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1982 FIFA World Cup (Night of the Living Alternate History Map Game)

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  • Giant's Stadium
  • RFK Stadium
  • Cleveland Memorial Stadium
  • Michigan Stadium
  • Sanford
  • Legion Field


1st round
  2nd round
 Poland 1    
 Sicily 2      Sicily  
 Egypt 0    Peru    
 Peru 2        Sicily  
 Germany 0        Austria  
 Austria 2      Austria
 Chile 2    Chile    
 El Salvador 1        Sicily  
 Argentina 3        Brazil  
 Portugal 1      Argentina  
 Spain 0    Bohemia    
 Bohemia 1        Argentina
 Brazil 3        Brazil  
 Soviet Union 1      Brazil
 Scotland 1    Soviet Union    
 New Zealand 0        Brazil
 England 3        Conf. IslandsConf. Islands
 France 0      England  
 Bay Republic 2    Bay Republic    
 Honduras 0        Bay Republic  
 Colombia 2        Colombia  
 Paraguay 1      Colombia
 Uruguay 0    Florida    
 Florida 1        Colombia
 Conf. Islands 3        Conf. Islands  
 Japan 0      Conf. Islands  
 Netherlands 2    Netherlands    
 Australia 0        Conf. Islands
 Baltics 2        US  
 Texas 0      Baltics
 South Africa 1    US  
 Flag of the United StatesUS 2  

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