The 1980 Presidential Election will be held on November 4, 1980 [June 30, 2016].

Announcement speeches are due by the end of Quarter 2, 1979.

Platforms are due by the end of Quarter 3, 1979.

The first debate will be held in Quarter 4, 1979.

Primaries will be held during Quarters 1 and 2, 1980.

Republican Nomination

[Post Announcement Speeches In Subsections Under Here]

Dave Wilson


Good morning America! I am here today to announce my intention to run for President of the United States! In the last few years, our country has been ravaged by an awful economy, dysfunction overseas and mass tension at home. We've been plagued by leadership that doesn't deliver, leadership that doesn't get anything accomplished! Well, I'm going to make sure that the era of inept leadership ends with me! We, as Americans, are going to make America great again! You might wonder why I am so certain about this, why I appear utterly confident, without any hint of doubt. As a young child, I grew up in an America that was afflicted with the Great Depression and later World War 2. My father, who was a renowned economist, worked personally with the people of Cleveland to ensure that their valuable money would not be destroyed by the harsh economic conditions! Ultimately, his solutions paid off and by the 1950s, those same people were living not in relative bliss, but in absolutely undeniable bliss! We'll return to the prosperous days we enjoyed, and when the happy days come back, they will stay with me in charge! Though this situation seems insurmountable, it's most certainly not! For nearly 20 years, I worked as a criminal defense lawyer who fought for those who were unjustifiably prosecuted and due to that, persecuted! While my job title might be different as the President of the United States, my career objective remains the same! As a United States Senator, I am getting a controversial, but landmark bill passed that will preserve our freedom as Americans! That's what makes Americans great, we have freedom and guts! We are a nation of resilient, hard-working entrepreneurs who make things out of absolutely nothing, and I will let people let their inner entrepreneur out! High taxes? Don't worry about that, they won't be a thing in my America! We took down those Nazi psychopaths during World War 2 and we will take down these Communists monsters the same way! Communism isn't coming to this country, not in a million years! The day Communism comes to America is the day when hell freezes over and Satan starts giving sleigh rides! In the words of one our greatest Presidents, to defeat Communism, we "shall pay any price, bear any burden, endure any hardship, support any friend and oppose any foe in the pursuit of liberty, freedom and justice!" Do you want a return to the Eisenhower era of order, prosperity and freedom? If so, read my lips: NO COMMUNISM EVER AND VOTE FOR ME IN 1980! Thank you everybody, for listening to me!


  • Maintaining a flat, lower tax-rate across the board for low-income, middle-income and high income families.
  • Reducing government spending by %15.
  • Crack down on banks giving loans to people who are unable to pay them off.
  • Cracking down on drug cartels and making sure that drugs are regulated, taxed and only sold by responsible individuals.
  • Intensively researching alternative sources of energy and moving away from dependency on crude oil and other fossil fuels.
  • Letting the Soviet Union destroy itself via its erratic spending habits and intervening only if necessary, to preserve the National Debt.
  • Ensuring that Communism NEVER enters the US.
  • Preventing any form of censorship on moral grounds from becoming legal.
  • Increasing security at airports so that nobody potentially dangerous can get onto the flight.
  • Increased background checks for gun owners, as well as the requirement of a permit.
  • The increased funding of a public mass transit system, similar to Japan's bullet-trains.
  • Decreasing outsourcing to other countries such as China, to ensure increased funds at home.
  • Prohibiting abortion, outside of life-threatening emergencies.
  • Legalizing victimless crimes, such as pornography, prostitution, flag burning, marijuana and censored material such as TV shows, movies, comic books, etc.
  • Creating the National Education Standard (NES), to ensure that even voucher schools have to adhere to a basic curriculum, to ensure the mental growth of its students. In order to increase flexibility, one of the main components of the NES states; "It's not how you win the race, it's that you win the race", stating that the setup of the curriculum can be highly unconventional, provided a few basic objectives are met.

Raymond Walker


My fellow Americans, in my thirty-five years of serving your nation, I have never felt so disappointed and ashamed of how Washington is behaving. A Horrible economy, a weak president, and an oppressive Communist regime in Moscow pushing us around, are just a few of the problems that plague our great nation.

We cannot stand for President Carter's inconsistency and weakness; that's not what America is meant to be! How did we go from a nation that completely crushed, destroyed, dare I say annihilated, the Axis Powers to being a nation that is getting bullied - like a small child on a playground - by a small dictatorship in Iran?

Tell me, how did that happen? How did all these atrocities destroy American democracy in the free world as we know it? Ah, yes, with President Carter's inability to slam his fist down and shout "No!". He is a spineless fool who we elected for what reason? None. No reason at all. He is terribly ineffective, he isn't able to unite both Democrats and Republicans - hell, he can’t even work with his own party.

In contrast, during my tenure as Governor of Pennsylvania, I found myself able to compromise with politicians from both sides of the aisle. When the recession set in, we were able to rally Democrats and Republicans together and fix Pennsylvania's economy. And soon enough, we had people back in work, making thay great state running smoothly again!

This nation has to be strong again! Right now, we are so weak we won’t even stand up for the millions of people living under totalitarian Communism - the worst situation a living human can be in. We must stop Soviet tyranny, stop Iran from murdering American hostages, and stop tyranny around the globe! We have to turn this nation around, and I believe I am the man for the job

And now, because of this, I bring this announcement to the nation: I, Raymond Walker, am officially running for President of the United States, in order to help the people of this great country, and the citizens of every nation on earth.

Thank you for listening my fellow citizens, and God Bless America.

Thank you Firesofdoom for making this speech really great, mate.


  • Extended limitation of trade with the Soviet Union, China, and any other communist states around the world.
  • Increase military spending by 27%, but limit production of weapons of mass destruction
  • Take hard-line approaches to authoritarian regimes around the world, such as Iran.
  • Create a flat-tax for all Americans
  • Increase funding to NASA and begin further space exploration.
  • Less federal control, more state control.
  • Tougher punishments for hard drugs (e.g. cocaine, heroin, etc.) and lesser punishments for light drugs (e.g. marijuana).
  • Cut needless spending in the federal government.
  • Less regulations on the economy, however maintain strict rules against monopolies.
  • Invest in stable capitalist democracies in areas susceptible to communism, such as Africa and Latin America.

Nate Stevens


America is the land of the free, the beacon of hope for Democracy, the nation that stands for the values of open government, personal liberty, and a government that accurately represents the ideas of its people. Following the Watergate scandal, and the ineffective Presidency of Jimmy Carter so far, people have been losing their trust in government. The highest elected officials lie to them, ruin their lives, engage in corrupt activities, blame their constituents for their problems (see the Malaise Speech), and have been putting themselves above the American people. America needs a steady hand, a true leader, a fair, open, and experienced President, to learn from the mistakes of the Carter, Ford, and Nixon Presidencies.

For those reasons, I am today announcing my candidacy for President of the United States. My qualifications speak for themselves. I was born in Evansville, Indiana. My father was a factory worker, making wheels for cars. His parents were both immigrants from England. I have lots of experience in government, and I have been in Congress for 18 years now. I believe in the Constitution above all else, as a lawyer. In addition, I was recently chosen as the Senate minority leader. 

I also believe that we need to move our country forward. We will not win this Cold War through escalation, rather through harsh diplomacy. We must be able to negotiate with the Soviet Union, and to bring our countries closer. We must do the same with the nations of the Middle East so that we can prevent the oil embargoes of the recent years. We also must move past some of our partisan divisions, and work with people on both sides. I support legislation to limit the corruption and misrepresentation in government, which will draw bipartisan support. I am willing to compromise on specific issues, and will truly represent the people.

It is important to understand that the President has a limited amount of power, but a large amount of influence. Electing a candidate who is an outsider, or a reckless leader, will lead to uncertainty and a lack of investing, resulting in economic decline. Economic decline causes all sorts of other issues, ranging from increased poverty to an increased budget deficit. Especially with the economy, a steady hand, and moderate change is the only way to improve the economy without making it more vulnerable to recession. 

It is because of this inter-connectivity thesis that we must hold Washington accountable. I assure you that if the Government is more efficient, it will be able to spend less while providing the same for the people. This can be done with moderate cuts to certain outdated, unnecessary, and ineffective programs and through legislation to reduce corruption and loopholes. 

My friends, I believe in a peaceful, successful, and truly Representative America. The time has come to return Washington to a city of dignity and respect. We must be beholden to values and logic rather than traditional politics. Thank you and god bless America.


  1. An amendment to end gerrymandering
  2. Consolidation of Government Departments
  3. Increased investment in education, infrastructure, and technology to keep up with the Soviet Union and create smarter Americans and more jobs
  4. Massive tax reductions for people below the poverty line, but decreased spending on Medicaid and Welfare
  5. Small tax cuts for the middle class
  6. Cutting useless government overspending in certain areas, cutting the number of congressional committees, and decreasing the number of federal employees and the pensions of congressmen
  7. A one-day corporate tax holiday to bring companies back to America
  8. Combating racism and investing in schools in inner cities rather than supporting busing
  9. Negotiating and working with Democrats, and supporting reforms to government that everyone can agree on
  10. Continuation of the criminalization of drugs, including marijuana, and continually fighting to stop the drug trade through increased investment in schooling
  11. Increased investment in capitalist countries; negotiations with the USSR for further nuclear weapons reductions and bans
  12. Increased drilling for oil in the United States; increased peace negotiations in the middle east
  13. Letting the states decide on the issues of labor, minimum wage, abortion, gun control, the death penalty, and other issues
  14. A tax on gas of about $0.50 per gallon, a tax on political donations, and a tax on inheritance
  15. Decreased corporate tax so that America can be effective in returning businesses home

Arlen Howard


I, Arlen Howard, hereby announce my candidacy for the office of President of the United States. Although I may be young, the future lies in the next generation of innovators and leaders of our nation. We need to come together as a nation in order to rectify the mistakes of previous Presidents and also to continue the progress they have made. If we can see past party lines and unite as a nation, we will make America even greater and secure a better future for our children than the one our fathers left for us. It is important to learn from the mistakes of Nixon, Ford, and Carter, whether these mistakes concern the economy, the Middle East, the Soviet Union, war, or the growing social issues at home. We cannot ignore the ever changing nature of this nation. Instead, we must adapt our leadership to suit the needs of the people. In my time in the Florida House of Representatives and in the Senate, I have learned the ways of cooperation and I believe that is the key to unity, and unity is the key to success, not only for the Republican Party, but for these United States of America. Let's Make America greater.


  • Bipartisanship
  • Stronger foreign policy
  • Space
  • Limiting Soviet arms strength
  • Gradual decriminalization and taxing of some drugs
  • Repairing, restoring, and creating new infrastructure
  • Better education standards at all levels

Democratic Nomination

[Post Announcement Speeches In Subsections Under Here]

John J. Barnette

Good morning, my fellow Americans. As of today, it has been proven that the economic policies of our incumbent President Jimmy Carter have unfortunately failed, as we are currently stuck in a period of rapidly rising inflation and a stagnant economy. However, we must forget the diplomatic successes of the Carter administration - he was able to stabilize relations in the Middle East with the Camp David Accords, and he has signed multiple treaties with the Soviet Union further thawing out this Cold War and creating a more peaceful world for us all to inhabit. I believe what has happened in Iran is not Carter's fault. It's truly the fault of the Republican administration of Eisenhower in the 1950s, who had overthrown the perfectly stable and perfectly moderate administration of Mohammad Mosaddegh simply due to his administration daring to challenge the imperialistic ambitions of a then power-hungry Great Britain, who was tamed during the Suez Crisis.

My fellow Democrats, let us not forget what made our party great in the first place - during the administration of Andrew Jackson, he dared to challenge the status quo of societal norms and wished for an America where all men, regardless of their amount of wealth or their place in society, should be allowed to openly vote and participate in our democracy. Later on, Franklin Roosevelt satisfied and gained the approval of his fellow Americans by establishing the New Deal and ensuring that every American - whether they be rich, poor, white, black, or Jew, would be able to prosper after the economic and social woes of the Great Depression. Then, the great John F. Kennedy was able to challenge the forces of Khrushchev in Cuba by dominating the man's endless ambition for world domination with careful negotiation and great strides to maintain peace and a lack of bloodshed on American soil and abroad, and now we stand at the crossroads of a new era in this country. I believe that I am the man who is best prepared to tackle the issues of the day with confidence and great self-determination, and that is solely why I am running for the Democratic nomination in 1980!


  • Significantly increased funding in federal education
  • Establishing a Department of Education
  • Reforming the health care system
  • Increased national minimum wage
  • Greater autonomy for labor unions & the establishment of more closed shops
  • Significant reduction in income taxes
  • Increased worker protection
  • Diplomatically tensioning the Soviet Union and its allies to end the war in Afghanistan
  • Increased funding for NASA, the Department of Defense, and a greater arsenal of nuclear weapons
  • Strengthening the accessibility of Medicaid and Medicare to the poor and middle-class through legislation
  • Reducing the need for racial busing by enforcing stricter racial integration laws onto the states

Richard Harrison


Hello to you, my fellow Americans. Today I am here to announce my bid to run for President of The United States against President Carter. Carter's economic policies have resulted in the rapid inflation of our country's economy and rising unemployment rates. Carter has, however, made big strides diplomatically with the Soviet Union and the Middle East. It is unfortunate that the events of Iran happened but we must not blame the president for what happened there.

Our great nation has struggled economically for too long, and it is high time that a strong leader takes charge and makes The United States of America the great economic power that it has been recognized for. So, unite with me my fellow Americans, and we will bring in a new era of American prosperity!



Jason Barnstable


Taking place in front of Wyoming State Capitol.

Good morning, my fellow Americans. As many of us are aware, inflation and unemployment are on the rise from President Carter's economic policies. I support his efforts to improve our relations with the Soviets and those in the Middle East, and he is not at fault for the tragic events in Iran.

However, it is time for us to look to a new leader, under which these United States of America will grow and prosper. America deserves a strong successor to President Carter, which is why I'm announcing that I will be running for president of the United States in 1980! 


  • Continued diplomatic outreach to USSR and Middle East.
  • Increased national minimum wage. States may increase state minimum wages, but not below national minimum.
  • Free healthcare program.
  • State education free of charge.
  • Gun-free school zones.
  • Stricter firearm regulations.

Harold Windsor


Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to Central Park. Please stand for the Senator of New York, Harold Windsor! (ensuing applause)

Good morning, my fellow citizens of America! Good morning, humble people of the greatest nation on the planet! Good morning, leaders of the free world!

New York! It is wonderful to be here with all of you, to be here with my beloved wife and daughter, with so many friends, including many New Yorkers who gave me the honor of serving them in the Senate for four years. It is good to be back! We live in times plagues by uncertainty, times where those precious American values, values that have stood the test of time for hundreds of years, are in question. Times where war is once more at the forefront of the tongue, where nations race to build their forces, when the nation who can kill the most garners the most sway. Not since the Second World War have we faced such a threat to our integrity, our liberty, our independence. Not since the Second World War have so many lives hung in the balance, so many children been left without fathers. Angola, Lebanon, Vietnam, Laos, the Philippines. All over the world, the United States are called to defend the freedom of the oppressed. Roosevelt called on every American to do his or her part, and America answered. Yes, we did!

Now, more than ever, we must stand as the pillars of support for those impoverished and denied even their most basic rights, the beacons that cast light into the endless darkness, and warmth into the eternal cold. We are America! In God we trust, and the world trusts in us. Who are we to deny the international populace the same fundamental freedom that we ourselves flourish in and embrace? I will be the torchbearer. Together, we will cast the flame of righteousness into the darkest corners of the world, break the chains of oppression, and cast in iron the principles of liberty. With me at your side, we will lead America to defend the weak. The world may throw its troubles against us, but we will stand united against the onslaught, steadfast in the struggle, a brave face in the storm. We will never turn aside, never cast our duties asunder. America's Foreign Policy must be ironclad. We must protect. We must defend. We must uphold. We must respond. Terrorism, dictatorships, autocracy, violence. Together, we will make this world whole once more, and cleanse such evils from our cherished globe.

But this election is not just about war. No, whilst others campaign solely on threats of violence and retribution, I will not forget the very land we stand upon. Inflation, poverty, unemployment, injustice. These are everyday problems, but they require utmost attention and rare solutions. Carter stood for America, but the tide dragged him down. He remained firm in the face of the cannons abroad, but so stood that his back was to our people. Now is the time to rectify those wrongs that remain from the disastrous Eisenhower years, the terms of ceaselessly poor Republicans slowly bringing this nation to its knees.

As all of you here will know, when I was governor of this great state, we faced our problems united, and we crushed them. Now, New York is great once more, an oasis of calm in the economic turmoil of the USA. My state policies, that even my fierce Republican opposition lent support to, will be rolled out across the nation. A National Improvements Tax Scheme, or as the press so affectionately named it, Nits, will give power to the American people like never before. For the first time in history, citizens themselves will make the decisions as to how their hard earned taxes are spent. This, ladies and gentleman, will be the greatest forward bound of democracy since the birth of the fair election. Increased regulations will end the tide of deadly firearm attacks, and state education and healthcare will make the USA like never before. We will usher in a new era, an era supported by worker rights, child protection, regulated welfare. Yes, good people, the National Minimum Wage will see an unprecedented increase: an end to low pay and labor exploitation. A new, independent Budget Analysis Regulatory Board will be established, ending the huge overspending and pointless departmental financial wastage we are plagued with, whilst the IRS will receive additional funding, bringing an end to the tax evasion that deprives this great nation of so much. Healthcare, education, security. Together, our policies will begin the Golden Age of America. Exploration, justice, sanitation. Our children will be safer, our incomes larger, our education cheaper and to a higher standard.

I can no longer bear the endless bickering, the meaningful political conflict that plagues the Hill. Politicians seem more concerned with careers than democracy, more with their own finances than those of the nation they are elected to serve. You know I am no such man. I stepped down despite an almost certain re-election from my position as Governor of this State, so as to assume a role as Senator. I did this out of no personal ambition, as it is a very great decrease in real power. My salary is lower, and I still continue to contribute a similar sum to philanthropy every year. My fame is lesser, my friends fewer in Washington. Yet, I love my job, for I love my, no, OUR country! I do it because I can sway the path of this great nation. I can be a part of all THIS! So now, I run for President. I run for President to end the tide of corruption, of overspends, of petty political warfare and internal division.

America, now is the time to vote. The Republicans offer only bloodshed and policies of revenge. Vote Windsor at the Primaries for a fair name on the Democrat ballot. America, it is our turn to change the world. Step up to the challenge. Vote Windsor! The American dream has never been so close...

With the close of the speech, Windsor receives a roar of approval, and a standing ovation. The emphatic clapping of the large crowd is broken with chants of "Windsor! Windsor! Windsor!", and "Windsor for a fair America", "Windsor for change".


[To be Confirmed]

  • Counter measures again tax evasion
  • Regulatory bodies for child welfare, schools, hospitals and care homes to tighten regulations
  • New National Improvements Tax Scheme (N.I.T.S)
  • Increased national minimum wage
  • Increased paid leave
  • Increased worker protection
  • Increased gun regulations
  • Free National Health Service
  • Free high quality state education
  • Increased NSA and other preventative/intelligence agency budgets
  • Increased NASA budget
  • Introduction of a dedicated Anti-Terrorism federal agency
  • Budget reviews and targets for all departments
  • Introduction of a Department of Health
  • Stricter punishments for crimes related to terrorism, narcotics and treason
  • Further IRS funding
  • Stricter policing regulations relating to racism and other forms of harassment
  • Offensive Weapon-Free School Zone Act
  • Reduction in financial foreign aid
  • Increased transport expenditure
  • Deregulation of rail industry from the 1887 Interstate Act
  • Increasing areas covered by National Parks
  • Ensure safe-disposal of nuclear waste
  • Limit of end gerrymandering
  • Increased disability support

Bill McKay


A large crowd of around one thousand has gathered outside of the state capitol building in Lansing, Michigan. They are seated in front of a large stage with a podium. The song "Taking Care Of Business" by Bachman Turner Overdrive begins playing. Senator McKay appears on the stage to a round of applause. Cameras begin to roll and McKay speaks into the microphones.

Good morning America, and my fellow Americans! I come to you today for a special announcement, from the great city of Lansing, and the great state of Michigan. I doubt many expected this. But as I watch our political scene from within, and sometimes from afar, I see that we need to change things fast. And this is why I, Senator Bill McKay, am running for the office of President of the United States of America!

For too long, has our middle class been used and abused by our government. I intend to change that. I will represent the working class of our country in the White House, as I have faithfully in my time as Senator, and Mayor of Detroit. Our Republican colleagues have been doing the opposite. They represent the rich and big business, and will try anything to destroy our middle class. No longer, I say! As your President, I will halt any and all Republican efforts to destroy our great nation, for good. Every day I see our poor and working class struggle. I pledge to change that. I fully support our unions, and I will raise our minimum wage! I will retain welfare, social security, and will implement national healthcare. Furthermore, I will raise taxes on the rich! Not the middle class! Not the poor! In fact, I will do the opposite. I will lower taxes for our middle class and our poor people.

Not only that, but I will stand up for our women! Our children! I support women's rights, and I support our public school system. In addition to that, I will make our colleges affordable for our young Americans! The young people are our next generation, who will take over after we are long gone. We need to assure them that we will prepare them for the future. Speaking about the future, there will be no future if we continue hostilities with the Soviet Union. I fought in Vietnam. I saw the effects of war. I do not want our next generation to have to endure another Vietnam. Therefore, I am fully supportive of denuclearization.

And now, for some of our other issues plaguing society. I am for firearm regulation. We don't need psychopaths taking assault rifles and shooting up our neighborhoods. I haven't forgotten about our little people, though. I am for government subsidies on small businesses and farms. They are the core of our way of life. Our Republican friends would think that only the large corporations should dominate. They think that they themselves should be the only ones who get tax breaks. They would want to destroy your way of life. And with your help, I intend to never let that happen. We don't need another Vietnam. We don't need to be concerned only with the rich. We don't need to drag America down into the dirt again.

America, we shall rise. We shall be prosperous once more. We shall overcome our problems, and we shall be greater than ever before. However, this can only happen in one way. If you vote for Bill McKay in the primary and general elections. Politicians always want to make you think there is only black and white. Right and left. The only thing they want is your vote to keep them in office. They only want to continue getting corporate money. They only want one way. Well, America, I say we need to stop this. There is no just 'one way'. There is no 'compromise'. We need to fight, and fight hard, if we are to secure our nation's legacy as the greatest there ever was. And our Republicans in congress are not fighting hard. They are allowing us to sink while they make money from it.

Our once large industrial sector is shrinking - and fast. We need to do something about it before it becomes a crisis. Our great states of Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, New York, West Virginia and even parts of Kentucky are facing a looming disaster, in my opinion. We need to revitalize our industries in those areas quickly. These parts of our country were built on industry. If the industry leaves, that part of America will wither. I do not want to see this happen! However, Republicans would do nothing to stop it.

And hence, we have had Vietnams. We have had economic struggles. We have had to live in fear of nuclear annihilation since the end of the Second World War. Some of our own party seem to also endorse this way of governing. It seems that the Republicans want to lead us down one way. They want to take us down the path of regret, the path of suffering. Well, I say no to that! The Republicans want it their way, and want us to believe there is no other possible way to run things. Fortunately for us, there is. And that's Bill McKay, The Better Way.

I ask you to vote, America. We don't need stagnation, or reversal. We need to move forward. We need change. We need hope. So don't vote for those who wish to see us downtrodden. Those of us who wish to drag you and your families down. Vote Bill McKay, The Better Way. Thank you for tuning in, America. I hope that together we can change things for good.

The Senator then receives a standing ovation from those seated in front of the stage. He waves at them and at the cameras. He walks down from the stage, and shakes hands with those who are in attendance. Signs that say "McKay, The Better Way" are passed out to those who want them, along with buttons that say the same thing.


  • Regulate all firearm sales, requiring background checks and proper documentation and licensing.
  • Work with the Soviet Union to reduce the amount of nuclear weapons of both countries.
  • Subsidize farmers to revitalize the agricultural industry.
  • Continue and expand social security to reduce the poverty of our nation.
  • Enact universal healthcare in order to keep the nation healthy and make sure no one dies from a lack of coverage. This will be done by expanding upon Medicare/aid
  • Put more funding into the education system, enabling our children to be prepared for the future.
  • Pass legislation to regulate Wall Street businesses and prevent more recessions.
  • Increase taxes on the wealthy, while reducing taxes on the middle and lower classes.
  • Increase the federal minimum wage.
  • Work with the Soviet Union to end the Cold War.
  • End money and corruption in politics.
  • Increase funding for NASA, and the Department of Defense until the Cold War has ended.
  • End racial segregation by passing stricter laws.
  • End corporate personhood and tax big business more, and subsidize small businesses to revitalize the American economy on local levels.
  • Leave social issues like gay rights and abortion to the states.
  • Revitalize the developing "Rust Belt" before it becomes worse and ruins American industry.
  • Rebuild the crumbling American infrastructure.

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