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United States Presidential Election, 1972
November 7, 1972
Images-5 Edmund Muskie 220px-Benjamin Spock
Nominee Nelson Rockefeller Edmund Muskie Benjamin Spock
Party Republican Democratic Progressive
Home state New York Maine Connecticut
Running mate Harold Stassen Patsy Mink Gloria Steinem
Electoral vote 273 172 93
States carried 28 10+DC 12
Popular vote 50.45% 25.05% 24.5%

The United States presidential election of 1972 saw popular incumbent Nelson Rockefeller get easily re-elected, particularly in the face of his recently ending the Korean War and the left-wing vote split by Democrat Ed Muskie and Progressive Benjamin Spock. The election is notable, however, due to the first minority on a major-party ticket (Democratic VP nominee Patsy Mink being Asian-American), as well as the first election with more than one woman in the running (Mink, as well as Progressive VP nominee Gloria Steinem).