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United States Presidential Election 1968
November 5, 1968
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Nominee Nelson Rockefeller Hubert Humphrey Martin Luther King, Jr.
Party Republican Democratic Progressive
Home state New York Minnesota Georgia
Running mate Harold Stassen Robert Kennedy Benjamin Spock
Electoral vote 274 214 50
States carried 28 17+DC 5
Popular vote 51.78% 34.1% 14.12%

The United States presidential election of 1968 was a dim one, as President Humphrey's first term was seen as a failure, both too soft on Communism from the right, and, due to his failure to end the war and enact any real reforms, a cowardly term on the left. Although he received the nomination again, he faced a vicious campaign from the left by popular civil rights leader and Progressive Party nominee Martin Luther King, Jr. Both were destroyed in the general election by moderate Republican Nelson Rockefeller, though, who went on to win over 50% of the vote, an extreme rarity.