The 1986 Rose Bowl was a college football game that served as the final game of the 1985-86 college football season and as the site of NCAA Division I national championship game, pitting the No. 1 Michigan Wolverines against No. 2 Arkansas Razorbacks. The Razorbacks had only made it to the game courtesy of being one of two undefeated teams remaining on the last weekend of the regular season, courtesy of losses by then-No. 1 Sequoyah and No. 2 Aroostook in the regular-season finales. The heavily-favored Wolverines lost a narrow game thanks to a last-second Arkansas touchdown pass from Jeff Robinson to Sam Reed, 24-23. The game, due to the surprising run of the Razorbacks and the emotional connotations associated with that run due to the 1983 Covenant Riots only three years before, is often referred to as the "Hog Heaven Game," presenting Arkansas with their first and only national championship and denying Michigan a record thirteenth.

1985 College Football Season

Pre-Game Notes

Game Summary

Scoring Summary

First Quarter

MICH - Franklin 45 yard FG. MICH 3-0

MICH - Prose 32 yard TD pass to Unson (Franklin kick is GOOD) MICH 10-0

Second Quarter

ARK - Robinson 16 yard TD pass to Reed (Sharper kick is GOOD) MICH 10-7

MICH - Franklin 38 yard FG. MICH 13-7

MICH - Franklin 40 yard FG. MICH 16-7

Third Quarter

ARK - Sample 16 yard TD run (Sharper kick is GOOD) MICH 16-14

ARK - Sharper 52 yard FG. ARK 17-16

MICH - Prose 25 yard TD pass to McMahon (Franklin kick is GOOD) MICH 23-17

Fourth Quarter

ARK - Robinson 8 yard TD pass to Reed (Sharper kick is GOOD) ARK 24-23

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