1978 World Cup

The 1978 World Cup was awarded to Argentina. After Z-Day, sport was suspended, but Argentina demanded the event continue as it will bring development to Argentina as well as peace and a sense of normalcy to the rest of the world. Due to the outbreak though, the qualifying process was replaced with an invitation only tournament to clear regions of the world. In addition because of the infection status of northern Argentina, games will also be hosted in Chile and the rest of the United Republics. Argentina will also host a summit to establish an OTL UN style Organization. This has also led to the Argentina investing in hotels, a state of the art stadium and commerce areas.

Teams to be invited include and their groups

Group A Group B Group C Group D Group E Group F
Argentina* Brazil Chile* Uruguay* Columbia Falklands* 
Florida Turkey Scotland Japan Saudi Arabia Commonwealth
Halifax Conf. Islands USSR Cuba England United States
South Africa Wales Alaska Bohemia Baltics Paraguay

Group Stage Results

Group Winner Runner Up
A Argentina 9 pts Florida 4 pts
B Brazil 7 pts Turkey 4 pts (tie-breaker GD of C.I)
C Chile 5 pts (Tie-breaker Goal Diff over Scotland) Scotland 5 pts (Tie-Breaker GD)
D Uruguay 9 pts Japan 4 pts
E England 7 pts Columbia 5 pts
F Commonwealth 6 pts United States 4 pts (Tie-Breaker GD over Paraguay)

Playoff Brackets 

BYES to next round: Argentina 9 pts, Uruguay 9 pts, Brazil 7 pts, England 7 pts

Chile 1 v United States 1

Commonwealth 0  v Florida 0

Turkey 2 v Columbia 3

Scotland 1 v Japan 1


Argentina 3 v Columbia 1

England 4 v Scotland 2

Brazil 3 v Commonwealth 0

Uruguay 0  v Chile 0

Semi Finals

Argentina 1 v England 0

Brazil 1 v Uruguay 1


Argentina 2 v Brazil 0

Third Place Game

England 1 v Uruguay 2