September 3, 1987 - Radical members of CPSU, on behalf of the Soviet government declared war on NATO.

October 13, 1987 - Soviet troops invade Hamburg. Meanwhile, the East German commandos had declared mutiny seized aircraft of General Secretary Gorbachev, due to the fact that Gorbachev flew to the peace conference that would help end the war.

November 17, 1987 - TSGV declared a revolt against the Soviet command. Central Group of Forces Command gave the order - to suppress the resistance of parts of Soviet Army, located in Bavaria (3rd Army).

January 4, 1988 - Coup in the Soviet Union. Captures the power of Boris Yeltsin. Exemption of Gorbachev. Elstablishement of the Russian Federation. The new government orders - to withdraw troops from Western Europe.

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