The 1975 Alaskan general election was held on March 10, 1975 and agreed upon by bipartisan accord to formally approve Premier Ivan Edmarovsky as Premier of Alaska after he succeeded the late Aleksey Pushkin on January 1, 1975 following a leadership election and a special acclamation vote in the Duma. With the Liberal Party and its associated parties enjoying strong leads in the polls, the election was suggested by the Liberals to give the people of Alaska a fair chance to confirm Edmarovsky; no seats were gained or lost by any coalition, and no campaigns were significantly staged. It is often referred to as the "Forgotten Election" in Alaska, as there was no campaign or change in power. It had the lowest turnout of any election in Alaskan history and many voters were unaware an election was even happening. However, it also bought the Liberals time in office, as the next constitutionally mandated election would not be until March 11, 1980 due to the formal formation of a government; however, the Conservative and Industrial Parties viewed this extra time as an opportunity to reinvent themselves and rebuild base support lost in the 1973 landslide. Called just 19 months after the August 1973 elections, the 1975 elections were called after the shortest period of time in Alaskan history.

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