The 1970's Oil Crisis was an worldwide diaster that occured during the Yom Kippur War, between Israel and its Arab neighbors. With the US, Europe, China, and other Asian nations supporting the Israelites in there war; the Arab nations put an emarbgo on oil to all supporting nations. The UN, shocked by this, began to step in to level the tensions, dosn't work, the UN Security Council, which holds all emargoed nations, declares an emarbgo on industrial, military, consumer, and food goods to the the Arab states, Iran, and Egypt. The US 7th Fleet in Bahrain, along with the Chinese 2nd Fleet in Shanghai, and the Korean 1st Fleet in Pusan, set up an blockade on the Arabian Peninsula. Oil runners, as they were called by the military-blockading nations, made attempts to get through the blockade, which utterly fails with their ships not being able to outrun fighter jets and patrol boats. At the end of the Yon Kuppur War, nearly two-hundred thousand people in the blockaded countries died due to the lack of food, water, shelter, and medical supplies. The 1970's Oil Crisis came to an end, when Israel and the Arab nations declare an ceasefire, and that Israel would keep its occupied territories, and be recongized by the Arab states, in exchange, Palestines would not be forced to make room for Jewish immigrants, and all rebuilding would be paid by the US, Israel, and China.

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