The 1982 Alaskan general election was held on March 3, 1982 to determine seat allotment for the peers of the Duma of Alaska, and was called prematurely (only two and a half years after the previous election, the second-shortest span in Alaskan history) due to a political impasse between the ruling Moderate-Conservative coalition, their left-wing opponents and Tsar Alexander III, who publicly injected himself into the ongoing debate. The Moderate-Conservative coalition broadened its mandate in the Duma by earning 243 seats (144 Conservative, 99 Moderate) and giving the Moderates their largest seat allotment in history. Premier Aleksey Valenko was reelected to his position by the Duma by acclamation on March 9, 1982 after having accepted the Tsar's invitation to form a government. The election was largely a referendum on the Valenko government's economic reforms meant to combat the 1979-82 economic downturn, and was seen as an approval of the Valenko initiatives rather than those favored by Alexander III. This repudiation of the Tsar effectively ended the standoff referred to as the "Civil War in Sitka."

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