanzhou, Wuhan and Xuzhou. 500 Qubin Tanks and 1200 Hanxin tanks are constructed. Asks USA, Italy and Japan to send supplies for the war.

Austria: Austria sends more troops to help its allies but the main thing Austria does this year is to expand southward into Slovenia (How much can I expand each turn?).

Well, how far do you think people would travel in three months depending on their main type of transportation?

Chan Santa Cruz: We agree to trade with the US and thank them for their aid pledge. Upon hearing of the Kingdom of Italy and their warfare (news like that spreads), the nation vows that it shall make no move other than hostile towards the country unless the government is overthrown. Industry is upgraded by 0.25.

United Islamic Caliphate:The Eritrean officers trial takes less than ten days. He is sumarely sentenced to life in prison, and is moved to a small facility in the middle of the desert, where all life prisoners go. At the facility, they constantly work to build small arms, and some vehicle parts for military vehicles, but they are also given three meals a day, regular sleep hours, etc. The development of the Medinian-class Light Destroyer continues, and a design flaw with the bow that would make it dip far too much in open water is discovered and fixed before the prototype got too far to where it would very expensive to change the designs. The council accepts the government of Wu's offer to buy the design plans for the Medinian-class Light Destroyer, and also accepts the offer for oil and gas co-operation.


Bosnia is unified as a democratic nation, with the last of the Communist armies being captured. In the south violence is common, and rogue Communist fighters continue to harass the new government. Politically the new nation becomes torn between the Civic Democratic Party and the National Democratic Party.

Austrian settlers enter Slovenia, settling around the city of Maribor. The settlers, largely nationalist poor-class individuals, manage to create a thriving community within the city. Küsteland becomes a massive talking point between liberals and progressive-nationalists. The nation’s liberals become largely opposed to the settlement.

Ethnic clashes occur between the Austrians and native Slovenians in the south. Croatia, which also has shown interest in the region in the past, favors its ally, Austria. This heavily angers the Bosnian government in Sarajevo, which also holds claims to the region. The National Democratic Party, which is largely becoming the lead party in Sarajevo uses the incident to rally support for its ideals.

The hostilities in Slovenian become known as the Slovenian Crisis. The current parties in the crisis are Croatia, Austria, and indirectly the allied powers, against Bosnian, which is supported by Scandinavia and Italy. Many fear that if the crisis is not resolved diplomatically it will descend into war, or another theater in the Italian War.

After hostilities from the Dinetah settlers increase in Arizona, the nation of Painted Desert asks to meet with Dinetah a second time. Seeing that the two nations are culturally and economically similar, the government of Painted Desert proposes that the two nations join in union, with Painted Desert annexing Dinetah. The new nation will be known as Dinetah, and continue to be governed by the president of the Navajo nation. (The Dinetah player will play as this new nation).

The UR is officially pushed from Guyana. Georgetown, after weeks of clashes between the rebels, government, and UR settlers, is finally secured. The rebel forces cross into the border to help aid similar campaigns in neighboring regions.

An attempt by the Italian government to publish Anti-Lombard propaganda fails miserably when a disgruntled government employee leaks information exposing it as false. Outrage at the Italian government's lies spreads not only through Italy, but the world.

Kingdom of Italy: Spys in Lombardy uncover four terrible and inhuman things. 1: Slavery of all non-Lombardy native people. 2: Executions of 50% of all prisoners of war. 3: Drafting of people as young as ten to the army. 4: Executions of all that fail to follow the draft. Operation Hurricane has been able to capture five coastal cities. Back home, the Isolationist-Unifactionist party takes the helm. The platform is: 1: Italy must be self sufficient by 1998. The Kingdom would only trade for cash then. 2: All the world's Italian speakers and very culturally similar people will be united. The Kingdom proposes peace with the Venitans. For more info click here . (Page coming soon).

No, just no. You can't say something about a nation that you don't like because you're mad since you broke the Geneva Convention. Also, no algorithm was made for these "Five Cities".

Spies did report it, no stopping that. What are the five cities?

Well, you can't just say something about a nation that's false just like that because you're mad. Also, how am I supposed to know the names of these five cities? You said them in your turn. Please be more specific when saying this type of stuff. Like, list the cities you falsely captured.

You can't control the nation of Lombardy. It's one thing to make up propaganda or something, but you can't force a NPC to do something. Also you need an algorithm.

Japan: Japan continues to build up the Self Defence Forces and infrastructure is improved. Some of the Maritime Self Defence Force still continues to patrol around Japan. Synthpop, Electro and Techno continue to rise in popularity. Meanwhile, a new genre of music called Trance is created. Tatsunori Katsumata begins working on the third Touhou Project game, 東方夢時空 ~ Phantasmagoria of Dim.Dream. Sega continues creating their next console. The Republic of Kyushu continues to rebuild the island. Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone sends military support and supplies to help Wu in their wars.

East Africa: The government takes the city of Dodoma, and begins the process of cleansing it of Zombies and rebels forces. The military recruits 350 hopefuls into the military after taking the city, and the first armored vehicles roll off the line in the freshly renovated factories of Dar es Salaam. The industrial base in expanded from 0.75 to 1.00.

Commonwealth: It is confirmed by researchers that a toxic filler chemical in Phlaxicortin-X was the cause of the cancerous tumors in the Malaysian soldiers. The government-owned producer is told to discontinue use of the chemical. All buyers of Phlaxicortin-X are told to send back their Phlaxicortin-X in exchange for the non-toxic Phlaxicortin-X. EDM is created by a dubstep artist taking the sounds of dubstep and mixing them in a different way. Some say that a cold war between us and Japan has begun in the music industry, all jokingly.

Dinetah Dip: Dinetah sends back its Phlaxicortin-X.

Russia: An embargo is placed on the Kingdom of Italy. Two Kirov-Class Battlecruisers, three Kara-Class Cruisers, three Slava-Class Cruisers, one Kiev-Class Helicopter Carrier, and ten Udaloy-Class Destroyers are the main visual blockade force that now patrol the Mediterranean and Adriatic Sea; all ships are ordered to be at least 50 miles away from Italy’s borders. However, twelve Kilo-Class submarines patrol submerged. If a submarine spots a merchant vessel the sonar pings three times, after that two more times. If the merchant doesn’t turn around, a helicopter crew from the nearest ship will arrive, board the ship and forcefully turn it around. Because of Italy’s naval tactics of boarding, a minimum of at least four LRADs and eight .50 Caliber machine guns are to be placed on each ship exterior, radar and sonar have to be active at all times in case SCUBA divers or paratrooper teams attempt to board our ships. With all these defenses, boarding a ship is virtually impossible. All submarines of the Russian Navy are now equipped with the new Hawkfish torpedo. We ask the United States if our navy that is currently enacting the embargo can dock and re-arm at the naval base in Cyprus. One of our new satellites has also been re-positioned over Italy, and has started to jam all radio signals within the corrupt nation, forcing the nation to use land line communications. Research for the new T-90 tank has finished and has started to be mass produced. About 450 T-90 tanks have been produced as of now, with 1,200 T-80s also built. All T-80 tanks are now required to upgrade to the T-80U variant. This large upgrade should to all T-80 tanks shall finish in six months. Ship builders have finished and constructed about four Slava-Class Cruisers, three Kara-Class Cruisers, eight Sovremenny-Class Destroyers, one Typhoon-Class Submarine, and the newest Kirov-Class Battlecruiser of the Russian Navy, the RFS Aksel Berg has been built. To help enforce the embargo on the Kingdom of Italy about seven more Tarantul-Class Corvettes are built. Approximately 60,000 people got recruited into the Russian Armed Forces. An operation, known as Operation: Blockbreaker is currently in effect to reunite Russia with Socialist Siberia in a peaceful and non-military manner. Since Socialist Siberia depends on the Caucasus for virtually all of their oil and some of our farmland for food, we’ve decided to halt nearly all exports entering it. General goods are still allowed to enter through. After the fourth week hundreds of refugees come running to the border and get brought back to Russia. New towns are being constructed to house these new refugees, opening many jobs for them in construction. Food and oil is then sent back to Socialist Siberia. The main objective for Operation: Blockbreaker is to basically gain the trust of the people of Socialist Siberia. Even though Socialist Siberia has an approximate population of 20,000,000 (Includes other states such Kazakhstan and Tajikistan), and has a really small military, the best way to properly retrieve Siberia and its states is by peaceful ways using the media. In the next week the President of Russia, Boris Yeltsin made a speech at the Red Square during the May 6th Victory Day Parade in Moscow that was played on international television. Speech: “People of Russia, and Siberia, we stand away from each other, divided, separated by the opinions of two groups. A great man once said a quote, and that great man was Aesop, ‘United we Stand, Divided we Fall’. That great man was a slave that lived in Ancient Greece. If we are to remain as a superpower we must remain united as one. An example of a once great nation that was destroyed due to civil war was the Ottoman Empire which ruled millions of sq km. If we are to remain divided, the legacy of our great nation will be nothing but a footnote in history that will later be forgotten. United, together we can effectively stand up to our oppressors. Socialism is a great way of giving power to the middle and lower class but if you join us the people of Russia will be able to self-actualize and live up to their true potential.” The broadcast then ends there. Within weeks the influence of capitalism spreads like a wildfire through towns within 100 km of the Russian-Siberian border. However, the Victory Day Parade went smoothly with the first new T-90 tanks able to arrive, at least three million Muscovites flooded the Red Square to attend it. We upgrade our Army Score to 2.25.

  • United States: We will allow Russian ships to dock at Cyprus.
  • Russian Diplomacy: We thank the Americans for their co-operation.
  • RoS Diplomacy: We would like Russia to join the ISAF
  • Russian Diplomacy: An application to join the ISAF was made a while ago.

The nation of "Socialist Siberia" does not exist. That is a nation from 1983: Doomsday. It's also unlikely that you would name a ship after Lenin since you're not a Communist nation.

OK, I will change it to the RFS Aksel Berg.

Dinetah: Dinetah graciously accepts Painted Desert's annexation proposal. Many people rejoice in the streets. Dinetah adopts Painted Desert's flag, and the Council shall be located in Window Rock, its historic location. However, Farmington remains the de jure capital, and Dinetah plans to reform its government to make it more modern. For now, only the new president lives and works in Farmington. Eric Dele of the Nationalist Party is sworn in as President. He begins touring various states in the Southwest to break down the stereotype that Nationalists are xenophobic and ignorant. He first tours all of the New Mexican city-states, then he tours Texas, where he ends up shaking hands with Texas' new president, George Bush. He states to Bush: "I only have intentions to promote friendly relations between our people." He plans to later tour Las Vegas, but will only travel in an armed caravan, due to the high amount of raiders between Dinetah and Vegas. Many Navajo Tribal party members are elected into office, displacing the Conservatives even more. A regular military is created, and the lion's share is stationed inside Fort Gallup, a new fort built near the ruins of Gallup. Workers begin work on a fort near the ruins of Silver City. After a long time, explorers finally make contact with Chan Santa Cruz. They are expected to return via ship. We ask Texas to receive the explorers and allow them to travel back to Dinetah.

  • Texas Dip: We will be sure to do so.

Texas receives Dele with honor. President Bush states that he hopes that Painted Desert and Dinetah's unification becomes a 'stepping stone that leads to greater prosperity and unity within the region'. Bush promises that Texas will pursue closer relations with all in the Southwest League. The Know-Nothing Party has a slight resurgence until the leadership of Wieland Norris, brother of Texan actor Chuck Norris. Meanwhile, the explorers led by Jeb Bush finally reach Eureka. They march to the doors of the capital and request a meeting with Northern California's leaders. From what they can tell, the two nations share a similar history, and they are interested by stories about a man named Ronald Reagan. In Italy, the last of Texan troops are sent home. Bush encourages the Italians to cease their attack, telling them that only bad things will happen if they continue.

Chan Santa Cruz Diplomacy: We accept your alliance proposal from a few years back.

United Islamic Caliphate: A substantial amount of time after the Middle-East War, the council members who held up voting through debate and extremely-loose interpretations finally end their hostilities toward joining the United League of Nations. After a quick vote taking three days due to the availability of three councilmen, the Council votes in a 101-34 split to join the United League of Nations, if they are accepted by the organization. The prototype is nearly finished for the first Medinian-class Light Destroyer, with all that needing to be finished is the naval gun emplacements, which should take up to three months, but once the prototype is built and tested, the method of creation will become much faster. As'ad Nejem, having been quiet for a few years and doing his job as the first Amir Ul-Umara (Most high level government positions are for life or resignation.), begins to advocate for expansion of the Caliphate, but is very vague. This vagueness makes both the Council and Caliph worried about a possible incident between the revolutionary war hero and the government.

Wu: Army builds up and modernizes. Tractors are used in farming and massive water projects begin in the Yangtze river. Cities are built and the population reaches 4000 million. Increases its navy score to 1.5. The Phlaxicortin-X gas received from the Commonwealth is researched and finally replicated. With no reply from Tibet, 200,000 soldiers, 500 airplanes, 2000 tanks attacks Tibet.  Tanks continues to be constructed quickly in three main factories: Guanzhou, Wuhan and Xuzhou. Asks USA, Italy and Japan to send supplies for the war. Ask for an alliance with the UIC.

  • Japan Diplomacy: Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone sends military support to help Wu in their war against Tibet.

Don't you mean 400 million? Doctor Evulz (talk)

Chan Santa Cruz: The Dinetah exploration party is greeted with the best the nation has to offer by ways of a clean, comfortable bed, hot shower, new clothes and supplies etc. We hold a large feast in their honour. National Unity is worked upon. The humanitarian aid is used to upgrade schools and the road network. The University of Yucatan is opened in Merida, dedicated to the nation of Dinetah.

Republic of Susquehanna: The war continues with more focus on eliminating the enemy leadership and siegeing them out. No territory changes hands, and more trenches are dug. The air force firebombs the enemy crops and food caches.  The Navy is deployed to aid Russia with the blockade.

United Republics: Complete the lunar base with Japanese, and many other nations assistance. Plans are drawn up to have all major metro areas completely self sufficient in over the next decade. Space focus switches to the space station and conducting experiments on the moon. UR settlers who have been displaced from Guiana are invited to resettle in areas such as Santa Cruz and Paraguay, although all are welcome. Relations increase with Portugal, Granada, and the isles of Corsica and Sicily.

Scandinavia grows its military by 0.25. We support Bosnia, and even begin to hope to establish them as a vassal. We support their National Democratic Party, and also their claim to Slovenia. We propose to split Slovenia with half of it going to Austria and half of it going to Bosnia.


Northern Californian settlers in the Lake Tahoe region rediscover the destroyed outpost. Locals tell tales to the settlers of the war between Deseret and the Bay Republic, and how the Bay Republic razed the original Lake Tahoe settlement. Intrigued by the story, many settlers become interested in establishing ties with Deseret.

The nation of Dinetah is established from the former nations of Painted Desert, and the republic of the same name. The nation becomes largely governed by Navajo and Caucasian citizens, with Hopi, Ute, Zuni, and Mexican inhabitants as a minority.

With the attempts to cover up the terrorist attack conspiracies by the Italian government failing, the government begins to utilize propaganda to convince locals, rounding up and executing those who oppose the government.

With Georgetown in the hands of the Guyanan rebels, the government is reformed. New laws push the last of the UR citizens out of the nation, while many leave voluntarily to avoid violence. The nation of Guyana also branches out to its neighboring nations to permanently remove the UR from the region.

With hostilities over the horizon between Wu and Tibet, the nation of Tibet makes a plea with the Chinese for vassalage instead of annexation. Some Tibetan students and revolutionaries take to Tiananmen Square in peaceful protest.

With neither side of the crisis coming to an agreement, the Slovenian Crisis escalates into violence. The Bosnian army is ordered into southern Croatia, where they make some territorial advances before meeting resistance from the Croatian defense force.

In Slovenia the Austrian population falls back to Maribor, as violence erupts across the region. With no clear supply route from Italy or Bosnia, the Bosnian and rebel Slovenians in the region prepare to make their last stand. Bosnia joins the Italian War, asking for aid from the Italians.

Japan: Japan continues to build up the Self Defence Forces and infrastructure is improved. Some of the Maritime Self Defence Force still continues to patrol around Japan. Synthpop, Electro and Techno continue to rise in popularity. Meanwhile, a new genre of music called Trance is created. Tatsunori Katsumata continues working on the third Touhou Project game, 東方夢時空 ~ Phantasmagoria of Dim.Dream. Sega continues creating their next console. The Republic of Kyushu continues to rebuild the island. Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone continues to military support and supplies to help Wu in their war against Tibet.

Kingdom of Italy: The Kingdom officially votes to outlaw execution in their constitution just like the Republic invented by Garibaldi, the Roman Republic. An MP is arrested in his Tuscan home on charges of conspiracy with the Venetians and execution of the ZXM program when it never was approved. The MP has also been charged with the assassination of the defense minister. It was found that he was mustering a coup to create a Venetian Vassal. We ask that the Treaty of Naples is signed. Von, you have the power to stop this and maybe you can focus on Slovenia. We send money to Bosnia. Wu, we will send a detachment of the Praetorian Guard when our war is done. We ask for military aid and people to trust us even though what we have gone through to stop the bloodshed. One million troops have just finished their basic training in Aosta and are deployed in Lombardy. Can I have a mod response on Operation Hurricane? (The program I launched with the ZXM program).

That is a ridiculous amount of troops that have been recruited. Pick a much smaller number like 65,000 to 125,000. Your population is probably around twenty million after the infection claimed most of your land in the early stages of the game. Please check your grammar, no offense, but it's like reading an essay from a first grader. Also, keep in mind about you said about the ZXM program. That is false and is considered propaganda and people will most likely not fall for it.

Dude, I am just trying to save myself after the big hating of the ZXM program.

Well, that's your problem to deal with - not mine. I didn't break the Geneva Convention in my turns. Personally, what I do when I make a turn is to type it all out in Microsoft Word and re-read it. I then check for errors and then see what would be the most plausible consequences for my actions in that turn based on real life and game events.

  • Venice, on behalf of the Allies: Declines the treaty, citing it as nonsensical and idiotic. (Also you used Roman numerals incorrectly.)
  • RoS Diplomacy: We will give Italy one year to cease hositilites before we would move to more aggressive stances on the nation.

Commonwealth: The soldiers that were being held in the Cureplex are sent home and Malaysia is sent a 250 million dollar grant as an apology. The proper version of Phlaxicortin-X is sent out to all buyers. Development and expansion continue.

Russia: With the Kingdom of Italy under a strict embargo, oil in the nation is expected to run out in approximately six to nine months; since no major oil sources are located within the nation and since Italy barely produced any oil in the first place. Tolls of oil shortages have already been seen by various military satellites overlooking the dying nation. All signals of radio communication within the Kingdom of Italy and its allies are still jammed by the digital shadow of our new satellites. Any nation supporting the Kingdom of Italy in Europe will now be placed under the embargo, which is now known as the Embargo of Jupiter. Supplies are sent to the Austrian Armed Forces and its allies trying to pacify Italy. In case military intervention is required an operation has been created called Operation: Nero, and is still being planned in its major details. However, we hope we won’t have to invade the Kingdom of Italy and their allies, and by the time if this operation does get launched Italy would’ve already run out of natural gas. We are asking any nation in the region and other local powers (Republic of Susquehanna, Texas, United States, etc…) if they’re willing to send troops and/or supplies if Operation: Nero has to be launched. However, your aid can be declined if your nation does not seem trusted. Another three Sovremenny-Class Destroyers and one Slava-Class Cruiser have been assigned the duty of patrolling the Mediterranean and the Adriatic Sea. Naval forces are still being expanded, about nine more Sovremenny-Class Destroyers, three Slava-Class Cruisers, four Kara-Class Cruisers, six Kilo-Class Submarines, three Oscar-Class Submarines, two Typhoon-Class Submarines and the newest Admiral Koznetsov-Class Aircraft Carrier, the RFS Riga has been constructed. Approximately 75,000 people have been recruited into the Russian Armed Forces. Factories have started focusing on producing the new T-90 at a faster rate by cancelling production of all T-80s and T-72s, about 750 T-90s have been built. A new revolutionary anti-ship missile has been created by MKB Raduga named the SS-N-35 Swarmer. The reason that makes it so revolutionary is its ability to carry twelve warheads in a MIRV configuration, with each warhead able to pierce and devastate more than 36 inches of composite steel. There are three stages of this new cruise missile; the first stage is the separation, when the missile is approximately 500 meters away from its target, the missile will split apart and unleash the swarm of warheads inside. Once the warheads are released, the second stage begins, in the second stage all of the warheads pierce into the ship(s) hull. The third stage starts when all warheads have made contact with its target, a piston then drives a special squash-head charge into the armor of the ship all simultaneously. When the squash head charges explode it will generate a shockwave through the superstructure of the ship and pierce the armor creating a massive explosion. By the end of the year all naval ships and guided missile submarines will be equipped with the new Swarmer cruise missile. Variants for ground attack are also being researched. Scientists at the KPB Instrument Design Bureau have made a working prototype based off the Turkish LAMS. This new anti-air laser is called the Laser Projector System, or LaPS for short. A chassis for a mobile version of the LaPS has been created using a custom hull from the main body of the 9K22 Tunguska. The new mobile chassis is called the 9K49 Tesla. Mass production of this new air defense vehicle will begin in the next three months.

  • Texas is willing to participate in Operation Nero
  • RoS Diplomacy: Government approves a Russian Embassy. We ask to build an embassy in return. (Any Democratic nation is allowed into the ISAF).
  • Russian Diplomacy: We will build an embassy in the Republic of Susquehanna. Also, my application needs to viewed and accepted more members of the ISAF. (It seems a little implausible to just let any nation inside a military alliance.)
  • RoS Diplomacy: Would you be willing to host peace talks between the RoS and Berwick Rebels?
  • Russian Diplomacy: By that do you mean to have peace talks with the rebels on neutral ground?

Northern California: The movie based on the novel El Noche del Triste (A Night of Misery), released under the same name, was a blockbuster in the country. Plans are made to show the movie in Cascadian theaters. Meanwhile, the CUAZEF continues expansion in the desert region of California, and extends the southernmost border of the Desert Republic to the 36th parallel north. An isolated outbreak occurred in a sector of the resettlement area in South Lake Tahoe, possibly caused by an infiltration of the containment area. The outbreak nearly jeopardized settlement in the region, and intensified survivor insurgency in the area. We also like to intervene on the situation in Salton, to secure interests in the Desert area.

  • Explorers from Texas wish to meet with the leadership of Northern California.
  • President Ronald Reagan of Northern California invites the Texan explorers and granted them a nationwide tour. Also asks the explorers if they have any idea of North Californian war criminals seeking asylum in their homeland.

Sorry about my sparse post, first day of school begins soon. So I think this would be my last post for now. Also asks mod to take over while I'm away. But if I have free time, I will make a post. IstocnoSarajevo (talk) 08:35, June 12, 2013 (UTC)

Dinetah: Expands west and south, expands military, Eric Satie was captured by raiders on his trip to Vegas. Our military heads west to hunt for him. The explorers return home, and Fort Apache (In the Gila National Forest) begins. Sorry about my sparse post, finals are today and tomorrow.

  • Reports said that a North Californian patrol guard allegedly spotted Satie in the outskirts of Las Vegas.

Texas gives an ultimatum to Italy: Stop your attacks now. This war has continued meaninglessly. If you do not end this yourself, we will be forced to intervene. We join the embargo of Jupiter. We also criticize their attempts at a peace treaty, reminding them that they are losing the war. The exploration party in Eureka still await a response. Meanwhile, relations with the Southwest League is brought up even further, with Texan ambassadors sent to the new country of Dinetah. Industry is built up by 0.25. George Bush retains an approval rating of around 63% since the beginning of his term. Embassies are planned for all nations in the Southwest League, Chan Santa Cruz, Russia, the United States, and Susquehanna, should those nations approve.

  • Russian Diplomacy: We allow the construction of an embassy and please do not attack the Kingdom of Italy unless Operation: Nero begins.
  • Texas Dip: As we said, we're backing Operation Nero.
  • Kingdom Diplomacy: The kingdom has offered peace in the Treaty of Naples but it was not accepted. The kingdom wants peace. Their treaty was the best thing ever. Texas, support us we can trade.
  • Texas Dip: You've planned out biological warfare and only rescinded it after it became unpopular. You may say you never approved ZXM, but it's obvious it was approved until it became controversial. Texas cannot and will not support a nation that fakes terrorist attacks, uses blatant propaganda as 'evidence' for their cause, and seriously considers biological warfare. You are losing this war and that 'treaty' still gives you greater control. The maximum you could ask for is a return to the status quo. Texas may one day ally with Italy, but that will need a major regime change.
  • Venice, on behalf of the Allies: That treaty wasn't an attempt at peace, it was madness! 
  • Chan Santa Cruz: Of course you may. May we replicate the offer? Also would you share your findings on North California with us?

Wu: Army builds up and modernizes. Population reaches 430 million. Increases its navy score to 1.75. To test the capabilities of the  Phlaxicortin-X gas, 100 liters of it is put on a bomber. Then, the  Gas is sprayed similar to how people sprayed pesticides over the Zombie-filled area of Yangquan. After a week, when the Wu army enters the city, they saw thousands of Zombies immobile and decomposing on the spot. Dilapidated bodies and fallen limbs are seen while the Zombies rotted. This inspired the scientists do make a weapon that can cause Zombies to rot quickly. 20,000 soldiers died in the battle of Qamdo, but Qamdo is secured. After dispatching 30,000 soldiers to stabilize Qamdo, the remaining 150,000-man army marches onto Lhasa, where 60,000 Tibetan soldiers and 10,000 militia men are taking their final stand. 500,000 soldiers are raised and trained to prepare for the invasion of Manchuria. Disagrees with Tibet's plans for vassalization, strengthening the point that annexation can make the people of both nations happy. Asks the Tibetan students to leave Tiananmen Square and ask them what is their purpose for the protest. Tanks continues to be constructed quickly in three main factories: Guanzhou, Wuhan and Xuzhou. Asks USA, Italy and Japan to send supplies for the war. Ask for an alliance with the UIC again. Ask KI to negotiate and remain status quo with Lombardy as soon as possible, using Turkey as an example.

New Romania: Romania has had its name changed to New Romania after the apocalypse. (Consider this a thing that had always happened as it sounds nice.) Romania focuses on using the most of its land by making lots of food and mining resources. New Romania will also be using the most of the oil fields to the Western parts of the country. Romania is building up an exploration and military force to tackle the infected zones of once known Moldova. The attack will be an organised and well thought out navigated plan to commence when the country has enough power. New Romania will also like to open trade agreements with any nation. As Romania has Istanbul, these trades should be a lot easier. We are looking for countries who have lots of industry and mining. For the war, I would like to ask if Ukraine will aid or even help attack in the war. I will come to an agreement that the northern bit can be under Ukrainian rule. As Ukraine is an NPC, can the moderators give the call in the end of the turn.

  • Ukraine: Declines, since this would be betraying the Collective Security Treaty Organization. We urge Romania to reconsider.

Moldova isn't infected and is still a standing nation.

United Islamic Caliphate: The first Medinian-class Light Destroyer is completed for the Caliphate and is named the ICN El-Amin I in the honor of the current and first Caliph, El-Amin I. Once this prototype is finished and tested, production begins as three naval dry docks are constructed, one in the Capital, Aden, one in Hodeidah, and a final one in Obock. Once the dry docks are finished being constructed, they will serve as major centers for the production of more Medinian-class Light Destroyers. The massive construction projects, along with the increase in jobs and incomes, the industry level moves to 1.75. A small meeting is held between the Caliph, twenty senior councilmen, and As'ad Nejem. The meeting was organized by As'ad Nejem, who has recently been an advocate, albeit vague, for expansion of Islam. Once the meeting is over, As'ad Nejem leaves horribly angered, the Council near fearful, and the Caliph modestly calm. It is never said what was discussed at the meeting, but it's consequences are sure to be known soon. The council accepts the government of Wu's offer to a military alliance. (What's the stability penalty for a military to government coup?)

Elba launches a new Television Channel: Radio Televisione Elbana.

Austria: Austria expands southwards into Slovenia more and the Emperor declares the land to be rightfully part of the Austrian Empire as he declares his nation to be the successor to the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The military presence in the region is built up and the troops engage in violent takeovers and annexation of land into the empire. The liberal party continues to oppose the brutal expansion but as Austrian citizens are given free land in the new regions, liberal party resistance to expansion begins to dwindle, especially since resistance to expansion puts them on the opposite side of the Emperor.

  • Russian Diplomacy: We ask Austria if they're willing to send aid for Operation:Nero, if it the operation had to be launched. Furthermore, we also ask for a trade agreement.

Republic of Susquehanna: The war continues in the nation, and the government employs martial law on Columbia County. Any rebels will be arrested on site and deported to Socotra for trial. We offer any Rebel group the Treaty of Susquehanna. Support for the Italian Blockade increases, and the nation promises support for Russia if Operation: Nero is needed. The army loses control of more of Schukill County, but regains more land in Columbia County.

RoS map 1989

Situation as of Late 1989

Chan Santa Cruz: Focuses on unity. GPNMM slowly incorporates a section more land, though very little in the nation proper. We designate a building for the Texan Embassy.

United Republics: First set group of engineers and citizens are sent up to the lunar base (represented nationalities include: American, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Granada, Japan, Malvinian, Mexican, Paraguay, Portugal, Santa Cruz, Spanish, Uruguay). Capacity is currently 25 total people. Agents and displaced people from the nation of the United Republics of Guiana continue to settle in South Brazil, and Sao Paulo. Rioting continues in Southern Regions of Brazil to join the UR as now 40% of the people say the Brazilian government is inadequate in its current state (~25% wish annexation to the UR). The UR warns Guianese officials that if any more UR settlers are laid hands on they will be forced to intervene. The UR expands its navy increasing its score by 0.25. UR continues to build up Antartida and increase its research capacity.

  • Portugal: Continues to build up national unity and notices a mixture of the Spanish and Portuguese languages developing. Ties grow much closer to Spain as a result. Cultures continue to mix.
  • Confederate Med and Granada: Builds up naval forces and demands peace between Venice and Italy. Also re-instates claim over the region of Lazio and even more specifically the former Vatican City which they cleared of Zombies, citing Italy's inability to control and maintain peace in the region. Offers to host peace talks between Austria, Venice, their allies and the Kingdom of Italy.

Scandinavia continues to influence Bosnia, as hopes to create a puppet state continue. We pressure Bosnia to pull out of the war they are fighting with Italy against Slovenia, or we will stop sending supplies to the new nation. We once again ask Russia to buy Karelia and Sapmi, recognizing that it was taken from Finland during a hideous period of the Winter War. Military grows by 0.25

  • Russian Diplomacy: We will not relinquish land that was captured from a dire enemy of ours during the Great Patriotic War. Even though we still respect you as a nation, you must understand that this was taken in a time where a part of you were our enemy. However, we do offer you a trade agreement to see peace and prosperity between our nations.


With Czechoslovakia long since splintered, the region to the east of Bohemia is finally united to form the nation of Slovakia.

The Guyanan government is reformed, with new foreign policies after the armed uprising. Rebels spill over into the neighboring countries of the region. Hoping to avoid a revolution, French Guyana and Suriname outlaw the Argentinian settlements.

Tibet again asks for peace with Wu, feeling that this war is unjust. They will instead settle for vassalage. Tibet also signs an alliance with the other Chinese remnant states, fearing that Wu will invade all of China.

In Slovenian Bosnian soldiers entrench near the southern border. Scouts also begin to harass the Austrian supply lines in the north.

Russia: After months of long strategic planning Operation: Nero is completely planned out. Operation: Nero begins with a massive amphibious assault on the coastlines of the Kingdom of Italy. When the coastlines and beach heads are secured, allied troops will then converge on the surrounded Italian forces. In the process of all this, main metropolitan areas and other strategic locations will be captured to de-stabilize the country. (Secret) Navies of the Collective Security Treaty Organization, such as the Hellenic (Greek), Ukrainian, and Bulgarian navy begin to enforce the Embargo of Jupiter on Italy and deliver troops in case Operation: Nero starts. We invite the United Republics, Wu, and the new nation of Slovakia into the Collective Security Treaty Organization and also offer a trade agreement (Mod Decision for Slovakia). Furthermore, we also ask the Commonwealth for a trade agreement. All naval vessels are now outfitted with the new SS-N-35 Swarmer anti-ship cruise missile. Factories building the 9K49 Tesla have assembled about one hundred of the new air-defense vehicle. Uralvagonzavod has built about 900 T-90 tanks. Large amounts of Sovremenny-Class Destroyers have been constructed after the desired amount of cruisers has been reached; about 17 Sovremenny-Class Destroyers have been completed and the construction of the next Admiral Koznetsov-Class Aircraft Carrier has begun. Exploration teams in Siberia have exploited large gold deposits in Eastern Siberia. Mines have been built in key areas to efficiently dig out this precious metal. We increase our army score to 2.50.

  • United Republics Diplomacy: We will apply for observer status as of now, and will consider applying for full membership in the future.
  • Russian Diplomacy: We are happy with your decision.
  • The Commonwealth wishes to assist the Russians in recovery and resources. We agree to the trade proposal.
  • Russian Diplomacy: Thank you for accepting the trade agreement. Also what do you mean by "recovery?" Just asking.
  • Commonwealth Diplomacy: Your oil shortage. We also state that if assistance is needed in operation nero, we will send some.
  • Russian Diplomacy: We aren't in an oil shortage we said in our turn that Italy will face an oil shortage. In fact, we're the world's biggest oil producer at 9+ Mil Barrels of Oil being produced a day.
  • I think i'm just good at misreading things. -Commonwealth
  • LOL
  • Texas Dip: We also begin sending soldiers in case of Operation Nero.
  • Russian Diplomacy: I forgot to respond about your message about Operation: Nero, we would grateful if you send over some troops and supplies. -To the Commonwealth.
  • Commonwealth Diplomacy: An army of 25,000 soldiers is sent along with a fully loaded bomber with Phlaxicortin-X proper mist and 45 fighter jets.
  • RoS Diplomacy: What do you mean by that statement?
  • RoS Diplomacy: We ask if we can join the CSTO as an observer.

​Commonwealth: A fleet of oil tankers is sent to Russia. Development and expansion continue.

Japan: Japan continues to build up the Self Defence Forces and infrastructure is improved. Some of the Maritime Self Defence Force still continues to patrol around Japan. Synthpop, Electro, Techno, and Trance continue to rise in popularity. Tatsunori Katsumata continues working on the third Touhou Project game, 東方夢時空 ~ Phantasmagoria of Dim.Dream. Sega finishes creating their next console, called the Sega Venus, and will release it later this year. The Republic of Kyushu continues to rebuild the island.

Kingdom of Italy The kingdom makes two new military operations go into effect. 1, special forces our sent to our ally Wu and they capture the rulers of Tibet handing them over to Wu. 2, the invasion of Venice begins. First, the boats from Operation Hurricane sneak in and start fighting the soldiers. Second, troops sneak into the city of Venice from other coastal towns forming a new place to fight from. Thirdly troops come on jet skis slowly pushing to the middle of the city. We will accept nothing but the Treaty of Naples being signed. In Venice 10,000 barrels of oil are captured. In Venice the number of troops sent is 100,000 with an extreme surprise. Do I get somthing for master strategy

All right, first of all, you can't edit the turns you've already made, unless it's to correct spelling mistakes. Second of all, the battle already happened and you don't get anything for making a "master strategy". Read the algorithm in the rules.

Moved conversation to talk page.

Texas continues its embargo. A final plea to Italy is sent, demanding its immediate cessation of hostilities. The navy is built up by 0.25 to help if a blockade or invasion becomes necessary. Several Texan groups begin campaigning for a sequel to the cult classic "Star Wars", since by now almost all theaters have phased out the movie. Meanwhile, county leaders meet up to discuss redrawing county lines, since there are over two hundred. Representatives from West Texas attend as well, hoping to become more than just a territory. The Texan exploration group, Jeb Bush in particular, is intrigued by Ronald Reagan's story. They relate to his quest to unite with California. Bush becomes friends with the President. Also, Texas offers oil in competition with nations such as New Romania and Russia.

  • Russian Diplomacy: What do you mean? Create like create a globally controlled oil market by us? By the way if we did make an oil competition this is how much oil each country would produce.
    • Texas: Approx 100,000+ Barrels of Oil a day.
    • New Romania: Approx 120,000+ Barrels of Oil a Day
    • Russian Federation: Approx 9,000,000+ Barrels of Oil a Day
    • Republic of Susquehanna: Approx 2,000 Barrels of Oil a day
  • Chan Santa Cruz Diplomacy:  May we ship wood to you in exchange for oil?
  • We're just stating that we're entering the market.

Oh LOL misunderstood you there for a second.

New Romania- New Romania apologizes for the confusion made with the decision to attack Moldova. New Romania escapologists to both Moldova and Ukraine for this. There will no longer be an attack on either of these nations. New Romania will continue on focusing on oil and agriculture production. We gain +2 stability for the jobs made and the balance of the economy. Our oil production is now going into storage as we have no major navy or air force to use it on.

  • New Romanian Diplomacy: New Romania is accepting trade agreements especially with those who want our oil for metal

You stability doesn't increase just like that. Stability increases when the moderators decide in the mod events. Contact me if you're having trouble with the game. Edboy452 (talk) 00:07, June 13, 2013 (UTC)

Dinetah: Dinetah thanks Northern California for the info on Satie. The entire country bites its nails in anticipation of Satie's fate. The Dinetan Regular finally figures out where he is. A recon patrol scouting southwest Utah discovers that Satie is being held by raiders in the ruins of a town once named St. George. The raiders have fortified several houses and call themselves the "Emancipators," and believe that they are the sole successors of America, and that they can only re-establish America by conquering and enslaving all peoples. They follow an enigmatic leader known only as Revere. While they are only one of the dozens of small tribes in the Southwest, only consisting of about 30 people, they are dangerous, for they control Satie. Thus, an elite attachment of the Regular, consisting of about 100 people, commanded by an upstart captain, known as Aaron Robertson, launches an attack in the dead of night. The attack was very successful, with only two Dinetan casualties, mostly dueing to vastly superior Dinetan weaponry. Satie was captured, very much okay. It was discovered however, from interrogation of Revere, that they were about to inject him with the virus that transformed people into Zombies. It was illicitly acquired from Italy somehow. Upon further interrogation, it was discovered that Revere is actually named Bryce Simic, a relative of the famous Las Vegas politician, Paul Simic. While it is unclear if Las Vegas and the Emancipators are in a league, further investigation is required. Oil wells begin popping up across New Mexico and Arizona to provide oil for Dinetah.

  • North Californian Diplomacy: We have sent seven fighter planes to aid the Dinetans on destroying the so-called "Emancipators", which could also be a threat to us. In the meantime, North Californian forces are withdrawn form Las Vegas, partially because of the insurgency in the Desert Republic.

United Republics: Continue to develop technologies. Announcement is made of the completion of BrighterSkies, the energy plan to make all mid sized and smaller towns energy sufficient with solar and hydroelectric and wind power. URSA continues to launch Artimus rockets to the lunar base - which has now expanded to a capacity of 30 (~ planned max capacity at 50). The UR advises former settlers to return to their former homes and will offer assistance in placing the pioneers in areas if they can. However, warns French Guiana and Suriname about the violent Gallagas followers. Calls upon the League of Latin America to help keep the northern region in peace. Agents continue to raise tensions in southern Brazil and Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Nearly 45% of the populace believe the current government to be a failure. Some calls for independence in Southern Brazil begin to be made, while ~25% call to be annexed with the growing UR, and even more calling for closer ties. As one "citizen" put it "They have risen out from Z-Day, while we have suffered from a government with lack of action, they have grown into the regional power, with many international ties, and that's where I want to be, in that type of nation." UR officials strengthen ties to Gran Colombia and its states as well as Spain.

  • Portugal and Confederate Med and Granada: Strengthen naval forces and anti-air defences in case of Italian aggression. Confederate Med increases naval score by 0.25 to 1.75.

Northern California: However, the Californian Unification and Anti-Zombie Expeditionary Forces in the Channel Islands launched an expedtion to liberate the California Desert Region from the south to rid it of Zombies and were successsful, and established the client state of Los Angeles.

Sorry about my sparse post, first day of school begins soon. So I think this would be my last post for now. Also asks mod to take over while I'm away. But if I have free time, I will make a post. IstocnoSarajevo (talk)

Wu: Army builds up and modernizes. Population reaches 450 million. Increases its navy score to 2. Scientists continue making their new Zombie medicine. 20,000 soldiers dies in the battle of Lhasa. Lhasa is captured by Wu forces and Tibet is officially annexed into Wu. Dalai Lama is made governor of Tibet and Tibet can have a self-governing status. 500,000 soldiers continue to be trained in Northern China, with 60,000 of the Tibet veterans proceed to Beijing. Tanks continues to be constructed quickly in three main factories: Guanzhou, Wuhan and Xuzhou. With KI in the process of collapsing, 100,000 soldiers are loaded on the Wu 3rd fleet. The government begins formulating a plan of sailing to Italy, declare themselves to be the successor of the Kingdom of Italy and take over Italy.

Situation in California 1990

Situation in California as of January 1990. The gray parts in the south is Salton.

Scandinavia continues to influence Bosnia, as hopes to create a puppet state continue. We pressure Bosnia to pull out of the war they are fighting with Italy against Slovenia, or we will stop sending supplies to the new nation. We once again ask Russia to buy Karelia and Sapmi, recognizing that it was taken from Finland during a hideous period of the Winter War. Military grows by 0.25

Scandinavia asks to join the CSTO.

Chan Santa Cruz: Focuses on unity. Celebration is held as the Chan Santa Cruzian section of the luna base arrives safely. The Halac Uinic states that "I'n order to survive the human race must colonise the stars. Evidence can be seen by the Zombie outbreak and the cold war beforehand. We are too vunerable on just one rock."

SA Gabon (NotLAH)

Colonised lands in Blue

South Africa: The council, after much deliberation, decide to move on to Stage Three with The Plan. A huge colonisation program is started by the nation this year. It is seen by the populace of the nation to be the right move as South Africa is beginning to overcrowd, with over 40 million people now living in the nation. Huge flotillas set off to colonise the former nation of Gabon and to create some living space for the Sud Afrikans. The flotilla is presumed to be over a million strong, as tickets are sold pretty cheaply due to the fact that the colonisers will have to build up cities with their bare hands. The journey is short and by February, many abandoned villages and towns are re-occupied and begin to be rebuilt. A very large military contingent is also present with the colonisers, over 100,000, in fact (one in ten). They go on to establish a perimetre around the new settlements to protect them from Zombies and also commence offensives against the hordes. (Just to say, the country's population NOW is 1.5 Million. Therefore, there will not be much resistance to the colonisers as most of the population has probably been killed or has become Zombies) The army, as a result, begins to increase its production of tanks and trucks as well as guns and ammunition. The Cheetah III is unveiled to the world. It is offered to be sold to countries willing to buy it. The nation begins to become a breadbasket as a huge amount of land has now been opened up for farming purposes. A large percentage of the area is set aside to grow jungles. The Dutch Royal Family accepts the offer and a new Palace begins to be constructed in the lands bought by the Royal Family. After years of propaganda and work, a sense of unity begins to show in the actions of the people of South Africa. Racism-related cases drop significantly while the last elements of segregation are removed from society. The nation takes interest in its Sport once more. A large minority like to play the sport of football (30%), while another large minority shows interest in playing rugby (19%). However, the largest sport in the nation is shown to be cricket, which is prefered by a slim majority (51%). The nation reports that almost 75% of its population follows Protestantism as a religion. A large military force is organised to cross the so-called Z-Line, the line of chaos and Zombie control. Its aims are to clear out former Rhodesia and bring the nations under the influence of South Africa. Meanwhile, a bill is drafted which would create United Sud Afrika and Netherlands - moving the partial union into full union. Mods, please decide. Note that the Mods would still control most of the Netherlands actions, yet this will unite the two nations into a Federation - giving them a United Royal Family and Chancellor/Prime Minister?

  • Russian Diplomacy: We would like South Africa to join the Collective Security Treaty Organization as a supplier and full member.
  • South Africa: is intrigued by the offer and would like to know more about the organisation before making any decision.
  • Russian Diplomacy: Here is the page:
  • South Africa: discusses the proposition, and decides to join as a full member. We will soon send representatives.
  • Russian Diplomacy: We are happy to hear about your decision. (Map will be changed and you'll be included. What part of the Netherlands do you own, again?)
  • None. He just indirectly plays as them. 

Imp, a population of 70 million is really way too high ... think of how population pyramids work, they don't really feel the expansion for 20-35 years after the boom of growing (i e, the people of the boom having more kids). So even with your efforts to increase fertility and marriages, you still can't experience that type of explosion (i.e., India) yet. G greg e (talk)

I've been at it for 15 years, so I guess I've got another five until a population explosion? I will reduce it to 40 Million if that is OK. BTW, I would like to establish closer alliances with you if you don't mind. :) 1 Imp (Say Hi?!) 18:37, June 13, 2013 (UTC)

Republic of Susquehanna: The war reaches another stalemate (MOD decision: Do the rebels accept peace or not?) Navy forces on Socotra mobilize, and two submarines are immediately deployed to sheild Russian ships. Flight 10, 11 and 12 launch an airstrike into Italy. Socotra is incorporated as a county.

  • Russian Diplomacy: As long as this is on your own agenda we will allow you to continue launching airstrikes.


The nation of Northern California establishes a client state comprised of certain sections of Los Angeles. The small population of northerners is heavily overshadowed by the locals, and a lack of supplies and aid from the north eventually forces the Northern Californian soldiers into a few small outposts. Their client state becomes centered around Edwards Air force Base, an important strategic location near the city.

The army of Salton expands from its outpost in Oceanside, taking Pendleton Marine Corps Base. After years of influencing the local San Diego factions, Salton finally amasses the manpower and weaponry to unite the city. The conquest is seen as a triumphant victory for the Salton population, despite the fact that the city still remains in ruin.

The Imperial Valley, bloodied with violence between the supporters of Abelino Gutierrez in Mexicali and the Salton police, becomes the founding location of the Social Liberal Party, comprised primarily of those opposed to the current government.

With the recent expansion of Salton completed, their northern border now rests south of San Bernardino, running horizontally from the coast to Joshua Tree National Park. The center of the city, between the Salton garrison and the Northern Californian settlement, remains heavily infected and divided. Hoping to retain their rights after the anticipated liberation, many of the local gangs in the city form the Republic of Los Angeles.

The United Republic’s stability increases to 45. The stability of South Africa increases to 53.

The Netherlands agrees to the offer from South Africa, with the condition that the two united nations retain the ability to act in their own interests, but remain in union.

The nations of the Guianas sign an official alliance. By now all three nations have independently signed legislation calling for the removal of the Argentine settlers. Communities of settlers are labeled as criminals or immoral citizens by some locals, leading to the removal of several camps by armed police. The governments of the region stress with the UR that this is not an act of war against them, and all former UR citizens will be treated properly.

The government of the UR settlement in the Guianas is arrested on the grounds of conspiracy, treason and inciting riots, and a series of other crimes. At this point the majority of the government has already fled back to Argentina, or other welcoming nations. Despite the popular opinion among the locals, the local government promises a fair trial.

Not sure how else I have to say this...but that government isn't a part of the UR. Those settlers created the United Guianas. 

That's what it means. United Republic of Guianas.

Surrounded by the Croatians, the Bosnian position in Slovenia results in heavy casualties for the Bosnians. Many soldiers are forced to abandon their post, or take up guerrilla tactics. After months of shipping re-inforcements along the Hungarian border, and through parts of Croatia. The Bosnian army launches an offensive to surround Maribor. The Allies are caught off guard and the Austrians fortify inside awaiting re-inforcements.

Conflict ends in Tibet after a swift Wu victory. The Tibetans, unlike before, are granted some autonomy, which helps to quell the public. Tibet is expected to become a full vassal of Wu within a few years.

1990 FIFA World Cup is awarded to Portugal. 1994 FIFA World Cup is awarded to the Bay Republic.

Elba asks for alliance with the United Republics and the Confederate Mediterranean.

  • CM Diplomacy: Accepts the allience and relations with Elba.

Japan: Japan continues to build up the Self Defence Forces and infrastructure is improved. Some of the Maritime Self Defence Force still continues to patrol around Japan. Synthpop, Electro, Techno, and Trance continue to rise in popularity. Tatsunori Katsumata continues working on the third Touhou Project game, 東方夢時空 ~ Phantasmagoria of Dim.Dream. The Republic of Kyushu continues to rebuild the island.

  • Russian Diplomacy: We invite Japan into the Collective Security Treaty Organization and also offer a trade agreement for advanced electronics. In return, we will trade back oil.
  • Japan Diplomacy: Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone accepts the trade agreement and the invitation to the CSTO.
  • Russian Diplomacy: We are grateful for your decision.

Commonwealth: The president declares the state of neutrality. We were in void and that a Commonwealth international rebound is imminent. We continue to send support to the Russians and development and expansion continue.

Kingdom of Italy: The first program that the Kingdom proposes and creates is the Yugoslavian Kingdom. The Yugoslavian kingdom is a joint kingdom of Croatia and Serbia. A squadron of the Praetorian Guard sneaks into Serbia and starts spreading those thoughts. Next, the Kingdom creates the L'esercito Gorilla, literally the Gorilla army. L'esercito Gorilla performs guerrilla warfare in the north of Italy. This army only counts for a fraction of our men. Can I have a mod response on the success of L'esercito Gorilla? Lastly, the King gives a speech on the suffering of other nations by the embargo. The main setback for all nations - mostly Scandinavia - is that the most popular and advanced computer company is in Italy. (Kingdom Computer Company). In case of an invasion groups of people begin fortifying every city.

  • RoS Diplomacy: We demand that Italy cease funding the rebel groups or face war.

Completely implausible. Do you really think that troops can sneak away about 150 miles into another country you have no dealings with under a large embargo?

When the embargo began we had spies all over, now we are transferring ten to Serbia. (One of the Praetorian guard's functions is spying) Octivian Marius (talk) 00:13, June 14, 2013 (UTC)

All right, I'll uncross it.

Russia: Four more Sovremenny-Class destroyers and one Kara-Class cruiser are sent to the Mediterranean to further enforce the embargo of Jupiter. About sixteen more Sovremenny-Class destroyers have been constructed. 750 T-90s and 300 9K49 Teslas have been constructed. The Commonwealth and Texas are invited to join the Collective Security Treaty Organization. We ask permission by the US government if we can invite Turkey in the CSTO with the Treaty of Dubai still in effect. We are willing to negotiate. Scandinavia is accepted into the CSTO. Trade with the Channel League and all CSTO nations still continues. Gold is still being mined in East Siberia and is being placed in the national treasury to increase the value of the ruble. Oil is also being pumped out at an impressive rate in the Caucasus Region. So far Texas, the Russian Federation, the Republic of Susquehanna, the Commonwealth, Bulgaria, and the Ukraine have sent in troops to help with Operation: Nero if it has to be conducted. Supplies from Greece, Bulgaria, Ukraine, and Russia are sent to our ally of the United Republics, in case military intervention is required. Our military score increases to 2.75.

  • Texas Dip: We just wish to be an observer for the time being, but an alliance with Russia outside CSTO is proposed.
  • Russian Diplomacy: We agree on the non-CSTO alliance and will add you to the CSTO page.
  • New Romania: As part of the CSTO, we will be happy to help out with the operation. We are sending in a lot of our oil reserve to help out and 25% of our military. We need a way to get to the location as all ways are blocked by land and sea. Do we have permission to send it through the Russian Federation and back around to the Italian area?
  • Russian Diplomacy: Why would you need to ask us for permission to send troops to support us when you can use your navy to transport them. Also just get your troops on amphibious landing ships. Operation: Nero doesn't start by a ground assault. Also, your oil reserve is not needed, all ships that and vehicles that are going to be in the amphibious assault operation are already supplied also. And furthermore you aren't that big of a producer and exporter of oil. Furthermore, remember that Operation: Nero starts when ordered by the STAVKA (Russian High Command).
  • Texas Secret Dip: Operation Nero must begin soon. Italy will not stop on its own.
  • RoS Secret Diplomacy: Can we initiate this operation, due to Italian involvement in the second Pennsylvanian Civil War?

United States: Trade over the Great Highway is intensified. To cut back on piracy and crime more local soldiers are stationed in strategic areas along the French coast. Channel League armed forces are stationed along the western section of the highway, and along the coast, guarding the majority of the frequently traveled highways. Patrols, comprised primarily of German volunteers and some American soldiers, are scheduled regularly around large cities and towns in central Germany, loosely protecting the route from the French coast to Germany, to Austria, to Russia. The Channel League headquarters in Brighton is completed, serving as an impressive skyscraper and icon over all of southern England. The new Brighton docks are revered as perhaps the largest and grandest in the world, housing hundreds of ships. The docks also boast an expansive fort system, turrets, artillery, shipyards, and dry docks. Smaller versions of this model are completed in the regional bases of Amsterdam and Brest, as well as the US base on Cyprus. Montana and Wyoming are secured by the US forces in North America, although little of the population chooses to venture into the territory, aside from major trade cities and military bases, such as Sheridan and Helena. We make contact with Deseret and the city-states of Colorado, opening foreign relations and extending trade routes to meet them. Scouts and merchants begin to frequently travel the route from Cheyenne, Wyoming, headquarters of the southern Wyoming military district, through the dangerous Colorado region to New Mexico. Stories of the ‘Southwest League’ reach many US officials in the north. It is reported that Denver is in ruins, controlled by a series of hostile factions, which makes travel from the US outposts to the Southwest League difficult.

  • Texas Dip: We can allow access to the Southwest League through our borders.
  • Russian Diplomacy: We will send over some troops to help protect the route.
  • RoS Diplomacy: We ask the US to aid the RoS in the war.

Texas: begins production of 50 M1 tanks, with the construction of several tank plants to speed up the process. The navy is upgraded by 0.25, and is expanded with a special emphasis on carriers. More troops and supplies are set aside for Operation Nero. George Bush tries to get oil companies to pursue Texan oil fields in an attempt to boost the economy. The debates over redrawing the county lines continue but a plan is beginning to take form. Texas announces that it will be participating in the World Cup.

Republic of Ireland: Due to the fact that we do not produce much oil and because Russia sells it at a cheap rate we would like to have a trade agreement with the Russian Federation. Hopefully, this will improve relations with the once Communist nation. We also ask The Channel League for a trade agreement as well.

  • Russian Diplomacy: We accept the trade agreement.
  • United States: On behalf of the Channel League, we accept the trade agreement.
  • New Romania: We will accept a trade agreement with your for something in exchange with our oil, is this all right with Ireland?

Scandinavia ceases its support of Bosnia following the Bosnian refusal to leave the Italian War. Scandinavians begin to go back to Greenland, and establish what remains untaken by Halifax as the Kingdom of Greenland. It joins the Kingdoms of Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Lappland, Norway, and Iceland. The Scandinavian language, which is a mixture between Swedish, Norwegian and Danish, with some Finnish, is set out officially by the Imperial Language Codex, which will be maintained by the Imperial Language Assosciation. Inudstry grows by 0.25. We begin to build large stadiums. In Stockholm, the 80,000 person Stadium of Scandinavia begins construction. In Oslo, the 75,000 person Oslo Stadium begins construction. In Copenhagen, the 70,000 person Daneland Stadium begins construction, in Helsinki, the 60,000 person Finnmark Stadium begins construction, in Reykjavik, the 55,000 person Reykjavik Stadium begins being built.

  • We ask Russia to buy Karelia and Sapmi, citing they are traditionally Scandinavian, but were stolen by the Stalinist regime.
  • Russian Diplomacy: Read the Moscow Armistice.

You cant keep've upgraded at least the last four turns. It's against the rules. G greg e (talk) New Romania- We are looking at making large supplies of oil as the country can't consume as much as we are making. The food production has increased but space is beginning to run thin with area to expand for farmland except the mountain areas of Translvania. Our military is beginning to grow slightly due to the amount of population we need to protect. New Romania is focusing on making the most of our land and to develop some new technologies to make our military and resource production greater.

  • New Romania is accepting trade agreements, we have a lot of oil and we are in need of metal and industrial grade supplies.

Not really, you already have the whole CSTO supporting and trading with you.

Understood, but it only outlined that we are in an alliance. No trade agreement was involved in the CSTO page.

Oh, it isn't there. I thought I added it a while back when the page was under development.

Don't worry, X), I understand now.

Also, you should research your military. Make sure you use the correct time and date when actually researching your military. It is highly recommended that you put down your military on your nation's page. You can use my country's military section as an example.

United Islamic Caliphate (I officially hate browsers for editing now, so I'll just use an iPad) The three dry docks are finished and almost immediately after, they begin producing Medinian-class Light Destroyers, creating five within one month. Secretly, As'ad Nejem has been moving more loyal soldiers, and military vehicles near the capital where the council stays. He sends a private and secret message to them, saying that they must either make him Sultan or be killed to achieve the same result. (I need a mod decision to decide what the council decides on.)

  • RoS Diplomacy: The RoS will support the legitemite government of the UIC.

North California: We ask for extra supplies of Phlaxicortin-X to continue expansion in Los Angeles and the Desert Republic. However, about 70 North Californian F-15's are converted for spraying the remaining amount of Phlaxicortin-X in Los Angeles. Re-settlement by northerners is suspended until the mist has settled. Meanwhile, delegates are sent to Salton to discuss border adjustments, to avoid any armed conflict. However, to secure control in the Los Angeles area, more supplies are sent by ship to the Channel Islands. Delegates are also sent to the Bay Republic as a show of good will, and to discuss the creation of a customs, economic and a mutual- defense union.

  • Texas Dip: The exploration group asks if there are any quicker, safer or more reliable ways to get back to Texas other than returning through Southern California.

Wu: Army builds up and modernizes. Population reaches 550 million after the humanization of 15 giant hordes using Chinese-made Phlaxicortin-X Gas. Increases its navy score to 2.25. Scientists continue making their new Zombie medicine. Tanks continues to be constructed quickly in three main factories: Guanzhou, Wuhan and Xuzhou. Ask Russia for a non-aggresssion treaty between the two nations. The 500,000 soldiers form the 16th to 30th armies and are stationed in the Manchuria-Wu border.

  • Russian Diplomacy: As long as you stop helping the Kingdom of Italy we accept. Also, we would like to have a trade agreement.
  • Kingdom Diplomacy: We would like to remind Wu that the Praetorian Guards are doing a great job for you and that you should continue to be our ally.
  • Texas Dip: And we would like to remind you that Italy will not survive long with the embargo, which affects you as an ally. We encourage Wu to make its own decision, though.

How to increase your stability? Ninjasvswarriors (talk) 09:24, June 14, 2013 (UTC)

Increase your quality of life and decrease upgrading, massive industralization, wars, etc.

Dinetah: Dinetan spies have discovered that Bryce Simic and Paul Simic are working together. We come to the Las Vegas government to tell them about this. Increases industry score.

Austria: Austria expands southward into Slovenia more and the Emperor declares war against the Slovenians which seek to stop the mighty Austrian Empire. The military is expanded to a higher score (no idea on my current score. BTW, no idea what is going on. LOL) and it leads the assault to protect Austrian-German settlers.

Your army score is now 1.5. It's listed on the scores page.

United Republics: Continue to improve infrastructure and the quality of life. President Aylwin begins to campaign for public medicine and minimizing poverty. Both of these bills are being discussed in the legislative branch. URSA sends more rockets to the Artimus base station on the moon. As well as a new group of scientists and researchers to URSA Space Station. UR companies begin to develop mobile communication devices based of the ones being used to communicate in space and in Antarctica (aka the mobile telephone). Current models are about the size of a handbag or briefcase, but are released to the public. Three additional satalites are launched to improve triangulation for military projects. UR intellengence agents continue to spread secret propaganda throughout Southern Brazil, Sao Pauolo, and Rio de Janeiro. The marine base of Trinidade and Martin Vaz undergoes renevotion. The southern part of the high speed metro rail (Mar de Plata - Maladano) is discussed to have it extended inland toward Ascuscion and Cordoba.

  • CM (UM): Being slightly hurt by the emargo of Italy. Demands that Italy find peace with Venice within the next 120 days (one turn) or the CM will be forced to go into Italy and assist not only itself but also its former brothers in the region of Lazio. 
  • Portugal: Improves infrastructure. High Speed Coastal Subway/Elevated Rail begins construction. More cultural merging with Spain and Granada occurs. Notices Portuguese and Spanish continue to merge in youth's language. Construction of a UR supported Space Port begins in the SW. 
  • Granada:  Improves infrastructure. High Speed Rail from Sevilla to the coastal cities begins construction. More cultural merging with Portugal and Granada occurs. Notices Portuguese and Spanish continue to merge in youth's language. 

Chan Santa Because: A dedicated Yucatan - Texas sea trade route is established. Focuses on unity. Navy upgraded to 0.25. Unless I'm over my number of upgrades please cross out whichever sentence is applicable. A national footbal (soccer) team is set up and we ask for a place in the next World Cup.

  • Texas Dip: We ask for an embassy to be constructed in Chan Santa Cruz.

Republic of Susquehanna: A bombing in Danville ties the rebels to Italian and Turkish support of the rebellion. Militias form and aid the army in retaking Schukill County and part of Columbia County. Work on expanding rail systems and infrastructure is complete, raising industry 0.25. The RoS government reveals that funding that disappeared actually went towards nuclear development. The military unveils that the RoS has 30 nuclear artillery shells, and 19 nuclear bombs. All the development was done under the Bonin Administration.


Worried that Wu is becoming heavily jingoistic. Manchuria and Mongolia sign an alliance. The nations ask that Wu not invade them, but working together peacefully to retake China from the Zombies.

Representatives from Salton meet with the leaders of Northern California. Salton proposes that the border run north of the Mojave National Preserve, to Barstow, to San Bernardino, to Long Beach, with Salton controlling everything south, the Republic of Los Angeles controlling everything from the border to another border running horizontal at San Bernardino, and Northern California controlling everything north of that.

Representatives continue to enter Los Angeles, basically operating throughout the proposed border. Ties are also established with the Republic of Los Angeles.

After years of being an English kingdom, the nation of Brittany begins petitioning for independence from the United Kingdom. It is believed that since the nation is so heavily dependant on France they will become a vassal of them.

The United Republics of Guinana officially collapses, with the last of its citizens fleeing to Argentina. Several members of the government are convicted of treason.

The nations of Montenegro and Serbia successfully re-establish Yugoslavia, as many have fond memories of the nation. However, they refuse to join the increasingly megalomaniacal Italians when their interference is revealed. The Praetorians are hunted down and killed to prevent the Italians from influencing the new government.

The remains of the Mexican government officially collapse. When news reaches Chan Santa Cruz a growing movement is founded to declare Chan Santa Cruz the new Mexican government.

Japan: Japan continues to build up the Self Defence Forces and infrastructure is improved. Some of the Maritime Self Defence Force still continues to patrol around Japan. Synthpop, Electro, Techno, and Trance continue to rise in popularity. Tatsunori Katsumata continues working on the third Touhou Project game, 東方夢時空 ~ Phantasmagoria of Dim.Dream. The Sega Venus is released. The Republic of Kyushu continues to rebuild the island.

Commonwealth: A division of the air force is set up, now known as "Global Strike Command" of which monitors air traffic globally, aircraft and projectiles such as ICBM's and such. The Commonwealth Alert System is also set up. A variant of the B-52 is made. Malaysia, which has been misted almost 24/7 for a long while has been completely cleared of any threats. We ask the Northern Californians if we may buy a 50 sq km area of their land to build an air base to stage clearing operations in the Western United States. Assistance to the Russians in Operation Nero continues. The Internet is invented, about 20 years later than OTL. Development and expansion continues.

  • Russian Diplomacy: We would like to have a contract with the Commonwealth for this "Internet" you speak of.
  • 'The Commonwealth' sends a team of technical specialists to Moscow to teach Russian technicians how it works and how to use it.
  • United Republics: Also interested in this device...will trade our progress on the mobile telephone in exchange. 
  • The Commonwealth accepts the trade deal and sends more technical specialists to the UR.

The United States already invented the Internet, on schedule with OTL, using technology invented by the United States before the game started. 

United Med: Alerts Italy of the ultimatum made 120 days ago. Prepares troops to invade from many islands. Reaches out to Elba, Venice, Austria, Croatia, Switzerland and Lombardy asking for support in both supplies and men.

  • Texas Dip: We encourage the United Mediterranean to hold off from its invasion until Operation Nero commences.
  • UM Secret Dip: Please explain why?
  • Russian Diplomacy: Since this is the UMs personal agenda we will allow it. The allied coalition of Operation: Nero will send you supplies to help.

Russia: The Embargo of Jupiter is still enforced. Weapon designers at the KBP Instrument Design Bureau have created a new revolutionary CIWS for Russian naval ships, called the AK-760. Even though the AK-760 has the same primary armament as the AK-630, this new close in weapons system has a modified version of the LaPS and a new targeting computer; which has a 97%-99% chance of destruction instead of the old AK-630 where the chances were 96%-98%. All naval vessels of the Russian Navy will be equipped with the AK-760 in three months. Weapon designers at KBP have also created a new version ground attack variant of the SS-N-35 Swarmer called the SS-N-36 Gremlin. About ten Sovremenny-Class destroyers, two Slava-Class Cruisers, and twelve Udaloy-Class destroyers have been constructed. The next Admiral Koznetsov-Class Aircraft Carrier, the RFS Admiral Ivan Botsis has been built. More naval dry-docks are constructed to increase ship building rates. 700 more T-90 tanks and 200 more 9K49 Teslas have been built. Shipyards begin to decommission all naval vessels that are considered outdated and useless to the Russian Navy. All ship classes listed will be decommissioned and distributed to current nations in the CSTO. The current decommissioned classes are: Kanin-Class destroyer, Kildin-Class destroyer, Kotlin-Class destroyer, Sverdlov-Class cruiser, Kynda-Class, and both Kresta I and Kresta II-Class cruisers. However, these ships will be downgraded a bit and not be armed with the new AK-760 CIWS and the new SS-N-35 Swarmer Sea-to-Sea cruise missiles. A small chart will soon be made to list the amount of ships distributed to each nation in the CSTO. Invitations to join the CSTO are sent to Austria, and again to the Commonwealth.

Vessels Chart Below

  • Ships sent to the United Republics:
    • 1 Kynda-Class Cruiser
    • 1 Kresta I-Class Cruiser
    • 3 Kresta II-Class Cruiser
    • 7 Kashin-Class Destroyer
    • 4 Kildin-Class Destroyer
    • 6 Sverdlov-Class Cruisers
  • Ships sent to Japan:
    • 1 Kynda-Class Cruiser
    • 1 Kresta I-Class Cruiser
    • 2 Kresta II-Class Cruiser
    • 4 Kotlin-Class Destroyer
    • 2 Kanin-Class Destroyer
  • Ships sent to South Africa:
    • 1 Kynda-Class Cruiser
    • 1 Kresta I-Class Cruiser
    • 2 Kresta II-Class Cruiser
    • 8 Kashin-Class Destroyers
  • Ships sent to Scandinavia:
    • 1 Kynda-Class Cruiser
    • 1 Kresta I-Class Cruiser
    • 2 Kresta II-Class Cruiser
  • Ships sent to the RoS:
    • 1 Kresta II-Class Cruiser
    • 2 Kashin-Class Destroyer
  • Ships sent to Texas:
    • 1 Kresta II-Class Cruiser
    • 5 Kashin-Class Destroyer

The Commonwealth joins the CSTO.

  • Texas SECRET Dip: Once again, we STRONGLY suggest commencing Operation Nero. Italy will NOT stop on its own.
  • Russian Diplomacy: We will, but we need to wait for the right time.
  • Texas SECRET Dip: We know, but the CM will do it within three months whether or not we do.
  • Russian Diplomacy (Secret): The thing the CM is doing is their goal is to reunify with Rome. However, this is not our objective. Supplies should be sent to the CM to support them, though. Also, this will allow for a better opportunity to attack and pacify Italy if they win or lose since they will most likely by weakened by this attack by the CM.
  • Texas SECRET Dip: We see your point. However, if they are successful we will be in a prime position to strike.
  • Russia Diplomacy (Secret): Agreed.

Texas: A Texas alternate history fan launches a mailing list for group discussion on the subject. It spreads slowly, but by the end of August, there are members from the United States, Florida, Italy, and even the Commonwealth. A popular theme is a timeline where the Zombie apocalypse never happens. Others deal with if the ZXM program remained classified. The Alternate History Discussion List attracts some controversy, as some declare that the Zombie crisis is too serious to 'wish away'. In other news, the Republican Party and the Unionist Party announced that they are merging, with the new party retaining the Republican Party's name.

United Islamic Caliphate: The council agrees to the terms of As'ad, and the Caliph reluctantly plays along with this secret power change, even though he has technically been elevated to a status of near real king. Once As'ad takes power, he begins to move tanks and soldiers near the Djibouti-Eritrean border, attempting to move them in small numbers so as not to attract attention with full troop movements. Battle plans are drawn up which detail multiple aid raids, naval blockades, and artillery barrages before moving in a large amount of armored vehicles and soldiers. They hope that this will be a successful test of the Saladin-1D Main Battle Tank and the Medinian-Class Light Destroyer.

RonaldReagan television speech

President Ronald Reagan appears in a televised speech in all TV and radio frequencies in Los Angeles.

Northern California: We offer Salton the Treaty of the Southern Demarcation to secure the readjustment of the border. Meanwhile, the mist of the Phlaxicortin-X has already settled, so northern immigrants and southern exiles stuck in Avalon can now enter Los Angeles. However, President Ronald Reagan appears in a televised speech in Los Angeles to "end the violence and establish a united community". Meanwhile, in the Desert Republic, government troops smashed the militiant survivors who were fighting the administration in South Lake Tahoe, partially because of a strategy of driving off the infected resettlers from the camp towards the insurgents. On the domestic front, because of an economic boom and improved healthcare programs, stability slowly climbs to 47. However, in Los Angeles, local gangs begin harassing Northern settlers, so the Eureka government begins deploying the 'Black Hoods' to lure and destroy hostile gangsters. It was the first time the 'Black Hoods' were redeployed since the Californian War.

The Commonwealth asks for enough land on the coastline for a large air base to be temporarily ceded to us, to stage misting operations in the midwest.

  • North Californian D: You can use the area of what used to be Orange County for the misting operations.

Austria: Austria expands southward into Slovenia more and the war against the Slovenians continues and the military is expanded and the military score increases. The Emperor also decides to have Austria join the ULN and asks for their support in taking over Slovenia.

Wu: Army builds up and modernizes. Population reaches 570 million. Increases its navy score to 2.5. Scientists finished their new Zombie medicine and biological weapon, The Decomposion. The medicine is a success and was used on a Zombie-ridden valley. After six weeks, soldiers went back to the valley and see at least 90% of the Zombies rotten and decomposed, as well as a few humans who didn't escape.. Impressed and afraid, the government signed an agreement that Wu will not use The Decomposion on any occasion. Tanks continues to be constructed quickly in three main factories: Guanzhou, Wuhan and Xuzhou. 600,000 are now stationed on the Wu-Manchu border. Another 500,000 soldiers are raised and sent to the Wu-Mongol border. Due to diplomatic pressure, after a week of debating, Wu cancelled its alliance with the KI and asks for a trade agreement and non-aggression pact with Russia, as well as membership to the CSTO. Tells Mongolia and Manchuria that Wu will try its best to clear up Zombies in China. 

  • Russian Diplomacy: We already accepted the non-aggression pact and trade agreement. However, if you wish to join the CSTO, you have to cut of all ties with the Kingdom of Italy and turn over their Praetorian Guards to the Russian Federation as prisoners of war, which will then be sent back to Italy.

Wu Secret: A plan is made by the highest executive division to invade Manchuria and Mongolia at July 1992. The armies that will join this invasion will be the 10th to 30th infantry divisions, 5th to 10th armoured divisions, 3rd, 4th, 8th, 10th and 11th Artillery regiments. Nuclear facilities are discovered in Inner Mongolia and Gangshu, as well as at least 150 nuclear weapons. Begins production of nuclear weapons secretly.

You already have some nukes. China has had nuclear weapons since 1964. Don't use them though. 

Scandinavia: begins to support Yugoslavia. We bribe some high officials, and hope to establish an alliance. Scandinavians continue to go back to Greenland. The Scandinavian language, already the official language, is now widely spoken. The Stadium of Scandinavia, Oslo Stadium, Daneland Stadium, Finnmark Stadium and Reykjavik Stadium all continue construction. There is a successful nuclear missile test off of Bouvet Island. It is reported to the ULN that Scandinavia has developed 60 nuclear missiles. We hope to have 150, so continue developing more. We speak to Halifax about giving their portion of Greenland back to who it belongs - us.

Scandinavian isn't a language. That section of Greenland is owned by Canada, not Halifax.

Scandinavian is a language, created BY the Scandinavian government. Doctor Evulz (talk) 16:30, June 15, 2013 (UTC)

'Also, you can't develop 60 nuclear bombs/missiles in three months. Where did you get the Uranium or Plutonium, no mention of it before and it takes longer than three months. Also it's against the NPT, 'Non-Proliferation Treaty, which all the nations of Scandinavia signed in 1968, months before the Point of Diversion of this Map Game. G greg e (talk)

There, I altered it to fit. Reximus55 (talk)

Kingdom of Italy: In preparing for the worst a plan is laid out called Operation Gorilla. In Operation Gorilla the army is disbanded Into you guessed it, Gorillas. The navy will flee to another nation with a gift of 0.25 of our navy. Propaganda telling people about Operation Gorilla is distributed. The Kingdom of Italy would like it if the RoS is kicked out of the ULN for lies. we ask them how could we support the rebels when we are under a massive embargo. The Gorillas continue to make more progress in northern Italy as parts of the Praetorian Guard join the Gorillas with special forces maneuvers. The Kingdom propose a truce with the Allies until whatever the sides say.

  • Texas defends Susquehanna, reminding Italy that they are one of the biggest liars around and that the Italians possess an apparently large spy network. Furthermore, any nation that allows the Italians in will be harboring terrorists, and will be punished.
  • Venice: On behalf of the allies, we decline your offer for a truce.
  • Russian Diplomacy: Boris Yeltsin sends his regards on the funny joke that you call a "truce".

Learn to spell! Guerrillas not gorillas. Also, you can just move to another nation, you have NO allies, just pick a new nation, don't try to remain Italy as somewhere else, that's just stupid.

United States: The first pictures from the Hubble Space Telescope, named after astronomer Edwin Hubble, are received after being launched a few months earlier. The telescope will be used to observe sections of space in near ultraviolet, visible, and near infrared. The Internet, the name beginning to be used to describe the global system of interconnected computer networks, becomes increasingly popular. Born from the famous local area networks of the 1960’s, and the first standardized Internet protocol suites in 1982, computers across North America, Asia, Oceania, and Europe begin to use the Internet. The World Wide Web, a system of interlinked hypertext documents accessed using the Internet, continues being developed, and should be finished by the end of this year. Trade over the Great Highway is intensified. To continue cutting back on piracy and crime more local soldiers are stationed in strategic areas along the French coast. Channel League armed forces are stationed along the western section of the highway, and along the coast, guarding the majority of the frequently traveled highways. Patrols, comprised primarily of German volunteers and some American soldiers, are scheduled regularly around large cities and towns in central Germany, loosely protecting the route from the French coast, to Germany, to Austria, to Russia. The Channel League headquarters in Brighton is opened and becomes staffed by Channel League personnel. With Montana and Wyoming secured by the US forces in North America, the area begins to be re-populated. Trade is opened between Deseret, the Southwest League, and Las Vegas. Aid is sent to the Allied forces in the Italian War, and to those considering Operation Nero. With trade established with Russia, we begin to co-operate with the west to a greater extend. We also sign a number of nuclear disarmament treaties, now that the cold war is over.

  • Russian Diplomacy: We would like to help develop in our nation this thing you call the "Internet" (Acting). Also we would also like to disarm our nuclear armament and store all nuclear weapons other than the ones housed by ballistic submarines in safe locations. We ask the United States and the Channel League if they are interested in joining the Collective Security Treaty Organization as it will bring benefits and greatly improve relations between the east and the west.

United Republics: UR forces begin to train UM, Portuguese, and Granadese forces, for their planned attack of Italy. UR funding for a pro-UR party is Brazil finally pays off. Having garndered enough support against the current Brazilian government in Rio Grande de Sol, Santa Catarina and Parana, under the leadership of former mayor and leader in the area, Cadorin. UR secretly commits to providing weapons and monitary funds to the region. Rumors of Brazil providing guns to the Gallagos group are discouvered and will be looked into by UR Special Agents. These Special Agents continue to present the idea of separatism in the cities and regions of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, while ~35% say the Brazilian government isn't doing its job, it is still not near the above 60% in the southern region that say Brazil isn't an adequate government and the over 40% that are looking towards Separatism. UR continues to help the impovershed, specifically in Chile, Santa Cruz, and Paraguay, Due to Aylwin's efforts, poverty has been reduced by 5% over the past years, and a bill was successfuly passed to reduce it by another 5% by 1992. A health care act has also passed under the form of everyone paying a base tax (set amount) for emergency services (ER, emergency operations, etc.) and a percentage form that is opt-outable with proper paperwork and documents based on income and capital gains. UR government begins a policy of economic expansion, countering their policy in the early 80s of contraction - despite the still growing economy. The goal being to continue constant growth of the economy at ~ 3%. Construction continues on a high speed rail from the Atlantic line (Mar de Plata to Maldano), through Santa Fe to Cordoba. 

Chan Santa Cruz: The governement reminds the people that Mexico was a colonial state and that the Maya are the rightful owners of this land. But they declare themselves the rightful successor state to the Colonial administration. They also say that those who are not direct Maya are still welcome, because we cannot turn humans into Zombies, even colonial oppressors. We begin construction of a number of Lancaster like bombers. Our intention is to bomb Mexico city to the ground with carpet campaigns to lessen the number of Zombies. To this end we broadcast our intentions over Mexico so that people can move out or find shelter. Unity propaganda is handed out. Texas, we designated a building for your embassy the moment your diplomats asked! Come on in, let us feast together.

  • Texas is overjoyed by the warm welcome. Ambassadors will be sent shortly and we will designate a building for your embassy if you so wish.

South Africa: Stage Three of the Plan continues in full swing. In Gabon, the colonisers continue to move inward and occupy long-abandoned townships. They begin the long and cumbersome process of rebuilding the towns and making them into sprawling settlements. The army helps to clear many areas in the occupied areas to keep the people safe from Zombies. The army continues to increase its production of tanks and trucks as well as guns and ammunition vand is upgraded to 2.75. The Cheetah III put into production. It is offered to be sold to countries willing to buy it. The nation begins to become a breadbasket as a huge amount of land has now been opened up for farming purposes. A large percentage of the area is set aside to grow jungles. The nation reports that almost 75% of its population follows Protestantism as a religion. The large military force organised to cross the so-called Z-Line grows. Its aims are to clear out former Rhodesia and bring the nations under the influence of South Africa. 

  • UR Diplomacy: Willing to buy some Cheetah IIIs in order to diversify its army. 
  • UM Diplomacy: Wishing for support in the upcoming invasion of Lazio form both SA and Nederlands. Also wishes to purchase or rent some Cheetah IIIs.
  • South Africa would willingly sell some Cheetah IIIs to the UR. They are also willing to sell some to the UM and also support them in their invasion.
  • RoS Diplomacy: We would like to purchase some Cheetah III tanks for any price.
  • South Africa is completely willing to sell the Cheetah III for the usual price of x dollars.

Republic of Susquehanna: The air force launches Operation: Hellfire. F-12's bomb Berwick, and paratroopers are landed in the city. (I need a MOD algorithm) We respond to Italy: We will stand up against a conquering tyrannical government that forces its will upon other nations. Our war is for preservation against terrorists. Your war is for conquest. We attempted reasonable negotiations. Your negotiations demanded that the enemy give up what they are fighting for. RoS marine forces board an Italian cargo ship, seizing oil and foodstuffs. The crew is arrested and sent to the RoS for trial. (OOC: Sorry, I was looking for info on Italian cargo ships, and my browser froze. When I came back to post, 1990.75 was up, so I just did my post)


After a period of extensive conquest into neighboring countries, Wu’s stability drops to 42. After years of strengthening their nation since the Treaty of Dubai, Turkey’s stability increases to 43.

Democratic Italians from Lombardy, Venice, and Elba begin inciting protests against the Italian monarchy. Allied forces cross through Tuscany and sit at the border of Lazio. The allies declare the Republic of Italy, a nation controlling the occupied zone and contested Lazio region. The provisional republican government, as part of its first actions, declares the Italian monarchy enemies of the state.

India, rampant with infection, collapses into a few small survivor states. It is believed that the Indian government has fled into exile, but it is unknown where. With an estimated 500 million dead in India and the area around it, the current situation in India is unknown.

Mongolia and Manchuria again petition the government of Wu, believing that if Wu hadn’t severed relations with them, they could have worked together to liberate the rest of China, and then agreed to a union. Preparing for war, the armies of Mongolia and Manchuria are mobilized, increasing both their army scores to 1.25.

The United Kingdom, plagued by civil unrest for several years now, is on the verge of civil war. The Heptarchists, who had remained in hiding since their armed uprising several years ago, reemerge. The Heptarchist militia, totaling about 150,000 armed soldiers, begins a reign of terror against the British in central England.

Sensing no response imminent from the United Kingdom, Brittany declares its independence. They become a full, independent member of the Channel League, and begin sending aid to the rebellion in England.

Although a minority of Salton citizens advocate for union with Northern California, the government is mixed. After a surprising vote among the senate, Salton agrees to be joined with Northern California within the next year.

Infuriated by the decision to unite with Northern California, the Social Liberal Party, led by Abelino Gutierrez, declares the Imperial Valley an independent nation. Mexicali, Slab City, Yuma, other settlements side with the rebels and begin amassing an army at Slab City, awaiting attack.

Deseret, enemy of the Bay Republic again asks for a trade agreement with Northern California.

With US soldiers on their doorstep, the people of Denver are finally united, believing it is in their best interest to work together.

With the government of Uganda severely weakened, Joseph Kony, leader of the LRA,, establishes himself as leader of Uganda. The country is transformed into a militant theocratic state. 

Across Africa it is believed that the nations of Malawi, Kenya, the Congo (unified Congo and Republic of Congo), Sengal, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Togo, Benin, Mali, Nigeria, Cameroon, and Eritrea, as well as all the nations of the EHU, South Africa, East Africa, most of Somalia, Ethiopia, and bits of northern Zambia all have some sort of stable government. 

Commonwealth: I'd like to add as a sidenote, the RoS's possession of nuclear weapons is completely implausible. Sanctions are placed on the RoS for being implausible and limiting their information on armamental development. We strongly and secretly urge russia to engage Operation Nero immediately. A small fleet of scout ships, escorted by the navy is sent to Panama to contact the government there in hopes of de-nationalizing the Canal and placing it under ULN control. Development and expansion continue. We again ask the Northern Californians to allow for us to have enough land to build a large air base for staging operations against the Zombified midwest.

The Commonwealth joins in with the commencement of Operation Nero by assisting Venetian forces and other forces in the North-East Italy, with their invasion.

Japan: Japan continues to build up the Self Defence Forces and infrastructure is improved. Some of the Maritime Self Defence Force still continues to patrol around Japan. Synthpop, Electro, Techno, and Trance continue to rise in popularity. Tatsunori Katsumata continues working on the third Touhou Project game, 東方夢時空 ~ Phantasmagoria of Dim.Dream. The Republic of Kyushu continues to rebuild the island.


Dark Gray represents join allied forces invading italy

Russia: Now that war is declared against the Kingdom of Italy (Declaration on Talk Page) Operation: Nero has now begun. Submarines of the Russian Mediterranean Fleet have hunted down the grounded Italian Navy in their ports stranded without fuel or oil. Within two days almost all of the Italian Navy remains destroyed on the bottom of their own ports. Over two million troops from the reserve and from nations that contributed supplies and manpower for the operation been deployed to start the amphibious assault to invade the Kingdom of Italy. With the Russian Navy in range the Italian troops are bombarded by waves of cruise missiles and cannon fire. Naval units are ordered to fire away from all metropolitan areas and only on key military fortifications. Algorithm will be made. If the operation goes successful, most of the Italian coastline will be captured along with several tens of km inland. About another nine Udaloy-Class destroyers have been constructed along with twelve Sovremenny-Class destroyers. To follow the Non-Proliferation Treaty we begin the deconstruction of all nuclear weapons. This should finish in 1995 due to the extreme amount of nuclear warheads that have been built during the Cold War. We ask all nations that are a part of the Collective Security Treaty Organization, both Full Member and Observer to deconstruct their nuclear arsenal, if they have any. We upgrade our army score to 3.00.

  • Russian Diplomacy: As of Article 33,Section I, Part III and Article 49, Section III, Part III of the Fourth Geneva Convention we ask the Republic of Susquehanna to release and bring back the captured Italian merchants.

Falklands: We move a large part of our force to the UR's European holdings. We ask for UR permission to drop troops into London. We do a census of the total Falklands Population, Antarctic Cities included, and have 11,000 people. We begin to construct a third city, New London, which will be the size of New Falkland. Protests begin over animal cruelty during Operation Nero, as the allied forces were firing upon large primates, which is illegal, as gorillas are endangered.

No... just no.

But he turned his army into gorillas, and you shot them.

The player of Italy meant guerrillas not gorillas.

But someone corrected him and he ignored it.

Whatever, at least you know what he's trying is what matters now. I'm tired of having to fix all of his grammatical errors. Also, if he did manage to convert his military into gorillas (animals this time), he would've had to have smuggled them in from Africa. However, all discussion of this will halt since it's just stupid.

South Korea: President Roh Tae-woo orders the crack down of Zombies in Seoul, Daegu, Busan, Gwangju, and Daejan. To do this he orders the army to isolate the Zombies and kill them. Troops are stationed on the DMZ and South Korea sends alliance offers to Japan, Australia and the United States.

  • Japan Diplomacy: Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone accepts South Korea's alliance offer.
  • RoS Diplomacy: We offer South Korea an alliance.
  • Russian Diplomacy: We ask South Korea if they want to join the Collective Security Treaty Organization, since this will lead to future benefits and help stabilize the situation in East Asia.
  • South Korea Diplomacy: We accept the alliance offer of RoS and we join the Collective Secruity Treaty Organization. We also would like to join the Pacific Co-operative Organization. 

Texas celebrates the return of Jeb Bush's exploration group. What Jeb tells of California is amazing. Many more explorers line up, hoping to establish a trade route. However, Texas is wary about the so-called 'Black Hoods'. Meanwhile, ten thousand more men are sent to Operation Nero. George Bush says he will not rest until 'the regime is overthrown and replaced. He also speaks out against nuclear proliferation, stating that 'Texas is a nuclear weapons-free state and will always be'. He praises the United States for taking the lead in disarmament, encouraging Susquehanna especially. Texas asks the United States for aid in locating and disarming nuclear weapons in Texan borders. A secret message is sent to the United States asking for permission to annex Oklahoma.

  • RoS Diplomacy: We agree to abide by the Nuclear disarment, and are currently destroying our arsenal.

Chan Santa Cruz diplomacy: Indeed we would love an embassy in your most esteemed nation. These 'black hoods' you speak of... Please remind or inform California of ULN Resolution 006. We ask you to do this as we do not have direct contact with them and must rely on your reports.

Kingdom of Italy: The Kingdom officially disbands itself calling upon Operation Gorilla to go into effect. The last move by the King is propaganda distribution explaining why the kingdom is good.

Completely implausible, a nation would never purposely disband to avoid a surrender. Look at Nazi Germany after World War II, they didn't purposely disband their nation just to avoid surrendering. Also, it would take more than three months to just disband a nation.

So maybe the King just ended it because he saw his people suffering, kills himself, and the people elect to go to a  more democratic Republic. G greg e (talk)

United Med: Sends its invasion party to Rome on the same day as Operation Nero. Afrer Italian Troops have been assigned to move from the capital to respond the amphibious assault. UM military, militia, and naval forces - numbering 200,000 - supplemented with superior supplies and technology launch airstrikes on key military and industrial sites. Forces continue on to occupy the city of Rome and advance to the countryside by the next few days. Many of the citizens of Rome and Lazio greet the UM forces as brothers, citing cultural bonds and the former UM holding in Rome. The first mass is held at the Vatican site since its bombing, with many soldiers and citizens participating. At home on the islands, many recycle objects and only use what you need ads cycle through and much of the public follows the ads. UM vows to rebuild Rome and if possible govern it the best as it can. 

Portugal: Sends aid and soldiers to the UM ~30,000. Meanwhile at home, the coastal high speed rail is completed. More youth begin to speak the mixed Portuguese and Spanish. 

Granada: Sends aid and soldiers to the UM ~ 15,000. Meanwhile at home, the raid connecting Sevilla to many residential and coastal economic centers is about three months from completion. (One turn). Seeks to strengthen ties with Spain and Portugal. More youth begin to speak the mixed Portuguese and Spanish. 

United Islamic Caliphate: As'ad continues to move soldiers and tanks near the Eritrean-Djiboutian border, mostly in many different small groups so as to maximize the surprise of attack. The battle plans mostly bring back the military style of The Scalpel, The Hammer and the Sword of Allah. As'ad brings forth a new council act that allocates more of the budget to the military and its assests. The 20 Meidian-Class Light Destroyers are split into fives and grouped with an assortment of naval vessels recently built, or recovered from the civil war. Naval, aircraft and ground forces take part in multiple military drills, and three more brigades are created to accommodate a small increase in ground forces, and to allow for more co-ordinated attacks.

  • UIC Diplomacy: As'ad Nejem, now acting in place of the council behind the scenes, requests support from the EHU on its sooner than later invasion of Eritrea.
  • RoS Diplomacy: The RoS navy will support the invasion.
  • You are a landlocked country, you don't have a navy.
  • They own an island near Yemen. Earlier they bought it, and stationed and may have built their naval forces there. G greg e (talk)
  • My naval forces are stationed on the island. Look at the Republic of Susquehanna (Night of the Living Alternative History Map Game)

Scandinavia: Continues to support Yugoslavia. We continue to bribe some high officials, and hope to establish an alliance. Scandinavians continue to go back to Greenland. The Scandinavian language, already the official language, is now even more widely widely spoken - 75%. The Stadium of Scandinavia, Oslo Stadium, Daneland Stadium, Finnmark Stadium and Reykjavik Stadium all continue construction. A large scale nuclear mining facility is opened in Sweden, which is revealed to have been the source of the uranium and plutonium. This project is only beginning. We fight in Operation: Nero with our allied CSTO member states.. We speak to Canada about giving their portion of Greenland back to whom it belongs - us.

  • Texas tells Scandinavia to abide by the Non-Proliferation Treaty.

Chan Santa Cruz: The first five bombers (designated "Quetzals" - think Lancasters.) are completed. As the Zombies have no air defences raids begin immediately and round the clock over Mexico City fueled by Texan oil. Our one concern is the lack of ammunition facing our troops. Joyous celebrations are held when news of Operation Nero is heard, though we are too small and too far removed to aid it. Unity propaganda is handed out. Aid from the US is put into developing the road network. Broadcasts warning of air attacks are continually streamed over un-occupied former Mexico.

  • RoS Diplomacy: We ship Chan Santa Cruz 10,000,000 rounds of ammunition.
  • United States Diplomacy: We offer to send a small force of US specialists to train pilots and aid in the fighting around Mexico City.
  • Texas Dip: We will aid in constructing the road network.

Wu: Army builds up and modernizes. Population reaches 600 million. Increases its army score to 3.25. Apologizes for its reckless behaviour to the Manchurians and Mongolians. Tells Mongolia and Manchuria that Wu will try its best to clear up Zombies in China and hope that Manchuria and Monoglia can co-operate. 110,000 soldiers are deployed in defensive positions along the Wu-Manchuria and Wu-Mongolian border. Builds defensive structures on the borders. Opens 100 border emigrations along the Wu-Indian border to inhabit emigrants coming from India. After a health test, they were given a Wu passport and sent in the nation. However, if the emigrants hadn't passed the Health quarantine, they will be sent to a small valley in the Himalayas to see if they are strong enough to survive. If the emigrants survived, but have become Zombies, they will be given Phalanxincort gas. With KI disbanded, Wu hands all Praetorian Guards to Russia and asks to join the CSTO. Gives a plan to give every household a colour TV, a fridge, a laundry machine and an air conditioner. 20 factories are established to construct these home electronics. Due to this, the people become happy and begin to make the stability increase.

  • Russian Diplomacy: We thank you for the Praetorian Guards, they will be treated humanely and transferred back to Italy. However, we are reconsidering your invitation to the CSTO since that will bring us into a war we do not want to fight and will start future conflicts.

Wu Secret: The armies begins to be deployed in defensive positions, but offensive weapons are secretly given to the soldiers, as well as offensive training.

It is against the rules to upgrade twice in a row. Because of this, Wu's army score has been dropped to 2.75, and its naval score has been dropped to 1.75.

With your massive population increase (which is slightly implausible, even for your nation, really 30 million in three months.) Also giving 200-some million households so many electronics will kill your economy... and send your government into a massive deficet. 

Republic of Susquehanna: Citizens protest the RoS nuclear arsenal, leading to the government dismantling the weapons. The government court martials ten soldiers for illegally detaining Italian citizens. The citizens are sent back to Italy with their ship, and the government releases an official apology. 1000 RoS marines aid the Russian invasion of Italy. The war continues with a stalemate in Berwick. (I still need an algorithm)!!! Navy Increases by 0.25 due to the Russian Warship donation.

Make the algorithm yourself.

As junior moderator it's actually your job to make algorithms. 

OK, then.

I'd just like to add that your nation is quite implausible, how do you have nukes? How do you have a navy when you are a landlocked nation?

I developed the nukes under public eye. I am going to address the nukes next post. My navy is based in Socotra. My Coast Guard is in the RoS proper. Also, I didn't make the algorithm, because I didn't think I could. I'm not a MOD. Daeseunglim (talk) 18:23, June 16, 2013 (UTC)

Dinetah: Sorry about my erratic post count, building a computer. A group of settlers in the mountains north of Durango meet a group of Americans. Contact is later established, and America, long thought to be dead and gone is rediscovered. We ask to maintain an embassy in the US. Trade begins going up and down the Mexico Corridor, a narrow strip of safe land that traders traverse to reach Chan Santa Cruz and vice versa. Tensions in Las Vegas heat up, with several of the politicians being discovered to be dishonest and loyal to the Emancipators, whose movement is rapidly spreading west into Nevada and parts of California. A building is designed in Farmington, called the Haskie Tower, it is expected to be 50 stories high, and will house the government on the lower layers. The top layers will be for tourism.

Austria: Austria expands southward into Slovenia more and the war against the Slovenians continues and the military is expanded and the military score increases. This expansion and fighting, sees the nation's stability slowly dropping.

Make sure Austria signs the Treaty of Syracuse.

United Republics: Continues to improve infrastructure, completing the second high speed rail line through Santa Fe to Cordoba and an extension line is made to Ascunsion through Concepcion (Uruguay). This will allow for more cities to spread out along the rail line and disperse the population more, as well as decrease the amount of buses and cars on the road. Stations are outfitted with solar panels to assist in power the rail. A similar rail is proposed and begins in Chile, connecting the cities of Valpraiso, Concepcion, Pacifica, and Santiago Metro Area. UR continues to fund the Southern Brazil Independence Party getting the leader Cordin and valuable member Rameris elected to high offices in the two of the three Southern Brazilian States. The LAL continues an investigation into Brazil Guyana relations and Brazil's failure to govern its people in the southern region. URSA launches three more rockets sending two to Armitus Lunar Base containing valuable supplies and additional solar panels and backup compressed oxygen and CO2, with the other restocking URSA Space Station. UR officls take a census of the poplulation (numbers to come). Looks to strengthen ties with Boliva. Supports and funds Pro UR parties in Peru, Sao Paulo, and Rio de Janeiro. Naval forces are upgraded to keep up with major powers USA and Russia. UR agents continue to turn people in Brazil against the current government increase separatist movements in the south to above 70% of the people and approaching 40% in the Sao Paulo Metro Area and near 50% in Rio (both cities sit at about 25% strong UR supporters, and another 25% Pro-UR ties - citing the clearing of these cities from infection and lack of UR trade killing their economies a while back). Asks the USA to share naval technology, so the UR may increase the power in its navy. Sir Rex falls into bad health and an emergency election is held to replace the Prime Minister's Lead Assistant should Rex be unable to continue with the job. 

SA Gabon pt 2 (NotLAH)
South Africa:
 Stage Three of the Plan continues in full swing. In Gabon, many old oilfields are restarted by settler communities. They are run as collectives and co-operatives, to the benefit of all the members and citizens living in the towns. Road construction in the settled areas is begun to connect all the newly settled areas of Gabon and to provide a route for trade to occur and a supply line to be established. Most of the nation is now under the control of the settlers. Reconstruction of settlements continues, and money gained from selling the oil to the international world is used in rebuilding roads and communities. Yet in the treks to occupy old towns, around 50,000 die of various reasons. The army division in Gabon continues to clear out Zombie threat areas and make the nation safe for the settlers. Army conscription increases as a need presents itself. Army soldiers are given intensive training to  ensure they can take on multiple hostiles at a time. Soldiers are also trained on how to operate tanks in case that spare tanks are left and are in need of a battle-worthy crew. Huge factories around the nation are constructed, while old factories are upgraded to improve their efficiency. As a result, industry is upgraded to 2.5. The Cheetah III is produced in very heavy numbers, and due to the units being sold in a high quantity heavy profits are made. The huge amount of crops being harvested in the nation means that food prices are cheaper than ever. The cost of living, therefore, decreases significantly. Due to this, the exporting of crops begins to countries which need food. A large portion of these crops is sent to the colony in Gabon, so they can eat if the harvest does not go well. Jungles grow in the areas freed up for it. As a result, the endangered animal numbers rise significantly, more than they have risen in the past 5 years combined. The nation reports that almost 75% of its population follows Protestantism as a religion. The large military force moves into former Zimbabwe, crossing the so-called Z-Line. Heavy precautions are put in place. However, progress is rapid and two provinces are cleared out by the end of the year.
  • RoS Diplomacy: We would like to purchase 20 tanks for 39 million dollars.
  • Since the South African player has no indication if that is a good price, yet we will sell some Cheetah IIs and IIIs to the Republic.
  • I'd estimate that the tanks probably cost six million US dollars to produce. 

White Sands: A wall begins to be built around Las Cruces, and men are hired to shoot Zombies. A government begins to be established, and the first election is held. Elected is President White, and he begins to send men out to find others. Some men catch a trade ship flowing down. This leads to the discovery of Dinetah, and we ask for help in rebuilding the city. Weapon scavenging begins to find arms to combat the Zombies and raiders. Work begins on rebuilding the city, and farms begin popping up around the state, irrigating water from Lake Lucero.

  • You're already part of the Southwest League with Dinetah. Doctor Evulz (talk) 19:16, June 16, 2013 (UTC)
  • Dinetah Dip: We accept and send several construction crews to Las Cruces to assist in rebuilding.

United States: More pictures from the Hubble Space Telescope are received. The Internet becomes increasingly popular among citizens of the United States, with the World Wide Web, a system of interlinked hypertext documents accessed using the Internet, finally being completed. We sign the Treaty of Syracuse, alongside the belligerents of the Italian War, hoping to achieve peace in Europe. A team of a few hundred specialists are sent to Chan Santa Cruz to instruct pilots and help in the fight for Mexico City. We give Texas permission to annex Oklahoma. Plans are made for an invasion of Zombie lands past the Mississippi River. The operation, which will the largest in North America in several years, will begin with rapid bombings of eastern Kansas and Arkansas. Several divisions of armored ground force personnel will then pour into the midwest via predetermined points of entry. The garrisons in St. Louis, Memphis, and Omaha are built up in preparation for the operation. We urge all nations to cease production of nuclear weapons. 

  • Texas: Thanks the United States and wishes to collaborate in clearing out the Midwest.

Kiel: The prime Minister officially declares Kiel the Nordic Republic of Germany. Soccer begins its pronation in Kiel. The Army upgrades by 0.25 as Operation: Zombie Push begins in pushing Zombies out of northern Germany. We ask. Hamburg to join us. We ask to join the CSTO and start diplomatic ties with many countries.