1985: World War 3 is an alternate history idea created by Richard Lamborghini and focuses on the year 1985 when the Soviet Union and the United States fought a nuclear war which devastated the world. At this time, the United Nations disbanded and various new European factions or countries appeared while both the Soviet and American empires ceased to exist. 


In 1985, the Soviets economy was going to ruins, and to avoid a "loss" against its enemy, the United States, they launch several nukes destroying American states such as Alaska and the West Coast. The Soviet Navy began a full out sea war and sunk several American vessels in the Pacific. The US also launched nukes of its own, destroying Kiev, and Minsk and chaos ensued.

After the nuclear inferno, much of Asia and Europe were reduced to rubble. Essentially, most nations former governments ceased to exist as a result of this catastrophe and various secret societies and corporations took control and re-established a functional government once more.


As the war brought an end of the modern timeline, most people of said countries re-established their sovereign nations, whether by tribes or factions.


  • Imperial Kingdom of Albania
    • Macedonia (protectorate)
    • Kosovo (protectorate)
  • Greater Bulgar Empire
    • Eastern Macedonia (protectorate)
    • Serbia (protectorate)
  • Austria-Hungary (same empire except without Bosnia)
  • Islamic Republic of Bosnia
  • Ottoman Union (Turkey, Thrace, Syria)
  • German Reich (Germany, Poland, Western Ukraine, Prussia)
  • Roman Imperium (Italy, Slovenia and Libya)
  • French Empire
  • Fascist Ukraine
  • People's Republic of Belarus
  • Russian States
  • Islamic Republic of Chechnya
  • Georgia Confederation
  • City-State of Athens
  • Kingdom of Iberia
  • Principality of Corfu
  • Scandinavian Union
  • Catalonia
  • Basque Country
  • Montenegro Imperial Kingdom
  • Greek Republic
  • Scotland
  • England
  • Wales People's Republic
  • Irish Fascist Republic


  • City-State of New York
  • Confederate States of America.
  • Mountain Republic of the Western States
  • Republic of Texas
  • Cortez Mexico 
  • Baja Mexico
  • Republic of Hawaii
  • Republic of Alaska
  • Quebec Republic
  • Argentine Empire
  • Brazilian Empire


  • Greater Korean Republic
  • Tibet
  • East Turkestan
  • Chinese Empire
  • Greater Mongolian Empire
  • Communist Confederation of Vietnam
  • Persian Empire
  • Al-Arab Caliphate 
  • Turkestan
  • Afghani tribes
  • New Zealand
  • Pacific Confederation
  • City-State of Hong Kong
  • City-State of Macau
  • City-State od Singapore
  • Malay Islamic Republic
  • Buddhist Republic of Thailand

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