Following major protests and riots throughout Yorkshire, wanting an independence referendum, independence was granted to Yorkshire. Despite this, sanctions were imposed on the new Republic of Yorkshire. A hefty fee of £10 was charged for anyone wanting to cross the border south to Derbyshire, and as a result of this, Yorkshire nationalists closed the border completely with Lancashire and other surrounding counties. The Yorkshire Regiment returned to Yorkshire, in order to form the Yorkshire Armed Forces. The price of crossing the border to Derbyshire was raised to £15, and therefore the new in-government Yorkshire Nationalist Party closed the border. 

Just months after Yorkshire's independence, riots and protests began in Cornwall, Orkney and Shetland, and Limburg. Small riots occurred in Quebec, but no independence was granted to Quebec. Cornwall, Orkney and Shetland, and Limburg were all granted independence. The United Kingdom will never be the same again, and the Republic of Yorkshire have invasion plans.


The Republic of Yorkshire establish a government, the nation 100% supporting the Yorkshire Nationalist Party. The Yorkshire Armed Forces, formerly the Yorkshire Regiment invade Cumbria, Durham, Tyne and Wear, and Northumberland, with only police forces defending. Scotland begin to support Yorkshire, and the European Economic Community begin to support Yorkshire, after major disagreements between the United Kingdom and the organisation. The EEC end the United Kingdom's membership, and all members of the EEC leave NATO.

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