Archive One:
1970 - 1972.25
Archive Two:
1972.50 - 1974.75
Archive Three:
1975 - 1977.25

This page is an archive for the Night of the Living Alternate History map game, from 1972.50 to 1974.75

The Game


Soviet-Alaskan protesters continue to roam the Alaskan frontier. A trade caravan is seized by the rebels.

Turkish and English forces await along the Scottish border for the order to invade if necessary. Peace talks continue to hopefully repair the situation (on talk page).

The city of Naples is surrounded by Zombies, trapping the Italian soldiers within.

Russian special forces manage to end hostilities in the east of Russia, ending the Kamchatka rebellion.

The city of Vienna is loosely secured after months of fighting. The Nationalist party becomes the dominant force in the city, uniting the many rival factions to continue fighting the Zombie infection. Roadblocks and barricades are established around the city. The Habsburgs are crowned as the royal family of Austria.

The Austrian republic stationed in the Austrian Alps, retaliates against the Habsburgs, but their lack of organization leads to little progress being made.

The Danish sign an agreement with the remnants of the Swedish government, establishing a new nation known as the Confederation of the Baltics. The nation, consisting of Zeeland, Odense, Bornholm, Gotland, and Oland, becomes the successor state to Denmark.

Harald V, son of the current king of Norway, marries Margrethe Alexandrine Þórhildur Ingrid (Margrethe II), of Denmark. They form the royal family of the Confederation. The Swedish and Danish governments flee to the Confederation. No one is allowed into the islands unless they manage to pass a screening station.

All primary nations’ industrial score (USA, USSR, England, France, China, and the Commonwealth) increase to 1.5.

Turkey’s naval score increases to 2. However, due to recent expansion, Turkey's stability is lowered to 40.

The Zombie infection spreads farther: into China, central Spain, Africa, Sweden, Finland, and Argentina.

Turkey: Oil is back at a stable price after Saudi engineers fixed the pipeline. TBRU are still fighting off the infection in African nations, successfully pushing back the infection. Sarin gas attacks on “Dead Cities” are successful and prove to be effective. This method is broadcast to all nations to help fight the infection. The newest Aircraft Carrier of the Turkish Fleet is finally completed. The TCG Sezer just came off the slipway and is being outfitted with aircraft. The TCG Yozgat also came off the slipway, and is currently leading the Turkish Navy as the new flagship. Construction of five Samsun-Class Heavy Cruisers, twenty Yiğit-Class Destroyers, eight Caspian-Class Cruisers, and ten Konya-Class Submarines have been completed. One Ankara-Class Battleship is also completed, and its name is the TCG Gaziantep. Completion of our navy will end soon and research for even better ships has started. All Allen M. Summer-Class Destroyers and all Gearing-Class Destroyers have been scrapped or sunk as targets. Any ship in the Turkish Navy with 40mm Anti-Air guns will be replaced by DARDO CIWS Platforms to ensure better protection against enemy aircraft. The Turkish government would like to purchase a C-5B Galaxy transport plane from the U.S. The intent of it is to be used as a VIP class air plane to transport the President of Turkey. We will gladly purchase one for $150,000,000. Turkish Aerospace Industries are now researching quad tilt rotor helicopters. They will primarily be used to bring in large amounts of troops and light-medium weight vehicles, or just heavy vehicles. Since this is a hard task, it will take an estimate of three months to finally research a working vehicle. Our order of 150 C-96 Carpet runner Bombers has been completed and will be issued to the Turkish Air Force. Military drafting has recruited about 70,000 more troops. The new Black Light unit is expanding and currently has about 7000 troops. Meanwhile the TBRU have about 35,000 troops, and the GTFO have 4600. The invasion of Scotland has started and about 100,000 Turkish Troops have been deployed to invade Scotland. Operation Storm Watch has commenced. Meanwhile a task force consisting of one Evren-Class Aircraft Carrier, two Ankara-Class Battleships, two Samsun-Class Heavy Cruisers, six Caspian-Class Cruisers, 20 Yigit-Class Destroyers, and six Konya-Class Submarines has been sent out to destroy Scottish Naval Ports/Harbors. Long range Tomahawk Camera Guided Missiles, fired from several ships have found and destroyed six Scottish Naval Vessels from 150 km away. Since special radio equipment on our ships jammed their radio transmissions they weren’t able to send a transmission back to the Scottish Military Command, these ships were “silently” taken out. A small group of the task force has been sent out to destroy Scottish ground forces invading the Faroe Islands. Soon they will bombard the coastline where Scottish Forces have started to invade from. Soon our task force will find and hunt down the rest of Scotland’s navy. About 20,000 troops are being ready to be deployed in the Faroe Islands to help Danish Forces fight back against the Scots. Twenty new C-96 Carpet runners have been ordered to bomb Scotland. Due to its large operational range it can travel between Scotland and Turkey, and arrive back without having to refuel. An firmware update has been sent to all LAMS, this update includes faster projectile tracking, the LAMS now has a 60% chance of shooting down incoming projectiles out of the air (Tank rounds, RPGs, Naval Shells, Artillery, Mortars, etc…). GTFO troops have parachuted into rural areas of Scotland to laser down hidden strategic targets for friendly bombers to destroy. Special Forces have also started using guerrilla tactics against Scottish supply convoys to weaken enemy fortifications. Some GTFO units regrouped with SAS that have also parachuted into Scotland. They say that the Prime Minister of Scotland, Angus McGregor is located in a bunker near this location. The mission started with the breaching of the air locks. Satchel charges have blown the airlocks open, and the sudden change of air pressure killed the first couple guards. Special Forces then went down into the lower levels into the bunker, and finally captured Prime Minister Angus McGregor and his Cabinet. Four TK-66 SkyHawk Tilt Rotor helicopters, escorted by two Vulture attack helios picked up the Special Forces Teams, and the Prime Minister with his Cabinet. Other GTFO teams have been ordered to destroy any anti-aircraft battery in a ten km radius. The helicopters then landed on the Turkish Aircraft Carrier the TCG Evren. Over here they refueled then got sent to a joint military prison in Brighton. Artillery strikes have completely annihilated military fortifications along the main front, which means troops can easily enter the nation without facing heavy resistance. Troops then entered the town of Glasgow where they had multiple skirmishes with Scottish troops (Algorithm Please). Scottish troops have tried to remotely detonate explosives to take out our armored vehicles, but because of our Mobile EMP System they were duds and have been proved ineffective to take out our armored vehicles. Because of oil exports going to Scotland are cancelled, their mechanized units (ships, tanks, APCs, helicopters, planes, etc…) are immobilized. An order for 4000 Leopard 2A4 tanks and 2500 Leopard 2A5 tanks has been placed. To keep Europe stable, 40,000 Turkish troops, and 2000 TBRU troops have been sent to Italy to fight back the infection. Sarin gas missiles have been fired into “Dead Cities” in Europe to help fight back the infection. More high powered flood lights have been applied to the wall, and an electrified barbed wire fence, supported by steel rods has been built on the outside of the wall. More land mines are placed along the border. All observation towers have been completed along the wall. Auto sentries are being placed several km away from the border wall to minimize the amount of Zombies the wall has to face. The first wall is also planned to be elevated from fifteen ft to twenty-one ft. We ask China and Japan if they need help with the infection. The bunker underneath Cyprus is finally completed and can house about 4000 people. Leaders from the EHU will secretly leave their nation to go to this giant bunker in case the infection is at an uncontrollable rate. Topside, there are about 60,000 Turkish Troops, housed in a giant military installation, consisting of a naval harbor, airfield, barracks, and two dry docks. Construction of a joint military harbor, and dry dock has started in Brighton.

  • Japan Diplomacy: Prime Minister Eisaku Satō tells Turkey that they are in a stalemate and any help to fight against the Zombies would be appreciated.
  • Turkish Diplomacy: We will send 10,000 troops, supplies, and 1000 TBRU.

Japan: Japan continues to build up the Self Defence Forces and infrastructure is improved. The Self Defence Forces continue to burn down infected areas in Kyūshū, and continue the blockade, and people that show any sign of infection are still to be destroyed immediately. Some of the Maritime Self Defence Force continues to guard around the Japanese islands to look out for any more ships, and if any are infected then they are to be destroyed immediately. Part of the Maritime Self Defence Force also continues to fight against the outbreak and attempts to prevent it from spreading across into Shikoku. Some of the Ground Self Defence Forces begin invading Kyūshū and begin burning everything as they advance and attempt to push the Zombies out of Kyūshū. Zen Taoism continues to rise in popularity throughout Japan, while Shintō rises more in popularity. The Tōhōkai continues to rise higher in popularity.

  • Turkish Diplomacy: We are sorry be we cannot send troops to you at this time. Our stability is dropping, and we need to get it back up.
  • Japan Diplomacy: Prime Minister Eisaku Satō, while disappointed, accepts the apology.
  • Turkish Diplomacy: Thank you for understanding, and Ramadan is also coming as well, and our troops need a break from fighting.

Saudi Arabia: Mass production has been established for the Mohawk Combat Uniform, after receiving the schematics from Turkey. We built four more of the Caspian Class Cruisers, seven more Yiğit-Class Destroyers, and three Konya-Class Submarines. Having around 44 ships in the Persian Gulf. Our Army score increases to 1.5. Along with that We produced another one hundred Northrop F-5A/B Freedom Fighters. In total having 600 Northrop F-5A/B Freedom Fighters in the Arabian Airfield along with a hundred R-67 Sparrow Jet Fighters.

The Siege of Glasgow is unsuccessful (see algorithm on talk page).

CSH: Research continues as more is understood about the virus. The virus deteriorates the nervous system and is aggressive against other viruses. Attempts to kill the virus with other bacteria and viruses is unsuccessful. Blood from citizens is collected to test with the virus in hopes of finding an immune person. We urge the rest of the UCO to do the same and send their blood to the CSH. Newfoundland is accepted into the CSH ( 1-500 no. 501-1000 yes. 883.). Factories are being built to continue to improve unemployment rates. The Western border is kept guarded and some of the military goes to Newfoundland. The Navy is given priority and the budget increases.

  • Northwest Federation: With elections dawning on the nation, each Triumvirate member launches ad campaigns as opponents launch their own campaigns. Meanwhile, more safe zones are established. By now, the state of Washington is declared safe. Zombies are limited to one per one hundred sq km in Washington and much of Oregon. Fighting in Idaho continues.

Commonwealth: Continues to develop on all fields.

Australia:  Invades Southern Papua New Guinea as part of creating the East Asian buffer zone. Develops Fiji and enlists Fijian men in the commonwealth army.
New Zealand:
Colombia: The Isolation protocols of the country continue only keeping its ties with other seeming uninfected nations like Japan and Cuba have proved and commercial contacts to keep the goal on its stand. Military is built up, navy expands and scientists begin trying to develop nuclear weaponry in the Amazonas. In case of needing it, though, the leadership seems quite confident that the Infection won't extend to the nation for a while.

China: More and more Zombies were round up and killed. The knowledge about Zombies is turned into a new house of knowledge, named Zombiology. Another significant study is discovered, which states that a Zombie, in fact, likes pig brains more than human brains. Thus, all team of armed forces has a bag of pig brains as a trap to capture Zombies later on. The army has killed more and more Zombies and it is estimated that the Zombie threat will end in 1974. CNS Destroyer QiGuan has been christened, with 48 anti-ship missiles, 30 surface-to-air missiles, two twin-barrel 130 mm dual purpose guns, four Type 76A dual-37mm anti-aircraft guns, two Type 75 anti-submarine rocket system, 12 torpedo tubes, four Depth Charges and 50 Naval Mines. The industrialisation plan starts and all countries are expected to have at least 12 factories, three steel mills and one arms factory.

Chicago: The education and training reforms prove to be successful, with an increase of .5 army and industrial technology (Industrial tech boost will spill in later.) This boost comes as a price however, as it results in -1 stability. Because of this, the Chicagoan government invests in centralization. The Scientific department collects and sends blood samples to CSH. The Government of Chicago decides to invite all nations in the North American hemisphere to the Chicagoan Summit. Question: What is my current stability and army/industrial score?

You can only upgrade one level, every turn. After that you must wait two turns, then repeat. Right now you're at Army: 1.5, Navy: 1, Ind: 1. Your stability is 49.

Okay. Thanks for that.

United States: Fort Kennedy becomes fully operational and begins guarding the population of Brighton and much of the South Downs. Trade begins to commence over the South Downs Highway between London and Brighton thanks to US patrols. More supplies begin to arrive in London and the average quality of life in the city increases slightly. More housing is constructed in the US occupied zone of London, and houses deemed not structurally intact are demolished. Responsibility is slowly handed over to the English government as more US forces are withdrawn everyday. Herne Hill Stadium is handed back to the English as administration efforts now mostly lie in the hands of the English. General Abrams, commander of the Mississippi territory, is inspired by the efforts in London and begins drafting plans for similar renovations in the Mississippi and Delta regions. Destroyed areas in Nashville, Memphis, Vicksburg, and other cities are demolished and foundations are laid for new construction. Hundreds of workers in need of work are recruited for the massive reconstruction effort. The initial steps of the reconstruction plan include reopening several quarries and lumber yards in the east to supply the program, employing many out of work. Maintenance of US highways and bridges destroyed in the Mississippi region begins to easily ship supplies to the west. Housing developments and modern fortifications are planned to be installed in all major Mississippi cities and along the Mississippi River. In the north the new front is established from the strongholds of Regina and Saskatoon, to Devils Lake, North Dakota, to Duluth, Minnesota, to Madison, Wisconsin. The city of Minneapolis begins to be besieged. Heavy bombings continue to be orchestrated in Zombie-ridden towns in the Midwest. Trade restrictions are tightened in eastern ports.


Turkish forces withdraw from Glasgow after a costly assault. The Scottish manage to hold onto the city after suffering heavy casualties. The English and Turkish fall back to Dumfries.

Karl von Habsburg, king of Nationalist Austria, as it begins to be called, begins a guerrilla war against the Austrian government. The city of Innsbruck erupts into civil war where the Nationalist party attempts to take hold.

The Confederation of the Baltics is fortified further. The Swedish and Danish royal families are officially relocated there, alongside hundreds of Scandinavian refugees.

All primary nations’ industrial score (USA, USSR, England, France, China, and the Commonwealth) increase to 2.

The Aland Islands allies with the Confederation of the Baltics.

After salvaging supplies from the battle in Glasgow and focusing on defense for several turns, Scotland’s army score increases to 1.5.

Several hundred people are killed or injured in a terrorist incident in Ankara protesting Turkish relations with Israel.

The Northwest Federation election begins with several political parties attempting to take power. Tom McCall, former governor of Oregon becomes one of the rising stars of the Republican party, gaining support from a large section of the population.

In the Democratic Party, Robert W. Straub of Oregon and Cecil D. Andrus of Idaho become the leading candidates.

The newly formed Libertarian Party also gains influence, and candidate Tonie Nathan manages to gain a small following.

Halifax’s industrial score increases to 1.5, and the army score of Spain, Israel, and Japan increases to 1.5.

Scouts from Deseret observe several cases where Zombies who have not feasted in days turning into thin, feral Zombies which are quicker and more deadly.

Following repeated Sarin gas strikes in northern Africa, select strains of the Zombie virus begin to show immunity or resilience to the gas. This new strain becomes more dominant in Africa and southern Europe.

The Zombie infection spreads farther into southern China, central Spain, Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Chile, the Congo region, Northern Scandinavia, eastern Poland, the Belarus and Ukraine region, and Greece.

Japan: Japan continues to build up the Self Defence Forces and infrastructure is improved. The Self Defence Forces continue to burn down infected areas in Kyūshū, and continue the blockade, and people that show any sign of infection are still to be destroyed immediately. Some of the Maritime Self Defence Force continues to guard around the Japanese islands to look out for any more ships, and if any are infected then they are to be destroyed immediately. Part of the Maritime Self Defence Force also continues to fight against the outbreak and attempts to prevent it from spreading across into Shikoku. Some of the Ground Self Defence Forces continue invading Kyūshū and begin burning everything as they advance and attempt to push the Zombies out of Kyūshū. Zen Taoism continues to rise in popularity throughout Japan, while Shintō rises more in popularity. Elections happen in Japan and Tanaka Kakuei becomes the New Prime Minister. Meanwhile the Tōhōkai gains eleven seats in the parliament following the election.

Northwest Federation: The incumbent chairmen McCall and Evans retain their seats. The nation, unhappy with Murphy's handling of the Idaho outbreaks, elects Cecil Andrus to become the new chairman representing Idaho. The Second Triumvirate is declared. Murphy will remain in office until next year. Chairman-elect Andrus rallies troops and militia to retake parts of Idaho. The militia drives into the former state and cuts the infected zones in two, the line being held at the Idaho District (a former county).

Saudi Arabia: Prince Saud commanded that the entire Nation to go under a ‘Police State’. Along with that, trade is now going to be monitored by Biological response units. We built four more of the Caspian Class Cruisers, seven more Yiğit-Class Destroyers and three Konya-Class Submarines. Having around 58 ships in the Persian Gulf. Our Industry score increases to 1.5. We produced another one hundred Northrop F-5A/B Freedom Fighters. In total having 700 Northrop F-5A/B Freedom Fighters in the Arabian Air Force along with a hundred R-67 Sparrow Jet Fighters.

Turkey: Because of the loss at Glasgow, Turkish troops are retreating back to the border. Turkish troops are also being withdrawn from the UK to celebrate Ramadan, and to also increase stability in Turkey. A cease fire has been issued with Scotland to celebrate the holiday. However the Scottish Prime Minister, Angus McGregor, is still held in a military prison, in Brighton. Troops in Japan and the UCO are also sent back to Turkey to celebrate Ramadan. However the border wall is still heavily manned, and trade is still inspected by the Sea Forts. The Turkish task force is also sent back to Turkey, along with the troops being sent to the Faroe Islands. All ships that were ordered are now completed. The Turkish navy now consists of 173 Ships. However more classes of ships are being researched to have designated jobs. Other military vehicles are still being constructed. Turkey’s Army Score increases to 2.5. Only 30,000 troops have been recruited because of Ramadan. High Schools in the nation now teach shooting as part of the Physical Education course for kids in 10th-12th grade. To increase stability in the whole nation, we won’t send troops to aid people in wars. We will still have troops protecting the UCO, but we will not have any troops aiding in any war for a while. However, we will still send supplies to allied nations that are in a war. A quad tilt rotor heavy lift chopper prototype has been constructed, but it can only hold one hundred troops, and two APCs/Light Tanks, or two Medium-Heavy Tanks. The current prototype has a top speed of 200 km, and an operational range of 750 km. Turkish Aerospace Industries haven’t been able to make a more efficient model, so we made an order of 200 of these helicopters. It will be called the TQ-86 Pelican. Progression on the naval harbor in Brighton hasn’t stopped, but slowed because of Ramadan. Workers constructing the harbor have been sent back to Turkey for one month. The harbor should be completed in the next three months, and it will house the Turkish Northern European Fleet, the US Northern European Fleet, and the English Fleet. Our plan of attack against Scotland right now is to cancel all oil exports from the nations in the EHU. Troops inside of Northern Africa, that are currently fighting the infection are still pushing the infection back with minor loses. They will celebrate Ramadan, and be replaced by other troops that haven’t seen combat in about nine months (We are mainly doing this to get our stability back up). After Ramadan ends, all troops that weren’t able to celebrate it will celebrate late, and be replaced by new troops. When we come back to invade Scotland, we will come back with our allies at the EHU. They will also start sending supplies to the UK if they were a nation that accepted. (These allies accept to help or decline to help by the use of, it is set that if a nation lands on an even number on a dice, the nation accepts) Iran: Declines, Iraq: Accepts, Cyprus: Accepts, Egypt: Declines, Algeria: Declines, Syria: Accepts, and Libya: Accepts. In about nine months we will come back to help if the war is still going on. Sarin gas attacks on Dead Cities, and Scorched Earth Tactics are pushing back the Zombie infection, in Northern Africa. The infection spreading in Northern Africa will be cleansed of by 1973.50. Walls surrounding cities are on high alert, and anybody that wants to leave or go into the city must be put through a screening process. A trade offer goes to the Commonwealth, UK, and the United States for cheap Bio-Fuel, Uranium, Oil, Tectus clothing, Airplane Parts, Turkish Baklava (Turkish delight), and other Rare Earth Metals. More Algae Bio-Fuel farms are being built to produce cheap fuel. We are asking the United States if they want to build a Joint Military Naval Base on the Turkish Mainland. Small pockets of Zombies have been spotted in other nations of the EHU, including Turkey. Since they aren’t in metropolitan areas, and in the country side they can be easily spotted. TBRU have started annihilating Zombies in the country side, and they should be gone by the next three months. Citizens are now required to wear Tectus and air purifiers. City gates are now in lock down, nobody is allowed outside of the city, and nobody is allowed inside. Small pockets of citizens have voluntarily left to the Subway system. Vulture attack chopper now scout the countryside for infection. Anybody suspected of the virus is put in a mandatory screening process; if they have the virus they will automatically be shot. Military helicopters drop in troops into small villages and towns in the countryside. Zombies have been seen eating animals like chickens and cows. Research from Zombies that have been taken from the countryside, shows that they enjoy eating some animals more than humans. Sarin gas attacks are proving to be ineffective as of right now, and we start to use other deadly gases like: V Series Nerve Agents. Research has shown that VX Gas can kill Zombies two times faster. Rocket Artillery batteries have started firing these nerve agents outside of the nation, and into Dead Cities. Napalm Strikes are also pushing Zombies back in the country side. Reports of Feral Zombies have been seen in the country side of Egypt. Because of the terrorist attack in Ankara police troops are searching people’s homes. No relations have changed with Israel because of this. Words from President Cevdet Sunay: “We might’ve been enemies with Israel. But that is all in the past. Dark days are upon us, and we need help from every possible nation to fight back the infection. Your dark hatred for Israel must end here, or else we are no better than the infection. United we Stand, Divided we Fall. I can understand why you are mad, but hostilities should end. We will not survive the upcoming months if this continues.” This announcement was made to all of Turkey.

Commonwealth: Continues development and expansion on all fields. A nuke is tested in the Australian Outback. A ship is sent to Japan, flying a massive commonwealth flag (it's not huge, just large for a naval vessel) as well as flags of Australia and New Zealand, carrying a message of cooperation/alliance. This ship is guarded from other vessels by a small fleet of destroyers and submarines. Another ship is sent to Southern Indochina to gain information on the situation there. A vessel sent earlier in the year arrives in San Francisco, also carrying messages of peace and cooperation. Naval Blockade is expanded to protect all of the commonwealth. A cargo plane similar to the C-5 Galaxy is made.

  • Japan Diplomacy: New Prime Minister Kakuei Tanaka of Japan accepts the Commonwealth's offer of alliance.

Florida: Work on the border wall continues. The basic wall is now finished, and construction of the defense towers continues. More troops are sent to assist the USA. Oil drilling commences in the Gulf of Mexico.

Free Alaska: Integration of the former soviet territories continues as civil unrest continues. Most of the rioters and criminals engaged in the activates against the nation of Free Alaska have been Russian, so a large increase in racial profiling has begun. Free Alaska currently lacks adequate prisons, so most capital crimes have resulted in the death penalty. While smaller jail facilities and forced labor have been adequate for petty thefts and minor crimes; the rioters fall somewhere in the middle, and unable to find a suitable verdict, most rioters, if caught, have been deported to the USSR (if Russian) or to the Zombie infested territory in Southern California (if American). Several of the protesters have been identified as supporters of Miroslav Zhdanov, who is suspected to be hiding in the Aleutian islands. Small military forces are occupying the inhabited islands, but those uninhabited islands have not been searched. The government is unwilling to persecute most of the rioters, because they still have until the end of the year to leave the country. The former soviet occupied zone has inadequate forces to prevent the riots (especially on the coastal towns), so most people hope that once conscription is enforced in 1973, the added men will be able to fully enforce law in the region. 

Chicago: Centralization proves successful and stability returns to 50. Training troops and civilians, border security and medical research continue. We begin the first Chicagoan summit. 

  • United States: We will attend the Chicagoan Summit.
  • Canada (NPC): We will attend the Chicagoan Summit.

*Turkish Diplomacy: We will attend the Chicagoan Summit. I forgot this is only for Western Hemisphere nations.

United States: We order the production of five more Iowa-class battleships, which are planned to be built over the course of the next several months. The new ships are to be armed with nine 16-inch/50 cal. Mark 7 guns and 20 5-inch/38 cal. Mark 12 guns. We also upgrade the eight already existing US battleships to meet these specifications. These naval upgrades increase our naval score to 1.5. We also begin building Cadillac Gage Commando land vehicles, and other armored cars to replace outdated models, and ones destroyed or lost in Arctic Storm. M103 heavy tanks are also produced, boasting 180 mm armor and a 120 mm, M58, main gun. Operations continue to be led from the garrison at Fort Kennedy. Travel over the South Downs Highway continues to increase, as the area becomes safer and better patrolled. Anti-air guns and other artillery are also stationed in the fort, and around London. Restoration of the US Mississippi region continues, and route 40 is repaired. New waves of trade prosper down the highway system, connecting the nation of Texas to as far east as Franklin, the East Coast and beyond. The city of Minneapolis begins to be taken by the American forces.

China: The industrialization plan continues. The first-Chinese tank and submarine is christened, named the Li Guan Tank and CNS Zhi Long, named after the famous Chinese pirate-admiral. An assault plan is planned to reclaim the coastline. A trans-China railroad is to be rebuilt and the Tank is mass-produced in Japanese funded areas. An electricity plan begins. 500,000 people in the army, now towering four million people and one million militia, is banded in Hefei, preparing for a large assault. 300 tanks, 10,000 machine guns, 30 bombers, 1000 Armored Vehicles and 3000 pieces of Artillery are also sent to Hefei. The operation is named "Thunderstrike" and the goal is to reclaim Jianshu, JianXi and Fujian and destroy all large hordes of Zombies.


Nerve gas bombardments continue in North Africa. The spread of the dangerous chemical increases, due to Zombie movements and weather patterns. Dust from the Sahara Desert spreads the gas to neighboring populations. Within several months hundreds are dead from friendly gas attacks. Confusion in urban areas thaws much of the early anti-Zombie campaign.

A miscalculation in Beni mellal, a Moroccan city, results in several squads of Turkish soldiers dying from nerve gas.

In Irbil, Iraq four hundred people are killed in a rogue gas attack, believed to be caused by an Islamic extremist from Turkey.

The supporters of Miroslav Zhdanov fall back to Unalaska, Alaska, on the Aleutian Islands. The city is seized and becomes a stronghold for the rebel forces. The city becomes heavily populated with refugees from Alaska, and from Russian forces from Kamchatka. The government in Unalaska begins trying to insight further rebellion in neighboring areas.

In Austria the Nationalist Party continues to grow in power. Similar rebellions currently occur in Innsbruck, where federal defense soldiers fight to suppress the rebellion.

In China fierce fighting continues to keep the Zombies out of major cities. Shanghai and much of the coastline is proclaimed dead, however Chinese garrisons still remain in the south and central regions.

Scotland’s army score increases to two.

Turkish soldiers begin to be withdrawn from the British Isles. The English army secures Dumfries and awaits further orders.

Desperate survivors on the Baltic Sea begin trading supplies over sea. A ferry system is established in major cities along the eastern coast, where after passing screening, refugees can flee to the Confederation, or conduct trade. Fearing that their respective countries may be lost, many from Scandinavia begin fleeing over the trade network.

Andrus’ military campaigns in Idaho continue to be successful, further rallying support.

Southern France is reunified by the French government. All provincial ties to the United Kingdom are withdrawn. Brittany remains the only French territory in the United Kingdom.

The Zombie infection spreads farther: into southern China, northern Spain, Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Israel, Sudan, the Congo region, eastern Scandinavia, eastern Poland, the Belarus and Ukraine region, and Greece.

Japan: Japan continues to build up the Self Defence Forces and infrastructure is improved. The Self Defence Forces continue to burn down infected areas in Kyūshū, and continue the blockade, and people that show any sign of infection are still to be destroyed immediately. Some of the Maritime Self Defence Force continues to guard around the Japanese islands to look out for any more ships, and if any are infected then they are to be destroyed immediately. Part of the Maritime Self Defence Force also continues to fight against the outbreak and attempts to prevent it from spreading across into Shikoku. Some of the Ground Self Defence Forces continue invading Kyūshū and continue burning everything as they advance and attempt to push the Zombies out of Kyūshū. Zen Taoism continues to rise in popularity throughout Japan, while Shintō rises more in popularity. Tōhōkai continues to rise in popularity. Kazutomi Takayama releases Imperishable Dusk, which will be the last manga in the Imperishable trilogy.

Northwest Federation: The military is expanded as the nation pushes into Idaho. The new Idahoan chairman takes office and leads a campaign into southern Idaho. Meanwhile, the infrastructure of several Puget towns and cities expands.

Free Alaska: The Free Alaskans clear an operation for the invasion of northern Alaska. The invasion is led by general Todd Hardwick, who is unseasoned as a general, yet has previous combat experience in the Korean War as an enlisted soldier. A force of about 2000 US troops are in the region, and the invasion force comprises about 3500 Free Alaskans. The forces steamroll all opposition crossing the brooks range in the beginning. US forces manage to put together a sizeable defense of over 1000 to defend the oil fields of Prudhoe Bay, but are overwhelmed by the Alaskan forces. The leader of the defenders, General Joe Bradley, is killed in action. A few days later, Barrow is easily taken, due to the small garrison of 250 men stationed there. The remnants of the American forces attempt to flee over the Canadian border,  but after a month of skirmishes, the Alaskans catch up with them near Mount Mitchelson. The US troops have no choice but to surrender. 1200 US troops are Paroled. 800 are unaccounted for. The northern territory may be sovereign Free Alaskan territory, but with it come over 800 former US troops that, along with the Russians, will become a major thorn in the side for the Free Alaskans, and probably entice those soldiers paroled to break their parole. Oil facilities begin to be constructed in Prudhoe Bay (production of Oil did not start in OTL until 1977), and other potential oil fields are hoped to be found. During the battle for Barrow, one of the Alaskan naval ships present reports seeing a submarine attempt to flee, which was promptly sunk. Divers sent to examine the wreckage for potential naval technologies found not only cutting-edge American technology, but also a nuclear missile containing ten Warheads. The warheads are immediately shipped to Fairbanks via a secret convoy, and are dissected by scientists in the hopes that the knowledge of nuclear weaponry can become available to the Free Alaskans. The diplomatic mission ends, and the two remaining diplomatic ships had back home after contacting most of the nations in the world. The navy is enlarged to nine vessels. four warships are sent to Unalaska. an attempt to land troops on the island to enforce law is met negatively by those on the island. because all citizens in the former soviet occupied zone are now considered citizens, the area is declared as being in rebellion, and the over-zealous Commodore of the task force orders the Island Shelled without mercy, killing many supporters of Zhandov, and innocent civilians. Troops were landed again on the island within 30 minutes of the intense shelling, and found the island in a state of desolation. They also find that Zhandov himself was never on the island, and it appears that he never even left the mainland. Due to a lack of capable naval leadership, the admiral is scolded, but not discharged. conscription begins, and the military begins a buildup of supplies in  the south to prepare for the inevitable invasion of Anchorage and Juneau. Ethnic Russians are encouraged to enlist in the National Gendarmery Forces. The NGF is basically a national police force, though it is considered part in the military. The government hopes that the NGF will help them connect with local communities, and solidify their sovereignty over Alaska. 

Turkey: Helicopters and IFVs equipped with Thermal Cameras are quarantining the two infected regions. TBRU have started pushing into the infected regions and started storming infected villages, successfully pushing back the infection. 600,000 troops have been moved to the Western Border Wall. More wind turbines have been built on the mountain side. Increasing Turkey’s Industry to 1.5. Withdrawal of troops has increased stability by five points. VX gas attacks are stopping due to uncontrollable spread. We have sent deep apologies to Iraq. More people in cities are moving into the subway systems. The nation is now put into a state of emergency, curfews are being placed. Anybody staying past 9:00 will be taken by police forces, and will be forced to take a screening process. Anybody not wearing Tectus and a breathing apparatus will be forced to take a screening process as well. Nobody is allowed into the nation, anybody infected will be humanely killed. The TCG Yozgat secretly transported the Turkish president, all military Leaders, and the Cabinet to the bunker underneath Cyprus. They have safely made it to the bunker and will live there until the Zombie outbreak is contained in Turkey. The presidents double has taken position of the nation. He will still be guided by the actual president from an encrypted satellite phone. Villages that have been cleared of Zombies will be occupied for troops to ensure that the infection won’t come back. Due to the state of emergency 300,000 troops have been drafted. Another 135,000 troops have been moved to the infected areas to clean up the infection. More Zombie-proof clothing has been given to the population of Turkey. We ask the US again if they want to make a joint military base on the Turkish mainland, consisting of a harbor, barracks and an airfield. The main Turkish Fleet has been assigned on guarding Cyprus. More ships being inspected by Sea Forts scuttled, however non-infected supplies still have been taken off the ship to import into the country. Turkish ship builders have come up with another ship class designed for Anti-Air. It’s called the Gayret-Class Anti-Air Cruiser, and has an armament of 8xLAMS Platforms, four 5in Guns, 12 533mm Torpedo Tubes, ten SAM Platforms, eight AK-630 CIWS, six DARDO CIWS, and eight .50 Cal Machine Guns. An order for 20 of these has been put down. The Mil Helicopter Corporation constructed a new attack helicopter for the Turkish Military, and is currently called the Mi-28 Havoc. It has an armament of one 30mm Chin Mounted Gun, 40 Hydra Rockets, 16 Anti-Tank Missiles, and eight Igla-V Air to Air Missiles. An order for 750 has been placed and should be completed by six months. Scorched Earth Tactics are now being more commonly used again for destroying the infection. A chain link border fence is being built around the two infected regions. Every town in Turkey is now occupied by troops, and TBRU.

Cuba: The GHA and the Hispaniola Especial, renamed the Seekers, begin to go to what was once Panama to exterminate the Zombies there and to take the Panama Canal under their control, with the air Force behind. This is called Operation: Reconciliation. Aerial bombardment and Scorched Earth tactics are used in an attempt to gain the Panama Canal. While Zombies are killed, a wall between Panama and Colombia and Panama and former Costa Rica is being built, and survivors are forced to convert.

CSH: With Newfoundland now joining the CSH, the research facilities are expanded onto that island as well. Canada is upset with the recent defection. The CSH gives them some military troops as a gift (35,000 Troops are sent to Ontario, CA). Troops are stationed all over Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. Towns and Cities have their curfews return to normal as the stability has increased. With the only way of transportation to Prince Edward Island being by boat, a building plan is made to connect PEI starting at Northumberland Ferries Limited, then onto Munroe's Island, then onto Pictou Island, and then a ten-mile long bridge to Prince Edward's Island. Besides military activity and research most of the public life is returning to normal.

USSR: Work on nuclear and military buildup continues, and a nuke is dropped on the Zombie zones of Europe in hopes of clearing those lands. Soviet troops also invade Persia, and ask for an algorithm. No one is playing as the USSR. The previous player was kicked. You also can't invade Persia randomly, never mind use nukes in the same fashion. Algorithms should also be out of character. Please choose a different nation if you wish to continue playing. You can choose a nation by signing your name next to a nation above. 

Republic of Florida: Gun tower construction is now complete. The Floridian Wall is now finished. Military buildup continues. The Floridian Army, in conjunction with the DZR (Department of Zombie Research), begins development of the M14 Mako, a light armored vehicle designed to be able to make fast runs through Zombie-infested territory. Drilling in the Gulf continues.

  • Floridian Diplomacy: We ask the United States for a trade agreement. We will also be attending the Chicagoan summit.
  • United States Diplomacy: We accept the trade agreement.
  • Commonwealth: Blockades the northern seas. Australia invades the entirety of the island of Guinea.

United States: Work continues on the next wave of Iowa-class battleships. Our naval score upgrades to 2. Upgraded land vehicles are also transported to military outposts, most notably the Cadillac Gage Commando land vehicles. Defenses along the front in North America are fortified, as the next phase of Arctic Storm is delayed until further word from the outcome of the Chicagoan Summit. After intense fighting the city of Minneapolis falls to American forces. Reinforcements from Chicago are hastily shipped west, along Route 94, fortifying the US position. US scouts continue down the highway, spotting heavy resistance near St. Cloud. A vertical front is loosely established from Leech Lake to the south, and from the east coast of Leech Lake to the north of Red Lake. From Winnipeg, two separate armies, one near Devil’s Lake, heading southwest, and one in Grafton, heading south, plan to close the gap between Minneapolis. In the north US and Canadian forces manage to secure west of Saskatoon. Bombing is intensified in the west as more ground forces arrive to surround the infected zone.

China: The industrialization plan continues. Operation "Thunderstrike" begins and the army attacks Shaoxing, which was lost to the Zombies. The army struck into Shaoxing with large air support and artillery fire and won the battle with 386 soldiers died due to being surrounded by Zombies and 129 due to being accidentally bombarded. However, a estimate of 10,000 Zombies were killed. With Shaoxing secured, the army divided into two, and one was sent to retake NingBo, Taizhou and Wenshou and the other was to reclaim Hangzhou, Jiaxing and Shanghai. Large Japanese corporations, like Toyota, Canon, Sayon and Sony entered China for cheap labor. The government gave the best treatment, and built many factories quickly. Asks Japan for some air support and forces to assist its ally. 

  • Japan Diplomacy: Prime Minister Kakuei Tanaka agrees and sends some more of the Self Defence Forces (Air, Navy and Army) to help China.


Along the Turkish border hostilities increase. The Turkish army manage to hold the main Zombie force back.

The city of Antalya is infected after a trade ship manned by unknowingly infected sailors lands onshore.

After several months of fighting, Alaskan forces abandon Valdez and begin fortifying Anchorage and Juneau.

Free Alaskan forces continue pacifying the north and west of Alaska. Small protests continue in Bethel and other cities.

The stronghold in Unalaska falls to Free Alaskan invaders, destroying most of the city and killing dozens of civilians.

Japan’s industrial score increases to 2.

As quality of life increases, and more time and resources are devoted to science, Halifax’s stability increases to 60.

The Zombie infection spreads farther: into Manchuria, northern Portugal, Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Syria, western Africa, Afghanistan, Northern Scandinavia, eastern Poland, and western Russia.

Japan: Japan continues to build up the Self Defence Forces and infrastructure is improved. The Self Defence Forces continue to burn down infected areas in Kyūshū, and continue the blockade, and people that show any sign of infection are still to be destroyed immediately. Some of the Maritime Self Defence Force continues to guard around the Japanese Islands to look out for any more ships, and if any are infected then they are to be destroyed immediately. Part of the Maritime Self Defence Force also continues to fight against the outbreak and attempts to prevent it from spreading across into Shikoku. Some of the Ground Self Defence Forces continue invading Kyūshū and continue burning everything as they advance and attempt to push the Zombies out of Kyūshū. Zen Taoism continues to rise in popularity throughout Japan, while Shintō rises more in popularity. Tōhōkai continues to rise in popularity. Kazutomi Takayama begins thinking ideas for a new manga series, which will still feature Seiga Rokkaku and Yoshika Miyako, but possible new characters are being thought about.

Sealand: Sealand and its waning number of inhabitants have begun to run low on vital supplies and provisions. Their government, (a monarchy by name, but closer to a dictatorship in the way Major Paddy Roy Bates maintains total control over his people) has decided to send a scouting party to the British mainland for the first time since the outbreak started. Sealand has exercised a strict isolationist policy for as long as possible, but the rations they have lived on are all eaten, or have rotted to the point of being inedible. All hope lies on their single five-man scouting party, and the generosity , or lack thereof, of whoever they may encounter.

Turkey: Zombie operations are still going on in infected provinces, and the city of Antalya is put under lockdown. All citizens are required to stay indoors, and only go outside for emergency reasons. The curfew for the whole nation is to stay indoors at 8:00. Curfews and people staying indoors with weapons means only Zombies roam the street. TBRU patrolling the city have easily taken out the infection in the area. If the infection had more time to spread it would’ve infected a bigger part of the city. All doors in the nation are being replaced with steel doors, and all windows are being outfitted with metal shutters. Researchers have found out that at a certain point of starvation, feral Zombies start eating each other, and that Zombies nervous systems are still partly functioning. An LRAD (Long Rang Acoustic Device) Basically a giant electronic dog whistle that makes really loud noises) test has been taken on Zombies. Tests show that after a minute of exposure to the LRAD the Zombie’s nervous system dies, thus killing it completely. Every 200 feet, a directional (Makes noise in the direction it’s pointed toward) LRAD is placed. LRADs are also being placed on APCs, tanks, IFVs, Helicopters, and on traffic lights in towns to control the infection, and push it back. A meteorologist in the University of Ankara was doing an experiment with wind speeds. The experiment was that a person stood in a chamber with high powered fans. When the scientist tuned the power of the fans equal to an E5 Hurricane, the scientist got pushed back by the heavy winds. Even with the safety harness he flew back about ten feet. The test scientist came up with an idea to the Turkish Armed Forces. He said that these fans can be applied to the wall, in between the barbed wire fence, and the wall. Since these fans take lots of power we have found a way for these to be self-powered. Generators, and wind turbines behind the wall will also power the fans, but the when the fans spin, they spin these turbines which also help power them. To help fight the infection all military personnel, TBRU, and police are issued with special infection scanners, which can tell if a person is carrying the virus. This should ensure that trade ships won’t slip past the Sea Forts with the virus, even if they have a permit. All ports in cities are also closed, and new special ports open up miles away from towns, and metropolitan areas. Because the Zombies at the border wall couldn't get past the auto-sentries, most have starved to death or turned feral and are still getting killed by the auto-sentries, or helicopters. A C-96 Carpetrunner has been sent out to do a bombing run on Zombies attacking the Western Wall, and did collateral damage to the Zombie hordes. White Phosphorus bombs killed about 50% of the Zombie force. We send a call to Israel for a conference with every other nation in the EHU. Bio-Fuel is now being released to the public; since a whole bunch of it was preserved gas prices dropped. Electricity prices have gone down as well because of more wind turbines being built. Walls around the major cities of Turkey have been put on lockdown, every citizen in the main cities are forced to take a screening process in case they’re carriers of the infection. Drafting has recruited about 50,000 more troops. All VX Gas is being disposed of in a secret bunker guarded inside Mt. Ararat. More Tectus clothing has been sent out to the population of Turkey, which is still mandatory to wear at all times along with a gas mask.

If the frequency kills Zombies, it would also have to kill humans.

But wouldn't Zombies have a decayed nervous system since they're basically walking corpses that are in the process of decomposition. Plus an LRAD is a riot police weapon. However, its insane noise causes large amounts of pain to the person/group of people it's pointed at.

If they have a decayed nervous system they wouldn't perceive pain and wouldn't be affected.

Free Alaska: Conscription continues. Forces are built up around Anchorage and the interior islands. The first oil well is opened at Prudhoe Bay. Full production is expected to begin this year. The oil is drilled and shipped by rail to refineries in the interior. The navy is enlarged to 12 vessels. 

Chicago: The Chicagoan government returns from its absence. Much to their horror, they discover that Rebel forces have captured the city of Springfield. Freshly trained offensive soldiers are soon sent to surround the city and the Siege of Springfield begins. There are Rebel factions outside the major cities as well. In order to counter this, the government expands factories to rural areas, bringing jobs to many and our industrial score increases by 0.5. The Chicagoan government resumes medical research and centralizing and is debating the future of the government (Currently Chicago is run by a Council of formal high ranked Chicagoan Police.) 

Colombia: The Government now takes on a more pro active campaign as the Triumvirate finds that the best way to getting resources is taking the lands of previously taken territories. With this, the siege of Maracaibo starts taking the important port and city of Western Venezuela and the first step into fully controlling the west. The countries is divided in three major regions each under one of the Members triumvirates control, the Northern Territories and Choco under control of Carlos Lleras Restrepo, the Central territories and the Caucasus under control of Misael Pastrana and the Southern Territories and The Orinochia under Juan Fernando Santander as military departments. While this in the North Restrepo, begins a campaign called the Admirable, as troops of Colombia raid the Moskito coast in Nicaragua and begin occupying it and quickly to create military outposts and fences in controllable lands and populating with survivors from the Outbrake and the Civil disarray in the region. While this, Misael leads a campaign in northern Ecuador, leading for the taking of the Outpost and Exarchate of Quito in an attempt to reassure the borders, Santander leads the taking of Manaus, the only and last standing loyal Brazilian city in the Amazonia. The city joins Colombia easily due to the lack of resources to fight against the Army. The Republic of Colombia becomes the most powerful nation in northern South America due to its presence, strength and geographical situation in the two oceans. The Galapagos are taken by the end of the year and given a federal government allied to Colombia. Japan is asked for aid in clearing the Peruvian coastline to increase production lands in pro of the Pacific economy.

  • Japan Diplomacy: Prime Minister Kakuei Tanaka agrees and sends some Self Defence Forces to help.
  • Florida: Development continues on the M28 Mako. The FANG also begins developing a VTOL craft called the Atlas. The navy is expanded to 16 vessels. Trade with the US continues. The Department of Public Information, or DPI is formed to educate citizens about the Zombie threat.

Just a message from Turkey, the name for the vehicle Atlas is already taken, one of our tanks is called the Atlas. Just a heads up.

China: The industrialization plan continues. The army attacked Ning Bo on May, and begins massacring the Zombies. The artillery hit an enemy horde, killing one hundred Zombies. The army kept fighting and after fierce fighting for 20 days, China took its city center and assamilated most Zombies. Then, China took all valuable things in Ningbo, including artifacts, gold, etc, and burned down Ningbo to destroy any Zombie virus that may be left. Meanwhile, the 2nd army, while marching to Hangzhou, met a large Zombie force of six million at Yaqianzhen. The battle of Yaqianzheng then began and after heavy bombing, five million and 932 thousand Zombies were killed, while the rest were captured, quarantined and sent to the University of Beijing. The army then sieged Hangzhou and crushed most Zombies. The death toll for these three battles was 3000 soldiers dead, but the Zombie deaths outnumbered the militants death by one to 1000. The first China-Japan funded factory is built, a Sanyo factory building radios and televisions.

Republica Argentina: Argentina President begins a campaign to unite Argentina through propaganda and rallies. This campaign begins as a success. Despite this success, President José López Rega asks for military and tactical help from the United States and other democratic countries to drive out Communist guerrillas and assist in keeping the area clear of Zombies. In the Northern Provinces some basic sentry-type towers are built by militia. The President also claims the Falkland Islands, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, and Tierra de Fuego (Islands located south of the Strait of Magellan). The Republic is able to take Tierra de Fuego by the end of the month and incorporate them into their nationalism campaign.

Israel: Israel has felt hostile vibes from the other countries. So Israel will leaving the EHU. "We leave in peace and do not want war with anyone." says President Zalman Shazar. Israel starts to have their factories to run later hours to increase productivity. Israel's military has started work on their navy ships at Ashdod port to increase their ability to take on water attacks.

United States: Work continues on the next wave of Iowa-class battleships, creating the USS Vermont. More vehicles are sent to the Canadian front, including newly mass produced AAV-7A1. US forces manage to break through the infected zone, passing through route 94. Forces from Red Lake take Grand Forks and push on to Fargo. The city of Cedar Rapids is also taken by American forces from Chicago. Zombie sightings are less frequent in the Dakota region, allowing American forces to scout the area less hindered. It is believed that a large population of survivors still remains in Fort Yates, North Dakota, and US forces begin pushing into northern North Dakota. US housing developments in London are completed, and hundreds of people are relocated to various districts in the area. Operations from Fort Kennedy continue to be carried out, protecting civilians around Brighton. Patrols along the South Downs Highway also continue to be carried out, increasing trade and communication in southern England. Research begins on a new class of submarines to be used by the US navy, although a new model will probably not be put into production for another two to three years.

Bohemia: The Bohemians begins fortifying their territory, as well as clearing their territory of the undead. The Bohemians begin expanding their military by recovering former Czechoslovak equipment in their territory. The Bohemians also begin the process of restoring the oil pumps damaged during the chaos caused by the undead uprising. Prague Castle, the residence of the King of Bohemia, receives special treatment due to the King's presence.


The Zombie infection spreads into the Turkish countryside, despite the heavy death toll at the border.

In the city of Antalya a battle ensues at the subway entrances where thousands are caught in the crossfire attempting to flee into the underground sanctuary The city garrison makes a last stand at the entrances, trying to get as many people in as possible. Several entrances and adjourning streets are bombed and destroyed, dooming many citizens fleeing.

Free Alaskans fortify the city of Valdez and begin preparing for further invasion. The north of Alaska also begins to be secured, and oil production begins.

Free Alaskan forces abandon the ruins of Unalaska and begin searching for further rebels on the mainland.

Free Alaskan forces continue pacifying the north and west of Alaska. Small protests continue in Bethel and other cities.

In the withdraw from North Africa, Turkish casualties increase slightly. Nerve gas given to Libya and Egypt is used excessively, killing many civilian populations.

The Libyan army is heavily expanded by Muammar Gaddafi, as many armed civilians are sent into the infected zones.

An Islamic extremist group known as “ العاصفة “ or “The Storm” is founded in the Middle East, vowing to remove Israel and Turkish-Israeli supporters, and establish strict sharia law. The group first comes to attention after ten civilians and two Turkish officers are killed in a suicide bombing in Iraq in front of the Turkish embassy.

The Habsburgs continue growing influence in Austria. The government in Vienna begins recruiting a larger army, promising to re-establish Austria as a global power.

After much negotiation, the Aland Islands join the Confederation of the Baltics. Trade continues over the sea, and more refugees are filtered into the safe zones.

Surrounded by Zombies from Spain, French and Spanish forces take Zaragoza and begin preparing for the Zombie horde to approach. Spanish civilians flee into southern France.

Feral Zombies from the Middle East and Africa appear to be stronger and more resilient to various nerve gases and conventional weapons. Scientists attribute this to severe gassing, as well as natural mutation.

The Zombie infection spreads farther: into southern China, northern Spain, Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Sudan, southern Africa, Northern Scandinavia, eastern Poland, the USSR, and western South America.

'Bohemi:a: The Bohemians continue the construction of their border fortifications. They continue making process in clearing their territory of the undead. They continue expanding the official Bohemian Army using salvaged Czechoslovak and Russian equipment. The construction of new factories is begun to supply parts and ammo to the army.

No editing previous turns. Doing it again will result in consequences.

Japan: Japan continues to build up the Self Defence Forces and infrastructure is improved. The Self Defence Forces continue to burn down infected areas in Kyūshū, and continue the blockade, and people that show any sign of infection are still to be destroyed immediately. Some of the Maritime Self Defence Force continues to guard around the Japanese Islands to look out for any more ships, and if any are infected then they are to be destroyed immediately. Part of the Maritime Self Defence Force also continues to fight against the outbreak and attempts to prevent it from spreading across into Shikoku. Some of the Ground Self Defence Forces continue invading Kyūshū and continue burning everything as they advance and attempt to push the Zombies out of Kyūshū. Zen Taoism continues to rise in popularity throughout Japan, while Shintō rises more in popularity. Elections occur in Niigata Prefecture, and Hikaru Kawashima, member of the Tōhōkai, manages to win the election and becomes Governor of Niigata Prefecture.

Saudi Arabia: Free medical support has been provided to the Saudi Arabian citizens as for the refugees and non-citizens they are to apply for charity care so they can get the same benefits as the citizens. Saudi Arabia cuts off Oil exports to Israel. Along with boycotting any Israeli imports, goods and services. We increase our Industry score to 2. Citizens have been given emergency kits for them and their family. Along with the Mohawk Combat Uniform in case the Infections spreads into the main cities. Prince Saud starts funding the Rap Industry.

Free Alaska: The Free Alaskans, realizing that capturing Anchorage would be rather costly, instead they launch an operation that effectively surrounds the city, and begins a siege. 

Turkey: Embassies in other nations are being evacuated along with Turkish citizens. After what happened at the Turkish Embassy in Iraq, more security checkpoints are being built. Cars will be searched now and EMP Systems will deactivate cars as long as the EMP is active so bombs can’t detonate. We let Israel leave the EHU peacefully, however we cannot stop anything that will happen in the future (Ex: Invasion of Israel, bombings, etc…). After an intense battle for two days at the border wall the Zombie threat is no more for the next couple weeks. All troops from Northern Africa have been withdrawn. The city of Antalya is now living in the Subway. All entrances leading into the Subway are blocked by three inch steel gates. Military troops are patrolling the subway, and everybody took a screening process. There is enough food in secret storage rooms around the subway to last for the whole population for the next thirty years. Citizens are given special tags that light up if they have the infection, this way the military knows who to target. TBRU are deployed in the city of Antalya and easily cleaning up since most Zombies died because of starvation. Nobody is infected in any other major city. However, since all major metropolitan areas are on lockdown, it is impossible for the infection to spread. Zombies in the countryside are still being pushed back, and more infection tags are being distributed to all citizens.

  • Republica Argentina Diplomacy: Could you share this technology with us, the tags that is? Also Argentina would like to apply to the UCO, what steps should we take?
  • Turkish Diplomacy: We will send you the tags for $10,000,000 for your whole population.
  • Republica Argentina Diplomacy: I sent further Diplomacy on your talk page.

Northwest Federation: The military is amped up, bringing the military score to 1.5. Troops push on southern Idaho, desperately trying to secure more safe zones.

Chicago: The siege of Springfield continues. With surrounding the city complete, a blockade begins. This cuts off Springfield any access to trade and drops their stability heavily. Medical research and centralization continue. Do I need an algorithm for this?


Commonwealth of Australia and New Zealand: Continues blockading the northern seas after a ship arrived back with news reporting that the Philippines and Southern China have become overridden by a form of Zombie virus. A second vessel is sent to the Philippines to attempt to capture, secure, quarantine and transport an infected to Cocos (Keeling) island to be studied under some of the most secure of conditions.

Republica Argentina: Argentina begins to build armed naval/merchant ships, including a research/hospital vessel and a quarantined vessel that should take the a year to complete. Argentina sends scientists to permanent Antarctic bases for further medical research on the effects of the infection. Any Nation that wishes to join in this research project may just reply here. The President gets the Proposal of the United_Republics_of_Argentina,_Chile,_and_Uruguay_(Night_of_the_Living_Alternate_History) passed by the near-unanimous vote of province governors. The watch towers in near the Northern Providences are reinforced and a fence/barbed wire wall is put in through the provinces of Buenos Aires, La Pampa, and the Northern Border of Neuquen. The Providence of Rio Negro is declared as clear of the infection although a close eye is being kept on the situation. It is also expected that the Communist revolts have ended as many northern and northeastern provinces' countrysides appear to lack non-infected humans. Because of previous propaganda citizens and refugees send the cities of Buenos Aires, La Plata, and coastal regions aid and military support. Montevideo is also sent limited militia support. The propaganda campaign evolves into a "Save Argentina for Argentina's future" The mountainous regions of Argentina are still stuck in cities and their mining communities. Argentina also offers to buy and annex the remote Bouvet Island from Norway for research purposes. Argentina proposes to take the island and in exchange any research/vaccine/information acquired at the island will be given to Norway free of charge. Again Argentina asks democratic countries for aid in eliminating Communism from Chile.

  • Republica Argentina Diplomacy: (Just wanted to make sure nothing got missed) Argentina proposed the creation of the United Republics ... -see proposal for more detail. Argentina attempts to barter for Bouvet Island. And Argentina made announced the beginning of the research vessel development and construction with any nation welcomed to contribute.

Sardinia: After Zombies continue to pose a threat to Sardinia, the dictator Vincenzo Marino is ousted in the early summer. This is called the Summer of Freedom, and is highly regarded as a great success. A law-making body, called the Convegno, is instituted, with three representatives to be elected every six years from each of the eight provinces. Ports stay closed, and Sardinia is starting to curb its hunger problems, with more farming taking place by the week. Political parties are formed, the two main ones being the Militant Sardinian Party (MSP), and Sardinian Democratic Union (SDU). Each four years, the Convengo elects a Governatore, who acts as the Head of State, and every eight years the Convengo elects a Regulatore, who acts as the Head of the Judiciary.

  • Can someone give me an update about where Sardinia is in this TL? I would prefer the head mod.
  • Sardinia is currently an independent, isolated nation, which has not been infected yet.

CSH: After a few years, the UCO has a major breakthrough. We have discovered that the Virus mutates the host's DNA over a period of several days. Also the early virus (virus of 1969) and the most recent virus are different. The virus has been rapidly evolving over the last four years. The virus also attacks the nervous system which is irreversible after 16 hours. The movement of infection is also being studied, it seems that extreme cold environments slow the viruses'  reproduction rates significantly. The virus is being stored at different temperatures to study the different effects. Liquid Nitrogen is being tested on the subjects (69' virus and 73'). More factories and schools are built. Military presence is decreasing in cities but there are still garrisons. With more stability, a legislature is formed and a new government is being proposed. We ask USA for a loan of one hundred million for a building project (Caribou Bridge).

  • United States Diplomacy: We accept in exchange for a 9% per year loan.
  • CSH: 6% and we have a deal.
  • United States: Deal.

China: The industrialization plan continues. Taizou was reclaimed after a bloody battle, the army now has a powerful formation, with the artillery on the back and the soldiers forming a "V" shape beside it. Large amounts of pig brains are with the artillery, so the Zombies will charge at them, being heavily bombarded and show at by the army. Jiaxing is also reclaimed and an army of 500,000 people split off to reclaim Suzhou, which ended in a Chinese victory. Wenzhou and Shanghai are the only major city that are left controlled by Zombies in Southern China. Meanwhile, ten Zhi Long-class submarines, 500 Li Guan class-tanks, one Tze Dong Class Aircraft carriers, two JiGuan Class destroyers and two Cheng Ho class Destroyers are being built. A amount of ten million peasants are built in Wuhan to repair Southern China with the army. A Toyota factory building cars and a Sony factory building television sets are also built.

Florida: An oil rig is converted into Deep Science Research Station. The oil rig is rigged with high-explosives in case of a "containment breach," and a wall going up from the seafloor, known as a cofferdam, is built around the rig so that, in the event of a self-destruct, contaminated materials will be contained and cannot spread. Several Zombies captured by Floridian troops assisting U.S. forces in the Midwest are transferred to secure confinement at Deep Science, guarded by specially . We invite the UCO to participate in the research. (I'm a member of the UCO, right? If not, I would like to join.) Floridian scientists and psychologists begin working to assess the mental capacity and 'humanness' of the Zombies. One of the scientists, Dr. Floyd Allen, develops a one to ten scale, known as the Allen Infection Severity Scale, to measure the relative "Zombieness" of any particular Zombie. Several psychologists begin using B.-F.-Skinner-style "conditioning" on several less severely infected Zombies. In the meantime, we continue upgrading the Floridian Wall and our drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. The navy begins converting two brand-new container ship hulls into aircraft carriers. We also send aid and military assistance to Argentina, including a crack unit of Black Ops soldiers. The military begins using new battle dress uniforms that include chest armor. 

  • Floridian Diplomacy: China, we would like to purchase twenty Chengdu J-7/F-7 jet fighters.

Colombia: The Military is built up and navy expand. The settlements in Nicaragua moskito coast continue to grow as the military hits the Zombies and survivors leaded by the strategic war lord of the north. Lleras restrepo while in the south Pastrana Leads the campaign in the south increasing the presence of Colombian Military as he defeats Luis Fernando de Quito, a Self Proclaimed survivor leader of the Ecuatorian Republic, and forces the remaining of its domains to rejoin the Colombian republic for protection. While this in Southeast Santander, starts the Gran Campaña a Campaign to take the Amazonian River up to the mouth to start in order to build a buffer state between northern South America and Brazil.

United States: Work on the next four Iowa-class battleships is canceled. The previously canceled Montana-class battleship is reopened, and a new class of battleship is designed. The remaining two ships still in construction are refitted to follow these guidelines or are refitted. The Montana-class plans, which boasts better armor, but less armament, is modified slightly to increase anti-air, using defenses that weren’t available during World War 2. Work on the two more battleships continue, and three more are ordered. We also begin modifying COIL systems, anti-ari lasers, to be fitted onto naval vessels. The modified armament consists of 18in composite armor, and armament consisting of 6x16in guns, 12x 5in guns, 8x COIL anti air lasers, 14x .50 cal mounted machine guns, eight guided ballistic missile launchers with 250 missiles, 20x20mm anti air guns, eight SAM platforms, 18x533mm anti-submarine torpedo tubes. US forces begin surrounding Bismarck, North Dakota, and manage to partially clear the area. The survivor group in Fort Yates is contacted, and the local population begins increasing hostilities against Zombies to reach the American forces. More US housing developments in London are completed, and hundreds of people are relocated to various districts in the area. Operations from Fort Kennedy continue to be carried out, protecting civilians around Brighton. Research also continues on the new line of submarines. Aid is sent to Argentina to help combat the Zombie infestation, and should arrive in the next few weeks.


After a rare strain of the virus infects several Turkish officers, the subway system in Adana is compromised. The subway is put on lockdown and the Turkish army begins clearing the subway. Hundreds of people are killed in the fighting.

In the city of Antalya a battle ensues at the subway entrances where thousands are caught in the crossfire attempting to flee into the underground sanctuary The city garrison makes a last stand at the entrances, trying to get as many people in as possible. Several entrances and adjourning streets are bombed and destroyed, dooming many citizens fleeing.

The North African campaign continues as the Libyan, Egyptian and Algerian armies continue to defend major cities. Nerve gas continues to be used excessively.

The Argentinan government proposes the idea of a united republic to Chile and Brazil. The Brazilian government declines the offer, after much deliberation, deciding it’s not the right move at this time.

The Zombie infection spreads farther: into southern China, central Spain, the Caucasus region, southern Africa, Northern Scandinavia, eastern Poland, and the USSR.

(Mscoree told me to post this for him.)

Japan: Japan continues to build up the Self Defence Forces and infrastructure is improved. The Self Defence Forces continue to burn down infected areas in Kyūshū, and continue the blockade, and people that show any sign of infection are still to be destroyed immediately. Some of the Maritime Self Defence Force continues to guard around the Japanese Islands to look out for any more ships, and if any are infected then they are to be destroyed immediately. Part of the Maritime Self Defence Force also continues to fight against the outbreak and attempts to prevent it from spreading across into Shikoku. Some of the Ground Self Defence Forces continue invading Kyūshū and continue burning everything as they advance and attempt to push the Zombies out of Kyūshū. Zen Taoism continues to rise in popularity throughout Japan, while Shintō rises more in popularity.

Bohemia: The Bohemians continue to progress on the border fortifications and the clearing of their country. They establish a new branch of the army, the Domácí Stráž (Home Guard), for the purposes of clearing Zombies from their territory. The Bohemians increase the effectiveness of the DS by equipping them with bolt-action rifles to save ammo. Members of the Domácí Stráž are proficient in the use of a melee weapon to further stretch ammunition supplies. Monuments are built to house the ashes of the cremated Zombie and infected corpses, as it was discovered that the virus cannot survive the heat of a crematorium. Plans are made by the Bohemian King to start expanding into the remains of Poland as soon as the clearing and fortifying of Bohemian territory is complete.

Free Alaska: The siege of Anchorage continues. 

Chicago: The blockade of Springfield is completed and our forces go on the offensive and close in on Springfield. Medical research and centralization continue.

Sardinia: Communication with the outside world is made for the first time in quite a while. Convengo elections are held, with all 24 seats contested. The SDU wins 15 seats, and the MSP wins nine. The SDU coalition of power chooses Tullio Turo to be the Governatore. He emphasizes the importance of maintaining the current Zombie-free nature of Sardinia, as well as massive farming. Although ports are closed, Turo orders the destroyer Lebeccio to be manned with Sardinian militia to sail north to Corsica and find out about their level of contamination.

  • How contaminated is Corsica? Thanks.
  • Corsica is clear.

​Commonwealth: Continues development on all fields. Australia invades Guinea (algorithm, please).

I think you mean New Guinea.

Colombia: The Government Sends a Petition to the Costa Rican, Venezuelan and Ecuatorian Government to allow Colombia Execute full Campaigns Against Infected Regions and Offers the Leaders to enter the nation under Protection And Promises to allow entrance to the refugees through the Insular regions as testing facilities for the infected to be held and Killed. While this, Restrepo's campaign in Nicaragua succeeds in taking over much of Miskito coast forming El territorio de Mosquito, Or Protectorado De Nicaragua, and founding the Exarcate of Nicaragua, to Manage and rule Northern Colombian territories on the Caribbean and Beyond. While this, Pastrana's campaign in Ecuador continues with great success taking most of the Coast and beginning the construction of defensive fences, but Zombies launch an invasion, that successfully delays the construction and forces the Colombian army to withdraw to half of that Position, the most successful Santanders campaign ends up with some Ports in Brazil's Amazonian Outlet. Founding the City of Nueva Santander, and The City of Puerto San Jose While expanding the Buffer State of Amazonia. Tension begins growing as Restrepo and Pastrana begin feeling that Santander may try a Coup d'etat but many Colombians see him as a new leader, forcing Restrepo and Pastrana to tolerate him for now or face the Wrath of the People of Colombia. (Does anyone sees the Parallel)

Vietnam: Troops are sent to the northern part of the nation to try to eliminate all undeads in the land of Vietnam, the bodies of shot undeads are burnt, in case it spreads. Military is upgraded to defend the country. An invasion also starts on Cambodia taking over western part of the country.

Las Repúblicas Unidas de la Argentina et Chile: Due to the former outbreak in Buenos Aires, currently the government of the United Republics is located in Santiago, Chile. After much deliberation the United Republics send medical aid and supplies to Montevido, Sao Paulo and the Falkland Islands. The dependency of Antártida is created. Antartida is the combined claims of Argentina and Chile, currently ran and supported by the United Republics, the claim stretches from 25W to 90W. Research teams are sent to bases and bases are conducting research at full capacity for  the season. The Central Fence is expanded from the Andes Mountains to the Pacific Coast by Chilean Miners who fear for their lives. The Argentine military and aid sent by Florida and the United States is used in a blitzkrieg style Zombie hunt (with rewards given to whoever eliminates the most Zombies). Brazilian refugee Julio Rodgriues Lopes winning the honor. Smoke is seen for miles because of the burning bodies. Argentine citizens celebrate in the streets and praise the president. This Zombie hunt leds to the Argentine province and capital city of Buenos Aires being cleared of infected. However, the capital district is blockaded and security stations set up in order to keep any chance of infection from getting to the government. The Argentine militia (citizens who have been called to fight AKA reserves), starts construction of a "World Celebration Site, which includes a state of the art soccer stadium located in the Bunoes Aires.

  • Republica Argentina: Argentine Govermennt makes the following announcements: "Argentina and Chile have joined together as the United Republics - Uruguay Pending", "Central Fence Now Comple". The United Republics are waiting on Uruguay's answer and Norweagian Diplomacy regarding Bouvet Island. All males over the age of 21 are enlisted into a milita/reserve role where for at least four months they will be required to help fight or build defense for Argentina and its allies.
  • Republica de Chile: The Democratic Chilean army vows to eradicate Communism. All males over the age of 21 are enlisted into a milita/reserve role where for at least three months they will be required to help fight or build defense for Chile and its allies. Those in University or scientific/research positions may be waived the enlistment requirement. 
  • Antartida: Research by Argentine scientists and other international scientists confirm previous UCO findings concerning the relationship between tempurature and the rate of decay caused by the virus. The virus is injected into various types of animals...Results Pending.
  • World Cup 1978: Argentina and Chile will host the 1978 version of the World Cup. Due to the outbreak of Zombies, only players from clean nations/regions of nations are allowed. Due to this restricition no qualification will take place, only the World Cup Tournament followed by an international celebration and conference of dignitaries in at this World Summit.
    • Falkland's D: Offer an alliance, in exchange for an Island to use as you wish, you will give use military protection.
    • Republica Argentina: Read the rather lengthy diplomacy I sent you and make a selection. 
    • Falklands: Option 2: I extend a personal offer for you to join the Las Repúblicas Unidas de la Argentina et Chile as an autonomus nation, this will provide you with protection for Argentina, Chile, and any other nations that join the UR. This will represent you on the international level, however, you are still free to join any organization or create trade agreements that you wish provided they do not conflict with one made by the UR, or the UR makes one that superseeds your own. This option offers you the most the most independence with the guarantee of protection and representation. I choose this.
    • Las Repúblicas Unidas de la Argentina et Chile: Confirms this invitation and acceptence by Islas Malvinas. 

CSH: With the recent loan from USA, The work day is increased to nine hours. The work on the Caribou Bridge has begun early. Trade is capitalized as we have become a technology power-house with many countries spending money on their military. The fishing industry is pulling away as the leader, and fish prices are lowering. Research in computer technology is being researched as we believe it may be the edge against the virus. A new Liquid Nitrogen thrower is being researched as a weapon in the UCO as well as a liquid nitrogen canister launcher.

Falklands: In the earlier stages of this year the Falklands intercepted some radio messages that appeared to suggest a Turkish invasion of the UK, as they are unaware of the rebellion of London. Army: The Falklands were incredibly lucky, as they lost contact with Britain whilst there were two SAS companies training there and the ship that carried them, HMS Hermes bringing the armed forces from 20 marines and a Patrol ship, to an aircraft carrier with five sea-harriers, 120 Spec ops soldiers and an ice patrol ship. They also tap into an Argentinian radio message, and hear them asking for the Falkland Islands. They begin fortifying the islands with reinforced concrete walls around the perimeter, guards patroling, Harriers patroling the sea and coastal guns covering every angle, and the SAS scout the islands for Zombies. In exchange for the admitance to the UR the Falkland dependencies are handed over to the direct control of the UR, to shorten the Chain of Command. They also begin the Islas Malvinas y Argentina Exchange Program to teach pupils of the Falkland Schools Argentinian and the pupils of Argentina English.

  • CSH Diplomacy: The CSH would like to invite the Falklands to become a puppet state of the CSH and a scientific member of the UCO. We would supply you with food and soldiers.
  • Falklands Diplomacy: Declines puppet statehood, accepts scientific member of UCO.


With Rome overrun with Zombies, Vatican City, which has been barricaded within the city for months, is faced with a crisis. With a lack of supplies, the Papacy is forced to temporarily move to a new location. A convoy of helicopters airlifts the Pope and about two hundred others still trapped in the nation, to Palermo, Sicily, capital of the remaining Italian nation. Pope Paul VI calls for a congress with all Catholic nations and ministers to decide the future location of the Holy See (on talk page).

The Habsburg family continues to solidify their control over Austria. Dozens of protesters are killed in Vienna. Propaganda encourages recruitment. After weeks of skirmishes with Zombies and government forces, the city of Linz is taken by Nationalist rebels.

The city of Salzburg allies with the Nationalists, establishing their city independent.

The rare strain of the infection in Adana continues to spread. Interfighting in the subway system increases, and several factions fight for control. Progress is made in the Turkish countryside, where Turkish citizens manage to secure several towns.

In North Africa the combined armies of Libya, Egypt, and Algeria continue fighting the Zombie infection, suffering large casualties in the north.

Khadafi increases recruitment, forcing many young boys into the military.

The desperate governments of Chile and Uruguay finally agree to the Argentinian proposal for a unified kingdom. Despite the announcement large areas of the new union still remain overrun or under the control of hostile factions.

Chilean Communists, who control large areas of Chile, rise up against the Argentinians, beginning a civil war.

The president of Brazil, Emílio Garrastazu Médici, begins to consolidate power along the eastern coast. Militia and other ground forces are tasked with clearing towns in rural areas, increasing the Zombie and civilian death toll alike. The Brazilians officially declare their neutrality in the civil war, deciding to neither join the union, or support the Communist revolution.

The newly formed Armed Forces of Malta continues fortifying the islands of Malta. The fortress around Valletta is fortified and modernized, adding small anti-aircraft, and long range artillery to the walls. Daily patrols are established, accepting only cleared Italian refugees into the city from the outside. A small group of extremely Catholic protestors begins gaining influence in Vallette. The group, known as the Inquisitors of St. John, protests the government to strengthen the border defenses to reject non-Catholics, although this is largely ignored by the government.

In China the armed forces continue to combat the Zombies and southern China. The government in Manchuria declares itself independent. Several other small nations fracture out of the wreckage in the south. Anti-Communist protesters rise up in central China and Tibet, clashing with Communist soldiers.

In Japan the campaigns in the south are relatively successful, although the southern island’s future still remains uncertain. Soldiers witness what they believe to be a mutated virus, manifested into a small population of Zombies, turning them into brute-like, stronger foes. This new mutation spreads to southern China.

Citizens in several urban areas of Japan begin panicking, believing that the virus could possibly mutate to spread unknowingly into soldiers. Anti-military sentiment and discrimination increases slightly in some southern towns, where the military has garrisoned.

The Zombie infection spreads farther: into South Korea, Indochina, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, eastern Russia, Oman, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, the Crimean region, Uruguay, northern Chile, Peru, Ecuador, and southern Brazil.

Is there a discussion about the Vatican on the talk page, I couldn't find one

  • Northwest Federation: The entirety of Idaho has finally been liberated. After four years, every district of the Northwest Federation is finally declared a safe zone. People move back into their homes as the Rangers keep a close eye on the undead and remove any stragglers. Death by Zombie bite is, finally, a rare reason for death again.

United Republics: In quick response to the terrorism in northern mountainous regions of Argentina. Nearly 25,000 UR soldiers and Chilean Militia are sent in find, extract, suppress the Communist movement. The UR calls upon Communist leader Salvador Allende to meet at the negotiation table. After refusal, the Democratic Republic of Chile using the soldiers extracts him from a compound in the North Andes Mountains. However, after a night of captivity, Allende kills himself (Extraction is like our OTL Operation Red Dawn). Both sides are motivated by the capture and viewed Martyrdom of Allende. Allende's second in command General Augusto Pinochet in capture and expelled to a undisclosed location in Antartida. The Media of Chile speculates that he may be used in an experiment involving hyper-aggressive humans and seeing how they react to infection. The Communists, without their leaders retreat into Brazil and Peru. Further Aid is sent to Montevideo, Sao Paulo, and Rio de Janeiro. The UR is able to occupy, blockade and secure city and ports of Montevideo and Maldonado from Zombies. Chilean Government declares that all areas south of the 30th South Parallel are clear of infection and Communism. 

  • Republica Argentina: Acting President Jose Lopez Rega begins to campaign for the next election. Throughout his campaign he preaches a message of "The Argentine Dream" where anyone can be anyone. Lopez Rega's charm pays off and he is currently the expected front-runner for the election. Having completed the central wall, Argentina beings another wall to be completed in 1974.5 that stretches through the cities, Maldonado - Duranzo, Uruguay - Rosario, Arg - Cordoba - San Juan - the Pacific Ocean. All areas south of that have been declared scare with regards to the infections and Communism. This line quickly becomes known as the Rega line. Argentina also sends building materials, officer to train Falkland infantry and pilots, and various salvaged airplanes from the 1960s and 15 Fighter Jets. Completing the Naval Projects from 1973 Argentina's Naval Score Increases. First reports from the Exchange Program with the Falklands are positive, with an increase of understanding of both countries language and culture. Both Salvador a Mari and Antarctic Research continues, as well as the World Celebration Stadium in Buenos Aires. These projects have also begun to centralize industrialization and the economy of the UR.
    • United Republics Diplomacy: We have an interest in having the Vatican move here. However, despite seeing the affects of lacking the Pope here with our growing Catholic population, we propose that the Pope be given two houses, one in Europe and one here spending the Easter season in Europe (their summer), and the Christmas season (our summer) in South America. 
  • Falklands: Begins to construct a military base on one of the Islands, with a runway long enough to launch the fighter jets. Volunteers flood the air force ranks, but very few join the Infantry. Construction begins on a scientific research station off the coast of the Falkland Islands. A SAS strike team is sent to the mainland to procure a live undead.

Japan: Japan continues to build up the Self Defence Forces and infrastructure is improved. The Self Defence Forces continue to burn down infected areas in Kyūshū, and continue the blockade, and people that show any sign of infection are still to be destroyed immediately. Some of the Maritime Self Defence Force continues to guard around the Japanese Islands to look out for any more ships, and if any are infected then they are to be destroyed immediately. Part of the Maritime Self Defence Force also continues to fight against the outbreak and attempts to prevent it from spreading across into Shikoku. Some of the Ground Self Defence Forces continue invading Kyūshū and continue burning everything as they advance and attempt to push the Zombies out of Kyūshū. Zen Taoism continues to rise in popularity throughout Japan, while Shintō rises more in popularity. Prime Minister Kakuei Tanaka begins orders of bombing the infected areas of Kyūshū via the Air Self Defence Force, and the Scorched Earth tactic is ordered to be used as well. He also announces that he means no harm to the civilians, and also says that if he decides to stop the military campaigns, then all of Japan would end up falling to the Zombies.

United Kingdom: The cleansing of the United Kingdom of the undead is completed. All signs of anarchy within the United Kingdom have disappeared after a long campaign of military crackdowns, and all rebellious factions have been wiped out. The captured Scottish prime minister and his cabinet are executed after a long trial where they were charged with treason. Before Angus McGregor met his fate, he stated that his only regret was that he had chosen the wrong path for the Scottish people and his actions have caused deaths that could have been prevented. The long stationed troops on the Scottish border are ordered to go forward into Scotland, with the goal of fighting the undead, and liberating the Scottish people from the hell that they still face. Once within Scottish borders, they find either reanimated Scottish soldiers, or long dead corpses still in their uniforms, facing no resistance as a result. It seems that without leadership Scotland had dissolved into anarchy and many rebel factions now roam the state. The British task force encounter a couple of these rebel factions and make short work of them. Plans are drawn up to reintegrate Scotland into the union if no form of Scottish governance shows themselves within the season (So if Scotland doesn't post this turn I shall take control of the state. As it has been many turns since they last posted I believe they are counted as inactive). The Isle of Wight and Isle of Man are invited into the United Kingdom, being offered the position of full states. As they have seen the power of the United Kingdom on the mainland, and what happens to small states that oppose them, they are forced to agree. The United Kingdom sends a patrol to the Falkland Islands, and it is reported they have joined a union with Argentina. Whilst initially displeased they have broken their historical ties with the British, PM Wilson states to his Cabinet that they should be impressed of the "British Blitz Spirit" that the islanders have shown. A message of peace is sent to the islands, along with a trade deal.

  • United Republics Diplomacy: I am interested in creating a trade deal for the whole of the UR, on top of your one with the Falklands, in fact for the first time I am interested in exporting oil and minerals. 
  • British Diplomacy: We accept the creation of a trade deal.

Bohemia: The Bohemians continue to make great progress in fortifying and clearing Bohemian territory. The country's western borders have become effectively sealed from the chaos shattered countries. The military continues to expand as the government plans an eventual offensive to reunite the remains of the former Czech Socialist Republic. A measure to rename the nation the "Kingdom of Czechia" fail because of the considerable German refugee community, as well as relatively smaller amounts of American and British refugees from the former nation of West Germany. The Western refugees, mostly soldiers, donate their weapons to the Bohemians. The reactivated local arms factories, aware of the success of the "outdated" bolt-action rifles against the undead, resume the manufacturing of old-fashioned bolt-action rifles. Bohemian King Rudolf officially establishes a new Parliament for the nation of Bohemia. They also establish the elected office of a Chief of Government known as the Chancellor. Deposed former Czechoslovak First Secretary Alexander Dubček is elected as the first Chancellor of Bohemia. One of his first actions as Chancellor is to formally renounce the humiliating Moscow Protocols forced upon them by the Soviets.

Chicago: The Siege of Springfield is finished and the city is nothing but rubble. The rubble is soon converted into munitions factories (guns and ammo). The Provisional Government of Chicago selects a new leader, Mason Bertam. Bertam soon dissolves the committee, bans all political parties, enacts strict curfews (9:00PM)/border security, orders anyone who is infected to be immediately destroyed, imposes a stricter training program and begins indoctrination, and centralizes the government into his own hands. Rebellions soon begin and Bentram orders the soldiers to fire upon the rioters.

Colombia: The republic is divided, the political leaders of north and west fear that the south may rebel against the republic as Santander success and their fear that his only intention may be only to take over the nation with ease after his several campaigns on western Brazil and his settlements in the outlet of the Amazon in the Atlantic. This fear is exposed in the meeting between the leaders at Cartagena to talk about expansion territories and tactics, but this concern proves mistaken as the General Santander agrees to give some of his power on the promise that in case that one of the political leaders tries to take over he may attack or intervene in the civil war in favor of a democratic or stable Colombian state even if this means that this terms are ignored or that he would be commiting an act of war against the republic itself

Sardinia: The Lebeccio arrives in Corsica. We are happy to discover that no Zombies have landed in Corsica yet, and that the island is still intact. A small government has been set up in Ajaccio, similar to the one in Cagliari. The militia establish communications with the island, then return to Sardinia. After they return, Tullio Turo asks the leader of Corisca is he was interested in joining together as Sardinia. The president of Corsica declines, but makes a counter-offer to create the Confederate Islands. Turo accepts, the Convegno approves, and the two nations are combined. The Confederate Islands are set up so that each island can have its own Convegno, and the two Convegno's will agree upon a Governatore and Regulatore for the Confederate Islands. Most laws of Sardinia are kept, as it is the larger of the two islands. Plans are considered for adding Malta, the Balearic Islands and Sicily to the Confederate Islands. Formal proposals are sent out, with promises of freedom, sovereignty, and freedom from Zombies. (Can a Mod tell me which accept?) In the meantime, Archbishop Brunalleschi of Sardinia represents the island in Sicily, advocating Caligari as the new host of the Holy See.

Due to the political and cultural differences of the Balearic Islands, yourself, and Malta, these two countries decline the offer for now. Sicily, being a direct survivor state of the Italian government, also declines for now.


Bohemia: The Bohemians continue to expand their fortifications eastward. The Kingdom of Bohemia is roughly 33-50% cleared of the Zombie infection. The Bohemians continue expanding their military in preparation of the upcoming invasion of Czechoslovakia. The Bohemians continue to redevelop the infrastructure damaged by the Zombie uprising. The Bohemians begin the construction of a national telegraph network to better improve communication in their nation. The Bohemians also revive the practice of showing newsreels in the few surviving movie theatres as a way of spreading the news. Newspapers and other forms of written news also see a massive revival. The Bohemians begin the process of repairing the damage done to the national electrical grid to support these projects. Thankfully the damage was minimal, and mostly due to neglect, due to the undead not paying much attention to electrical infrastructure. Bohemian forces send an expedition into former Polish territory and discover a small surivor community in the former city of Wroclaw. The Bohemian forces establish a Grand Duchy of Silesia in the city of Wroclaw to help secure the northern border of Bohemia.

Falklands: The strike team returns with an undead that they procured on the southern edge of South America. They observed that at temperature of 3 to -5 degrees Celsius, the Zombies are docile and sluggish, but when warmed up again, there is no ill affect, unlike temperatures of -6 downwards. The Zombie is taken to the location of the still incomplete research station, where it is placed in storage on a large yacht that was discovered empty in floating in the Atlantic ocean. The Freezer there is the perfect store: -2 degrees Celsius, lockable door. The military base is completed. A propaganda campaign leads to more recruits for the Army. By now the entire Falkland Islands population between 17 and 30 are either Infantry (FGF), Pilots (FAF), Navy (FNF), Medics (FMS), Doctors (FHS), Engineers (FES), Farmers (FAS) or other jobs considered useful in the current state of emergency. A Labour Government is elected for a four year term, on the promise of a NHS.

Saudi Arabia: Prince Saud Legalizes Marijuana. Troops have been placed on borderline of cities to defend them from any Zombie attacks. Citizens and Non-Citizens are to report for a mandatory examination. Our Industry score raises to 2.5. Major cities are in Police state. Ports have been enforced by biological troops, they examine any sign of abnormality.

Colombia: The republic continues growing as the government divided between the three parties begins leading for Reunification of the Bolivarian Nations (six: Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Bolivia, Peru, and Panama) in order to re-establish southern Northern America as a local trading nation and regional power, and imposing the Colombian model in northern South America. While this, the exarchates of Mosquito and Maracaibo expand as Restrepo leads the campaign and tactical troops towards Nicaragua and Venezuela and fortifies the cities taken to avoid the infection to spread towards those without it. The troops manage to seize Caracas and Northern Falcon after a successful campaign in the north and in Nicaragua the outposts grow towards the west as Nicaraguans hear the news of the Colombian settlements. The growth of the southern border is outstanding as half of the Brazilian Amazons is part of Colombia and the rest is part of the Republic of Manaus and that the outlet of the Amazons is part of Colombia. Tension begins to fade away as now people feel united by the government and protected. While this, the military is built up. Economic trading rights began to fade away and any Colombian is allowed to trade within the nation and to its allies. While this, the Pope is invited to stay in Colombia until the Vatican is retaken from the Zombies.

China: The industrialization plan continues. Most Zombies were killed in Southern China. The peasants were sent to Southern China to rebuild the place with plans to build a large tower in Shanghai to show that China has not, and will not be beaten by the Zombies. The Shanghai army is dispatched to Manchuria, while jet bombers, ships and artillery were sent first and has bombed major parts of Manchuria. Then, the Chinese army rolled into Manchuria, outnumbering and outgunning the Manchurians. After the sixth month of fighting Shenyang and Harbin, the two capitals of Manchuria are taken and the government declared a victory. The states in China is found to be: Tibet Independence Army, Yunnan Kingdom, The Naval Empire of Yue and the Republic of Wu. The government decides to first attack the Tibetans, then the Yunnan, and then Wu and Yue. The one million strong army is encamped in Manchuria, killing large amounts of Zombies. The Wenzhou force is preparing to attack Wu and finally, a new army will be built in Chongqing the following half year, and will be sent to vanquilize the Tibetans. Cties were fortified and a plan is made to surround cities with farms and factories.

Japan: Japan continues to build up the Self Defence Forces and infrastructure is improved. The Self Defence Forces continue to burn down infected areas in Kyūshū, and continue the blockade, and people that show any sign of infection are still to be destroyed immediately. Some of the Maritime Self Defence Force continues to guard around the Japanese Islands to look out for any more ships, and if any are infected then they are to be destroyed immediately. Part of the Maritime Self Defence Force also continues to fight against the outbreak and attempts to prevent it from spreading across into Shikoku, while the Air Self Defence Force bombs the infected areas within Kyūshū. Some of the Ground Self Defence Forces continue invading Kyūshū and continue burning everything as they advance and attempt to push the Zombies out of Kyūshū. Zen Taoism continues to rise in popularity throughout Japan, while Shintō rises more in popularity.

Republic Argrentina: Acting President Rega wins re-election for the next five years. During his acceptance speech he calls on the people to continue there efforts to create a better Argentina. The election of Rega and his previous efforts brings hope to the refugees of Brazil and Uruguay that eventually they may be able to return to their own lands. Also the Salvador a Mari is completed and Argentina begins poor more money into research and education. Literally every man and woman between the age of 16/17 and 35 is involved in the military, receiving higher education, scientist, farmer, building an oil rig, or increasing infrastructure and industrialization. The UR continues to aid and occupy Sao Paulo, and Rio de Janeiro and begins search for signs of the infection outside of those cities into their provinces. In Chile, Communism is pushed out of the north, but at the cost risking infection in the North. Sadly, these soldiers are told they cannot come back to the clean areas of the UR, but instead begin creating their own city and outpost called Descuidado located on the border of Peru and Chile, neighboring farms are given protection if they provide food. Seasonal Researchers in Antartida are sent to the permanent bases. Infection is reduced above the Rega line to less than 35% of inhabitants. Communism is pushed in Peru and the Brazilian Amazon. The UR begins to fund democratic parties and militia in Peru and Paraguay. The UR also makes pleas to the Papacy to come to the UR if not Latin America. The UR still is pushing for the Pope have two homes one in the UR and one in Europe. Those inhabitants begin working on a border wall (OTL Argentine Northern Border). While Uruguay residents understand and do the same in their own country. These projects should be completed by 1975.

  • United Republics Diplomacy: Paraguay is invited to join as a dependency with a timeline to become a full nation member of the UR at the latest in 1978.
  • Chicago: Strict curfews and training programs, destruction of the infected, indoctrination of A-Zism, and centralization, and rebellion quelling continues. Bentram resumes medical research.

Free Alaska: Production of oil continues. The siege of Anchorage continues. A new air force begins to be constructed based on designs of old US fighters and bombers found. The Nuclear warheads have been fully dissected, and Free Alaska now has the plans needed to construct a nuclear weapon. The warheads alone did not yield enough material for the construction of a nuclear weapon, but the material has been secured, as have the plans for construction of a bomb. President Wally Hickel prepares to run for re-election, though it is certain that he will be elected to a second term. 


The Holy See begins viewing nominations for a new host city for the Vatican. Delegates from several Catholic nations attend and begin debating options (on talk page).

After recent military conquests and annexations the United Kingdom’s stability drops to 38.

Protests break out in central England, where many advocate for the creation of states similar to the Anglo-Saxon Heptarchy, or something similar, where local government can be more easily represented. Proposals are made for the creation of Mercia, Northumbria, East Anglia, Kent, Sussex, Wessex, and Essex, to begin, and are sent to the central government for approval.

After the recent decisions made in Chicago regarding what many consider a ‘tyrannical abolishment of rights’ and an unconstitutional action’, thousands take up arms against the Chicagoan government. Many soldiers abandon their posts and fortify Peoria, the capital of the rebellion.

Uruguay officially joins the United Republics. Soldiers from Argentina begin the process of clearing the nation of Zombies.

The nation of Deseret, growing unopposed manages to grab control over all of northern Utah, north of Utah Lake. The desert is officially declared scarce of Zombie presence, and regular trade commences with small communities. A loose trade agreement is signed with Rock Springs, Wyoming, Zion National Park, Battle Mountain, Nevada, and Soda Springs, Idaho, a small outpost for the Northwest Confederation.

Protests occur in the Bay Republic, where many have lost favor with the Satanist religion. Although the protests are largely oppressed, the government considers reforming its policies.

The English invasion of Scotland commences. The main force from Dumfries takes Ayr relatively quickly. Although much infrastructure is destroyed, rapid reconstruction efforts over the course of the last year, as well as a minimal Zombie population contribute to a fast Scottish counterattack. The English are pinned down at Kilmarnock and Abington in the approach on Glasgow. The stale manages to buy enough time for a large force from Edinburgh to arrive down A702. The English, for now, are stopped (and require an algorithm to go any farther).

The Scottish gain new momentum after the recent execution of their former leader, unleasing a fierce guerrilla war against the English. The fighting results in utter, unexplainable destruction and chaos. Large scale terrorist incidents occur in Carliste, Leeds, London, Sheffields, Dumfries, and Birmingham, killing hundreds. The most intense fighting breaks out in Dumfries, where the English garrison is overwhelmed.

English intelligence begin to piece together what happened after the carnage. It is believed a that Tet Offensive-style strategy has been carried out. Over the course of the last few years a network of spies and militia were established in the south, where English retained little control in the country side. Tunnels were also dug throughout several targeted cities, where soldiers were able to appear inside the civilian population, and bombs could be placed.

All together the civilian and soldier death toll is staggering. Destruction of property is also rampant. It is believed that the English will manage to successfully retake all targeted cities, and secure the border again within the next few weeks, however for now Scottish guerrilla fighters still roam the streets, causing havoc for the people living there.

The media also catches attention, and although little distribution is able to occur, small journalists spread the horrifying pictures through the marketplaces. Many English protest for an end to the war, however this has not yet begun to catch on.

In London the fighting ends relatively quickly. The Scottish, who were unable to send large units that far south, are destroyed. The recent destruction of the London underground also means that little or no tunnels could be built in time. The stationed US garrison is able to clear the south of the city in a metter of days, having decent administrative power in the housing districts. The fighters coin the term ‘Fawkes Offensive’, since the attack began on the fifth of November, about 7:00 PM local time.

The Confederate Islands are officially declared from the republics of Sardinia and Corsica.

The Grand Duchy of Silesia is declared as a Bohemian state, following increased Bohemian influence in the infect zone.

Saudi Arabia’s industry reaches three, and is believed to stay this for quite some time as its people catch up.

The Manchuria republic is largely occupied by Chinese soldiers. The local population rally for peace.

A new form of the virus, believed to have derived from northern Vietnam infects much of eastern China. The new infection, which remains dormant for a longer period of time, and is much more dangerous, infects the makeshift camps created by the Chinese military in Manchuria and in the south. Within months hundreds of thousands have been infected. The military and local population in Manchuria is also heavily hit. The intensified Zombie outbreak forces the Chinese to abandon the east coast.

The Great Revolution begins as thousands of militia, many from the remnant states, or from the infect zone, attack local cities in the south. The revolution, dedicated to ending Communism in China, is slow to begin, as many still follow the cultural revolution’s ideas, however many are frustrated against the Zombie outbreak, and support the local militia, which protects individual towns.

Chilean Communists regroup near the lake of Salar de Uyuni. Local groups begin to be trained. Recruitment for the Communist forces is high as many believe they are signing up for a pan-South American anti-Zombie coalition, and that the Argentinians are simply religious radicals. Others simply join since they are the only military rule and government protecting them. Over the course of several months the Communists manage to establish influence is almost all of southern Peru, and in Lima, as well as northern Chile, and west Bolivia. It is believed that the Communists may attempt to establish control over one of these nations.

The Siege of Anchorage continues, with the Free Alaskans surrounding the city. The defenders are well prepared and begin for a lengthy siege, if necessary.

The Free Alaskans manage to salvage some plans for a nuclear weapon from the Russian fleet. Although they currently do not have any of the necessary resources to construct a nuclear device, the idea scares many. Some even believe it is directly against the teachings of Tchiaq Ukpibun.

Recent protests in Ireland lead to a switch in leadership. The new regime calls for increased militance. The army begins to increases and force is moved into the coast area where Zombies roam unchecked. Ireland's military score increases to two after this recent increase. The militia, lacking proper leadership, turns into localized groups, some firing on innocent civilians, such as English refugees.

Recent internal conflict drops the United Republic's stability to 45. It is believed that their stability may increase more once control has been consolidated within their borders.

The Chicagoan Summit concludes.

Man and Wight decline the offer to join the United Kingdom (In the rules it states that moderators cannot make decisions if there is a conflict of interest. Try again in a few years if you feel its necessary).

Are Venezuela, Panama or Ecuador going to accept Colombia's offer to protect them by joining the Greater Colombian Republic? Sine dei gloriem (talk) 00:49, April 15, 2013 (UTC)

It appears not yet.

Bohemia: The Bohemians have mostly cleared out their territory of the undead. The southern fortifications are nearing completion. The Bohemians turn their attention to clearing the Grand Duchy of Silesia of the undead. They continue settling their new ally with displaced German and Polish refugees. The Bohemian military continue to expand in preparation for the upcoming invasion of Czechoslovakia. The Bohemians begin the process of repairing the national railroads as well as the railroads connecting Bohemia to Silesia to help with the settlement of the Grand Duchy.

Northwest Federation: Relations with Deseret are sought after as the infrastructure and military is expanded. A candidate for Triumvirate Chairman from Washington, John Vedir, gains popularity. Vedir does not hail from any political party and promises many reforms to the nation. The current incumbents have served their two terms, save for the new Idahoan Chairman.

Free Alaska: The Assault on the heavily fortified regions of the Inside Passage begin with marginal success, at best. A shortage of landing craft, heavy concentrations of Alaskan State Artillery, and many fortified islands, means that the battle has reached a ferocity similar to battles in the WW-II pacific theater. Meanwhile, Tchaiq Ukpibun has grown to encompass almost 25% of the population. The religion has no official structure, and shamans act independently, wandering from place to place acting as prophets. It also has no official holy texts (though the New Testament is sometimes used.) In spite of this, almost every Shaman agrees that nuclear weapons are against Tchaiq beliefs, as is war in general. the current war of Independence is only tolerated by Tchaiq Shamans, because some believe that the new Alaskan nation will be a holy land.

Colombia: the Republics of Venezuela, Ecuador, and Panama are pushed to join the Greater Colombian Republic as a federated states within the nation, under a prefector as military and partially politic leader to begin the cleaning of the nations and re-establishment of an effective government of natives if plausible. The government stabilizes further as many see that the triumvirate is the greatest government used in Colombia. The triumvir Santander continues expanding colombia's rule over the amazon and the buffer state of Manaus continues expanding. While this, the great Restrepos armies continue advancing towards Venezuela's popular core Miranda and Zulia, taking with ease the cities long fallen to the Zombies, in one church of tachira they found the corpses of 30 people lying on the floor, the army was surprised, it seem that they died praying to god for their salvation, but it was not the Zombies those guilty of their deaths, in one of the corpses they found several bulletholes, later they found the same in others, it was the people, they killed them in a rampage of hate, anger, and fear, as a sacrifice to god for the sins of man, hoping to avoid their own deaths this only shows the imperative of the unification to bring these peoples to law and justice, while in the south west the exarchate of quito continues expanding the exarchate and asserting the ruling of Colombia in the Pacific

Confederate Islands: Still clear from all Zombie infection, the Islands are continuing to try to be independent and self-reliant. They are actively attempting to recruit Balearic Islands, Sicily, and Malta to join, all on equal footing. (Can the mods slowly integrate this in as the nations agree to join?) The military is built up, with special emphasis on the navy. Since we know about the devastation in nearby Italy, we plan to send our elite troopers to the mainland to investigate how Zombies can die, and if they eventually just decompose and the land is left barren. One again, the Lebeccio is used as a transport. Italian is put forward as the official language of government, but French is also an official language.

United Republics: UR troop recruitment increases due to earlier propaganda and the ending of higher education for many young adults. Seasonal conscription (Argentina and Chile) allows for defensive structures around all major  cities within the UR to be built up even more and anti-aircraft and artillery is added to the Central Wall, Rega Line. Progress on the Northern Wall continues. The city of Santiago, Chile, begins to become more commercialized as many business move to the capital. The UR invests in the special use of flamethrowers for the use on the infected. This speeds up the clearing of Uruguay, and completes their Northern Border Wall and allows movement into Brazil (OTL provinces of Rio Grande do Sul, and Sao Paulo) However, progress slows once the reserves are forced to return to the defensive structures (due to the end of the three month seasonal conscription for all men and women). Researchers are returned to their seasonal bases for spring, summer and fall. A series of sentry towers are built along the crest of the Andes and manned with Chilean soldiers who are keeping an eye on the Communist movement, having been pushed into Western Bolivia. The UR is to vote on a resolution at the end of the year, along with elections, that would put a space program into motion, mostly on the Falklands. (Need Falklands vote on this, Chile and Argentina say Yes, Uruguay abstains). Further Inquires are made to Paraguay about joining the UR. 

  • Republica Argentina: Recruitment is high due to high moral and stability in populous areas of Argentina. Army increases to a total of 65k, up from 50k. And navy increases to 22.5k up from 20k. Salvador a Mari's quartine ship is finished and a deep sea submarine research program is initiated (est. completed four subs over the next year). Argentina's government continues to fund pro-UR governments in Peru and Paraguay. Argentina secretly begins to bribe and payoff low level Communist guerrillas in exchange for information about the location of troops and movements. They are even able to get a few of their special operations troops into the ring. Salvador a Mari and her sister ship is sent with a naval escort to the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Falklands: Votes yes on space program. The SAS (FSF) are sent into northern chile, where they begin to destroy rebel supply dumps and disrupting the rebels. The Military Base and Research centre are completed, and the scientists discover that if the section of the brain that controls the need to eat is removed, the Zombie stops all aggression. The virus is injected into; a dog, a cat, a rat, a cockroach and a goldfish. Awaiting results.
  • UR Diplomacy: With help from Florida, the UR accelerates the process of designing a space program.

Japan: Japan continues to build up the Self Defence Forces and infrastructure is improved. The Self Defence Forces continue to burn down infected areas in Kyūshū, and continue the blockade, and people that show any sign of infection are still to be destroyed immediately. Some of the Maritime Self Defence Force continues to guard around the Japanese Islands to look out for any more ships, and if any are infected then they are to be destroyed immediately. Part of the Maritime Self Defence Force also continues to fight against the outbreak and attempts to prevent it from spreading across into Shikoku, while the Air Self Defence Force bombs the infected areas within Kyūshū. Some of the Ground Self Defence Forces continue invading Kyūshū and continue burning everything as they advance and attempt to push the Zombies out of Kyūshū. The Tōhōkai manages to win some elections in the northern Prefectures, mainly in the Tōhoku region and Hokkaidō.

China: The industrialization plan continues. The one million army fortifies in Manchuria and says that they can give them peace, if only they remain a part of the PRC, then not only peace, but a steady supply of food and housing will be ensured. 500,000 men were sent from Manchuria to attack Tibet, and due to advanced weapondry and a collaborating local who gave them a large map of Tibet, the army took Lhasa and the Tibetan Independence Army is in exile to Myanmar, while half of them were killed by Zombies when trying to escape by the Eastern coast. The new Zombie hybrid successfully destroyed the kingdoms of Wu and Yue, which was a happy accident to the PRC. While this, Deng had a "swearing" conference in Beijing to express his anger of all the problems. The army in Wenzhou invades the rebels. A plan is made to fortify all cities and major towns and connect them by underground railroads.

Florida: Florida's VTOL aircraft, the U/AV-17 Hawk, is put into production. Governor Askew's term ends, but he is reelected. The Floridian Army begins development of two new weapons to fight the Zombies: the M7A1 Light Anti-Zombie Assault Weapon (LAZAW) (an assault weapon specifically designed for fighting Zombies, rather than humans; more info on the LAZAW's page) and the M2A1 Lobotomizer or "Lobo" - a pickaxe-like device designed to kill Zombies up close. Governor Askew announces the creation of the National Space Exploration Agency (NSEA). They begin repurposing a NASA Saturn V rocket (one of several) that was in Florida at the time of the Zombie outbreaks and plan to launch and orbital cannon, the KMAC-3, to assist in the Zombie war. Experimentation continues at Deep Science. The three makeshift carriers (converted from container ship hulls) are completed and launched with great fanfare. Floridian infantry tactics are changed, and commanders begin to use phalanx and Roman-legion-style infantry tactics.

  • Floridian Diplomacy: USA, we request technical assistance with the rocket launch. United Republics, we will assist you in your space program.
  • Falklands Military: Wish to buy 120 LAZAWs and 120 Lobos to equip the elite troops with
  • United States Diplomacy: We ask for a deal in which we both participate in a joint effort. The US and Florida can pool together our resources and talent to continue space exploration easier.

United States: We position soldiers in Chicago, advancing a small force along the border to protect US interests along the border. We sent support to help the Chicagoans end the rebellion. We warn them that if this conflict doesn't end soon we will likely be forced to take action. The new Maryland-class battleship continues to be developed and two more are build. After the liberation of North Dakota, the nation of Standing Rock is established with Fort Yates as its capital. US forces fortify Route 94 in the north, shipping refugees and supplies to Standing Rock. After a three month offensive US forces manage to secure Omaha, and hold a loose grasp over Iowa. The highway system is reconstructed to secure trade routes, and a plan is created to fortify roads south to north, from Chicago to Green Bay, and east to west, from Chicago to Omaha. Reconnaissance from Matheson reports that the Zombies have entered Vancouver, and are naturally drifting west and northwest, escaping the cold. Zombie activity is spotted to be scarce in the Northwest Territory and in northern Alberta, excluding small instances of higher population where former towns stood. Small bombing commences in the north, trapping the main Zombie force in the south. We begin to sent aid to Argentina by sea, and also begin considering the logistics of a land invasion if necessary.

You don't own that area? NWT and Alberta are parts of Canada, and from what I've seen, you never invaded them or did they grant you RNG (NPC) permission to enter their territory. Just saying -Oreo

Canada and the US are in a joint operation called Operation: Arctic Storm. They have given us permission.

Turkey: An operation has started to take out the Zombie horde in Turkey; the operation will be named “Operation Guillotine”. The plan is to strategically exterminate the infection in Turkey. Troops and TBRU have been heli dropped to the two infected cities of Antalya and Adana. Using riot containment and quarantine methods the infection is surrounded in both of the cities. While troops quarantine these cities BlackLight and TBRU operators were sent in, equipped with IFVs, APCs, Flamethrowers, and miscellaneous small arms. Slowly the infection is getting cornered in the city. BlackLight and TBRU operators have been sent into the subways to help deal with the infection. More troops now roam the countryside and fortify towns and villages to protect against the infection. APCs have been sent into the wilderness to hunt down the roaming Zombies. Since most of the countryside is mountainous and rural Zombies have died from natural causes (Ex: Bear/Wolf attacks, dying from the cold, lack of food, dangerous terrain, etc…”) the infection has slowed down and turned back where the military was looking for them. The virus is expected to die down the next following winter. An order for more naval ships has been placed, Turkish Naval Command ordered 50 more Yigit-Class Destroyers, 15 Konya-Class Submarines, and ten Caspian-Class Cruisers. Turkish Naval Command also ordered a new battleship for assault purposes. Ship builders have come up with the new TCG Burdur-Class Battleship; it has an armament of 8x5in Guns, 8in guns, 16 Guided Missile Launchers with 350 Missiles, 20 DARDO CIWS, ten AK-630 CIWS, 12 LAMS, 26x .50 Cal Machine Guns, eight SAM Platforms, and 24x533mm Torpedo Tubes. An order for four of these Ismet-Class Battleships has been placed. The battleships should be finished by Q2 of 1975, and the others will be finished by 1975. With more bio-fuel being produced gas prices have dropped, thus bolstering the economy. We ask Cyprus if they want to be annexed (Mod Decision).


Bohemian involvement in Silesia leads to a lowered rate of Zombies in the area.

The Faroe Islands, currently under Scottish occupation, revolt and manage to secure the island. Currently the islands remain independent.

The citizens of Brighton sign a trade agreement with Sealand, agreeing to trade some building equipment in exchange for fishing rights in the area.

The Principality of Seborga is established in northern Italy

The proposal to establish Grand Colombia remains unsuccessful.

Japan: Japan continues to build up the Self Defence Forces and infrastructure is improved. The Self Defence Forces continue to burn down infected areas in Kyūshū, and continue the blockade, and people that show any sign of infection are still to be destroyed immediately. Some of the Maritime Self Defence Force continues to guard around the Japanese Islands to look out for any more ships, and if any are infected then they are to be destroyed immediately. Part of the Maritime Self Defence Force also continues to fight against the outbreak and attempts to prevent it from spreading across into Shikoku, while the Air Self Defence Force bombs the infected areas within Kyūshū. Some of the Ground Self Defence Forces continue invading Kyūshū and continue burning everything as they advance and attempt to push the Zombies out of Kyūshū.

Free Alaska: The Inside Passage Campaign continues, with the Free Alaskans making slow, but steady progress. The City of Anchorage is strong, and still well-stocked with supplies. The military orders artillery strikes on the city with incendiary shells, in the hopes that fires with start and destroy most of the supplies in the city. Massive fires are stirred up within the city, but it is not sure whether they have had the desired effect. the Navy grows to 17 vessels.

Falklands: The results of the experiments are now in and only mammals can be Zombified. The Zombie cat was killed outright, but further testing showed that the virus can be passed on by dogs. A large chunk of Communist Chile collapses due to the disruption by Falkland forces. The military base is now in operation, and the first flight of jets were sent to Fire bomb the forests to the north of the Northern Line in areas with no UR troops in it to burn the Zombies and Communists out. Bombs are dropped on ‘dead cities’ from the second flight. As the Jets have not got the range to get to the areas they are targeting and back, they land in Buenos Aires to refuel then return to the Airstrip on the Falklands

Northwest Federation: The military and infrastructure are expanded as elections draw to a close. John Vedir and Kevin Tyler are elected to the Third Triumvirate. Both are non-partisan and call for drastic reforms in the Federation. They will take office in January of next year.

Commonwealth: Continues mass military development.

Scotland: Um, sorry guys, but I had to go away for a week, and I didn't get a chance to say so on the talk page, so Scotland hasn't posted for quite a while. Can I ask what the current state of Scotland is, and if I'm still in the game. It said on the talk page that I was invaded but managed to defeat the Turkish invaders at Glasgow, although I don't know what has happened since.

About six months ago the hostilities picked back up, but you were rather successful. See the mod event from last turn.

United Republics: Further money is poured into special opps involving Communist uprisings in Bolivia. Also UR troops enter Paraguay in an attempt in clear the area of Zombies. the Northern Wall is completed and security checkpoints are raised on all roads and ports into the UR. More money and time is invested into research and the space program as well and further modernization of cities in the UR. Search for few infected still goes on between the Regal line and Northern Wall. UR politicians vow to deal with the Communist threats north of the border if they continue to harm the people of the UR. They also extend UR membership to the occupied cities of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. At the the very least the UR begins to restore local democratic rule to those areas and restore buildings in the area. The outline of Paraguay's invitation is complete and polling suggusts above moderate interest 60-70%. Many UR politicians state that polling needs to be above 70% of the populous for an invitation to be extended. The United Republics claim the  region of Antarctica bound by 90W to 150W and will be incorporated as the territory of Magellanes, they have began to build research bases on the coastal region to enforce their claim. The UR begins to prepare for the first Council (House of Reps and Senate type organization with bicameral houses) and Prime Foreign Minister, and Prime Internal Minister elections. Argentina begins to publicly campaign to the people about bring the Vatican to South America. The next week more people attend Catholic Mass in the Southern parts of South America than ever before. 

Florida: We continue development of the LAZAW and the Lobo. They should be ready by 1975, and, at that point, we will commence selling the LAZAW and the Lobo to any countries that want them. Oil drilling in the gulf continues, as does experimentation at Deep Science. The NSEA continues working on the KMAC-3. Economic and military buildup continues.

  • Floridian Diplomacy: USA, we agree.

CSH: The UCO President announces a UCO meeting to happen on January 12, 1975. The meeting will be focused on military tactics and how we will move forward with how we will destroy this disease. Research in a Liquid Nitrogen thrower is successful but in a very early stage. Range is very limited and a truck is needed to keep the nitrogen cold. The liquid nitrogen canister launcher is even more successful, although not yet proven reliable against the infected, it is very effective at low doses to disperse crowds or rioters. More experimentation is made into these weapons (These have not been announced to the public). Research in the virus continues, with the rapid evolution not much can be held as information is constantly changing. The President urges countries to stop using chemical gases as a tactic against the infected.

  • Argentina: We be attending the January 12 1975 meeting
  • Falklands: We will attend.

China: The industrialization plan becomes twice as large as the previous one, and had the following plan:

  • To build a modern railroad from Beijing to Guanzhou and from Lhasa to Shanghai by 1985.
  • Using advanced weapondry to reclaim the Eastern Coast by 1980.
  • To build a one hundred floor tower in Shanghai by 1987.
  • To begin Chinese Capitalism-Communism by 1977.
  • To build a working electricity system with cities with more than one million people by 1987.
  • To begin extracting oil by industrial scale in Shinjiang by 1980.
  • To take back Mongolia and Taiwan by 1985.

The Manchurians agreed with the plan (RNG 1-50000: No; 50000-100000: Yes; and the Random number is 87735) and allowed the 500,000 army to despatch to assist with attack the Tibetans. The Tibetans are given the deal to remain under PRC rule, but become a special administrative region, and government supported food and housing, which they agreed (RNG 1-50000: No; 50000-100000: Yes; and the Random number is 55176). A vaccine for the first variety of Zombies is finally finished, with the ships finished building. Another study is mapping out the Zombie DNA, putting emphasis on the brain-dead code, stronger body and contagious in hope of developing Zombie soldiers- Super human soldiers that serve the army. The rebellion is crushed and no independent states are in China, so the army is slowly assembled in Wenzhou, while the entire navy is sent to Wenzhou and started many trianings. Gives the first stream of Zombie vaccine to Japan, its ally. Ask an alliance with CSH, United Republics and NorthWest federation.

No vaccines. No controlling NPC's. Invading all of China and winning in three months is implausible and requires an algorithm for each one. Slow down a bit.

  • UR Diplomacy: The UR is willing to accept relations with China, on what level needs to be negotiated (ie: non-aggression, research, trade, etc).          

Bohemia: The Bohemians continue the process of fortifying and clearing Bohemia and Silesia. Bohemia has been mostly cleared of Zombies, allowing the DS to focus their attention on the Silesian Zombie infestation. The Bohemians repair a rail line between Bohemia and Silesia. The first train used by the new railway is armored to prevent infiltration and infection by the undead. 

United States: We establish a small base in East Hannibal, on the eastern bank of the Mississippi, north of St. Louis. Another frontier fort is established at Quincy, farther to the north. The fortifications along the river which had once protected the people from what lie to the west, now protect against the rebellion to the east. The third checkpoint north of St. Louis, Burlington, is expanded to across the river. Ground forces cross along route 34, securing the Iowa Army Ammunition Plant. The area west of Burlington becomes the first major section of US territory west of the Mississippi territory. The highway reconstruction program, connecting Chicago to the west begins, however internal fighting in Chicago leads to little progress. Supplies are sent to Fort Yates, where modern defenses are being built by the survivors. Canadian and American patrols are sent into Alberta to scout large Zombie populations for bombers to target. The US occupied town of Brighton is officially declared a puppet state of the United States. A council is created, to which the people of the area can elect to. The US garrison watches over the city from Fort Kennedy, acting as a police force. The Sealander patrol which had previously contacted the Americans departs, taking with it US goods. The Brighton population ask for a trade agreement with Sealand, trading building supplies in exchange for exclusive fishing rights. Small independent vessels begin patrolling the east of England, trading with the small port of Sealand, and the surrounding area. After the recent agreement with Florida, the senate votes on an improved space exploration budget. It is finally decided that the budget will be much lower than before the apocalypse, but still existent. The last space launch to occur, Apollo 13, which was launched on 1970, ended in a malfunction that caused the crew to abandon their mission. Since then, the system failure on board Apollo 13 and the recent Zombie outbreak have led to the cancellation of the remaining Apollo project. The US hopes that the new budget will allow for a new program to begin launching in 1976. A large research team from NASA meets with the Floridian space administration to begin work, continuing the investigation of what happened to Apollo 13. We continue to send aid to Argentinean forces in South America.

Turkey: Operation Guillotine is still undergoing. Barbed wire electric fences are being built along all of the nation’s towns and cities. Military checkpoints are being placed inside towns, cities, and villages inside the nation. The infection inside of Antalya and Adana is still being contained. BlackLight and TBRU Operators are clearing the two cities. Troops are still quarantining the cities. However the infection in the subways has been cleared of after intense battles inside the tunnels. More food and supplies are being distributed to the citizens stuck underneath. All of the entrances to the subways are being protected from the exterior now. Zombies have been reported dying in the mountainous countryside. All trade importing goods into the nation are halted and are ordered to be continuously inspected by TBRU teams at the Sea Forts. Since the virus cannot survive in cold environments inspection teams are equipped with Liquid Nitrogen tanks to spray over trade ships. More military bases are being built in the countryside to push back the infection. In the Black Sea, a Soviet Kilo-Class Submarine was spotted near the shoreline. When we radioed out to the submarine we have found out that their stern was heavily damaged and needed repairs. To remain at status quo we had to repair the submarine and send the sailors of the submarine to the Caucasus Region. The submarine should be repaired and sent back soon. However, we still ask the USSR why this submarine was close to our country’s shore. A long-haul upgrade has been scheduled to all Ismet-Class Aircraft Carriers. This upgrade increases the amount of airborne vehicles carried from 65 jet fighters and ten helicopters to 85 jet fighters and 30 helicopters. An order for another six more of these long-haul Ismet-Class Carriers has been placed and should be completed by 1976. Taxes are decreasing because of the fuel prices going down. We ask the USSR, and the Commonwealth if they want a trade agreement. We ask Cyprus again if they want to be annexed by Turkey.