July 10th, 1982. Ronald Reagan is the President of the USA. Yuri Adavpho is the master of the Soviet Union. Margaret Thatcher rules Britain as Prime Minister. Saddam Hussein controls Iraq. The Cold war is beginning to die down. However, the Mexican-US border becomes the scene of the opening battle of the greatest war mankind will ever know.

The Texas-Washington Landings.

During the early hours of July 10th, NASA detected a group of objects on direct course for Earth. Believing the objects to be meteors, they predicted that they would arrive in three weeks. However, they were baffled when on the next day, July 11th, the objects had decreased the time of arrival by two weeks. The President was informed immediately, and drew one conclusion: That the objects were Alien Spacecraft bent on Earth 's conquest. He decided to make the news public, an called upon all world leaders to join forces to stop the invaders. Though some dismissed as a prank, they were disproved when the Russians also conformed the ship's. All of Earths Nations joined forces to hopefully stop the invaders.

Meanwhile, on the Alien ships, Superbus E'Vic, Commander in chief of the Voldarin Invasion force, believed that Earth was populated by savages still in the iron age. So he was shocked to discover that they were an industrial society, as the Voldarin race had taken technology advancement slowly. Deciding to continue with the invasion, he had his commanders prepare their forces for a long war.

One week later, an advance force of the Voldarin arrived and landed in Texas and Washington state, securing beachhead in a matter of hours. Holding their position, The Voldarins checked an American and Canadian counter attack. However, they were boxed in, and could make no attempt at a breakout.

Arrival of the Main Fleet.

As mankind scrambled to destroy the Voldarin beachheads, the Voldarin Invasion force increased their speed in order to arrive as soon as possible so as aid the advance force. On July 30th, E'Vic order a full military strike on the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe. The attacks were very successful, sweeping aside most of the resistance. Jordon fell in a day, while the invasion of Syria saw it fall in three days. In Southeast Asia, Laos and Vietnam lasted only a week before being captured. A Chinese offensive failed to liberate either country. Poland bore the main attack, and, despite stiff resistance, was lost in a week as well. Israel, however, halted and turned back a Voldarin Offensive, much to the surprise of E'Vic. The reason for Israel's victory was due to the incompetent commander, T'Yah, who sent the force in with no tanks at all, as he believed that the tanks weren't necessary to defeat Israel's army.

In the USA, Texas, Washington S., Oregon and California all fell to the invaders in a month. Colin Powell suggested a military strike upon all landing sites of the Voldarians, which was agreed to by Ronald Reagan. Mexico and Canada had very different fortunes in the war. Mexico lost over half the country in a week. Canada, however, held it's own, and drove back the invaders after a week of heavy fighting. The reason for this that the Voldarian are cold-blooded, and are therefore vulnerable to the Canadian Weather.

Soviet offense.

A massive Soviet offensive is launched to retake Poland and Eastern Europe. The offensive is stalled at Kiev. Meanwhile, Israel and Saudi Arabia launch a joint attack upon Voldarian-held Syria and Jordon. E'vic deploys his most trusted commander, R'Tah, to halt the attack. He does so, and occupies Israel, making up the incompetence of the previous commander, T'Yah, his brother.

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