The 1979 election was a hotly contested and highly debated election.


In November 1978, elections had been held and Conservative Nelson Rockefeller had won them. But, there were many in the party who despised them, among them was supposedly Rockefeller's VP, Spiro Theodore Agnew. On January 26 of 1979, Rockefeller died from a mysterious death, and many fingers were pointed at Agnew. Agnew was made temporary president until elections could be held.


On March 3, 1979, new elections were held. Spiro Agnew was elected that day with 65% of the vote. These elections were considered by many to be fraudulent. In Toronto (and Ontario), frequent polls had been held which put Trudeau (of the Liberal-Democrats) in the lead with 54% of the vote. In election day, Agnew won with a 59% majority. Later investigations concluded that many Lib-Dem voters were barred from voting. After Agnew was declared the president, there was lots of violence in the cities, which was quickly put down.

Candidate Vote %
Pierre Trudeau 18.4%
Geraldine Ferraro 16.5%
Spiro Agnew 65.1%

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