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1972.50 - 1974.75
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1975 - 1977.25
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This page is an archive for the Night of the Living Alternate History map game, from 1975 to 1977.25.

The Game


The Fawkes Offensive ends as the majority of Scottish guerrilla fighters are killed or have returned north. After a massive battle, the Scots withdraw from Dumfries, leaving behind a destroyed English garrison. Although the offensive was unsuccessful in securing any territory, the Scots managed to heavily demoralize the English, especially in London and along the border.

Small media outlets begin to spread the news of the Fawkes Offensive to neighboring towns. Many in central England cry out for reform. Protests in favor of the Heptarchy grow.

The Confederate Islands try to persuade the many other Mediterranean Islands to join them, so far unsuccessfully. Malta and Sicily ask for a military alliance with the Confederation.

A fire breaks out in Anchorage andkills dozens. The defenders inside retaliate by unleashing a hail storm of air bombardment from Elmendorf Air Force Base. The air attack is successful, killing a large wave of Free Alaskan invaders.

The Chinese remnant states ask for a truce with the Chinese government.

The Chinese anti-Communist revolution continues to unfold with rebels scoring several small victories in the west. The rebel army continues to grow in size. 

Manchuria manages to repel the Chinese army following the new virus outbreak. The lowered population means that the Manchurians are unable to push farther into China. By the end of the virus outbreak, it is estimated that only 20% of the original Chinese force in Manchuria remains intact at the border.

The Holy See comes to a decision, that the Pope shall reside in Cagliari, Sardinia, and may also operate a second residence in southern Argentina once the Zombie outbreak is ruled less severe in South America.

Japan: Japan continues to build up the Self Defense Forces and infrastructure is improved. The Self Defense Forces continue to burn down infected areas in Kyūshū, and continue the blockade, and people that show any sign of infection are still to be destroyed immediately. Some of the Maritime Self Defense Force continues to guard around the Japanese Islands to look out for any more ships, and if any are infected then they are to be destroyed immediately. Part of the Maritime Self Defense Force also continues to fight against the outbreak and attempts to prevent it from spreading across into Shikoku, while the Air Self Defense Force bombs the infected areas within Kyūshū. Some of the Ground Self Defense Forces continue invading Kyūshū and continue burning everything as they advance and attempt to push the Zombies out of Kyūshū.

Commonwealth: Continues development and expansion on all fields. Australia sends support to Alaska.

  • Free Alaska diplomacy: Is this men or supplies or both?
  • Everything we can manage that we don't need.

Chicago: Bentram returns from his absence and discovers a civil war. The Divided Army has united under the Nationalist Faction, the Workers have united under the Communist Faction, and the remainder have united under the Democratic Faction. The Security Forces and Bentram unite and found the Fascist Faction. I am leaving this game for the time being, as I have duties on other wikis and outside of wikis. I might contribute during the weekends, though. Best regards, UglyTurtle.

Free Alaska: The Battle for the Inside Passage continues, as Free Alaskans gain little, if any, ground. The Alaskan State Troops force the Free Alaskans back at Sitka, and the Free Alaskans regroup at the southern end of the island.   Artillery and Naval strikes into Anchorage become more intense after the bombings, which have killed over 200 Free Alaskan troops so far. An estimated 50 planes are held at Elmendorf, each with enough fuel and ammunition to cripple the siege forces around Anchorage. Anti-air defenses are constructed, but are not enough to deter the squadron. Any attempt to shell the airfield or their ammunition and fuel depots is largely unsuccessful, with supplies hidden in strategic locations. The airfield is easily rebuilt, and the planes easily repaired. Air raids begin to commence almost daily, and Free Alaskans begin to dig in farther and farther due to a lack of AA weaponry. 

Colombia's status is completely wrong. The nation was never infected and, in fact, has spread control over a lot of Northwestern Venezuela and Brazil and even sent two small settlements into the Amazons. Could someone fix it?

I fixed Colombia slightly. Any additional settlements are currently grey (moderately-infected/survivor colonies).

I'm going to post this map to show somewhat I tried to expand towards you can, of course, fix it to be more realistic
Actual colombian size
its also with the purpose of the Republica do Manaus
Here is a map of current UR territory (below left). Everything south of the Northern Wall is clear to scare in infection status, and everything south of the Rega line is clean (i e, never infected).  Other than the two provinces north of Uruguay are light to moderate in infection, but owned by Brazil. Also, on the map much of Chile is not the UR color. Essentially here is the map, with Green areas being occupied zones of Asuncion, Paraguay, Sao Paulo, Brazil, and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  Thanks to whoever created the map. G greg e (talk

Scotland: Scotland calls for peace in Great Britain. Scotland is willing to reach an agreement with the United Kingdom to end the war. Scotland will give 50% of its oil rigs in the North Sea to England and is willing to discuss more terms if necessary. We are now heavily fortifying Glasgow and the border region.

Confederate  Islands: Tullio Turo, Governatore of the Islands, sees the creation of a new constitution, the Constitution of the Confederate Islands, which establishes important guidelines for the Convegno, the Governatore, the Regulatore, and other governmental roles. Also established is a protocol for admission into the Confederacy. Instead oh unique Convegno's for each island, the new Constitution decides on one Convegno for the entire nation, with the capital in Cagliari. Each county which is the new division of the islands, get two members of the Convegno, who are elected every four years. The Convegno then elects a Governatore every two years, who then appoints a Regulatore every six years. Our outreach to Malta, the Balearic Islands and Sicily continues. We push the common Latin and Mediterranean heritage, as well as the common island nature of our nations. We agree to their alliances. The Cagliari Cathedral, or the Cattedrale di Santa Maria e Santa Cecilia, Duomo di Cagliari is redone, and the Holy Father moves in. He is highly revered, where 95% of all Confederate Islanders are Catholic. The Holy Father is used to ask for top-notch military supplies and gear so that we may protect him. We offer our land to the UR for research.

  • United Republics Diplomacy: The UR offers the creation of a joint research and defense base. The UR consisting of mostly Catholic nations, is internally considering the numbers of troops, ships and materials, they can send to the Holy See.

Colombia: The military is built up, expansion continues. The navy expands and the offer of Grand Colombia continues to be offered to the other republics of Bolivian descent.

  • United Republics Diplomacy: The UR recognizes the Republic of Grand Columbia's influence over all of Ecuador and western Venezuela.

United Republics: Elections: It is a time of great joy and hope in the UR. Elected as the President of Internal Affairs is young Argentine Raul Alfonsin who will serve for four years. His speech included a quote which caused a massive morale boost in the people: "Argentina has developed a culture of democracy no one can now undo. The merest attempt would fill every plaza in the Republic with the awesome sight of the people demanding the protection of any legal right, if for but one individual." Alfonsin also announced that the country is clear of Communism and the infection from Zombies is minimal. Using the words of the Northwest Federation, gone are the days when a Zombie bite is common cause for death. Elected as the Prime Minister of Foreign Affairs is Falklands Sir Rex Masterman Hunt who will serve for two years. Chile has yet to appoint a member to the advisory council, and Uruguay will on July 1st. Serving as an adviser to Raul Alfonsin is former British Conservative Margaret Thatcher. Provinces will be done counting the ballets for their representatives by early April. The UR decides to continue to construct naval ships, work on infrastructure within the UR, as well as the occupied areas of Asuncion, Sao Paulo and RdJ. Work on the state of the art Multi-use football stadium and commerce complex in Buenos Aires is 75% complete. More Argentine men are trained as reserves and defensive troops as a precautionary measure. Argentina begins to send money to the Catholic Church to give relief to the areas of Spain and Italy. Argentina vows to send military support following their season conscription this winter.

  • Falklands: The Prime Minister initiates an NHS (National Health Service). The FGF reach 3000 men. The FAF continue to fire bomb the forests in the area above the Northern line. Fire Bombs are also dropped on 'dead cities' to Force the Zombies out into the burnt clear land around the cities.
  • Chile: Work begins on a new defense force as a new prime minister is elected. All oil reserves found in national territory are officially government property. The oil is stored in new purposely built top secret locations, inside armoured fuel tanks. A new special forces unit is created to drive all remaining forces away - the NCBSF - National Contamination Biological Strike Force. Following the Falklands example, a new NHS is set up and all national services are publicised. All naval ships are given major overhauls and a new anti-aircraft system is installed around the country. Large Nuclear and Biological Warfare bunkers are built, complete with hospitals, prison, schools, shopping malls and barracks. Many of the civilian population are relocated underground after undertaking rigorous tests for any kind of infection. The government call a meeting with its allies on the Falklands Island. Chile proposes talks over an alliance with all survivor refugees in South America and offers them work and accommodation in Chile. Over half of the survivors accept resulting in an addition of 1000 men and 1000 females to their labour force. With this new strength, the country begins the building of a new kind of nuclear missiles to be used aboard the submarine fleet currently being built. The new COBRA committee of cabinet officials request  troops and labourers from Argentina and the Falklands to help with this new programme.
  • CHILE: Chile declares that it is considering invading Antarctica to reclaim disputed overseas territory. Chile begins its THOR'S HAMMER space programme. Any possible buyers see more at:

no reason to invade, the UR controls all formerly Argentine and Chilean disputed territory. We control from 20W to 150W excluding Peter Island.

Canada: The Canadian government starts their secret project known as Operation Goldfish. They have recruited their best bomb makers and scientists to start creating a bomb. This weapon will be used to blow up the Zombies and hopefully exterminate them from western Canada. Also, smaller bombs will be placed in the ocean to patrol the borders of Canada in case of another attack.

Northwest Federation: The Triumvirate members, riding in the same car, experience a car accident on the way to their inaugurations. Vedir is the only survivor. When he is released from the hospital, he chooses the new Triumvirate members. The Third Triumvirate is finally sworn in on March 11th.

China: The Railroad begins, and the truce is accepted. The army is divided into two, with 500,000 sending to attack the Revolution, while the other 500,000, along with 500,000 from Wenzhou, are fortified on Manchuria. The government discovers that although large tracts of China are occupied by Zombies, most major cities are still keeping the Zombies out and has developed a feudalism, with surrounding farms, factories giving supplies to the city, while the city protects them. Asks United Republics for a non-aggression and trade agreement. The Zombie DNA, mapped out, and with a steady supply of prisoner Zombies, were tested and the nation is developing a biological weapon against Zombies, or a human virus, that turns Zombies into humans. Asks Manchuria for a truce.

  • United Republics Diplomacy: The UR agrees to a non-aggression pact, and a basic a limited import export trade agreement of oil, The UR asks China to recognize UR's neutrality. 

You can't map out the human genome just yet. That wasn't completed until 2003. 

United States: The Iowa Army Ammunition Plant is fortified, and is put back into operation. The majority of damages is believed to have been caused by neglect or from looting, and it is believed the factory will begin production within a few months. The US officially backs the forces working against the Fascist Chicagoans, sending aid to the Democrats in Peoria. Two battalions are sent into Chicago, one down Route 55 and the other, Route 57. It is believed that the Democratic faction has gained control over the ruins of Springfield, birthplace of Abraham Lincoln, and building supplies are sent to aid in the reconstruction. Fascist raiders are spotted along the Indiana border, harassing small communities there. The 76th Infantry Brigade Combat Team from Fort Benjamin Harrison, Indiana is sent west, destroying the enemy militia at Kankakee. Chicago and the area around the city are declared in US hands after forces were sent from Milwaukee, pacifying northern Chicago. Special forces enter the city, alongside ground forces, securing the majority of the Fascist region. Bentram’s compound is assaulted, however before he can be seized and put on trial for conspiracy and treason, he commits suicide. The conflict is officially over, and any remaining armed rebels lay down their arms now that the US has intervened in Bentram’s regime. Elections are planned to take place in six months, allowing time for any remaining political factions in the nation to prepare a candidate. Chicago is put under occupation until then. The nation of Standing Rock secures its rule over most of North Dakota, alongside their US allies. The leader of the former survivor community, Rolf Fitzgerald passes away from natural causes at the age of 73, leaving a vacancy in the government. The United States arranges for elections to begin, possibly by the end of the year. The nation of Brighton continues small trade with Sealand, asking again for a trade agreement. Quality of life is slightly improved in the city with the creation of a waste management system. The former method of allowing trash to build up in the city is removed. US personnel demolish several areas of ruins where disease and waste are common, creating a designated landfill. Bulk trash and scrap are used to make earthworks and other fortifications, paved over with concrete or dirt. Citizens are educated in the new trash removal services, hiring several dozen people to collect trash from housing complexes. A team is gathered to establish a research station in Antarctica. The US lays claim to Marie Byrd Land, a previously unclaimed area. A company of soldiers is also sent to the claim. The group is sent by plane to Argentina, where it will depart my boat. Aid is sent to Argentina to help combat the Communists in Chile.

  • Most of Marie Byrd land lies within the 150W to 90W recently claimed by the United Republics and created into the dependency of Magellanes. However, you are welcome to use the rugged land if you wish for research purposes. G greg e (talk)
  • CHILE: Mass conscription begins. All fit males and females between the ages of 19 and 47 must join the military unless they work in either the medical, governmental, educational or government labour industries. It proposes a personal trade alliance with the US. It accepts a trade agreement with China so that the country has the funds to equip soldier after mass conscription. However, it warns that should the other member states of the UR disagree with it over its alliances, the alliance WILL be terminated and all Chilean goods will be either withdrawn or destroyed if they have not already been paid for.
  • CHILE: The army now numbers around three million men, the air force - one million and the navy about two million.
  • UR: The UR considers sending a proposal to possible member states of the UR to join the alliance

You can only post once per turn, a mod will start another turn at 4pm his time Also you misspelled Chile.

One post per turn. Also what you posted is implausible.

Florida: After a very quick development program, the LAZAW and the Lobo are put into production. The Falkland Islands' order is delivered of weapons . Black Ops troops are sent to assist the U.S. Army in clearing out the fascist rebels in Illinois. The KMAC-3 orbital cannon is almost finished, as is the heavily modified Saturn V rocket that will carry it into orbit. We send some technicians to the United Republics to assist in their space program. LAZAWs are provided to all Floridian front line troops that are currently fighting Zombies, and they prove to be very effective. A small contingent of Black Ops troops, along with 200 engineers, are sent to Antarctica to enforce our new Antarctic claim, described below. We begin construction of a fortified, "last resort" base in the Transantarctic Mountains as a final refuge for Floridian citizens in the event of a breach of the Floridian Wall.

  • Floridian Diplomacy: We are claiming the land in Antarctica from 150 degrees West (or from wherever the U.S. claim to Marie Byrd Land ends) to 80 degrees East. We also ask the U.S. if we can purchase twelve B-52s.
  • Falklands Military: We are interested in buying 120 of the LAZAWs and 120 Lobos to equip our elite troops with.
  • Turkish Diplomacy: We would like it if Florida can assemble a KWAC-3 Orbital Cannon and launch it for us, and give us control of it. We will pay you $350,000,000. Feel free to give me a better price if you want to.
  • National Chilean Military Force Note to Moderator: Can someone tell me what this one turn thing is about- I'm new. Also we are interested in buying 200 LAZAWs, 150 Lobos from Florida and ten B-52s from the US. Our programme to build a warfare station in space has just began. It is called the THOR'S WRATH orbital defense and attack weaponry station.

A new turn starts every day at 21:00 UTC. 

Turkey: Operation Guillotine is a success in the two cities of Antalya and Adana. However, Zombies still roam the countryside but are being killed by patrolling military units. A new follow up operation known as “Operation: Red Forest” has started. The plan is to use BlackLight and GTFO units to hunt the Zombies in the wilderness; while the army will create small camps around forests and setup auto sentries to quarantine the infection. We ask Florida to build a KMAC-3 Orbital Cannon that will hover over Turkey and protect our nation for the price of $350,000,000. The Kilo-Class Submarine that was damaged near the coast of Turkey has been fixed and sent back to the USSR. Turkish Aerospace Industries have started producing armed UAVs for the Turkish Armed Forces. They have started to be used against Zombies around the border. More bio-fuel is easily being produced and more algae farms are being constructed as well. Wind turbines are still being built in uninfected parts of the countryside. This has lowered gas and electricity prices and has increased Industry to 2.0. Drafting for the past nine months has recruited about 450,000 troops. More ore deposits have been spotted and ore mines have also been constructed to harvest the metals. The Turkish Border Wall has been upgraded and is now an extra four inches thicker, more turrets are also being built, and 45mm gun towers are being built on towers which also contain two quad .50 cal auto sentries and one mounted flamethrower. The Turkish North Sea Fleet has spotted Sealand and has asked them if they need any assistance.

Bohemia: The Bohemians have completely cleared their national territory. The borders of Bohemia have been completely fortified. The Bohemians continue to work on reclaiming the region of Silesia from the undead for their ally. They plan on emulating their own border fortifications for their ally. The Bohemians establish a relationship with the neighboring nation of Bavaria, and plan to aid the Bavarians in protecting their nation from the undead and the remnants of East Germany.


Small skirmishes across the Scottish border continue. A large English offensive is launched from the east, entering the area around Edinburgh.

English protests continue to grow. A large section of the population now is strongly against the war with Scotland.

Peace is declared between China and Manchuria. The Manchurians begin rebuilding their new nation, burning large sections of towns to remove infected bodies.

The Chinese rebellion, now numbering into the millions, launches a guerrilla offensive into southern China. Fighting in Tibet escalates as the Chinese government attempts to enter the higher provinces.

With the conflict in Chicago ending, the remaining factions begin campaigning for election. The Communist party in Pontiac maintains a small following.

Shouldn't there be a UCO meeting? G greg e (talk)

USSR: The 3rd Guards Tank Division and 4th Guards Kantemirovskaya Tank Division has been moved along the border of the infected zone, reinforcing the existing line of quarantine. Additionally the 2nd and 45th Motor Rifle divisions and the 3rd Guards Artillery Division have been moved to form a strike force as part of Operation Anti-Zed, a massive military campaign to alleviate the undead threat within our borders. Additional reinforcements will be supplied by the Carrier Kiev which shall henceforth be stationed in the North East sector of the Baltic Sea near St Petersburg. Infantry battalions that were stationed in the northern most reaches of our borders have been moved to the Uzbekistani, Turkmenistan and Kyrgystani borders to form, through roadblocks and temporary military emplacements (Pill boxes, Sniper Stands, etc) a line of quarantine. The operation to halt the spread of infection into our land in this region shall henceforth be referred to as Operation Raw. In Moscow the construction of a “Great Wall” surrounding the entirety of the city district begins. It is estimated that this project will cost $30 Billion USD and will take about a year. (OOC: five turns) Once completed, this 30 foot high wall, complemented by periodic watch towers will prevent any infected individuals from entering the capital. Our government and her people thank the gracious leaders of the glorious state of Turkey for the safe return of her sailors and their vessel, the Vologda. We accept Turkey’s offer of a free trade agreement. For this purpose, additional military forces have been deployed to the Caucasus corridor at the newly constructed Joint-military venture base “Fort Serendipity” located near Posof on the Turkey-USSR border. To protect USSR trade vehicles, the 37th and 64th Motor Rifle Divisions of Leningrad have been deployed along route M29 and M4 in infected regions. The USSR and Turkey (as well as the EHU) have decided to split the economic and logistical concerns of this base 50-50 costing a combined $1 Billion USD. This Trade route is expected to be in operation in 3 months (OOC: Next turn) and shall improve relations between these two regional rivals as well as creating a large economic opportunity for these nations.

Falklands: A design is put forward for a cheap, reliable gun that is inaccurate at anything over ten metres but is very high damage and Rate of Fire. The Blueprints are sent to Argentina where they have the capability to mass produce weapons. Recruitment begins for the CDF. Troops are parachuted into a 'dead city' past the Northern line, and these troops begin the long process of clearing it. The city of Juiz de Fora is the first city to become a Drop Zone. The centre of the City is swiftly cleared, and becomes a Base of operations for Falkland Troops. More Bombs are Dropped on the other Dead Cities.

Japan: Japan continues to build up the Self Defense Forces and infrastructure is improved. The Self Defense Forces continue to burn down infected areas in Kyūshū, and continue the blockade, and people that show any sign of infection are still to be destroyed immediately. Some of the Maritime Self Defense Force continues to guard around the Japanese Islands to look out for any more ships, and if any are infected then they are to be destroyed immediately. Part of the Maritime Self Defense Force also continues to fight against the outbreak and attempts to prevent it from spreading across into Shikoku, while the Air Self Defense Force bombs the infected areas within Kyūshū. Some of the Ground Self Defense Forces continue invading Kyūshū and continue burning everything as they advance and attempt to push the Zombies out of Kyūshū.

Turkey: Operation Red Forest is still underway and is cornering the infection. Attack helicopters are making attack runs on the countryside. Soon the infection will be pushed back to the border. Fort Serendipity is being built by USSR, Turkish, and other EHU Armed Forces. The base will consist of an airfield, military barracks, trade posts, checkpoints, screening stations, and other buildings. At first, the building of the fort was slow but construction sped up after the sides got along. Turkey has sent the 55th Mechanized Infantry Brigade, and the 23rd Motorized Infantry Regiment to be stationed here along with 200 Leopard 2A4 Tanks, 50 Atlas Tanks, ten TK-66 Skyhawks, 50 R-67 Sparrows, 20 Vulture Attack Helicopters, 45 Albatross Transport Helicopters, and 45 Gepard Anti-Air guns. Portions of the border wall have been moved to build new ones and allow the construction of the fort. In a matter of weeks, the new wall plot has been built and placed down by heavy lift TK-66 and Mi-26 Heavy Lift Helicopters. Auto Sentries have been setup on the wall and troops patrol the wall surrounding the joint-military construction zone. We also ask the USSR if they want to conduct joint-military naval and air exercises in the Black Sea and the North Sea. Construction for long range Anti-ICBM Laser Systems has started. These overhauled versions of the LAMS will be used to shoot down ICBMs from 100s of miles away in a matter of seconds. The bunker in Cyprus is still holding the president of Turkey, and other people such as the Turkish Cabinet and military leaders and high ranking officers. The military fort on top of the bunker is being expanded. Drafting has recruited about 68,000 into the Turkish Armed Forces. A new type of submarine is being built for the Turkish Navy. The new submarine class is the Hunter-Class Submarine. Its purpose is to hunt down enemy submarines. Its advanced radar system can detect ships from 350 miles away, and has a stealth design which reduces noise output and radar detection. An order for 25 of these submarines has been placed, which shall be finished in about six months.

  • Soviet Diplomacy: I accept the offer of joint military exercises with Turkey.
  • Chile Diplomacy: Wishes to buy ten Hunter-class Submarines. RSVP
  • Turkish Diplomacy: We will never sell these advanced submarines to a foreign nation that isn't allied with us.

I have deleted your second diplomacy post because it wasn't related to anything in my post.

Chile: A new ship type comes in the form of the Hound Class USC (Undead Suppression Class). The keel for the first one, CNS Bloodhound, is laid down. The ship has a high-performance radar, tear gas and smoke pumps and heavy-pounder guns. The sides are lined with machine guns and the vessel has an automated catapult for firing biological weapons. Eventually, 20 of these medium-sized ships are planned. Following the Turkish example, the Prime Minister is moved to a top-secret bunker on a remote island off the coast. Foundations for a large fort are laid on top. Meanwhile, special forces wipe the remaining Communist rebels and supporters off the northern tip of Chile. 100,000 members of the National Army are sent to serve in Bolivia and a further 50,000 are sent to strengthen the garrison in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

Just a question from Turkey: Did you even research your military? Because you should, and if you keep sending troops to other places your stability will decrease. BTW, your Armed Forces is only 60,000 troops. Here is the Wikipedia page for the Chilean Armed Forces. Study the dates on each military vehicle, see who the supplier of it is, and find out how many of each vehicle you have as well. Also you have to do a Battle Algorithm every time you do a battle, this is on the rules page for this map game.


Point here from Argentina: there is no reason to remove the Prime Minister, All of Chile below the Northern Line is free of Communism and Zombies. 

Saudi Arabia: Troops deployed and stationed at every major city. Curfews have been established, anyone outside after 8 pm will be escorted to a night of jail. Doctors and scientists are looking into seeing what caused the infection but can't seem to get any plausible reasons or theories on how the infection started.

Commonwealth: Continues development on all fields and supports the Free Alaskans in their war with a regiment of 3000 sent to Alaska. Radio Way points are set up in Fiji and various islands between Alaska and the Commonwealth Nations in the Pacific. Asks if Hawaii would like to become an associated state. (RNG)

  • Hawaii (RNG): Declines (0 - 50 Accept, 51 - 100 Decline, 72

Scotland: The country is has now achieved a certain fuel supply from the North Sea oil and gas fields, and now has a surplus to trade. Also, the Scottish government is now giving funds to anti-war campaigns in northern England, in a bid to bring peace to the region. Work begins on expanding the navy in shipyard in Aberdeen and Glasgow, with the aim of expanding it to include 5000 more personnel and around eight new battle ships by 1977. At the same time, a laboratory has been established north of Glasgow to research genetics.

Eight new battleships in one and three quarters of a year is really fast for a small nation, and I'm pretty sure the dry docks that are actually capable of building a battleship is in England's territory. Did you mean to say warship (Ex: Destroyer, Cruiser, etc...)?

  • Okay, how about five destroyers instead?
  • You can say you are building eight destroyers, that'll be fine, and eight destroyers can be finished quite quickly.

Bohemia: The Bohemians continue the clearing and fortification of the Grand Duchy of Silesia. The Bohemians continue to expand their military for an upcoming offensive in Czechoslovakia. The  Bohemians continue to rebuild industry, especially electrical power, in their nation. Some of the smaller villages are completely powered, with hopes to spread it to the rest of the nation as well as Silesia. The Bohemians ask if the Bavarians would like to become a client state of Bohemia. The Bavarians accept, as the Bohemians are the strongest power in the region.

I apologize for this little rant that is about to come up. 1. All players need to research their military, research, and other statistics, these need to be somewhat inline with what they are during OTL during this period unless you have researched or built up otherwise (this means dedicated to it in previous posts). 2. When you research something, you should do a little mini-report stating what it does, how long it took etc. If it is a secret research, you should still inform the timeline, but post SECRETLY in the post. 3. When asking another nation to join your own, I feel you should allow a mod to use and reveal it in a mod event. Seriously, it takes some nations months to come up with a simple law, let alone a big decision like joining another nation. Please anyone feel free to correct me if I am wrong, especially on either 1 or 2. I apologize if I offended anyone, but I feel like this is the easiest way to keep unrealistic things from happening G greg e (talk)

The point you made is one of the reasons why I restricted moderators from making decisions on their own nations. Mscoree (talk) 12:33, April 18, 2013 (UTC)

Free Alaska: With the Alaskan State General defending Juneau out of commission, a significant drop in morale occurs, and the Free Alaskans manage to make considerable gains. All islands in the inside passage are now controlled by Free Alaska, except for Admiralty Island. Admiralty Island, Skagway and Juneau have been heavily fortified, and soldiers begin to dread the inevitable assault on these positions. Around Anchorage, the air attacks have been taking their toll. Many fighter planes have been damaged, but the mechanics are highly skilled, and can repair a plane so that it's fit to fly again the same day. five have been shot down so far, as opposed to 300 Free Alaskan soldiers killed. One pilot who was shot down was killed on the spot by a group of soldiers purely for revenge. Both sides begin showing increased resilience, and neither the defenders of the city, or the men besieging it are willing to budge, much to the annoyance of their commanders. Rumors begin to formulate that the city will have to be taken by a direct assault. 

Colombia: The military is built up, navy expands the leadership continues expanding Colombian influence over most of northern Brazil and northwestern Panama, and continues pushing for the Unification, with Panama, Venezuela and Ecuador while expanding its territories towards this nation to protect as much as survivors as they can, in the mouth of the amazons the ports continue expanding to increase Continental trading routes to grow, expansion continues on Central America

United Republics: The UR sends 250 defensive/reserve troops to protect the Holy See, and another 5000 to assist in construction of a naval base in the Confederate Islands. The UR allots its space station area on the Falklands, and a hanger is built for a future rocket. In Argentina, a large industrial shop for beginning to build a rocket is started and being built. The UR Space Administration begins to use the ideas and concepts of Florida and US scientists to blueprint its own. Development and Construction of the URs first two rockets are expected to be finished in nine months (i e, 1976), just in time to attempt a launch in the summer. The first launch will not carry anything what so ever, while the second may carry a radar and communications satellite. Troops are built up on the Northern Wall and in occupied areas to begin a massive Zombie killing operation this winter (1976.5). A large art and performance expose will be held in C Rividera, in an attempt to begin to build and bond the culture of the nations of the UR. Further researchers and supplies are sent to Antarctica and Magellan's.

Sicily: The Prime Minister has ordered the closing of all harbors in Sicily and that over 1 week everyone goes to the doctors for a checkout.

Canada: Several political and scientific leaders meet to discuss Operation Goldfish. It is decided the bomb should be dropped into the ocean. The result of the massive explosion will cause a massive wave of water, which will wash away all the Zombies on the Western coast. The bomb production rate is moving steadily. The bomb is being built in a facility in Ontario. The workers claim that it will be, when finished, over 100 meters tall, and about the same in width. The explosion radius will be around 200 km, enough to clear away the Western coast. All residents of the Western areas are being told to immediately evacuate.

You don't have a western coastline, and a tidal wave would hardly do any damage. 

China: Identifies UR's neutrality and Premier Deng Xiao Ping gave a speech, stating that the Manchurians, Tibetans, Uruygaryans are all Chinese and that we should cooperate and work together, to make the Chinese people more powerful in the world. Thus, China asks the states in China to forget about the wars they have fought and brand into a greater alliance and trade agreements. Moreover, he asks the remnant states to band up and kick the Zombies out of China. A similar nuclear Goldfish is developed while scientists are still identifying and learning about Zombiology. Sends more soldiers to Tibet and Sichan to destroy the rebellions. All states in China are now identified, being The State of Manchuria, with capital at Harbin, state of Wu, with capital at Taizhou and State of Yue with capital at Wenzhou. The navy is built up and China asks to strengthen its relationship with the other states by having a joint army with two Chinese generals, one Wu general, one Yue general and one Manchurian general.

Chile: A propaganda campaign leads to more recruits for the Army. By now the entire Chilean population between 17 and 47 is either Infantry (CNA), Pilots (CAF), Navy (CNS), Medics (CMS), Doctors (CMSO), Engineers (CNEB), Farmers (CAB) or other jobs considered useful in the current state of emergency. This brings the military forces up to just below 1.2 million. THIS IS PLAUSIBLE SINCE THE NATION HAS A POPULATION OF TEN MILLION EXCLUDING INFECTED AND COMMUNISTS.

You have already posted this turn. G greg e (talk)

Israel: Israel has had their work on their navy cut out for their 7th Flotilla (Rahav, Leviathan, Dolphin and Taninis) up and ready to be used in any fight against Zombies and humans. If the wall that we have were to fail all high importance Israelis would be settled in those subs to be sent to a safer area. We ask the USSR to welcome their country and to allow them to work together if anything were to happen. We also ask the United States if we could purchase some of their plans on how to make a nuclear powered submarine. We also ask that all civilians consider joining the ranks. (We start a draft of our civilians). We ask any country that would like to become a friend of ours, tell us soon!

  • United Republics Diplomacy: The UR is interested in keeping a friendly relationship with Israel, and would be interested in acquiring naval designs from Israel. 

United Kingdom: The British forces are pulled back to within British borders. Orders are given to the British military that they shall not launch any attacks against Scotland, but are allowed to use everything in their power to destroy any offensive attacks. As a result of this protests against the war dissipate, and stability returns to the nation. The cities attacked by Scottish fighters are repaired and brought back under complete British control. The PM makes a heartfelt speech broadcast across the nation, stating that: "There have been enough dead heroes for all of time", and states that the focus of the nation will move from rebuilding the nation at its current state than trying to expand via conflict any further. A secret message is sent to the US demanding that they relinquish control over the so called US zone of occupation otherwise the United Kingdom shall be forced to take further action. The government laughs off the stupid calls for a return to the 'Middle Ages' by certain deranged members of the populace. Scotland is sent a proposal for peaceful integration into the United Kingdom, they shall retain complete control of all Scottish activites bar defence and foreign relations, which shall reside with the United Kingdom. As an added incentive they shall be granted use of British manufacturing industries and shall receive significant aid in repairing their nation. The Isle of Man and Isle of Wight are also invited into the United Kingdom under the same terms.


(This turn was added a few minutes early, so if you're still trying to post for last turn, up until 21:00, I'll accept it.

The government of Wight begins organizing a benefit concert to bring the people of England closer together. The New Isle of Wight Festival, scheduled to be held 25 through 29 August 1975, will be held on the island, attracting survivors from Brighton, Sealand and southern England to attend. Led Zeppelin, who has been in Anglesey since 1970 when their North American tour was cancelled, is scheduled to play, as well as Emerson, Lake and Palmer, The Who, Richie Havens, Donovan, and Chicago, as well as many other local English bands who have survived.

The nation of Bavaria allies with the nation of Bohemia, becoming a client state.

Australian soldiers continue the invasion of New Guinea, landing a second large force in the east. The thick forests littered with disease claim many Australian lives in the landing (Algorithm required).


Free Alaska: The battle at the Inside passage rages on, as Free Alaskan troops continue the momentum they have gained, and take Admiralty island in a costly assault. Troops in the west and in the south advance to take Skagway and Juneau by another direct assault. The standoff at Anchorage continues. By now over 400 Free Alaskans have been killed in air attacks, and seven out of 50 planes have been shot down. 

Chile: A propaganda campaign leads to more recruits for the Army. By now the entire Chilean population between 17 and 47 are either Soldiers (CNA), Pilots (CAF), Navy (CNS), Medics (CMS), Doctors (CMSO), Engineers (CNEB), Farmers (CAB) or other jobs considered useful in the current state of emergency. This brings the estimated number by the end of the year of all military forces up to just below 1.2 million. THIS IS PLAUSIBLE SINCE THE NATION HAS A POPULATION OF TEN MILLION EXCLUDING INFECTED AND COMMUNISTS. SECRET: The CNA starts to prepare for war. The entire Chilean labour forces except for those working on the Bloodhound are sent to work on the new High Command base, Fort Helios. No expense is to be spared. 5,000 troops are sent to the Falklands to participate in their new Special Operations training programme, run by the SAS. No other country is told about it.

Don't undo moderator decisions again. If you want to make a case otherwise do so on my talk page. 

Japan: Japan continues to build up the Self Defence Forces and infrastructure is improved. The Self Defence Forces continue to burn down infected areas in Kyūshū, and continue the blockade, and people that show any sign of infection are still to be destroyed immediately. Some of the Maritime Self Defence Force continues to guard around the Japanese Islands to look out for any more ships, and if any are infected then they are to be destroyed immediately. Part of the Maritime Self Defence Force also continues to fight against the outbreak and attempts to prevent it from spreading across into Shikoku, while the Air Self Defence Force bombs the infected areas within Kyūshū. Some of the Ground Self Defence Forces continue invading Kyūshū and continue burning everything as they advance and attempt to push the Zombies out of Kyūshū. The Tōhōkai becomes dominant in the Tōhoku region.

Turkey: If there are still any Turkish troops in the United Kingdom, they are ordered to be withdrawn and sent to the joint military naval base near Brighton. Operation Red Forest is a success and pushed most of the Zombies km back into the countryside. Another follow up operation known as “Operation White Shadow” has started. The main plot of the plan is to finally push the infection back over the border walls, declaring Turkey as an infection free nation. R-67 Sparrows dropped Daisy Cutter bombs into the countryside, making man made canopies for helicopters to drop troops in. Since winter is slowly approaching the infection will be weakened. Labs have been doing more research on the Zombie virus. It appears the infection can be killed by rubbing alcohol, but only if that virus cell didn’t reach a host yet (ex: goes inside the blood stream). However the virus can die even it is attached to a host by really hot temperatures or cold temperatures. Scientists have concluded that it’s faster to kill a Zombie by spraying cold materials like liquid nitrogen or crushed dry ice on the infection/Zombie. Naval and air exercises with the USSR were pretty bad in the beginning. Both sides were reluctant to work together at first, but progression was soon made. An accident occurred where a Soviet MiG-23 slid across the deck of a Turkish aircraft Carrier after the landing gear broke; thus damaging two planes and a helicopter then sliding into the water. The pilot was heavily wounded but should make a recovery in one month. However the aircraft was completely wrecked and can only be scrapped or thrown away. The naval exercises are still going on in the North and Black Sea. More troops are being sent to Fort Serendipity, which is housing about 50,000 Turkish troops, 10,000 EHU troops, and 60,000 Soviet troops. Twenty more Yigit-Class Destroyers are ordered to be constructed to expand the Turkish Navy. They’ve been assigned to patrol the Turkish Border in the Mediterranean Sea. The bunker in Cyprus is still being expanded, and can house more than 10,000 people with supplies that can last for fifteen years. Tunnel bores have been assigned to connect all of the subway tunnels in other major cities. This should take about three years (12 turns).

Bohemia: The Bohemians finish clearing the Zombies out of the Grand Duchy of Silesia. The Bohemians officially annex the nation, as the government was already heavily pro-Bohemian anyway. The DS begins the process of fortifying and clearing the Kingdom of Bavaria.

Canada: Operation Goldfish is continuing as planned, with the bomb being built at a steady pace. Miners all over Canada are delivering raw materials to the facility in Ontario, which is under high security. Overall, the bomb is approximately 30% completed, with the outer shell and part of the inner explosives built. Political leaders are arranging crews that will move into Western Canada to repair the homes and buildings that will be destroyed by the bomb's wave. Construction crews are currently being assembled. Also, crews are being assembled that will drive massive bulldozers across the western lands, moving all debris away and finishing off any remaining Zombies. Meanwhile, all of the residents of the Western areas have evacuated to eastern Canada. There have been minor attempts at revolt among the evacuating residents, but those were quickly dealt with by the Canadian military. There are also rumors of treachery among the other provinces of Canada, but no real evidence has been found of these conspirators.

  • Free Alaskan Diplomacy: Will this operation affect us?
  • Canada: No, the bomb only has an explosion radius of approximately 200 km, and the wave produced will come nowhere near the mainland of Alaska. However, the islands closest to the Western coast of Canada might be affected. Unfortunately, this was not calculated by our scientists. Therefore, we are changing our plans to drop the bomb in the ocean and instead we are going drop the bomb on our own land. This will cause less damage and will not affect Alaska.

USSR: The 15th and 110th guards artillery units, as well as the 108th, 111th and 112th Motor rifle divisions have been moved to Ft. Serendipity to protect against the Zombie Threat bringing total USSR troop involvement at the fort to ~60,000. To aid in the eradication efforts in this region a forward deployment air base was constructed in Vladikavkaz. This base is stationed by the newly formed 1st Undead Suppression Regiment, staffed by 24 Tu-95 Strategic bombers, 120 MiG-27 Ground-Attack Fighter (Newly constructed for this base at a cost of $400 Million USD), and 24 MiG-25 Interceptor Fighters. This base will also be manned by several dozen Battle Tanks, 500 Infantry from the 108th Motor rifle division and the pilots and necessary support staff to maintain the aircraft stationed here. To maintain the ongoing joint exercises in the Dead Sea we mobilize a Battle Group composed of the Battlecruiser Kirov, the Aircraft carrier Minsk, the cruisers Krondstadt, Admiral Isakov, Admiral Nakhimov, Admiral Makarov, Marshall Voroshilov, Admiral Oktyabrsky, the Destroyers Ognevoy, Slavny, and Smyshleny, the Frigates Rezvyy, Svirepyy, Bodryy, Razumny, and the Oscar Class Submarines K-219, K-252, K-245, K-389. This battlegroup shall remain stationed off the coast of Istanbul in the Black Sea until further orders. The forces of Operation Anti-Zed were reinforced by 20 Motor Rifle Divisions as well as 15 Armored tank divisions and all soldiers within the borders of the infected region bringing total estimated troop strength to 340,000. as part of Op Anti-Zed, flights from Moscow air base were flown routinely in order to identify “hot spots” of undead activity. These locations were then bombarded by howitzers of the 3rd Artillery relentlessly until all signs of Zombie activity declined. Once an area which was assumedly within artillery range of the quarantine zone line is cleared, the forces in Op Anti-Zed advanced to the new line of quarantine forming a new “buffer” for the infection. The invasion force was split into three equally sized forces stationed at newly constructed FOB’s located at Orsha Georgia, Kharkiv Ukraine and Ludza Latvia. These forces received aerial anti-ground support from the Kiev in the Baltic Sea, the Minsk in the Black Sea and Moscow air base. Airstrikes primarily utilized napalm and other incendiary weapons to destroy large herds of undead in single sorites. When the force reached the major cities of Kyiv, Kharkiv, Minsk, and Vilnius, scouting missions found that civilian loss in these urban centers had reached 100% and the undead threat was too great to be handled by ground forces. for this reason the Executive permission was given to fly large carpet bombing flights over these city centers in an effort to entirely destroy all undead threat within. These strikes are successful in their entirety and therefore the invading forces set up temporary camps in these cities ruin until they can continue progress. An estimated 95% of all soldiers have survived thus far bringing total troop strength in this operation to 323,000. It is expected that the remaining portions of these nations will require another year to clear at this rate. (OOC: four turns) Trade convoys along the Caucus Trade route have been a marvelous success creating jobs and economic opportunity for both nations involved. Construction of the Moscow wall is on-schedule and is slated for a coronation in a year. (OOC: four turns) War games in the Black Sea are ongoing, despite a slight accident aboard a Turkish Vessel, they have been flawlessly executed. USSR Naval morale is at a record high due to exceptional performance by USSR sailors and officers during the exercises. Due to military buildup, construction and operational success during this turn I upgrade my Army score to 2.5.

Sealand: Sealand finalizes a trade agreement with the nation of Brighton, ending the food shortage for the foreseeable future. Morale among Sealand's citizens is higher than it has been for months, but Major Paddy Roy Bates, ever wary of the more imperialistic nations, decides some form of defense is in order. Sealand humbly requests the mighty Turkish Navy to send a ship to garrison Sealand. In exchange, Turkey will be considered for exclusive fishing and mining rights in and around Sealand, to be shared only with Sealand's other major ally, Brighton.

  • Turkish Diplomacy: We will send two Yigit-Class Destroyers to protect the nation of Sealand.

Falklands: The Falklands Special forces begin to train the rest of the Falklands army to the same level, and then train the Chileans sent to them. Unrest grows in the Islands after the public are informed that the government gave away the other Falkland dependencies.

  • United Republics: The High Advisory council reminds the people of the Falklands they are able to use not only their dependencies for research industry and business, but also all the other former dependencies and territories of all other nations of the UR. 

Scotland: In response to kind and sincere proposals for peace and unity from the UK, Scotland agrees to join as an autonomous region of the United Kingdom, on the condition that the Scottish government be allowed to unite with that of Northern Ireland. The Scottish and Northern Irish regions will retain separate identities, but will follow the same government under this plan.

United Republics: The troops amassed on the border go into another Zombie hunt in Paraguay, Bolivia, and Brazil, they are able to kill and occupy about 100 km north the Northern Wall. And pro-UR parties are funded in Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, and Brazil. The invitation to Paraguay is finalized and is sent to Paraguay More money is poured into the Space Programs, Antarctic research, and they continue build up their navy.

China: China again asks the states in China to forget about the wars they have fought and brand into a greater alliance and trade agreements. Moreover, he asks the remnant states to band up and kick the Zombies out of China. More soldiers are sent to quell the rebellion. A new rifle/shotgun, named the SangDan 57 is built, that can mow down large amounts of enemies quickly. 100,000 soldiers are loaded unto the ships, which is prepared to land in Shanghai and attack the Zombie hordes from the back. Finish the part of the railroad from Wuhan to Nanjing. Asks the remnant states of China to have a joint army.

Colombia: The Grand Colombia offer continues going as many people see within the republic the need to unite against the infection threat. While this, Pastrana continues expanding southwards toward Ecuador and Lleras continues seizing territories from the Nicaraguan lands expanding Colombian rule widely. While this, on the southeast the leader Santander continues expanding its rule over Northern Brazil and the Amazonas River. The military is built up, and a religious Catholic declares independence from the Papal States, gaining several followers. As of the rejection from the Papal States to live within the republic, this church becomes the Church of Poniente referring to the Colombian state in the Western Hemisphere. The First Pontifex Maximus of it is Julio I living on an island near Cartagena which becomes federated Territory of the empire.

United States: Production of Los Angeles-class submarines and Maryland-class battleships continue, bringing the total number of Maryland-class ships to five, and the total number of Los Angeles-class submarines to seven. A small base is established on Antarctica in the region of Marie Byrd Land, as the research team, accompanied by a regiment of soldiers, arrives in the territory. The highway connecting the occupied zone of control is completed, and supplies are sent to Standing Rock and the west quicker than before. Ammunition from the Iowa Army Ammunition Plant and other goods begin to be transported across the road. In the far west trade route raids are common, and valuables begin to be shipped by armored car, usually guarded by army personnel. Elections begin in Chicago and Standing Rock. In Chicago Daniel Walker, democrat, is elected as president. In Standing Rock William L. Guy, also a democrat is elected to office. The nation of Brighton continues to trade with Sealand, trading large amounts of building supplies. With the new trade agreement fishing ships from Sealand contribute to a surplus of food in the Brighton. A small trade fleet is established from private firms, fishing around the sea fort of Sealand. The investigation into the Apollo 13 accident concludes, stating that the accident was caused from a malfunction in a gas tank which was mishandled two years before the launch. NASA begins designing a new agenda for space exploration, hoping to launch another manned flight in 1976. We pass control over London back to the United Kingdom. All occupied territory, except for the US military base of Brighton and Fort Kennedy is relinquished.


News of the Isle of Wight festival spreads across England and the United States. People from all across the English Channel lead a massive pilgrimage to the island, some completely relocating. Individuals from Brighton, Sealand and London especially, due to word being passed by United States personnel, flock to Wight for the festival. On the island, the government is overwhelmed in the small screening stations. People crowd the island coastline, towing boats and small shelters to the sandy shore. The stage, situated in the south of the island, is soon surrounded by tents and shacks. The acts begin to arrive the day before, much to the excitement of the crowd. On the final night of the festival Led Zeppelin took the stage, playing in front of an unknown crowd of people.

Despite the United Kingdom’s attempts to quell rebellion, many still advocate for the creation of small states within England, to make managing Zombie outbreaks easier.

In York, England, historic capital of Northumbria, a large protest begins, including many veterans of the Scottish war. The protest turns to violence as English soldiers try to disperse the crowd.

Following months of successful raiding and training in Bolivia, the main Communist force takes the city of Sucre, Bolivia. The Bolivian government, now greatly out of favor, is unable to enter the city. Several generals rise up, declaring themselves proper rulers of Bolivia. Training camps are established in southern Peru, and raids commence on northern Chile.

In Tibet the Chinese remain entrenched. Each day some progress is made by the Chinese. However, the harsh altitudes mean little ground can be taken.

Chinese rebels manage to destroy a small Chinese army near Tibet. The rebels continue north, demanding that the Chinese withdraw from Tibet.

I know I'm being rather annoying with this, but are Venezuela, Panama, Ecuador and Costa Rica going to join the Great Colombia? Sine dei gloriem (talk) 00:35, April 20, 2013 (UTC)

Japan: Japan continues to build up the Self Defence Forces and infrastructure is improved. The Self Defence Forces continue to burn down infected areas in Kyūshū, and continue the blockade, and people that show any sign of infection are still to be destroyed immediately. Some of the Maritime Self Defence Force continues to guard around the Japanese Islands to look out for any more ships, and if any are infected then they are to be destroyed immediately. Part of the Maritime Self Defence Force also continues to fight against the outbreak and attempts to prevent it from spreading across into Shikoku, while the Air Self Defence Force bombs the infected areas within Kyūshū. Some of the Ground Self Defence Forces continue invading Kyūshū and continue burning everything as they advance and attempt to push the Zombies out of Kyūshū. Kazutomi Takayama begins his plans on a film that will feature both Seiga Rokkaku and Yoshika Miyako.

Chile: More troops are sent to fight in the North. The war with the Communists has taken a heavy toll and slowly but surely the Chilean National Army and the Peru Defense force are pushing them back. Algorithm, please. Riots start in the capital of Chile. The crowds amass outside the Argentinian Embassy, after having smashed up the windows of any properties owned by Argentinians. Stones are thrown at the windows and a brick hits the ambassador's head. He crumples, unconscious to the floor with a bloody gash in his forehead. Within minutes, an ambulance arrives, heavily escorted by mounted riot police. Whilst the ambassador is rushed to hospital, the police decide to drop their duties and join the rioters. All chaos breaks loose. The Embassy is razed to the ground and anti-Argentinian slogans are graffItied everywhere. Sadly, the defecting police were armed with sidearms and it takes a while to subdue them, even with the army in full presence.

Did you make a battle algorithm for this battle in the North? If you don't even know what the battle algorithm is please check the rules.

Turkey: Operation White Shadow is still going in the countryside, however military strategists figured out that this plan would take longer than they thought. Troop numbers are excellent for this operation, but Zombies are spread thin and are hard to find. A barbed wire fence is starting to be built surrounding major forests. More infection tags are being given to citizens of Turkey. Military drafting has recruited about another 65,000 troops. An order for 2,000 more Z-45 Atlas Main Battle Tanks has been placed, along with 150 more TK-66 SkyHawks and an order of 450 OH-58 Kiowa Scout Helicopters from Bell Helicopter. Because of this military buildup, Turkey’s army score is now at 2.5. We are asking the US if we can order 150 CH-47 Chinooks and 75 MH-53 Pave Lows for a price of $550,000,000. Turkish Aerospace Industries would also like to buy the company known as Hughes Helicopters for $1,000,000,000. “Industrialized” farms are being built to make food produce faster, prices in certain foods such as vegetables and fruit have decreased because of this. However, food is still being distributed for free by the government. Scientists have found out that this virus is not poisonous, but venomous. The virus can only infect somebody through contact with the blood stream. Curfews have been lifted by one hour; the curfew now starts at 9:30 PM. During the night, roads will be washed down with low powered hoses that spray out liquid nitrogen. This plan of action should help fight the infection. Naval exercises with the Soviet Navy ended improving relations with the global superpower. Troops are sent out from Turkey to help the USSR with Operation Anti-Zed. TK-66 SkyHawks drop about 750 GTFO and BlackLight operators inside Zombie territory, 15 km away from Soviet Forces. Meanwhile, 60,000 troops are also mobilized to assist the Soviet Offensive against the infection. Fallout shelters are being built in remote locations to assist smaller towns and villages. A new special units program is being put into development. These new operators will be known as the Maroon Berets. Just to even become a Maroon Beret each soldier has to do 72 weeks of training and are supposed to trust each other with their lives. Training for these operators consist of something known as the “trust shot”. Soldiers in training are supposed to shoot at a target 15 meters away while a recruit from his squad is standing right next to it. 10,000 that have the best physical, mental and marksmanship scores in basic training are taken into this program; an estimate of only 2500 are to achieve the position of a Maroon Beret.

Falklands: The training of the Falklands Spec ops troops is completed. Training of the Chilean troops begins in earnest. The Falklands Institute of Technology (FIT) is established, and begins work on an antipersonnel weapon. Riot Police are engaged in constant conflict with rioters in Stanley. The SAS teams are moved to the Argentinian Embassy and put on constant readiness. A Unit of Riot police joins the riotters in Stanley, and are involved in a firefight with the SAS outside the Argentinian Embassy and are wiped out, at the cost of three SAS personnel injured and one Argentinian guard death. The Ambassador and his wife are airlifted out to the island of West Falkland, to the military training base. Spec ops teams numbering around 400 highly trained specialists in ant-guerrilla and Guerrilla warfare are parachuted into the countryside around Sucre in Bolivia to disrupt the Bolivian Communists. Another set of Spec ops teams, specialized in Urban Warfare are dropped into Sucre itself to disrupt the Communists. They call in an airstrike on the Parliament Building. They number 400 also.

Canada: Major changes are made to the Canadian plans for Operation Goldfish. Due to concerns from the Free Alaskan Diplomacy, Canadian scientists realized that the impact of the bomb (if placed in the ocean), would most likely impact Alaska as well. Therefore, after much discussion, it is decided that the bomb will be dropped in the middle of the province Alberta. Then, the explosion radius of the bomb will more than cover the infected Zombie areas, killing all the Zombies. It will not reach beyond that area, however, to Alaska nor where civilians live. The production of the bomb has progressed without delay, however, and it is now approximately 60% completed.

The Canadian political leaders have also recently conducted their annual Canadian Political Convention (CPC), where they discussed political issues. One of the issues was rumored to be the recent uprisings of Canadians against the so called "insane" plans by the government. It is unknown what the politicians have decided to do about this issue, however. It is known that they have a strong support for the Canadian government, and claim that Operation Goldfish is completely rational.

Northwest Federation: Using clever political maneuvering and loopholes, the Third Triumvirate, under the unofficial leadership of Chairman Vedir, manages to convince the Federation Congress to pass several bills that would make the Northwest Federation's government stronger, more centralized, more militaristic, and much more industrious. The Northwest Federation is renamed to 'Cascadia'

Saudi Arabia: We provide a second line of defense after our troops, which is the sentries that Turkey supplied on our walls. Oil prices are gradually rising. Citizens receive a month supply of food and water to stockpile. We want an alliance with Sealand.

You don't know they exist.

Colombia: The government continues pushing for the Unification while expanding its ruling over the territories that once comprised the Great Colombia. The Republic Triumvirate continues being successful as the Santander, Pastranas and Lleras campaigns prove useful to the country securing. The buffer state of Manaus continues proving the greatest trading partner into the Amazons. The growth of Colombian Catholicism is not a surprise as many begin to see with hate the Papacy as they rejected Colombia as a viable nation. The nation is divided but yet stronger than ever before.

Commonwealth: New Zealand's production is focused on ships. Our top scientists work on HMNZS Commonwealth. This ship will be equipped with a high powered version of our RADAR Mk II and rotatable turbines allowing faster movement.


Following the conclusion of the festival, the Isle of Wight remained flooded with refugees. Bartering between the inhabitants leads to the spread of ideas and knowledge, informing many of Sealand, and other small communities. A large portion of the festival goers remain on the island, overwhelming the local population. Some, enticed by rumors of ocean life, travel to Sealand.' 'Another idea that spreads is the idea of the Heptarchy. A large force of rebels organize in Winchester, a city wrecked by years of Zombie infection. The protesters gain a large following, marching on London. After being turned back by highway patrolmen, the peaceful demonstration becomes violent.

The countries from South East Asia gather together to fight the Zombies (Controlled by Vietnam player)

The Heptarchists, the rebels advocating for the Heptarchy, arm the population with supplies from London. The group attacks a small patrol group along M3 highway, killing a dozen English soldiers.

Aleyn Stevenson, militia leader, organizes a similar protest in the northern Wales, ending with several dead on both sides.

Santos San Martin, leader of the Chilean rebels secures La Paz, Bolivia. Plans are made for an invasion of the south.

A helicopter containing Falkland Special Forces is shot down while flying deep into enemy territory. It is believed the crew was heading for Sucre.

The Zombie infection is spotted in Kanazawa, Japan. Although the outbreak is small, it is believed to have spread from China.

The Turkish military manages to clear much of the eastern countryside of Zombie infection.

Recent military conquests drop the Commonwealth’s stability to 46.

Soviet forces enter Eastern Europe, clearing large populations of Zombies.

Zombies spread to southern Africa, Malaysia, Indonesia, eastern India, Bangladesh, Burma, North Korea, and central China.

Japan: Japan continues to build up the Self Defence Forces and infrastructure is improved. The Self Defence Forces continue to burn down infected areas in Kyūshū, and continue pushing the Zombies out of the island. Part of the Maritime Self Defence Force continues to fight against the outbreak and attempts to prevent it from spreading across into Shikoku, while the Air Self Defence Force bombs the infected areas within Kyūshū. Prime Minister Kakuei Tanaka, after hearing the virus spreading to Kanazawa, has all of Ishikawa Prefecture shut down and quarantined. Some of the Ground Self Defence Forces are sent to Ishikawa Prefecture to prevent the Zombie virus from spreading any farther, and the Scorched Earth tactic begins to be used there. Any people that show any sign of infection are still to be destroyed immediately.

Falklands: The FAF bombs the city of Sucre on the command of the FSF forces that landed there last turn. The FSF guerrilla force recover the Helicopter, and by sheer luck all but one of the FSF troops survive. The copilot also dies and the pilot only manages to tell them where the AA gun that shot the Chopper down is. The FSF city troops that were shot down were smuggled into the city by the FSF guerrillas, who then knocked out the AA gun. The 400 FSF troops that were already in the city use the confusion after the bombing to take the Main Square. They use this as a Drop Zone for troops and supplies, including the FIT 17, the anti-personnel weapon that the FIT developed; Long Range and High Power, but heavy and a slow rate of fire. The Falklands suggest that the other UR countries drop troops into the city, to destroy the Communist menace. The riots in Stanley spread to the West Falkland Island, so after an attack on the military base with chants of 'Death to the Argentinian Oppressors'. The Ambassador and his family are airlifted out (again) to the FNS Hermes, which is traveling to Argentina to exchange Falkland students with Argentinian ones. The ambassador will be dropped of in Buenos Aires next turn. A shoot out occurs outside a police station as the crowd attempts to break into the Armory. The police forces in Stanley take huge amount of MIA, either from being assaulted on duty or from defecting. The newly trained Chilean Spec ops teams are returned to Chile by boat then Convoy. Hundreds of FSF troops are sent into Stanley, armed with anti-riot weapons; tear gas, water cannons, Tasers and riot shields. A three-man death squad, armed with FIT 17s are dropped into La Pax to kill the Rebel leader. They are given Cyanide Capsules to use if they are captured.

Bohemia: The Bohemians continue to expand their territory in the former nation of Poland.  The Bohemians continue to expand their military, but for now the only purpose is to clear Bavaria of Zombies.

If you continue, you might risk a war with the USSR and the Warsaw Pact. 

What Warsaw Pact? The map pretty much implies that every single Eastern European country has effectively ceased to exist. The only state shown to survive in Poland is Pomerania. It looks like the USSR is too busy with its own problems to worry about anyone else. Besides, the only survivor states confirmed to exist in Eastern Europe are mostly monarchies. I like to think that Czechoslovakia reinstated the Prague Spring reforms while the USSR wasn't looking. But I'll cool it on the expansion for the moment.

The government of Poland still exists and is still, it's just that the nation has a huge infestation of Zombies. Plus, if you read the rules it states even claiming land from a nation destroyed by Zombies is seen as an act of war towards its post allies. However, I'll give you the chance to cross out the part in your turn of expanding into Poland and adding something minor on (ex: recruited some troops and fortified this town). Edboy452 (talk) 02:28, April 21, 2013 (UTC)

Other than Silesia (which was heavily pro-Bohemian) I won't annex any more Polish land. This means that Silesia needs to be included on the world map as Bohemian territory.

Well... you were never really annexing Polish land, it was more like occupying (conquering) Polish territory.

What Bohemia was done was fine. Also that sentence about annexing and occupying is nonsensical and stupid. 

Turkey: The USSR and Turkish troops manage to push back the infection in the European countryside. Cities that have a Zombie populace are still being destroyed. Special Forces in the Transylvanian region of Romania are clearing out Castle Dracula to keep it as head of operations for “Operation Black Creek”. Troops are being sent out to occupy Castle Dracula along with the Soviet military to push back the infection in Romania. Castle Dracula is now housing about 1,500 troops in total, 500 are Turkish and 1,000 are Soviet. Small makeshift bunkers are built underneath the castle to have more space. In a matter of days Castle Dracula is a small military fort, with machine gun bunkers pointing in all directions. The small town of Transylvania is being cleared out rather quickly because of its rural location. Since most of its population evacuated before the infection came, Zombies were cleared out in most areas of the region of Transylvania in about five weeks. Soviet and Turkish troops now have a foot hold to take out the infection in Europe. Within a month Operation Black Creek has ended and its new follow up operation known as “Operation Hydra” has started. Nations like the United States, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, USSR, Confederation of the Baltics, any nation in NATO, and any nation in the EHU are invited to help in Operation Hydra. Here is the link: Operation Hydra will be a giant joint-military operation with the following nation to clear the infection in the Iberian Peninsula, Western Turkey, United Kingdom, and Eastern Europe. The plan for this will be on the talk page. If you’re interested in joining please go there. To join you must neutral to good relations with NATO or the EHU, and you have to be near or in Europe, and/or have troops stationed in Europe. The last days of Operation White Shadow have ended after the eastern part of Turkey is declared free of infection. However, there can still be some infected roamers in the forest that will shortly die because of starvation. Towns and villages still have armed troops patrolling the streets and curfews are still in effect. The south of Turkey is also declared infection free after GTFO and BlackLight operators fought Zombies in the sewers of small towns. Forests are still being patrolled in the south as well in case there still are signs of infection. Special Forces that were parachuted into Zombie infected Europe have been returned to Turkey and put into a screening process after they’ve finished their objective which was to help take out the infection behind Zombie lines by search and destroy tactics. Six operators have lost their lives because of this. A mass funeral in front of the Turkish Parliament Building was taken place, which raised the hopes of people after finding out that there are people still looking out for them. Crime has dropped at surprising rates after this ceremony. Six Medals of Distinguished Courage and Self-Sacrifice and three Medals of Honor were awarded to widows and/or families of these brave soldiers. Because of this ceremony a boom in recruitment went up, at least 200,000 citizens applied to the Turkish Armed Forces because of the actions of these six Special Forces Operators without even being drafted. The Turkish Border Wall has been upgraded with a heavier armament. Every 350 feet there will be an armed guard tower equipped with Gepard anti-air turrets. The Turkish Armed Forces ordered about 1500 Marder A3 APCs, 1,000 Wiesel AWCs, and a whopping order of 5500 Leopard 1A5 Light MBTs to act as an armored backbone in case the nation is under attack.

Transylvania isn't a town, it's a historical region located in Romania. 

Sorry, I thought I wrote down region. Let me fix that very quickly.

Franklin: The State of Franklin wishes to be trade partners with the United States, and is sending the First Trade Exploration Team 75 km into the United States' State of North Carolina and wishes to share a port on the coast of North Carolina for a future navy. 

  • United States Diplomacy: We accept the trade agreement. We will also facilitate and construct a Franklin navy once it has been paid for.

Canada: The bomb continues to be built by many workers in Ontario. Scientists estimate that it should be completed by June, as it is approximately 80% complete. The internal explosives are all laid out, but they will need extra checking and rechecking to make sure nothing goes wrong. Meanwhile, the government is making plans on where to relocate the citizens who lost their homes when they evacuated the western provinces. The government is thinking of starting up an operation known as Operation Recolonize, where mass amounts of Canadians are moved into Greenland. This operation is still in its beginning planning stages. Any countries who are opposed to this operation should contact the Canadian government.

The Goldfish is a large conventional explosive, so I believe it falls under the category of allowed.

  • Turkish Diplomacy: Anything with large conventional explosion is still considered a WMD. If it isn't, well, the use of large conventional explosives won't be authorized as well. We are retaking Europe from the infection, not destroying it.

Chile: The Chilean UR embassy is attacked by rioters and burnt to the ground. Sadly, the Argentinian representative there was murdered by a policeman. The murderer was given a severe reprimand and five years in jail. However, it appears that the prisoner has already escaped.

United Republics: More and more propaganda is sent out to Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, and the Falklands, a festival is held to help bond the region and its cultures. In addition, propaganda informs the public about how big the Communist problem actually is - thus leading to further enlistment in the URs army and navy and an increase in military score. This raises total UR military forces to about 500,000 in all branches. In addition, the first rocket is fully completed for the URSpaceAgency. And a second is completed and a radar/ communications satellite is attached. Both are launched successfully. A third and fourth rocket is scheduled to be built by the end of the year. The UR would like to thank Florida and the US for its help in literally launching its space program. 

  • Republica Argentina: Reserves and Defensive troop numbers enlarge. Further money is poured into research. 


The nations of Venezuela and Panama join Colombia to form the nation of Gran Colombia.

With the new nations added to Gran Colombia, the vast majority of the population follows the Pope, and large riots begin to end Colombian support of the Antipope. The remaining nations invited to join the nation decline due to the following of the Antipope.

The USSR continues to push west, liberating parts of Ukraine, Belarus and the Baltics. The Polish government pushes into the countryside, per Soviet instructions, to help the anti-Zombie effort.

Following the minor victory in northern Chile, the Communists begin raiding much of the south, transporting goods and soldiers down secret, rocky trails, covered by the jungles and forests above. Villages are forced to support the Communists, and thousands join their ranks as militia.

The Austrian Nationalists secure the Austrian Alps after years of civil war with the Austrian government. The new nation, ruled by the Habsburgs, is established in Vienna. Governor positions are given to nine officers of the Nationalist army, ruling over one of the nine Austrian provinces and in charge of clearing all resistance to Habsburg rule.

Karl von Habsburg is crown Karl I of Austria, and king of the new Holy Roman Empire. Similar to the previous HRE, the new organization is also tasked with clearing the German nations, and uniting its people. Austria invites all German and central European nations to join the new organization.

A one hundred man senate is established in Vienna that will make decisions for the nation. A grand council of twenty men is also established for the purpose of making international decisions for the Holy Roman Empire.

In Salzburg, a previous city-state not heavily influenced by the Nationalists becomes the birthplace of the Austrian Progressive Party, an alternative to jingoistic nationalism common in the Nationalist party. The group manages to attract a small following.

In the Austrian Alps the Liberal Party is formed by ex-supporters of the old government. The group attracts a small group of people who advocate for a republic.

The new system dictates that for every one percent a party obtains in the total election, they get one seat in the senate. For every five percent they get a seat on the grand council. The party that obtains the most votes in total has their party leaders, or speakers, elevated to Speakers of the House (similar to president and vice president.)

Elections commenced and the upper house is established, with 83 seats being won by the Nationalists. The Nationalists also obtain seventeen seats on the grand council, and Amadeus Grün and his running mate Walter Hanl from Wien are elected as Speaker of the House and Vice Speaker of the House, respectively.

(You can find out more about each party here. To find out more about the election, see here.

Japan: Japan continues to build up the Self Defence Forces and infrastructure is improved. The Self Defence Forces continue to burn down infected areas in Kyūshū, and continue pushing the Zombies out of the island. Part of the Maritime Self Defence Force continues to fight against the outbreak and attempts to prevent it from spreading across into Shikoku, while the Air Self Defence Force bombs the infected areas within Kyūshū. Some of the Ground Self Defence Forces at Ishikawa Prefecture begins burning down infected areas and pushing the Zombies out; the Scorched Earth tactic is also used. Any people that show any sign of infection are still to be destroyed immediately.

Turkey: Operation Hydra is still put on standby since some nations that were invited didn’t reply yet. However, some countries that have accepted started commencing artillery and air strikes to soften up the infection. 2,500 more troops are sent to Prince Edwards Island, and a small naval base is being built there as well to protect the UCOs headquarters. It’s about nine months into the training of the Maroon Berets and 500 recruits were already seen as unfit for the Maroon Berets. More troops are being sent to southern and western Turkey to take out the infection. Helicopters begin to rope troops down into the countryside of southern and western Turkey to hunt down the infection. More troops are assigned to patrol towns and hunt down the infection deep into the forests. Auto sentries are setup outside all towns and villages to protect urban areas. Vulture attack choppers begin routine patrols along the countryside to hunt down the remaining small strains of Zombies inside Turkey. Former helicopter designer that used to work for Eurocopter and is now a refugee signed up to work with Turkish Aerospace Industries. He came up with the idea of a new helicopter design that was about to be introduced to the West German military. The blueprints showed the design for a military transport helicopter known as the AS532 Cougar. Turkish Aerospace Industries started producing about 1,500 of these helicopters for the Turkish Armed Forces and renamed it to the TA-98 Cougar. The construction for these choppers should finish in about six months. The new TA-98 has the ability to hold up about 22 troops has a top speed of 150 knots, and has an operational range of 360 miles. Soviet and Turkish forces are holding their lines in Europe, waiting for Operation Hydra to begin, but cleaning up the infection in areas that are currently being fortified or part of the USSR. Turkish forces started helping Romanian and Soviet troops in Bucharest to eradicate the infection in the city. 4,500 Turkish troops have been sent to be stationed at the Romanian Parliament Building. We ask Florida to build and launch us a military communication satellite that is capable of listening to encrypted radio signals, jam radio transmissions and offer worldwide communication. The government of Turkey will pay you $2,000,000,000 for this. We ask Gibraltar if we can build a Sea Fort in the Strait of Gibraltar. An order for five more Caspian-Class Cruisers and 30 more Yigit-Class Destroyers has been placed. We ask the UR for a trade offer to export and import general goods, electronics, luxurious items, bio-fuel, and other things. More algae bio-fuel plants are still being built, because of this large mass production of bio-fuel gas prices have gone down to prices lower than $0.30 a gallon. Industrialized farms are also starting to make food at a faster production rate and at cheaper prices as well. Cities are still hosed down at night during the curfews to help kill the infection.

Franklin: Requests to know the situation on the "Zombie" Front in the United States, and wishes to aid the U.S., and allies in Zombie eradication. As it increases its Military, and Industry. Also with aid from its ally the United States, Franklin has reached a Level 2 Navy, with 30 ships to use as trade to other allies.

Bohemia: The Bohemians end all territorial expansion. The Bohemians continue to develop national infrastructure, especially in the new Province of Silesia. The Bohemians have completely rebuilt the Bohemian power grid, which is primarily used to support the growing web of telegraph wires. Most communities have movie theatres, which have mostly reverted to the use of old-fashioned newreels. Newsreels and newspapers are the main sources of Bohemian news. The Bohemians also use the Silesian coal basin to support the burgeoning Bohemian industry, as well as the rebuilt Bohemian railways. The Bohemians continue to fortify and clear their Bavarian ally, which is easy with the Bavarian Alps. The Bavarian capital of Munich is cleared of Zombies, thrilling Bavarian King Ludwig IV. The King remains at the newly-fortified Neuschwanstein Castle.

Texas: After almost six years of dead silence, Texas is once again heard from. However, the news is quite dim. Mere months after the Anti-Zombie Acts were put into place in 1970, Zombies overwhelmed the population. There was massive slaughters and the military found itself decimated. The President barely held onto power, until in the April of 1976, when a protest, one of many in the nation, turned violent. From the ashes of the riots emerged a new political movement: Libertad. Made up of Hispanic-Texans who see the President as using them for cannon fodder against the Zombies, Libertad is dedicated to the overthrow of the government. In response, the President puts a draft into place, as he sees many of his armed forces begin to turn against him.

Colombia: It assures its new citizens that I has never shown support on the Anti-Pope and instead has only allowed their followers to continue, while this the catholic population. while this Anti-Pope states: I'm only a Pope for my people, as the Roman Pope has been unable to choose correctly and disrespectfully shown discontempt with Colombia the support begins to be withdrawn by people and expansion continues

Canada: Operation Goldfish continues uninterrupted. The bomb is almost complete; only a few last finishing touches and check-ups are needed. The vehicle which shall transport the massive explosive to Alberta has been partially constructed, and will be finished by the time the bomb is completed. Also, almost all of the massive bulldozers have been created. The oil mining companies have been working feverishly, as many gallons of fuel are needed for this operation to be successful. Meanwhile, Operation Recolonize is still being planned. The Canadian government has sent multiple explorers to Greenland to map out the area and decide the best place to start a new Canadian colony.

Commonwealth (I'm back after a bit of "civil war" with family): Establishes communications with Canada, Bay Republic and the Northwest federation. Offers to hawaii to allow for us to set up a directly comonwealth controlled radio relay on the big island to allow for radio communication. Another nuke is tested. Continues development on all fields.

Falklands: FSF troops are sent further into northern Chile, and a Kill team member gets a shot off one the rebel leader. He doesn't die, but his spine is shattered, and he will never walk again. Troops in the City continue to hold the Main Square, and further troops are sent in. The Falklands ask that the UR send troops to relieve them, as they are taking heavy casualties. Riots in the City continue, and the Police have to evacuate the Stations in Swat vans. In several areas of the City the police have defected. Due to the amount of action our forces have seen, and their training, we upgrade Military to level 2.0

Since you're in a union the UR has to do this. Also you can't skip to 2.0. why not, all nations start on one don't they? or do they start on zero?

You can't just find and kill a guerrilla leader like that. If it were that easy the US would have killed Ho Chi Minh in the Vietnam War. 

China: China asks most Asian countries to participate in operation Qilin. A 10,000 regiment, armed with some of the best weapons in China, like falmethrowers, shotguuns and tanks, is sent to Tibet. The stability is now at 40. The army attacks Qamdo. Continues industrialization

Manchuria: Accepts China's alliance, trade agreement and joint army proposal. Begins rebuilding the country and builds new hospitals and schools. Makes a new China map without Zombies.

Chile: The government asks every nation to sign up to Operation Arrowhead, in a bid to liberate Chile and Bolivia. To see more, or to sign up please go to the talk page and scroll down to Operation Arrowhead.

United Republics: UR quickly starts two invasions in the border areas Algorithm started on Talk Page, Need MODS assistance to finish The UR also asks for help on Operation Arrowhead, and the UR commits 250,000 thousand troops to this operation. The UR continues its space program and preparation for the 1978 World Cup and Summit. The UR begins to build further housing and development in the north, as well in Antartida. The San Salvador a Mari is sent into the pacific ocean to assist in the naval operation portions of the invasions. The economy begins to take off as the UR prepares for Operation Arrowhead.

  • Falklands D: The Falklands desperately requests that the rest of the UR relieves the beleaguered FSF in the Bolivian Capital, as it is a key strategic location and the Falkland forces have no means of escape, as they have no helicopters, so even if we decide not to utilise it, can you please extract my FSF forces please.

USSR: Forces of Op AntiZed since 1975.5 have pushed the remaining distance across the soviet territory in eastern europe, to the sole exclusion of territory in Ukraine west of Ternopil which is still a hotbed of infection. The remaining forces of this Operation are numbered at 276,932. 100,000 of these soldiers (or 9 motor rifle divisions) will remain stationed in this newly liberated area to assist in the cleanup and reconstruction of major towns and urban areas. To assist in the reconstruction effort of this newly freed region the First Engineers Division, a civil force of 25,000 men and women skilled in craftsmanship and engineering, was created. The First Engineers will begin their work on the border of the old line of quarantine pushing west. Rebuilding these countries will take an estimated 10 years and an uncountable amount of taxpayer funds. Due to the extreme cost of the clearing and now reconstruction operations in this area, it is expected that the USSR will have a lessened ability to make large purchases for the next 2 years. The ~176,000 soldiers not being kept in the area as part of the cleanup shall be moved to Base Serendipity over the next several months. Moving these soldiers will take an estimated 4.5 months. The border wall around Moscow nears completion and the people within rejoice as they for the first time since the onset of the infection feel safe in their own homes. People rejoice in the streets and hold parades honoring the intelligence and wisdom of their leader. Op Raw is greatly successful and has lowered undead incidence rates in The Great Steppe region to 5% of their original values. Due to this operations great success and low mortality rate an additional 5,000 soldiers are to be deployed in this region. The USSR Declines Turkey’s offer of participation in Op Hydra as our forces are engaged elsewhere.


Protests in Gran Colombia increase. The forces supporting the Pope march into Panama, attacking Colombian border patrols. Militia also rises out of Venezuela and the south, attacking Colombian forces.

The Austrian government begins a large campaign to clear all opposition, especially in the Alps.

A new mutation of Zombies is spotted in central Africa. The Zombie species is considerably larger than most Zombies, reaching up to eight feet tall. This new species is much stronger, and begins attacking humans in central Africa and the north.

English protesters detonate a bomb in London, destroying a government outpost.

The city of Bialystok rallies under the leadership of anti-Communist dissident Lech Wałęsa, forming the new nation of the Free Republic of Poland. The People's Republic itself only has sold control over the city of Warsaw, but that is subject to change in the future. The stage is set for an eventual Civil War, but for now both factions focus on the needs of their capitals.

Yank, don't make a bias mod event again.

'Kay. I just want to let you know I'm no longer interested in further expansion in Polish territory. I just thought that it was plausible that such an infected country would fragment. By the time the upcoming Civil War is done the country will be reunited under the Free Republic of Poland's control. The Bohemians will give support, but only to stabilize their northern border.

A democratic civil war is fine, but don't fracture a stable nation, especially not one with thousands of Soviet soldiers in it.

Moved Colombia discussion to talk page.

The South Koreans stage an offensive on the infected territory and former North Korea, which had collapsed following the deaths of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il. The South Koreans manage to defeat both the undead and the shattered remains of the North Korean Army, taking large amounts of former North Korean territory.

Japan: Japan continues to build up the Self Defence Forces and infrastructure is improved. The Self Defence Forces continue to burn down infected areas in Kyūshū, and continue pushing the Zombies out of the island. Part of the Maritime Self Defence Force continues to fight against the outbreak and attempts to prevent it from spreading across into Shikoku, while the Air Self Defence Force bombs the infected areas within Kyūshū. Some of the Ground Self Defence Forces at Ishikawa Prefecture begins burning down infected areas and pushing the Zombies out; the Scorched Earth tactic is also used. Any people that show any sign of infection are still to be destroyed immediately. Elections take place, and Takeo Miki wins this election and becomes Prime Minister. Meanwhile the Japanese Socialist Party lost fifteen seats following the election, while the Tōhōkai managed to gain ten seats.

Commonwealth: (I'm at school, done my work): Builds up stuff and develops. Asks Canada if we can join the United Cure Organization. Another nuke is tested. Alice springs starts to expand into a gambling city similar to Las Vegas.

The UCO belongs to Turkey, but was founded by The Confederation of Halifax.

  • Turkish Diplomacy: Canada isn't the founder of the UCO. The Confederation of Halifax is, and I'm it's current acting president of the organization. However we will still accept you into the UCO. Please send further research and scientists to Prince Edwards Island.
  • Turkish Diplomacy: We ask the Commonwealth for a military alliance and the offer of exportation and importation of good.

Canada: Operation Goldfish is still continuing as predicted, with the bomb finally completed. The bomb has also been loaded onto the giant transport vehicle, and is being moved to Alberta. Everything is going as planned, and the government plans to detonate the bomb by the end of the year. Meanwhile, Operation Recolonize is also going well. Reports are coming in from the explorers, who have found a suitable spot for Canadians to colonize. The spot is in Western Greenland. The government has sent construction workers and architects to the area, who will soon begin building homes and cities.

Falklands: The Falklands government sends out a relief force of troops to the City of Sucre, and the mauled unit is returned to the Falklands. Angry at the way they were deserted deep in enemy territory, they lead a peaceful protest to the UR building in Stanley. No one knows who fired the first shot, but the FSF troops protesting escaped back to the military base as Mutinous Police units and the rioters engaged in a fire fight with the UR forces protecting the embassy. The forces defending the Building turn the population of Stanley against them when they machine gun the rioters. Hundreds of members of the General Populace rise up and Fire bombs the Embassy. Troops are sent to Chile to prepare for Operation: Arrowhead. The Riot Squads of FSF sent into Stanley are forced to extract as the Population arms itself. The Government is relocated to the FNS Endurance as the rioters take control of Stanley. The FSF prepares several Anti-riot Vehicles armed with Water Cannons, and Troops with Stun Guns, Tasers and Batons to break up the riots in Stanley.

Free Alaska: After a the lull in military activites due to a hard winter and a buildup of troops, The Free Alaskans launch the final assault on Juneau. it is a success, and both the general in charge of the city's defences, and the President are killed. the vice president takes office, and the state of Alaska surrenders to the Free Alaskan Republic. the City of anchorage is not so inclined to join the republic. The defenses of the city hold strong, and despite the winter, the shelling, and the city being cut off, they still hold strong, and General Charles Johnson, who is in charge of the city, declares himself warlord after the Alaskan State surrender. with no sign of the city giving up anytime soon, the only course of option left is a direct assault. The Free Alaskans, though they have twice as many troops, face strong resistance. The Free Alaskans manage to take the city, but both sides leave over 5000 dead, along with an equal number of civilians killed. Charles Johnson manaes to flee with 2500 of his troops, and was last seen headed north(probably to join with other rebel factions in the area. For now, the war is over, and Free Alaska begins consolidating all newly acquired areas. the land under the sovereignty of Free Alaska is now exactly the same as the Former US state of Alaska. (Note: from now on, all "free Alaska" posts will be labeled "Alaska.")

Franklin: Franklin constructs a sawmill, and clay baking facility to produce Lumber, and Bricks. Franklin also is recuitting for the Zombie Eradication Campaign of the United States, proposed by President Ray Blanton, who also proposed NAZEA), with the help of Howard Henry Baker, Jr. our Vice President, which means the North American Zombie Eradication Agreement, which would suspend all fighting, well most of it, until all of the Zombies are eradicated, or a cure is found, studies are being done by our very best Gerald R. North. If you are onboard please include your name below, we need to deal with this threat before it is to late!

Texas: In Texas, Libertad grows as the months continue. In the July heat, the cities stink of decomposing bodies and sweat. A radical branch of Libertad, the Rebeldes Liberados, emerge with the goal of establishing an anarchy to replace President Preston Smith, who has refused to abdicate. Confused and in the midst of a crisis, Smith is found dead in his office, apparently from a heart attack. However, the higher-ups of the national government state that there will not be an election until the situation with Libertad is resolved. A prominent leader in Libertad, Gutierrez, calls this a 'democratic mockery', before stating that the government is 'overly corrupt'. Meanwhile, the remnants of Company D of the Texas Rangers Division make their way to the fortified city of Weslaco, reduced to less than a quarter of their original size. Many are visibly bitten, which leads to paranoia over a new potential outbreak.

Manchuria: The capital is set to Shenyang. The map is finished. All children will now have a state-funded education until 15. Begins trading minerals for PRC technology. 100,000 people are banded to become the Manchurian State Army and it joins the Chinese army.

Screen Shot 2013-04-23 at 下午6.21.57

United Republics: The UR completes another rocket, and launches another communications/radar satellite. Also naval construction continues, and more men are enlisted in the UR Navy. Further Industrial and factory sectors are constructed. The UR announces completed of its State of the Art Stadium and Commerce area. More defense troops are sent to the northern line and Anti-Aircraft and Artillery is added to the Northern and Rega Lines. In addition, relief, supplies, and about 10,000 defensive forces are sent to the Falklands team in Sucre. Also about 10,000 defensive forces are sent to Santa Cruz (the capitol of Bolivia) to set up a base and commence operations from. 

  • Falklands Dip: The Falklands profusely thanks the rest of the UR for sending a relief force to Sucre, and the FSF troops, when they are sent home have nothing but praise for the UR.

United States: Eight more Los Angeles-class submarines are completed since last year. The newly built ships are sent to their respective stations, patrolling the seas. Trade continues between Brighton and Sealand, extending their trade network to the Isle of Wight. As many people from Brighton and southern England remain on the island, they spread their ways of life, including trade with their former homes. Soldiers are gathered in the east coast, and along the Mississippi in case of attack. The garrison at Brighton works to improve the city. City streets are paved and the trash collection system is expanded to encompass the entire city. Buildings are repaired, and small outposts are built guarding the entrance to the South Downs highway. The dock is repaired and plans are made to expand the docks to allow for more commercial trade. Ships also begin scouting the coast of France. Rumors amass from traders that the city of Amsterdam is still inhabited, but very few dare to venture that far. Trade from the Standing Rock posts in the north continues to flow down the Missouri River. The Crow Trading Co is founded in Fort Yates as an independent trading company. The small company, like many others of its kind, begins transporting goods between settlements. John Beckett, founder of the company, proposes the idea of trading with the Mississippi region. Very few investors agree to fund the exploration party, and Beckett uses up much of his small fortune to fund a voyage. The party of three ships departs from Pierre, South Dakota, hoping to contact the US cities to the south.

Florida ((I'm back, after my wifi was down for a few days))- Florida continues developing its space program. However, ground tests reveal that the KMAC is practically impossible to aim from orbit, and the project is temproarily shelved, with the actual cannon put into storage at Kennedy Space Center. In the meantime, we finally get around to launching a satellite, with a manned mission to come soon. We begin. Researchers from Deep Science Research Station travel to Africa and capture several examples of the new strain of Zombies. The Zombies are returned to Deep Science. The title of "Governor" is changed to "President." We continue military and economic development, and the military is expanded. Drilling continues in the Gulf of Mexico. By now, all Floridian troops are euqipped with the LAZAW (other countries are welcome to order some) and the "Lobo." As such, a new company, Alliant TechSystems (ATS) ((no relation to the OTL company) is formed from Honeywell, International employees working at Honeywell's Florida offices with government assistance and takes over production of the LAZAW, Lobo, M26 Mako, and the Hawk VTOL craft. ATS is willing to sell other companies icenses to produce the LAZAW and/or the Lobo. (ATS will still reserve the right to also produce the weapons). ATS also begins developing a "chainsaw bayonet," though it will take some time.

  • Falklands D: The FIT wishes to purchase the licence to Produce the Lobo
  • Floridian Diplomacy If anyone in the UCO wants to send researchers to Deep Science to experiment on the new strain of  Zombie, feel free. (They will have to go through decontamination, as they are entering the Republic of Florida.) And, by the way, United Republics, a very belated 'you're welcome' for the assistance with your space program.
    • Falklands (UR) D: We send 5 scientists to Deep Science to experiment on the African Zombies. A squad of FSF is dispatched to Africa to capture a Zombie, and kill another, taking both back to the Falklands.
  • Turkish Diplomacy: We will send twenty scientists to Deep Science. Turkey would also like to buy a military satellite for $2,000,000,000. (Details of it will be in my next turn).

United Kingdom: Martial law is declared. What is seen as a rebel uprising calling for a medieval style system of governence is crushed. Cornwall begins to be cleared of Zombies. The United Kingdom accepts Scotland's request and they are formally reintergrated into the United Kingdom. Brittany begins to expand their borders into what is currently 'dead land'. A message is sent to the Republic of Ireland to see if they have been overrun by the undead.

  • Turkish Diplomacy: We ask the UK to participate in Operation Hydra. (It's on the talk page, please put down accept and your signature next to your nation if you plan on joining).

Bohemia: The Bohemians continue to work on their national infrastructure. There is a growing network of rail and telegraph lines spreading through the country to prevent any future outbreaks of the undead.

Turkey: Scientists at the UCO discovered a new breed of infection that is much more resilient and stronger in physical terms. New rounds of ammo are being distinguished to the Turkish Armed Forces to counter-act this new breed of infection. This new ammunition is known as “Air Blast” rounds. These rounds have greater kinetic force upon impact, by squishing into the target, and a jet stream of air is also shot out the back of the bullet to increase its velocity, the bullet then explodes out the other side of the target, scattering smaller shards of the round into the target. FNSS Defense started mass producing these special rounds in bulk. Stage one of Operation Hydra will start in three months (1 turn). The Commonwealth is accepted into the UCO as a senior member. Weapons are sent to Northern African nations of the EHU to help fight back the infection. Mercedes Benz factories are applying the new 1A6 upgrades to the Leopard 1. This upgrade consists of a 120mm turret, faster turret spin rate, more armor on the turret, and more upgraded reactive strike plates. The new Leopard 2A6 upgrade is being applied to all Leopard 2A5s and 2A4s, this upgrade includes more armor on all sides, a faster turret spin rate, enhanced mine/IED protection, and an electric drive that lowers the thermal signature and noise of the tank. These upgrades should finish in three months. Upgrades to the Z-45 Atlas tank are also being arranged, the new upgraded MBT will be called the Z-45A1 Atlas. The A1 Upgrade will include reactive strike plates, rubberized insulation to reduce noise and thermal signature, and a faster turret spin rate. We ask the USSR if we can have joint military exercises again but with Spetsnaz, BlackLight, GTFO operators. Troops are being more excessively trained to fight against Zombies and urban conflict. Recruiting for the past six months recruited about 95,000 troops. Turkish Aerospace Industries start making armed UAV drones, with an armament of a 20mm Gatling gun and six air-to-ground guided missiles. An order for 600 of these drones has been placed. We are asking the United States if the Turkish Aerospace Industries can buy out Hughes Helicopter for $1,500,000,000, and buy 350 CH-47 Chinooks along with 100 MH-53 Pave Lows for $600,000,000. The Turkish government asks the Florida if you can construct and launch a military satellite for us. The satellite must be able to intercept radio transmission included encrypted radio signals, jam radio signals, and have the ability to communicate with the rest of the world. We would like to purchase this for $2,000,000,000.

Canada: Operation Goldfish is almost completed. The transport vehicle has transported the bomb to Alberta, with only a few breakdowns along the way, which were quickly fixed. The transport vehicle was attacked several times by Zombies, however, and some of the soldiers surrounding it were killed. However, the bomb is now in place, and the detonation wires are currently being checked and placed. The bomb will be detonated in the next month. The government is preparing for this explosion, telling people near the explosion radius to close all windows and doors, or even evacuate temporarily if they feel necessary.

Meanwhile, Operation Recolonize has been continuing without delay. The citizens who evacuated from western Canada have begun moving to the newly built homes. Many new homes are also being created. The government hopes to move all of the population of western Canada to Greenland by the end of the next year.


The protesters in northern Colombia are largely dispersed by the Colombian government. Militant protests in the east continue, vowing to remove the antipope. The Austrian government launches a large campaign to remove the rebels still loyal to the old regime. It is believed that the rebels have fled to Liechtenstein where they have gained large influence over the small nation and the area around it. Small skirmishes occur west of Innsbruck as the Austrian army marches into the mountainous region.

The Heptarchists take Holyhead after months of raising a militia and fighting the Zombies within. The Heptarchists secure the area as a base for future operations against the English.

Fighting and small skirmishes ensues in much of central England. Heptarchists are responsible for several large attacks across the area.

The Soviets enter the city of Minsk and begin to remove all presence of Zombies from within. A Soviet plan is also made to cross into the Crimea in the next few months.

The Turkish establish Castelul Bran, Romania as a forward operations base in Romania. Supplies are hard to come by in the mountainous area, and many die while awaiting aid from the coast. Turkish supply trains are delayed near Bucharest, where the fighting is fierce. The coastline is heavily infected, and the lack of supplies leads much of southern Romania to be abandoned.

Turkish soldiers enter Thrace from Istanbul, but are unable to make much progress into Europe.

Everyone should check out the featured article section on the talk page. If you make an awesome page for Night of the Living Alternate History, you may win an award.

I crushed the rebel uprising so how are they still around? Also taking Holyhead is impossible as it is part of the isle of Anglesey and as some may remember that is where my biggest military base is, along with the residence of the Royal family, so it is the most heavily defended part of the British Isles. On top of this i blew up all the bridges to prevent the Zombies from entering so how could they even get there? Hailstormer (talk) 23:37, April 23, 2013 (UTC)

The local residency are conspiring there. You can probably end the Holyhead group easily. As the protesters still remain elsewhere, however. 

Japan: Japan continues to build up the Self Defence Forces and infrastructure is improved. The Self Defence Forces continue to burn down infected areas in Kyūshū, and continue pushing the Zombies out of the island. Part of the Maritime Self Defence Force continues to fight against the outbreak and attempts to prevent it from spreading across into Shikoku, while the Air Self Defence Force bombs the infected areas within Kyūshū. Some of the Ground Self Defence Forces at Ishikawa Prefecture begins burning down infected areas and pushing the Zombies out; the Scorched Earth tactic is also used. Any people that show any sign of infection are still to be destroyed immediately. Kazutomi Takayama begins creating his first film, called Sunrise, which will star Seiga Rokkaku and Yoshika Miyako as the main characters. In Okinawa, protests occur against the United States Military Bases. While small, it sparks an increase of Anti-American sentiment within Okinawa. In other news, a Zen Taoist Temple begins being built in Sapporo.

Bohemia: The Bohemians continue to develop their nation's infrastructure as a way to defend against undead attack.

Falklands: A large scale operation begins to reclaim Stanley from the Riotters. Tanks with water cannons blast anyone who is riotting, whilst riot troopers with plastic shields and batons deal out some damge to anyone that attacks them. FSF with tranquiliser dart guns put anyone with guns out for the count whilst the police arrest them. The operation takes an hour, and the only death was a riotter who attempted to suicide bomb the Tanks leading the operation, and after staying conscious through 5 tranq darts, a sniper posted on the roof is given the kill order, he fires and voila, one death. The troops sent to africa return with a captured Zombie and a dead Zombie. When the Surgeon begins to dissect the dead Zombie, it lurches to life and has to be shot several times in the head before it stops trying to eat the Surgeon. The other Zombie is taken to a secret facility where the scientists remove the section of the brain that makes the Zombie want to eat, and it stops trying to attack the scientists. The troops in Sucre are extracted. The riots are stopped, but the underlying social concerns need to be addressed.

Turkey: Since troops started dying from starvation 20% percent of the TQ-86 Pelicans start moving in supplies in bulk and reinforcements to the Transylvanian Region and Bucharest. F-4A Phantom Fighter Bombers started bombarding small uninhabited towns in Bulgaria and Romania along the Black Sea. Soon troops started moving in to recapture the coastline from the infection. The E-81 highway was soon cleared from debris and most Zombies have been killed. All convoys now have FNSS Pars APCs protecting them from the back and front. Constanta has also been occupied with Turkish and Romanian troops after they’ve cleared the town from the infection. Another operation known as “Operation Zodiac” has commenced. The plan is to push troops through Thrace and clear the region. Helicopters dropped troops around the infection, thus circling it. While troops are quarantining the infection troops slowly converged onto the infection. Zombies in the region are trapped by machine gun fire and flamethrowers. The infection in the Turkish area of Thrace has been mostly cleared out. Operations Hydra has started, Turkish forces along with French, Spanish, and Cypriot forces have started to clear out Madrid and Paris of the infection. Within a month most of the infection has been cleared of the infection, troops started fortifying capital building and build checkpoints inside the two cities. Troops are then sent down into the subways to clear out the infection. Within a week the subways have been cleared. Helicopters start patrolling the country side, pushing back the infection. A barbed wire fence is built around Paris and Madrid to prevent the infection from coming back. With these two cities back under control, the French and Spanish governments have finally got the foot hold to send troops out. Saudi, Libyan, Portuguese, Swiss, and Turkish troops start aiding the remaining German governments in Berlin, and also start clearing out Athens. Helicopters rope troops down on top of buildings which fired upon the hordes of Zombies in the streets underneath them. After the infection was weakened by over watching troops, TBRU start hosing the Zombies down with Napalm. Within a month multiple FOBs were built inside the two cities which then expanded out clearing the infection. In the second month the subways were cleared, and more barbed wire fences started being built surrounding the cities. An amphibious assault has started on Italy after multiple naval bombardments against majorly infected areas. Libyan, Moroccan, Cypriot, Algerian, Spanish, and Turkish troops begin the main assault against the infection in Italy. Within two days beach heads were held and multiple FOBs have been set up, and begin pushing north against the infection. Artillery pieces are setup along the coastlines and being firing down upon infected towns that have no live population (humans). Helicopters sent from the military bases in Brighton, Turkey, Spain, and from the aircraft carriers of the Turkish Navy have started shipping supplies out to troops. Turkish along with Romanian forces has cleared out most of Bucharest after nine months. However, some parts of the city are still quarantined, but the elite BlackLight unit has been sent in to clear out the remaining infection. About 300,000 out of 3,000,000 troops of the Turkish Armed Forces have been sent out to Europe for Operation Hydra. Because of some casualties Phase 2 of Operation Hydra won't start until about six months. We still encourage other nations to join in on Operation Hydra. About 120,000 civilians have been drafted during the last three months because of all of these events occurring. Because of the excessive amount of bio-fuel being produced, the gas per gallon price has decreased to $0.28. Gold deposits have been found around Mt. Ararat, government paid miners have begun mining the gold, and started shipping it to the Turkish Treasury. More infection tags have been distributed to the public. Cities begin to be more heavily fortified. Scientists at the UCO have made an amazing discovery on how the infection works. Then infection works by traveling inside the blood stream until it goes to the bone marrow. Blood cells that are then produced are infected blood cells, which infect other red blood cells as well. Soon the carrier’s blood stream is completely infected, what occurs after this is the actual “Zombification” process; the brain deteriorates and shuts most of itself down not including the main nervous system, which makes the carrier of the virus basically a walking corpse. Zombies still have the ability to hear, feel, see, and even taste, but what makes it a Zombie is its inability to think properly. Further research is still going on.

United Republics: The space program continues, a fourth rocket is launched with a third satellite that can be used for radar, communication, and intercepting and jam signals. Now with three satellites, the UR can now use their signals to triangulate location of signals (OTL GPS). The UR drafts more forces and begins to research the possibility of sending up a station or a man on the moon. The UR predicts they could do either one by 1979. The UR calls up 25,000 men to form a special forces regiment, and enlists their replacements within their military. These forces begin their special training. The URs military and naval construction continues, and a separate air force faction is being designed and planned. 

Commonwealth: Expands all things. Develops all things. Finally establishes communication with the United States and asks "what in the hell is happening" (essentially they ask for the world situation). Asks to join the United Cure Organization

  • Turkish Diplomacy: We will let you join the UCO, and we ask back for a trade agreement and a military alliance.
  • Commonwealth: OK.
  • Turkish Diplomacy: Done deal, go to the UCO page and you'll see the Commonwealth in the Full Senior Member Section.

York Federation: The capital of the federation is moved to Yonkers. The military expands and roads are repaired throughout the federation. President Ryan Watts is elected.

Alaska: Territorial divisions of the free republic are divided again into buroughs, each with the same capacity for local government as before the war. the Tchiaq religion is now followed by approximately 35% of Alaskans. integration of all territories continues as before. any person living in any soverign territory of the Free Republic may rennounce their citizeenship, and leave the country, or affirm it and remain. to boost the postwar economy, the Regional Development Initiative is launched. the program is created to support the existing industries in certain areas, and help create new ones elsewhere. one of the main components includes domestic manufacturing. the plan alsooutlines the cretion of Oil/Natural gas pipelines from prudhoe bay, through a manufacturing region planned under the RDI which will be located in the interior, and then south to Valdez. After a vote of the legislature, it is decided to keep the capital in Fairbanks. 

Franklin: The State of Franklin just upgraded their Industry, and Army to Level 2, while our Navy was already at Lv.2. With the newly required materials of, Metal, Wheat, Guns & Ammo, Lumber, and Bricks. The Franklin State is growing the ever so, war conflicted, world that is our Earth. We are available for trade with anyone who is willing, We recommend with former U.S. territories such as NorthWest Federation, Florida, Texas, the Bay Republic, etc.

You can only upgrade one at a time, in 0.5 increments. It'll probably take a lot longer for you to upgrade army, and especially navy, since you don't have access to the sea, except through the United States, and since you're a relatively small nation.

Yemeni Rebels: The Islamic radical-extremist group * انها تولد من جديد الأموي في سبيل الله' (Umayyad Reborn for Allah)*, holding a solid four million followers in Yemen, rise up in revolt due to deterriating conditions of the government and an increased vocalization of violance on behalf of their leader, Basil As'ad Nejem. They rise in the provinces of Al Mahrah, 'Amran, Ta'izz, Lahij, Al Hudaydah, and Shabwah in great numbers, but also rise up in lesser numbers in most of the provinces. They set fire to government buildings, random cars, kill Yemenese soldiers and officials on sight that are not a member of the group. A continuous radio broadcast is recorded to be broadcast all over Yemen, addressing the Zombie threat, how it is like the Great Flood, and how it is their duty to take control, fight the Zeds, and survive to prove their worthiness for Allah.

In Texas, there is widespread crop failure from a mutant strain of the Zombie virus. This is the straw that breaks the camel's back. By September, people are starving in the streets. The Rebeldes Liberados now have the support of most of Libertad. In early October, protests turn to riots beyond what has been done before. Libertad issues what is effectively a declaration of war against the state. With the suppor of the nation's farmers and Hispanic population, Libertad is a force to be reckoned with. Food is kept away from the President's loyalists and redirected to the suffering. The government of Texas calls out to the United States, Alaska, anyone to keep the situation under control.

  • United States: We agree to send food from the Delta to help aid the citizens of Texas

China: Attacks Tibet at all sides with co-operation of air force. Asks Manchria for help. The industrialization continues and the first Chinese company, Dong Shen, is founded. The second generation of Li Guang Tanks is developed, named Han Xin Tanks. The first ACV's are built, named the Qubing Vehicles. Zombies were killed and the navy is thinking of doing a large assault from the Eastern coast and reclaim large swaths of Chinese land. 

Florida: We launch a manned Apollo capsule into orbit, named Apollo 12. Apollo 12 puts a satellite that begins broadcasting "Radio Free Earth" to help civilians in Zombie-infested areas. Radio Free Earth begins broadcasting in the following languages: English, French, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, and Swahili. More languages will be added later. The Apollo 12 crew also puts into orbit a satellite equipped with new orbital Zombie-detection technology. Turkey's satellite will be up next turn and is almost ready for launch. A license to produce the "Lobo" is sold to the Falklands by Alliant TechSystems. A new Floridian company, First Coast Engineering, is contracted by the government to build an assault carrier. A new religious group, the Rezurrectionists (click on the link for more info- the Rezurrectionists' beliefs require a bit of explanation, begins rioting in the Floridian capital city of Miami, protesting the Floridian government's anti-Zombie policies. Black Ops troops, police, and ordinary citizens suceed in putting down the riot (the Rezurrectionists, or RZists, are seen as traitors by the Floridian people. In revenge, the RZists hijack a cruise ship, the Golden Sun, infest it with Zombies, and then attempt to beach it near Miami and release the Zombies. However, they are prevented from doing so by the Floridian Navy. President Askew makes the decision to sink the cruise ship even through there are still humans onboard, and the heavy cruiser FSS Dade, as well as aircraft from the three makeshift aircraft carriers (made a year or so ago from container ship hulls), sink the Golden Sun off of the Florida coast, killing all aboard. Soldiers from the elite Floridian Beta-9 Special Action Unit, a Black Ops unit charged with eliminating biological threats, quarantines the area with oil-spill-cleanup equipment, and uses special acid-based cleaning agents to eliminate any trace of the Zombie virus in the water. A number of high-ranking RZist leaders are arrested in connection with the hijacking. Development of the chainsaw bayonet continues. ATS also begins development of two new anti-Zombie weapons - the M324 Heavy Anti-Zombie Assault Carbine (HAZAC) and the M120 Zombie Diversion Device/Sticky Detonator. 

Chile: The countrys riots are now turning pro-Communist. When the military suddenly defects to the Southern Chilean Communists, others follow. A new Communist government is elected and, due to their undying hatred of the Argentinians, the Chilean, Bolivian and other Communists factions invade Argentina in a surprise attack during the night. SECRET: The fifth UR rocket is secretly loaded with a bomb it will drop when it reaches three km above Argentina. Let the invasion commence as millioins of Communist troops pour across the border. A swath is cut through Chile to allow Zombies to reach behind the Argentinian lines. One of the new African Zombies is stolen from the Falklands and released by helicopter over the capital city of Argentina in the dead of night. The Communists declare their independance from the UR. All Chilean troops in Argentina turn on their Argentinian comrades and all of those in the Falklands are withdrawn.


This is implausible in so many ways. 

Colombia: the government assures the people that the antipope will have no effect in the politic of the nation. but it says that it was chosen by the hand of the bishops of several regions of colombia and that as a republic it  won't intrude in the decision of the branches of the churched that chosed to do so. Furthermore, it assures the people's followers of the Pope that it has no intention on either fighting or attacking neither the pope or the antipope while this navy expand and military is built as well as the expansion inland in brazil and the organization of venezuela starts, while this the antipope influence begins to die down as many begin to just leaving the colombian church to return to catholicism fearing some sort of action from the protesters Lleras expansion in Nicaragua continues as well as the expansion of santander and Pastrana in the south.

Republic of Susquehanna: We vote to secede from Pennsylvania.  Montour County, Columbia County, Northumberland County, Lycoming County, Union County, and Schuylkill County. Capitol: Bloomsburg.  Governor: Edward Shaffer.  We would prefer to peacefully leave, but if it comes to it will any nations support our secession?  Terms: You provide us with military and diplomatic support, attack PA if necessary.  In exchange, no tariffs, no export fees, we will provide military support in years to come. TRW is producing A-10 Warhogs, we will trade those with you.  Smith Machine Work is producing M-19 a semi auto to three round burst, and Merck is manufacturing medicine.  Geisinger is the best hospital in the region.  Free medical care.

TRW never made A-10 Warthogs, Fairchild Aviation did and manufactured them.

Saudi Arabia: We are stockpiling oil. We are sending supplies to troops participating in Operation Hydra. We are enforcing more and more troops on the outskirts of the towns and cities. Biological Troops have been sent out to kill any Zombies in sight.

USSR: In response to the rebellion in Bialystok the 108th and 111th Motor Rifle Division will be stationed around the city forming a military blockade, no entry nor exit of the city will be allowable except for the purposes of humanitarian food aid and official diplomatic ventures by the rebel leaders. Until Bialystok rejoins Poland it shall be treated as a hostile nation and a danger to public safety. All acts of official aggression by the rebels here shall be treated as an act of war against Poland and the USSR. If Bialystok does not surrender in six months then further military actions against the rebels will be deemed necessary as succession from a nation of our alliance is a crime that shall not remain unpunished. The eradication efforts as part of Op AntiZed continue on Crimea and the remainder of infected Ukraine. One Armored Division, supported by three Motor rifle divisions and Air support provided by bombing runs flown from the Carrier Minsk in the Black Sea have moved across highways M17 and M18 into the Crimea Peninsula, establishing a FOB in Novopavlika for the continued support of operations in this area. Additional Air Support will be provided by the 1st Undead Suppression Regiment. Along the western AntiZed front (ie. Ukraine, Belarus) any FOBs established for eradication purposes will be converted into survivor camps for refugees of this area. It is the hope of the First Engineers that these refugee camps will someday become cities and major population centers safe from the infection. The border wall surrounding Moscow is completed and has been garrisoned by soldiers of several Motor RIfle Divisions stationed near the city. Total troop emplacements on the wall currently number 5,000 including several hundred elite snipers trained specifically for undead elimination. The reinforcement of Fort Serendipity is nearly complete and the Soviet forces stationed here now number ~237,000 with more reinforcements coming in the next 6 months. Once these reinforcements are complete an estimated ~500,000 soviet soldiers (as well as aircraft, tanks, armored personnel carriers and attack aircraft) will be stationed in the Caucasus region. The USSR requests a Non-Aggression treaty with Israel.


NotLAH Pennsylvania1977

Operation Hydra begins with allied soldiers landing in Europe. The Turkish manage to secure some territory near the coast, and French and Spanish forces begin pushing into central Europe.

In some cities, such as Berlin, the local population assumes there is a foreign invasion and begins firing upon Turkish landings and planes. The Germans, who are unaware of the landing, engage in several skirmishes across the area. The Turkish are overextended and many engaged in central Europe are wiped out or reported missing.

South Koreans looking to take land from the north, cross over the DMZ, sparking small skirmishes.

A large force of Chinese rebels from Southern China launch a massive offensive into the north, effectively surrounding the Chinese. (Chinese player, make an algorithm or ask someone to make one).

The conspirators in Holyhead are rounded up and executed by British forces.

English rebels in central England continue to ask for better local representation.

Protests in Colombia begin to die down. The majority of protesters abandon the rebellion, and rebels in Central America are dispersed.

Survivors in Sonora and southern Arizona declare the independence of the Republic of Aztlan. They easily dispose of the local Zombies, as the climate had reduced them to slow desiccated husks.

Japan: Japan continues to build up the Self Defence Forces and infrastructure is improved. The Self Defence Forces continue to burn down infected areas in Kyūshū, and continue pushing the Zombies out of the island. Part of the Maritime Self Defence Force continues to fight against the outbreak and attempts to prevent it from spreading across into Shikoku, while the Air Self Defence Force bombs the infected areas within Kyūshū. Some of the Ground Self Defence Forces at Ishikawa Prefecture continues burning down infected areas and pushing the Zombies out; the Scorched Earth tactic is also used. Any people that show any sign of infection are still to be destroyed immediately. In Okinawa, Anti-American sentiment continues to grow. The Zen Taoist Temple continues construction in Sapporo.

Bohemia: The Bohemians continue expanding their national infrastructure, and begin a campaign of industrial expansion to support it. By now all of Bohemia has at least minimal access to electricity. A Czech author named Tomáš Havelka creates a spy novel based on the famous James Bond novels he had read while in Britain before the Zombies.

Alaska: All plans for further development continue. 

Commonwealth: Develops on all fields. Expands on all fields.

Can you please refrain from making joke posts? If you're not going to take this seriously then you shouldn't post at all.  Besides, development and expansion are necessary parts of ANY map game.

Fine, calm down :l

Yemeni Rebels: The rebels successfully take hold of the provinces they rose in major numbers in, except for Shabwah, where a lack of weapons and the wide dispersion of rebel members handed them defeat. Co-ordinated guerrilla raids are established to attack in the middle of the country, while actually small armies move into closer parts of Yemen. During this time, the provices of Ibb, and Hajjah are taken by the rebels. Due to the continued success of the Yemeni rebels, Aden in the 'Adan district is established as the current capital but may change based on the revolt. Rebel leader As'ad Nejem plants the rebel flag in Aden to many cheers and shouts by rebel forces.

You lost your battle, so I had to cross this out. Algorithm is on the Talk Page.

Saudi Arabia: We ask for an alliance with the Yemeni Rebels. Several Zombies are taken in for tests. We believe they have adapted to the Middle Eastern desert, because they are surviving the heat with no problems. Ports have shut down for the time being and are going to be down for several months - possibly one or two years.

  • Yemeni Rebels Dip: The leader As'ad Nejem accepts the alliance and requests assistance in the form of military equipment in exchange for monetary payment.
  • Saudi Arabia Dip: We send over one million Mohawk Combat Uniforms. We also send over one hundred Northrop F-5A/B Freedom Fighters.

China: Continues attacking Tibet at all sides with co-operation of air force. Dong Shen begins selling mechanicals tools and gears. More Zombies were killed and were pushed back. The Qubing ACV's and Han Xin tanks continue being built. Forts are quickly built in Yushu to protect it from the invasion.

Republic of Susquehanna:  Starting construction of steel mills.  Hire men to begin mining of coal and iron.  Textron begins modifying pick-up trucks.  Civilian begins Appalachian Firearms.  Begins manufacturing Combat Rifle-30 (CR-30). Semi-auto or auto rifle, with a built in shotgun holding three shells, and tactical flashlight. Deploys ten infantry regiments and one armored unit into Clinton County.

Any nations willing to provide logistic or military support?

Florida: We succesfully launch Turkey's satellite, which has been transferred to Turkish control, into Earth orbit. (If you need any technological assistance with it, feel free to ask.) Radio Free Earth adds the following languages to its broadcasts, which contain news, messages, and advice for civilians and soldiers in or near Zombie-infested territory: Turkish, Portuguese, Arabic, Japanese, Hindi, and Italian. Three more satellites are launched (from the same rocket - a Titan III [Gemini] rocket), meaning that Radio Free Earth can now be picked up practically everywhere except for the Arctic, Antarctic, and Pacific Ocean. (Several more launches, scheduled for next turn or so, will make reception global). ATS continues developing various weapons to combat the Zombies. Researchers at Deep Science make a major breakthrough - they succeed in determining the exact structure of the Z-155 (Zombie) virus; and, furthermore, succeed in determining the structures of three of its major antigens. Scientists begin working on a drug designed to fight these antigens (which is a pretty simple matter); which, although unable to cure the virus, in theory, be able to significantly slow down the rate of infection, assuming that it is administered within just the right timeframe. An early version of the drug should be ready by next turn (assuming it actually works). Construction of an assault carrier continues. Fairly large numbers of troops are also sent to support operation Hydra's landings in Europe, including the famous Alpha-6 Black Ops unit. The Gamma-13 Zombie Acquisition Unit is dispatched to the Sahara, where they recover several examples of the "desert" Zombie strain. Evidence also begins to appear to suggest that it is not unfeasible that Zombies could develop aquatic capabilities, which could potentially render oceanic separation a useless defense. Therefore, President Askew begins construction of large oceanic defenses, including defense towers and walls, to defend against any such Zombies or further attacks by the Rezurrectionists.

It takes a lot longer than three months to create a new drug.

  • Floridian Diplomacy: USA, we would like to purchase 20 A-10 Warthogs.
  • Turkish Diplomacy: We thank the Floridian government for sending over troops
  • United States Diplomacy: We will sell 20 A-10 Warthogs for $250,000,000.
    • Turkish Diplomacy: We would like to buy the same amount for the same price.

United Republics: The UR continues building up northern border defences and begins an Air Force program and enlistment. A fifth rocket is being built, with plans to put a space station type program together. 

Turkey: Since Phase 1 has been completed and phase 2 is delayed, allied forces start sending partial amounts of troops out of the cities to clear out coast lines, and set up multiple supply lines. Because of friendly fire air raid sirens are playing messages of peace to all citizens. Local survivors who have been fighting the infection since the start are rounded up and brought to the FOBs to be housed and to teach the allied forces better tactics on fighting the infection. Engineers guarded by troops and APCs fixed highway systems connecting to the coast of Europe. They are now cleared and are sending supplies such as humanitarian goods, rations, fuel, ammunition, weapons, vehicles, reinforcements, and other supplies to the allied forces and citizens of the occupied nations. More FOBs are built and troops have been ordered to NOT quarter in people’s homes. People are called if they want to volunteer for city watches and local militias to help the allied troops. More TK-66 helicopters are also bringing more resources for troops. Phase 2 should start in three months, and 150,000 more allied troops are deployed, 30,000 of which are Turkish. Allied troops have also found Ramstein Airfield which was still partially operating by the German Military. Supplies and fuel are sent to the German troops. Fuel sent to the airfield made Close Air Support occur at faster rates in deeper regions of Europe. Ramstein Airfield is now the Central Base of Operations for the allied troops. More fortifications are built around the airfield including automated sentries. A sheet metal wall is built over the barbed wire electric fences to increase further protection. The Eastern Thrace region is finally clear of infection after long days of fighting which makes Turkey an infection free nation. Outposts are placed on top of mountains to observe Zombie movements. These outposts are armed with rocket artillery batteries, machine gun bunkers, sniper outposts, helicopter pads, anti-air guns, TOW anti-tank guided missile launchers, and TBRU. A barbed wire electric fence is being built to divide the provinces of Turkey, border checkpoints will be setup along these fences. Turkey’s new satellite has finally been launched by Florida is now in direct control by the Turkish Armed Forces. More of the Gendarmerie law enforcement is deployed to cities. France has agreed to house the Turkish Navy aiding Operation Hydra in the Turkish Sea on the island of Corsica. More troops are sent out to reinforce Castle Bran. About 75,000 troops have been drafted during the past three months.

South Africa: Over the past nine years, South Africa has worked on improving infrastructure and easing up some apartheid laws. However, the inner circle (including a few blacks) of the government realise that there is too much corruption in the government. Some elements meet with Mandela who is still in prison and tell them their plan to "fix" the government. He reluctantly agrees. Two days later, the Night of the Silent Guns takes place. Most of the government is murdered by assassins hired by the inner circle and control of the nation is left to the few who form a council. They quickly free Nelson Mandela and include him into their council. Since the nation is still in apartheid, an incentive is offered that if blacks join up the army then many apartheid laws will be relaxed for their families. As a result, thousands join up. Seeing the Zombie infection in the north, the area is quickly siphoned off from the rest of the nation and defensive placements put in to kill any Zombies coming even remotely close to the rest of the nation. The new government quickly uses all their available funds to build up infrastructure and industry and establish a much better food supply for its people. This is aided by the fact that corruption has vanished overnight as all the corrupt officials have been killed. All assets are seized by the government too, to ensure continuous finds. The gold mines are expanded and made better. Turkey is offered a trade deal and alliance. In return for pure gold, South Africa would like to buy advanced army weapons from Turkey too.

  • Turkish Diplomacy: We invite you into the EHU, and we accept the trade offer. We will ship you K-22 Bullpup Assault Rifles and Mohawk Combat Uniforms for this gold. We cannot sell you any vehicles since you aren't "trusted" yet.
  • South Africa: Completely understands and is still glad that they are receiving guns. We are interested in the EHU and will get back to Turkey in a short while (next turn).


The government of Yemen, infuriated that the Saudi Arabians are now aiding the rebellion begin a campaign to end opposition. Troops begin rounding up suspected rebel leaders.

Soldiers from the Commonwealth are attacked at Lae in New Guinea. A regiment of advance scouts are ambushed by about 5000 militia. The Australians manage to inflict large amounts of casualties but are forced to retreat.

Forced with no other option the Polish democratic government in Bialystok surrenders to the Soviets. Following the removal of the city quarantine the majority of the city’s people flee into the west, engaging in small skirmishes with the Soviets.

Although the Soviets enter Bialystok the amount of money wasted in surrounding the city highly outweighs the gains. The city incident becomes propaganda for a larger uprising among Polish, who see the event as an example of Soviet hostility. Rebels rise up in Warsaw and much of the west.

Japan: Japan continues to build up the Self Defence Forces and infrastructure is improved. The Self Defence Forces continue to burn down infected areas in Kyūshū, and continue pushing the Zombies out of the island. Part of the Maritime Self Defence Force continues to fight against the outbreak and attempts to prevent it from spreading across into Shikoku, while the Air Self Defence Force bombs the infected areas within Kyūshū. Some of the Ground Self Defence Forces at Ishikawa Prefecture continues burning down infected areas and pushing the Zombies out; the Scorched Earth tactic is also used. Any people that show any sign of infection are still to be destroyed immediately. In Okinawa, Anti-American sentiment continues to grow. The Zen Taoist Temple continues construction in Sapporo. The Tōhōkai continues winning more elections in Northern Japan.

Bohemia: The Bohemians continue to expand their infrastructure and industry through the country. 

Free Alaska: All development continues, Industry reaches 1.5.

Yemeni Rebels: Thanks to the incredible aid given to the rebels by the Saudis, the rebels become bold enough to fight open battles with Yemenise, and prepares for the first open battles for the province of Al Jawf through refueling aircraft, cleaning and maintaining all guns, and a large open prayer for victory. As'ad Nejem goes into hiding, creating a new radio broadcast and video tapes to be seen across Yemen, attempting to raise rebel moral, and gain new followers. In retaliation for the loss of the leaders, the Yemeni Rebels use the gifted Northrop F-5A/B Freedom Fighters to begin bombing raids in the most strategic cities for the Yemenise government such as Ataq, San'a', Al Mukalla, and Ma'rib.

There was no algorithm for this which means no outcome yet. I will do the algorithm for you tomorrow for this battle. Feel free to edit your turn and say we are preparing for a battle at the province of Al Jawf.

Okie-Dokie! My bad!

Commonwealth: In spite of the large offensive launched by the New Gunieans, soldiers outside of Lae are told to hold their ground. Reinforcements arrive. Begins to work on offensives elsewhere, such as other pacific islands to be used as communication relays with the Americas and East Asia. The Western Pacific Alliance organization is founded, with Australia, New Zealand, Occupied Fiji and Occupied Guniea as members.  The Confederate Islands continue with their policies, with the economy, military, and infrastructure being grown, each a little bit. Farming is now completely under control. We offer (again) to Sicily, Malta, and the Balearic Islands to join the Confederation. Tullio Turo is popular on both Islands, Corsica and Sardinia. Our military grows, in order to better fight Zombies should they invade. Plands are drafted to explore the mailand, with hopes of clearing out Zombies after they run out of food.

Texas: officially thanks the United States for its donations, but it simply isn't enough. Faced with an impossible situation, with rebels on the break of revolting and a starving population, Texas does the unthinkable: Texas asks the United States to move military forces into the country. Meanwhile, Libertad embarks on a propaganda campaign against the Texan government. It is surprisingly effective, furthering their cause.

Cascadia: Increases its military and infrastructure as the trade deals are accepted.

Florida: We continue to expand the military. ATS is alsmost finished with producing its two new anti-Zombie weapons. We continue to provide support to Operation Hydra. Aircraft carrier construction is almost complete. We purchase 20 A-10s from the USA, and several are deployed to Europe to assist in the landings. We continue research on the Zombie virus' antigens at a breakneck pace. An early version of the drug to slow down the infection may be available by next year. The government condemns the Soviet crackdown in Poland, and secretly considers a commando operation to assist the rebels.

  • Floridian Dip: If you would prefer, Texas, we can also assist and move in military forces potentially, pending approval by our General Assembly.
  • Turkish Diplomacy: I would recommend for you to stop condemning the Soviet crackdown since it might start a future conflict with allied forces in Operation Hydra.
  • Texas Dip: We accept Florida's offer.

United States: Los Angeles-class submarines continue to be built and sent to patrols, on schedule. Piracy over the English Channel begins to be a problem, as ports all across northern France become havens for pirates after raiding supply lines between Brighton, Sealand and other ports. The city of Amsterdam, hoping to combat the piracy begins cracking down on the safehouses. A small militia is organized to raid the docks, causing heavy casualties. The violence escalates when several warehouses are set ablaze in the city. The United States begins moving submarines to the coast from Brighton, hoping to cut back on the pirate raids. After rebel uprisings begin to compromise the security of the southern United States, the high command of Mississippi agrees they must intervene to protect US assets in the south, such as the extremely important Delta region. Two divisions are sent into the Delta, and armored army personnel depart onto Route 30 toward Dallas. Soldiers are also sent by are to the southern border, including Weslaco, where the Texan Company D resides. Worried that the Texan collapse will lead to an increase in Zombies crossing the border, troops are stationed along the southern border to man the border walls. Trade from the Standing Rock posts in the north continues to flow down the Missouri River. The Crow Trading Co, from Fort Yates, led by entrepreneur John Beckett, finishes its expedition to the Mississippi. The trip is extremely profitable, and trade to US outposts begins widespread. The Crow becomes one of the predominate companies in Fort yates, financing several more voyages to the Mississippi.

  • Turkish Diplomacy: We will build more submarines and destroyers that will be sent to the English Channel to assist you. Our new satellite can also assist spotting the ships as well and jam enemy transmissions.

CSH: After several years of low activity, the Caribou Bridge is half done. Pictou Island is now connected to mainland Nova Scotia. Further progress to connect Prince Edward Island with Caribou Bridge is being made. The estimated finish date is 1980. More understanding of the virus is still being made but, until scientists believe that the key to the cure is computer technology.

South Africa: With the nation now in much better hands, the council decide to put in place laws which would help the population grow. Even though there is overcrowding in the nation (I would think the Zombie chaos and refugee numbers would mean more kids would be born because of, well, you know ...), the council grimly realise that if they are to go through with "The Plan", they could be looking at hundreds of thousands maybe a few million dying and know they will need to repopulate many areas. "The Plan" is the grand operation which includes stabilising the area and establishing South African control over the countries in Southern Africa, getting rid of Zombies and creating a greater world power from the region. This will take place through war and diplomacy, and all these plans are secret. Gold is transported to Turkey as weapon and ammunition shipments arrive. The council quickly begin to open up talks with neibhouring countries to talk about a Union between the nations. The nations are Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia. The council state that if a union takes place, then they will be able to defend their territories (as it would be union territories) as well as fight off the Zombies. I would require mods to tell me if such a union is possible. If so, then I will take my time to enter a union with these nations. The nations of Swaziland and Lesotho quickly get dependent on South African aid and support. As a result, the nations begin to be "puppetised". Old factories begin to be re-occupied and upgraded with the most up-to-date technology the nation has. As a result, ammunition begins to be churned out in large numbers. I think this would mean my army begins to level up (I still do not get this aspect of the game, but I think this is right). Many roads in a state of disrepair are also fixed, helping improve infrastructure for transportation. As a result, infrastructure begins to level up. The nation gets ready to launch an effort to repel the Zombies from South African territory once and for all. A large buildup of troops commences on the border with the province occupied by Zombies. The offensive will commence in broad daylight, when the Zombies are dry hulks. Gold being extracted helps to pay for the refurbishment and upgrading of factories. The nation also begins plans to save all of its wildlife. They will be kept safe and zoos will be manned by armed persons so that the animals who are vital for the wild are not killed. Diplomatic envoys are sent to all existing and powerful nations in the world. The stop the plague, precautionary measures are also taken. Anybody will the infection will be killed on sight, while incoming ships will be checked for contamination.

Unions are allowed, but be slow and realistic. The final stages of creating a union are usually added in a mod event. To level up, next turn (or in a few turns) write "we level up our army score to 1.5". This number is used in the algorithm. Check the rules to make sure you generally meet the requirements to level up.

Republic of Susquehanna: We are peacefully requesting the purchase of 12 F-1 phantoms full ordinance, four B-52 bombers full ordinance, sixteen 41-foot Utility Boats fully armed, ten thousand M-16's and one thousand Barret 50 cal. sniper rifles for 27 million dollars, 100 tons of coal, and 13,000 cu ft of natural gas.  We ask for a treaty with Turkey, Israel, the United States, York Federation, and Free Alaska.

  • Turkish Diplomacy: What will this treaty be?
  • United States Diplomacy: By treaty do you mean non-aggression pact?

Turkey: Phase 2 has begun and is nearly completed. Allied Forces has cleared most of the coast lines and fresh supplies are being brought into Europe. Floridian, Turkish, and Cypriot troops have recaptured the Western German capital of Bonn after a month and a half of ruthless fighting in the streets. Allied Forces begin sending more troops to Europe to help claim more territory. Troops in Italy have started to push the infection back deeper into Europe after six months of fighting in the area. Supplies have been going in at moderate rates. Local militias have been asked to volunteer to help the allied coalition against the infection. Turkey asks the Floridian government to launch a new satellite that we will construct for $2 billion. This satellite will be named Project Arkangel and will be primarily used against ICBMs, Ballistic Missiles, etc. Based on the LAMS system the satellite will contain a more amplified version of it with multiple lenses. It will have radar to detect ICBM launches and track down those missiles. However, because of the ozone layer the laser will burn the ICBM at a slower rate. Even because of this downside it will be the best piece of equipment to protect Turkey and its allies. Gold has arrived from South Africa which has been immediately been placed in the national treasury and increasing the value of the Turkish Lira by $0.01. Seven more Konya-Class Submarines have been built and is now assisting the Los-Angeles-Class Submarines in the English Channel against pirate vessels. Twenty more Yigit-Class Destroyers have been built as well and are acting as patrol ships. One Caspian-Class Cruiser and four more Yigit-Class Destroyers have been sent to protect Sealand. In the past three months about 60,000 troops have been drafted. A new fighter bomber is being developed for the Turkish Air Force. Citizens are now given free rations to store up in case of another Zombie outbreak.