The 1973 Alaskan general election was an election to select peers to the Duma of Alaska on August 12, 1973. Called by Conservative Premier Stanislav Mergeyev in a hope to catch the left-leaning parties off guard, a coalition of center-left and left-wing parties (Liberal, Labor, Christian, Progress, Socialist, Moderate) captured a majority of Parliament with landslide returns in many voting constituencies and formed a diverse government with Progress leader Aleksey Pushkin as Premier.

Called the "August Revolution" or the "Leftist Landslide," the Conservative-Imperial-Industrial coalition losses of 46 seats in one election marked the biggest single-election loss in Alaskan electoral history up until that point and ended the political careers of numerous prominent Conservative politicians who had been in positions of power and influence since the late 1940s.

The election marked the first time that the Conservatives, and by proxy their Industrial or Imperial sister parties, had lost at the polls since the 1940 general election (the 1965-66 Sarugin government was brought about by a vote of no-confidence and a split in the Conservative bloc that allowed the Liberal coalition to assume a minority government).

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