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1984 Flag of Superior 1988
House Elections
85 Seats
November 4, 1986
First party Second party
Blank person Blank person
Leader Bruce Casey Robert P. Griffin
Party Liberal Democrat Conservative
Leader's seat Chippewa Schoolcraft
Last election 51 N/A
Seats won 54 30
Seat change +3 N/A
Third party
Blank person
Leader Steven Bolden
Party Socialist

Leader's seat Chippewa
Last election N/A
Seats won 1
Seat change N/A
Speaker before election
Bruce Casey
Liberal Democrats
Elected Speaker
Bruce Casey
Liberal Democrats
1984 Flag of Superior 1988
Senate Elections
30 Seats
November 4, 1986
First party Second party
Blank person Blank person
Leader John Kerin Jordan K. Gibson
Party Liberal Democrat Conservative
Leader's seat Alger Marquette
Last election 17 N/A
Seats won 16 12
Seat change -1 N/A
Third party Fourth party
Blank person Blank person
Leader Cyril Symes N/A
Party Socialist Independents
Leader's seat Chippewa N/A
Last election N/A 13
Seats won 1 1
Seat change N/A -11
Maj. Leader before election
John Kerin
Liberal Democrats
Elected Maj. Leader
John Kerin
Liberal Democrats

Following the 1985 Census, and the agreement to hold one every five years thereafter, districts in the House were redistricted slightly. In addition, three seats - in the states of Iron, Marquette, and Menominee - were added.

One third - ten seats - of the senate, the so-called "Class 3" members, were up for re-election, as was the entire house.

The Liberal Democrats, benefiting from both their superior organization and the popularity of President Stowe, won both houses once again, even managing to slightly increase their margin of victory in the house by both taking a seat from the Conservatives, and winning most of the new additions. They did, however, lose one of their seats in the Senate, in the state of Luce, to the better-organized Conservative candidate, John D. Porterfield.

Both Cyril Symes, Socialist senator from Chippewa, and Dudley B. Wells, Independent senator from Delta, won re-election. A Socialist, Steven Bolden, was also elected to the House from a district in Sault Ste. Marie.

Wells, however, announced shortly after his victory that he would not seek another term in the senate in 1992, leaving the seat open at that time.

All parties involved considered the election to have been a success.

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