The 1969 Alaskan general election was held on October 22nd, 1969 to select peers to the Duma of Alaska. Held three and a half years after the prior election, it was at the time the shortest period between elections in Alaskan history. The Conservative-Industrial government under Stanislav Mergeyev was returned despite losing twelve seats to drop to 194 seats, thanks to the surprising gains of the Moderate Party, which entered the government with them. With its 38 seats, the Moderates bumped the center-right coalition up to 232 seats, the largest government majority since the 1957-61 Duma (when the Christian Party sat in government for four years before once again choosing independence). While initially viewed as a major victory for the Conservatives, many contemporaries failed to realize that the right-wing coalition had dropped under the 200 seat mark in a general election for the first time since the 1940s and were now reliant on the Moderates to form a government. With these weaknesses ignored, Conservative-Industrial took even harder losses in 1973.

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