The 1987 Alaskan general elections were held on January 29, 1987 to determine seat allotments for the peers of the Duma. Called due to various governmental scandals, strong anti-corruption debates and a slowing economy, the elections saw a significant loss of support for the ruling Moderate-Conservative coalition against the left-wing Liberal Party and its coalition allies (Reform, Progress, and Socialist). The Moderate-Conservatives lost 35 seats to end up at 209 out of 400 peers, but the narrow majority allowed them to reaffirm Aleksey Valenko as Premier of Alaska by acclamation on February 1, 1987 after being invited to form a government the day before by Tsar Alexander III. The election - constitutionally mandated to be held prior to March 3, five years to the day since the prior election - was not expected to be held until March, so Valenko's decision to dissolve the Duma suddenly on December 31 and declare an election date caught the Liberals off guard, giving the Moderate-Conservatives a decisive advantage. This is begrudgingly referred to as the "surprise election" and the ability of the Premier to unilaterally declare election dates was removed as per the 1994 Alaskan constitutional reforms.

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