In this reality that greatly diverges from our own, an invasion of extraterrestrial origins begins in the year of 1969. The alien invaders are known as the "Reak'ylph" in this reality.

Prior to the arrival


On Friday, November 22, 1963, the 35th President of the United States, John F. Kennedy, survives his assassination attempt when Lee Harvey Oswald's gun completely jams, causing him to fail to kill the President. Instead, when checking his gun for the jam, he'd accidentially causes himself to get shot in the head, instantly, killing him in the process.

Upon his body discovered by the police a few hours later, they decided to wait three days for a cover story about Lee Harvey Oswald to come in from the government. In the meantime, John F. Kennedy announces the Messenger Program. The Messenger Program is a space program that allows the National Aeronautics and Space Administration to build a satellite for contact with extraterrestrial intelligent life-forms.


The body of Lee Harvey Oswald from the accidential shot.

The Messenger Program

After two years of building with the help of German civil engineer Konrad Zuse brought over to the United States from Germany, the satellite known as Messenger 1 is finally completed.

Magnus von Braun, one of the designers of Messenger 1, announces that the satellite is far more advanced than any other satellite developed before Messenger 1 was developed.

In the late fall of 1965, the Messenger 1 is soon launched into outer space, where hopefully, extraterrestrial intelligent life-forms will soon find it. They should have find out it was wrong to develop Messenger 1, because they would soon find out that alien invaders were waiting for a civilization to conquered.

436437main GPN-2003-00028 full

The Messenger 1 being developed by NASA.

The arrival

Nearly four years after the launch of the Messenger 1, in the spring of 1969, the satellite ceases to function, which puzzles the scientists at NASA. But that's only the beginning.


An alien battleship.

Suddenly, a fleet of alien battleship appears upon the skies of Earth with a message to the people:

People of Earth! We are the Reak'ylph! We are a proud race of warriors who came to your planet to destroy your race and conquer your planet for our own! Surrender your free will to our control at once! We will make your death quick and painless!

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